Episode 156 – Blessed Impresses, Fury Kickboxing & UFC 257: Poirier vs McGregor

January 19, 2021 by No Comments

We recap the historic performance Max Holloway put in on UFC Fight Island 7, we discuss the local DFW fight scene from Fury Kickboxing this weekend and we will preview UFC Fight Island 8 and UFC 257: McGregor vs Poirier.


Ryan Smith 0:02
Hey there fight fans. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. This episode of combat sports talk.

Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC unfiltered discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host, Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is why are you covering your face?

John Keyes 0:37
I want to rebuild the left beard. Oh, you know,

Ryan Smith 0:40
I thought I’d messed up cuz I see you. Oh, no.

I’m so I’m so self conscious. Because this is the first episode. This is the first episode I want to say in probably 60 episodes, where I am not on brand in any way. Like I’m not wearing dark side MMA. I’m not wearing intelligent defense. I’m not wearing combat sports talk. I’m just you know, in a in a second, I’m slacking tonight. And so when you covered your face I’m like, Oh, no. What else did I mess up on? So

John Keyes 1:22
that’s okay, I got it. All right. Let’s

Ryan Smith 1:24
get those let’s get let’s let’s let’s get it back on. Joining us tonight is the man with the keys to victory. And a cleanly shaven face. JOHN key

John Keyes 1:38
what’s happening everybody I

Ryan Smith 1:41
am the coach to the stars. George g money stalwart.

George Stallworth 1:50
Glad to be with you baby boy. All right. Yeah. introductions and and being on brand. JOHN. Saturday night I get to hang out with your boy and see him live in person Ryan Smith.

John Keyes 2:03
Oh, really? Oh, really?

George Stallworth 2:04
Oh, bro, you should have seen this sweater. He had all it was delicious. It was beautiful. He was he was like, I would get you for that sweater.

John Keyes 2:16
Also, so you didn’t take a picture of it.

Ryan Smith 2:27
It was pretty nice. Let me let me just say that night I was looking pretty good. But the person with the with the fashion sense. And the swagger on the show is koleksi Casey Onyebuchi. Who is not joining us tonight. But I will tell you right there. No, I am trying to be like him. So I bought that sweater. Thinking that that would be something that Collette she would wear. And sure enough dude has like a closet full of sweaters like that. So. So like if you want to if you want to be dapper, dapper Dan, you go and talk to the man cholesky Casey Onyebuchi that dude has pocket squares and, and, and things like that, like, I don’t have any of that stuff. He has like this cool hat that just, you know, and he wears it with like a scarf. Dude got fashion. I gotta say.

John Keyes 3:20
You know, if you go to his ID, okay, if you go to

Unknown Speaker 3:28
push pull, right.

John Keyes 3:31
If you go there, you’ll you’ll see a lot of KC and you know, my man is out there. Okay. He, he does, he is doing his thing. He isn’t he and I like it. I I advise anybody go to his Instagram page. All right. It’s lively. he’s a he’s a man of many instruments. And you know, he’s inspirational.

Unknown Speaker 3:53
There it is. That.

John Keyes 4:01
Right? How do you do that? Because it’s 42. That’s how he does it. 42

Ryan Smith 4:11
Let’s see. Okay. I was like, does not 42 he’s not even 40 yet. So ladies. He’s

Unknown Speaker 4:21
ready to do understand

George Stallworth 4:22
the KC dating website all of a sudden,

to set up dates for Casey.

Ryan Smith 4:36
We’ve got so much to talk about, like we do. You know, why are we spending our time talking to somebody talking about somebody who ain’t even on the show right now. I mean, let’s talk about him. Let’s give him his rosebuds when he’s here, right. So

Unknown Speaker 4:49
happy that all right,

Ryan Smith 4:52
back on point. So let’s get into it. This weekend was a weekend of fights. Not only in Abu Dhabi at Etihad arena on fight Island, but also here in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas actually in Fort Worth, but DFW represented in this weekend’s fury kickboxing where George g money Stallworth had his, his his stable of fighters. His is what we what we would call them as protegees. His students

George Stallworth 5:25

Ryan Smith 5:27
his fight to dark side MMA. We’re going to show improved this weekend at fury kickboxing where yours truly was a judge. And I can say honestly, that in some cases, dark side MMA one fights in some cases, dark side MMA.

George Stallworth 5:43
Thai, I don’t know what I’m sorry.

Ryan Smith 5:47
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so excited.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
He taking shots.

Unknown Speaker 5:52
He shot

John Keyes 5:56
stick to the MMA sighs what he’s saying, you know, don’t care.

Ryan Smith 6:00
This was a strictly Muay Thai kickboxing event. This was dark side Muay Thai on display. And, and I will say that, you know, George was giving me the side eye for some of these decisions that were coming out where I was the one I was one of the judges. So you know what we’ll talk about all of that coming up here in the official decision? Let’s go into it. This is the official decision.

All right, this is the official decision. This is what we talked about the fights that happened on Saturday and Saturday night, and we’re gonna start off with UFC fight Island seven hollaway vs. cater, Saturday, January 16 2021. At the hat arena on fight Island in Abu Dhabi. This was on national broadcast television at three o’clock eastern in the afternoon. So a very strange thing. This was a debut on ABC. This was in the afternoon, which is used to be what I used to watch the boxing matches with my grandfather Saturday afternoon. That’s when you’d watch all all the fights on ABC wild, Wide World of Sports.

John Keyes 7:17
There you go. The

Ryan Smith 7:18
thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. And there were some there was some agony of defeat. On Saturday night. Let’s go through it. Put a la Soriano versus dusk go toe to door avec Soriano defeated to door Vic by TKO at 448 in round number one, you know, we’ve been we’ve been Yeah, I mean, he almost made it through through the round. You know, you always hate it whenever you get that far and then you don’t make it all the way. Walking Buckley, we know we’ve been following him. I mean, he lost one to two, our hometown hero, Kevin Hollen, but you know, talk about somebody who put in a knockout of the Year in 2020, Joaquin Buckley was on a big to fight knockout streak coming in against Alessio the Curio and the kiriko there we go to kiriko. Dropped Joaquin Buckley with a head kick destruction. He tried to play it off. He didn’t play it off very well. He was on chicken legs dude. Like, after? Yes. After they stopped the fight. They picked him up and he’s just sitting there like, No, I’m okay. I’m alright.

John Keyes 8:45
stanky leg for real.

Ryan Smith 8:49
And so it was one of those things where the de Chirico was just a bigger taller fighter, which forced Buckley to have to lean in reach. And as he’s trying to do his head movement, he moves his head right into an oncoming head kick. That what they were saying is that it looked like the Kericho was going for like a body kick. But because Buckley was down and leaning, he was he was lower and that that kick, just Shin right to the head. And basically the fight was over. They’re pretty much returning after that, f

George Stallworth 9:28
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. You know, I’m not gonna let let us get away with this. The pixel nose fight. Is this some crow to beat? No now?

Ryan Smith 9:35
Yeah. All right. All right. All right. You know, see, I was trying to get by without having anybody have to eat crow. But the only person who picked de Chirico was kolaches. Casey own yabuuchi. But guess who’s not here. Oh, well, we don’t move on to the next bite. Thank you. I must be

Unknown Speaker 10:01
present about that. Huh?

Ryan Smith 10:05
Are you What do they say how you feel about that home boy? All right in the next Fight of the Night, Santiago pons and EPL vs. Li Jang Lang and so this is one of the fights where Santiago Pantone Bo has been up in the top 10. But he hasn’t fought because of injuries and all kinds of mishaps that have plagued him. So this was a triumphant return to the octagon for Santiago ponza nibio versus someone that on paper he should beat.

Unknown Speaker 10:41

Ryan Smith 10:42
it ain’t worked out that way

John Keyes 10:43
for him. Know What does Murphy’s Law What does Murphy law teaches us? no plan survives initial contact.

Ryan Smith 10:52
And the initial contact that Santiago Ponce de nibio got him on his back looking up at the lights asking the age old question. What happened

George Stallworth 11:06
to what happened? jangling

Ryan Smith 11:12
you know, and then after he got his bell rang, that’s all he was hearing was gang gang gang gang gang.

John Keyes 11:21
Oh, man. Yeah. Jalen let it hang out.

