Episode 123 – UFC 249: Ferguson vs. Gaethje (RECAP)

May 12, 2020 by No Comments

UFC 249 is in the books! Hosted in Jacksonville, FL, the UFC hosted their first Pay-per-view event since the pandemic forced cancellations of every sporting league in the United States. With a stacked card, the UFC treated the world with two title fights and a list of featured bouts that could be main events in any other card. Get our take on the Henry Cejudo announcement, the results from UFC 249, key headlines on this week’s news and our picks for the two upcoming cards this week.


Ryan Smith 0:07
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory. JOHN keys.

John Keyes 0:23
Hello combat sports world we have survived. It is March 87th.

Ryan Smith 0:29
All right. Is it really March 87?

John Keyes 0:31
Somewhere along that we’re at level five to Ron’s number. Yeah, level five Jumanji? You know, murder Hornets. Things of that nature. Nature. Welcome.

Ryan Smith 0:41
All right. And you may not recognize this person because he is Santa beard and has added glasses. It’s malece Casey own Yay. Buchi

Kelechi Onyebuchi 0:52
What’s up, boy? obrigado bunchy Yeah, boom, no check. I forgot It’s evening. Yeah. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:01
yeah, this is this is absolutely Montgomery j frog. We were doing the live event. We were doing the live show we had someone come on the live show from Brazil and I’m like malece say something say something in Portuguese say something in Portuguese and he was like yeah, no say I don’t speak Portuguese and then now we can’t stop him from from the whole the whole battle is gonna be in Portuguese tonight.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:32
I’ll switch it up switch to Spanish every now and again.

Ryan Smith 1:34
Alright, just yeah, just not English. I’m temporary. Anyway, we like Like you said, john, we did it. We saw UFC 249 it happened in Florida. As far as we know right now there was only one person who tested positive for COVID-19 I guess the two week wait to see if any other fighters who might have been exposed To Jukka Rae Sousa, who was tested positive for COVID-19, or at least the the virus that causes COVID-19. We’ll see if there’s any negative implications but as of right now it by all, by all perspectives, it looks like UFC 249 was a success.

John Keyes 2:19
That is what they’re saying so far, um, where they said to give it about a week, and then we’ll see if it’s truly been a success. And so far, it’s been a minimal impact. Okay. JOHN Korea hope he recovers. You know, God bless the man. But yeah, it turned out to be exactly what we thought it was going to be violence, mayhem, and a bunch of quick fights.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:45
Mm hmm. They are who we thought they were.

Ryan Smith 2:50
Absolutely. So let’s go ahead and get into it. Let’s get into our headliner. The number one topic that we want to talk about tonight on the show This is our headliner.

All right, the headliner for tonight is hidden Risa Hutto. Triple C is retiring

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:15
couldn’t be happier.

Not not a negative way in the least bit. It’s the man has, as he said in the octagon, he he’s defended both his bells and has an Olympic gold like, what more is there for him to do?

John Keyes 3:31
Sure. And and I agree.

Unknown Speaker 3:34
Yeah, that’s just the send off. You want you don’t want an Anderson Anderson Silva who should have gone out on top, but now he’s continuing to fight to try to salvage his legacy like this is the way that a fighter ends his career. Like there’s no better scenario for this.

Unknown Speaker 3:49
I mean, he was you know, yeah, Olympic gold medalist, two division champ 32

Ryan Smith 3:57
Division champ and then The other division of defense had the bell


belt that was handed to him. But not actually when the belt like you know, I know Collette you, you you have some experience with this being you really want me to break being handed a bell that you did not actually win.

Unknown Speaker 4:21
That’s a great reminder that we do have a video component for those of you who are interested in seeing it. So at some point during the show, I will pull out the belt just to remind Ryan what it’s like to be a real champion.

John Keyes 4:33
Okay, so we’re gonna call this the bike ride cholesky factor. How long does it take to go into a show before this is and you can’t get over it?

Ryan Smith 4:46
Ever Ever I can’t get over is Henry saludo saying he’s a two division champ when when he was handed a belt from Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson that’s what I can’t get over. I’m a

Unknown Speaker 4:58
over the night. So outside That would you say that he’s had an outstanding career to present in the

Ryan Smith 5:03
UFC? Let me let me just say this history pseudo, that what I can respect about Henry sudo is the fact that now that he has defeated he defeated Dominick Cruz. he retires in the ring goes in the post fight press conference, and he is a normal dude again. Yeah, if you go and listen to the post fight press conference of Henry son who does interview after he won his won the fight against Dominick Cruz. He’s a normal dude again and and that was the guy that I actually liked. Henry pseudo he’s he is a smart guy. He’s a he’s a dude that’s worked his entire life to be where he is. And he’s had tremendous success. So all of the persona that he had all of this king of cringe and all of the calling out of the female fighters and all that stuff. It was unnecessary to me and it just made me not want to like this person and not want to see him successful. So now that he’s retired, I you know, I got nothing to say but good things about him. all I’m gonna say is as far as that giving up the belt, you never leave it in the hands of the judges, which is also another storyline that we should be talking about on this UFC fight and we and we will and we will so I’m Henry sudo says that the retirement is real Dana but he also left the door open. He says Dana White knows the numbers that will bring him back. So there so you know, there was a professional wrestler known as Ted DiBiase. He was also known as the Million Dollar Man, he had a catchphrase that says everybody’s got a price. Interesting. Hutto clearly has a price. Dana White may or may not be willing to pay it to bring back Triple C

Unknown Speaker 6:45
there’s there’s very little chance that Dana’s willing to pay that price that division, I mean, so who does save the division, but at the same time, maybe it’s just my own particular bias but guys fighting at 125 130 Five it is real real tough to be excited about those fights outside of Demetrius Johnson and maybe the magician like the rest of the fights it’s just like watching school kids yeah and I don’t mean that to be as much of a pejorative as it is

Unknown Speaker 7:14
like realistic like oh my god

Unknown Speaker 7:18
130 pounds like it’s it’s not the same factor is Francis and gunning six for 260 pounds right it’s just a different level of Mayhem that comes into the ring.

John Keyes 7:31
But let’s let’s look at it for what these fighters were fast these fighters Yeah, go. But there was no there was very little knockout power with these guys though. There was very little that I saw. They would always let it go to the judges. Finish it off. Okay, even in the you know, at 145 155 they were finishing them off. Okay, the majority.

Ryan Smith 7:53
Yeah, but Demetrius Johnson, he got submissions. He got knockout. Yeah, you know, Henry pseudo got a TKO. His last fight.

John Keyes 8:02
So let’s talk about those fighters he that

Ryan Smith 8:05
he landed a flying knee He got

John Keyes 8:09
hairy suta gets those knockouts. Right. JOHN Dotson gets those knockouts and submissions. The Meteor is mighty mouth. God gets those knockouts in submission. Demetrius Mighty Mouse is over in one FC where the rest of those little guys and I say little guys with the utmost respect, because I’m pretty sure you can jump up to six foot and kick me in the head. Those guys are getting those knockout from submissions over there. Okay. JOHN Dotson he wears yet he’s chilling right now.

Ryan Smith 8:40
Well he still he’s still trying to find his way between 125 and 135. He’s clearly a 125 pound fighter, but unfortunately there’s just not any action going on at 125 right now so

John Keyes 8:51
I know a place where there’s some action that well

Ryan Smith 8:54
not everybody go to one FC though right?

Unknown Speaker 8:57
He will they might have too soon.

John Keyes 8:58
Yeah, yeah. They could be a great acquisition but that’s that’s just my opinion.

Ryan Smith 9:04
So I just want to say Dana White has said that he’s already got a challenger in mind for the vacant bantamweight title. He says Peter Yon and somebody.

John Keyes 9:13
And that’s insulting. That’s very insulting. Because he can’t say algae man. You can’t say algae me thoroughly and Pete again. Peter Yan is below algae main on the ranks. Okay. He couldn’t say his name. Say my name.

