Episode 138 – UFC Vegas 8: Smith vs. Rakic (Recap)

Kelechi joined Ryan in studio this episode where we discussed our thoughts on the rise of Neil Magny and Alexander Rakic. We talked about the challenges Anthony “Lionheart” Smith faces getting back on track. Then we examined Jon Jones’ reasons for vacating his belt and the reactions from LHW contenders. Other topics included Brock Lesnar’s free agency, conspiracy theories around Daniel Cormier’s retirement, Mike Tyson’s legends league proposing classic PRIDE FC matchups and Platinum Mike Perry nearly doing something funny. We made our picks for UFC Vegas 9: Overeem vs. Sakai and we ended the show with a few words about Jacob Blake.


Ryan Smith 0:10
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion the MMA community and combat sports in general I’m your host Ryan Smith and joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory john keys

John Keyes 0:25
Don’t call me out first because you’re about to leave me out on this situation

Ryan Smith 0:33
Yeah, see that’s why we’re late cuz we’re waiting on you to show up.

John Keyes 0:36
Ah, don’t blame me.

Unknown Speaker 0:39
Okay, all right.

Ryan Smith 0:42
Here in the studio with me tonight is caleffi Casey only a Buchi Wakanda

John Keyes 0:52
and it really sounds like

Kelechi Onyebuchi 0:56
do you mean this sounds like him?

Ryan Smith 1:03
Like the double champ George g money Star Wars

Yeah, you see you You’re the only one that didn’t. Didn’t didn’t rep Black Panther.

John Keyes 1:23
Always rep Black Panther but that’s a different story for a different day, sir. Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:28
Yeah. And and and so, Mister Mr. Mr. Georgie money. Star Wars is still on mute. So he is talking, but he cannot be heard.

George Stallworth 1:36
I am not on mute. And I was saying oh, I could have represented for two for Jackie Robinson Chadwick boseman. Play Jackie and a movie. That’s

Ryan Smith 1:45
right. Well, in that case, and I’m gonna, I said, haha, I’m gonna represent James Brown.

Unknown Speaker 1:56
Iconic rose, hasn’t he? Yes.

John Keyes 2:00
There’s another movie out the five bloods? Yes. Yes, I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve been told is really good. Alright, go check it out.

Ryan Smith 2:12
So you know, in honor of, you know, of Chadwick boseman. For those of you who are watching, tell us what your favorite role of his was. Go ahead and type that in the box. Let us know. We’ll pop that up later on in the show. All right, we got a great show. for you guys. There is a lot. You know, I was gonna say there’s a lot to talk about, but there really isn’t. Um, so let’s just hop jam. Everybody’s back in the gym. Everybody’s getting ready. We have. Is it fair to say that we’ve normalized the fighting again? Like, it seems like we’ve we’ve gotten back to normal?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:49
Yeah, there’s not much of a difference from the the cadence that we were at before. And I don’t think that the empty arena is affecting fighters the way that it once was.

John Keyes 3:00
I can’t agree with that. I think there are also a couple of fights over the weekend that I can think of at least one fighter that was really affected and it showed he just, he just didn’t have it. I started to hear about that one.

Ryan Smith 3:16
Alright, that is a major, major market teaser. Let’s go ahead and get into the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is where we talked about the fights on Saturday night. It was UFC Vegas, eight Smith vs record. Saturday, August 29 2020. At the UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. There was supposed to be five fights on the card, but the megamat ankle, ankle live. Almost got it. Dang it. I fell flat on that.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:57
Because I looked at it on the run sheet. I was like not today.

Ryan Smith 4:03
Versus Eon Kuta labra. That fight got canceled. Kuta labora came down with a positive COVID-19 test. So that fight got pulled from the cart Ricardo, the bully llamas. Llamas defeated Billy ALGEO via unanimous decision. Just as every one of these fights were decisions, we usually want to see knockouts or submissions. These were all decisions. But some of these decisions were fairly dominant. Alexa grotto defeated Ji Yong Kim. via unanimous decision. 3027 all the way across.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 4:38
Alexa look good. I think this is where she’s gonna be for a minute.

Ryan Smith 4:43
Yeah, and I see what you I know what you’re doing. So for those of you out there, we got it. We have a device that responds to the Al e x a word in here.