Ryan Smith 11:26
He did. He did. And what was great was that the I think it was Daniel Cormier. He was like, you really got to watch out for jangling because what happens is if you miss you miss too big he’s gonna come come at you with like a, like an overhand left and then a right cross. And sure enough, right before the ending sequence, Santiago, Santiago ponza nibio. Miss missus with a big shot. And here comes that left hand. Blau catches him right right on the chin and the fight is over. And you know, and that’s just how it is. So, Lee Jang Lange, also known as the leech, put out Santiago pazhani bo Pantone Bo at 425 in round number one when we look at the fight pics, or who had that one looks like a George Stallworth and Ryan are sngs had Liang Liang. JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 12:27
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I thought I had Lee Jang Lang. No, no, no. I called him the dirtiest plane. Okay, I’ll take it. Right. All right on. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:44
Okay. All right. All right.

George Stallworth 12:46
He sound like a crow didn’t taste good at all.

Ryan Smith 12:48
He did not taste bitter. It’s bitter.

John Keyes 12:53
It’s been a long weekend. Okay. Anyway, so let’s go to the two fights that really matter. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 13:01
All right. In the in the CO main event, the immortal Matt Brown returned against the natural born killer. Carlos Condit, this is a fight that Matt Brown has wanted for much of his career. He has been chasing Carlos Condit to fight he that’s one of those fights that he felt was defining for his career. And what a fight it was like, This thing was back and forth. And you know, there’s so many people talk so much smack about grappling and wrestling. If you look at that, tell me when you see these guys switching positions, using their leverage to control one another, you know, and then ground and pound at the same time. Like this was outstanding wrestling outstanding grappling outstanding jujitsu throughout the entire fight. And it was a pleasure to watch two people who are at the end of their careers put on what should have been fighter that I maybe it was Fight of the Night but still like I don’t know if it was fighting. I haven’t seen the I don’t know. Can you can somebody pull up the the awards for for that event, but it was back and forth. Matt Brown took Carlos Condit down early in the first round. And in the process of taking Carlos Condit down his face. Matt Browns face rack racked against the steel cage and cut him open. So Matt Brown was fighting a cut the entire fight and you’ve got someone like like Carlos Condit, who was you know who was who knows he’s a veteran. You just

George Stallworth 14:40
need a driver.

Ryan Smith 14:42

John Keyes 14:42
Man, these guys were like to this. This is this was a dream fight. This is one of those dream fights for me right where you got to, oh gee fighters going in there. And just like it was just a dog fight. They just let the collars off. Let them in the cage. And they did what they did. Alright. And I was not, that was not a moment that I had that I could get away to go do anything you were, I was literally watching that entire fight that is fighting. Okay, that was exactly what I thought it was gonna be. It’s gonna be a lot of blood. And I’m surprised that ABC didn’t cut to a Mickey Mouse segment. All right, you know, talking about trying to give a life lesson, but you know, it is what it is.

Ryan Smith 15:28
All right. Well, I am having all kinds of trouble with this camera right now. So I’m gonna put it back.

John Keyes 15:34
There, man, I just saw that.

Ryan Smith 15:38
Listen, I’m telling you I am

George Stallworth 15:42
on a big screen. Absolutely. Shout out.

John Keyes 15:44
I got a I got a generic cut. That’s what I got. Man, good lord.

Ryan Smith 15:51
Oh, there we go. Okay. All right. We got you now. There we go.

John Keyes 15:56
Yeah. All right. So yeah, it was a great fight. We watched a lot of violence there. There was no shortage of testosterone in that cage. They were they were really going for it. I was impressed. Anybody want to see true. MMA old school fighting? You need to watch this fight. Okay, we got to, as far as I’m concerned, there are two Fight of the year contenders going on right now.

Ryan Smith 16:23
Not 100%

John Keyes 16:24
right now, and we’re about to talk about the other one.

Ryan Smith 16:27
Yeah, but here’s the thing. Carlos Condit, I think that’s the let his last fight on his contract. And so here we go. That number keeps popping up. 60 that number keeps popping up. So So Carlos Condit wants to stay in the UFC? I mean, this is where he’s really made his home. He’s made his career. This is where we think of Carlos Condit and those big wars that he’s had with no people. He’s fought George St. Pierre has any

George Stallworth 16:54
Yes. I’m just saying like come on. Damn. Like the price is right.

John Keyes 17:07
He said that whatever I buy the tree like

Ryan Smith 17:11
so yeah, you get you get you get someone like Carlos Condit, you know, and all the wars that he’s had. I mean, the one that he had with Robbie Lawler right after Robbie Lawler fought Rory MacDonald he comes back and fights Carlos Condit and just another bloody war back and forth. I mean, this Carlos Condit is a guy that just has gone to war so many times. You would think that the UFC would try to keep him there, but it’s this you know what they say this is a young man sport.

John Keyes 17:41
Mm hmm. And you know, Carlos ain’t young. Okay, Carlos, welcome to the show you got

Ryan Smith 17:51
this right. You I got allegedly I just want to have fighters who who still got it who still had that that desire to still fight looking for you can see that Carlos Condit he still have to divide a fight. He’s always a static about when he comes into the ring. He wants to still do it, you know, so I could do that he could be a part of my league.

John Keyes 18:14
Mr. Tyson. Remember that was Ryan Smith that did that. Don’t count on me.

George Stallworth 18:23
Ryan, this is Mike. I was about to ask our version of Mike Tyson. Hey, Mike. What do you think about Vito Belfer joining your league?

Ryan Smith 18:31
You know, I’m really excited about that, because you know, he can bill for that. He’s one of those guys that just really does an amazing job with how he fights in the ring. And so I’m excited to see maybe he could come up and fight somebody that you know, maybe we haven’t seen in a long time like maybe you know still going who or somebody else that you could fight

George Stallworth 18:59
somebody who listens to our feed and it says that script into a cartoon

John Keyes 19:05
as long as they don’t turn into Mr. Tyson. I’m good. Okay, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 19:09
I do not want my

George Stallworth 19:11
man. So good. I was in my head like, Damn, Mike Tyson. Oh, she’ll go.

Unknown Speaker 19:25
Oh, man.

John Keyes 19:27
We are back tonight. Oh, man. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, come on, Carlos. I could have sworn did we say last week that they were that those gonna be both of their last fights and UFC? Did they say they want to retire? And that that that testosterone bug him saying Oh man, I keep on doing this? No, man. You can’t keep on doing this. Because when you go up against a guy like Gilbert burns or or Thiago Santos or a Dominic Reyes they’re gonna they’re gonna fight you Gotta find out, or God I’m sorry. I mean, if you find those young, those young lions, those young killers out there, they’re gonna they’re gonna, you’re gonna realize No, this is not my sport anymore. Cuz these guys, you

George Stallworth 20:14
steal just say that earlier, this was a great fight. So with the right matchups, these guys can still compete for the top 10 or anything, I didn’t think

John Keyes 20:26
that they need to let the legends league That’s what I said. I also said earlier, there’s allegedly that’s calling both their names.

Ryan Smith 20:34
So I think this is when we have to drink Actually, this is legends league is is on the drinking game. So take your drink, take your sip.

John Keyes 20:48
Take two drinks.

George Stallworth 20:51
Come on down. I get these legends league and she’ll go. Bell for

Unknown Speaker 20:57
Yeah. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Ryan Smith 21:01
Well, what I was gonna say is do you think Carlos Condit is going to stay with the UFC? So this is uncertainty. I’m looking for your prediction. So john Key’s, what do you think?

John Keyes 21:12
I think he wants to stay. But I don’t think Dana will let him say, George.

George Stallworth 21:20
No, I see Scott Coker in his future if not there, maybe the pfml kind of thing where else and then I wouldn’t want to see Carlos over and Bare Knuckle boxing.

Unknown Speaker 21:33
But I really would.

George Stallworth 21:37
Yeah, and I really want to start pulling some MMA fights into the legends league.

Ryan Smith 21:43
Yeah, I don’t think that he’s at the point now where you would bring him up to Mike Tyson’s legends league. I don’t. I don’t I don’t like him there. I do think that he’s probably could go pfml. I’d love to see him there. You know, because you have Anthony Pettis and and Carlos Condit. I could see him and Bella tour as well. But I agree with you. I don’t see him staying. I don’t see him staying in the UFC.

