Episode 121 – Fight Island is Real and UFC 249 is on

April 28, 2020 by No Comments

“Fortune Favors the Bold” and Dana White is boldly going where no promotion has gone before by delivering not one, not two, but 3 fights in one week to bring back MMA action to battle-starved fight fans around the world.  Get the latest on Fight Island and hear discussion about UFC 249, Halle Berry getting broken bones and speaking of bones…a debate about the duality of Jon Jones.


Ryan Smith 0:07
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the entire combat sports talk crew. We’ve got john keys. What’s up, john?

John Keyes 0:25
Hey, what’s happening?

Ryan Smith 0:27
All right, he is the man with the keys to victory. We got the man who is good with meet George Stallworth.

John Keyes 0:36
Referred that blood

Ryan Smith 0:39
ready for the kind of virus. If we

John Keyes 0:46
don’t if we can really do a stick after the show, I mean, that’s what we do.

George Stallworth 0:51
Just to know

Ryan Smith 0:56
the guy with the trumpet in the back of his video. And a bandana on his


The guns are Trump himself.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:09
Wrong colors.

John Keyes 1:15
Right. Where’s your bandana?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18
gang gang? Hey, look, we all in the same town affiliated.

Ryan Smith 1:24
I grew up I grew up in Ray wood, Texas. It’s a small town. We don’t really have any gangs, no bloods? No.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:32
They had the YMCA.

Ryan Smith 1:33
We didn’t we didn’t have that.

We had a yellow flashing light. Wow, our our skyline was a rice dryer. If you go on Google Maps and look at Ray wood, Texas, there is a big facility that is there to dry rice to sell rice. We were rice farming community. So that’s it. We look. There were no drive bys. Nothing like that. At least when I was growing up. Basically you found somebody In a brought them into a field where nobody was there you handled your business to men no one come back.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:08
I said what’s that you claiming brown white rice or white rice?

Ryan Smith 2:13
Just white rice.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:15
Jasmine rice

Ryan Smith 2:17
not a lot of choices. But yeah people go into the woods one person come back somebody must have gotten into a fight

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:26
that’s super strange.

John Keyes 2:28
And I see it as this rice dryer. I that’s

Ryan Smith 2:32
where I’m from right there halen that’s the you know what it is? It is so small that I call it a town but it is too small to be a town. It is literally classified as a village. It is a

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:43
yes. Wow. You always struck me as one of the village people.

Ryan Smith 2:48
Oh, oh, all right. Hold on, hold on. Okay.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:59
We bring in heat Today

Ryan Smith 3:00
we are so let’s let’s let’s just see where the tallies are once we get done with this show hell we might even get to the show with just maybe we have to change the title to combat sports talk Episode 121 the dozens

All right, well, let’s get into it. I you know, George is gonna beat me up after the show. I know this is gonna happen. I do not look forward to the leg kick that’s gonna happen but it’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt real bad. Let’s get into our headlines. The top thing that we want to talk about on this show, this is the headliner.

All right, for the headliner, we are talking about the number one topic on the show and that number one topic is fight Island. We have more information about what fight Island is what it’s going to be Dana White said it’s going to happen in June. And there’s gonna be an octagon on the beach.

John Keyes 4:05
And that’s it people. Thank you for stopping by for the show. We’ve heard everything we need to hear. Good night.

Ryan Smith 4:10
So I’m excited about that. I mean, this is what was when we were talking about fight Island. What was it two episodes ago, we were talking about how cool it would be if there was a an octagon on the beach, and they could take a shot of fighters fighting in the cage, with the moon rising over the horizon or just a giant full moon. That would be just an iconic shot. And now it’s going to be possible because he is actually putting an octagon on the beach.

John Keyes 4:42
Allegedly Hold on. Hold on there man. Do not break my my dream come true here of Mortal Kombat Island. I mean, we’re gonna eat all they were missing is a throne for Dana to sit upon and just look like a villain. Okay. That’s what we missing. That’s the whole thing.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 5:02
Seems a little short sighted, right? So this is solving for an immediate need. But is this a long term sustainable thing? Because you think about it like an island sounds dope. But which one of us here on the show is going to be able to fly out to a private island to go watch a flight?

John Keyes 5:17
Well, not me. My passport is good. I don’t know about the rest of y’all. Okay. All right. First of all, we don’t even know what his Island is that okay. We’re only speculating that is an international waters because he was Willie. He’s willing to to put the fights on, regardless of us sanctions are ordered. So that means it’s going to happen in international waters. The only problem is, we don’t know if it’s in the Atlantic or the Pacific, it makes a big difference. Because this isn’t the Atlantic, there’s always the chance of a hurricane, I mean, a hurricane, a hurricane coming through from now until November basically from May until November. So we always got to look out for that. Next It’s not in the Atlantic, it’s in the Pacific. The hurricanes don’t happen until well, cyclones in the Pacific. That doesn’t happen until November to May April. I think, April, what is?

Today is April 87th. Okay.

George Stallworth 6:22
All right.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 6:25

John Keyes 6:27
May 7, you know, so, ya know, but to may or April, I mean, you know,

Ryan Smith 6:33
so like, I think it’s interesting that you were focusing on the risk of Mother Nature coming through with a hurricane to mess up fight Island. Here’s the thing for me. The moment they had the first fight Island match, they will not be a secret anymore. Everyone will know where fight Island is because you really think that a fighter is going to keep his mouth shut after he went on the inaugural bite at fight Island. Like you gotta tell you where it was, they’re not gonna put bags over people’s heads or blindfold them to get out there. And even if they even if they did, let’s go. Let’s assume that the UFC somehow blindfolded or made them fly in a jet with blackened windows, whatever. The moment that we know that fight Island is up, there are going to be people scouring Google Maps they’re going to be people trying to find fight Island it will become the next area 51 rush.

John Keyes 7:32
Okay, how that turned out? Yeah, it’s

Ryan Smith 7:34
the US government versus the UFC. I’m a little bit more afraid of the US government than I am the UFC.

John Keyes 7:41
Well, never wrong. Remember Mr. Mr. Trump won two he did say that he was that it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a private jet going out to the island. fighters will not know where that they saw allegedly they are going to blacking out the jet windows. So nobody will Know where they’re gonna be landing.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 8:03
This is doing too much like what do we get out of this whole experience like it’s super secret private I don’t like I don’t care if it’s secret I’m not watch fight you

John Keyes 8:12
know? This gets me every 90s movie I’ve ever every 90s kung fu movie ever wise This is all rolled up into one and we get ourselves a reality TV show on top of

Kelechi Onyebuchi 8:27
on Tommy That’s all it is. This is this this is reality TV routes playing in too much where it’s all about the storyline and not enough about are you delivering a worthwhile product and

Ryan Smith 8:38
I love it. I love it. I love that it’s all about storyline I love that it this is larger than life you do not get any bigger than fight Island when it comes to mixed martial arts. There’s you fight moon maybe in 100 years.

