Episode 051 – UFC 224: Nunes vs. Pennington

We finally did it, Ryan, KC, and John Keyes all on one episode recapping the Mother’s Day Massacre weekend of fights featuring Bellator 199: Bader vs. King Mo and UFC 224: Nunes vs. Pennington. Hear the results of the match ups, headlines everyone is talking about and a super sized heavybag segment on controversial topics creating tension in the MMA world.

Full Transcript

Ryan Smith: Welcome to combat sports talk, a podcast dedicated to UFC and Bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general, I’m your host, Ryan smith, and this is episode fifty one, and we have both KC Onyebuchi and John Keyes on the show at the same time. This is going to be monumental.



John Keyes: Yeah, that’s, what we need the BOMP BOMP BOMP, something like that, YEAH Yeah Yeah

KC Onyebuchi: I like it

Ryan Smith: All right

John Keyes: This is going to be crazy

KC Onyebuchi: To our listeners. Treat yourself.

Ryan Smith: This’s either going to be the greatest combat sports talk episode ever or it’s going to be the worst. There’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, one or zero win or lose it’s going to happen.

KC Onyebuchi: one hundred percent. My goal today is to make you have to do a lot of editing in post.

Ryan Smith: Thank you.

John Keyes: I’m with that. I’m with that. Okay that’s, that’s, what we’re going for one hundred percent you’re up to two am doing this.

Ryan Smith: All right well this was mother’s day massacre weekend we had two both the major promotions fighting it out for supremacy this weekend Bellator had Bellator 199 at the SAP center in san José California the last fight in their heavyweight grand prix that was Ryan Bader versus King Mo and then UFC from Rio de Janeiro UFC 224 Amanda Nunes versus Raquel Pennington it was a fight to the finish but just like the main event for UFC to twenty four somebody got to beat down dropped on him and that was it is going to have to be the red crested step child

KC Onyebuchi: I don’t know I’m pretty sure Bellator put together one heck of a card and I cannot wait to talk about it

Ryan Smith: all right well you know what we’re going to definitely get in too the official decision because that is how we roll


Ryan Smith: This is the official decision this is the segment where we talk about the key fights from the weekend both of these cards were on may twelfth Bellator 199 from San Jose California Bader versus King Mo Lawal Aaron Pico the guy who cuts the strings from the puppet defeated Lee Morrison via knockout in round one it was called the body shot that rocked the world

KC Onyebuchi: I like a good body rock

Ryan Smith: yeah I mean it– yeah go ahead

John Keyes: I’m sorry I was just saying Bas Rutten loves liver shots, man the and that of the body that’s what that’s what we’re all about today

KC Onyebuchi: oh man

Ryan Smith: Some unknown guy from Paris named Cheick Kongo defeated Javy Ayala

KC Onyebuchi: Oh you mean the guy who’s the guy who’s on I believe this makes it a six fight winning streak just a no named dude

John Keyes: really?

KC Onyebuchi: D’accord, Oui.

Ryan Smith: oh my gosh oh

KC Onyebuchi: (FRENCH LAUGH)

Ryan Smith: He defeated Javy Ayala I’m disappointed

KC Onyebuchi: Who did you have picked for this fight real quick I keep forgetting

Ryan Smith: ok so rule number three never pick Cheick Kongo um let’s let’s go back let’s go back to the rules rule number one never pick against the Russians to never pick against the Brazilians in brazil rule number three never pick check Kongo because he will only disappoint you

KC Onyebuchi: it’s time to throw away all of those rules

Ryan Smith: Well we will see we will see. So Javy Ayala let me say this I when I found out that Cheick Kongo was fighting Javy Ayala I tweeted out to Javy Ayala congratulations on him winning the fight

KC Onyebuchi: So you jinxed it

Ryan Smith: dude, no dude you just because I congratulate you on winning the fight means you still have to win the fight

John Keyes: man that’s a total jinx man you need to buy him a twelve pack of coke now. Just to make him feel better

Ryan Smith: I don’t know mean Javy Ayala he probably could stand off not getting a couple of cokes I’m just saying

KC Onyebuchi: I mean not to prolong this but we do have to give Cheick Kongo some love here. I mean, the guy’s been a dominant fighter for many, many years and honestly has put together a good enough performance to give him a title shot at the eventual winner of the grand prix

John Keyes: and mad shout out to that because he did the heat that been a man a monster fighter for years had very little ground game all right? Because I’ve never seen his ground game effectively so I mean that’s an achievement within itself.

Ryan Smith: Let me ask you guys one question. How are you going to have a heavyweight grand prix and the only heavyweights you got in the promotion? If he’s this dominant fighter isn’t in the heavyweight grand prix? That’s a problem!

KC Onyebuchi: He wasn’t a big enough draw that’s all it comes down to

John Keyes: yep and that’s a shame and that was a travesty in itself because he is a monster. Okay–

Ryan Smith: okay, He’s a monster…

John Keyes: Okay, I’m sorry he’s a monster he should not at anytime, not been in that tournament. He should have been in the tournament

KC Onyebuchi: Oh. Sure. Yeah

Ryan Smith: Oh, I

KC Onyebuchi: I think it just came down to the money you was going to who’s going to bring in the most money and check condo has fans like you who secretly love him but you refused to support him,

Ryan Smith: let me just say like this Cheick Kongo is a human version of SULLY from Monsters, Inc. yeah, he’s scary.

John Keyes: Oh, wow

KC Onyebuchi: I bet you will say to his face, though

Ryan Smith: you know what I’m liking my odds. I’m just saying. All right, let’s keep going Adam Picolotti defeated Carrington Banks via submission and round three in the co main event, Jon Fitch defeated Paul Daly via unanimous decision. There was a lot of time on the ground. I know Paul Daly said that he was going to punch a hole and Jon Fitch that Jon Fitch was not going to be able to out wrestle him. I don’t think he got that. I think I think he got wrestled more than plenty

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah, that

John Keyes: Yeah, that that should have been well, now that you know Paul Daly has zero, no effective ground. I’m sorry, not with Jon Fitch. The life of john fits that it’s almost a negative, you know, so right

Ryan Smith: And then Ryan Bader defeated king Mo Lawal via knockout in round one this was a fifteen second knock out now before you guys comment on this, I just want to say if you had a chance to listen to king Mo on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour, he talked about how he was felt better never felt better they’ve finally gotten all of his surgeries and all of his recovery done that he was going to defeat Ryan Bader I mean he talked so much crap about how he should be given a title shot for beating Ryan Bader in the heavyweight grand prix because they’re both I guess light heavyweights and Ryan Bader finishes him in fifteen seconds like is there crow I don’t know that there’s enough crow on this planet that he can eat

KC Onyebuchi: no I’m not going to do him like that that the problem with this is you are mister I love trash talk it can’t work out one hundred percent of the time so yeah I’m not going to dock him any points for failing at coming through

Ryan Smith: you do know that he should be glad that he should be glad he did that in Bellator and let me let me say why and let me say why if king Mo Lawal after all that trash talk to Ryan Bader in the UFC in fifteen seconds do you know we would be right now talking about the buffer factor. The fact that by the time– let me go over the Buffer Factor for you john the buffer factor is this it takes Bruce Buffer about fifty six seconds to announce a regular card a main event card can take up to two minutes and thirty seconds so the buffer factor says this a fight has to last at least as long as it takes to announce the fight fifteen seconds means that he could by the time Bruce Buffer finished announcing that fight he King Mo Lawal could have been knocked out ten times ten times so He better be glad there is no there is no there is no Buffer Factor for Bellator there is no Buffer Factor for Bellator so all I’ve got to say is yes he’s got to eat crow something for getting knocked out that fast in a main event fight.

KC Onyebuchi: Oh well, what else do we have?

