Episode 134 – UFC Vegas 5: Brunson vs. Shahbazyan (Recap)

August 5, 2020 by No Comments

We are LIVE this week with the return of the Eagle, a recap of UFC Vegas 5: Brunson vs Shahbazyan, Headlines on Conor and the value of his Proper 12 Whiskey Business, what could signal the end of the Woodley era, Jones vs DC rivalry, Mike Tyson and picks for UFC Vegas 6: Lewis vs. Oleinik.


Ryan Smith 0:10
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host Ryan Smith and joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory john keys

John Keyes 0:28
you forgot my name Okay, now I’m switching

Ryan Smith 0:31
the camera I suppose I promised I was switching the camera

John Keyes 0:35
Hello combat sports talk world this is john Key’s you know Welcome to the first week in August aka Level A Jumanji? You know, I hope you got your apocalypse bingo going, you know, I have volcano sharks going. So. Yeah. Okay, so

Ryan Smith 0:54
so there’s volcano sharks, but there was something that was like zombie ants or something like that.

John Keyes 1:00
It’s this cannibal ants out animal here react. Yeah, they Yeah, I was like, Who? Wait a minute, okay. No, no, you’re cannibals out there. Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:13
See, the thing is, is that by definition a cannibal has to eat its own kind, right. So yeah, the ant eats us. It’s not camel. It’s just carnivore, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:21

Ryan Smith 1:23
He mantra aside, I don’t know what it’s called.

John Keyes 1:25
I don’t know. I just don’t want to be around it. Were they sales coming? was coming out Chernobyl. I think it was coming out of Chernobyl.

Ryan Smith 1:32
Yeah. So we got some time.

John Keyes 1:34
Yeah, we got a minute. We got a minute.

Ryan Smith 1:36
So So normally, we are a squad of four but Casey is currently indisposed with other activities going on. Not trying to get weird with the with the explanation. I just don’t know if you want me to tell folks what he’s doing. So, Casey is indisposed. And and coach, George G. Money Stallworth. He coaches on Tuesday nights and we’re recording on a Tuesday night set of a Monday night. So he is in route. We hope to have him on the show at some point during the recording, so just hang in there. Okay.

John Keyes 2:13
Yeah, he’s abusing students right now. So yeah, you know

Ryan Smith 2:17
he’s kicking legs man right now and but he’s not in the audience like Casey was last week. Right.

John Keyes 2:27
Shooting hooky.

Ryan Smith 2:28
Shooting hooky. Is that a thing? Is that what is shooting?

Unknown Speaker 2:32
No, no. What is the phrase shooting hook? It’s playing hooky. Not shooting hockey.

Ryan Smith 2:38
It’s not soft. It’s not shooting. Okay. That is That must be that must be from Kentucky.

John Keyes 2:43
Oh, hey, watch now. Okay. It’s shooting hooky. Nobody.

Ryan Smith 2:48
So for those of you who are watching right now, you can chat with us by typing messages in the chat box underneath this video. Is it playing hooky? Or is it incorrect? Shooting hooky.

John Keyes 3:01
Oh, you know, is it just Ryan meaning to be right tonight? No. Ryan is

Ryan Smith 3:07
usually right. I think I think those words in the thesaurus are synonyms. Ryan and right. I just want to I just want to get this ready for you when the when when the comments start coming in saying that it’s playing hooky. This one right here. I’m gonna have it ready. I’m not gonna play the whole clip because I want it. I just want you to know what’s waiting for you.

John Keyes 3:29
Alright, so I am looking at the chat. I’m going to say hello. Alright. And just to let people know I am here. And if y’all want to chat with me, I will do my best to keep my eye on it. And you know, we’ll just work from there. Right?

Ryan Smith 3:43
There you go. Um, so let’s get into it. The top story of the day we call it the headliner.

The headliner, this is the top story that I want to talk about. And that is that is are you ready for it? The Return of the eagle. That’s right. Habib numurkah men off is coming back. He is going to get ready to fight. Just engage you in October. I believe it’s October 24, October 24. He’s going to fight for the title. All right. So by the way, before we get into some more of that we’ve got some comments coming in. I want to go ahead. Mr. Mr. JOHN Key’s and and let you know that indeed, Tim Kraus is out there and he’s saying that it’s playing hooky. This is way easier than the game you used to make me play. Haha. Well, that’s right. It’s a it’s it’s playing hooky. All right. I’m Sonia Gutierrez says she’s heard it both ways. I don’t know how you’ve heard it. She’s heard it both ways because she knows you and she’s knows you say it wrong.

John Keyes 4:57
I know. Cookies. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 5:02
Have your own slang.

John Keyes 5:04
Now. I have to edit it because you know, we’re a family show there. Yeah, I just have to do it like that.

Ryan Smith 5:11
Okay. All right, well, so Daniel Cormier says he was taken aback by Habib’s return at UFC 254. Of course, what we know is Habib numurkah medoff He is known as the eagle and the 155 pound 28 and oh, champion. Yes, of the UFC lightweight division. And his Go ahead.

John Keyes 5:34
I’ll just, I’ll just going to agree with everything you said yes, He is the God of the God of fight and 155 division.

Ryan Smith 5:42
So he, his father, passed away recently abdomen nap numurkah medoff, who is kind of the bedrock of of Habib America, Madoff’s fight team, that his father and coach basically got Dagestan on the mat when it comes to fighting. And so everyone really thought that having been recommend off was not going to come back so soon that he was going to take some time to grieve his father, that we may not see him back in 2020. But indeed, he is coming back in October, ready to fight for the title go, or his quest of 29. I know.

John Keyes 6:23
A lot. I understand it. It’s it’s hard to lose a parent. And I feel for this man. I think he’s coming in here, totally to honor his his father. And so we may see possibly the best version of haviv. If we haven’t seen it already, we may see his ultra instinct version of Habib and he and I feel for Justin gates, he’s, he’s gonna have to put a fight on now. He if he thought he had a fight beforehand, he may really have a fight now and might be a fight that he can’t, he can’t win, you know, none of what he does.

Ryan Smith 7:06
So, so people are saying that typically, a fight camp is eight weeks, and we are right at that eight week mark right now, or a little less than eight weeks for this fight. And so that what makes this a challenge is that this is kind of late to get into a fight camp for a champion fighting for his legacy. So do you have any concerns that Habib starting his fight camp as late as he is, that is going to affect his performance against Justin gauging?

John Keyes 7:38
I don’t think so. Um, one thing about Habib, he has always been professional, okay. He, he has championship material. And when I say championship material, he knows how to carry himself as a champion. He knows what it takes to be a champion. He fights like a champion. He doesn’t play, he doesn’t fight safe. Whereas he’s just fighting for points. He’s going in there to fight. And so I think one thing about Hubby, I’ve never seen him out of shape. I’ve never really seen him out of shape. So I think we’re that he is possibly stayed stayed in shape, you know, even at the loss of his father. I think he’s still in that still at that level, that he could just simply get back into a solid training camp and be right back at it.

Ryan Smith 8:26
Well, I think that that’s that’s I think that’s probably likely. Um, interesting thing. Joe Rogan has seen Habib’s competitor, just engage you in camp and he was raving about it on Twitter. And then Habib responded. Oh, and so Habib says, Justin is a very nice guy and good opponent for me. But when the octagon close, he has to be ready for not only a boxing match, I’m not Dustin or Tony, I will take them to the deepest ocean and drown him in shutter.