Hey Ben, I’m not able to compete


John Keyes 8:57
Now UFC ISS space. station baby. Okay 10 years, Thomas no zero G fighting zero what is

Kelechi Onyebuchi 9:08
that might be worthwhile

John Keyes 9:10
to watch a scene five on five fighting over in the Eastern Bloc space station fighting is right around the corner people

Unknown Speaker 9:20
all right. But it’s less effective though because it’s not like you’re moving at full speed so a Mighty Mouse doesn’t have his advantage.

John Keyes 9:28
Oh, I think Minnie Mouse can do a spin all the way across from one side of that space station to the other. I think you can do a perpetual spin just continuously spin all the way up until he hits the face. I think

Ryan Smith 9:40
it’s it’s like the drum technique on Karate Kid too. You know,

you just keep you know

that’s how you do it. space.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 9:52
wait one more time.

George Stallworth 9:53
Right jumped in on it as well. Oh my gosh is gonna Yeah. Come on. Hi. look

Kelechi Onyebuchi 10:08
like at the end of the day like he’s got us because we’re talking about it Yes. But when you think about what product he can actually pull together for that type of that on a fight Island, like the island aesthetics go away real quick after the first out by the second time it’s just like it’s just another venue and even having that again it’s a private island so the fans that have made the sport great cannot participate in this event. So the best you can offer me is a semi silent cage experience like but I can hear the beach waves crashing in the back like give me something more.

John Keyes 10:44
We say okay, I’ll add everything that you just said there collection I add one word to it. Yet there. I think five islands gonna be here to stay. And as soon as as soon as all this is is is over. Let’s put it out there Mother Nature has caused all of this Ryan first of all Mother Nature’s got us here sitting in our in our in our cubby holes with our quest beards going on talking about you know UFC ISS okay? that that that you know that

Kelechi Onyebuchi 11:16
that is don’t make that trendy

Ryan Smith 11:20
as long as long as it’s UFC ISS and not UFC is is Yeah.

John Keyes 11:32
Oh man Okay so

Kelechi Onyebuchi 11:34
that is a routing protocol that is all he’s talking about that’s to MPLS

Ryan Smith 11:41
technology this is the thing for me is that for one I do think that fans are going to ruin this I think that there are going to be people who are going to spoil this The moment you have the first fight, people are going to find out it’s it’s it will become the great search to find the island where the UFC has and and and when they do then that means that someone’s going to be emboldened. To go and sneak on the island and go and disrupt it if someone could run on the field in the middle of the World Series or the the the Super Bowl, do you think that someone’s not going to try to go and disrupt the fight at UFC fight Island once they find out where it is? I think that that’s I think that’s gonna happen. The other thing that I think is it, I think that if it goes well, then what you’re going to see is they’re going to put a hotel on that island, and it’s going to become an actual destination because it’s clearly already has an airport. So you put a hotel on there now it becomes the the pinnacle place to go to watch UFC and they could continue to invest tremendous amounts of dollars for that. If it goes wrong. Then you got fire festival were like, Oh, it was a big thing was promised. But in actuality it was just a big debacle and embarrassment and the UFC will lose its credibility.

John Keyes 12:53
I can see your international fight week happening on that island.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 12:59
What is the Linda’s what’s that place where Trump has a golf course? That’s like,

Air Force. Yeah.

John Keyes 13:08
That counts as an island. That does count as an island. All the haggis you can have right there, man. haggis and whiskey and, and potatoes and calves. You can have it at your at your disposal. I

Unknown Speaker 13:25
mean, that just kind of feels like one of those things that Dana White could pull off with his connection with Trump and Trump’s desire for more business at his resorts. And I mean, that’s a marriage made in heaven. Yeah. And Trump was one of his early investors who helped bail him out. So yeah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 13:42
why not do it again. I mean, this is kind of the

conspiracy theories just dropping. Look at me. I’m turning into the john over here. Hey, hold on.

John Keyes 13:50
A customer

Kelechi Onyebuchi 13:53
in a great way.

Unknown Speaker 13:56
It’s either Trump’s Island or Epstein’s Island. I’m making that My prediction. All right, so Nostradamus,

Ryan Smith 14:03
it would I don’t, I can’t imagine that to be Epstein’s Island. But I do think that it could be an island off the coast of Florida. We talked about this last week, just because and we’re going to get into it In this next segment, but it’s likely that it’s it’s it’s it could be an island off the coast of Florida because of the fact that the Florida Governor was a wreck the Santas, something like that. Yeah. He is also part of the friendship between Trump and Dana White, those guys are all connected. So just like he’s able to make a way for them to have fights in in Florida in May. It’s extremely possible that this island could be off the coast of Florida, any jurisdiction would fall under the the the state of Florida anyway, so he’d be able to have it and that way he can get sanctioned by the Florida boxing commission. But at the same time, it’s it’s it’s still far enough away that you’re not going to get any kind of interference. So I, I don’t know. I’m excited to see where find out where it is. But let’s get into our next segment. We’ve spent enough time on this. Let’s talk about not something that could happen. It’s something that absolutely is going to happen. And that’s UFC 249. In that, that, what is it? What’s it called finding the angles? There we go.

This is finding the angles. This is where we talked about the other headlines that are making waves in the UFC world. And if it’s not the headline, it’s got to be the subtext and that is UFC 249 is absolutely happening. May 9, and we know where it’s in Jacksonville, Florida, and it’s at the let’s see, what is it called? I’ve got it here somewhere. It’s at the vice star Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. And Ron de Santos. I said Rick Sanchez, but it’s Ron De Santis is opening up the door because It made UFC and WWE and essential business in Florida.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 16:06
This fight brought to you by Florida man whenever there’s craziness in the news it’s Florida man.

John Keyes 16:15
Charlemagne to God said all the crazy people reside either in the Bronx of all of Florida so this is right up that alley.

Ryan Smith 16:23
Yeah so so now that we know where it is, we know that it’s been sanctioned the Florida boxing commission is is going to is going to sanction it. So it’s going to happen. We’re gonna have UFC 249 the fight card has been announced it is a stacked card. I don’t think that there’s been a better card than this one in a long time. Let’s go through some of the fights and we’ll get some reactions. I want to start with George he’s been awfully quiet. So let’s let’s let’s go with Ryan span versus Sam Alvey. We’ve got Bryce Mitchell versus Charles Rossa Vincent De Luca versus Nico price. Got jacker A Sousa versus Uriah Hall. Carla Esparza versus Michelle Waterson you got Fabrizio Verdun versus Alexi olynyk. And you got Donald cowboys Sironi versus Anthony Pettis, and that’s just the prelims

George Stallworth 17:17
that My thoughts exactly that is just the prelims man, all of those those are some top notch fights on the prelim card is off the chain. The UFC is going all out to make sure they get eyes on this card, because the prelims typically are either on ESPN or ESPN plus. So therefore they’re not stuck behind a paywall. So that’s kudos to the UFC for putting that on there.