Unknown Speaker 5:00

Ryan Smith 5:06
Neil magny defeated Robbie Lawler via unanimous decision. I told y’all last week. I told y’all I told y’all last week Neil Magnum was gonna take out Robbie Lawler. I told you, you were right.

George Stallworth 5:17
on that bandwagon with you.

Ryan Smith 5:20
Yeah, you know, the thing is, the thing is, is that no, I actually called Robbie Lawler. But because 137 is is the last episode. No one will ever have any proof.

John Keyes 5:34
Yeah, that was weird. I was I was on the wrong bus. Yeah, we’re not gonna talk about it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 5:44
No, but let’s talk about this fight, though. Because, you know, the whole thing is I was treating Neil magny. Like, Angie overkill Hill. I was he was my Angie Hill, where I just hadn’t seen him win. And it just wasn’t super impressive when he did finally win. Yeah. But here, Neil magny looks like a seasoned pro. With so much more to gain.

John Keyes 6:05

Kelechi Onyebuchi 6:06
what I was most impressed by was his ability to use his size, his range. It’s just different. But what it did do is solidified some talking points that I’ve been pushing in on recently, with with john, and that is this notion that the UFC has evolved yet again. And we are in a spot where slow starters, fighters who are known for counter striking and picking their shots, that one big shot, they no longer have a pathway to victory, because these new fighters who are getting after it, time and time again, are in a well more well rounded. They’re killing the game right now. And so I think Robbie, in this show that he is not able to adapt. He is a brawler, through and through. And the UFC has passed him by

John Keyes 6:54
and it’s unfortunate This is this was the fighter that I was alluding to. He, you know, Rob, let’s let’s not take anything from Robbie Lawler. He is a a vicious fighter. He is one of the he’s one of the last fighters from the old school of USA from the zoo for days. there and you know, to see him to see him being outclassed like he was. I felt that he is that one that vibes off the energy of the crowd, that the more that the crowd asks for it, the more he gives it. And that was part of he lost that that major edge there. And it just allowed Neil magny to just dominate him. And it was a it was a it was a complete domination in my view. It’s rare that I’ve ever seen Robbie Lawler just just one sided. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 7:49
I think at one point, the striking differential was was it well, that’s not the right word. The difference in striking, was 13 strikes, significant strikes from Robbie 285. Like he got outclassed completely And the worst part was, Robbie went in and tried to use rap wrestling, right? Every every boxer becomes a wrestler once they’re in adversity. And even that was just yeah, no shots.

George Stallworth 8:21
Was that upon intended?

Unknown Speaker 8:25
He saw us.

Ryan Smith 8:26
So so. So George, is it time for us to start talking about Robbie Lawler, and the end of his career? You know, we’ve got a lot of fighters retiring. Is it time for Robbie to start talking about it?

George Stallworth 8:39
No. This makes the case for john Key’s well known lead of older fighters who aren’t quite ready to be put out to pasture and still have one or two more good fights or would do better fighting someone in their skill set level. These guys have the experience of years of knowledge of fighting. So they’re not just beyond their prime. They’re just not capable of dealing with a lot of these new young bucks coming in who’s only trained MMA. They weren’t just well versed in one skill, they trained a complete package. And we’re seeing it more and more. We talked about this in the past few weeks. All these new fighters coming up are supplanting these older guys. What’s really happening here is the skill sets is just so different. And the older guys have not made the adjustment to deal with these younger guys. So yeah, that’s that’s what’s happening. Rob is not out to pasture. I think he just needs to, he needs to pick his face. Now Robin needs to be in a league with Anderson Silva, a few other folks who need specific types of fights, and they will continue to be interesting bikes for a while. Yeah,

John Keyes 9:40
I mean, this is good, Casey.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 9:43
No, I was just I really liked that because as you were talking I really thought through it and I would like to see Robbie Lawler fight another old school brawler is I mean, I just can’t get past his fight with Rory MacDonald. My This is just toughness personified. There’s something nice about that to just see a fighter just in his element just going after it. But you’re right. The young bucks have kind of passed him by. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a place. It’s just he’s not he’s not really going to be in contention for a title anytime soon. All

Ryan Smith 10:18
right. Huh? Oh, yeah. But we already saw it. It only lasted like 13 seconds, or whatever. It was a short.

Unknown Speaker 10:30
Run it back. Running back.

