Episode 029: The Trash Talk Episode

October 31, 2017 by 2 Comments

KC and Ryan go toe to toe on the topic of Trash Talk in the UFC and discuss whether lines can be crossed in an attempt to sell a fight. With examples from the UFC 217 conference call and the UFC Fight Night 117 Colby Covington ring interview, they discuss what’s fair game and if trash talk is a cancer in a sport fighting for respect in a violence averse society. Get results from Sao Paulo, a Preview of UFC 217 Bisping vs. GSP and the latest news making headlines in the UFC.

2 Replies to “Episode 029: The Trash Talk Episode”

  1. Juchi says:

    Coming from a Karate, Judo and even amateur wrestling background, respect for one’s opponent was always stressed. Maybe it’s a Hawaii thing, but talking smack about one’s opponent and one’s host generally goes against my grain. While Cody’s behavior probably appealed to the pro-wrestling fringe, I don’t think it was a good reflection of MMA in general and the UFC in specific. If I was Dana, I would have a serious chat with him.

    1. cstRyan says:

      It’s a very tenuous line these professional fighters walk. On the one hand, martial arts teach respect for their opponents. On the other hand, one needs to promote a fight to build an audience. With these two opposing forces at play, Dana and the UFC need to help each fighter strike the balance to the place where marketing meets respect. At the end of the day, balance is what the Yin and Yang of martial arts are all about.

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