Ryan Smith 17:40
All right, so beyond that, now we got the main card you got Greg hardy versus your gun de Castro. Jeremy Stevens versus Calvin cater, you got France Ethan? Yeah, Jeremy the little heat and Stephen. Yet Francis and ganas versus yarn. So Rosen struck. Then in the CO main event, Henry sudo vs. Dominick Cruz for the bantamweight title and in the main event of the evening, Tony Ferguson versus Justin Gachi for the interim lightweight title that is about as good a card as you’re going to get. I can tell you right now usually we go to the line and crown watch these fights and to put on a live show or we go to you know, another hangout to watch the fights. I’m buying this one straight up

Kelechi Onyebuchi 18:27
you livestream that for me?

Ryan Smith 18:29
No. I will not

John Keyes 18:36
put that straight out

on our show the

Kelechi Onyebuchi 18:39
the way that stimulus checkers set up

Ryan Smith 18:46
some reactions from you guys though, like what what do you think? I mean, I’m excited about the Tony Ferguson just engage. I think it’s a dangerous fight for Tony Ferguson, but I think you’ll win that one. I like the for instance, and gonna fight because those are two just big behemoth In the ring, you know, Jeremy Stevens always puts on a show. Calvin cater is a great fighter, you know and I’m the only fight that I’m not happy with is Henry sudo versus dominant cruise. We’ll talk a little bit later about why I’m not happy with that one.

John Keyes 19:17
I’m Dana White talked about the talked about this whole situation he said that the prelims is a is basically it’s a it’s a pay per view on its own. This split this prelims is three and a half hours long, just so just so you guys know. This is this is prime fight. This is a prod this is these are prime fights on a prelim and then the main event is just icing on every cake that we’ve missed. I see. I see no bad fights on this. As a matter of fact, I really am looking forward to the shocker Ray versus Ryan Hall fight. I hope this is a good this is a that jakhary pulls out a good performance against Ryan Hall on this one. I got My fellow my fellow cohorts saying no to this, but I am the optimist here. Shaka Rey go ahead and just get get them get them

Ryan Smith 20:08
yeah, if you’re a fan then you’re gonna get what you want right we probably shouldn’t be making these pics until next week but you know it’s out there now we’ll put in the world is Uriah Hall going to be able to survive the jujitsu?

John Keyes 20:25
He’s not

George Stallworth 20:26
well, you got to remember jakhary doesn’t necessarily just jump right into his gyms. He likes to strike a little bit too.

John Keyes 20:33
Yeah, but just like just like Nick BSS or Nate. I’m sorry as soon as they get hit. Oh, all sudden. You’re grappling you’re wrestling

George Stallworth 20:45
wrestling now?

John Keyes 20:46
Yeah, I looked I looked for Zachary to go straight to the Jets. I seriously I think he’s gonna roll him up.

Ryan Smith 20:54
Yeah, I that’s what I would say. You know, he’s Uriah Hall is such a big athletic guy. I mean, he He’s gotten better but you know, I haven’t seen him fight in a while because he never seems to make it out of the prelim fights these days. But, you know, he’s always struggled with with with the mental aspects of the fight, you know? And so if he doesn’t get in his

George Stallworth 21:15
training here in Dallas now, right?

John Keyes 21:17
Really? You’re Mr. Hall.

Ryan Smith 21:19
I am really rude for you.

You go Mr. Hall

George Stallworth 21:26
real quick

Ryan Smith 21:29
Talking Smack

George Stallworth 21:31
here in Dallas trainer. Oh,

John Keyes 21:37
we’re just really gonna have to run up on this. Jim did I mean walk up there? We’re not running up on nothing. Okay, we’re walking very slowly with our hands out in a neutral position to be diplomat. Yeah, exactly. I mean, don’t let these scars fool y’all Trust me. It’s just for the virus. We ain’t trying to stick nothing. Alright, so you know Yeah, so yeah, we should we should really visit this for discus we’ve seen they’ve really been a force of nature in the past year and a half. If you really look a lot of the fighters that have shown up on La the pay per views have come from forests. So we should pay this

Ryan Smith 22:15
let’s talk about some of the stories coming out at UFC 249 the first one in Ghana and Rosen struck they’re not fighting for an interim title. As we know that steep a meal chick has been sidelined with I think an eye injury or some type of injury and and so therefore that he’s he’s not fighting anyone until he fights Daniel Cormier. So that means the heavyweight division is being held up. And so Rosen struck and gone are like we should be fighting for a title, at least an interim title in the meantime, and the UFC said no, do you guys think that this fight should be an interim title fight

John Keyes 22:56
if it if the fight if the fighters fight At the champions injured and on top of that he gets a stipulation I’m not fighting until I fight this person went on it went so when are they gonna fight it becomes the question when are they gonna do it? And see on top of that is bad optics in my opinion because the pay still he’s still a firefighter he’s still a first responder that would look really bad at the UFC say oh we’re gonna get this we’re gonna we’re gonna ignore the fight the the champ here, you know just because you know even though he is injured, you know because you’re putting up first responder to the side for the glory of the game. That’s kind of a bad optics type of deal even though it’s business.

Ryan Smith 23:42
I just think it’s it’s bad because if there’s an interim title fight between in Ghana and Rosen struck, then technically DC they’ve Yeah, they have a better claim to the title than DC does. So how are you going to have DC sitting there waiting for For the fight with CP me Oh chick, and you’ve got an interim title that has to be resolved. So at the end of the day, what ends up happening actually it’s genius now that I think about it. If there is a sin God Oh, it’s genius. No wonder it’s gone. Oh, and and urines Oh Enzo roses truck fight and they get Dave’s

George Stallworth 24:22
name again. And you’re in so

Ryan Smith 24:25
I’m sorry. You’re in so check it you’re in so

George Stallworth 24:35
I heard like three different pronunciations from you tonight. All right.

Ryan Smith 24:40
It’s genius. It’s genius. In Ghana and Rosen struck fight and they were given an interim title. Daniel homie, a fights steep a meal chick. And he wins and then retires. Who’s the champ? Your interim title holder.

