Episode 052 – UFC Chile: Maia vs. Usman

May 22, 2018 by No Comments

UFC Chile saw Kamaru Usman face off against BJJ specialist Demian Maia in a short turnaround fight with the hopes of getting a shot at the top 5 in the welterweight division. Some new talent was on display and in Santiago, Chile and the UFC may have a new star in Tatian Suarez, a person many people are calling the Female Khabib. Ryan and KC cover the action from South America, headlines and the upcoming fight in Liverpool, England.

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Ryan Smith: Welcome to Combat Sports Talk, a podcast dedicated to UFC and Bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general, I’m your host, Ryan smith, and joining me this week is the man who lost the fight to a four year old KC Onyebuchi

KC Onyebuchi: I kind of hate you.I forgot that you were going to act that

Ryan Smith: Ok, you’ve got to tell us a story, so you travel a lot. And so you always come back with crazy aerial, airline and travel stories. But this one, you got into a fight with a four year old?

KC Onyebuchi: This one takes the cake. So I’m just walking through the jet way, and this family kind of jumps in behind me, and so, as I’m boarding the plane, the four year old with him just decides he hates me just for no reason out of nowhere, he decides to he literally had a flying kick at me like he ran, jumped and kicked me and then proceeded to start wailing on me in the aisle, in his parents think this is hilarious and the flight attendant sees in my face and, like, pulls the boy’s side like, hey, that guy’s a lot bigger than you shouldn’t do this and the kid just, like, screw this and just continues to wail on me the entire length of the plane it’s I sit in the back was like, oh my gosh, would it be wrong if I punched a kid, like is that a thing??

Ryan Smith: You know It is definitely not a thing, however there was a video that I saw where there’s a guy who’s at the grocery store and I don’t know if this was really or if this well, of course it wasn’t real, it was filmed, but there’s a kid and he’s pushing the grocery cart into this guy at the grocery store, have you seen that?

KC Onyebuchi: Oh yeah I totally remember that

Ryan Smith: Then what ends up happening is the guy like tries to get the mom to stop the kid and the kid keeps going so he reaches into the grocery basket pulls out like a big jug of milk and just pours it on the kid!

KC Onyebuchi: I so felt like do something like that was like there’s no way this ends well for me I’m just going to take this beating take my loss and retire to my corner

Ryan Smith: oh man well I am sorry that that happened to you but thank you for sharing that. Now UFC also travels a lot and UFC went to Chile where it saw Ka-mar-ru Usman or Kamaru Usman face off against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist Damian Maia in a short turnaround fight with the hopes of Kamaru getting a shot at the top five in the welterweight division there was also some new talent on display in Santiago, Chile and the UFC may have a new star in Tatiana Suarez a person many people are calling the female Khabib Nurmagomedov.

KC Onyebuchi: That’s a big one

Ryan Smith: All right so before we get into all of the into the key stories let’s go into the official decision.

KC Onyebuchi: The official decision–


KC Onyebuchi: (laughing)

Ryan Smith: What’s so funny?

KC Onyebuchi: I just realized at the start of our official decision I mean we’re fifty episodes in and I’m just realizing that sounds like a yeah it’s sounds like a burp at the front of that!

Ryan Smith: is a burp, my five year old hates it he’s like, can you take the burb off? I’m like no it’s part of the drop

KC Onyebuchi: That is horrible!

Ryan Smith: Welcome to the official decision segment when we talk about some of the fights from this weekend, we were UFC Chile in Santiago, Chile. Maia versus Usman um there were what six fights on the card Vicente the Silent Assassin Luke defeated Chad The Disciple Laprisse by KO in round one. A lot of these fights did not go long. I mean, that’s one thing about this card is that they were a couple of unanimous decisions, but most of these fights were ended, you know, very early. Newcomer to the UFC Andrea KGB Lee, who still has a NOOB SABOT photo on the UFC.com defeated Veronica Macedo by unanimous decision. Gito Ninja Cannetti defeated Diego Pit-bull Revis by unanimous decision and then Dominic the Devastator Reyes defeated Jared the Killa Gorilla Cannonier by TKO in round one. DUDE.

KC Onyebuchi: the problem with a lot of these fights is there weren’t like title contentions like none of this was really moving the needle for welterweight flyweight bantamweight. It was just filler card for Santiago felt bad for them.