Ryan Smith 9:30
No. Wow. I mean, okay. You clearly have made a point. So for those of you who are watching right now, you can chat with us in the in your in your chat screen. We’ll put that on the screen. For those of you who listen to the podcast right now. You should join us live on on YouTube. That’s where we’re, we’re on right now. So respond to us. If you have a comment if you think Henry saludo is a if you think Henry pseudos departure is going to leave a vacuum in the back in the band. Wait world, let us know. I you know, let’s let’s, let’s finish this little segment off with what is your favorite Henry’s a Hutto moment

Unknown Speaker 10:11
when you were talking about him on the podcast making fun of the fact that he almost lost it. Well he did lose his metals in the fire so that was my favorite moment.

John Keyes 10:21
That’s cold blooded in the game. Yeah, I just

Unknown Speaker 10:26
what Ryan’s heart really is like,

John Keyes 10:28
yeah, it’s cold is brittle as the summers warming up, he’s having to put ice around his chest. You know?

Unknown Speaker 10:39
Have you gone back check me is that john?

Ryan Smith 10:43
JOHN, what is your favorite hitters to hit on moment?

John Keyes 10:46
Man. I don’t have one in particular. I mean, I was always I was always impressed by his fights. He was such he was just such a he was just such a force in the ring. I mean, let’s let’s put it out that we joke We kid, but who was doing it? Okay, who was doing it like he was doing it? Yeah. Yeah. God bless you, Henry pseudo. All right. Good luck in whatever you do next. Oh, if they if they got a commentator cheer for you.

Unknown Speaker 11:15
I think Ryan pointed out something that was really apropos, which is that you had two different versions of Henry sudo. Like he had to play the game to get where he was to get to the belt. But to be able to leave that persona at home once he’s ready to retire. I think that it speaks to a disconnect that’s happened within the UFC, UFC that the the rankings don’t matter whatsoever. And it’s all about how you can sell yourself. And right now because no one’s getting good media training. The only way to sell yourself in the UFC is cringe and cringe is way too close to ww E or F i don’t even follow that but it’s too close to wrestling and it’s done. so poorly like they’ve tainted their product. Like it was so much easier to like a Henry sudo who’s the all American champ, but the only way that you get to be the title holder is if you play heel. It’s it’s a broken broken system. Well, you

John Keyes 12:15
know whose fault it is, don’t you? You know, Ryan’s no iPhone. Well, no, no, Brian, but that that’d be

Unknown Speaker 12:22
that. Ryan burger. Thank you. Yeah.

John Keyes 12:26
You know, we have we have people like Conor McGregor. We have the chill sons who know how to do it. But the thing is not just like, just like Biggie Smalls. Not everybody can rap freestyle and make it sound good. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:41
Yeah, that’s the thing is I can’t even fault Conor because Conor was being true to who he is like, Conor never came off as cocky. I mean, now that he’s kind of out of the game and trying to get back into it, but when he was coming up, like that attitude, felt like right in line he felt He fell into that heel slash hero row roll without any kind of like awkward pauses and like, Oh, is this really who this guy is like, after every fight, he just believed in myself and then we started believing it and Dana White kept hyping it. Yeah, but these other fighters who tried to mimic that it wasn’t true to who they were like they started off being this. I’m this all American good old boy. And now I’m a heel. Like, what? It’s too much of a turnaround. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 13:30
I mean, but it’s like you said it’s worked for some of these guys. I mean, we know now that Colby Covington saved his career by donning a magga hat. Yeah, you know, but I do think so. For me, my favorite hitters to hit a moment was the knockout of Wilson hice. That was probably the most that was a nice one. That was probably his most flawless victory. I it was. It was when I was like, wow, Henry sudo actually, he’s impressive. Because this was shortly after he bought Demetrius Johnson the first time Demetrius dispatched him with the quickness. And Henry went back kind of to the drawing board, started learning karate started learning striking because he was a pure wrestler. And that was really the first time that you saw his striking on display against Wilson High School. And I was like, that’s the dude that I’m gonna follow. And then, you know, it didn’t work out quite so for me the way that I wish that his career had gone. But at the end of the day, I’m glad that he had the success that he’s had. He’s had a great career, and I wish him all the luck and success in whatever he chooses to do. Next, let’s get into the official decision. Let’s talk about the fight that actually happened. And all the greatness that was UFC 249. This is the official decision.

All right, welcome to the official decision. This is where we talk about all of the all of the things that we were discussing at UFC 249. The event in Jacksonville, Florida at the what is it the vice star veterans arena? Is that what it’s called? by our veterans Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. This was UFC 249 Tony Ferguson versus Justin Gachi. And so, let’s go through the results here. We had Bryce Mitchell, who defeated Charles Rossa by unanimous decision. We have Vincent De Luca, who defeated Nico price by TKO in round three the eye in the eye injury that he that Nico price got it was was pretty awful. They said he looked like that dude on Harry Potter.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
Oh, quick. You smell that? The nozzle Thomas Sure did. Wow.

Ryan Smith 16:00
I picked this since a Luca as well believed me that I picked both since a Luca and so on the show on the live broadcast during 249. I had to pull up the audio from last week. It was at one hour and four minutes and 33 seconds into last week’s episode, where you hear me say I got Vincent De Luca. So there goes shout out to Johnny burns, by the way, because Johnny is the one who’s like, you got to go with Vincent De Luca. Carla, the Cookie Monster Esparza defeated the karate hottie Michelle Waterson by split decision. I actually did not see Carla Esparza. No, actually, we thought that Carlos barse was gonna win that one. She she did she know takedowns

Unknown Speaker 16:43
we all had karate on that one.

John Keyes 16:47
Yeah, yeah. And I yeah, we did cuz i like i like Carla

Ryan Smith 16:53
picked. Michelle Waterson but watching the fight. Oh, yeah. It was cool as far as it was. To win that fight.

Unknown Speaker 17:01
Yeah. Cuz it was almost as if I hate that I keep referring to people by their, there’s stage names or whatever it Waterson there it is. She didn’t seem to show up at all, like her game was stalled she wasn’t pushing the action in any way shape or form for kicks looked a little bit lazy and she was being backed up the whole whole fight if it wasn’t the Waterson we’re used to see it.

Ryan Smith 17:27
100% Yeah, and Carla Esparza I mean, her striking has gotten way better. I mean, you both you and I collect you from UFC 185 when we saw her get destroyed by umdnj chick, I don’t think we’ve picked Carla Esparza to win a fight since because she’s out class. But I can say that her striking has gotten better because I remember Michelle Waterson I mean, she’s she’s a she’s a Muay Thai kickboxer. I mean she’s, she knows how to how to handle herself on her hands and feet and And for all I know that as far as a neutralize what she was what she was bringing to the ring, and then got those takedowns that really sealed the deal for indeed indeed Bri CEO for Doom was defeated by Alexei olynyk via split decision. Now this is one that you did have I think that this was highway robbery By the way, false reset for Doom one that fight. And, you know, this is when john was saying, never leave it in the hands of the judges for breach overdue and clearly won that fight.

Unknown Speaker 18:36
You guys give way too much advantage to take downs at the end of around like, if you get a tape down to the last 10 seconds around. I don’t think that should steal it. And I think that’s for you. Where you see we’re due should have won because of his takedowns Well, he’s getting beat up at the start of every round

Ryan Smith 18:55
but the takedowns and the the fact that he was reversed Passing guard he had olynyk in in a Camorra threatening a camera and not just the way that they normally have it where it’s pinned under their body, but he had the arm all the way back. And, you know, he couldn’t get it over the top, but it was it was out there. So shout out to Alex Lee olynyk that just goes to prove that you don’t go against rule number one. Rule number one of combat sports talk. never bet against the Russians.

John Keyes 19:30
Like I got in before I

Ryan Smith 19:35
wait too long. I’m not gonna. I’m not gonna even leave the door open a little bit for you to say something. Rule

Unknown Speaker 19:41
number one, always get Thin Mints.

John Keyes 19:45
What, what?

Ryan Smith 19:48
in the in the in the prelims feature five. Donald cowboys. Roni was defeated by Anthony Showtime Pettis via unanimous decision.