John Keyes 9:02
And he will do that. He will absolutely do that. He is totally of his game plan. And everybody can put dollars to doughnuts. He’s got to do exactly that. He’s going to drag him out into the deepest part of the ocean. And he’s going to have him you know, we call him we call him the eagle, but we really should be calling him the mag really because he’s just a killer dude. I mean that that man is he’s It is hard pressed to find a fighter in recent memory. That is a force of nature, like a beat except for George St. Pierre john Jones. Now was there’s a difference there and you know, we’ll get to john Jones later because I’ve done seen the, the the run sheet. Well, we got plenty of time for john John’s, but you know, it Rest it because he I have heard that he’s going to do two more fights.

Ryan Smith 10:04
That’s what he says he’s going to retire at 30. No.

John Keyes 10:07
Yes. And he’s already asked for the for his 30th match.

Ryan Smith 10:11
So that’s the thing for the last one is if he gets past Justin Gachi Kevin Lee, who’s a who’s a contender at 155 pounds, says that he wants to help. George St. Pierre get ready for Habib that he’s going to be in his corner because remember, Kevin Lee was struggling. And then he decided to start training at TriStar which is the home gym of George St. Pierre George St. Pierre being, you know, arguably if we’re going to talk about the Pantheon, pantheon of people who are the greatest MMA fighters in the UFC of all time. George St. Pierre has to be in that conversation.

John Keyes 10:50
And very high in that conversation as well.

Ryan Smith 10:53
Yes. So to for for Habib nomogram at all for his legacy to be complete. He has to win against Justin gates he find a way to get George St. Pierre back into the octagon and then win that fight. And if he does

John Keyes 11:11
if if Habib or some people say when Habib beats just engaging? I think that is everything that I think that’s the last achievement you need to unlock the dream match against George St. Pierre.

Unknown Speaker 11:28
Mike Tyson’s punch out.

John Keyes 11:31
Watching I’ve been watching promos videos for UFC for they have a cool venue there. It’s crazy as heck. It’s got Mortal Kombat sounds and everything. That’s a different story. For a different day people just go to YouTube. Look up UFC for you love it, I promise you. Okay, but

Ryan Smith 11:50
yeah, but but but I guess the question is, is the talk about GSP a distraction? And are we looking past Justin Gachi? Who is legitimately the number one contender for this title?

John Keyes 12:03
No, in no way it’s not a distraction. And I’m sure not looking past Justin gauging because every time people have looked past Justin gates, he he brings you back into focus. Say hey, I’m still here and he’s on the ground. Okay. That’s what Justin gates he does. I’m not putting anything past him. I just know that. He is a this is going to be a really strong fight. Here’s our next it could be possibly our next contender for Fight of the year.

Ryan Smith 12:32
All right. And there you have it. So let that is the headliner. Let’s go into the official decision. We had fights on Saturday night. We’re going to talk about it in the official decision.

All right, this is the official decision. And we had fights on Saturday night it was UFC Fight Night. Brunson versus Shazam. This was August 1 2020 at the UFC Apex center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had we had we were scheduled for five fights, but we only got four fights. And I was hoping that that that, you know, George Star Wars would be here by now because you know, he’s real big on Kevin Holland. Kevin Holland, of course, is a hometown hero fights down in the DFW area. And he was scheduled to fight on a what we’re calling UFC Vegas five against trevin geils. But trevin geils passed out fainted on the way to the ring and in the fight got canceled or wasn’t on the way to walk ins walk away the way is.

John Keyes 13:43
It was not it was right there at the wrap. He fainted right at the ramp to go to the to the ring. And they were like, nope, we’re good. We’re good. And, you know, you could see his corner, trying to argue with the officials like he’s okay. He’s okay. But he was still out. Okay, so they’re like that we’re good on this.

Ryan Smith 14:05
So So the reason why I’m asking is when he actually passed out and we’ll get to it later because we know Kevin Holland is going to be fighting this Saturday in apex. Um, but there was confusion as to whether or not Ed Herman could come in and fight on this card because Ed Herman, he was supposed to fight on this card as well. But his opponent came down with with COVID-19 tested positive once he got to Vegas, so his fight got canceled. Of course Kevin Holland’s fight got canceled. So the obvious thing for two guys in the same weight class, you want to fight and we’ll talk about a little bit later why that fight didn’t happen. It Landover nada, was defeated by Bobby green via unanimous decision. Xin Tae luchetti defeated Randy brown Be a knockout in round two. We had in the CO main event, JoJo Calderwood defeated by Jennifer Maya with an armbar that I mean, she worked it man.

John Keyes 15:16
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Why? I was expecting a strikers match. I think I think I did say that Jennifer Maya last week was going to work or jujitsu and JoJo, but all all roads pointed to a striker match. You know, most of our fight most of our fights were won by strikes.

Ryan Smith 15:36
Yeah. And and and that’s the thing. And it was really interesting to see the fight start off and it was good commentary between Paul Felder, and I think it was Lewis was at ringside Paul Felder. And

John Keyes 15:48
was it a was it. Was it hardy this week? No, it wasn’t. Well, let me know

Ryan Smith 15:53
Paul Felder and Dominick Cruz There we go. Oh, yeah, I can’t remember. It was Dominick Cruz and and Paul Felder, and you know, what they were really showing is, this is what Muay Thai looks like versus a boxer. Because Jennifer, Maya is a boxer. Jojo Calderwood is a movie tight. And and so what they were talking about is, Joe, Joe, Joe, or Joanne Calderwood doesn’t move her head off the center line, she is she straight, whereas you saw Maya constantly shifting constantly, you know, moving her off the center line moving her head, you know, and, and it made her really hard to hit. But yeah, it was a good fight until it went to the ground. And it was Jojo who took my ear to the ground. I don’t know why she did that. Because Jennifer, Maya is a man, her last name is Maya, you got, you know, if your last name is mine, the BJJ has to be good. This is your smoke. This is your smuckers your smuckers. Commercial, there

John Keyes 17:00
are just certain names that you just don’t go to the ground with Tracy, my Nogueira. You even if they’re not even related to each other, you’re like, I don’t want to take the chance. I don’t want to take the chance.

Ryan Smith 17:13
Especially in Brazil, you know, they’re gonna have something

John Keyes 17:17
if they i think i think they teach. I think they teach you like either Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Valley tutto. And like grade school, I mean, they I mean, I think it’s like a core curriculum, we

Ryan Smith 17:26
should look it up and see because, you know, China, their their national martial art is Tai Chi, right? Like it is the official art of China. And so and so I wonder if Brazil doesn’t have kind of the same thing with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? i? Perhaps they don’t, because I mean, I would assume that they didn’t, but they should. Dana White says Jennifer, Maya is going to get the next title shot versus Valentina Shevchenko. What is your reaction to that? You’ve got Valentina Shevchenko, who is literally head and shoulders above the competition, Jennifer, Maya looked great on Saturday night. That could be a great fight.

John Keyes 18:06
It’ll be a great fight. And I do see Jennifer Maya taking a beating on that one, a severe beating just for the simple fact that ship chanca is a very, it’s a very complete fighter. I don’t think I don’t think Maya would have all the answers for shift chaincode I’m saying that early without her going through a proper training camp or seeing her way in but I at this point, if she was to fight next week, I would knock chenko what would be a mall she would take with mall Maya. You know, in many, many ways. I’ve seen GSP mall fighters all the time. Because as soon as she reminds me of as far as her as as her pace, her her style, it just looks like GSP all over again.

Ryan Smith 18:58
So So okay, so so I don’t see the ship chinko is the second coming of GSP what you’re saying?

John Keyes 19:04
Ooh, I could take that. I can believe that. Now, I could say that. I could say that with confidence.

Ryan Smith 19:11
I would I don’t I don’t think so. And the reason why is because because Valentina Shevchenko is as great as she is. And as as dominant as she is. She cannot take the fight wherever she wants to. George says,

John Keyes 19:30
well, George St. Pierre couldn’t do it at the beginning either.