Unknown Speaker 22:10
All right.

Unknown Speaker 22:12
Go ahead, john.

John Keyes 22:13
Okay, Carlos. Well, he’s 36 years old. Okay. So, yeah, he’s not quite there. But he’s on his way there. So yeah, belter NFL, something like that.

Ryan Smith 22:31
All right. In the main event of the evening, Max blessed hollaway. I don’t even want to say defeated, Calvin cater, because that would have that would have described the first round.

George Stallworth 22:44
He blessed him. That’s what he did.

Ryan Smith 22:46
You know, I think I think it was Dan Hardy, who was commentating said that he he baptized Calvin Kadir in his own blood. Yes, turn this fight.

John Keyes 22:59
That’s an accurate description of what we saw. We saw and an utter destruction. And what would that be? Would that be appropriate for for what we saw? When we say that that? You know, it’s like, have you ever been to churches and they’re frying up chicken and they’re piecing up those boxes? With all the chicken that they got? That’s exactly what happened to Kevin. He got together.

George Stallworth 23:29
Okay, I’m still I’m still in

John Keyes 23:34
deca spicy combos, the Popeye’s biscuit that choke you out? Nobody got choked out. Because Hey, you can beat up somebody got beat up in that ring. And he got beat up.

Ryan Smith 23:51
Chuck keys just said Max Holloway took Calvin cater to church.

John Keyes 24:14
Cuz I mean, we we were I was worried to see what type of Max we were gonna get. I knew I know. He’s a Gracie fighter. So I knew he was going, he’s going to die in that ring. He’s got that mentality. But when we saw out there, he let it be said that. He is at one point in the fight. I think it was at the fifth round the fourth or fifth round, where he just went super sad and screamed over there to the to the commentators that I’m the best boxer in the UFC. And Carter caught it through like through like what 1718 punches out, and he slipped them all, but he wasn’t even paying attention to him. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen and then

George Stallworth 24:59
went back to To the commentators table and says something in reference to what was it, he was like, Oh, yeah, he said, Yeah, and I’m a freshman in striking because apparently Calvin had told him that he called him a freshman. So yeah, yeah. I’m a freshman in striking.

Ryan Smith 25:19
I mean, this was a lot like, you know, you see bullfighting where you have the Matador who’s just like, you know, playing it up to the crowd and the bull is just, you know, by this point, the bull has spears and all kinds of lacerations. And it’s just wildly going after the Matador in the Matador just stepping out of the way. This is literally what it was. I mean, Calvin cater was, you know, we’ll talk about this a little bit later, Calvin cater, was badly injured, bruised and beaten. And he’s just fighting at this point on pure instinct. And you have you have Max Holloway, sitting there playing to the playing to the commentators. The the one that really got me because at the end of round four, my hands are over my face covered up. I’m looking through my fingers going, Oh my God, why don’t they stop this fight. But in round number five, he’s talking to Daniel Cormier and Dan Hardy and john Anik. Calvin caters coming towards him, and he throws a no look punch and catches Calvin Taylor right in the face. And he’s not even looking at him. And that is what I’m like, Oh my gosh, like he’s he’s on another.

John Keyes 26:34
But you know why? You there’s one reason why that they didn’t they didn’t stop the fight so soon, you know, why don’t you

George Stallworth 26:43
Why are we missing music go?

Ryan Smith 26:50
Oh, I was I was ready for it.

John Keyes 26:53
Yeah, I know. It’s hard to do this. This all her didn’t hurt. Let him fight. He left them bang. Thank you herb Dean. That was I mean, though, okay, so one thing about Max Holloway, they always talk about boxes into UFC. There are those out there though fighters that throw one punch. Max did not any one point in the fight. Just throw one punch. He had the least amount of punch ether was two. Okay, the most he threw were eight. Okay. And then there was one point that he just said, Well, let me just go ahead and throw every punch for every day in December. And he just went off on I mean, I played video games with desperation moves, that that took less time than what he was throwing in there. Okay. I mean, it was brutal.

George Stallworth 27:44
Speaking of video games, you know, that’s what he credits a lot of his success and his his newfound striking. What would you call it a savvy with? He doesn’t sparring anymore. He doesn’t do any sparring. But he does. He says he originally learned how to fight from video games. But that’s what he’s doing now as well. He’s playing the UFC. video game. He is literally upping his skill. You think I’m playing? You think it’s an elk? I’m telling you that if you go back and look at his striking his fight, watch someone who’s skillful play the UFC fight game. Literally what’s wrong with some people, you know how people just hit buttons sometimes. And so different strikes are coming in different places. He is really picked up that phenomena like he is he’s attacking high, he’s attacking low, high, low, high low, like he’s really mixing is striking up in all kinds of ways. And the kicks man, he threw some nice kicks during this fight as well. So yeah,

John Keyes 28:42
let me let me tell you about, okay, this is the EA, UFC candidate that you threw out in the court. Okay, so if you ask them for those who actually played the game, the ea UFC game list, you should really listen to the commentators because the commentators if you’ve listened to how they’re talking, and how they and how they stress, they tell you strategy that actually works in the game. Okay, I can’t you’re not the island you don’t strike the past past the strike from Joe Rogan and and in the early days of the ea UFC games, okay, he would talk about that and it does work. Okay, listen to the commentators. They are teaching they can clearly teach you how to play the game and be successful in it. So what you’re saying there George is totally totally believable. It’s totally I’m telling. I’m gonna start playing the game so I can help my strikers get get better.

Ryan Smith 29:38
I think I think all of this is insane. We want to we are saying we are saying that the video game a bit, not not a fight, not a fight. You practice a video. There is

George Stallworth 29:56
something to the mind body connection. If you if you I tell my fighters to meditate and, and visualize their fights already. So what else are you doing? If you’re playing a video game? That is a visualization that you’re putting forth, you’re creating that reality. I don’t see how you couldn’t think it wouldn’t help them.

John Keyes 30:15
I mean, Ryan, don’t you hear from me all the time, your focus determines your reality. Okay, ea UFC game.

Ryan Smith 30:24
I also hear you talking about real life and then using movies and television as examples of real life. So I’m like, you know, I’m just saying, forgive me for being a little dubious when you’re like, well, we’re talking about a fight you like blade happened in Bloodsport, that one time it’s like, no, that’s a movie that ain’t real life.

George Stallworth 30:50
Boy is a believer. I’m on the hype train for the EA. UFC gave me Max Holloway.

John Keyes 30:58
Exactly. Give me a ticket to that as well. So

George Stallworth 31:04
I’m gonna let you guys know what my strike it looks like in three months. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 31:11
If that’s the case, then you know what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have to go and buy that game just so that I can start talking smack to Casey again.

Oh, look who’s in the audience. collection. And look at that. Look at that. Look at that dapper screenshot, like let that go. That’s right.

John Keyes 31:41
Yeah. That’s right. Yeah. So

Ryan Smith 31:43
So what collection

George Stallworth 31:45
using augmented a VR with AR to train? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 31:50
yeah. Yeah, he

John Keyes 31:51
said he had the game to fight you.

Ryan Smith 31:53
Yeah, he said he would buy the game to fight me. But I also know that Colombia is a busy person. So buying the game is not you have to do more than buy the game collection. You have to actually play the game. That’s what we talking about. Not just buying it is sitting in your in the corner of the room still in the wrapper? That they got the receipt sitting on top collecting dust? No, you got to actually play the game.

George Stallworth 32:16
Meanwhile, Ryan’s already getting beat by Mitchell.

Ryan Smith 32:24
Facts. First of all,

John Keyes 32:30
it’s bad to get beat by a kid.

George Stallworth 32:34
My son, whoops me so bad on that guy. What’s wrong? He doesn’t know anything about striking. He dominates me on a gay

Unknown Speaker 32:43
and man.

Ryan Smith 32:44
All right. To prove my point, in a toe to toe battle in the ring, you versus your son who wins a fight? According to

George Stallworth 32:58
Max Holloway and me right now my son’s gonna come on. We know. I guess a video. Shoot, you have my son kicking?