You know, that was a close fight. It was a it was a really good fight. The both of them were active. cowboy Sironi. I think the one that Yeah, cowboy Sironi.

Unknown Speaker 20:14
I think we all had Anthony Pettis, I don’t think Did anybody have cowboys running after the 42nd? I don’t I can’t imagine I think initially, I initially called him as a potential show up, but I in the app in our verdict app, went back and picked pedis. Okay, so I just wanted to make that clear. Unless that come back up later.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
On has me picking pedis.

Ryan Smith 20:41
Okay, cuz, uh, let’s see here.

John Keyes 20:44
Oh, yeah, I think I have pedis. I think I should.

Ryan Smith 20:48
Yeah, I had pedis had better decision. Boom. I’m hurt. Let’s see here. Well play. Alright. Um, so So in the main core real quick

Unknown Speaker 21:01
Yeah, I would say that verdict for those listening verdict is an app where we pick the fights, who’s gonna win the fight, what round they’re gonna win and how they’re gonna win. So if you guys want to see how you do against us, check us out on the verdict app.

Ryan Smith 21:15
Yes. If you want to win.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
Don’t get was right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:21
Yeah, he is not in tune with the force yet. He will never get it pick. Pick. I say

Ryan Smith 21:29
I pick the opposite of what I say. That’s that’s how you do.

Unknown Speaker 21:33
It’s Lion’s pick method is based on who he likes that day. Yeah, like a good smile. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 21:38
you know, I work. I can break down the fight. I can tell you what’s gonna happen. I just ignore all of those facts when I picked them. It’s like, Yes, I know that this guy’s never gone one round with someone, but I really like his nickname. So I’m going with that.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
We’re gonna talk about that in the main event. Oh, Okay,

Ryan Smith 22:02
cardi versus Juergen de Castro, Greg Hardy defeated Juergen de Castro v unanimous decision 3027 all three, this was highway robbery for me. While I did have Greg hardy winning, I believe that you’re going to Castro was doing what he needed to do in order to win that fight. He did break his foot in the process. So you know, his his output, you know, decreased dramatically. And we’ll talk a little bit more about that fight at the end of the show. Because there were a couple of things that we’re going to talk about, about being in an empty in an empty arena. And some of the benefits of having no audience in the arena, but we’ll talk about that a little bit later. Jeremy Stephens little he then got dispatched by Calvin cater via TKO and what and what a fight that was. That was man, elbows and punches, man, all you need to elbow to the mouth. Just catch your breath. They’re in the mouth and then just bow

John Keyes 23:03
the punches. Yeah, that was brutal. Okay. Because not only I think the what was more devastating to see the punch in real time or to see it in slow motion because both times you saw his faces go walk it just it just walked like a warped and I’ll just like my god and didn’t see it in slow motion. It really worked. I was like well that’s I hope his dental insurance is up. Yeah that’s all I gotta say. He got mouthguard for sure. Yeah, man.

Unknown Speaker 23:36

Ryan Smith 23:37
Francis in Ghana. defeated now.

John Keyes 23:41
No, no, no, no, no, he did not defeat him. It was destroyed. Okay destroyed him. All right. 20 seconds. Gone. We literally sat there if people if you actually go back to the to the stream the vodcast me We are learning like, Well, here’s starts up, and there it is. Alright, so moving on, and we clearly ignored it. Okay.

Ryan Smith 24:08
Yeah, I mean, it was like the the referee said, Go, and then I think Rosen struck through through. Yeah. And then that’s when God just went across the ring and he was just like, rocked him and it was like it was over.

John Keyes 24:28
You can see it on their face. Like, he knew it wasn’t gonna laugh cuz he’s like, man, he had that look like, man. I gotta jump in the middle of this. So

Unknown Speaker 24:38
for context, Francis in Ghana, who what was that fight show he was on? Where they measured his strength.

Ryan Smith 24:46
Yeah, whatever it was. Yeah, but I don’t know what it what it what showed that it was called,

Unknown Speaker 24:50
maybe fight history. Fight science or something. Yeah. Yeah. So Francis in Ghana has the strongest punch on record. When he hits things, they’re destroyed like, it’s, it’s hard to put, without seeing the fight itself. It’s hard to put it into words the destructive power that’s in his hands. But But what we’ve seen with Francis in Ghana from time to time is he’s well aware of his power, but he’s also well aware of his deficiencies. So he has a tendency to hang back with his power, afraid of getting taken down. But in this instance, he turned it all the way on he saw the leg kicks and saw a shoot coming and instead of letting that shoot happen, from Rosen struck, he just pushes forward and head Hi, worst technique you’ve ever seen. But when you got power like that, and the end the reach, no one has a chance against an A rushing gun. Like you can’t duck down fast enough to go go for a single leg, because he’s gonna catch you. Yeah.

John Keyes 25:51
And then after it was over and just settle in on your point is that he was standing over here. Like, please get that, please. Okay. He really was concerned because I think they both cried. Like I almost killed the man in the ring when it was.

Ryan Smith 26:12
It was bad. What’s funny to me is that the you know, the article that that was written about Francis in Ghana after the fact is that he was mad. He was like, man, it happened again. I, again, I didn’t get to show anything I just ran over here. Yes. What

John Keyes 26:29

Ryan Smith 26:32
I don’t know what to do is like, I want to show more of my skills. I want to showcase my whole game, but people can’t can’t withstand the first punch. So you know, Hey, I’ll take it. I’d rather be in the ring for 20 seconds and get paid money.

John Keyes 26:47
No, no, no, no. So let’s talk about that. Because there’s been, you know, people putting up there, you know, one punch from Francis and Ghana versus the worst things that could happen to your life and people are taking worst thing that can happen to your life. I think they were up to 10 years in prison. And one guy was like, he was like, Well, you know, I guess I’ll be, you know, picking up the soap and, and biting the pillow. I don’t know what that meant.

Unknown Speaker 27:19
Getting hit by Francis in Ghana legitimately takes years off of your life. Yes. It legitimately takes years off of your life. Nothing will ever be copacetic after getting by him.

John Keyes 27:31
Yeah. I mean, we’ve seen two years in a coma. And one guy’s like, Hey, I could take two years in a coma and come out and continue on with life. Okay, rather get hit by Francis in Ghana. I mean, these guys, car wrecks. Yeah, I murder Hornets. I mean, they were really you know, they were really going for it. I’m just like, and I understand that because, like, like most people say when you get knocked out, you never feel it. You’ll never know it. But it’s the chance that you don’t get knocked out and you feel that that is the problem because I’m like, Oh no, no, I’m done. Yeah, okay.

Ryan Smith 28:10
I think I think it has something to do with the fact that they always tell you you know when you get knocked out you don’t feel it. But you got to wake up in my mind you don’t feel it going to sleep but you’re gonna feel it for next couple of days waking up. Francis gonna hit so hard the date have stopped calling it CTE. Now they just call it in gone, dude. Yeah. So now the NFL is just like, I gotta see if anybody has been in Ghana, you know. I’m concerned that I may have been in Ghana and not know it.

John Keyes 28:46
I’m just waiting for him to show up on Street Fighter, Street Fighter five at this point as a character.

Unknown Speaker 28:51
I don’t really think the only thing holding his career back and it’s a shame that we’re in this kind of place. No, not

John Keyes 28:59
even close.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
He would be the ultimate UFC hero if his English was better. I mean, the guy speaks French is his first language. He’s from Cameroon trains in Paris, like, and he struggles a bit on the mic. He’s been working on that clearly he’s gotten a lot better and he’s getting his online presence there. But could you imagine ganu with any blank for it’s even if he was cringe factor, Conor McGregor,

Ryan Smith 29:27
like if he if you put Conor McGregor’s voice in France and ganas body. I mean, it’d be kind of funny cuz you’d have a black Irish.

John Keyes 29:36
that exists don’t play. I actually

Ryan Smith 29:39
play a black Irishman in a play in my freshman year in high school. So yeah, it was Mr. Flannery. Anyway. Even though they don’t sound like that if you actually listen to a person from Ireland, they don’t sound like a leprechaun. It’s so funny.