Ryan Smith 19:32
No, no, no, he could. He absolutely could.

John Keyes 19:35
Not in the beginning, not in the beginning. He was a kyokushin can kyokushin fighter in the beginning, and he later learned wrestling. Okay,

Ryan Smith 19:45
by talking about you talking about Valentina Shevchenko, who now has defended her title, what, three, four times? Yeah, we’re not at the beginning of the career of Valentina Shevchenko. So you’re comparing Yes. The beginning of your CMP Eric’s career to the current career Valentina Shevchenko than I have proven my point.

John Keyes 20:08
Okay, so let’s put GSP at his, okay, we’ll say fourth title reign, and see where he was flew, he was fighting. And I could tell you from there, if he was where he was as far as fighting skill.

Ryan Smith 20:21
He was, at that point he was taking the fight to the ground. He was not a mauling, dudes,

John Keyes 20:27
because he learned he learned wrestling. Midway through his through his championship run, if I remember correctly,

Ryan Smith 20:36
I learned. I just remember that George St. Pierre, was, was offered an opportunity to wrestle with the Canadian wrestling team, because he was Yes.

John Keyes 20:46
Yes. And I believe that was after. That was after after Matt Serra. That was the beginning of the second round. And I want to say was it after BJ pin?

Ryan Smith 21:00
it well, might. Because Because I can tell you that I remember. I can tell you exactly where I was when I saw the BJ pin. George St. Pierre fight, because BJ pin, wrote George St. Peter’s nose in the very beginning of the fight, and George St. Pierre had to face adversity for the entire fight. And he took BJ pin down so many times in the fourth and fifth round, that that’s what won him the fight. So he was a wrestler at that point.

Unknown Speaker 21:29
It might have been around there.

Ryan Smith 21:30
Yes. So he was a wrestler at that point. And that

John Keyes 21:33
was his. Let’s see here. 1234 fifth. That was around his fifth title defense. So there you go. So we will see we will see okay, let’s see where she said that in her fifth title defense. If she ain’t taken she ain’t shooting it. For the double leg and Tam putting people on the ground, then yes, I will concern to Ryan to Ryan Smith. I got Ryan Smith was right. To Do

Ryan Smith 22:02
you know, I’ve got it. You know, I’ve got I’ve got I’ve got a crown stuck across a side effect. side effect. What am I saying? akro sound effect. There you go. Yeah. So anyway, and the last fight. The main event of the evening, Derek Brunson versus Edmund ship Bayesian. Now, she beziehen was coming in as a super hype train fighter. Everybody’s on this dude. He came in as a minus 300 da against Derek Brunson.

John Keyes 22:39
Okay, so this makes me wonder why is it because of who manages him? Possibly. Because, yes, Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey as his manager. Was she obvious she did a good job. I finished golf. The guy has skill. Don’t

Ryan Smith 22:56
know he had some he had some highlight knockouts. He Yes, he hasn’t got he’s only been out of the first round one time and I think he’s been in a fight or night fight or something like that. He was undefeated. I mean, he’s got a lot of momentum. He’s got a lot of star power behind him. Um, you know, but you should have knew that something was coming. When you saw who else was in his corner? Or we’re talking about coach Edmund?

John Keyes 23:20
Yes. And mentor Gary and

Ryan Smith 23:23
something like that. It’s like, it’s like Targaryen. Anyway, we know that. At that point, you should know that he might look good. But he might be good. And that’s what we found out now. I’m making jokes here. I’m making jokes here. To be honest. She Bazin was whooping up on on Brunson. Yeah, especially in the second round before it all went downhill. But he was he was landing, the better strikes, the heavier strikes. The second round the leg kicks to the body. We’re like, chopping wood.

John Keyes 24:00
There was a lot of pie out to it. cop pie out. capacity.

Ryan Smith 24:04
Sorry. Yeah, not just pie out. those are those are like leg kicks, those body kicks will come out.

John Keyes 24:13
But after the adrenaline dump in round three, what happened was

Ryan Smith 24:17
well, so what happens is he um, he begins to

John Keyes 24:22
gas. Uh huh.

Ryan Smith 24:24
And then Brunson gets a just a huge strike, takes him down, and then the ground and pound starts as the second round is ending. You see, m Brunson postures up and just drops a boom, boom, one, two. Right on the chin of Jabez Ian, and dude was out cold. And

John Keyes 24:48
we don’t know if it was either the horn that woke him up, or was it a follow up punch that we don’t

Ryan Smith 24:55
we don’t know. But what ended up happening is the ground and pound was Rudel got an elbow cut his cut his eye. He was Jabez Ian was definitely out on his feet as he walked back to sit down. And herb Dean saw this. Herb Dean saw this and was like, Is he still gonna fight? They’re like, yeah, yeah, he’s still gonna fight. Herb Dean, at the beginning of the third round stops the fight, calls the doctor in and hurts like, is this guy able to fight and the doctors sitting there talking to him? Dana White is fuming because he’s like, Listen, you don’t start the third round and give a guy an opportunity to recover. If he’s if he’s rock. You either stop the fight, or you let the fight go, you get one minute between rounds. And by calling the rep the doctor into the ring at the start of the third round. You’re actually giving this guy more time to recover and taking off the heat. That you know that Derek Brunson had like Derek Brunson was in the flow. He was in the matrix. And now he’s cooling off because the doctors in there talking to him now they know why to the doctor was talking to for 10 minutes. It wasn’t Doctor Doctor.

Unknown Speaker 26:13
Try it to two minutes,

Ryan Smith 26:15
but two minutes makes a difference whenever your your high class athlete and you can recover in 60 seconds or less.

John Keyes 26:23
Not in this case, cuz he got in this case.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
Not in this case.

Unknown Speaker 26:27
Not in this case. So you’re not that high class.

John Keyes 26:30
Yeah, he brought some really went into it. It was just like, boop, boop, he’s over and they’re like, okay, so yeah, who do we blame in this? Do we blame the predator or herb Dean? Or do we blame the doctor in this because I’m no longer just gonna call him herb Dean. I’m calling him to herb. The predator Dean condell says does his MMA fight nickname? And apparently he’s still got some. He still got it somewhere. That’s like, beat him.

Ryan Smith 26:56
Okay, and I’m gonna tell you like this. It’s not herb. Dean’s fault. Herb Dean actually did the right thing. In this case. If anything, it’s the doctor. And it’s the corner. Like, I’m always gonna go back to the corner. Um, they should have known that their fighter was glassy eyed, sitting on the on the corner. I mean, on the stool. And when the doctor came in there, you could tell that the guy didn’t have his heart in it. And I think it was Dominick Cruz, who was saying, you can see by the way that he’s moving around the ring that he’s done, this fighter is done. And so Brunson came in there and went and went for a takedown and she Basie and just basically laid down on the ground. And, and and you could see the moment when herb Dean knew that he was going to that the fight was over, is because when Derek Brunson took him to the ground. His hands were on the ground. Like that, like this. Yeah. And and it’s like, yeah, this guy’s not this guy’s not fighting back. So herb Dean called the fight off, and it goes down as a TKO in round three for Derek Brunson. 26 seconds.

John Keyes 28:03
So when Okay, so let’s talk about this about that corner. Cuz that corners, the coaches controversial dude. All right, Coach admin. There comes a point where we have to really look at him and be like, dude, how are you still doing this? Okay, you are a danger to fighters. Even fighters know that you’re a danger to other fighters. Okay, why can’t we do something about this guy? You know, when are they gonna start doing something about about him and actually put some real penalties behind it.