Ryan Smith: Shall we go on UFC 224 Jounesse arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Amanda Nunes versus Raquel Pennington the first fight of the night was a retirement fight for Vitor The Phenom Belfort he was facing off against Lyoto The Dragon Machida and that fight ended in the second round via face kick destruction

KC Onyebuchi: yeah he has been susceptible to that front kick and got him again

John Keyes: that was PTSD I’m sorry he got kicked in the face and he flashed back to Anderson Silva kicking him I’m pretty sure

KC Onyebuchi: it was just such a perfectly placed kick the thing is when you watch a Machida fight um I think a lot of the average fans that I was with were like it’s going to be another boring Machida just kind of circling around the guy is such a skilled striker that he just waits for the perfect opportunity and if it presents itself it all you’re going to have a finish just like we saw with ah with Vitor here kind of saying the end and in the career like that but man what sportsmanship did Machida show there is well placed kick and just kind of stands back against like all right this is done

John Keyes: I believed I loved it too and you’re right when you watch a ah Lotto Machida if I you are not going to see a broad you’re going to see superior technical striking okay and I mean he’s so quick it comes in there he hits you three or four times and he’s t out before you even flinch to do is throw a counterpunch and you know and the knockout that he did was so Bloodsport Jean Claude van Damme that he knocked him out worked at all and in bath or I was like that that’s fight of the year just on that alone okay? I would give him a trophy right there

KC Onyebuchi: that was a gangster move.

Ryan Smith: Yeah, well, the thing for me is that that after the fight, he called out Michael Bisping who’s, also looking at his last fight in the UFC all I’ve got to say is this for Michael Bisping, I said, I said this, um, we did a live broadcast, I was with George Stallworth. We were, we do live broadcasting. I would encourage all of you out there to go and check the live event, because he talks about Lyoto Machida style of karate, which is based in Shotokan karate, which is also George’s style of karate as well. And so he talks about this in and out motion that that Lyoto Machida does so well, but I want to get to this. Lyoto Machida finished Randy Couture with the karate kid crane, kick to the face and it ended. Randy couture’s career now we’ve got the front snap kick to the face of Vitor Belfort if I was Michael Bisping right now I’d be like, I’ll fight anybody but Lyoto Machida in my last fight because we know how that’s going to go given the fact that that was a left kick to the right side of ah, Vitor Belfort face and we know that that Michael Bisping cannot see out of his right eye. So he’s not going to see that kick coming, it’s almost a guaranteed money shot to land

KC Onyebuchi: Well, hopefully they make this fight happened. I would love to see that.

John Keyes: I would love to see all first round of that. Okay, I think it is going to go one round and it’s going to be a hell of a one round. Yeah. Oh, my god

Ryan Smith: All right. Well, number six, John, The Hands of Stone, Lineker defeated Brian boom! Kelleher via knockout in round three. I tell you what, Kelleher took so much damage that it looked like he was going to make it through the fight. But it only took one left hook, and it was lights out for boom

KC Onyebuchi: I did not understand this fight one bit Kelleher had the advantage from the start just his height, his reach and the guy just could not figure out that if he had countered with his left Lineker’s hands were down so low all he had to do all Kelleher had to do was counter with the left and it never happened He just took a beating from a smaller guy it made no sense

John Keyes: that’s what we call heart ok that’s all that was heart and tenacity and testicular fortitude we will go with testicular fortitude because that’s What Lineker has always he’s always brought that though he brings the aggression that it is so appreciated it in my violent eyes when I watch MMA I mean he is a dog he goes for it, you know, congrats to Lineker

Ryan Smith: Yeah, the big the big thing for me is that I think he landed a big shot early and you know what Mike Tyson always said, you know you can have a game plan to you get punched in the face and I think we don’t know if Kelleher had that game playing to counter punch with the left, he got punched in the face and next thing you know, he was running for three rounds so you know, I was like, I can’t believe he’s still in this fight because he took some major shots

KC Onyebuchi: He did take some shots there it was gross

Ryan Smith: Mackenzie Dern defeated Amanda ABC Cooper via submission and round one but submission is a bit miss misleading because Mackenzie Dern landed an overhand right that took Amanda cooper from 3-D to 2-D I mean she turned completely she was like a hieroglyphic

KC Onyebuchi: yeah I still maintain that it would not have been a submission finish had ABC’s foot not got caught up under her so she couldn’t pull guard or anything so is more in just the way she fell.

John Keyes: okay thank you uh well I personally thought that she lost the fight from that interview okay just for the simple fact that and I’ve always said this that the person that flinches the most is going to lose and she was so off-focused when she was doing an interview I’m like she’s lost you know Mackenzie came out there tried shake her hand took awhile for her to get a handshake maybe a day or so but she tried to go out there and being polite to her as possible but Amanda wasn’t having it she was super mad she went in there I think she went in there unfocused and once again she got turned into a hieroglyphic and everything went wrong from there

Ryan Smith: okay but let let’s just be clear we’re talking like Amanda cooper had no reason to be mad Mackenzie Dern Missed weight by seven pounds this is like unheard of

KC Onyebuchi: That’s unheard of

Ryan Smith: So this is one hundred fifteen pound women and she walks up stands on the scale weighing one hundred twenty three pounds

KC Onyebuchi: but she did it with no remorse not felt that about it at all she stood up there like yep missed weight and went and got her bag of goodies

Ryan Smith: that’s right it’s like Amanda Cooper had every right to be mad

John Keyes: I mean it was at least you didn’t show up with a bag of doughnuts and then just sat there and eat it on the scale I mean that that’s the only other thing she could have did you know exactly you know but you know it’s it was I’m sorry, but not really sorry cause I’m going for win here and that’s exactly what happened and you know I don’t we’ll have to talk about that later. Because I have a lot say about that.

Ryan Smith: ok we will cover that a little bit later in this show, kelvin because I have so much trouble calling this guy kelvin I call him Kevin it’s Kelvin. Kelvin Gastellum defeated Ja-care Jacare’

KC Onyebuchi: Jacare’

Ryan Smith: Jacare’ Sousa v a split decision it was a close fight I could have seen it going either way I had it two to one I had it two to one Gastellum but I could have seen it going either way would you think john?

John Keyes: I have bias I love Jacare’. I you know, it just I could I could easily gave it, gave it all Jacare’ and been happy with it. Gastellum don’t get me wrong, he’s young he’s going to be he’s going to stand tell you got to be phenomenal, ok? Because he and I don’t think I think I’ve seen nothing bad about him at this point. Of course, he’s got a lot more to learn, but and he’s becoming a legend killers, but for liver, surely ok, because I mean, you guys jack around his belt now he had Bisping under his belt. Now, who is next?

Ryan Smith: Well, and maybe the winner of Yoel Romero and Robert Whitaker that’s the fight he says he wants. Do you guys think he deserves it? KC

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah, he’s absolutely earned his way to it. In my book, it’s kind of worked its way through the division. There’s, not a lot of people who can challenge is his overall skill set. I mean, he went toe-to-toe with one of the most dominant Jiu-Jitsu fighters in the world and didn’t submit, so yeah

John Keyes: I think he give me one more fight. Give me one more fight for Gastellum and let’s. Just make sure because I mean yes, he we went toe to toe with, you know, everybody talks about this guy’s, one of the greatest Jiu-Jitsu, this guy’s one of Jiu-Jitsu, I think Jacare, if the barn was, they measure everything else too. And yes, he did go toe to toe with him, and I’m glad of that. But let’s, put that there is a striking it’s. Not that good. Okay, I want him with another first closer to his skill level and let’s see if he could do it if he could pull it off. Given, given, given this title fight with no with no correct.