John Keyes 24:57
Exactly. That’s why they don’t give it They that’s why

Ryan Smith 25:02
that’s why they don’t want to give it to them. Because we know that Daniel Cormier is not defending the title if he wins, he’s gonna retire as a champion. And so if they have an interim title that becomes instant champion.

John Keyes 25:13
So are they saying secretly that they already know who’s gonna win in that matchup?

Ryan Smith 25:17
Well, I mean, we know who should have won in the rematch. Those body shots came from out of nowhere, but secret music was not winning that fight by a longshot. Yeah, that fight was he was losing.

John Keyes 25:30
Sorry, Steve a but you know, it’s not up to saying that you’re going to lose

Ryan Smith 25:34
this. They know what I’m saying. Dang, dang. Come on, man. Everybody got a chance?

John Keyes 25:43
Yeah, come on.

Ryan Smith 25:46
So Dana White confirms that the the winner out of Ferguson and he will fight Habib in September or October. Of course we know Ramadan is going on right now for our brothers out there. Who are Who are observing Ramadan? Ramadan Mubarak? Look at me

John Keyes 26:05
look at that chart to get all cultural. Look there.

Ryan Smith 26:11
But yeah, so we know that Ramadan is gonna last for 30 days and then and then that puts us into may there’ll be some training that he was gonna want to do we’ve got to get through all of this COVID-19 so September October is probably the best guess when he can fight again and so guaranteed fighter. I think that’s good. Yeah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 26:33

Ryan Smith 26:35
very good. Show off. So Justin, he said that if he beats Tony Ferguson, it isn’t a destination. It’s the map to Habib. Of course, most people when they get the interim title they try to treat themselves as the champion. They try to get that respect. You know, they Justin he says the belt is going to be nice to have, but it’s not a championship belt championship belt clearly wrestling On the waist of Habib in America met off and so that gives me that shot to fight him and he better fight hard because I expect nothing less than him trying to kill me is what Justin he said

John Keyes 27:12
he says that until you see them the the money that that that that interim title will bring him and then he’s like oh, I’m the interim champ. Yeah. Put some specs on mine. But I hear what he’s saying. And you know, I everybody uses those words like that I’m gonna die in the ring. I don’t think you’d really need to say that around Habib because I think a beep that dudes is actually taking that seriously. So you might want to choose your words a little bit more carefully. Justin

Ryan Smith 27:40
but but in talking like that shouldn’t give him some respect. I mean, I mean, you know, I’ve known you to defend language like that.

John Keyes 27:49
Yes, if you mean it, he don’t just don’t mean that. He don’t mean he want to. You want to leave it all in one leaving

Kelechi Onyebuchi 27:55
I disagree. John’s writing style is leaving it all in the ring light He doesn’t plan he. I don’t think he trains for fights. Like

I wonder how hard I can swing my arm and hope it connects.

John Keyes 28:11
He’s at the School of martial arts. Is that what you say?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 28:15
So himself, like, when he talks about the fights he’s had, he’s like, at this point I was just going for whatever I could, whenever could land and say, Brad, did you did you gameplan for this fight and all

Ryan Smith 28:27
round one, I’m gonna go in there. I’m gonna try to hit him. And okay, round two. I’m gonna try to just do what I did in round one.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 28:36
Round three. Yeah, I’m gonna try and leg kick. See if that works. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 28:40
but if it doesn’t work, then I’m gonna do what I did in round one.

George Stallworth 28:45
On top of that,

John Keyes 28:48
but seriously, I don’t think justice. You know, Justin talks a good game. Do I think he’s really willing to leave leaving a stretcher

Kelechi Onyebuchi 29:00
Am I still on it does like as much as I’m basically done it multiple times before

John Keyes 29:05
he walked out he still walked out. I don’t think he’s wanting to leave his life on in a pool of blood on the octagon gym

George Stallworth 29:13
that Eddie Alvarez by I invite you to go watch. Justin he versus Eddie Alvarez. Okay. Come back. Let’s talk about this next week.

Ryan Smith 29:24
Let me just go ahead and say I don’t believe that there is a fighter in the UFC right now who is willing to leave their life in the ring? Just saying I’m on the undercard

Kelechi Onyebuchi 29:36
because those guys need money.

John Keyes 29:37
Yeah. I could probably name two names to name him. Three. I’ll name three. Excuse me. Three. Habib Max Holloway. Maybe Brian Brian Ortega. No, yes. Yes. He’s trying to Take for what? He is a Gracie fighter. He never like

Kelechi Onyebuchi 30:07
he doesn’t have anything to lose so he doesn’t fall fall into that category. Yes

John Keyes 30:13
he does. Brian Ortega is a Gracie fighter. Those Grace’s will die in the ring. craw unless Kron Gracie forgot him. Sorry, cron. He’ll die in that ring too because daddy is the Alpha Dog of all the Gracie.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 30:27
Thank goodness we have refs because I want to see this.

Ryan Smith 30:31
Like, who wants to see somebody dead in the ring? Nobody? Like Come on. That’s why every time it happens, because it’s like, oh my gosh, who would who would willingly sign up to die in the ring like even even even Apollo Creed did not intend to die in the ring. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 30:51
but and that’s

John Keyes 30:54
what was up. Okay. I’ll do what was up in when he went in that ring. So all I got to say if you’re telling me they’re gonna put an octagon, on a beach on a remote island with Dana White said, presiding over this in a throne sitting there looking like chain song from from Mortal Kombat, and you do not expect a fatality at some level. Really?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 31:19
I mean, we all just become the Hunger Games though. Can we?

Ryan Smith 31:23
I just want to know where the cornucopia is.

John Keyes 31:26
Yeah, like to see.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 31:29
Volunteering is tribute. Okay, I want

John Keyes 31:34
to see the cameraman and the judges and like some silver silk robes and it’s overdue. Somebody’s dying. Man, did you not watch Bloodsport over the weekend? Okay, did you not the rest were all wearing silk pajamas.

Ryan Smith 31:51
He was the funny thing. I didn’t put it on the run sheet but someone wrote an article, ranking the fighters from Bloodsport in their writing readiness to fight in the UFC.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:04
I like this.