Ryan Smith 33:07
Really? Yeah. All right. All right. Maybe there’s some truth to it. Hey, for those of you who are watching, let us know. What do you think? Do you think that the visualization that you get from playing the video game can aid in your success actually fighting in the ring? I think that’s a wonderful, wonderful discussion point. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say out there about what you think about this phenomenon that’s going on with Max Holloway. Clearly you don’t set the striking record in the UFC. Some 25 years 30, almost 30 years the UFC has been in existence. Max Holloway on Saturday night, set the striking record across all weight classes. That is insane.

John Keyes 33:50
Alright, so Well, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to cut you off. Right. You asked about the bonuses and the fighter night went to Max Holloway and Calvin cater performance of the night went to Dan Lang. And another performance was to a performance that night was to Alessio the cerco.

Ryan Smith 34:09
Okay, all right. All right. So Matt Brown, and Carlos Condit got nothing they got shut out. You know,

John Keyes 34:15
which is sad. That’s that, that they should have got something but what we’re going to start what we should start doing, guys, I know I kind of just throw it out there. Maybe we ought to hold on to the just record the Fight of the Night, every time for every for every event. And at the end of the year. We should we should pick out of there to find out who was the fight of the year.

Ryan Smith 34:38
Well, fortunately, this was the first fight card of the year. So if ever we’re going to start doing it, now’s the time to start. So let’s do

George Stallworth 34:47

Ryan Smith 34:47
Let’s Let’s do that. So we’ve got we’ve got for knockout of the night or knockout of the year are we’ve got Liang Lang Yeah, right. And we’ve got Alessio de Cheerio. jurco sorry. And then for Fight of the year, we’ve got Max Holloway versus Calvin cater,

Unknown Speaker 35:10
right? Yeah.

Ryan Smith 35:13
Okay, what we’ll do is we’ll, you know, I still I, we can try to put on the website. So when you have a running total, just kind of keeping track that way. That way, when it’s all done, we’re gonna have a lot of them. We’re gonna have to figure out a way to kind of code those. We’ll start getting to the end of the year we got

John Keyes 35:32
and we got, we also got, are we gonna do for Bella tour one and all the other MMA organization? As

Ryan Smith 35:40
much as I would like to know.

Unknown Speaker 35:42

Unknown Speaker 35:46
No, listen,

Unknown Speaker 35:48

Unknown Speaker 35:50
No, no.

Ryan Smith 35:54
Rest in peace. debo. Yeah. So, uh, so yeah, we unfortunately won’t be able to. If this was our full time job, then absolutely, yes. But no,

John Keyes 36:06
so we’ll just cover UFC. Also, one more thing, and then we will move on. We got a rest in peace to polar bear. Paul Warren’s That’s right. That’s right. He passed away due to COVID

Ryan Smith 36:19
complications of COVID Yeah. COVID-19.

John Keyes 36:22
So, you know, very, very fun to watch. He, he was a he was a believer in the in the ground and pound he was a strong Grappler You know, it just sucks that he went away in such an at a young age to use like 48 he was just a little bit a little bit older than me. So

Unknown Speaker 36:44
there it is.

Ryan Smith 36:45
There it is. So I want to I want to I want to wrap this up so we can so we can go on to the other thing that I want to talk about it but I do want to I do want to cover off on a couple of things. Number one, Dana White said that this fight should have been stopped in the fourth round. I I agree with that. It gotten out of control in the fourth round. Even though Calvin cater, was throwing Strikes Back, there was a series of I want to say you said a punch for every day in December, there was a series of 30 something strikes that went unresponded and you should stop a fight when that happens. I don’t care if you know I don’t care if this guy starts throwing bombs back. He didn’t he he is eating 30 strikes to his one

John Keyes 37:41
her didn’t think so.

George Stallworth 37:47
I was like the the referees were in the back and it was decided to go referee what were fight. Somebody say all right, who wants to make Holloway Calvin gotta fight her dance. This was this. I’ll be Huckleberry.

John Keyes 38:10
They don’t call him the predator for nothing. Okay. Yeah,

George Stallworth 38:17
they pick. Look. They need they need mC mC Maynard and who is it? Shawn Shelby are like the matchmakers for the UFC. They need to get somebody to make sure that they pick the right referees for different fights.

John Keyes 38:31
They pick the right a picture right?

George Stallworth 38:35
I need to ask somebody to the referee. So we can see fights like this all the time.

Ryan Smith 38:39
Protect the fighter like I my heart was going out to Calvin cater, because he was just getting it everywhere. Like he was getting elbowed in the face that punch then caught in the ribs and they were wondering if whether he had a broken rib or not. Now the report doesn’t say that he had one. But he was getting beaten up so blat badly and he was bloody and it was just like, he’s not gonna win this fight. Now, does he have a hall all heart because the guy came back started throwing bombs actually landed a couple which justified the fight coming on. And that’s when you have to start thinking about how do we save this fighter from himself.

George Stallworth 39:18
So the last guy that Max Holloway did something like this too was Brian Ortega. Have you seen Brian? Oh take striking since then.

John Keyes 39:26
He he leveled up. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 39:32
He leveled up but you know, Max Holloway also says you guys only have get one brain save it. Calvin cater. He didn’t save his brain. And nobody’s saying

John Keyes 39:49
all kidding aside, I know that when I mean we can look at the score and it could it tells the story that was This is probably the lowest lopsided score scoring I’ve ever seen. 5043 for two fighters, that means that there was what? At least a 10 seven round, well took in a six to 10 Ah, there you go. And, and then a 10 seven, and then it was a 5042. Okay, that’s Now. Now.

Ryan Smith 40:22
Yeah, a normal score would be 5045. Right? So five to nothing if you beat somebody five zero, that’s 5045. So there’s three rounds that they would have scored 10 eight, or maybe a 1010 eight and a 10. Seven, which attend seven rounds in MMA is unheard of. You never like if you’re scoring a 10 seven round. My question is Why didn’t you stop the fight?

John Keyes 40:47
Yeah. At some point there should have been a towel thrown in or something yummy. All kidding aside, but and then that 10 second round possibly came in when max went super San and just started beating the dude like, like the soul like the glow. Hit him from last dragon. I mean, seriously, I think I think that’s what happened. That you know, that Barry Gordy started singing in his ear. And you know, you got the yellow glow. And you know, Calvin Carter didn’t hit the didn’t get the show enough. So, yeah. A

Ryan Smith 41:23
good reference. For those of y’all who don’t know last drag the last dragon. Please go

John Keyes 41:27
over the homework. Please do your homework. Carpe COVID ad, you know, it’s all right.

Ryan Smith 41:33
All right. Um, so yeah, you know, as we were saying before, Max Holloway doesn’t doesn’t do hard sparring anymore. He’s does things like playing video games to visualize, you know the outcome of his fights. Calvin cator issued a statement. He says success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up with goals so strong that obstacles failure and loss only act as motivation prompts to maximum a hell of a fight. He deserves all the praise thankful to my team’s commitment for this fight on to the next there’s no stopping the man who doesn’t quit. Yes, it’s called Death and his dang near got

John Keyes 42:12

George Stallworth 42:17
that purchase box and attend peace.

John Keyes 42:26
Hey, man, sometimes you gotta hit on that one.

Unknown Speaker 42:32
All right,

Ryan Smith 42:33
man. Now let me let me go ahead we got one last bit of business. And that is everybody on the combat sports talk team had max blessed Holloway to win this fight except for one person.

John Keyes 42:53
It was that one person.

Ryan Smith 43:02
I got it. I got to play it again. Like the sad trombone to

George Stallworth 43:13
hear. He didn’t want to macro. That’s why he No no, no,

Ryan Smith 43:17
no, it’s me. It’s me. Glad I didn’t he didn’t show up last week. He went on last week’s show. But you don’t have any pics.

George Stallworth 43:24
Casey my bad ride you pick again. Max. I thought I told you better.

Ryan Smith 43:32
What are you gonna tell me to do?

Unknown Speaker 43:36
Are you gonna tell me to sell? Yeah.

John Keyes 43:43
Man. not believe in da you know,

Ryan Smith 43:47
I was I was a non believer. But you know, at the same time, I wanted to give Calvin Kadir the benefit of the doubt dude was on a to fight win streak coming into this fight. He was looking good. I know he’s been up and down. But I really did think that, you know, he would be able to try to put on a fight. Honestly, I was being a contrarian a bit because everybody I mean, it was a kind of a foregone conclusion that Max was gonna win. Max is arguably one of the greatest

George Stallworth 44:12
40 I thought Calvin was up on the screen. Not scorecards. But the he was the fame. Not the fan favorite. But the Vegas pick.