Ryan Smith: You know it really was but you know the best thing that happened to this card you know where the co main and in the main event because we got to see number twelve Tatiana Suarez defeat number nine Alexa Grasso and this is Strawweight so this one hundred fifteen pounds to Mackenzie Dern one hundred fifteen pounds means one hundred fifteen pounds not one hundred twenty three uh she defeated Alexa Grasso Tatiana Suarez defeated Alexa Grasso via submission in round one this fight I don’t even know if it was that competitive I mean it was like you know Tatiana was in control right off the bat

KC Onyebuchi: well, you gotta love that you’re moving your way up the ranks there fighting someone who’s in the top ten and so this one you could argue starts to make a name for at least for Tatiana

Ryan Smith: yeah we’ll talk a little bit about what went on with Tatiana Suarez has a little bit later she’s in our finding the angle segment but let’s get into the main event of the evening number seven Kamaru the Nigerian nightmare Usman defeated number five Damian Maia by unanimous decision

KC Onyebuchi: Soundly defeated him and we still didn’t see one hundred percent because according to Usman he broke his it was his right hand in the second and his left hand in the third I’m like brah how? just how? stop it dude

Ryan Smith: punches so hard that his hands can’t even contain the power

KC Onyebuchi: either that or Maia’s head is just so solid

Ryan Smith: yeah, you know I’m going to give it to Maia dude because that dude is taken a lot of damage in these last three fights, John Annik tweeted that Damian Maia is oh for forty nine oh for forty nine in takedown attempts spanning his last three UFC fights what

KC Onyebuchi: it’s a problem for Maia mostly because if he is such a one sided fighter that if his takedowns don’t work it’s the most boring thing you’ve ever seen and you see his striking to set up his take downs is non existent he landed a total of thirty three strikes in twenty five minutes

Ryan Smith: Yeah

KC Onyebuchi: That is abysmal.

Ryan Smith: That is he is, you know, like I said before is that Damian Maia striking is probably a suspect in the Mueller investigation. I mean there’s that bad, you know? But the crazy thing is you once declared Damian Maia the most dangerous man at welterweight. Well, like, I don’t even I don’t even know how you got that? Like what? Five episodes ago? Ten episodes ago, you were like this guy’s the most

KC Onyebuchi: I was wondering that when we were doing because you talked, so you and I was like, hold on, I know we talked about this, I so glad you brought that up. The most dangerous man–

Ryan Smith: at welterweight

KC Onyebuchi: what absolute trash you’ve got us throughout all of your UFC rules, you’re wrong on well, not even UFC, MMA because you were wrong on Cheick Kongo, you’re wrong about the Russians?

Ryan Smith: well, I mean, how am I wrong about the Russians? You’re

KC Onyebuchi: just wrong. Just

Ryan Smith: no Khabib? Fedor? Zabit Magomedsharipov I mean, the Russians are holding it down, man,

KC Onyebuchi: all right, find that’s the one rule you have that still holds don’t

Ryan Smith: don’t vote against that. Don’t go against the Brazilians in Brazil. The Brazilians are like ninety, ninety percent whenever they’re in Brazil.

KC Onyebuchi: No come on, there’s like, way too many Brazilians for that number to be real. Cite sources,

Ryan Smith: I’m going to, but now I’m looking it up right?

KC Onyebuchi: Cite your sources, that’s trash ninety percent of the poll numbers that you hear on the radio or made up on the spot

Ryan Smith: okay, I’m gonna have to look it up later, because it’s just

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah, but one thing I want to do, though it’s kind of go back to this notion of Maia versus Usman and what that meant so Usman sadly didn’t Move the needle whatsoever, not because of his poor performance, but because this late fight replacement didn’t actually help his overall standing within the artificial UFC ranking system. So, yeah, he thought, a top, a top ten contender, but when you’re fighting a forty year old Damian Maia who’s, one-sided and is on the downside of his career it doesn’t actually set you up well to take your title shot, which is what he really wants. At best, you may have to work out ah, fight with him and Wonderboy or him and Till

Ryan Smith: well, you know, the there’s, a there’s, a big. I agree with you, there’s, a big problem at welterweight right now, because you’ve got all these people stacked at the top, you’ve got Tyron Woodley, who is coming off of surgery. Number one Stephen Wonderboy Thompson is fighting against number eight

KC Onyebuchi: He’s got Till

Ryan Smith: number eight Darren Till you’ve got two and three RDA and Colby Covington the finding each other? I don’t know who four is at welterweight five was Damian Maia? Um, you know, you have a camera whose man at seven now Kamaru-Usman has legitimate shot at calling out Tyron Woodley, of course, RDA and Colby Covington so that’s three, you’ve got number one Stephen Wonderboy Thompson, who probably has the weakest claim because he’s already fought Woodley twice, you know, Darren Till wins, that’s going to be another one like At first, I was mad about the UFC having, you know, creating a interim title at welterweight when you’ve got Tyron Woodley coming off of his is surgery in July. But there are so many fighters that need to fight for a title because they’re all stacked up at in the top five of welterweight that you’ve got to do something to keep the ball moving.