Ryan Smith 28:41
I don’t know if it you know, when he he was, you know, coaching Ronda Rousey? You know, he looked like a genius while she was winning. But then when we started listening in on the corner, what he was telling her, especially when she was losing fights on on the feet, and he’s telling her that she’s doing a great job. That’s when we knew.

John Keyes 29:03
Yeah, that he was like, oh, wow, you suck. And, you know, it’s just like that.

Ryan Smith 29:10
What’s up? What do you mean? He was like, oh, wow, you suck. What does that mean?

John Keyes 29:14
I’m thinking, you know, Oh, God, you suck. Oh,

Ryan Smith 29:18
yeah, gotcha. Gotcha.

John Keyes 29:19
Yeah. And it’s just like that. That one dude. That’s the one guru that’s training. Diego Sanchez. I forgot his name but Joshua favia. Yeah, that guy.

Ryan Smith 29:33
fighters, you know that they’re, I don’t I don’t know. And this is where I’d love to have someone like coach Carlos Marina who, who’s been on our show many times or George, where we start talking about what do you look for in a coach? How do you know that you have a good coach. Or if you have someone who is basically a snake oil salesman or someone who you know, who talks a good game but doesn’t have the good doesn’t have the skill set to To get you to the next level and and this is one of those things where I think that, you know, for Porsche Bazin, they got him some good tune up fights fights to get him get his name out there and things like that. But he, he he met a freight train. And it was it was rough. It was rough watching it.

John Keyes 30:21
Yeah, it was was brick wall situations. Either you’re going over it or you’re gonna go through it and he went through it and did not come out on the other side.

Ryan Smith 30:32
Well, there Yeah, there you have it. Um, the last thing I want to say about this is Dana White says don’t give up on Edmund Shi Basie. And so we’re gonna see more of him. Derek Brunson says he wants Darren till I like that fight. Derek Brunson versus Darren till I like that fight.

John Keyes 30:48
I like that. I want to say I want to see it that that actually looks good on paper.

Ryan Smith 30:53
All right. Let’s go on to the next segment. The next segment is finding the angles.

This is finding the angles This is where we talk about the headlines that people are talking about around the MMA world. And in this case, we’ve got the first the first story is great one. So everybody, you can’t go a news cycle without talking about the notorious Conor McGregor. And so recently, Conor McGregor put out a tweet into Gollum, which is the language of the Philippines to Manny Pacquiao saying that he accepts a fight against Manny Pacquiao. Now, of course, everybody wants to know what Dana White thinks. And Dana White says, I guarantee you that Conor McGregor is not fighting in the year 2020.

John Keyes 31:50
Hey, he knows who knows Connor better than Dana.

Ryan Smith 31:54
Well, you know, Dana gets kind of right of first refusal he owns he still owns Connors contract. And so if if Connor is going to fight, it’s gonna have to go through Dana White. Dana White says, you know, these guys keep asking me about Conor McGregor. You guys keep asking me about him. And I’m telling you, he’s retired. This guy plays you like fiddles, you, like puppets on a stream. He’s retired. He sends one tweet. And he and it’s right after a cut. Remember, we’re talking about that new and up and coming fighter. cams that Chimera, something like that?

Unknown Speaker 32:29
And the big?

Ryan Smith 32:30
Yeah, a big Yeah, what you call the big and he says, you know, he’s not focused on anyone who’s not fighting. Conor McGregor is retired. You know? He’s like, nobody believes he’s gonna stay retired, but he’s retired. And so until that’s not exchanges, he’s retired. My mom. My name is Kate clay. I’m gonna call him clay.

John Keyes 32:52
My question is, has he pulled his name out of the out of the out of the blood pool?

Ryan Smith 32:58
Well, that’s my question. That’s the one thing that we know for a fact. That hasn’t happened that it hasn’t been announced. Because when a fighter pulls themselves out of the USADA testing pool, then they are retired. I haven’t heard that. Connor is out of the testing pool. Um, I haven’t heard that. So who knows out of the testing pool, though, as far as I’m concerned, they’re all still in. I think GSP may still be in the testing. I don’t know.

John Keyes 33:27
No, he actually, he actually did he? Yeah, he actually pulled himself out. He actually did pull himself out.

Ryan Smith 33:33
He’s gonna get by. And if he wants someone that could be an American man, Oh,

John Keyes 33:36
yay, deaf, and he’ll have time to do it, trust me. But Dana has sat there. And he is adamantly said, just like he’s saying that Connor is retired, that Henry sudo is definitely retired. But that could be code for. I’m not, I’m not gonna sweat my time with these two. Okay,

Ryan Smith 33:55
it’s not gonna. You know that in order to get how to get Conor McGregor back in the octagon. You’re gonna have to pay him an insane amount of money. And the fact is, is that Conor McGregor doesn’t need any money. The fight that he had with with Floyd Mayweather netted him about 100 million dollars. Every every fight that he has in the UFC, he brings him something like 13 or $14 million. And it has recently been estimated that his whiskey Empire, the proper 12 Irish Whiskey is worth about 200 million euros. That is 230 $4 million. Bro, the dude doesn’t need any money.

John Keyes 34:38
No, you don’t need no money. But, you know, and from what I’ve heard is, you know, I’ve heard mixed reviews, but for the most part has been generally positive. People say that the whiskey is good. I’m not a whiskey drinker. I don’t drink that Irish swill. I drink bourbon. Okay, good old good old Kentucky. But

Ryan Smith 35:01
that’s the only kind of bourbon you can have.

John Keyes 35:03
Exactly. Because this can remember that remember that because there are people that are sitting there said that there’s Tennessee bourbon, and I want to just I want to reach out and touch him. I mean really, I just yeah, bourbon it can only be made in Kentucky. Whiskey can be made everywhere else. scotch can only be made in Scotland. They’re all the same family. It’s just a process and region in which they’re made it makes a difference. There you go. This is This has been your your alcoholic moment.

Ryan Smith 35:36
Now. You got it. You got it. You got to do it. You know, Colette She is not here. So we’re gonna do it instead. This has been your cultural awareness moment.

John Keyes 35:48
I can’t do that. I’ll start laughing your cultural awareness moment

Ryan Smith 35:58
are you go collect you that was for you.

John Keyes 36:03
Alright, so

Unknown Speaker 36:04
like yeah, so Conor McGregor doesn’t need to fight

John Keyes 36:07
if this point he’s gonna fight he’s gonna fight for honor. And does he really want to do that? That’s really a stop.

Ryan Smith 36:15
We’ve got a we’ve got a celebrity in the audience tonight. Collette she said How dare you? He’s watching. He shouldn’t watch the show. He is playing hooky again. Come on now. playing hooky. There you go. All right. So So Tyron Woodley. Speaking of color, he Tyrone would. You know, you know, he is the biggest Tyron Woodley fan he is. Why because because Tyron Woodley is from St. Louis, Missouri. caleche. He also went to college in Missouri and has a strong affinity or the show me state. And so Tyron Woodley is back in the news because he recently said that September, October timeframe, he is going to go into the octagon. With Colby, chaos, Covington.

John Keyes 37:13
I believe when I see it,

Ryan Smith 37:15
they say it’s close. He’s saying it is close to being sign.

John Keyes 37:19
You know, they say meteors come close to Earth all the time. Okay. Yeah. And it’s still like,

Ryan Smith 37:24
so far. Not even close. That’s like saying me and you are close to each other recording and we’re on the opposite side.