Ryan Smith: Yeah, well, you know, I think that that’s fair I personally think that Kevin got guests Kelvin Gastellum has done what it takes to get that title shot. Um, and I respect the fact that someone like Jacare Sousa had Kelvin Gastellum in an arm bar and it was super tight and he had to defend that arm bar for, like, a full minute against somebody and he had it a lot. He just couldn’t extend it. If he had extended, it would have been all over for gasoline

KC Onyebuchi: And that that one move alone, the fact that kelvin was able to be stuck in this spot fight his way through an end and the round unscathed that’s that speaks volumes and it burned up all of Jacare’s energy. Jacare’ had nothing left after doing his best to try to submit kelvin so, yeah, kelvin showed a lot of weakness in a striking game, primarily and just the fact that he did he had no answer for, I want to say was the left kick, right hook combo that Jacare’ had. No answer, but kelvin’s got a chin on him

John Keyes: Yes, he is made of granite. I mean, we’re taking it and you know, but then for him to be on the ground and defending that arm bar like he did well, I mean, against Jacare said that, you know, that the cut was not good for him. I’m not going to make any excuse for Jacare, because what? I firmly believe that once you close that door, you say you’re one hundred percent, regardless of what happens win or lose

Ryan Smith: unless you’re Kamaru Usman then he’s only thirty percent

KC Onyebuchi: Just a little bit is all it takes for him to win and that’s, why I support by Nigerian brother

John Keyes: I’m not going to say anything to that.

Ryan Smith: Let’s Go to the main event, Amanda The Lioness Nunes defeated Raquel Rocky Pennington via TKO in round five. This was this was a dominant performance by Amanda Nunes. She defended her title. She is and still the bantamweight champion, the women’s bantamweight champion of the UFC the one thing, though, I have to say, is that I really thought this fight was going to go earlier, so I’m surprised that Amanda Nunes had trouble finishing um, Pennington

KC Onyebuchi: Rocky had mad heart, so I felt like Amanda should have changed her nickname, to Amanda the lumberjack Nunes because she was just shopping away, just chopping away at that lead leg, and you’d think he would have been more effective because Pennington really her, her entire leg was shaking every time she tried to plant on it. So, is this just a lack of power from Nunes to finish up fight? I don’t know, maybe she was just trying to be more tactical, but overall you can’t deny that it was a dominant finish. Dominant fight start to finish

John Keyes: Absolutely yeah, about that, that leg kick you’re right, every time she stood on. It just was shaking. So I want to see what that lake looks like right now I need you need a picture of that. And see if it looks like how, um, Uriah Faber’s leg looked, like what that looked like after the, um, Jose Aldo took it at a at a few rounds with it. I mean, I’m wonder if it’s looking like that, but as far, the beating was so sound and violent, I mean, it was the anger beating but without the anger, okay, there it was, like and then at the fifth round at the end, where, you know, the blood is just smearing everywhere. I’m like it’s turning into a bloodbath, Stop this please, I was literally saying, you know, saying, stop this, you know, and, well, it is, and I feel for you, yeah, I feel for that when I mean, I hope she’s ok. Oh, okay

Ryan Smith: Yeah, you know that’s the thing about the May Thai clinch and so you know, we’ve talked about how to do a May Thai clinch in what? What happens whenever you do that, you know, talking to George and he was saying, you know, it’s also called a reinforcing me by holding the head down and then driving your neat up into someone’s face, you know, you can do a tremendous amount of damage. Nunes landed up a ton of those in round three and round full around four is where Pennington actually got her nose broken I think she also got cut to the top of the head around the forehead area, you know, those were devastating knees and it seemed like Raquel Pennington had never experienced the, you know, the May Thai clinch before and didn’t know how to defend against it because those knees were able to Amanda’ Nunes’ knees were able to do tremendous amounts of damage that her fists weren’t able to do earlier in the fight

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah, it was it she looked like a rookie in there, but I mean, you’re also fighting one of the baddest women in the world, so

Ryan Smith: so john, you know, you know, what that made me think of, it, made me think of that Anderson Silva, Ace Franklin fight

John Keyes: Oh, Rich Franklin fight word he just basically broke his face on three knees oh yeah it was that I mean we oh my god uh how can I even describe that violence personified with knee strikes like that we see those in movies and you know that they’re really horribly acted but the martial arts action is fantastic and I mean it’s hats off Amanda Nunes for really putting him in there she planted and planted them well and I’m lucky she I’d love to see what her knee looks like because I’m pretty sure its hurting too the way she’s throwing them in there

Ryan Smith: All right well let’s ah let’s close the book on this one and put it on the shelf because this card is history and wait what’s that you know what time it is it’s time for a hype train


Ryan Smith: This is the hype train and we do this after major events because we want to do to talk about whether or not we’re hopping on the bandwagon what we call the hype train of fighters who had very interesting performances over the weekend got a couple for you guys all you have to do is tell me whether or not you are on this fighter’s hype train or not I’m going to go like this I know I said I wasn’t going to throw as very many in this segment but I’m going to have to do it Cheick Kongo you guys on that Hype Train?

KC Onyebuchi: You better believe it

John Keyes: Man I’ve got the VIP pass

KC Onyebuchi: Yes

Ryan Smith: Ok that is the crazy train man I’m not on that train I’m I’m going to let y’all go

KC Onyebuchi: It’s just you how have you not recognize the greatness of the Frenchman

Ryan Smith: I know never never. All right uh john Lineker You guys on that Hype train?

KC Onyebuchi: No he’s got too many holes in his game

John Keyes: I’ll say yes I’m on it because I like I like the tenacity that he brings The aggression is fearless he’s almost he’s not raging Al Iaquinta crazy but I’m with him okay

Ryan Smith: Alright, Mackenzie Dern I know somebody was singing my girl last time I brought her up so

KC Onyebuchi: look all I know is she Dern near miss weight by ten pounds so I can’t I can’t be on board with this because she’s going to have to move up a weight class there’s no way that Dana White stands for this

John Keyes: I think that I say tactical mistake but not mistake and she did it for the win I’m not proud of her but I’ll get on the train for her I’ll see where it goes to the next stop. Ok let’s se what she does the next time.

Ryan Smith: you know I don’t know if we’ve ever declared a hype train well let’s go with this one first Raquel Pennington she put it she showed a lot of heart you know especially you know we’re going to talk a little bit more about what happened with her corner um but she showed a lot of heart. Anybody on the Raquel Pennington? She was ranked number two at the time, so she climbed a way up the ladder

KC Onyebuchi: It looked like a number two

Ryan Smith: Wow

John Keyes: Wow, a kick’em while they’re down

Ryan Smith: Soccer kicks are illegal.

KC Onyebuchi: No, I’m for real not on that train, though, because I don’t see a pathway for her to get to the title. And when you’re when you’re at number two where else are you going to go? She’s going to forever be gatekeeper She’s the Meisha Tate right now

John Keyes: Oh, wow. I like Meisha Tate Yeah, but you’re right. Though she’s at the top of the mountain and she’s just not able to push over. So she’s going to be forever stuck in number two until somebody knocks her down. So unfortunately, as much as I respect her for going back in there for a round five, you know, for a round, four or around three okay, to be quite honest I can’t be on that train

Ryan Smith: All right? Good. Last one. I don’t know that we ever declared whether or not we’re on high train or not, but Amanda Nunes

KC Onyebuchi: oh, I’ve been pro Nunes from the jump even what I am now that z’s been good for a while

John Keyes: I am now okay, because I’ve watched on, watched house and buy on watch houses that it’s her striking crisp and clean and brutal appreciate all that I’m with it. Gimme a shirt

Ryan Smith: All right, well, that’s for me, you know, Amanda Nunes. You know, I took notice. I was standing on the platform whenever she finished Ronda Rousey, um, but the thing is, is that now I am on the man and Nunes ah, hype train because of what she did after the fight and that that was so meaningful, given the fact that, after she had defeated rocky Pennington, she brought in her fiancé and Rocky’s girlfriend. And they were all in the in the ring together because Tecia Torres, who is dating Rocky Pennington, trains With or has trained with Amanda Nunes, and so with tears in her eyes, she’s talking about how this fight meant so much because she respected Raquel Pennington so much, and they had so much of a huge friendship together that that it was hard to defeat hard to fight her because, you know she had to it was her job as a champion to defend the belt. But it was not something that she wanted to do. She had to do it, and that her respect and their friendship with meant more to her after that fight than it did you know, before that postfight comment that she had won me over as a fan, that Kelechi, er, KC is the is the is what makes that champion that you want to see in the UFC that is Amanda Nunes, and that she’s won me over as a fan I’m strapping in give me the seat belt. I want a five point seat belt. I’m going to be here for awhile

KC Onyebuchi: There’s so many things problematic about what you just said, but I’ll let that slide tow the post so comments.