Unknown Speaker 29:59
You know

Ryan Smith 29:59
American allegedly American representation of what a what a person from Ireland sounds like. It’s not even close but that’s

John Keyes 30:08
Oh, have you heard the James the American representation of like James Bond movies? were horrible. We are nothing but a bunch of content read Nick Hicks from Texas eating biscuits and gravy everywhere.

Unknown Speaker 30:23
This isn’t gravy.

John Keyes 30:25
Oh, hold on, man.

Ryan Smith 30:28
JOHN is from Kentucky. So you know, you just you

John Keyes 30:31
just hold on hold on. that’s a that’s a misconception too. I was raised in Kentucky but I was born in Indiana. Alright, so I’m in real Texas.

Ryan Smith 30:41
So that’s that’s all we got to say.

John Keyes 30:42
Oh, hold on a now I feel it right here, people

Unknown Speaker 30:47
here who was actually born in Texas.

Ryan Smith 30:49
I was born in Texas as well.

Unknown Speaker 30:52
As where you were basically Louisiana though.

Ryan Smith 30:55
Yeah. No, I was not basic Louisiana. I grew up born and raised here in Texas. I’m a Texan. The border,

Unknown Speaker 31:00
huh? Where was the border from where you were born?

Ryan Smith 31:04
From where I was born? Yeah, Holly about half an hour 45

Unknown Speaker 31:14
not that’s driving

Unknown Speaker 31:15
at 15 miles an hour, like three miles from the border.

John Keyes 31:19
And I was raised in Texas. I was raised. I came here in 1983. And this is where everything went down. I wasn’t even born

Unknown Speaker 31:29
when I’m born.

Ryan Smith 31:33
All right, let’s continue. The CO main event of the evening was Henry sudo. Versus dominant cruise inertia who defeated Dominick Cruz by TKO landed a beautiful knee and then followed up with some strikes at 458. In round two, there were a lot of people who felt like that that the calling of the fight was a little early. There are a lot of people who felt like this fight since it should have been a since it was a championship fight. And there was only two minutes, two seconds left in the round. The ref should have allowed it to go Even George was like, the ref knows that there’s tense you know, 10 seconds left. He could have let that fight continue going for two more seconds and saw what happened in the next round.

Unknown Speaker 32:11
I’m gonna cut this off at the past before john jumps in with the all the gray seas will allow you to kill them.

John Keyes 32:19
Now, I do believe in the graces of hands on Gracie with a rep, he would have nine let that bell ring. Okay, but in this case here, there was there were 11 unanswered shots. Okay. My other bottle rules of MMA. You gotta stop it. Okay. Dominic did not defend any of those shots. As a matter of fact, three of those shots. Henry Henry had pretty much captured his his left arm and begin to really well on them. So there was none that the rep did the right call.

Ryan Smith 32:57
Yeah, bother the MMA and as far as I’m concern, you know, when he caught he because he caught Dominick Cruz interested who caught Dominick Cruz within the Dominick Cruz clearly fell backwards. And then that first punch that he came in with that fight was basically over after that. Um, then you have Dominick Cruz and and what I always look for whenever someone is saying that they the fight got stopped too early. Are your hands on the mat helping you to get up? Or are your knuckles on the mat? And as your head turned to the side, and if you go back and look at Dominick Cruz when he’s getting beat up by interested Hutto after that knee and the punch, it’s his knuckles that are on the ground. You don’t stand up like that. He says I was getting up. No, if you if you post up your hands and yours you have a strong base. Yeah, maybe we’ll we’ll give you a couple more seconds. But his face was sideways on the mat. His hands were not his paws. He was palms up in the ring. You You You You weren’t in that fight Dominick Cruz. And I don’t care what you say you you, the fight should have been called and I’m glad it did.

Unknown Speaker 34:05
It’s hard to have acuity in that moment because you want to look back

Ryan Smith 34:09
and say listen, hold on. We got PERS acuity now

John Keyes 34:15
please, please continue. I’m on it.

Unknown Speaker 34:18

Ryan Smith 34:18
another learning moment from malece only a Buchi.

Unknown Speaker 34:24
Ward first acuity

Unknown Speaker 34:27
first acuity first first you at

Unknown Speaker 34:31

Ryan Smith 34:38
So what was a normal word that he could have used instead of? acuity?

Unknown Speaker 34:45
I guess you could have just said perspective to have the right perspective.

John Keyes 34:51
Okay, hold on. He could have just said lucid. perspicuous cute perspectives and an adjective An account or representation clearly expressed and easily understood. listed.

Ryan Smith 35:06
Yeah, it’s funny that they would make a complicated word like purpose cutie. That means easily understood.

John Keyes 35:13
Is that irony? Yeah,

Ryan Smith 35:14
that’s like that’s, that’s that’s like, you know, phonics, not having not being phonetic. Alright, continue these hard to have perspective. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 35:26
It’s hard to have that right perspective right after the fight because every fighter believes that they had a chance, and there’s still that haze of you were just hitting the head. You just got wiped, but that’s why we have to have responsible corners there and responsible judges, because it’s really difficult for a fighter to give up unless you are I’m totally Brock Lesnar. Like there’s very few fighters who have given up in a fight and just said, Nope, I’m done. Because the reality is you went out there and you think that there is a puncher’s chance that you can come back and so It’s it’s hard when he gets leading questions like hey we saw this was an early stop it’s just not fair like don’t even lead him down that path because he’s he’s literally still in a haze. There is no lucidity to his thoughts. He’s just thinking like, give me another chance the adrenaline’s going like I just feel like the way that we frame up these early stoppages are not fair to the fighter to give them like just a clear vision of dude you were getting what like let’s go to the monitor real quick and

John Keyes 36:31
open Joe up he hates doing doing post fight interviews with people that have been knocked out like that are not alright like that.

Ryan Smith 36:41
So So here’s the thing though Dominick Cruz in his disgust of the stoppage of the fight claims are claimed that the referee Keith Peterson smelled like alcohol and cigarettes.

Unknown Speaker 36:54
That’s what happens when just your your factories just get all discombobulated. Well, you know,

Ryan Smith 37:02
the guy smelled like alcohol and cigarettes and who knows what he was doing. I wish they drug tested them. I know herb Dean is. He’s one of the best reps immediately when I saw that Rep. I was like, man, is there a way to veto a rep and get a new one? I wonder that as fighters Do we have a choice. I wish we did. That sounds like sour grapes. That sounds like a sore loser. Dude, you got beat Henderson who don’t one.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
You got to take that l better than that. That’s right. I am

Ryan Smith 37:29
taking that mortal word let you he takes ELS better than anybody.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
Oh my god.

John Keyes 37:35
And the world in the words of the immortal words of Captain Hook 4444

Unknown Speaker 37:44
I wish I wasn’t at my desk right now.

Ryan Smith 37:49
Chalk that one up for me. I’m winning again.

Unknown Speaker 37:52
All right, I mean, we might have to blackout my screen cuz I’m gonna walk away real quick.

Ryan Smith 37:58
Main Event, the main event. The evening Tony Ferguson was defeated by Justin he does Justin he defeated Tony Ferguson by TKO at 339 in round five in the fifth round. This was a great fight. This was a slobberknocker this was back and forth. You know, round two, Tony Ferguson landed an uppercut that nearly ended the fight if only there had been a little more time left in the fight. He might have been able to dig that one out, but unfortunately just engage he’s fought other than that one strike. He fought the perfect fight against Tony Ferguson.

Unknown Speaker 38:32
Yeah, I was gonna say there’s there’s some bias that comes into play there because Tony Ferguson for all of this flash and grab the sand and blow it in your face like all of that with nothing because he got bullied from start to finish, he landed one shot, and it’s questionable of whether or not that would have been an Ender, because, like both of those fighters took some heavy shots and kept going

Ryan Smith 38:54
so well. The uppercut landed at the end of round two bell rung and and Justin he had a moment to recover. Like it was literally at the very end of the second round. Now why Tony Ferguson didn’t then capitalize on that and come out at the beginning of round three to see if he could potentially, you know, take advantage of any any cobwebs that Justin he might have had in his head. I don’t know why Tony Ferguson didn’t use more elbows and use the things that he has typically used. He sat there and stood in striking range of Justin he and just ate Apple sandwiches with subway.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Is it time to have the conversation about the efficacy of his fight style at this point, it’s too much gimmick not enough action.