John Keyes 37:33
Exactly. So okay, so let’s talk about that. Okay. I want to see this fight. I I need to see this fight. I need it. Okay, because there’s been two people that have been that have been needing to fight each other for the longest and is these two However, one always sucks. Kobe. Kobe says that Tyron duck. Tara says the Kobe ducks. I just want them to be in the same town. They don’t even have to be in a ring of restaurant in the back alley in a parking lot at Macy’s as target. Walmart like everybody else fights. This is usually a good fight location is in Walmart, usually like right in front of the green stand as you come in. Where the McDonald’s is. That area right there. It’s like a perfect fight zone. Just get them in there just gonna close enough to start swinging. That’s all I ask.

Ryan Smith 38:24
Well, you know, this is the thing is Tyron Woodley is saying that this is the biggest fight of his career. And this isn’t an understatement. This is actually the biggest fight of his career, because having lost the title to Camorra uzman and then coming back and losing against in dominant fashion, losing against Gilbert burns. Three strikes and you’re out. And you know, Dana White is licking his chops to see Tyron Woodley lose three in a row. I don’t know the tyronn I don’t know that Tyron Woodley could could could survive.

John Keyes 39:02
So you’re saying that this is a this is this could be an assassination attempt, per se.

Ryan Smith 39:12
It could be Win Win or go home kind of thing. Definitely.

John Keyes 39:15
Oh, cuz that’s we’ve seen Dana do this before. Dana has sent people to get assassinated. All right, he said, he said leotta Machida at his height to go after Tito Ortiz. All right. He sent Brock Lesnar to go after Randy Couture. Alright, just so you know. I just assassinate so this is not far fetched.

Ryan Smith 39:41
Oh, so we’re going we’re going from the fact that you thought this was a meteors distance to Earth close to now you’re like, Oh, this could be an assassination of Jim.

John Keyes 39:53
I’m just saying that if this was to happen, it was happen. Yeah, drank up people I drank. Well,

Ryan Smith 40:09
so, so here we go. Um, if this does actually, if this does actually get signed Tyron Woodley says that Colby Covington is likely going to rely on racism and personal attacks to hype up the fight. So, you know, for us, that’s one of the big complaints that we have up against Colby Covington because we know it’s we know it’s, it’s an act, we know that this guy has to do it in order to stay relevant. But it’s coming at such a divisive time in our society that I don’t know that there’s any benefit to to playing this Colby Covington magga act. This, you know, as we come to the close of the year against Tyron Woodley, it just seems it just seems irresponsible to do.

John Keyes 41:01
Unless you’re trying to retire after this fight. That’s the only thing I could think of. I mean, when you say this is the biggest fight of your life, this this, you know, seems like it’s a code for I don’t once I once I deal with this, I’m probably not gonna deal with fighting anymore. And it’s it’s it’s losers. Yes. If I think that backs against both, you know, for both of them. So, we’ll see. I think Tyron will pull this off because there’s a lot of there’s a lot of heat between those two legitimately legitimate heat he you know, it’s like you’ve been wanting to beat on somebody for so you want to anger beat on somebody for so long, right? And you finally get your chance to get it. He’s not gonna blow it. He’s gonna be he’s gonna beat the brakes off of him.

Ryan Smith 41:52
Well, so that’s not what he saying. Collette you saying that? woodless to defensive a fighter to beat Colby Covington you need a strong offense.

John Keyes 42:03
I think that might change in that fight. I think he might change up the strategy. Because he Yeah, because you can’t you can’t be defensive with a guy like Covington. Covington has shown that he throws punches in bunches and bunches of bunches and he has a he has a serious gas tank. So I don’t think that would be the right time to be defense. I think he needs to go on there and model it start off with the Molly waupun and get get it gone. All

Ryan Smith 42:32
right. Last one from Collette. She says Tyron can only win with wrestle. parent can only win the wrestling and it’s like I don’t think so. I think Colby wins. I think Colby at the very least neutralizes the wrestler. I don’t think Tyrone Tyron Woodley is a lot like rampage Jackson, in the fact that he is a wrestler. He could wrestle if he wanted to it Tyron Woodley probably should wrestle but he wants to strike.

John Keyes 42:59
But you can’t strike with a with a one punch unless you’re Francis in Ghana.

Ryan Smith 43:04
But but but but listen to that analogy though. rampage Jackson is a wrestler. His greatest highlight is a body slam that he did to win a fight.

John Keyes 43:14
It was not a body sound. It was a power. There’s a power and the fighter and the poor fighter that got squished was Richard araunah. That was back in the pride day that things like pride 93

Ryan Smith 43:26
Yeah, but that was when rampage was a wrestler. And when rampage was a wrestler rampage was much more dangerous because you had to worry about the takedown, you had to worry that he’s going to change levels. So when you chant when he faked the takedown, and he changed levels and your hands dropped, that left your chin wide open. But nobody’s worried about Tyron Woodley trying to take you down. That’s just not something that he’s done in his last few fights. And in so much as he hasn’t done that, because he’s always looking for that one strike. What that does is that puts someone like Colby Covington, who wants to take you down, who wants to outwork you, who wants to blow your heart up with cardio, and then beat you up and knock you out? That’s that’s not a good recipe for for Tyron Woodley. And I just don’t see how he’s going to do what he’s always done to win that fight. So I’m not picking. I’m not making any picks. The fight has not been booked. I’m not going to declare anything. But I’m saying that Colby Covington represents different types of problems that that that already Tyron Woodley has not shown the ability to be able to address. So if he’s going to solve that challenge, if he’s going to figure out the puzzle to use your words, he’s gonna have to do a whole lot of new type of training to get ready for that fight.

John Keyes 44:42
I agree. I totally agree.

Ryan Smith 44:45
So when we start talking about someone who is looking to retire, you got to talk about Daniel, DC Cormier.

John Keyes 44:51
He’s got to fight okay. Okay, so just for the record, it was not I that brought it up this week. It is right

Ryan Smith 45:01
Well, we have to, because Dana White says he’s got no plans to strip john Jones of his UFC lightweight head light heavyweight title. And Daniel Cormier is talking about john Jones saying that they’re, they’ll never be friends but they admit that they have a mutual respect for each other.

Unknown Speaker 45:19
You know? I know.

John Keyes 45:23
Okay, so you could often chase it out with, you know, me and her, we had a great relationship. And we’ll never be friends. But we have mutual respect for each other. That’s exactly what I heard. Okay. You got, I mean, these two have fought in the ring, Oh, God, for what, over 40 minutes with each other. These guys have, they have to respect each other’s ability, they don’t have to like each other. But you got to respect somebody that is willing to go to the grind and fight you like that. You got it?

Ryan Smith 46:00
Yeah, I completely agree. And, you know, the thing is, is that that’s the thing people want them not to not to respect each other as athletes and it’s like, That’s impossible. You know, I don’t respect you know, I don’t he doesn’t have to respect john Jones as a man you know, as as as as that like, like, you know, he doesn’t have to respect his you know, all the stuff that john Jones has done to get in trouble all kinds of stuff that that is worthy of some level of disrespect, but when the octagon door closes respect that you have to respect because the you know, the stats, Don’t lie. The numbers don’t lie. Right? When you are when you consider one of the greatest greatest fighters in the world, and you’ve swung and missed twice, and was made to look silly and the second one, you know, what are you gonna say you gonna have to put some respect on that name.

John Keyes 46:56
I’ll pay him housemate to look silly. I think you know,

Ryan Smith 47:00
the second one. The head the head sick. Let’s review. Let’s review in the pre fight leading up to the fight. JOHN Jones said to Daniel Cormier because they asked well what have you seen on Daniel Cormier and he did on john said well I see something’s that he needs to work on because we can easily exploit them Daniel Cormier says what you mean the way that I lean to the right and you know when when when someone throws a left I lean to the right out of the way you mean that john trust me I’m gonna fix that and sure enough in that second fight john Jones through the left Daniel Cormier a lean to the right and he came back with a head kick that made him look stupid Okay, that’s why you had this and so for the folks who just listening at home you need to come and watch this part 47 minutes or 48 minutes in the show you got to come on on YouTube so you can see me do this

Unknown Speaker 48:07
is that Daniel Cormier?