Ryan Smith 32:06
I was gonna put it on there but I didn’t feel that we were gonna make it to that story at the rate that we’re going I made a good decision.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:13

John Keyes 32:15
I was gonna be here tonight, right? I’m going to rocket it right into it. Okay, here

Ryan Smith 32:20
we go. Dana White defends Dominick Cruz receiving title shot after nearly four years off. This is what I was talking about is that you know, it’s a great card but the fight I’m not excited about for UFC 249 is Henry saludo versus Dominick Cruz because of course dominant cruise while he was a dominant fighter when he was fighting, he has been injured and let’s just remember I believe the last time we saw him he was getting embarrassed but no he got embarrassed by Cody Gar brown and then he fought one more time because he got injured and then they came back class out class this one dude he was like an up and comer and dominant crews out class and then They got hurt again. And then it was like, we haven’t seen or heard from him inside the octagon. we’ve only seen him at ringside talking about under hooks and stuff. And so now that Josie Aldo is out he gets instant title shot when you got someone like Peter Yon, who has been fighting his way up. You got someone like What’s his name? Corey, San Hagen who’s been fighting his way up. You’ve got someone like out your main Sterling, who’s been who’s been fighting his way. All of these fighters who have been fighting to climb up the ladder, and then some dude who hasn’t fought in four years, who has been injured more years and he has been fighting gets a title shot

George Stallworth 33:42
is Dominick Cruz gonna have to smack up trick? Like, you really throw us a bit of a dominant dominant number one, he’s been hyping up the UFC the entire time he’s been out. He’s been putting in all the work behind the scenes as far as commentating things like that. And we know he’s injury prone. We know this, but we also know he is one of the greatest spiders in that division. And right now that division isn’t all that deep. You got Peter Yon sitting there waiting in the wind, but dominate death. Am I saying he deserves it? No. Am I saying it’s a good fight to make? Yes. Tell me somebody else at 135 is going to draw the eyes. He does. Tell me somebody else at 135 who’s got the fighter IQ he does. Tell me somebody else says at 135 who’s held the bill as many times as he has come on our way

Ryan Smith 34:33
you’ll be waiting a long time I mean, it’s a compelling argument

John Keyes 34:36
there is there is one fighter but now though there isn’t there isn’t the fighter out there that can do it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 34:43
There is you could get a drop down fight from the magician.

John Keyes 34:47
or drop down fight well, let’s get a drop

Ryan Smith 34:49
down. Amin come up he’s a 125. Yeah,

John Keyes 34:54
because I was gonna say

George Stallworth 34:58

John Keyes 34:59
but let’s Put out there. This is the reason why I love Dominic. I respect his ability I hate the man, but I respect the ability that I hate

George Stallworth 35:10
being thrown at Dominic tonight

Ryan Smith 35:12
Joe Joe has a long list of people that he hates. Like, like Frank Mir Dominick Cruz yeah

John Keyes 35:21
yeah right well see

George Stallworth 35:26
on pause for a sec I want to change the topic just for a second cuz I just noticed Casey over there with a big GPS bracelet on his What is his bandana look? Yeah

Ryan Smith 35:39
COVID-19 COVID-19 was it was actually convenient because he was on house arrest anyway. Okay.

John Keyes 35:57
Okay, so but look at what all three of those fighters have in common. They are arrogant about their game. Okay, now within the case of Dominick Cruz, you’re right. He is one of the he he is a phenomenal fighter 22 and two, the two losses that he had on there. One was the last fight he had was with Cody Gar Brett, the other fight was what your eye favor. Okay. Now he lost his first last name. Yeah, definitely see. Let’s put on there that he also beat our, our perfect fighter Demetrius Johnson. Yes,

Ryan Smith 36:33
there is an asterisk on that asterisk on him beating Demetrius Johnson, because Demetrius Johnson was fighting up from 125 to 135. There wasn’t a 125 when he thought they’re also dominant. Demetrius Johnson was not even training full time as a fighter. At that time. He was still a weekend warrior training at his gym, and when he fought to a unanimous decision loss against Dominick Cruz. That’s when his coach was like, you probably should stop working and just do this thing full time. Dude never lost again.

John Keyes 37:08
I’m just saying lost a lot. Hey, john Jones has a loss against the immortal Matt hammer hammer. I’m sorry, that the hammer hammer, they remember that john john, you still got a lot to him.

Ryan Smith 37:21
Okay. By the way, if anybody comes at me about Demetrius Johnson losing the Henry pseudo This hand is gonna say hi to your face. He did not lose that fight.

John Keyes 37:37
Okay, so with that said, I did I did not agree that Dominick Cruz should have got this fight after being off for four years. There are too many other fighters that have been grinding and fighting since his absence. That does deserve that. Okay, name your top three that belong in 135

Ryan Smith 37:59
people Yon glory sand hanger owl Jemaine Sterling. Those three guys had been fighting, fighting up the ladder this entire time

George Stallworth 38:09
who has been beaten?

Ryan Smith 38:12
I don’t know his body of work by memory

George Stallworth 38:16
taken. Amazing I’m

Unknown Speaker 38:20
not saying I’m just saying I don’t know. I do know Dominic

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:25
popped onto the map because he took a fight last minute and absolutely dominated on it. I’m forgetting who it was but it popped on the scene like last year and a half or so.

Ryan Smith 38:36
The other thing is, is that this is the second time that the UFC has jumped those guys because remember, you also have Marlin mo haste right? And so the thing with about that is Josie Aldo lost a Marlin mo haste. And then even in his loss, he was able to get a title shot over these three guys. Josie Allah comes out Do they use one of these three guys? No, they put another guy who doesn’t deserve a title shot over those guys. That is respectable.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:08
Yeah, not disrespectful. That’s the business. Like we’ve established that Well, I’ve established the show after show rankings don’t matter at the UFC. This is all 100% about the thing you love, which is storyline. So, okay, so better storyline and you can sell some fights. It truly doesn’t matter how good of a fighter you are, how much work you’ve done. In the UFC, it only matters how much you can sell. So, bottom line,

John Keyes 39:36
I have these three fighters on the roster if you’re not gonna if you’re not gonna honor them, and put them in the position. Go ahead,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:43
the UFC would say that they haven’t done a good enough job promoting themselves.

George Stallworth 39:48
Well, not only the UFC is trying to throw a favorite bone towards fans, but it’s 249 car they’re trying to make this the most debt card you possibly can. And that’s what they’re doing. They’re trying to put some names on it. People are going to recognize and want to tune in and watch and Dominick Cruz, being laid off for four years actually makes me want to watch him because you know what he did last time. He was out for some time. He came back and put on a show and say ring Russ does not exist.