Ryan Smith 44:22
Not so. I don’t think so. All right.

Unknown Speaker 44:26
I’m not sure either. Yeah, I

Ryan Smith 44:27
want to look at 300 I’ll have to go back and

George Stallworth 44:31
see. I think Vegas is looking back at the time when you know, Max had that little episode on TV where Michael Bisping was like Hey, bro, you something’s not right. And

Unknown Speaker 44:42

George Stallworth 44:43
see, we forget about and that’s the other thing. You know that that’s where max decided to really stop sparring.

Unknown Speaker 44:48
Right well.

John Keyes 44:50
Mm hmm. Because I think he used to say he used to go hard to the paint with sparring. Okay, he used to do he used to be a hard spar and Yeah that when they when they showed that I mean I remember seeing that interview and my boy look punch drunk drill. So

Ryan Smith 45:11
yep, so let’s go ahead and you know yeah Max Holloway closing odds Max was the favorite in all of them so he you know, I think Max was the favorite, but let’s go ahead and close the book on this one put this one on the shelf because this card is history. Now before we go to our finding the angle segment I do want to talk about another fight card that took place this weekend. It was fury kickboxing here in Dallas Fort Worth actually taking place at lamb for striking Academy in Fort Worth, Texas. So we got to see coach Derman. I got to meet coach darren in person. And we saw fury kickboxing at lamb striking Academy this past weekend, and dark side Muay Thai talent was on display under the tutelage of coach George g money stalwart. So, coach, talk a little bit about your fighters who you brought in and and, you know, tell us a little bit about some of some of the, you know, some of the preparation that you guys did to get ready for this event?

George Stallworth 46:22
Well, I had six fighters. Actually, I had seven fighters originally on this car, we started training camp for these guys about probably about 10 1112 weeks ago. I had one fire to drop out, just due to issues that’s pretty regular in a camp that size and that big guys are going pretty hard for a while. Throughout this 12 weeks, I put them do everything I could I could you know just to get them prepared and be ready for these fights. At six fighters show up on Saturday, I had three fighters come away with with wins. One of them was a bit controversial. I think, if not for you, we might not have known about that third win. And I have three fighters walk away with losses, but one of my fighters who walked away with a loss, put on the fight of the day, he was the main event. Dude, I can’t speak enough of how well that young man fault. I was so happy and so proud for him. I feel like he should have got the knob but he didn’t. But you know, I’m not I’m not too bad. mad about the decision. I think the other young man did a good job as well. But I think my guy is the amount. But it was all in all. It was a great car that entire day. I think we had on 1516 fights. Yes. Ryan Smith got to actually judge and use our combat sports talk, Muay Thai scoring methodology. I actually were asked one or two of the fights even though I wasn’t supposed to. I had decided long ago that I wasn’t going to referee any fights anymore. And I have fighters on a car because it was just wearing that many hats, I felt is a disservice to my fighters. But coach will was in need of a temporary referee because he also had a fighter on the card. Other than that, no, it was a phenomenal day, some great fights, a couple of a couple of ducks. Maybe I think there was a knockout or to one of my guys got got clipped and knocked out. Yeah. But other than that, it was great day.

Ryan Smith 48:13
Yeah, it was it was very good. And I got to meet coach will he is the, you know, the the, you know, the, I don’t know, he’s the Dana White, if you will, of fury kickboxing, and you know what a phenomenal person he is, like, I actually want to see if we can get an interview with him, you know, and and, and really share who he is with the world. And the other thing that I noticed about him is that he is a guy that, you know, when they talk about walk by faith and not by sight. This is one of those guys, that simply says this is what I’m going to do. While I cannot see a path forward, I am going to trust in the Lord. And, you know, he is in in tuned with his spirit and his spiritual side. And this man makes miracles happen. I want to talk about one of the things with him on this show, which is his vision for bringing fury kickboxing to South Africa. So we’ll talk about that we’ll find a time to get that interview, but coach will you know, it was a pleasure to meet him and his team at the fury kickboxing who I got to help put on the show with but one of the things I want to talk about is we This was the first run of using the Muay Thai scoring methodology. And so that you know, we talked about it we watched some fights we you know, we had been refining the scoring methodology and what I can say the scoring methodology works. However, it needs to be refined. I can’t help judging 15 fights.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
You got you got to get a gauge on words.

Ryan Smith 50:00
Do you think the scoring methodology showed how dialed in you have to be? And how hard it is to see all the action as it’s happening in real time. And so I have to say, you know, the the credo of the UFC is never leave it in the hands of the judges, because, you know, we’re all disappointed about the judging, and and what judging is like, until you sit in that seat and actually try to score and judge a fight. You don’t appreciate how difficult and how mind bendingly difficult it is to do,

George Stallworth 50:38
what did you think was difficult about it?

Ryan Smith 50:41
Um, a couple of things, one is actually seeing what’s going on. Because as the fights going around the ring, the position of the referee to ensure that the fight is clean and is protecting the fighters, sometimes means that I can’t see when a person throws a team if the team lands.

George Stallworth 51:00
Yeah. And so, I’ve watched a couple of those. And I can see where that was happening quite a bit.

Ryan Smith 51:07
Yeah. And so as a judge, I’m sitting there moving around, trying to see around the ref, because I, you know, in some cases, I couldn’t see if Atlanta couldn’t see of strikes landed, I couldn’t see the reaction, you know, and a lot of the a lot of the scoring methodology, the pins on like, did the strike land and didn’t create an immediate and visual reaction from the opponent. But if their backs are to me, I can’t see. So it’s really hard to be able to do that. And, you know, because we have a scoring sheet, where I’m taking notes, and I’m making marks. The challenge is, is when the action is hot, trying to remember all that I saw and then document it and not miss something as I’m looking up and down. So so it is, the scoring methodology, I think is good, because it gives us the ability to talk about what it is that we value as a judge when the action takes place. And that really informs the fighter about what’s winning behavior versus not winning behavior. One of the fight camps that was they’re really focused on striking, punching punches. You know, and, and, you know, their fighter was throwing on landing a lot of punches, but his opponent was landing kicks. And in Muay Thai were like, I’m sorry, but the only punches that I’m really scoring are the ones that create like a, an obvious reaction, and I’m not scoring them as if you read the methodology as an X, I’m scoring them as,

Unknown Speaker 52:50
as a slash.

George Stallworth 52:52
So like half a point,

Ryan Smith 52:53
it’s half a point, when you land a hard punch. Think about that. In this methodology, if you are landing if you are just knocking this dude’s head back, you’re only getting a slash where if somebody kicks you in the leg and it moves your leg or knocks you off balance, that’s five times some points. So it’s it’s not it’s not advantageous to just be a striker. And so so those are things that I think played out in in in a lot of the fights you know, for the fight that you know that now but the the main event, go ahead.

George Stallworth 53:30
I was gonna say you don’t just mean as a striker you mean? Why it’s not advantageous to just be a boxer to be a boxer?

Ryan Smith 53:37
Correct? Correct. It’s not advantageous to be a boxer strictly a boxer in in Muay Thai because while you feel like you’re doing a lot of damage, you really aren’t scoring a lot of points. You know, the challenge that my guy

George Stallworth 53:53
lose the main event. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 53:55
here we go. Let me

George Stallworth 53:59
break it down for you, john. Look, my guy who’s every weapon in the book multiple times. He landed two sweeps. He dumped the guy kicks to the leg kicks to the body. I think even two head kicks. landed needs work to clinch dominated in the clinch. That’s how you got the sweeps. It Dude, I don’t see how my guy lost this fight.

John Keyes 54:25
combo. Okay, I’m sorry. Hold on. How many combos did he throw? Is he doing multiple combinations?

George Stallworth 54:31
Yes. Oh, he’s false. So beautiful man. I will call out a combo phone we had I have set combos for each of my fighters. I call it the combo. He’s throwing it. I mean, he was on point, man.

John Keyes 54:43
Okay, so Ryan,

Unknown Speaker 54:44
I’m sorry. Yeah, right, good.