KC Onyebuchi: But if you create a situation where wonder boy could win that title, it’s just trash, because now you have to have a trilogy when technically Wonderboy hasn’t earned it

Ryan Smith: Well, he hasn’t because he’s fought back-to-back Tyron Woodley and then he’s fighting a number eight at Darren Till if you were to win that, then he would have a claim, but legitimately, in June, you’re going to have the UFC Chicago where RDA fights Colby-Covington so that naturally should be. But then again, this is the UFC where interim championships don’t mean jack, um, should be the next fight for Tyron Woodley, the winner of RDA, Rafael Dos Anjos and Colby Covington, which means that Kamaru Usman needs to fight the winner out of Darren Till and Stephen Wonderboy Thompson, we should be a great fight. Yep. And that winner should we fight be the next, you know, contender for the title

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah, well, uh who knows? What’s really going to shake up? Um Dana is going to find a way to maximize in this case, I’m not going to be cynic. I think Dana really does want something interesting to happen within the welterweight division. So honestly, no matter what the matchup comes with there’s enough top guys there that any of those matchups will be intriguing enough, and they’re going to draw some good gates

Ryan Smith: I agree I everyone there’s a lot of people complaining about the, um about the Welterweight division, but I think that right now you’ve got enough tension that there’s a lot of good fights is going to pop out of that. So you know, even though UFC Chile was not a card that would that overall move the needle I think that Kamaru Usman winning the against Damian Maia moves him into the number five position and that is in striking distance there should not be a single one through four that is willing that should be allowed to deny Kamaru Usman a fight gone are the days where he’s got to fight a ten or someone outside he has got to fight someone above him or it’s this is just a sham.

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah well, we’ll see what happens

Ryan Smith: All right, so that is the official decision let’s look at some of the headlines making waves in the UFC in the wake of the events on Saturday night with–

KC Onyebuchi: Finding the angles

Ryan Smith: Finding the angles


Ryan Smith: This is finding the angles. This is where we look at the headlines that people are talking about in the UFC end the MMA world the first one is Tyron Woodley reacts to Kamaru Usman wanting a title shot, so in the post fight interview This is in the backstage not after not in the cage um,

KC Onyebuchi: because the cage is kind of boring

Ryan Smith: well yeah with the a I broke both my hands which is kind of the next story

KC Onyebuchi: I broke my back.

Ryan Smith: My neck and back

KC Onyebuchi: It’s spinal!

Ryan Smith: It’s Spinal. So Kamaru Usman says two Tyron Woodley because of course Tyron Woodley was in the studio doing the color commentary for fox sports one while Kamaru Usman is backstage talking and so they could legitimately have a conversation and so they asked him you know since time Woodley is in the studio what do you have to say and so Kamaru Usman says “Hey champ you know my social media hasn’t changed since I got in the game five years ago welterweight and I’m coming for that gold strap and with that performance even with some handicaps no one can deny I’m definitely top five right now in the division” okay

KC Onyebuchi: Yep

Ryan Smith: I got a problem with that statement put him on a wait until the next story to tell you what that problem is

KC Onyebuchi: mmm…Intrigued I am

Ryan Smith: Woodley– Wait are you yoda now? what’s going on with that

KC Onyebuchi: (Yoda accent) Learning I am. I had to watch part of star wars while I was at the airport last week and it was

Ryan Smith: finally.

KC Onyebuchi: no I didn’t actually watch it I just read the subtitles I was like yeah this still is trash is I thought it would be

Ryan Smith: okay you know me and the rest of our fans hate you because you don’t like star wars

KC Onyebuchi: star wars is trash

Ryan Smith: Woodley responded to Kamaru Usman, “Kamaru Usman congratulations I don’t ever want to take away the credit Damian my is a game opponent me as the champion I’m always welcoming any challenger just make it to that point I’ll be on the other side of the octagon” and then he goes on to say “I did see some things that if you do against me you might end up waking up with the smelling salt but hey, hats off to you great job just being real.” Dude!

KC Onyebuchi: There’s, I like that he showed some love there, but the reality is the things that he pointed out that were holes in Kamaru game we’re really kind of because Kamaru was game planning for Maia in the same way that if anyone saw would least fight, you’d be like, oh yeah, this dude’s trash

Ryan Smith: right? And it was interesting because Woodley was on twitter today talking about how he created the game plan on how to beat Stephen Thompson and how to beat Damian Maia. Do you give any credence to that that because Tyron Woodley was the first to defeat Damian Maia and then Colby Covington did it after that and then

KC Onyebuchi: I don’t know…technically Nate Marquardt what was the first to he’s actually the only person to finish Damian Maia and was a one punch back a UFC Portland

Ryan Smith: yeah, but that was a punch, I’m talking about

KC Onyebuchi: actually game plan for him yeah

Ryan Smith: yeah, so time would like, you know, Tyron Woodley created the game plan and what we’re seeing is a bunch of wrestlers simply stuffing–

KC Onyebuchi: Whoa, can we call a time out? that’s like the very first time and show history that I knew like going back to something WHAT?! Look at me knowing my UFC facts!