John Keyes 39:45

Ryan Smith 39:47
now we’re good with that one. That’s just the

John Keyes 39:51
kid just say efficiency.

Unknown Speaker 39:54
I took LSAT prep for I’m gonna use those words.

John Keyes 40:01
I agree. You know, I was one of the few fights that Dana has said. And Dana promised what was going to happen and it happened. My question is when are we going to stop going against Justin he at this point now now now, okay cuz he, he did he did he did some work in that range. It was a total bloodbath. Congratulations to Justin he I you know, congratulations on on Tony Ferguson living through that.

Unknown Speaker 40:36
I think he’d My goodness,

John Keyes 40:38
made it 12 hours after so that’s a good sign.

Unknown Speaker 40:41
No would have made it.

Ryan Smith 40:46
So Tony Ferguson also suffered a broken orbital during the fight and we know when it happened. Justin, he lands a huge strike and right under Tony Ferguson’s right I just swells up almost immediately. Joe Rogan called it out He’s like,

Unknown Speaker 41:00
oh, the left hook that got him.

Ryan Smith 41:02
It would have had to been a left hook. Yeah. Coming from the left,

Unknown Speaker 41:07
so many of those left hooks

Ryan Smith 41:11
then the question was whether or not the weight to weight cuts in three weeks hurt Tony Ferguson. So I was gonna I was gonna add nutrition so proud of that. What? No.

Unknown Speaker 41:21
Yeah. Oh,

Ryan Smith 41:22
well, you mean last week I was awake. Yeah, I mean, I was. I was I was like, I am a Tony Ferguson fan. And so there’s a little that Tony Ferguson can do that that I’m not gonna celebrate. I’m a Tony Ferguson fan. So as a result him cutting weight when he didn’t have to was something to celebrate. But now, the question is because Dana White said that he looked a little bit listless and that he wasn’t as quick and fast as he’s normally been. Is it possible that having to cut weight twice in the course of three weeks? Something that was detrimental. It’s possible. I’m not taking anything away from Justin. He. I’m just saying That’s one of the storylines coming out of this fight.

John Keyes 42:03
I don’t want to hear it. He walked in that ring he said he was 100%

Ryan Smith 42:08
all I need to know so Justin he now is the is the next fight for Habib, American men off and you know Conor McGregor has been calling out both of those guys trying to get back into this fight. He wants the big fights, of course. So the Vegas odds have come out. Justin, he is a plus 200 to have even America Madoff’s minus 250 you think that’s a fair odds?

John Keyes 42:34
That means he is a minus 200 to the Margot Meadows plus 250 No, no, no, no, no. Otherwise the minus is no no no. He’s all he’s the face it backwards. Sorry. Sorry, world. Sorry, comments was I’m not a gambler. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 42:50
so nor am I just engaged to 100. So here’s what came out of this. JOHN Jones. tweeted about the outcome. Oh my god john Jones did that. He says Damn, beat that man like he broke into the wrong house.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
Yes. JOHN is still

Ryan Smith 43:15
on your boy. Anthony Lionheart

John Keyes 43:20
evil man do it.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
I know how there’s no point in that fight though cuz let’s be real. This is a one to Anthony Smith and when

John Keyes 43:30
I understand how Palpatine when he was closed his eyes like I feel your dark side. I thought feel that when he was talking to Anna Kip. I feel that about john Jones. I feel that dark side now and I’m proud of them. Embrace it do your dish.

Ryan Smith 43:45
Well, the last thing I want to talk about is you know, I like when a fighter loses a fight. I like to see how they recover. I like to see how they you know how they take losing the fight and in the in the hospital. After taking some significant damage from Justin he there is video of Tony Ferguson with his IV stand his the car whatever the that thing is. He’s dancing in his room. It’s that’s Tony. That’s not cringe.

Unknown Speaker 44:19
It’s Chris christic is unnecessary. It was much like his fighting unnecessary movement.

Ryan Smith 44:27
It’s classic the class super proud of Tony Ferguson. Congratulations to Justin he I can’t wait for Gucci versus America man off.

Unknown Speaker 44:33
It’s gonna be a great fight in gratulations Ferguson. All right.

Ryan Smith 44:38
All right, let’s get to finding the angles look at some of the headlines coming out of the wake of UFC 249. This is finding the angles

Alright, this is finding the angles This is where we look at the headlines that people are writing about and talking about in the wake of UFC two 49 and the first one is Joe Rogan who refused to interview UFC 249 fighters at a distance. Daniel Cormier said you threw a fit when they told you that you had to move away. I I’m happy that Joe Rogan was like, Hey, listen, this looks dumb. me standing on one side of the octagon yelling that back and forth at this person. I’m gonna stand up and and and interview these fighters. They’ve been tested. they’ve tested negative. what’s what’s what’s the concern?

Unknown Speaker 45:32
Yeah, I feel it mostly because it affects his brand, right? Like he he’s got a certain way that he does things and people know him for that. And at this stage to affect that in any way would would take away from the overall product that they were going to get. I mean, personally, I wouldn’t want to be in that position, but I respect that. There were safety precautions in place, and it did make for a better product.

Ryan Smith 45:56
Absolutely it could you imagine him standing at six feet. Honestly,

Unknown Speaker 46:01
the audio was pretty trash from start to finish like the audio from the when they’re ringside commentating was great. But the interview comments like just the stadium echo didn’t fit the moment.

Ryan Smith 46:14
Well normally you have the crowd cheering and you have you know, things going on which, you know someone was talking about possibly pumping that sound into the room. That was me. Oh, well, there you go.

Unknown Speaker 46:26
My arms got smaller. So

Ryan Smith 46:32
I’m gonna keep going, john, I’m just gonna keep going. So, missing from missing from our trio tonight is the fourth voice on combat sports talk and that’s George g money Star Wars. And you know, I wanted to shout him out because we’ve got another George that that’s making the headlines. For you said trio. We are a trio. We are trio 123 missing from our trio trio

John Keyes 47:03
from the core nothing

Unknown Speaker 47:05
missing from our quartet.

Unknown Speaker 47:09
We’re not important right now we are a trio,

Unknown Speaker 47:12
right? You’re a quartet missing a member, which

Ryan Smith 47:19
which makes us a trio. All right. I know that it’s hard to have what the right answer is.

Unknown Speaker 47:34

Ryan Smith 47:35
Yeah, I know it’s hard to have acuity right now, but you’re not gonna get me on this.

Unknown Speaker 47:41
It’s clearly

Ryan Smith 47:44
missing from our trio. We’re a trio right now and Miss Georgia money Star Wars. All I want to say is George St. Pierre got elected to the UFC Hall of Fame. Yes, that’s all I’m gonna say. named George. has an S attaches ga your other one has an S attached to is the first letter of his last name.

John Keyes 48:07
All I’m saying is in other news water is wet. We knew that was gonna happen, but

Ryan Smith 48:12
some people have been suspect appointees to the UFC Hall of Fame, namely Matt Sarah.

Unknown Speaker 48:20
Oh, oh, Ah,

John Keyes 48:23
that’s like, Okay. All right. All right, I can.

Ryan Smith 48:27
No you can’t. There’s no there’s no cogent argument for Matt Serra being in the UFC Hall of Fame based on the history based upon him. Yes, yeah. What was it? What was the UFC history he made?

John Keyes 48:42
knocking out George St. Pierre, the guy that got elected into the Hall of Fame.

Ryan Smith 48:47
So he knocked out George St. Pierre. He went from regular fighter to Hall of Famer.

Unknown Speaker 48:55
Yeah, um, if I knock out the heavyweight champion, I in Stanley become the most famous person in the world. That’s that’s how that works.