Ryan Smith 40:14
Yeah, that is true. All right. Hey, so let’s move on because that’s just the fight card on May 9. The UFC is going into overdrive, and they plan to hold three events in a week starting at may 9, but they’re also going to have one on May 13. And may 16. In Florida. There’s also talk of another card on May 23. And another fight card on June 6, that is five was that five fight cards in the span of a month.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 40:47
This has nothing

George Stallworth 40:51
to Trixie make the money though. Let the money make you

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:00
movies for me So,

Ryan Smith 41:02
so, the first three fights are going to be fighting at the vice star Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville. That is UFC 249, headlined by Tony Ferguson and Justin Gachi. You also got may 13. Anthony the Lionheart Smith is going to be fighting Glover to Sherif. Then you’ve also got Ben Rothwell in that on that fight fighting over in St. Prue his move up from light heavyweight to heavyweight. That’s a big, okay, don’t do that. Don’t do that.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:32
Don’t don’t

John Keyes 41:35
why not? Why not run

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:40
my cultural awareness moment this these

Ryan Smith 41:50
cultural awareness moment.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:55
So much. will play well play

Ryan Smith 41:59
UFC Fight Night may 16 you’ve got Walt Harris versus Alistair overeem. So Walt Harris Of course, if this is his first fight back from his harrowing search for his daughter, if you remember that, then you got UFC Fight Night may 23. Right now you got Hannah cyphers versus Mackenzie Dern women’s strawweight fight and then May or June 6. Now we get into June that’s when we can start having UFC fight Island. And that is Javier associate versus Cody Garber. Mm hmm. Good fights. So UFC is going into overdrive because they have to, they gotta make that money. Why? Because UFC parent company endeavor has started laying off people. Their company which has about 7500 employees, has just or has plans to layoff 2500 of them. Because they are run they are hurting for money. Basically. They’re saddled with $4.6 billion in debt. And it’s affecting every division of their core business. And so what’s happening is because of the fact that they have this huge debt burden, and they don’t have ways to make money because we’re all locked down, there is a lot of pressure on Dana White in the UFC to try to make up that revenue that’s not being made with some of these other types of things that that’s under the endeavour formerly w me IMG umbrella. They gotta make that money.

Unknown Speaker 43:37
Okay, man.

Ryan Smith 43:38
So, Scott Coker, the thing is like you go for it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 43:42
Yeah, like I support the fact that it is going to help people but for some reason, it still has a tinge of like it’s more about hitting the money deadline for the the execs versus actually taking care of the fighters and giving fans Something to watch, like stalking these events like this. Like, I can see how it’s a rush to make sure that you hit your contract ID number of fights, but there’s always room to renegotiate a contract. Like, I’m not really sure why that isn’t the number one thing on the table is figuring out how you renegotiate the contract versus let’s throw together these cards where these fighters may not be fully prepared.

John Keyes 44:23
Yeah, all I can say to that is consider who they’re negotiating with, and check their history and you’ll understand why they’re not trying to renegotiate. And that’s because I do want to see the Black Widow film come out soon. Okay.

George Stallworth 45:02
Blue would have ever dealt Mickey Mouse one day run the world.

John Keyes 45:05
Walt Disney. Okay, Walt Disney knew. He knew he knew and Okay, here’s my 30 seconds getting my clock. All right. Walt Disney had and a lot of artists agreed those who have merged especially those who are merged into Walt Disney. Yes, it is an entertainment entity. However, they are known for killing creativity. If you don’t, if you don’t believe it, watch all the DC watch the DC films before Disney and after Disney watch the Marvel films before Disney and after Disney and see the change and how they act. We can go into more depth after the show and I’ll tell and I’ll show you I can tell you how

Ryan Smith 45:48
well you know they like to me.

John Keyes 45:52
Oh my friends that is not a trust me. Anybody that that follows me. They can tell you the same thing. Okay? We’re gonna have after the bell show, and I’ll explain it in further detail

Ryan Smith 46:05
like that after the bell

George Stallworth 46:07
after the bail that

Ryan Smith 46:10
we may have. Yeah, except who’s gonna produce all that and do all the video and editing for that because, okay, good as long as not me alright let’s let’s move on cuz because I don’t want to I don’t we got so much stuff to get to I don’t want to run out of time. All right here we go, um, Scott Coker, he’s talking about the fact that they are trying to make a very, they’re trying to show patience in during this pandemic time. And they’re looking for a more more safe venue on the studio lot because remember, Viacom MMA, aka Bella tour, is a sub subsidiary of Viacom, which also has was at CBS as under their umbrella. And so there are you know, Large empty studio lots where they could actually put their ring and actually shoot the video of these fights in a controlled environment. What he’s saying though, he’s looking over at the UFC and what they’re trying to accomplish, and he goes, he’s concerned about it being ambitious because the risk is this. If something goes wrong with the UFC, then it screws the ability for all the other promotions to fight facts. And so he’s like, you guys, you know, you’re going with this very ambitious plan. You’re trying to do this whole fight Island. And it’s great because if you pull it off, it’s great for the sport in general, but if you screw up, because you were reckless, it’s going to ruin it for everybody. So you better be aware of what it is that you were trying to accomplish. What risk taken on and I agree with Scott Coker there Vanna White is you know You know, you got to take risk if you want the reward. He’s got a big number. He’s got a hit and a lot of pressure to try to hit it. But at the same time you he could he could be ruin it for everybody if he doesn’t get it right. So, fingers crossed for Dana White. Yeah. All right. Let’s move on. Shall Sutton said john Jones should stop pretending and just be a scumbag.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 48:28
Again, I still don’t think that he’s pretending. I think it’s the duality of man where he wants to be a good person, but he’s steps in his own way. I feel like that’s just kind of a crappy way of throwing shade. Like it’s how his channel still relevant,

Ryan Smith 48:44
like, relevant to me now. I mean,

John Keyes 48:47
yeah, john has a really good podcast. I’m not gonna say today. He was it go. It’s called. And it’s and like I said, you can find it. If you look for Just look for the name.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:02
Yeah, I still feel like as a whole, he’s a guy who gives his opinion. He talks a lot, but hey,

I was about to be mean.

I gotta bet you

John Keyes 49:14
got about it that that duality of man that you’re doing right here. Nice guy. Nice guy. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:25
Because it’s just like it’s an unnecessary beating man while he’s down like, tail. Okay, so how often should we talk about you popping for PhDs? But see he wildly

Ryan Smith 49:37
you’re defending a guy who popped for p G’s?

John Keyes 49:40

George Stallworth 49:42
We’re saying is he? He doesn’t have the leg room to stand on himself. Yes, he did. While we his podcast is called the bad guy child tells you I’m not the greatest human being whatsoever. So he probably shouldn’t be the one talking about john john.

Ryan Smith 49:56
No, no, no.

John Keyes 49:57
That makes him an expert. If you Think about it because yeah knew cuz because he talks about it in this conversation where he went when he wrote when he fought against john john. And he said that when they locked up he that john Jones immediately pushed him to the to the cage and he thought to himself, oh, john, I know what you’ve been doing, because I know what I’ve been doing. All right, he said he was just he was just in more than Tropicana. Okay. But when he was in that fight, all right, his words, and he said, If I was doing that, what was john Jones doing in there?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 50:38
Like a guy who was getting beat and making excuses though?