Ryan Smith: I’m proud of you

KC Onyebuchi: it was just because it was Nate Marquardt? Let me be honest there

Ryan Smith: okay

KC Onyebuchi: I’m a fan of that dude

Ryan Smith: all right? Why did we have to time out on that

KC Onyebuchi: Because we have to make mention of the one time that I actually know stuff

Ryan Smith: this is this is compelling just that you’re you’re patting yourself on the back

KC Onyebuchi: everyone come see how humble I am

Ryan Smith: is like I put in my thumb and pulled out a plum and what a good boy am I? I’m going to start calling you KC Jack Horner

KC Onyebuchi: well, at least you knew the nursery rhyme I was like, I’m familiar, I think. What’s the Georgie Porgie one

Ryan Smith: Georgie Porgie pudding and pie kissed the girls and made them cry and when the boys came out to play Georgie Porgie ran away

KC Onyebuchi: oh yeah, I’m definitely not that one

Ryan Smith: Yeah it’s little Little KC Horner sat in a corner eating his curds and Whey

KC Onyebuchi: Curds and Whey? No that can’t be right

Ryan Smith: oh my god this is this show is going off the rails

KC Onyebuchi: This is terrible radio

Ryan Smith: this is awesome Radio! what you talking about? This is this is it right here.

KC Onyebuchi: So Damian Maia game planning against him is pretty much like putting your thumb in a pie

Ryan Smith: No, the fact that you came up with something in UFC history that wasn’t last week. That’s, that’s what it is! that’s, putting your thumb–

KC Onyebuchi: anywho, I don’t give credence to the fact that it was Tyron Woodley. I’m just going to put it on the fact that damien, Maia, is forty years old and has had one game plan his entire light like it’s, like florian said on the wrap up, like if you’re you can’t be a one sided fighter at this level

Ryan Smith: no, you’re right, you’re absolutely right. By the way, Little Jack Horner sat in a corner eating a christmas pie. He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said, what a good boy am I? There you are—

KC Onyebuchi: It doesn’t count. You used Google.

Ryan Smith: That’s. All right,

KC Onyebuchi: you went to go-ogle it

Ryan Smith: I want to go-ogle it. All right, so next story Kamaru Usman I broke both my hands against Damian Maia you already referenced it, but let me just say this is in the post fight cage interview he says to jimmy smith “no excuses but I think I broke my right hand in the second I wasn’t letting it go is much and then I broke my left one in the third. it’s just to let everyone know…” now you and I were talking about this this morning this boy bugs the heck out of me that Kamaru-Usman always has an excuse about how he’s hurt that no one solicits he’s his volunteers it

KC Onyebuchi: So I think this my views from this morning have changed so this morning I was like, yeah, but the thing is how often do we talk about ah, Joanna Jedrzecjyck broke her hand, but she still thought through it and it’s this awesome thing, but when Kamaru does it like we’re on him and I think you rightly pointed out the differences, this was completely unsolicited it’s not like he didn’t have a dominant fight for twenty five minutes and they were asking what was wrong uh and he brought that up this was just unsolicited and broke both my hands come on

Ryan Smith: yeah, won

KC Onyebuchi: the fight, just sit down

Ryan Smith: it just be like I won the fight I’m calling you out you know when when Yoel romero knocked out luke rockhold Yoel romero couldn’t stand up never mentioned the injury till they asked him what kid? Why you sitting on the ground he’s like because I think I broke my foot but anyway I want to fight robert whitaker like it was like, oh yeah by the way I think I’m hurt but that’s ok let’s talk about robert whitaker were only person I know that is like hey, so I only fought this fight of thirty percent or I broke both my hands that even when he’s calling out the champ he’s like “and with that performance even with some handicaps no one can” be like who is like calling out their handicaps?

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah oh

Ryan Smith: Come on man!

KC Onyebuchi: I mean, if you want some of the embedded stuff, I think it’s just kind of in the nature of who he is to like overshare his back story just like hey, these air the adversities I face because in his mind sharing the adversity makes you more endearing to the fans and I think it’s just a missed formula like yes, that is true but you have to do it at the right time and in the right doses you can’t be the excuse guy and I think he’s he’s tipped over into being the excuse guy

Ryan Smith: Especially when you have a dominant performance like he had. the other person who does this that drives me up the wall is Uriah hall and you don’t Kamaru Usman you don’t want to be in the same category as your ryan hall when we talk about people who just can’t

KC Onyebuchi: Headcases

Ryan Smith: just a head case I remember I remember there was a fight between Uriah hall and oh gosh, now I can’t remember his name ah, the guy with the with the red hair

KC Onyebuchi: um that red hair guy

Ryan Smith: what is his name? Do it do another nursery rhyme while I look for this? Um

KC Onyebuchi: There once was a man from nantucket

Ryan Smith: Chris Leben there you go

KC Onyebuchi: Thank you for saving me.