Ryan Smith 49:03
Yeah, no, I mean like, I mean, think about it like this

Unknown Speaker 49:14
are we gonna bring up the belt again?

Ryan Smith 49:15
No, no, no, no, I’m not. Because clearly you didn’t knock out anybody. Um You got a you got a TKO loss on to your to your name. Oh my gosh people had to throw in the towel and save you but that we’re not doing

Unknown Speaker 49:31
that during our fight.

Ryan Smith 49:34
Yeah, do it another fight. I was just saying.

Unknown Speaker 49:38
Like was my corner for that right?

Ryan Smith 49:41
Who was my corner for that? I was in your corner for that fight. What was the advice I gave you and did you follow that advice?

Unknown Speaker 49:49
Keep your hands up. No, it wasn’t keeping.

Ryan Smith 49:55
Pace yourself. This is a three round fight.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Right like you’re getting hit stop doing that

Unknown Speaker 50:03
I remember looking over the corner like what

Unknown Speaker 50:08
were boxing out here 90 degree

Unknown Speaker 50:13
rise Tell me Stop getting hit

Unknown Speaker 50:15
my corner right now.

Ryan Smith 50:18
No, no it was to keep your hands at that point you the reason why I say Keep your hands up and your chin tucked is because of you

Unknown Speaker 50:26
but none of those shots were landing I just couldn’t lift my hands

Unknown Speaker 50:34
I like 30 pound gloves on go Yeah,

Ryan Smith 50:36
they beat you basically at that fight you fight with pillows on your hands they were like 1816 or 18 ounce gloves and so oh

Unknown Speaker 50:43
my god

Ryan Smith 50:45
yeah, round one he looked like freakin world beater though. Let me just say collect you in round one.

Unknown Speaker 50:51
Bloody my opponent immediately.

Ryan Smith 50:53
Yeah, at the very beginning. He blames one punch blood. He’s the dude and then it’s like Collette. He the Tasmanian devil. For the next 59 seconds yeah one minute rounds dude.

Unknown Speaker 51:06
Look, I’m out of shape.

Unknown Speaker 51:12
Get back to the fights guys.

Ryan Smith 51:15
Here elected elected to the UFC Hall of Fame. We were We were distant as I always do this Matt Serra’s elected election to the UFC Hall of Fame for beating George St. Pierre. That’s the only thing he did. Like seriously.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
He got to that spot to be able to fight your St. Pierre. So he clearly wasn’t trash.

Ryan Smith 51:38
Exactly. How many title defenses did he did he have?

Unknown Speaker 51:42
He did George St. Pierre have before he fought Sarah.

Ryan Smith 51:46
Yeah. And that just goes to show he think George St. Pierre had maybe three or four title offenses before he fought Sarah. And then, when he lost he had to fight two dudes in order to get back to Sarah. Nowadays Oh, UFC nowadays you get an instant title shot just because you’re the bigger draw.

Unknown Speaker 52:05
I mean nowadays everybody wants to talk like they have something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips

Ryan Smith 52:11
no stop there or else Warner Music Group gonna end up shutting us down because you’re

Unknown Speaker 52:17
right here it seems like I’m pretty sure that’s why you got my my win over you removed from YouTube

Ryan Smith 52:25
I didn’t get it removed because it’s the only proof that I have that you don’t deserve the belt that you have at your house

John Keyes 52:34
Okay, so let’s just put it out there I’m just got said that Matt Serra once again was the own is the first American to ever gotten a black belt from the graces. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:46
That’s all right. Oh, wait,

Ryan Smith 52:47
wait. That makes him a UFC Hall of Famer because he built from he’s applying there from the graces. Yeah, well, he’s a fine. Nothing to do. With did he get it did he get it during his during the fight in the ring? Why is that relevant? Why is it even relevant?

John Keyes 53:10
Because before it because if okay if you don’t know your history of the Gracie It was never the graces that started UFC okay let’s for that it was a Gracie says started the UFC to promote Brazilian Jiu Jitsu So yeah,

Ryan Smith 53:27
I understand that. And that’s why hoist Gracie should be in the UFC Hall of Fame. But

John Keyes 53:34
it was Gracie is in the UFC Hall of Fame because he beat people in the olden days. Okay when they when they were open, wait, like I love it bare knuckle.

Ryan Smith 53:42
Oh, he like

John Keyes 53:45
not grabbing and nard punching. You know, that’s what they were doing. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 53:49
yeah. So so here’s here’s the thing. Matt Serra beat George St. Pierre. Literally Matt Serra caught George St. Pierre and That’s that’s his whole claim to fame. Everything else that you can say about Matt Serra’s does being deserving of being in the UFC Hall of Fame has nothing to do with what he has done in the ring, except for that one

Unknown Speaker 54:14
to round fight. Can I call this problematic in that we’re supposed to be celebrating George St. Pierre. And somehow we’re actually talking about Matt Serra

Ryan Smith 54:24
Dare you bring back in?

John Keyes 54:29
They are and I

Ryan Smith 54:29
am on my soapbox about why Matt Serra does not

Unknown Speaker 54:35
who cares we guy who

Ryan Smith 54:39
came here was destined to be in the UFC Hall of Fame. We need to talk about it. When we talk about Matt Serra does not deserve to be in

Unknown Speaker 54:46
the UFC. I will say that rush Honestly, it was George St. Pierre who first got me interested in the UFC was his fights. I remember, like I was in Canada for one of the fights with work and I was like, Oh my goodness, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Like he, like watching his training camps is what interested me most because he was a fighter who he would kind of train boxing but he was doing gymnastic stuff he was he was playing soccer in the gym. He was working on balance he was he was taking so many different disciplines and truly making it mixed martial arts versus a karate style or or Jiu Jitsu in there. He was truly mixing martial arts. And that’s, that, to me is his biggest legacy is he brought more eyeballs to the sport. He was a great champion. And he really changed the way that people thought he also was that guy who was a slow he would point you to death to make sure that he won, but and he kind of changed the way that people thought in that how champions fought too. So all around in every aspect of the fight game. George St. Pierre is a Hall of Famer is 100%

Ryan Smith 55:54
and I will tell you this combat sports talk this show combat sports talk comm was born because of George St. Pierre. And the reason why I say that my very first article that I ever wrote for the blog was in defense of George St. Pierre because people were complaining that he wasn’t knocking folks out anymore and I was trying to show and trying to argue that George St. Pierre’s wins over his the at the time like the last three wins that he had. Were all against elite fighters that you just can’t knock out. And so it’s it’s it. He’s always been that guy that I can say is been, you know, the prototypical champion that we all want to see in the UFC. He’s been respectful in the times that he was disrespectful. He’s gone back and apologized. Yes, you know, and and it’s he even one thing that I can say about yourself here, and by the way, john, if you haven’t looked at the clock, yet I was completely wrong about this show. When they say about George St. Pierre is he walked out in a fight wearing a Hayabusa ghee that had that had the Japanese war flag on it. And I remember the Korean zombie saying, Hey, listen, I understand that, you know that, you know, you’re from Canada and but that you wearing that, that that flag means something to me and the people that I represent, and I would prefer if you didn’t wear that flag, and Jocelyn Pierre was like, You know what, you’re right. I understand the history. I will not wear that flag. I apologize for wearing that flag and being disrespectful to the history. George St. Pierre is that seminal champion that we used to have in the UFC and it has long since gone, and it makes me sad, that that we’re kind of in the spot now because even as much as I like the trash talk, and Casey and I have gone back and forth. About the value of trash talk in the UFC. I can now say that having champions like George St. Pierre makes us better for it gives us something to look up to, as opposed to someone like john Jones or Colby Covington.

Unknown Speaker 58:16

John Keyes 58:16
I’m my first. My first eyes on George St. Pierre was when he walked in the ring when after Matt Hughes had just won a title defense and told him that he was not impressed. not impressed by your performance. Exactly. And that was like, oh, wow, he’s a heel. And you know, then you see him going there. And beat beat the snot out of Matt Hughes, which I was kind of happy for that. But that’s a totally different conversation. And then he started showing us what he was about. He stopped talking more, stop talking, and start showing and that’s what we end like. That’s what we missed out of our champions.