Ryan Smith: Okay. All right, well, the trains have left the station it’s time to go into finding the angles.


Ryan Smith: This is finding the angles. This is where we look at the news and headlines making waves in the wake of the events on this weekend. We’ve got a lot to talk about, but the first thing is something that happened mid week. Yair Rodriguez Pantera was his nickname; he’s cut from the UFC for turning down a fight versus Zabit Magomedsharipov

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah, that doesn’t happen if you have a union, just saying

John Keyes: Also and that if you’re supposed to be a fighter, you’re supposed to fight doesn’t matter, you know, who they put up in front of you Fight them

KC Onyebuchi: But that’s, not the case for so many other fighters. So many other people get to pick who they fight, and they’re telling Dana like it’s the whole purpose of calling fighters out at the end. To some degree, fighters are choosing who they want to go up against stylistically, it’s problematic that unless you’re a superstar, you have to just toe the company line it’s just a tough pill to swallow

John Keyes: Well, for me, it’s, if its paying dues ok if you’re the champion and you call out somebody that’s fine. If you are a challenger, if you’re if you’re not a champion and you call up somebody that sits there and says you know what, that really would be a good fight, okay, well, you that’s, fine, but if you are, if you’re coming up in the ranks, right, and you say, put him on the dotted line, that’s what we really want to see. Don’t matter who that’s the fighter. I would pay to see time and time again if the fight had said, I don’t care who gets in front of me, I’m knocking them down, okay? Yes, that’s, what the fight is supposed to get about

Ryan Smith: So you know, I definitely hear you guys but the fact is is that someone like Nate Diaz you know and so much as he says he’ll fight anybody anytime he guy turns down a lot of fights you know, not cut he was actually offered the GSP fight I don’t know if that’s going to actually happen or not but you know that’s what they’re talking about trying to put together for him versus GSP crazy for a guy who sits and turns down fights you have people like Alexander Gustafsson who’s like I’m not fighting less it’s a title shot you know why are these guys staying in the UFC but Yair Rodriguez who is arguably one of the you know, the future stars of the UFC with all the things he can do from you know, the gymnastic kicks that he does you know, lots of works elements of capoeira into his is fighting style spinning attacks he’s got an exciting skill set that I think over time and make him in a wonderful fighter I don’t know why he turned down the fights but the fact is that you need this kind of youth in the UFC you I don’t think you have talent that can replace him

KC Onyebuchi: Nope

John Keyes: No you don’t but I think it wasn’t necessarily the fact that he turned it down but how he turned it down on twitter with the hashtag fake news I think that might have something to do with it and you know it’s one thing to say well no at this time we’re still negotiating it’s up in the air I don’t know how to go about it but we’ll see what we just thought they’re fake news yeah you just get that doesn’t look good you know it’s not it’s not a good look

Ryan Smith: well you know who sit waiting in the wings Scott Coker said Bellator wants to see the pink slip before engaging in a conversation with your Yair Rodriguez but they said they would be interesting so the reality is that even though they said that they’re cutting him and even though the rumor has it that the paper that papers already been mailed certified letter to Yair Rodriguez until we see the actual paper that says that he is no longer a fighter under the UFC banner Dana white could change his mind at any time and be like ah just kidding

KC Onyebuchi: yeah Dana’s control over these things goes from petty to brilliant and it’s who knows what direction it goes for moment to moment

John Keyes: and he IS petty let’s put it out that he’s a very petty man you know like that I think that twitter post might have upset him and he shot from the hip and then now he’s thinking back like man what am I going to do How am I going to smooth this one this over? So I foresee that about a week maybe a week and a half later and he’ll say, well, we decide to bring Yair back you know he’ll fight they’re fighting undercard and all will be forgiven.

Ryan Smith: okay, so both of you’re saying yeah Yair is coming back

KC Onyebuchi: ah yeah

John Keyes: yeah, absolutely

Ryan Smith: I’m going to be the contrarian here I’m saying that you’re here is gone that we’re going to see him in the in Bellator and I think that that’s going to be one of those that Dana’s going to wish he had back let’s go on to the next one USADA the united states anti doping agency is releasing the clean fighter awards basically the USADA is awarding fighters for twenty five clean tests the fighter that achieves twenty five clean tests will get a t shirt under the hashtag follow my lead with the big twenty five x branded on it um and their slogan is trained clean fight clean they filmed videos with Stipe Miocic Eddie Alvarez which you can see on YouTube Rafael Dos Anjos and Tecia Torres they’re all promotional videos extolling the virtues of USADA what is your reaction to that?

KC Onyebuchi: This is a waste of time, money and resources. Are you going to start fighting clean because they gave you a t-shirt? That’s ridiculous.

John Keyes: All I’m saying is that all I gotta pee twenty five times I get a t-shirt? I can do that. Y’all don’t want to know what I’ve done for my Flash Gordon T-Shirt Y’all really don’t what know that okay peeing twenty five times to get T-shirt that’s a low major right there I could do that okay, just let me know.

Ryan Smith: well, I will say this that there is a star-studded cast of fighters who are on the twenty five clean test train holly holm leads the way with thirty five Cris Cyborg follows her with thirty three you have Eddie Alvarez Vitor Belfort thirty two

KC Onyebuchi: Can we put a pause here at those two you just gave me Cyborg and Vitor so is it never having had a bad test

Ryan Smith: It’s twenty-five consecutive clean tests

KC Onyebuchi: But that’s even skewed because if you look at Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg they’re two of the most tested fighters out there

Ryan Smith: Yeah

KC Onyebuchi: so you do three tests in a week with these guys

Ryan Smith: that well but you know at the same time the measure is twenty five in a row it’s not, you know, twenty five over the course of two years Conor McGregor’s on this list with twenty seven

KC Onyebuchi: Is he even a fighter still? Does that count

Ryan Smith: I don’t know but Johny Hendricks I barely made it with twenty-five

KC Onyebuchi: All right. So, that’s suspect in itself can we be honest there.

John Keyes: Yeah let’s talk about that

KC Onyebuchi: He just didn’t get caught

Ryan Smith: All I got to say is this. We know this is legit, and I will tell you why. Because Johny Hendricks has twenty-five consecutive tests that were clean and he’s, on like a six fight losing streak. So you tell me this is not legit

KC Onyebuchi: I’ll grant you that. His body doesn’t look the same

Ryan Smith: so here’s my thing, though, I was I was wondering if you guys were going to going to going to yell conspiracy here because think about this earlier; maybe three or four weeks ago we announced that Josh Barnett had been cleared of USADA of violations last week. Way talked about junior Dos Santos being upset because he was wrongly accused of being a cheater. Also, Little Nog ah, Antonio Nogueira was cleared because they had tainted supplements that were that were that were popped but were no way showing that they were trying to cheat. And USADA is being is take started to take fire for all these false positives. And then, miraculously, these clean fighter awards come up to say, have fighters talking about how great and how necessary USADA is. So do you guys, john, you have a really have a reaction in light of these false positives that have started to appear

John Keyes: Yes, I do they to do that, they need to do it better. I mean, honestly, because you’re sitting there saying Vitor’s twenty five clean when we all see Vitor’s body now versus went five, six years ago and you tell me to do it the day he ever had any type of supplements since, you know, in the in the past twenty five I have to question that now, as far as these false positives keep coming up, you know, there is something doing it, so how long? And they’re still going in the wrong they’ve got to decide that I think they need to be a lot more proactive and what tainted supplements are I think they need to be, you know, a lot more um maybe they investigate further with the fighters if they do it, they get it because I mean, you can still many after well, your credibility becomes question

Ryan Smith: All right, so fighters who miss wait are now 6-0, should something more be done about missing Weight, so you know Mackenzie Dern, missing by seven pounds was just a travesty fighters were up in arms. I don’t think there was anyone on McKenzie Dern side on this one, but the fact is, is that coming in overweight is ah, it seems to be an effective strategy, you