Ryan Smith 54:46

Unknown Speaker 54:47
How did you score those combos?

Ryan Smith 54:50
So remember, we talked about a lot of times it’s difficult to know whether all of the combos land all of them land hard. So a lot sometimes those combos get skewed. As one strike, I’m okay. What I can tell you is this, all of that stuff that that George is talking about. That was second round, which his guy clearly went around to

George Stallworth 55:17
watch the fight.

Ryan Smith 55:19
We can, I would love to watch it, watch it again. It was it was an it was an exciting, entertaining fight. Ultimately, what I can say is, I am one judge out of three.

George Stallworth 55:32
Sometimes I got caught, caught him with a tip to the belly mid air, dude jumped in the air. Like he’s not though Superman punch. My guy said, Today get that out here. That alone was the one they were.

John Keyes 55:47
So when I was training, okay to judge because I was supposed to be there. But, you know, life is what happens when we’re too busy making other plans. One thing I noticed is that when they through multiple combinations, and they will be effective, we we all think we were scoring them properly. And maybe we could talk after the show on how I started. I started scoring and scoring combos, and it’s made a little bit more sense. But okay, yeah, I could, you know, we could talk about that

Ryan Smith 56:22
in there, there’s being in a live fire exercise with this methodology showed what is a possible theoretical, and what is actual, what makes sense. And so what ended up happening is I had to kind of move out of the theoretical of what I thought I would be able to do while the action is going on, and just get down to bare bones kind of things. Now, what I’ll say is that, you know, you know, some of my other judges, they were, they were scoring everything that was thrown. So, you know, it was it was it was a lot harder to you know, to differentiate because you just looking at volume and numbers and not impact, right. So there’s some pros and cons to both of those. But what I can say is, is that ultimately, it was a close first round, your guy won the second he lost the third

George Stallworth 57:27
right? Smoking a wacky tobacco free, absent, I’m

Ryan Smith 57:30
not slapping myself on this one. This is what I this is what I saw. And, and I, you know, I do want to get together with you. Let’s watch the fight together. And you know, I’ll come on the show and say, You know what, after looking at the fight again, I was wrong. But you know, from what I saw, that’s it’s what I saw. And and, you know,

John Keyes 57:55
do we have access to the video footage? Do we have access?

George Stallworth 57:57
I’m texting my guy now to see if he’s got a copy of it. Since I get it. I just do

Ryan Smith 58:03
a companion show. Let’s do a fight companion show. And we’ll we’ll do it. Like, let’s not talk about doing the fight companion show. Let’s actually do actually a fight companion show.

George Stallworth 58:12
Speaking of companions, and fighting, what do you think about the second fighter tonight? My boy Jr.

Ryan Smith 58:20
Oh, dude, now that guy. He Jr. It was fun to watch Jr. and he was he was smaller than the other fighter. Um, but he after the after that first kind of exchange. So the other guy I don’t know. I don’t remember the other guys that he was caught his name. But the other guy was like a bigger guy and had a lot of confidence. And I think he might have hit Jr. With a couple a couple of really good strikes at the very beginning of the fight. And then you see the switch turn on. And then you see Jr. Start coming in and just tearing this guy apart. And by the third round. That guy is done. He is exhausted. And jr is just coming in and just like it was a it was a great fight. And that’s when you know, me and the other judges were like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. blue corner. Yeah. Like it was a bell ring. Like Yep. We don’t even need to talk about this one. blue corner. They won that one. So Jr. Outstanding. Now how is he did he break his foot?

George Stallworth 59:33
I don’t know. I need to check on him. I hadn’t heard back from him. since that night. He came out we all we all kicked it Saturday night had a big little celebration party and he was doing fine then. But I had to go injuries you don’t really know for like a day or two later. Is this lingering stuff that goes on?

Ryan Smith 59:50
I mean, after the fight, he’s walking with the pimp walk. So I was like, maybe he just that confident that like I know I want I did a great job. On a stroll, I’m just gonna stroll around here but it did look like he was his foot was a little sore. fantastic performance from him you know also want to send a shout out to Phil of Washington. He did a did a great job. Oh, oh, I completely forgot. We’re gonna rewind back to UFC fight Island seven Do you know George g money Star War? Who was in Matt Brown’s corner now I’ll give you a hint. A one word hyena.

George Stallworth 1:00:47
Mark Beecher.

Ryan Smith 1:00:48
Mark Beecher was in Matt Brown’s corner he was on yeah even even shouted him out on the on the on the on the broadcast. Mark. Big shout out to hyena muy Thai in Houston, Texas. Shout out to you. Mark Beecher. We saw you. We saw you.

John Keyes 1:01:08
Wow. I’m going back to watch it now. Wow.

Ryan Smith 1:01:13

George Stallworth 1:01:14
yeah, I remember he he posted quite some things about being in Abu Dhabi for quite some time. Now. He’s been there for a minute, like two weeks, I think.

Ryan Smith 1:01:22
Yeah. Well, he was there. Unfortunately, his fighter did not end up end up on top, but that he you know, he was you could see him on television, congratulating Carlos Condit for his performance. And, you know, they had said Mark Beecher, and I was like, oh, that name sounds familiar. And then when I saw him, because, you know, he’s got those dreads right. And, and so, like, Oh, my gosh, that’s Mark eacher. And so we have an interview with him. On the website. He also has a podcast, talking with Mark Beecher, so go and check that out. It’s really well done. It’s fun, too. It’s fun to watch his his podcast as well. So sorry, sorry for it for the for the digression, but I did want to send out a shout out to mark Beecher, who has, you know, spent time with us doing interviews and things like that. That’s why some of his fighters. All right. Anything else before we wrap up the fury kickboxing recap? Yeah. All right. So we will

George Stallworth 1:02:23
write his video. He says he disagreed disagrees with you, as well on the outcome of that fight. And I’m telling you guys, right now, as soon as I get the other one, I’ll put that in there.

Ryan Smith 1:02:38
All right. So we we will do well, let’s schedule a time to do a to do a fight companion show. We’ll record it and then we’ll put it online. So that we can so that we can, we can look at it again and see, you know, maybe the judges got it wrong. It happens sometimes. But now I understand how the judges could get it wrong.

George Stallworth 1:03:00
I want to talk about maybe one or two other fights that day. I had another guy he fought one of the guys from kingdom. Martial Arts. What did you think of that fight. These are two guys that came in and steal during Waterman call, they did more of a traditional Muay Thai fight. It was a lot more technical. You remember that one? My God, you got me to the body and he got stopped in the third round into the year round.

Ryan Smith 1:03:23
Yeah, that that fight was going extremely well. I don’t remember quite how we were scoring it. But that was a great fight. And what made a great fight was because it was technical. Um, both of the fighters were very controlled, throwing, throwing their, their particular strikes, I recall correctly, the other, the other corner, you could hear them making their calls to their fighter as well. So you had George and your voice is very clear, and was ringing through the entire facility when you are calling out your calls, which I will not say what they are on the show, but you will see your fighter. You’re making your calls. You know, I was I was loving it. It’s interesting, because I know you, but I have not seen you in the coaching capacity. And so you know, I’ve only seen you in the commentator capacity, talking about what you would say to the to to the fighters, but not actually seeing you. I wish that I had a mic to actually hear what you were saying to your fighters between rounds. But you know, it was cool because you have coach yelling out his calls, and the other of the other corner yelling out their calls. And you see these fighters thinking and reacting and executing their strategy and it was great, right up until you know the end near the end of the third round when your fighter caught that knee and he dropped and just went down to one knee and you could see he could not go on but during during that right leg

George Stallworth 1:05:00
10 seconds.

Ryan Smith 1:05:01
Yeah, it was it was near the end of the fight. And he caught a knee and you know, this is when George you know talks about the fact that in Muay Thai, you catch a knee, it doesn’t look like it hurt. But then you can’t perceive it. So, so that was that was a good fight. I enjoyed that one. You said there was one more that you want to talk about?

George Stallworth 1:05:27
Well, just kingdom that was there as well. So I don’t know if you realize who I was in the building that day. The the coach from Fortis MMA, Steven Oh, Cho Peterson, UFC. to him. I made it introduction.