Ryan Smith: saved you before you got so so Chris Leben Uriah hall versus chris Leben Uriah hall lands a devastating shot right at the end of the round one bell Chis Leben goes and sits down his corner, waves off the fight says he is not going to answer the second round bell and in the post fight interview Uriah hall apologizes for his performance yeah

KC Onyebuchi: that was just again one of these mixed like your formula is correct, but you’re misappropriating your misapplying it it’s yeah we want humble fighters, but but

Ryan Smith: yeah, I mean that’s it right? We want double fighters but we don’t want a fighter that’s always that can’t just stand on the virtue of his of his performance that’s just ridiculous let’s go on to the next one UFC 225 got a new main event fight Holly Holm versus Megan Anderson but it bumps Aistair Overeem versus Curtis Blaydes a heavyweight fight? How does this happen?

KC Onyebuchi: Whoa…Bumps it to the undercard?

Ryan Smith: Prelims? Yes

KC Onyebuchi: you know this whole thing is trash just trash first of all holly holmes never should have been in the prelims just I don’t I don’t understand how any of this was put together is we get it that you want your cm punk money
But I hope that it tanks so that we never have to see this garbage again

Ryan Smith: . You yeah cm punk who was o in one fighting another omen one fighter is the first fight on the main card

KC Onyebuchi: Ugh

Ryan Smith: do you okay for those out there the that they don’t understand the main card is the money card it’s a pay per view which means that if you get on the main card this is like a big fight CM Punk got destroyed in his first fight the guy he’s fighting is also in won this fight should be on the fight pass prelims even like facebook or something

KC Onyebuchi: yeah

Ryan Smith: This fight should not even be anywhere near the main card and you’ve got alistair overeem who’s been just a steadfast you know rock for the UFC and Curtis Blaydes who was moving up the ladder and it is arguably the future of heavyweight at either the UFC or Bellator because he’s coming on his last fight and you have a throw them to the pre limbs really who’s making these fights

KC Onyebuchi: it’s gross absolutely gross Sean Shelby just get your life together, man

Ryan Smith: All right leaked clip shows UFC photographer instructing female fighter to show off her “assets.” so but usually what happens is whenever there’s like a big fight they’ll have set up in the back in the backstage area ah photographer with like you know the white sheet so they can take updated photos of fighters for the website and other other promotional purposes what what ends up happening is this Tatiana Suarez we talked about her being the next Khabib Nurmagomedov so she’s got this huge hype train should we should’ve done a hype train segment but but you know we didn’t do it

KC Onyebuchi: Nope

Ryan Smith: They tell her to cross her arms so that she can accentuate the UFC logo and show off her assets. So what are your thoughts on this? Do you have a problem with this? Is this just a photographer trying to instruct the model or is this inappropriate?

KC Onyebuchi: Both. It has sadly, become the norm for these women’s fighting is still not about their skill level it’s about their marketability, as evidenced by the fact that Paige Van Zant is still a thing, even though she loses every time she steps into the octagon. Um

Ryan Smith: I don’t know that you can actually say that. All

KC Onyebuchi: right? So I can’t say that, but let’s be real. She is he’s trash as a fighter

Ryan Smith: Um, I don’t know that you can actually say that, but I need your girl Felice Herrig. that’s all i’ve got to say way

KC Onyebuchi: back when when Felice wasn’t really, you know, let’s, move on

Ryan Smith: You were saying you were saying

KC Onyebuchi: The reality is like UFC has a promotion like any other, and they know what’s going to sell. And though I would argue that sex doesn’t actually sell in this sport, it’s a it’s, a misnomer like way, assume that that’s the that’s, the key that makes this thing work. But it’s not. so I don’t think that the photographer was well out of bounds of what is normal for them not to say that I agree that it should be normal, but the reality is that it is normal in this sport.

Ryan Smith: Yeah, I’m kind of ambivalent on this one because you know like you I I see it as wrong because he is intentionally telling her show off your assets which means her boobs and that that is problematic because you don’t say that when you’re when you’re you know taking photographs of a man you know you know like hey I need you to I need you to put your hands on your hips and show your assets you know

KC Onyebuchi: I’d be he probably would I mean there’s the whole notion of flexing and they’re going to highlight stuff and fix stuff in post like none of these photos air real anyway

Ryan Smith: Yeah but at the same time you know it shouldn’t be that way we should I should be able to just like hey you know we want to show the UFC logo which happens to be on you know the top part of her thing so you cross your arms make sure we can see the logo let’s keep going you know and not let’s see your assets let’s make sure that we can you know we can see your assets it but then again I’m just I don’t know I don’t you know I kind of fall I know how we should react to it but unfortunately emotionally I’m not like outraged and I guess I I guess I should be but I’m not maybe that’s just because I’m a man and I have male privilege and yadda yadda

KC Onyebuchi: NEXT!