KC Onyebuchi: Have to look at it, case by case because I’ll go to Yoel Romero ah, and even smiling Sam Alvey, if you’re coming in on a late fight replacement saying that you miss, wait, I don’t know that that’s a fair thing. So, yeah, you could look at you well and say, although strategic for him, why kill yourself to make the way if you’re going to be at a disadvantage anyway? Ah, in his case, it made sense, but there’s so many other times where you get like a smiling Sam who’s coming in. on a weeks notice basically, or even a couple days to come in and step in, and you lose twenty percent of your purse because you couldn’t make weight when there was no one else available. So, uh, I think you almost have to look at this is a case by case thing, and Mackenzie Dern is an absolute outlier. This isn’t this is a normative of fighters missing. Wait

John Keyes: And I’d really KC if you don’t have a full camp of him, if you have a full camp, you should be able to make weight unless something catastrophic happened like an injury of staph infection or something like that, that would that would hinder that progress if you come in on a two week fight notice, okay, that fighters should they? They should read, redo the fight at a catch weight, give some leeway because this party has not had the full advantage doing weight cut and a camp. Ok, that is that, you know, it’s got to be KC bucket

Ryan Smith: I disagree with you, the here’s, the here’s, the reason why if you were going to fight, if you’re going to raise your hand and say, I’m going to fight and one fifty five you have, you were saying that you were going to make one fifty five if you can’t make one fifty five, then don’t raise your hand when they come to you. There are other fighters that can fight

KC Onyebuchi: You can’t put that on the fighter because most of the time it’s, the fc, coming to the fighters saying, will you take this fight

Ryan Smith: Will you take this fight at one fifty five u can we decide right now you can you can decide right now if you’re going to make one fifty five you know as much as we were applauding Max Holloway for, you know the UFC 223 stepping in there dude came in tow fight at one fifty five he reported that he was weighing at least one hundred and ninety pounds when he got that call. Okay

KC Onyebuchi: that’s why the whole thing is ridiculous

Ryan Smith: But no, you don’t change your position now because what you were saying is that Max Holloway should not have gotten his purse ah would not should not have gotten his purse taken away if he failed to miss weight failed to make weight because he came in at one ninety saying he could make one fifty five and that one no is defies the laws of nature

KC Onyebuchi: Oh yeah, ok that’s also the UFC never should’ve booked that fight that was ridiculous that’s on the UFC and this goes back to me saying this is case by case can you really say that he didn’t give a fighters effort to make the weight cut when he was that close he actually almost made the weight. I think they should have been allowed an extra hour and he could have gotten it

Ryan Smith: here’s the thing none of these fighters who come in late were planning to fight on that card, so losing twenty percent of your purse it’s still eighty percent more than you would have made that weekend because you were sitting down eating Cheetos on your couch, watching the fight so basically it pays not to make not to make weight whenever you’re called on a late fight replacement, because what ends up happening is you weren’t going to make any money that weekend. You just made eighty percent of ah of a fight purse so it’s a win win situation. And frankly, you’re your odds of winning that fight being overweight go up dramatically when you miss it, there’s sixteen oh, so

KC Onyebuchi: maybe we should just not have late fight replacement

Ryan Smith: it’s part of the sport

John Keyes: should they call off the fight

Ryan Smith: it’s. Late fight replacements is as a function of the fight game. We know that people get injured, you know, for a myriad of reasons. Tripping over cable is one and so we need to be able to, you know, plan ahead that if you have a main event, you should expect to have someone waiting in the wings to replace one of your main event fighters. If it’s if it’s under card, then it’s less important whether or not someone makes weight or not. But when it’s a main event? Yeah, absolutely, like Yoel Romero. I mean, he should have been. They should have called him up when the fight was signed and said, we want you to be ready in the event that something happens there, you know, and that’s what should have happened instead of them trying to, you know, to penalize him or something like that? It worked out for him either way, he’s. In the main event for Chicago

KC Onyebuchi: yeah, I mean, the problem with that is it works in theory, it falls apart because of the notion that the UFC is really terrible it paying their fighters. So you’re going to have a guy who goes through an entire training camp and he’s ready to go and may not make a paycheck because the UFC’s not going to pay someone just to be on standby

Ryan Smith: I think that perhaps that’s, something that you should negotiate is okay. If I’m on standby, then you pay me show money for showing and maybe there’s some guarantees that you get the winner of this fight and so you don’t go through a full fight camp, you just manage your weight in the event that you need to cut, you know, because you don’t know if that if the person is going to get injured two months before the fight, one week before the fight, you don’t know when it’s going to happen

John Keyes: Right

Ryan Smith: So it should be we’re going to contract you to show up and make weight on weigh ins, and so if someone you know, it could be one of these two fighters if you want to train and do a full training camp, great, if you don’t just make weight, we’re going, we’re going to pay you to make weight

KC Onyebuchi: I legitimately like this idea. I think that would fix a lot of issues, so you don’t have a number eleven fighting for a title

Ryan Smith: Right? Yeah,

John Keyes: Exactly

Ryan Smith: Yeah. I mean

KC Onyebuchi: You fixed it guys. Good work

Ryan Smith: we’re going to write a blog about it

John Keyes: We have saved the world.

Ryan Smith: Alright let’s write a blog about it well put it out there fixing the ladder and now we’re fixing late fight replacements let’s go on guys Tito Ortiz coming out of retirement for the Chuck Liddell Ice Man trilogy this is one that when the in the olden days of the UFC the Chuck Liddell Tito Ortiz Huntington Beach Bad Boy that that rivalry was one that could that was money in the bank for pay per view and now both of these guys long since retired are possibly coming back in Bellator to have one more go at it is this something you are even remotely interested in

KC Onyebuchi: remotely yes that’s that that’s it this octogenarian contest is probably not worth while it’s just going to be an old folks slug fest

John Keyes: yeah I’m going to watch it just for the simple side I mean you’re right it’s remotely interesting because we saw how the first two men we’re pretty much takes that there was going to go the same way but if not there step closer to my master division that

KC Onyebuchi: expense

John Keyes: I

KC Onyebuchi: like the notion of a masters division no my really a bear

Ryan Smith: I really my

KC Onyebuchi:

John Keyes: dad the predator fry you know good ghetto UFC Dan Severn and don fry we got way

Ryan Smith: Tank Abbott

John Keyes: could do that we can we can get the paddles for him you know, get the paddles out from that to resurrect I mean, you know, we could see frank shamrock in there

KC Onyebuchi: you know, I mean, that

John Keyes: needs to be a good man system fish just give me ten fighter we even do overweight tournament it don’t matter anyway they’re all just give by now anyway so you know do this, you know

Ryan Smith: Oh, man, I’m

KC Onyebuchi: good all right, so

John Keyes: for you know

Ryan Smith: Speaking of open weight Road FC it’s a Korean ah fight promotion had an open wait fight Gabby Garcia versus Veronica Futina Gabby 235 pounds and I’m talking about it’s not fat it’s muscle and she thought Veronica Futina and a hundred and ninety pounds she had a forty five pound weight advantage like the UFC doesn’t even allow this

KC Onyebuchi: the thing with gabby those gabby is naturally just huge. There is no amount of weight cut that she can do that will ever get her down to a size where she can fight in the UFC and for her to be that much bigger for than her opponents isn’t uncommon because you’re not going to find athletically just talented people who are six to two hundred forty pounds as a female like that’s it’s just not common it’s going to be this way for most of the people gabby fights that she’s going to look just like a athletic outlier compared to them

Ryan Smith: if you look at the face off though that watch the video of the face off it looks like a pit bull facing off against the Chihuahua it is just bizarre like do there is this really a fight that they’re going to thank you sanction I mean john does that strike you as just odd like forty pound weight difference that that doesn’t happen

KC Onyebuchi: unless it’s Kelechi vs. Ryan

John Keyes: Uh oh where we go

KC Onyebuchi: This belt says it’s possible to be the underdog so um

Ryan Smith: ok so you know way we’ll have it out I’ll let you say your piece john and then I’m coming back for you KC