Ryan Smith 1:05:45
You did not introduce me to him at on Saturday. But you know, when we were broadcasting from Austin Avenue Oh, Chico was there and you introduced me there. He looked like he looked like a you know, Old West villain with his with his mask on his bandana covering his face. It was a little nervous walk up to him and say hi.

George Stallworth 1:06:09
Yeah, so for this MMA had quite a few guys on the fight. They did but another coach that was there is TJ to thinking man Charles Johnson excellent Muay Thai fight. If you haven’t had a chance, go watch his fights back on max muy Thai you can find them on YouTube. or maximum muy thai.com. If I’m not mistaken, but Charles is a fee nominal fighter. He Go ahead, man. I see you got the look on your face.

Ryan Smith 1:06:38
So was he which camp Did he represent?

George Stallworth 1:06:43
Kingdom martial arts.

Ryan Smith 1:06:44
That’s the guy so so now it all makes sense. When I was telling you that the other guy was yelling out his calls. It sounded like he was speaking Muay Thai. Or I’m sorry, Thai. It’s not like he was speaking Thai. When he was making his calls

George Stallworth 1:07:01
the back and forth with the Tang and yeah, yeah. Boy. Yep.

Ryan Smith 1:07:08
And so and so it was it was interesting because you get these calls the only thing that we didn’t have really in that fight because you had the you know, the Yeah. What’s it called?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
McCall McCall. mock.

Ryan Smith 1:07:24
Call monk Gaul. He had the monk call they were wearing that they they did their y crew and they you know they bless the ring. Living he didn’t have was the

Unknown Speaker 1:07:36

Ryan Smith 1:07:42
Have you not watched a movie tie? like a like a true movie type?

John Keyes 1:07:46
Yes, I am.

And my movie references and

Ryan Smith 1:07:57
they have to meet that’s what the music sounds like.

Go go watch a traditional Muay Thai fight and you listen to the

George Stallworth 1:08:13
fight man. Max, Muay Thai, you’ll probably see it on there. But you’ll really get to see TJ in action. And you’ll, you’ll see like the way TJ fighters fought on Saturday or his fighter fought on Saturday, you’ll see that in TJ his fights.

Ryan Smith 1:08:30
So that’s something that we you know,

George Stallworth 1:08:34
he’s a great coach, good friend, a friend of mine is well. I’ve known TJ now for about four or five months. He referred one of my fighters now to me, Philip, one of the fighter who opened up the car. He fought for TJ previously, and now he’s with us. Philip referred him over to us because Philip blue, I mean, sorry. TJ referred him to us because Philip lives here in the Dallas area. TJ is down in San Antonio.

Ryan Smith 1:09:01
Okay. Okay.

George Stallworth 1:09:03
But I was gonna say the last thing I had on there was so anyway, TJ and I decided, hey, since you’re here in town, let’s do a seminar on Sunday. So we had we put together a small quick mini seminar had about 10 attendees man planned to do it again sometime soon. But it was absolutely great. It was phenomenal, man.

Ryan Smith 1:09:24
Well, I got a provisional kitchen pass to come out to to train with you. So I can actually go and do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33

Ryan Smith 1:09:36
you know, I want to bring back this this this late 80s, early 90s reference, please hammer don’t hurt them. Okay. All right. Let’s let’s go ahead and close the book on this and put this on the shelf because this cart is history. I want to make a quick spin through the through the headlines because there’s, you know, all of this stuff is taking place in Abu Dhabi. And so there’s a couple of things that are going on behind the scenes remember there was the long awaited meeting between Dana White and Habib in America met off and that, you know, Dana White said he was going to try to get Habib to fight one more time. So this is it. This is finding the angles.

This is finding the angle. This is where we talk about the headlines that are making waves in the UFC world. Everything is at in Abu Dhabi. And so Dana White says that one thing that he is determined after talking to habibollah, mirga men off is that the fight between the eagle and rush George St. Pierre, he is not going to happen. He says that’s over. Basically neither fighter is interested in fighting each other. Hmm.

John Keyes 1:10:51
I’m okay with the gun. I’m okay with that, too. Very, okay.

Ryan Smith 1:10:55
I i think that that retains the legacy of George St. Pierre. And I think that it also, you know, retains the legacy of Habiba. mirga medoff because one of those fighters had to lose, and I liked the world just a little bit better. When you’ve got a you know, someone like George St. Pierre, who finished his career, you know, almost undefeated. He’s got two losses, one by UFC Hall of Famer Matt Serra. And yeah,

John Keyes 1:11:31
I thought Hold on. I can’t think of the guy’s name either. Ah,

Ryan Smith 1:11:37
no, he lost it. No. No, Georgia, Pierre Lata Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. Those are the two fights he lost.

John Keyes 1:11:42
If he did, okay, yes, that’s how I like that.

Ryan Smith 1:11:45
I know my j GSP. History. Okay. And then you know, you got hubby to recommend off 2019 Oh, yeah, that fights Not gonna happen. Dana White also said that Habib in America men I’ve told him who hit him the hardest.

George Stallworth 1:12:09
And who is that? Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:12:12
Not Conor McGregor, apparently. A guy from Arizona known as Justin Geechee

John Keyes 1:12:22
all the human highlight reel. Yeah, that makes sense.

Ryan Smith 1:12:25
Yeah, basically, he acts like a truck. He said that. Dana White said that in speaking to Habib numurkah medoff. Um, he said that, that Habib told him that he’s never been hit or kicked harder ever in a fight. Then by Justin gay, he he said that, that gay he hit him with a couple of shots. And and and and then looked at Habib and said, you know, are you jetlag? Wow. And then and then Habib said something and then they’re they’re fighting. And then Habib takes him to the ground and says, so what are you going to do now? Now that I got you on the ground? And so the very interesting exchange, I thought it was just really interesting that, you know, Habib acknowledged you know what fierce competitor, Justin, he is, you know, we, I don’t know that people give gay t as the credit that he deserves. With regards to how hard he hits in in kicks, even though you know, every fight that he wins into the finish. Yeah.

John Keyes 1:13:39
The Platinum Mike Perry give him give him props about the way he hit.

Ryan Smith 1:13:43
Um, I don’t know that platinum, Mike Perry gives anybody props for anything.

John Keyes 1:13:48
You know, I could have swore he did at some point. Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m crazy.

Ryan Smith 1:13:53
Or maybe

John Keyes 1:13:57
he is crazy.

Ryan Smith 1:14:04
I’m not gonna say anything. lessons to you, my carry and your family, you know, for for having a child bringing life into this world. You know, gratulations all good, all good things. But yeah, let me just say

John Keyes 1:14:22
I’m just saying that we can’t joke about that. Because I mean, you know, I mean, I know he’s going through a difficult time, like Anakin Skywalker did. And he had two twins. He had twins. And you saw how that ended? Ah.

Ryan Smith 1:14:36
See, see, this is that thing I was talking about where we’re talking about real life and then you use a movie example. To illustrate what we’re talking about in real life. This right here, this is it.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:53
transcends it. It works. It works then

Ryan Smith 1:14:57
it works. It don’t work. But anyway.

John Keyes 1:15:04
It may work i mean you know

Ryan Smith 1:15:09
all right well we got a double we got a double dip this week we got an inauguration day battle on UFC fight island with Mike Kaisa versus Neil magny and and and and then we have this weekend is UFC 257 Dustin play vs Conor McGregor, too. So let’s go ahead and cover this in the fight card.

All right, we are on Fire Island, Etihad arena on fight Island in Abu Dhabi for Wednesday, January 20. UFC fight Island Kaisa vs bagni. We’ve got six fights on the card. Lauren Murphy versus Douglas Silva, the entourage. We’ve got Tyson Nam versus Matt schnell. We’ve got the happy warrior Roxanne Mata Fairey versus Vivian Aronne Joe. I’m gonna assume she’s a Brazilian. So I’m going to say the hard j as opposed to the soft j if we were Spanish Vinicius marinara versus Ike Villanova. We’ve got warli Alvarez versus monir lenses. And then in the main event of the evening, Michael Kaisa versus Neil magny. I’m not going to ask you guys to make flash five picks for all of these guys. So I’m just going to stick to the main event but I am going to go ahead because I swore I would always do this when I doubted her the one time versus an tonina shift chinko I doubted Roxanne lot of fairy and rock sand put on a lights out performance defeating the the I want to say bigger sister I don’t know she’s older than Valentina but she’s definitely bigger than Valentina. Anthony and Chef chinko so I swore that I would always pick Roxanne Mata fairy so I am going on record as picking Roxanne Mata ferry for this fight versus Viviane, Iran Joe. Okay. In the main event of the evening who you have Mikey a sub versus Neil magny Who do you have? Neil magny, man All right, john.