Ryan Smith: After missing weight by seven pounds for about at one fifteen mckinsey dern says missing wait will never happen again.

KC Onyebuchi: Well she’s just not going to fight anymore?

Ryan Smith: I guess she just not gonna eat.

KC Onyebuchi: no, because she talks about how much she hates training, and so she just likes to eat and go to the beach

Ryan Smith: Yeah, well, you know, she did say that.

KC Onyebuchi: You can’t have both statements like I hate training. I’m just going to eat and go to the beach. Oh, and I’m never gonna miss weight again, like those two statements are incompatible. It causes cognitive dissonance.

Ryan Smith: So they have her going to UFC performance institute. They they’ve got her on the Francis Ngannou program, so they’re trying to make a star out of mackenzie dern, and if she doesn’t eat her way out of this opportunity, she is going to be a star in the UFC. So they got her in the perform–

KC Onyebuchi: at 125.

Ryan Smith: Well, if they can get if she can get to one fifteen but she’s got to be committed so you know, I think that the thing is is she made a public statement that she is never going to look miss wait again and that she doesn’t ever do it but she said they that the UFC performance institute said that it will be easier and we’ll be all be under control that she will be able to make one fifteen and so because she has the support of the UFC um that she will not miss wait again

KC Onyebuchi: well that’s the thing who’s paying for this

Ryan Smith: The UFC

KC Onyebuchi: oh well in that case of course it’ll work out

Ryan Smith: yeah, I mean the UFC has a vested interest in turning mackenzie Dern into a star that that that is Francis NGannou Mackenzie Dern I think Tatiana Suarez I think all of these fighters they’re trying to build the next wave of of superstars in in the UFC they’re trying to build it which I completely support um

KC Onyebuchi: So this reminds me of someone who consistently had weight issues Kelvin Gastellum

Ryan Smith: Yeah

KC Onyebuchi: They were able to turn that around for him

Ryan Smith: But yeah, because they threaten well know, you know, they didn’t they didn’t turn it around for

KC Onyebuchi: You just moved up a weight class

Ryan Smith: They forced him up to one eighty five and now he’s

KC Onyebuchi: And it worked out yeah

Ryan Smith: He’s getting ready to fight for the title once once they resolve Robert Whitaker Yoel Romero but which

KC Onyebuchi: Is why I think that personally it makes more sense to stop trying to kill your fighters. I mean, didn’t we have won the card before fighter had to pull out because of weight I’m blanking on this

Ryan Smith: well, you know you had your one memory

KC Onyebuchi: Dang it

Ryan Smith: So you know sorry you’re you’re done. You’re done man.

KC Onyebuchi: Uriah Hall almost died

Ryan Smith: Uriah Hall, yes.

KC Onyebuchi: Yes BOOM! Nailed it

Ryan Smith: Come on now! We hardly ever get to hear the catchphrase and then you change it. Now I gotta change the shirt on the website.

KC Onyebuchi: Well, it wasn’t quite a rocked’em thing. Cause no one got hit.

Ryan Smith: All right, so the verdict is still out on Mackenzie Dern. Let’s go into the next one. Mirko cro cop we got to give some love to the red crested step child that is Bellator MMA mirko cro cop is out of Bellator two hundred main event Raphael Carvallo and Gegard Moussasi to headline ah, the UFC are the bela tor two hundred card what’s so funny

KC Onyebuchi: my in tired time of knowing him i’ve been called a micro

Ryan Smith: Micro–

KC Onyebuchi: my brain never corrected it until you said it was like uh I’m you are dumb You are really dumb

Ryan Smith: Really Dumb.

KC Onyebuchi: Well there is that

Ryan Smith: Alright, mirko cro cup he’s out and that was supposed to be a big fight cause he’s going to fight roy nelson and I think that someone got hurt in the heavyweight grand prix and so they were trying to we fill that with the winner of this fight I don’t know if that’s real or not, but Cro cop versus roy nelson was going to be a really interesting fight now it’s out you’ve got gay Gegard Moussasi filling it in and it was going to be a huge card because michael venom pages coming back as well I’m going to watch that car just for michael venom page, but, um, this is this this this is not going to have the star studded ah attraction that it had with when Mirko Cro Cop was still in it

KC Onyebuchi: Yep

Ryan Smith: Ok two more stories, number one supreme court strikes down federal anti sports gambling law giving states the go ahead to allow betting on sports how do you feel about that? Because now theoretically you and I could bet on UFC sports.

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah I’m not going to have you seen how bad my picks are?