John Keyes: well um I’m going to say that with gabby Garcia if you have if you’ve never seen her fight you should see it is a spectacle I mean if there’s she looks I think the only fighter and only female fighter that remotely even have a chance against her is Fallon Fox and if you don’t know who Fallon Fox is yeah oh brother okay and that’s it and I yield my time and the floor and back to you Ryan

Ryan Smith: this notion that forty pounds doesn’t make a difference because of between Ryan and KC this is a reference

KC Onyebuchi: Dang it. I thought you were over that

Ryan Smith: this is this is a reference of our second the second in our series of fights because

KC Onyebuchi: no the first one was the same in fact you weighed more than forty pounds

Ryan Smith: no

KC Onyebuchi: over my weight in the first fight

Ryan Smith: I did not I did not I was I was two hundred and sixty pounds in the first fight you were two hundred thirty that’s thirty pounds

KC Onyebuchi: No I came in it like two twenty seven all right okay

Ryan Smith: that’s thirty three pounds it’s not forty five

KC Onyebuchi: let’s be precise about these kind of

Ryan Smith: Let’s do math. Math it’s what’s for dinner but the second fight yes I did come in you know what it was is you know originally I made weight I just well you know I rehydrated and so you know I’m not sure that the scale was accurate after I rehydrated

KC Onyebuchi: He rehydrated with chicken and pizza

Ryan Smith: Yeah, but It was good too the thing is though what were you weighing that night? You were at least 230.

KC Onyebuchi: no, I wasn’t

Ryan Smith: what were you? Do you remember?

KC Onyebuchi: I made oh yeah I was 230 too that night

Ryan Smith: Yeah so I was to seventy so that’s still that’s not forty-five pounds it’s forty. It’s forty but it’s not forty five those five pounds make a difference if you’ve ever lifted weight you put those two and a halves on it goes from liftable to impossible to lift it’s five pounds

KC Onyebuchi: it goes from making weight to Mackenzie Derning it

Ryan Smith: here’s my thing let’s just remember what your passport says officially how many wins do you have? None. But you do have a belt how that happens the world

KC Onyebuchi: I have a belt and a trophy

Ryan Smith: like that, the two most that the two most crazy things have ever happened in this world is trying to find out how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll Tootsie pop and how KC could have a trophy and a belt and still be 0-2 versus me

KC Onyebuchi: Feel free to come and take it from my cold dead hands

Ryan Smith: you know what, I’m going to let you hang on to that is finding the angles we’re going to go into a segment that we only do very a few times, you know, you we don’t do it very often, but we have to do it this time because of some craziness that was going on. This is the heavy bag


Ryan Smith: All right? The heavy bag is our segment where we get some things off our chest. We go in on these topics until there is nothing left to say. We’ve got three topics that we need to cover each of us has something to get off our chest. The first one I’m going to give over to you, Mr. John Keyes Tim Kennedy, former green beret former army specialist water boards himself he’s former UFC and strike force fighter he waterboarded himself on twitter and in his comments he was proving because he could take it that that was not torture.

John Keyes: My first heavy bag. Um, yeah, about that. Okay, so for anybody who doesn’t know me, by now, I’ve served seven years, an army ordnance corps all the way. All right? Uh, a green beret is one of the oldest Special Forces units that that there ever been. Okay, these guys are trained to be jungle fighters there trained to basically start insurgencies in different countries that said one part of their training is to resist torture. All right, waterboarding is torture. There is no point if and buts about you can name and how everyone enhanced interrogation technique, whatever when you are strapped to a chair and you’re forced to do with something that you’re not wanting to do. That’s torture. Ok. And to waterboard yourself which anybody who didn’t know what water boarding is by now, it’s, when they take basically they tilt your head back. They put cloth over your face, and then they pour a gallon of water over your faith to simulate drowning. Now, if you if you want to be stupid enough to try that, go right ahead. But please, please, please have some friends around you that like you okay? Because–

Ryan Smith: You mean like Tim Kennedy did?

John Keyes: Yeah yeah about that yeah yeah if you have friends that like to laugh at you, they’ll keep trying to do that okay until you are drowning all right it’s for him to do that he’s used to doing this okay that nothing to him that is like that’s like a guy that that is used to be you know Carolina Reapers for a year straight taking a one chip challenge it does not work okay and for him that sit there and say that oh this isn’t this is nothing that this this isn’t torture it is exactly torture and you know god forbid if anything that was very reckless on his part as being someone you know being soldier because as our soldiers I tend to told us at a higher standard than the rest of the people because we carry such a clout about us at such a responsibility because we’ve done things that people don’t do and that’s go to war and he knows better than to do that because now we’re going to have some kids that are on the natural selection side of the game they’re going to try this. They’re going to call this the waterboarding challenge because we see a guy that can say things like oh no that’s not torture at all and so we’re going to start seeing it on Instagram and every thing like that so that’s going to be natural selection as far as I’m concerned he should know better and as far as I’m concerned he was a fighter I respected right up there with Brian Stann guess what Tim Kennedy you lost my respect for that. You know don’t go around doing something irresponsible and reckless as saying that things like that it’s not torture if you guys really want to know what torture is and I have suffered through a lot of it just to test it out because you know I was young of an army you know when you’re twenty four in the army you do stupid things just sit down they kind of like you know hold the chair and have somebody drip a little drop of water on your forehead for about an hour and see if that’s not torture ok and that’s the that’s easy stuff okay and there’s much worse things to do but yes I actually think that it was this listening to this and you think about doing some ah so waterboarding don’t from one military man to a civilian you don’t do it don’t do better things read a book you know do something better

Ryan Smith: all right, all right.

John Keyes: I think I think I’m good.

Ryan Smith: Yeah, all right, you wailed on it that that bag is beaten up, that is that is all that we say about that. That is incredible. KC you got anything on that

KC Onyebuchi: Uh, I’m just going to refrain from that because there’s, I haven’t been a Tim Kennedy fan or a Cowboy Cerrone fan in a long time. These guys take Machismo to the next level in a way that is really nonsensical. It’s? Yeah. There’s so little positive that could come from, uh, either of those two outside of what they do in the ring. Their life outside of the octagon is trash.

Ryan Smith: All right? The one thing that really stuck out to me was that, you know, Tim Kennedy did this. And this is what you’re saying, john, that Tim Kennedy did this surrounded by friends who was who was yeah, basically doing this waterboarding to him that what makes it torture is the sleep deprivation. What makes it torture is not being trained to, you know, to resist torture. What makes this torture is the fact that this is happening to you and you don’t know for him

KC Onyebuchi: In a non-controlled environment

Ryan Smith: In a non controlled environment where someone is doing this to you, you don’t know how long it’s going to take you don’t know how many times you’re going to have to be subjected to this, and all of this is happening in under the cover of darkness, being whisked away from your land, all that type of thing. Now, you know, I am not in any way saying that people who are enemy combatants, or even, you know, collaborating with terrorists, you know, deserve to, you know, deserve to be given kid gloves, but at the same time, you know, there are human rights. There are things that we as Americans and the pride that we have in our country, that we do not do that’s what makes us America’s this what makes us Americans that will make a stand apart from those people who are terrorists, who would resort to the types of tactics that they resort to. When we begin to torture people, then we become no better than them. And that is not the American ideals that we all believe that that our, you know, that our country stands for KC I got one for you, okay

KC Onyebuchi: I want to get one thing here, though, because the this will for sure come back up on twitter and Instagram, don’t @ me, let me start there, don’t @ me at all, but is this notion that well, we tell other fighters hey, keep your politics to yourself. Why is it on this side? Like these guys are getting adulation and it’s oh so cool that you’re able to do this. So for other fighters, keep your politics to yourself. Tim Kennedy, hey American hero everything you say is just gold that’s, that’s, problematic lot of hero worship happening there

John Keyes: indeed

Ryan Smith: I’m going to a pull out another heavy bag KC this is yours

KC Onyebuchi: So you know how I am in the gym, real life I don’t do endurance training, so I’m just going to hit this hard once and walk away

Ryan Smith: All right? All right, get, you know, load up on that load up on that that kick. Mike Perry says he is two percent African, so he is allowed to say the n-word and I’m going to back away from this because I’m not holding on.