Ryan Smith 58:57
Yeah. Like two days after He He walked to the ring and and called out Matt Hughes that way if he called Matt Hughes and apologize for having done that, like, yeah, it just wasn’t in his character to do that kind of thing.

John Keyes 59:14
Yeah. And that’s like that we we need more champions like that.

Ryan Smith 59:19
Well, you know, we need more champions like

John Keyes 59:22
Mike Tyson though

Ryan Smith 59:27
Have you seen the new video that Mike Tyson’s put out? Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 59:29
Yes. Oh my god like the latest one where it’s a compilation of all of his sparring sessions. Yeah. What’s impressive about this is like the before and after pictures of like, we saw mike tyson who’s letting himself go, he’s getting pudgy. This dude, at the end of his latest video says I’m back. And it’s in a way where I feel like he could be back. Yeah, he comes up. He’s like,

Unknown Speaker 59:51
I’m back.

Unknown Speaker 59:54
Oh my gosh.

Ryan Smith 59:57
Sorry. There’s no there’s no s Is there anything that we can use? I’m back. I’m a static that people think that I was finished or not. I’m just I’m just getting my body back to the My fighting style is impetuous. So

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
right now this is a method to sleep you right now.

Ryan Smith 1:00:22
Yeah, he hit me and I get in Ghana

John Keyes 1:00:27
so which one would you take a punch from in Ghana? Or a flurry from Tyson or 664 combo from Tyson

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
ah don’t want any of that

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
there’s no upside because both of these man hits you in a way that something will break

Ryan Smith 1:00:45
here’s a question Do I get Do I have to stand there? Can I move

John Keyes 1:00:51
you gotta move once he hits you with no

Ryan Smith 1:00:52
no no. Because you see the thing is is that I’m I might be able to to die. or roll from from Indiana. You’re not you’re not gonna have the reflexes. You’re not gonna have the reflexes to stop.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
So you tell me Rosen’s just didn’t think to move. It was back.

Ryan Smith 1:01:12
Dude. Dude, his back is straight up. We know you don’t back up on the centerline. You got it wrong.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
You You can’t roll off a freight train running.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
moving left to right. Oh, you’re in survival mode

John Keyes 1:01:27
or it’s it’s Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus.

Ryan Smith 1:01:31
So we don’t end up with a show. That is two hours long. Let’s go rapid fire here. First reactions only. Okay, here we go. Alexander Vulcan offski Max Holloway to be excited about that.

John Keyes 1:01:43

Ryan Smith 1:01:46
Yeah, I’m kind of lukewarm on it. Max Holloway did not have anything for Alexander Vulcan offski. We haven’t seen anything. Both of these guys have been on the shelf. Why would we expect anything different? Um, let’s see. I’m gonna Skip the controversial UFC 249 waiver but if you haven’t gone and look that up the contract that the people had to sign in order to participate in UFC 249 you might as well just go ahead and assign your your firstborn child to the UFC.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
They will say that Dana doesn’t know disparagement, like his definition, his legal definition of disparagement doesn’t pass them on.

Ryan Smith 1:02:26
Yeah, yeah, he was deflecting, they’re definitely Daniel Cormier says if Steve Emile chick won’t fight it’s gonna be me against Francis in Ghana for the title does Daniel Cormier really want that smoke or is he just trying to put the heat up on the pay me?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
a CPA already responded so it was definitely a call into steep pay rather than he doesn’t want to cancel Sam’s from God. Nobody

John Keyes 1:02:49
wants any piece of that pie. Okay, trust me. That is that’s a danger right there. That’s all danger

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
danger. Drops

Ryan Smith 1:03:03
Last one, the Cinta Luca explains hearing Joe Rogan’s commentary during wild TKO when, and Greg hardy said that he overheard Daniel Cormier, his advice in the MT UFC 249 Arena, that is the advantage of being in an empty arena that you get to hear the commentators as they’re talking about what’s going on in the fight.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
There’s also a downside, though, like I love that, first of all, but the downside is, if you watch the main event, you can hear Tony’s corner saying one, two, and it gave and Tony is an immediate responder. So he would say one, two, and also Tony didn’t throw enough jabs. But like your opponent can hear what your strategy is as well. So it changes things, but I like to look at like all the questions about how he’s going for the darce choke. I think it matters a lot more in the Jiu Jitsu thing because you can’t necessarily see what’s being set up. But if someone’s telling you what’s being set up now to change Just the way that I’m I’m in my guard, huh?

Ryan Smith 1:04:03
Yeah, I mean, I love this. So instead, instead of only having you know your side of the ring, it adds another side of the ring. That’s a friendly side of the ring. So if you’re an MTV venue and you’re fighting next to the cage, where the commentators are, you’ve got Joe Rogan going. Well, he’s taking a lot of damage here now. Oh, he’s setting up that he’s setting up a camera. what he needs to do is move his left hand. Oh, okay, move my left. Okay, now, now what?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:29
I would love for that to happen like, john, what do I do now?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
advice they gave is spot on. So like, legitimately it’s like getting professional corner men helping you out and that’s what Greg Harberger corner.

Ryan Smith 1:04:44
Yeah, and that’s what Greg Hardy was saying he was he was taking all of these kicks from the Castro. And then he heard Daniel Cormier going, he needs to start checking those kicks. And sure enough, when dent Greg hardy checks the kick, it breaks the card. Castro’s foot kick anymore.

John Keyes 1:05:06
They need to put a little soundproofing over at the Andre side where they’re at,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:10
like this notion.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
That notion of extra coaching coming in

John Keyes 1:05:17
a professional coaching call you got a got a wrestler coach, you got a striking coach there with Joe Rogan. And then we may and then the other color commentator, we might have Felder there you could have curly Cruz. You know, God if they had till Sunday that would be awesome.

Ryan Smith 1:05:35
Well, they need Chelsea Manning for the in the ring work. So whenever it’s like on the mic, then she’ll sounds like what he needs to say is I’m a high profile in styling.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47

John Keyes 1:05:51
All right, American Gangster

Ryan Smith 1:05:52
lat lat last thing, last segment of the show, that is the fight card. We’ve got more fights this week. Two more cards to be exact. We’re going to talk about Through them real quick make some flash fight pics, and then we’ll be out. Here we go with the fight card.

All right, this is the fight card. We’ve got two more cards one on Wednesday and one on Saturday. Smith Anthony Lionheart Smith vs Glover to share on Wednesday, May 13. At the vice star Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. All of these cards are in Jacksonville, Florida, because that’s really the only place where the UFC can get a fight sanctioned is Florida.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
So we’ve got to Florida we’ve got five

Ryan Smith 1:06:37
fights on the main card, Carl Roberson versus Marvin vittori you got Ricky Simon vs. Ray Borg, Alexander Hernandez vs. Drew Dober and the CO Main Event ovince St. prove his heavyweight debut versus Ben Rothwell and then our main event of the evening Anthony Lionheart Smith versus Glover to share We’re gonna make some flash fight picks, who you got open St. Prue versus Ben Rothwell? cholesky who you got

Unknown Speaker 1:07:07

Ryan Smith 1:07:09
All right. JOHN Key’s who you got open St. Prue versus Ben Rothwell?

John Keyes 1:07:15
I’m gonna go LSP I’m gonna give it to I noticed this is lopsided. I’m gonna pray that his speed will outmatch

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23
Ben’s Well, you got a slow fighter adding weight, and you’re picking him for his speed.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:29

Ryan Smith 1:07:32
not fast.

John Keyes 1:07:34
There he is. He is not fast at all. Okay, so

Ryan Smith 1:07:40
well I’m honorbound And so even though I’m wearing blue and white, I gotta go with my fraternity brother. ovince St. Prue. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:51
when I angry so bad, don’t come on.