John Keyes 48:09
Ah that’s a that’s right. That’s the Daniel

Ryan Smith 48:12
Cormier right there that Danny for me

John Keyes 48:17
man you can’t do that man. That’s that that’s disrespectful. Okay, that is this.

Ryan Smith 48:22
So you can’t say that john Jones didn’t make him look silly. That’s all I’m saying. That is the reason why that is the reason why I have this poster on my wall this one right here you see it What is that? Yeah. Jones what’s number two? See that’s it that’s why it’s on my wall

John Keyes 48:44
all I’m gonna say it that there’s gonna be a part three I do believe that there’s gonna be a property there’s gonna be a part three there’s gonna be a party don’t don’t I’m telling you people Mark my words all everything is lining up for a part three

Unknown Speaker 49:01
keep going

John Keyes 49:01
yeah because with the with with the news that john Jones is wanting to jump up to it wants his next fight to be a heavyweight Daniel Cormier is going to beat stupid he’s gonna say I got one more fight okay if Daniel all say I can’t say when if Daniel Cormier a beats de Fey and retains the title. He’s gonna he’s gonna say I got one more fight in me he’s not going to retire. And you and john Jones will not resist He will make it a point to go heavy way because like he has stated before. He doesn’t just want to beat Daniel Cormier. He wants to destroy him. He destroyed him at light heavyweight. He destroyed them lightweight. He wants to destroy him at heavy weight. Okay, he has stated that

Ryan Smith 49:54
in the words of Kelechi Onyebuchi, who has messaged us on this topic he is saying I gotta I gotta use glitches voice Hello let the story die

this way you got to come on the show cuz I could do this all day

John Keyes 50:21
oh my goodness

Ryan Smith 50:24
Daniel says Daniel Cormier says that he prefers the CPM yo chick rivalry because the pay as always pot plead it stood for the right thing. So he’s saying, Yeah, you know, the digs are still happening. So I think that you can, it’s fair to say that the economy doesn’t respect him as a man, but he respects him as an athlete.

John Keyes 50:44
And love affair, dude, I’m telling you. It’s heaven. Hollis.

Ryan Smith 50:49
I was hoping that we would have George by now but George must still be tied up at work. Feeding up students, getting them ready for the real world.

John Keyes 50:57
Man Roz up off of them. George Roz up off

Ryan Smith 51:00
of mercy, man, Uncle Come on, bro.

John Keyes 51:04
Let him slide man. Let him slide. He didn’t throw the kick. Right

Ryan Smith 51:07
hammer. Don’t hurt him. Please hammer Don’t hurt him.

Cuz I was gonna say Look, he lives closer to you. But he doesn’t. He literally lives down the street from me.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
It’s a straight shot to

John Keyes 51:28
Yeah. No, don’t. Don’t be jogging this week. I’m

Ryan Smith 51:31
not going outside is COVID I’m saying inside. Look, COVID could be over. They could have virus. They could have a vaccine. And I’m still staying in the house.

John Keyes 51:43
I got out there.

Unknown Speaker 51:46

Ryan Smith 51:48
Kevin Holland has someone who wants to punch him in the face. That person is Ed Herman. This is what I was talking about the top of the show that Kevin Holland was supposed to fight his his opponent passed out. And so they were they were looking at? Yeah, that’s what’s crazy. Hollander was initially scheduled to compete last weekend. But his opponent trevin geils fainted just before the fighters were scheduled to walk to the octagon.

John Keyes 52:17
Yeah, literally, they went they went to the commercial break saying, Alright, we’re getting ready for the next fight. And then they came back like, look just moments ago. guys just fainted. Right? That’s coming out. So the fights called off. Sorry.

Ryan Smith 52:31
So they tried to get Ed Herman on the phone to fight. And this is what’s funny, because he is poppin. Man, he is hopping mad because they offered him 10 grand. For his fight, they didn’t, he didn’t get show money. He just got here’s 10 grand, we need to reschedule your fight. And so he was upset about that, because in the past, they had given show money, if your fight got canceled, because you made Wait, you showed your opponent didn’t. So therefore you get show money, but because of the fact that COVID-19 has been so detrimental, so impactful to the UFC, and their bottom line, because remember, all of these fights are without gate, gate money. So they’re they’re dropping probably 25 $30 million in just ticket sales that they’re not making. And so they’re probably on some type of restricted budget, try not to pay fighters as much as it not be as generous as they’d been in the past to keep themselves solvent, keep money coming in, keep the you know, the bottom line clean, because the parent company is hurting so badly. Um, so they only offered $10,000 to Ed Herman and so when Ed Herman heard what Kevin Holland said about the fact that he was, you know, that he was going to, you know, that he would have fought at Herman and Herman was like, Where is it? What, what, let’s fight, and it’s like no Hollins already got a fight scheduled in Vegas, you know, the following week, this weekend, which we’ll pick, we’ll make picks for that for those fights. Um, but here’s what happened at Herman. When Ed Herman found out that his opponent came down, tested positive for covid 19. Okay. And Herman was like, well, that sucks. Might as well go to the pool get drunk. So he goes, has a couple of margaritas at the pool. turns his phone off. trevin Giles passes out at the ramp. They start the UFC starts calling his hotel because I believe the dude’s already made. Wait. He’s already there. There’s like you want to fight you want to fight you want to fight? They’re calling they’re calling they’re calling? No answer, because this phone is off. Few hours later, he looks at his phone, sees that they had they had been calling him calls back says yes, I’ll fight. They’re like, can you fight? He says, Yeah, I’ve had a couple of margaritas, but I’m still ready to get in it. And they’re like, dude, we can’t

Unknown Speaker 54:57
we can’t put you in the right

Ryan Smith 55:02
So for those of you who don’t know, you cannot fight on top intoxicated, you cannot fight under the influence that is a safety hazard for you. Now herb Dean might let them fight, but in general.

John Keyes 55:22
So he wasn’t able to fight. They just dropped from an envelope with $10,000 cash. Yeah, what?

Ryan Smith 55:29
Yeah, that’s basically what they did, they gave him 10 grand and said, You will have to reschedule you sometime, but, and I can understand how much it might piss him off. Because think about it. Getting ready for these fights means that you’ve got to get gym time, you got to get coaching time, you got to get sparring partners, all of these people are doing this for money. And so eventually, they are they are doing this to help you prepare for a fight. So that when you get your show money, and perhaps when money, perhaps bonus money, you will pay them back for the time that they spent preparing you for the fight. If you lose, that’s less money that you get to keep after you pay all these people. If you don’t even get show money, and you just get handed 10 grand, what are you gonna do? Because you’re gonna have to get back in the gym. You got to start training again.

John Keyes 56:16
Yeah. Well, 10 grand actually cover that camp?

Ryan Smith 56:21
No, no, not at this level, I don’t think so. When you when you get to be at the UFC level, you’re, in order to stay competitive, you’re gonna have to go to some pretty great camp. So you’re just you’re just going to hit the hit the ceiling, and you won’t be able to progress, you know, past the bottom half the top 10.

John Keyes 56:41
Yeah, I hear that.

Ryan Smith 56:44
So, you know, unless you’re the only star in the entire gym, and you’ve got people who are solely dedicated to you, you have to go to these bigger gyms, where they’ve got a wide variety of coaches that specialize in all of these different arts, or you’re going around hopping around gym, the gym, trying to find the best one and this is what Coach Marino talked about, right? That you know, to be a competitive MMA fighter, you’ve got to have all of these specialties and there’s just not one person that can that has all of that knowledge at the level you need it to be competitive in the in the UFC and really anywhere in the professional mixed martial arts.