Ryan Smith: Yeah, but mine aren’t much better, so you know, we could see who could lose the most money remember we used to have a segment called “bet the bank”,

KC Onyebuchi: you know, yeah, I did not do well

Ryan Smith: yeah, you had the lead for, like a while and then it was all of a sudden, Bomp Bomp Bomp. I’m excited, but at the same time I’m scared because now if you introduce betting around the country on sports like the UFC then you start running the potential to have people throw fights. Well

KC Onyebuchi: I mean, the fighters aren’t making beans for money at all, so

Ryan Smith: these lower level guys have every incentive to put money on themselves

Ryan Smith: right? But what if you put money on the other person and then you throw the fight like,

KC Onyebuchi: good

Ryan Smith: do we haveto start managing that now I know

KC Onyebuchi: you know, just start paying their fighters

Ryan Smith: okay? Ah, I mean, I think it’s a great idea to be able to be like, I’m fighting in vegas, I’m going to put every ounce, every penny that I have on myself, and if I were betting I

KC Onyebuchi: I’m I’m betting my purse, the entirety of my purse on myself

Ryan Smith: Didn’t floyd mayweather do that well

KC Onyebuchi: he attempted to they wouldn’t take his bet

Ryan Smith: Really?

KC Onyebuchi: Yeah so he had one of his guys put ten thousand or something on it, but he wanted to bet a majority of his purse on it, but no one would take his bet

Ryan Smith: wow, wow, that’s interesting,

KC Onyebuchi: I love that swag I love it

Ryan Smith: So last story of the segment Demetrious Johnson drops a train on Henry cejudo on twitter the twitter beef and the twitter game for Demetrious johnson is just as strong as his gaming game and his fighting game

KC Onyebuchi: gaming game fighting game game game

Ryan Smith: game He’s got game I got game He’s got game

KC Onyebuchi: interesting movie so tell me more about this beef

Ryan Smith: So Henry Cejudo has finally taken the role of heel in the flyweight division and he started his campaign to rematch Demetrious johnson after that round one knockout loss at UFC 197 in April 2016 pseudo goes on twitter and says to mighty mouse it shows a mouse emoji and a hammer he writes number one lowest pay per view in UFC history number two lowest title fight gate number three play video games all day number four haven’t fought for eight months number five great fighter but nobody cares to watch him and I will kill the mouse and he at uh he mentioned mick maynard who is the is the matchmaker and Dana white

KC Onyebuchi: yeah I mean somewhat solid points yeah

Ryan Smith: that’s a shot across the bow

KC Onyebuchi: yeah

Ryan Smith: deejay responded I clocked all these hours in gaming and still worked your ass. That’s Harsh Boom, hold on.

KC Onyebuchi: Boom Rock’em

Ryan Smith: he did

KC Onyebuchi: well here’s the thing is this is reminiscent of the the john jones rebuttal to um

Ryan Smith: Chuck Liddell?

KC Onyebuchi: no oh that one too huh?

Ryan Smith: Colby Covington?

KC Onyebuchi: Cormier. Cormier was talking about all how terrible person that jon jones was he’s like yeah I was coked out that weekend and I still work your ass so I mean it’s kind of the tried and true rebuttal

Ryan Smith: Well but it’s crazy because Henry Cejudo got knocked out in the first round it was like over. So Henry Cejudo responded when we Fought you thought a wrestler you know and I know I’m going to knock your block off next time we fight get your “stuff” together let’s do this finally people are talking about you since I tweeted you you’re welcome DJ responded sorry busy playing choi– like I’m playing video games right now I can’t really that can’t really go into this beef right now I think that beat DJ’s got is trash talk game on is this do you approve of this level of promo talk

KC Onyebuchi: ah from DJ yeah ah I mean the guy’s truly the best in the game ah he needed a heel he’s got his heel I think this is probably where it needs to be for this to be of interest problem is Cejudo still not that interesting of a guy is like me talking trash to mighty mouse like oh ok so

Ryan Smith: well mighty mouse is a little bit bigger than a four year old so you know you’d still have problems

KC Onyebuchi: well, that’s true

Ryan Smith: all right, that is the finding the angles let’s we’ve got one segment left in the show and that is the fight car this’s the fight card.


Ryan Smith: This is where we look forward to this upcoming weekend and see the fights that are coming up and this is going to be a big one. The UFC makes its first appearance in Liverpool don’t even say it–

KC Onyebuchi: it stopped, I stopped,

Ryan Smith: I’m proud of you. You are the world’s worst and that’s what she said

KC Onyebuchi: oh my gosh, Sarah would love that ah, I really hope she hears this episode. Do you hear that? For once? I did not say it–

Ryan Smith: So who’s Sarah?

KC Onyebuchi: Sarah is my girlfriend

Ryan Smith: OOP! OOP!