John Keyes 50:41
Yeah, but that’s the thing he does it. He doesn’t make excuses. He takes it. He takes it on the chin. That’s one thing I like about about shale that he will freely admit that hey, I day I lost I got my butt kicked that day,

Ryan Smith 50:54
except for when he got choked out by by Anderson Silva. But it was all in play. It was it was it was funny. It was a bit right like it. He really did take it take the loss on the chin. But the but it was funny as he was trying to talk his way into the rematch, how he was positioning his loss saying that it wasn’t a loss. I thought was pretty funny. Here’s the quote that I want, that I want to put out there is Chelsea and it says you were on TMZ in handcuffs crying about I want to go home and be with my kids. He’s like, Dude, it’s two in the morning. And you’re firing guns while shooting and running doughnuts in a parking lot drunk on tequila. You’re like your time to be with your he goes with your kids even up like were they even awake? You know, and that’s the case, right? I mean, you’re trying to to get us to see this duality where he wants to be good, but he’s powerless against the bad. It’s like, no, that’s

George Stallworth 51:54
he’s bad. He’s just I think he’s all those things included. I think I agree with See, I’m not saying that he wants to be good, but he’s just a bad human being no all those things exist in one human being that’s all Casey’s making the point about he’s all of those things he’s he’s a great person when he when he chooses to be he’s also a very bad person when he’s chooses to be he’s all of that in one wrapped up into one human being

John Keyes 52:23
and Scott Walker also wanted to rule the galaxy and make everybody

George Stallworth 52:28
bring his back Disney

Ryan Smith 52:34
movie but now it is.

John Keyes 52:37
He said at the senators should be made to, to understand and work for the common people. All right. And the king was that’s just like an anecdote was not a bad person. He just used bad bad reasoning to get his point across I think, no.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:53
It kind of comes down to marketing strategy. So so the the essence of what shale is saying is it now necessarily a mark on john Jones character. It’s like, Look, just play the part of the heel the sport needs it is kind of the essence of what he’s saying, like you will do better not having to play this dualistic role just be the heel. The downside of that is like john Jones is already basically in a heel row, he’s just not leaning into it. And the only more way that you can lean into it more is to have that cringe factor that we’ve all just come to see it’s phony and fake.

But like, he’s going to have to play a role to become the heel. And that’s not gonna bring as authentic because we’ve seen the john Jones who’s trying who still is going to be giving back to the community is still going to be like speaking to kids and mentoring, like,

Ryan Smith 53:48
yeah, it played he can’t

Kelechi Onyebuchi 53:50
play the heel effectively because we know he’s just playing the heel in the same way that sudo can’t play the heel because it’s just cringe. But Nino brown

Ryan Smith 54:00
Gave. He gave back to the community to

Unknown Speaker 54:04
Yes, he did. Every every Thanksgiving. Hey, hey, we

Kelechi Onyebuchi 54:08
don’t talk on Twitter. What do you want more of that? You’ve heard john Jones talking on Twitter. Do you want more of that?

Ryan Smith 54:15
I mean, john Jones loses every Twitter battle he’s in.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 54:19
Exactly. This is why you can’t be a heel.

good at it.

John Keyes 54:24
I’ll just say I’m Frank white.

George Stallworth 54:27
He might not be the one to talk it up, but he can back it

Ryan Smith 54:30
up. Well, this is true like nobody’s gonna nobody’s gonna say anything about john Jones ability once the cage door closes. But at the same time, what you want, you want a good guy at home, chillin, and then whenever he’s in public, then he’s, he plays this hill. He is like the opposite. He’s like the bad dude at home.

Unknown Speaker 54:55
Like, I’m such a good guy.

Ryan Smith 54:58
Like that’s like the opposite of what you want in a good he’ll if we’re talking about the the personas that these fighters play in order to get the attention. He is the opposite of that. And I think that that’s what’s that’s what’s so frustrating is that what you want is you want him to flip and you I think there’s I don’t think there’s a person on the show and I think there’s a lot of people you know in the MMA world who wants to see john Jones succeed like it does anyone here not want to see john Jones succeed? I for one, want to see john Jones succeed I want to see him turn his life around become all that he can be, you know, without having to go into the army. But you know,

John Keyes 55:39
hold on. Oh, trigger. Okay, let’s not talk about the army. We should not do this on this show. I know where everybody lives. I don’t know.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 55:54

Ryan Smith 55:57
But But anyway, it’s it’s one of those things where We want to see him do well. And I think that’s where the criticism is coming from. It’s the frustration that what appears to us to be so simple a decision to make. He is he has shown himself incapable of making those decisions. And so that’s the frustration for at least for me, is that I know that he can be a great person both in the cage, which he has proven and out of the cage, which he seems to stumble every time he reaches for that. And so, so

Kelechi Onyebuchi 56:33
is his best bet being a heel and just to the core of Winston Churchill’s question or statement, should he be the heel, whether or not he’s good or at home or not? Like, is it now time for his career to switch over to being the heel?

John Keyes 56:49
Has it ever not been the heel?

Ryan Smith 56:52
Question it has, there was a there were a couple of periods of time when he first started when he was just Johnny bones Jones. Coming up killing folks in the in the lower lower rankings, where he was just this phenom of a guy who was just lucky and thankful and humble and all these kinds of things. It wasn’t until

George Stallworth 57:13
this was the same guy that he actually stopped a burglary or something or robbery. And yes, after the guy that stole the words first like,

John Keyes 57:21
yeah, right before he got the right before the championship fight, if I remember correctly,

Ryan Smith 57:25
it was something like that. Right before it was like the week it was fight week where he caught a burglar. Yeah, that’s a great story, you know, but then what happened was after the Rashad Evans debacle where he fought Rashad Evans and all of the trash talk started happening, and Rashad Evans is like, dude, you’re fake. I know you I’ve seen you in the in the in the in training. I know that you’re not the person that you’re trying to. That’s a persona. It’s fake, and all those things that Rashad Evans said that nobody believed nobody believed until he crashed his His Chrysler 300 in a ditch with some women who wasn’t his girlfriend. Hey, and then maybe Rashad Evans is right.

Unknown Speaker 58:13
I have

John Keyes 58:14
always been there. Yeah. You know, the thing about that, though, is that if you could, I could always see that there was just something not right about john Jones. It was something about his persona, that it just did not sit well. I mean, and it’s like, you can tell if you can tell when a person is trying to fake it. embrace what what comes naturally to you. That’s all I’m asking. Because I’ll tell you

Kelechi Onyebuchi 58:41
about being a heel. Yeah, it’s not gonna come natural to him either.