John Keyes 1:07:55
Come on. You know how to get

Ryan Smith 1:07:58
Oh, Vince They prove I got him. I don’t like it when a fighter moves up to weight because they get surprised by the additional speed without the additional strength, the strength of the of the heavier weight class, I think oh Vincent Bruce gonna be in for it with Ben Rothwell. He is a big, huge monster. We’ll see what happens Anthony Lionheart Smith versus blower to share. JOHN who you got.

John Keyes 1:08:22
I got Lionheart in this one. I like Glover. I like his strike. He’s uh, he’s chuckling Adele close to the end. And Anthony is just too much. And this one. I’m giving it to Anthony

Ryan Smith 1:08:35
collection. I’m calling this you’ve been a fan. You’ve been a fan of Anthony Lionheart Smith for a long time does the fact that he was not able to be 155 pound college wrestler who stuck Why would you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:45
do this? Let me

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49
just open back up. Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:08:52
Just saying that does that. Does that give you any hesitation in choosing Anthony Smith. I know you’re a huge fan.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
What it does for me is it makes me call Anthony Smith for the victory in the third round by Camorra.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09

Ryan Smith 1:09:11
not by Camorra really

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
Dan’s jujitsu. He’s been competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments. On the regular.

Ryan Smith 1:09:19
Yeah, but my hair is a black belt in jujitsu.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:22
Yeah, I’m still calling Anthony’s Smith with maybe not Kumar I’m going to armbar

John Keyes 1:09:28
Okay, I

Ryan Smith 1:09:30
Camorra’s a lot harder to get so I can see armbar even though I don’t think that Glover to share has been ever been submitted, maybe once I don’t think so. I got Anthony Lionheart Smith I think Glover to share his kind of like you were saying, john, at the end of his career, it would be a flash knockout if Glover does pull this out. But I like Anthony. I think he’s more technical. I think he’s gonna get it done. And then next Saturday, we’ve got overeem vs. Harris, Alistair overeem versus Walt Harris. This is Walt Harris coming back after his his tragic loss. Still at the vice star veterans Arena in in Jacksonville, Florida. We got five fights on that card song Good dog versus Marlin Vera. You got Eric. What?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:14
It’s just a good name. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
It looks so concerned.

Ryan Smith 1:10:18
Well, I thought I’d mispronounce it or something. Eric and versus Christoph dotco you got Danica Dan Inc. Versus Edson Barboza. Claudia dayla. Versus Angela overkill Hill. overeem versus wall Harris. We got three five picks. Dan ink versus Edson Barboza who you got Collette you

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
haven’t seen anything so I can’t really this this one doesn’t count against me so I’m going barbeau john

John Keyes 1:10:50
Oh, I’m sorry. Barbosa Yeah. Okay, by any high like,

Ryan Smith 1:10:56
Alright, and I I’m going to I’m gonna go with Barbosa, but part of me wants to just go wants to be contrarian and go with Dan and this is why you pick losers. All right, in the next fight, Claudia de la versus Angela overkill Hill, a

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
john who you know who you’re going with, no, you

John Keyes 1:11:21
know, honestly, these are two different fighters. They really are. But But as I said, I said a collection okay. Surprise.

Ryan Smith 1:11:34
jeweler Ronnie Stallworth is here.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:38
I made it.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
Made it.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:45
We’re great.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
All right. All right. All right. All right. So whatever. At the end

Ryan Smith 1:11:51
of the show. We’re 10 minutes over right now. We’re picking a Holic Adela versus Angela Hill. That’s what we’re doing right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
After you pick Angela overkill he’ll Didn’t you haven’t picked yet

Unknown Speaker 1:12:06
you gotta go with your home team or not

Ryan Smith 1:12:09
yeah I got oh come on girl you I have been I’m staying on this train I got on this

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
just responded to one of your messages Does that mean you got to ride that train

John Keyes 1:12:23
ride the train ride

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27
right so I’m actually going hill here but I hate it because honestly I just feel like I hadn’t seen Claudia do a ton she’s been focused in other areas recently.

Ryan Smith 1:12:37
colleague Adele’s gonna win this fight I’m just going with

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41
is gonna kill this fight. But Angela does have an opportunity to like head kicker into oblivion.

Ryan Smith 1:12:49
So so we’ll see. I’m picking Angela Hill. She’s been you know, I said that I was gonna pick her until she loses, so she hasn’t lost. She keeps taking these I’m gonna keep going with her. But Claudia della is a wrestler.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:07
That just that she’s pretty gritty, really gritty. We’ll have to

Unknown Speaker 1:13:14
see Yeah, she’s pretty great. Okay, dirty, gritty, whatever you want to call it, but she’s great. Like she will test himself

Ryan Smith 1:13:20
out. Yeah. And then finally, Alistair overeem versus Walt Harris. George, I’ll give you the first pick.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:27
You probably should have done that. I’m gonna go a wall Harris at this point. I might make a different pick of verdict. But right now I’m going to walk. Let you he’s been through. He’s been through the fire right now. And I could just see him really coming out and like, unleashing some pent up built up things that many of us don’t understand. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
That stated I’m still gonna pick overeem to win. I hate I don’t like overeem in in any way, shape or form,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:01

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
it’s the thing, like as a person, I don’t like what overeem stands for, as a fighter. I think he’s so seasoned that out barring like a random late strike from

Unknown Speaker 1:14:17
was the guy who just bought ostrich

Unknown Speaker 1:14:21
Rosenstein outside of a late hit there I think balusters just got the formula to just be a veteran fighter who knows how to stay out of trouble.

Ryan Smith 1:14:32

Unknown Speaker 1:14:34

John Keyes 1:14:37
Wow. Yeah, that’s this is gonna be a hard one. On one hand we got a seasoned veteran who’s been there done it went through the wars. And we got a guy here who is gotten it was just went through a personal super personal loss here, and he’s gonna come in. Does he have the emotional fortitude Keep that compartmentalize why he’s punching on somebody and not lose it and become emotional and loses focus and therefore possibly lose the fight. Um, I give it to overeem this time All right.

Ryan Smith 1:15:16
I’m gonna go I’m gonna go a while Harris. I think over is coming to the end of his career to be honest. it this is you know, I keep watching over over him and he’s just he doesn’t seem like the same guy that oh he’s not. And so I think that time is gonna catch up to him and I think while Harris is going to be that guy that’s gonna cause us to start talking about whether or not Alistair overeem needs to start considering ending his career.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:45
I need to amend my pic because of that insight. Looking back at the face of his Instagram posts are the things that make me believe he’s not gonna win. The moment you start posting about your wife and kids more than your training your careers done You almost have to have that dare until mindset of I don’t care about anything or anyone I’m here to fight again comes back to your statement because time and time again, it’s the guys because you’ll assume here like I was thinking about retirement and I want to spend more time with my family. Like that’s the death knell in this type of career like, you can’t afford to get into that headspace. And a week out he’s already posting can’t wait to go see my girls again. brah go fight. Yeah, they know you love them. Go fight. So yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:16:35
All right. So follow us on social media on Instagram. I am at combat sports talk, john.

John Keyes 1:16:41
I’m at keys to victory in s keys with the S George.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:46
I’m a dark side, MMA that has dark side underscore, a underscore that’s on Instagram,

Ryan Smith 1:16:53
and then collection.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:55
I am at push, pull, pray.

Ryan Smith 1:16:58
That’s very good. You went to the easy One and you can find us on our website at www combat sports talk.com. We are on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. Hopefully you know that this is a video podcast you can find us on YouTube and any of your streaming platforms as well. You can watch us live and you can communicate with us live during the show on Monday nights. By the way, if you guys follow me on Twitter, I have changed my Twitter handle used to be CSE Ryan. Now I am MMA podcaster can’t believe that was available.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:37
I’m gonna be CFD Ryan now. You’re gonna get that real quick.

Ryan Smith 1:17:42
Shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group. Those are the sources where we get our information and stories that we use on the show. Shout out to those guys who give us the best in intelligent discussion MMA. discussion. So on behalf of john Key’s George g money Stallworth and cholesky own yay Buchi This is Ryan Smith reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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