Unknown Speaker 57:29
In professional martial arts

Ryan Smith 57:33
talking about training camps, I’m you know what, because I was because I was teasing him about the pitch of his voice, cuz he was is promoting a factory x. So those of you who are playing the drinking game, there you go, you got your factory x reference, as a gym that you can go to if you want all types of MMA training. Speaking of camps, Dana White says he’s gonna visit a camp. Do you know what camp he’s gonna go visit?

John Keyes 58:04
Whoo hoo, he goes visit

Ryan Smith 58:06
iron Mike Tyson.

Unknown Speaker 58:09

John Keyes 58:14
because I could kill me. Oh, yeah, that could he would kill me. Okay, now that I’m not about to go about that life. That’s cool. Um, you know, Ah, that’s nothing bad to say about that. That’s sounds pretty awesome.

Ryan Smith 58:30
Yeah, so we know that Dana White and and Mike Tyson are really good friends. And so it’s, it’s, it makes sense that that Dana White would go out and support his friend as he’s getting ready to get back into the ring. Um, the thing that I once again, like the number of references that I have to wishing that George was here, I’m increments by one at this point, because we talked about the fact that Mike Tyson and Roy Jones said that they’re going to go full speed that this is going to be a competitive fight, even though it’s listed as an exhibition, that they are not going to treat it as such. The California State Athletic Commission, Executive Director, Andy Foster, told boxing scene calm. And this is quoting from from MMA fighting that they can get into it a little bit, but I don’t want to see people get hurt. They know the deal. We can’t mislead the public as to this is some kind of real fight. This is not a real fight, folks.

John Keyes 59:41

Ryan Smith 59:42
he says it’s an exhibition, they can exhibit their boxing skills, but I don’t want them using their best efforts to hurt each other. They’re going to spar hard but they shouldn’t be going for a knockout. This is the California State Athletic Commission.

John Keyes 59:57
Do they have headgear on?

Unknown Speaker 59:59
No, they do not.

John Keyes 1:00:01
And you expect them to spar?

Ryan Smith 1:00:06
Well, if that’s the thing is, is you’re correct. If they had herot headgear on, if they’re wearing the 16 ounce gloves, then yes, it should be a sparring session. But they’re, they’re not wearing the eight ounce they’re wearing the 10 ounce I believe, and they’re no head, okay?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23

Ryan Smith 1:00:25
I’m just saying, We’ve got two different messages, we got the message from the fighter saying they’re going all out. You got the message from the commission saying they better not.

John Keyes 1:00:33
What’s the commission gonna do if they go all out? They’re gonna do suspend them.

Ryan Smith 1:00:39
stop the fight. The call the final. The referee has been instructed that if they start head hunting, to end the fight to call the final,

John Keyes 1:00:48
I guarantee there’s a there’s a sack of the envelope of money that’s gonna say, he don’t do that, that he’s like, oh, they’re just friendly sparring. That’s all they’re doing. And I think that there’s gonna be it’s gonna be if you if you throw raw meat into a tiger cage, do not expect the tiger to play with it. Okay, he’s going to devour it. And if you give these fighters, all the tools that they need 10 ounce gloves, no headgear. And a stern talking to Y’all better not do this. That is just like Okay, so here I go with my commentary. That’s just like saying that these kids going back to school are gonna be nice and and abide by the rule. I guarantee you let them kids go back to school. What is making what makes you think that they’re not going to let their hands cough on it and run around trying to touch each other talking about they got the COVID

Ryan Smith 1:01:49
This took an unexpected turn.

John Keyes 1:01:52
I know. That’s what I say. Here I go. So no, you don’t care. You did not give boxers, two killer boxes, a 10 ounce gloves and no headgear and expect them to just spar hard. I don’t even believe that.

Ryan Smith 1:02:09
Well, we just don’t want any evidence of CTE because we know what happens when CTE reign supreme in the head of a fighter and that brings us up to Mike Perry, who recently got arrested for causing a ruckus at a Texas restaurant. Um,

John Keyes 1:02:26
did much was text

Ryan Smith 1:02:28
I think it was in Texas, I think it was

John Keyes 1:02:30
it was in Texas, it was in Texas

Ryan Smith 1:02:31
um, and he punched a couple of people had to get you know, that police had to be called, he finally issued an apology promises to be a better role model for his unborn son. He says I want to be a better role model for my family, for my unborn son, my queen, and for myself so that I can earn the respect I deserve. The my sponsors and my bosses at the UFC. Want to apologize for how my actions have impacted our relationships. I will be better all around. Don’t know what hashtag OSS means? Um, oh.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
Um, the?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:10
Yeah, you know,

Ryan Smith 1:03:12
I don’t believe it. I don’t think that he has the impulse control anymore. I don’t believe that he can stop himself from doing the things that he’s doing that there’s some wiring that has been eaten through by the little by the little brain mice that it’s got him wired a bit differently. Now. It’s got his fuse a little bit shorter now. And I just don’t think that that’s something that that he’s gonna be able to retain.

John Keyes 1:03:39
I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. I know friends, I have college friends, that will wild out out of just wild and out of control. But when they started having kids and they started having a family, they became a different animal. Okay, they became a different person. They became respectable, they came, you know, a father figure. And I can see I can totally see my picture. He reminds me of a lot of my college friends. Okay, that did do that. So yeah, I’ll give them a chance. I think I think if they can’t do it on their own, they need a focusing tool. And focusing tool could be your family. Okay, if you if you can’t do right by yourself, find somebody to do right by. You know,

Ryan Smith 1:04:29
the Wise words. I think that’s great. Last thing to talk about is the fight card the fight this weekend, and that is the fight card.

This is the fight card. This is where we look at the fights that are planned for Saturday night, and we’ve got a another great card. This is UFC Vegas, six Louis, this is Derrick the black beast Louis versus Alexi olynyk. This is Saturday, August 8 2020. At the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ve got five fights on the card fight number one is by Neil dareus versus Scott Holtzman. Of course, we know Bonilla dareus because he comes walking out to the most odd songs. Not fight songs, really. They’re more like worship songs. But anyway, um, you’ve got Jada Conan skya versus Julia Stoli rinko. Now that’s pretty good, huh? Here’s the thing. In April 20 20, yanaka, skya, posted a posted something to Twitter that says a lot of people asking me when my next fight is, I think I need to take some time off. Boy or girl. So I think you may be on mute, mister.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
He was on mute.

John Keyes 1:06:04
I was on mute. What was that supposed to mean?

Ryan Smith 1:06:08
mean she’s pregnant. And now that was April, this would be four months.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
Four months? Yeah.

John Keyes 1:06:18
brah. Where was she? like six months? Seven months? Eight months pregnant then? No, bra.

Ryan Smith 1:06:27
I’m messing with you. It turns out that was an April Fool’s joke. Because April 2020. When she posted it, it was actually April 1 April. I just, I just want to see your reaction. When you were like, wait a minute, that makes us four months pregnant. she’ll start showing Do we need to see this?

John Keyes 1:06:43
Obviously, I’m not gonna I’m not gonna, I’m going to omit any type of commentary that I was gonna have for that, because I want us to have a show next week and not get caught up with the kancil culture. But cuz I talk crazy.

Ryan Smith 1:06:57
Yeah. Crazy Talk for the afterthought

John Keyes 1:07:00
at the day. So yeah, cool.