KC Onyebuchi: man, so just throw the whole man away, there’s all right, there’s, no percentage that makes it okay, well, that’s just what I’m going to stand there is no percentage of it that makes it okay. Especially when you can identify with majority culture is problematic. And if you really want to say, oh, you can you can you use the n word freely, then feel free to suffer and always identify as a minority in every way I like it. It’s uh, there’s so many things wrong with this, like initially my thought was. All right, so you want to do this, then you should fight john jones. And then I looked up his Instagram oh, man. So he’s already training at Jackson wink and apparently him and Jon jones or partying so is, I don’t know, maybe it’s some of that Jon jones influence, and they got into that that powder. I don’t know what would possess a man to say something so foolish. Drug test that man that’s all I’m saying I’m walking away from it

Ryan Smith: He is not on the twenty five clean, uh, fighters list for USADA just want to put that out there, john, you wanted you want to take a couple of punches on this heavy bag?

John Keyes: You know what I do um I myself okay, I personally say that an intelligent man need not use harsh language or even abusive language or even any type of cussing and for him to sit down and say that I’m just like well the show’s view first of all best of the best shows where you’re at what you’re struggling to go for a word that really is that really stands for ignorant fool if you look it up in the dictionary okay if that’s your range if that’s what you’re your hopes and your dreams are because you went so far as to pick up an ancestry DNA test to get your two percent in there go for it man I’m happy for you however I am my family shall not be like that. Okay? I’ve saved and I stand to say this that you know nobody should ever strive for to use that word. Okay it’s a word that is the news over decades to insult are they sold a culture another culture is worth that uses that has nothing positive behind it. So why would you use the word that there is not positive reinforcement behind it about yourself or t your brethren about a people that’s all I got to say about its ignorant you know he needs you need to let it go and he could be he could dismiss himself get there on top of that

Ryan Smith: yeah

KC Onyebuchi: so I’m going to slide in real quick run before you wrap that. I just want to say, um, my biggest problem with it is it sets a terrible, terrible precedent, because if you look out how people have such a low percentage of African American in their bloodline, it’s, usually a problematic story. And now so anyone who has any trace of African American ancestry can use this word I can use this word. I think you’re going to look the way I feel about it is like Mike Perry. Come at me, you can catch these hands and feel free to say it, but you can catch these hands

Ryan Smith: You know, I’d like to think that he was just making a joke. Like, um, you know ah ha ha. My ancestry came back, there was two percent African. So therefore I can say the word. What’s problematic for me is that he actually did say the word he didn’t, you know, yeah, show respect and say n-word. He actually said the word and I think that’s problematic because, you know, what’s always stood out to me. Is this this notion that this this mystical nature that this word has for some people, that they want so badly to say it because it is forbidden because it is, you know, by our society standards a word that should never be used, that that we should remove from our lexicon. So only people who seek to divide only people who would seek to hurt other people would fight for the right to use that word. Um before people who are listening to the podcast, um go on and ask the question, I’m going to go ahead and address it, and that is, well, then why can black people say it? I can say that the best way to explain that is what I saw on a video of ah, a speaker talking to an audience member who asked that same question. And what he said is that he is. He is in a relationship he’s married and his wife has a pet name for him. And so that is a name that she calls him something like, sweetie, if a random woman off the street called him sweetie in front of his wife, that would be a problem. And I think that we all understand that there are words between people that are off limits for us to say that just in this case, a random woman could not call him sweetie. And we understand that that is off limits then so too should this word for the community in which uses and in which, you know so called, takes ownership of in uses that that becomes a word that exists within the community. And it has nuance, and it has a different meaning than just what we are taught. The word means that the dictionary definition and I think that he ended his speech very eloquently when he said; you have to ask yourself, why do you want so badly to say it? That there’s got to be something that you’ve got to search inside yourself, of the hundreds of thousands, almost millions of words that exist in the English language. Why is it that you want so badly to be able to gain access to a word that only has that has a different meaning within the culture that you know that has taken ownership of it? And so I leave this this conversation. I’ll wrap this conversation up with that question to Mike Perry. Mike, why do you want so badly to use that word? Last one. The last heavy bag. There’s a lot of controversy coming out of the UFC 224 in between rounds four and five for Raquel Pennington, Raquel Pennington. After having her nose broken by a devastating Muay Thai knee from Amanda Nunes between rounds, turns to her corner and says, I’m done, I’m done, and rather than throwing in the towel for her for their fighter, her corner begins to say, no, no, no. And it was recorded MMA that they said, change your mindset will recover later. Throw everything you’ve got at her, and they would not let Raquel Pennington finish the fight. And there are tons and tons of fighters and, you know, bystanders in the in the general in a community who are upset with this decision to force Raquel Pennington out into the fifth round to take more damage than then. Then she had taken, you know, in the previous four rounds with a broken nose with cuts all over her face and take additional damage, which she did. She only lasted a couple of more minutes before the referee stops the fight, leaving a pool, a literal pool reflecting the lights of that so much blood on the mat because her corner ill advisedly sent her out into that into that fight. But there is another side to the story, and we need to think about the fact that you have to trust your corner. You have to trust your coaches because they know what your limits are. They know what you that you can push through things we’ve all had times where we’ve wanted to quit in training. We’ve all had times when we wanted to quit. What we didn’t believe that we could make it through, and someone was there to tell us, ask his biggest one. Mohr, do one more rep. Throw one more punch, throw one more kick, go one more mile and we’ve done it and we’ve surprised ourselves, and so in some regards, that could be what was going on there, that they believed in Raquel Pennington to go in there and fight for one more round because this was a championship fight. These fights don’t come every day, and this may be Raquel’s last chance, to fight for the title, and so to say that I did not fight that fifth round for whatever reason is something that for many fighters becomes a stain on their memory that they keep second guessing for the rest of their lives, however, and then I’ll let you guys throw a couple of punches of this heavy bag um Ryan Sangalia on twitter posted of ah video of show box, Devon Haney versus Mason Minard was a ten round fight. They were between rounds nine and round ten, and the coach looked at his fighter and said, we’re done, he said, we couldn’t catch him, we’re only going to get better from here. I’m so proud of you, no sense in you taking abuse it’s stark the difference between Raquel Pennington’s coach in her corner when she is saying I I’m done and seeing the damage is she’s taken and then urging her to go out and seeing the result of that with the blood that was left in the ring and then these fighters seeing these coaches in this boxing match seeing their fighter being outclassed saying hey, we didn’t get him will only get better from here I’m so proud of you we’ll get him next time I think that Raquel needed that in her corner that night, not someone urging her to go farther to take more damage to see if they can gut out a win against a foe that was never in any danger. This is one of those times where you cut your losses and I think that they made a bad decision and I hope Raquel Pennington recovers very quickly either one of you guys have anything that you want to say on this

KC Onyebuchi: I vehemently disagree. I think you’re right, it is your corners job to be able to assess the situation and determine if you got that little more rep in you and the reality is yes he was getting beat she was going to be down but she wasn’t injured and that was the key like so if we didn’t have that pool of blood that comes because that knee just got tour are we still having the same conversation and so if sort of one freak shot that gets through and opens her up doesn’t happen it’s, a completely different conversation than it’s, like congratulations to her corner for pushing her to at least have a fighter’s, a puncher’s chance. So, yeah, I think we’re putting too much weight on two shots that landed that opened her up versus, yeah, you’re a fighter. You trust your corner, you go out there and you keep fighting

Ryan Smith: John?