John Keyes 58:45
I think it does. I think it comes very natural to him. I think when you’re

Kelechi Onyebuchi 58:50
really bad on the mic, because,

John Keyes 58:53
well, he’ll trash talk. That’s just one aspect. I’m talking about just really being who you are. Because when you pump the brakes on your natural abilities. You will it shows, it shows when you hesitate, because you will never do it right. It’s only when you fully embrace your skills and your abilities that you truly begin to shine. And if your abilities tends to be forced chokes and lightsabers to that to the wrist, that if that’s what makes you shine neighbors to the wrist, you know, you know Darth Vader chopped his own son. Like he did that? He did. Yeah, he did that. That’s the best

Ryan Smith 59:33
analogy to get back to Star Wars.

John Keyes 59:36
He did that to his own son. What kind that is a natural gift to do that to your own son. Okay, that’s

Kelechi Onyebuchi 59:44
the gift. I don’t want to be your kid.

John Keyes 59:47
If you do that to your own son, I mean, you saw what he did. He choked that Emerald on another ship. Okay easily. Check them out.

George Stallworth 1:00:00
Basically, we’re saying, john Jones is Darth Vader. Yeah.

John Keyes 1:00:05
That makes either winkeljohn or Greg Jackson the Emperor.

Ryan Smith 1:00:10
Yeah, I think Greg Jackson is Palpatine Well, I think Ryan Bader,

George Stallworth 1:00:16
Greg and Mike I did not say that

Ryan Smith 1:00:22
we were gonna end up ruinous ruining this for George here George actually knows and has spoken to Mike winkeljohn like you haven’t hung out with him. So I ain’t saying nothing bad about those guys. I don’t want to ruin it for you, George.

John Keyes 1:00:39
Mike, let’s let’s sit down and talk let me get to know you let me get to know it. No, this the situation and then I’ll ruin it for him. Just just let’s just start.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:00:50
I didn’t have a problem when you took me up to get murdered by

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
Hola Hola. Hola. Hola.

Ryan Smith 1:01:00
No, that was different.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
I know. I know it’s coming. But that was different.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:01:09
Okay, a

Ryan Smith 1:01:12
valid to shift chinko kicked Halle Berry and broke some bones Halle Berry took a kick from from Valentina Shevchenko and it was never the same.

George Stallworth 1:01:27
And is the the, the MRI or the X ray?

Ryan Smith 1:01:32
Yeah, I just I just don’t I just want to see the movie now. Like, like you got me. The moment you told me that Valentina Shevchenko kicked, Halle Berry broke some ribs. I just want to see that part. Just show me that part.

John Keyes 1:01:42
I’m not gonna comment on that because

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:01:45
ribs are broke. Like finger bones. I think

John Keyes 1:01:48
those ribs It doesn’t

George Stallworth 1:01:51
just say broke some stuff broke some stuff.

Ryan Smith 1:01:53
I broke some stuff on this one. It’s okay, always get hard, you’re bound to get hurt. When you do your own stunts, you’re bound to get hurt in this movie, I was fighting real UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko. And you know what? She had to throw some real kicks and I really had to take them. And I really broke some bones. She didn’t say where she broke the bones, I would assume. And you think Han it’s gotta be,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
or me? Yeah.

George Stallworth 1:02:20
X ray, I don’t believe it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:22
Yeah, like, a broken rib is not something you just bounce right back, especially at 50. Like,

John Keyes 1:02:30
hold on, hold on, hold on her. 50 is not

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
satisfied. All right. I’m just saying I

John Keyes 1:02:36
got it there. Halle Berry. 53 is not a normal person’s 53 Yeah, okay. Yeah. So

George Stallworth 1:02:47
you you kick her out of the bedroom.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:51
Oh, hey, we all know I like older women. So come on now. Oh, my God, and He

Ryan Smith 1:02:55
is single his Bumble account is

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:59
right now. Computer

George Stallworth 1:03:03
it Haley huh? Are you seeing

Ryan Smith 1:03:07
him on Tinder?

George Stallworth 1:03:09
Halle Berry and

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:03:13
I’m talking to Claire right now while we’re talking so Claire when you see this Hey, how you doing?

Ryan Smith 1:03:18
Oh, god, oh my gosh this is not good man I have I got john talking about about Star Wars collection using this as his own video dating service.

George Stallworth 1:03:32
Good boy. Oh my

Ryan Smith 1:03:33
gosh, wait this is off the rails and we are already three minutes over time. And I still like to show two stories I want to get to speaking of Halle Berry. You can get a private dinner with Halle Berry by going all in and they all end challenge. So you want to

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:03:51
wait where your money

Ryan Smith 1:03:52
at Casey

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:03:54
see the way my bank account set up

Ryan Smith 1:03:57
a couple of hundred dollars coming your way you can Put it all in. Maybe you can run on tax brackets

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:03

1200 Come on.

Ryan Smith 1:04:09
last story of the night boxing event goes ahead and Nicaragua with face masks and temperature checks. So basically, he’s got a boxing boxing match. The fighters are wearing protective face masks in between rounds. They take in temperatures. I don’t know how they kept from determining whether or not someone had a fever because once you start boxing and you get hot, your temperatures gonna go or like I don’t I don’t get it. So Sonia has been watching she she thought that was really funny. And we got a we got a lamal from her. There you go.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:46

John Keyes 1:04:47
I think that’s for you, Casey. All right.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:49
All right.

Ryan Smith 1:04:50
Follow us on social media on Instagram. I am

John Keyes 1:04:52
Oh, hold on, hold on, hold on. Before we go. I just want Um, I just want to wish Ryan a happy birthday. His birthday is on Wednesday. All right, for those who don’t know, he’s actually he’s actually got his AARP card. He’s gonna go you know, get some takeout from Denny’s, you know on that on that Grand Slam discount, and it’s gonna be great. So Happy Birthday sir. Thank you so much,

Ryan Smith 1:05:19
sir. Thank you.

Thank you so much. I think what john Jones was saying to me is follow social media on Instagram. I am at combat sports talk.

John Keyes 1:05:42
I’m at keys to victory that’s keys with an E f. George.

George Stallworth 1:05:48
It dogs at underscore MMA underscore

Ryan Smith 1:05:51

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:05:53
I’m an obfuscated and that is spelled ob f u sc. The number eight t

Ryan Smith 1:06:04
That’s really his account. Go to our website is www combat sports talk comm you can get all of our archives and all this greatness that you heard tonight you can get this 120 other episodes of this. You can find us on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. We are also on YouTube and and just anywhere you want to look combat sports talk you’ll find this shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group. All the other sites providing us stories that we use on the show on behalf of john Key’s George Stallworth and KC own Yay, Buchi. I’m Ryan Smith reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked, and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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