Ryan Smith 1:07:07
So a Mackie vitolo versus Darren Stewart. I like their Stewart in that fight. Um, Omari medoff versus the all American Chris Weidman in the CO main event, and then Derek, the black lead black beast, Louis, versus Alexi olynyk. In the main event of the evening, we’re gonna pick the CO main and the main, as we are want to do. So who do you have in the Omari? akhmedov? Sorry, the

John Keyes 1:07:34
You didn’t even let me finish? Oh, Mari. Good luck. I got jogging. Yeah, man. All right. get it going. Next.

Ryan Smith 1:07:45
Um, while my heart wants me to pick Chris Weidman, because I don’t hate Chris Weidman like you do. Um, I just don’t think he has it anymore. I really don’t see does I think he’s fallen off the wagon. I think he needs to start looking at, you know, calling it a career. And I’m, so I’m going to auction that off as well. In the main event of the evening, you got Derrick Lewis versus Alexei olynyk. Who do you have?

John Keyes 1:08:08
And I’m not staying with the I’m not staying with the with with the homestate. Native. I’m going with Derek. Hopefully, Derek is getting better and better with each match. Okay, I mean that. So I want to say I’m rooting for my boy and not because he’s an H town native. But I’m rooting for my boy because I really am impressed with the progress that he’s making as a fighter. He is a fighter. And he is he’s, he’s, you know, even on on screen, off screen. He’s still the same person. Just when he’s in the ring. He’s beating on people, because that’s what he’s paid to do beat on people, you know, out of the ring. He’s still a good guy. So good luck.

Ryan Smith 1:08:55
I’m gonna tell you like this. I would like to see Derrick Lewis win. If Derrick Lewis wins, I’m happy for him. But rule number one, y’all. Rule number one, you gotta go with rule number one. never bet against the Russians. You’re looking at Alexei olynyk. This dude has more. This dude has more fights than a Texas Roadhouse in the middle of summer.

John Keyes 1:09:19
Come on, really? Is that what we’re doing? Is that is that what we’re doing now? Ah.

Ryan Smith 1:09:25
Almost all of them are submissions. Now, a few a few a few months a few fights ago. They know I’m not dealing with Derrick Lewis bought another fighter who was a big, big wrestler and big submission guy and the guy held him down and their clothes wasn’t really wasn’t able to generate a lot of a lot of offense. So I honestly think that Alexei olynyk is gonna get this fight to the ground. He’s going to find a way to submit Derrick Lewis so I got Alexei olynyk by submission. Um, but I’m rooting for Derrick Lewis. Anyway.

John Keyes 1:09:58
Yeah, I’m looking at it. Fight record. Oh my god.

Ryan Smith 1:10:02
I told you only a Nick has his old school. Hey, seriously old school. He’s a lot of fights. Yeah. And look at look at how many submissions there he’s got. Are you looking at sherdog?

John Keyes 1:10:13
I’m looking at a wiki, believe it or not. 46 submissions 46 submissions. That means he is going you know, Oh, okay. And I see why. I see why. Guess where he went? Guess where he trained? Red Devil sports club. Okay, for those who don’t understand Red Devil sports club. There are two other fighters that came out there that are monsters. Okay. One was was Greg guard massassi Okay, the dream catcher. And the other one was his was his teacher, Fedora Emily ankle and that that equates to killers. Now, ah, God that He is literally facing his toughest test ever in his career.

Ryan Smith 1:11:07
Wait, wait, you mean, Daniel Cormier was not there? Blue is toughest test.

John Keyes 1:11:15
When Daniel Korea has 73 fights under his belt, they will call it as tough as we’re talking about 73 fights. That dude was fighting in the old school. He was he was fighting in the UFC.

Ryan Smith 1:11:31
Build the old school.

John Keyes 1:11:32
Yes, he actually built it and then turned around and walked in it. So yeah, I’m not messing Daniel Cormier was was here. Alexi is right here. Yeah. All right. Nothing against the dc dc I’m pretty sure you would agree with me. Okay,

Ryan Smith 1:11:50
all I gotta say is Alexi olynyk is the 13 year old sitting in fifth grade in the back of the class.

Follow us on social media. I’m on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk.

John Keyes 1:12:06
And I am at Keystone keys to victory and that’s keys with an E s.

Ryan Smith 1:12:10
Um, I want to I want to I want to say that I’ve talked to George and George is going to be changing his handle to dark side Muay Thai, so you’re if you’re going to follow George g money Stallworth, follow dark side Muay Thai, on Instagram and all of the social media that you want to follow George on. You can find us on our website at www combat sports talk.com. All of your favorite podcasting platforms which they are right above my head, you can find us all of these places. last story that I want to share with you. Mr. Keyes, before we go, there is a there’s there’s a listener out there. And his name is Mike Auric. Am I about Mike? Shout out to Mike. Few weeks ago, I’m talking to Collette he and I told him I said you know, I’m really tired. You know, we’re 133 episodes in. I haven’t posted the audio, the audio only file to our our RSS feed in two weeks. Wow. And I was like, you know, it’s like, I’m just I’m just tired. You know, I don’t even think anybody really listens. And I’m talking to collect you about this. Okay. While we’re talking, my phone buzzes I looked down at my phone. The email that’s on top of the list is from a gentleman by the name of Mike Auric. And Mike sent me a note saying, Hey, I noticed that in the last two weeks you guys haven’t posted your audio. You guys still podcasting? Wow. So I don’t know what the timing is. I don’t know what to say about it. But surprise. We’re at the end of the show. We have George g money Star Wars he is here.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
Look at that.

Ryan Smith 1:14:05
There you go. Look at him. We’re here now I’m trying to set the thing. Well, so I just want to say shout out to Mike because you definitely gave me a whole you gave me a whole a whole new lease on life glitches in the in the audience tonight. He said Won’t he do it?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
Won’t he do that like a conversation I had with you yesterday he will do it.

Ryan Smith 1:14:29
It was so you know in honor that you know, I sent I sent Mr. Orrick a combat sports talk show and and just let him know that you deserve it my friend. Thank you so much. Wait,

John Keyes 1:14:49
wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on. Is there it did collecti actually join us? No, he’s not. Okay. All right, my bad people. Anyway.

Ryan Smith 1:15:00
All right. Um, that’s

John Keyes 1:15:05
nice birthday a couple days ago.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:10
Ah, he’s trying

Ryan Smith 1:15:11
to come in Look at him sneaking in there. There you go.

John Keyes 1:15:15
I mean, it’s coach can do it. I mean, hey, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
I could have jumped in earlier.

Ryan Smith 1:15:24
Yeah, we did all kinds of stuff. We

Unknown Speaker 1:15:29
got it. looking kind of dapper over there young man is

Unknown Speaker 1:15:34
my personal brand is that

Unknown Speaker 1:15:42
you had all you had on Tinder dates tonight. What’s going on over there? Don’t do that. Don’t do it.

Ryan Smith 1:15:53
This is still live. We’re trying to wrap up the show. And now y’all cutting up like this is the beginning of the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:59
Hey, what’s important is that after the bell after the bell

John Keyes 1:16:06
Okay, so it looks like we got Tom it looks like it’s gonna be after the bell show.

Ryan Smith 1:16:09
Okay, well, listen, but let’s, let’s go ahead and wrap up this show. How about that? Can we do that? Shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow in the intelligent defense discussion group. And all the other sites providing us the content of the show. Hey, um, I’m trying to get intelligent defense discussion group t shirts made by the way okay. Oh, we may. We may have an intelligent defense t shirt to wear. Um, so on behalf of the newly arrived George g money Stallworth Collette, he Casey Onyebuchi. And the guy who’s written on this ride since the start of the show, john the keys to victory keys. My name is Ryan Smith, reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked, and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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