John Keyes 1:17:38
Man, I every time I said Michael KC can’t beat this dude. He beats that did soundly that’s the thing. Ah. I’m gonna go Neil magnitude even though my heart says that Michael case of my beat him. I’m going with my head. I’m going with logic, Neil magny God.

Ryan Smith 1:17:56
All right. Well, you know what? I went. I have been picking here. It’s Neil magny. And Neil magny has been winning. So I’m gonna pick against nilm magnet again and go with my cookies. Cuz good things happen either way. either. I get to bang that. That that that croquette crow button on you guys, or no? machinae wins. So serendipity. I’m going with my QA. So actually, I like the microphone. And let me say like this. I like Michael kitsis ability to get this fight to the ground. I think that once this goes to the ground, monkey so has the advantage. I think standing up as much as Michael he wants to be able to say that he can bang with Neil magny I don’t think so. So he needs to turn into a wrestler turn into a Grappler get this bite to the ground and then try to choke this man out.

John Keyes 1:18:45
Yeah, get humble Be humble become a wrestler.

Ryan Smith 1:18:49
Don’t Don’t try to strike with Neil magnate that that that’s his game. Now. Yeah, that that’s what I’ll say. All right, let’s go to the to the pay per view this weekend. Of course, Dana White said he’s got a surprise for everybody who’s trying to illegally stream this this card. So so I can’t wait to find out what that surprise is. If you know if someone attempts to stream and gets thwarted, please let us know what that experience was because I am going to pay the duckets UFC 250 7.8 vs. McGregor to interesting that this, you know, I pulled this off of I pulled this off of MMA mania, but it strikes me as weird that McGregor’s name is second on here. I would have thought he would have been first name on UFC 250 7.8 vs. McGregor to Saturday January 23 2021 Etihad arena on fight Island in Abu Dhabi. We’ve got five fights on the card Amanda Heba us versus Mariana Rodriguez, which is going to be a great fight. Autumn on as as Guitar versus Matt paavola you got Joanne Jojo Calderwood versus Jessica I, Michael Chandler in his UFC debut versus Dan the hanging man hooker and the main event of the evening Dustin Poli a vs Conor McGregor, so we’re gonna make a couple of flash fight picks. Do you guys want to make a pick on the Jojo Calderwood versus Jessica ifI? Or do you want to pass on that?

John Keyes 1:20:29
We can do it. Let’s do it. Alright, evil evil I pulling it off. But I think I’m gonna give it to the Calderwood. I’m going to call the word on this one.

Ryan Smith 1:20:42
All right, coach.

George Stallworth 1:20:45
I’m rolling with the I give him this guy.

Ryan Smith 1:20:49
Oh, all right. You know, I’m going with Jessica I as well. Both of these fighters are for me are kind of middle of the road. It could go either way. But I think Jessica is a little bit more of a of a wrestler and a striker. Whereas Jojo feels to me like like she’s more of a striker than a wrestler. So I’m going to lean to the person that I think is going to do a better job grappling. But you know, I feel like this is kind of evenly matched here. Alright, so I’m going with Jessica I. All right. In the CO main event, you got Michael Chandler versus Dan hooker, who you got, coach.

George Stallworth 1:21:37
You know, everybody’s got this hype on Michael Chandler coming into the UFC and the Great Expectations they expect from them. But I think people are sleeping on Dan hooker, and I think hook her hands on the loss right out the gate.

Ryan Smith 1:21:52
All right, john,

John Keyes 1:21:55
doesn’t matter how good you are anywhere else. When you come to the UFC? You get an adrenaline dump your first fight in the ring. I don’t care who you are. It has been proven time and again. Hey, man’s gonna get him. He’s gonna get them right when he has the adrenaline dump.

Ryan Smith 1:22:12
All right. Not being not trying to be a you know, a, you know, someone who picks just because y’all are picking the other ones. liquorice you’re all on your you’re all on Dan hooker, dude, Michael Chandler that he is. He has not been asked when the UFC wants this guy to be successful. They’re putting him against the guy that they think he can beat. So I’m going with I’m going with Michael Chandler.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:44
Do now I’m telling you.

Ryan Smith 1:22:47
Out of city kickboxing, I know he he trains with the focus. And

John Keyes 1:22:53
it’s not even about that. It doesn’t matter how good you are, or how good you are in another division in another league. Whenever a fighter comes to the UFC, they it’s like it’s a whole new plateau is that it’s that level where they can’t do right for the first match. And they lose. It’s just you know, it was a very rare moment that Ben aspirin actually won. Not because he was so dominant over one but because it’s a whole new It’s a whole new jungle in the UFC.

Ryan Smith 1:23:26
Dana White did not like Ben aspirin. Bad matchup and Ben aspirin eked out

John Keyes 1:23:36
out a why edge edge by edge Obama on when it’s still a win.

Ryan Smith 1:23:45
I think I think I think Michael Chandler is going it’s going to surprise y’all. All right. In the main event of the evening, dust employee vs. Conor McGregor. JOHN, I’m gonna go to you first. Who do you have? You got the diamond or you got the notorious one.

John Keyes 1:24:02
You know, point A vs. McGregor sounds better than McGregor vs. Play. I think that’s the reason why they did that. But I like that the point I like it’s hard. And this is not the these are not the same fighters that that that fought the first time Okay, we’re gonna see definitely gonna see a different fight, and it’s going to be a banger.

Ryan Smith 1:24:24
All right. Coach

George Stallworth 1:24:29
McGregor man. I think this is another one. Like you said a minute ago. The UFC is trying to set them up for success. I don’t think you’re right. They’re not the same fighters as they were when they fought the first time. But Conor isn’t either and I can’t help but think that Connor has gotten better.

Ryan Smith 1:24:50
All right. As for me, I you know, I gotta go with Conor McGregor. So I’m picking the notorious one. It’s just, you know, it’s just real hard to pick against Conor. Not because he’s just like popular but because this is a guy who’s confident in his abilities. When it comes to the octagon, you know, put Floyd Mayweather aside and the boxing debacle that happened. When you look at when you look at Conor McGregor, he is in it to win it every single time. I just, it’s hard for me to pick against him. So call me on his hype train or whatever. Dustin poea is clearly the good guy in this fight. But sometimes the bad guy wins. And I think Connor is gonna pull this out. So we will see on Saturday night And that ends our show. Follow us on social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk. Coach, you’re on top tonight. So we’ll we’ll toss it over to you.

George Stallworth 1:25:52
I’m a dark side underscore muy Thai not MMA. Ryan underscore.

Ryan Smith 1:25:59
I’m sorry. It’s It’s It’s me.

George Stallworth 1:26:03
It used to be dark side of me. I’m just teasing you man. I’m just giving you a little jab. I still got a lot of stuff with dark side MMA on it.

Ryan Smith 1:26:10
All right. All right, but I do have my dark side Muay Thai t shirt. And so I I have been known to be sporting that around the DFW area. couldn’t wear it on Saturday night, though. I was I was all black and white combat sports talk at the event. JOHN, what what are your What are your social media?

John Keyes 1:26:33
keys to victory? That’s keys with the left ke y e f two big. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:26:39
Excellent. And you can find us on our website at www combat sports talk.com. And we are on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. You can find this on any of these. At the top of the screen. Shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group which I gotta say, I haven’t. I haven’t been too diligent with with the guys over there. So get that Gotta get that going back over there. We’ve had some really good discussions we need to get that kicking off if you want to have some great discussions about MMA and you don’t want to hear all the the casuals and just people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Come over to in the intelligent defense discussion group on Facebook. Join us we have some really in depth conversations fact base, not feelings. Um, and we want to send a shout out to all the other sites that are providing stories that we use on this show. So on behalf of john Key’s and George g money Stallworth, my name is Ryan Smith, reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked, and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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