KC Onyebuchi: What you put me on blast like that

Ryan Smith: yourself blast. I’m just saying

KC Onyebuchi: I’m proud of you guys. Yeah, she’s dope.

Ryan Smith: Okay UFC Liverpool this the first time the UFC has been to Liverpool, um and it’s a big fight Stephen Wonderboy Thompson versus Darren Till at Echo arena they are six fights on the card we’ll go through them real quick and they will make a flash fight pick for the main event of the evening. Eric Zebrinha Spicely versus Daryn The Dentist Stewart at a middleweight fight you got Dangerous Davey Grant versus Manny The Bermudez Triangle bermudaz…you didn’t like that one did you?

KC Onyebuchi: Ew.

Ryan Smith: It seems like some fighters like whenever they’re filling out their UFC application. It’s like what’s. Your fight name, he’s like shoot. I’ve kind of come up with something

KC Onyebuchi: Right? Like on the spot

Ryan Smith: The Bermudez Triangle that’s tight. Yeah. No, no

KC Onyebuchi: Nah Fam.

Ryan Smith: But it gets worse. Jason The Kid Knight versus Mr Finland Makwan Amirkhani.

KC Onyebuchi: I’m revoking everybody’s rights to have a nickname. You’re done. Everyone on this card, trash

Ryan Smith: Almighty Arnold allen versus mads burnell that’s his name mads. His name is Mads, so we’re going to get within. Let Mads have his name. Yeah

KC Onyebuchi: Mads rocks. Almighty?

Ryan Smith: Yeah

KC Onyebuchi: Nah Fam

Ryan Smith: in the co main event. You’ve got number nine Neil Magny versus Craig The Thundercat White

KC Onyebuchi: Craig

Ryan Smith: Craig

KC Onyebuchi: You better put some water on that

Ryan Smith: And then in the main event of the evening. Number eight, Darren the Gorilla Till versus number one. Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. What is your flash Fight pick here?

KC Onyebuchi: Wonderboy for the dub. Yeah . I’m totally given to Stephen the win here, dear. Until I mean he sponsored by Gym Shark that’s. Not even like riel gym clothes. Come on?

Ryan Smith: That is what you’re making your fight pick on there Darren Till is going to smash Wonderboy Thompson they’re until really I think the dude walks around as a light heavyweight 205 pounds and he cuts to 170 this guy is going to hurt Wonderboy it’s going to be bad it is in Liverpool rule number four no there’s no rule number one stops a Cheick Kongo

KC Onyebuchi: rule number four stop making up rules as you go

Ryan Smith: there’s food there’s three rules

KC Onyebuchi: Rule Number one. You don’t talk about fight club

Ryan Smith: What is that? I don’t–

KC Onyebuchi: oh my gosh.

Ryan Smith: I’m jacking with you.

KC Onyebuchi: just my outrage knew no words

Ryan Smith: I know that okay! So, that’s it I got Darren Till you’ve got Wonderboy Thompson we’re going to be off next week we’re going to have to have a super size show in two weeks because next week is a memorial day we’re going to take some time off on remember those who gave all for our country and so we will be out of the show next week and we’ll be back in two weeks for the next combat sports talk. Okay?

KC Onyebuchi: mmmkay?

Ryan Smith: mmmkay?

Ryan Smith: So follow us on social media on twitter I’m at @cstRyan

KC Onyebuchi: and I am @cstRyan

Ryan Smith: You can check out the website at www.combatsporttalk.com and you can also find us on itunes, soundcloud, facebook and instagram I am @combatsportstalk and you are

KC Onyebuchi: @pushpullpray and currently the number one power lifter in USSF at 110 kilograms

Ryan Smith: The USSR? what?

KC Onyebuchi: Back in the ussr? No ussf it’s a power lifting federation

Ryan Smith: USSF #1?

KC Onyebuchi: US Strength Lifting Federation.

Ryan Smith: US Strength Lifting Federation.

KC Onyebuchi: Yes, the number one at one hundred ten kilograms.

Ryan Smith: All right. Congratulations. The strongest man in the country. I didn’t know that.

KC Onyebuchi: Surprise!

Ryan Smith: Congratulations. We now have merchandise on amazon. Search for combat sports talk. And we have added a new section on the website for live events where we feature George G-Money Stallworth. I got some great news about him, but I want him to tell it so we will get him the opportunity to tell his great news about G-Money. All right.

KC Onyebuchi: Swag.

Ryan Smith: Let’s go. Let’s get out of here. Our theme music is composed by Scott McCurry at ScottDeanCountry.com. KC Onyebuchi produced our lead-ins. I want to thank you for joining us for another edition of Combat Sports Talk. For KC Onyebuchi, I’m Ryan Smith reminding you to keep your hands up your chin tucked and throw bombs.

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