John Keyes: Well the way I feel that I hear both sides of the story and I can agree and disagree of both sides out just put it out like this there comes a point and you’re right KC that it was two shots that worked there were questioning but understand this there two shots that were questioning okay if you if her nose for the broken fine if you know see wasn’t in a pool of blood on the ground fine she went out there and she did her best I could think of a couple of times that we’ve listened to corner push their fighters one was Greg Jackson and George St Pierre George St Pierre sat there and said I’ve broken in my hand and Greg Jackson looked at him and said then punch with the other one. I mean it and that I understand the whole pushing off pushing your fighter to that next level but there comes a point that you have to take an account you know what type of damage she’s taking it’s one thing if it’s the athlete that’s a runner that that’s in track and field that’s doing back okay that you pushed them to constantly pushed them and even in gymnastics you know if they’re being pushed like that is another thing that when they’re doing that so that when they’re doing a sport that will put lasting effects on them, we needed that boxing coach in that ring that night to tell her Look you did everything you could you just couldn’t do it tonight okay we’re proud of you you’ve done you left everything in the ring it’s over we needed that for her okay we needed you know just like with Ronda and her coach telling her you know you keep punching your boxing great your boxing is excellent and she got perched she got beat so bad that the she got beat standing up and I mean she got beat up and was knocked out standing up and that’s bad coaching on any level ok we cannot in order for the sport to survive to thrive in the eyes of the public we cannot have that going on we can have a coach pushing a fighter that has clearly mentally most important physically broken that’s just best you know in my opinion and me being from the military where they push us constantly to be the best that we could be there comes a level when your life it’s they’re going to hurt themselves to a point where they cannot recover and I would like to see what rocky is going to look like you know in the next couple of days because I can’t see if she doesn’t divorce that that team then she’s going to end up hurting herself badly and I would rather see her say goodbye to that team I’ll find a new team that’s going to look out for my better well being

Ryan Smith: yeah, I think you do have a point there in so much as there. You are relying on a puncher’s chance at that at that point that there was if you listen to the conversation in the ring or in the corner at the time he did not give her any strategy at least in the example with George St Pierre and Greg Jackson he’s like a punch with the other hand this was relying on a puncher’s chance when there had given four rounds of trying to have a puncher’s chance that is hope is not a strategy right that’s all they were hoping for and the fact is that Raquel Pennington herself knew that at this point there was nowhere else for her to go the results speak for themselves she came out in the fifth round she got taken down immediately she got mounted or was side control and Amanda Nunes was grabbing her all in her face dropping elbows and dropping forearms right on her broken nose she turned over covered up started taking shots and the pool of blood coming out of her nose was still coming out even after the fight was over and they were in the post fight comments this this was a bad decision I know that there’s the you know armchair quarterbacks or the you know everybody second guessing this coach but this is result when you make a bad decision with no strategy this people get injured people get hurt and my heart goes out to Raquel Pennington on this so KC I’ll let you have the last word. Silence is good. I’ll take silence. Okay? All right, seriously, do you like do you have something else you want to say?

KC Onyebuchi: Nope, I was on mute and realized, you know, maybe that was for the best.

Ryan Smith: All right. All right. Okay. So that is the heavy bag we’ve got one more segment to go. That is the fight card. Let’s, get right into it.


Ryan Smith: This is the fight card that’s where we look at the fights coming up this weekend, there is only one promotion who’s got to show got the center stage. That is the UFC they’re going to Santiago, Chile, where Damian Maia is coming in as a late fight replacement for Santiago Ponzinibbio versus Kamaru. Usman I think that’s going to be a great fight–

KC Onyebuchi: Think he’ll make weight?

Ryan Smith: Ah, Damian Maia, Damian Maia’ll make weight. I’m confident that he will um, let’s just go through and we’ll make some flash fight picks we’ve got Vicente The Silent Assassin Luke versus Chad The Disciple Laprisse at a welterweight fight. Veronica Macedo versus Andrea KGB Lee this this lady I’ve seen her on Instagram can you believe it KC I’m on Instagram ah

KC Onyebuchi: Congratulations

Ryan Smith: That’s, right? Things are changing up in here, um and so, but she is a new say about that means she’s brand new to the UFC so will be interesting to see what happens to her there. Diego Pit-bull Revis versus Gito Ninja Canetti you’ve got Jared the Killa Gorilla Cannonier versus Dominic The Devastator Reyes and in the co main event, you got number nine Alexa Grasso versus number twelve Tatiana Suarez. And then in the main event, it’s a welterweight fight number five. Damian Maia versus number seven, Kamaru, the Nigerian nightmare Usman

Ryan Smith: I’m going to go to john first. You got a Flash Fight Pick?

John Keyes: I’m going to go with Damian Maia, I like on the very thing a battle mother’s graham plate, you know, most by started that started with the punches, but I think I’m going to hope the Damian gets in there, gets the grab and pummel him down to nothing

Ryan Smith: KC

KC Onyebuchi: I think we I’m going, uh, my, my countryman, Usman here, and I think we might get to see him at fifty percent

Ryan Smith: Wow. I mean, seeing him at fifty percent whoo I mean, what’s what’s Fifty percent of infinity

KC Onyebuchi: Right, uh, Seven. Math is hard, we already established this.

Ryan Smith: As for me, I’m going to go with Kamaru Usman as well. I think that he is a problem that’s difficult to solve. He’s got elite grappling he’s got really good hands. I think Damian Maia is going to struggle to get him to the ground. And I think that when the fight is standing Damian is going to take damage, all Usman has to do is watch the Cody Covington Colby Covington fight. Just see how it’s done. And I think that this is going to be a great fight for Usman because now he’s in striking distance of all of those guys. Stephen Wonderboy Thompson, he’s in striking distance for RAD Colby Covington and Tyron Woodley. I think this is a great fight for him. I look forward to seeing him come in at fifty percent of infinity

John Keyes: so you’re saying that he’s going to give he’s going slide like Colby a couple of twenties for the win that he stopped he’s about to get on Damian Maia that way. Well

Ryan Smith: You know, I let let’s see if, if he exacts the same strategy, but I think that if he if it is the same strategy, he should slide that twenty a couple of twenties and then demand that fight after Chicago because you know RDA is going to win that but we’re going to pick that till next time. That is our show oh my gosh I can’t believe it we made it we went through an entire combat sports talk episode with you guys I had a bet I had it over under that we would we would go um we would be lucky if we made it to an hour and thirty minutes we’re an hour and twenty five y’all

KC Onyebuchi: Nailed It

John Keyes: That’s what I’m talking about

Ryan Smith: All right well follow us on social media on twitter I’m @CSTRyan KC is at

KC Onyebuchi: I’m–

Ryan Smith: oh, I forgot you’re here you want to go ahead and knock that out

KC Onyebuchi: No. I am dysfunctional apparently at outros

Ryan Smith: KC is @cst_KC but you have better luck finding him on Instagram h

KC Onyebuchi: yeah good luck I’m not giving that out, you make fun of me every time

Ryan Smith: push pull pray

KC Onyebuchi: yeah we’ll do that one yeah

Ryan Smith: all right hey, you know, john, I saw you thinking about getting out on the on the social media you have you got there yet

John Keyes: You know what? I’m still thinking about it? I’m still you know twitter Instagram which one do I do

KC Onyebuchi: Insta.

John Keyes: Instagram? Instagram yeah, all right, by next show I’ll have Instagram I’ll have an Instagram so y’all can send us how you personally feel about my you know, my commentary

Ryan Smith: All right, you could check out our web site at www.combatsportstalk.com you could find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram I am @combatsportstalk. We now have merchandise on amazon just search for “combat sports talk” on dh we’ve added a new section on the website for live events UFC 224 live event with George Stallworth listen to the commentary I interviewed George while we were well, we were watching the fights really interesting stuff that he’s got there talking about molly tie transitioning from show to Shotokan Karate to Jiu-Jitsu to Muay Thai hearing, hearing all stories about his getting an illegal knee and fracturing his orbital. If you want to hear those types of things about you real life fighter, then check out the UFC 224 live event that’s posted on the website.

Our theme music is composed by Scott McCurry at scottdeancountry.com KC Onyebuchi produced our lead-ins. I want to thank you for joining us for another edition of combat for KC Onyebuchi I’m Ryan Smith reminding you to keep your hands up your chin tucked and throw bombs.

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