John Keyes 10:34
I was watching history of UFC. And you know, I actually brought out a topic of just how good was hoist Gracie and it just and I was watching it. And I was watching several other fighters like Frank shamrock, Ken Shamrock boss Rutan. These fighters. They were part of the zoo for days. And one thing I did appreciate about them was that they did have individual styles. Robbie Lawler actually came from the zoo for days, where they were individual styles. They hadn’t really meshed in into each of the four. What is what we now know as mixed martial arts. And I think that’s what it is, is that Robbie lawless is primarily a wrestler. And he you know, he just has a very extreme violent streak with them. And he will not evolve in this. You’re right. We need a masters of vision where he can go and just fight with other fighters that are that still have that individual style.

Ryan Smith 11:39
By the way, if you’re playing the drinking game, you’re going to start adding masters division to the scoreboard. So if your masters division, okay, well, if you hear masters division,

Unknown Speaker 11:54

Ryan Smith 11:56
All right. Let’s go on the main event of the evening. Alexander Ray kick defeated. Anthony Lionheart Smith via unanimous decision. there even one judge gave a 3026 that’s a 10 eight round. This is one that I got. Right. I you know, I said last week, that, you know, while I respect cousin Anthony, I like him as a fighter, he has always been someone that we collectively as, as the combat sports team, have supported, I really felt like Alexander Rancic was going to to win this fight. I did not think it was going to be as dominant of fashion. As he did, though.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 12:39
Its dominant, but it’s it’s similar to what we’ve seen in fight before where the wrestling isn’t wrestling or Jiu Jitsu at that point. But the ground game altogether, was tough for Anthony to overcome and for me, was hard to watch because Anthony was clearly more comfortable working off of his back, but there is a downside to it and that he wasn’t generating any offense off of his back at all. And it looked like in some spots, he was really hoping for a referee to separate them like he wasn’t actually advancing towards anything. It was really all about. just surviving through it. He took some some heavy leg kicks early on that seemed to demoralize him. But he was never able to really plant his his feet and really do work against rake who looked strong. Like that’s coming from a guy who loves Anthony Smith. I’m a big fan always gonna back them. But man rakin just looked in a whole different class. He was big.

John Keyes 13:41
Once again, that was really brutal. Those those leg kicks, I mean, he just chopped him like a tree. And I was just at that point. You could just see it in his face that Lionheart at once again, I have no beef with Lionheart, but he just looked like he checked out. Yeah, and it no matter what he tried, Reykjavik was there for him. And

George Stallworth 14:07
one of the things I heard being tossed around by a couple of other of the commentators on the show and and just from some other fighters in general was after Anthony’s last loss, that you know, there needs to be a period of time where you don’t just allow your body to recover. But allow your your mental fortitude to recover, because we saw how much damage and punishment Anthony is capable of dealing with for the last two, three fights even right. And after we saw in the octagon, on Saturday night. We all know he is capable of so much more than what we saw. You get what I’m saying. So there’s that theory out there that these past couple of losses have mentally damaged Anthony, and he needs to take a period of time where either he’s doing some mental coaching or something else in order to get his head back in the right space in order to proceed and be a Basically a entitle contention in the division again,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 15:04
I’d love to see him doing some more work on his jujitsu. I know he’s, he’s high level jujitsu guy. But we just didn’t get a chance to see that working off of his back for as long as he did. It, to me seemed like the perfect opportunity to show the diversity of your game, he’s shown that he’s willing to adapt and learn. He’s taken john Jones style to some degree when it comes to strikes out of the brake, spinning backfist, even even the leg attacks, so we know that he can adapt. We just didn’t see it in this fight. And some of that has to be just the demoralization of getting your legs chopped out from under you and then having someone that they’re laying on you the whole time. So what I love to see is him just build some of that confidence back with some of these local jujitsu tournaments that he’s been, honestly for the most part, just killing it. We just need more of that fighter mentality not to take away from his Lionheart I think it’s there. But in this particular fight, he was he was too contented to sit back and hope for a ref to save.

George Stallworth 16:16
You chose those words very, very, very cannot trying

Kelechi Onyebuchi 16:19
to catch any smoke.

John Keyes 16:22
extremely clear.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 16:23
Anthony Smith. While it is extremely likely that we can run into each other on the street, I want no smoke whatsoever.

John Keyes 16:35
Yeah. You’re saying that he’s killing it. And he’s jujitsu competition? Do you think that that’s kind of spilling over into his mentality about fighting an octagon?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 16:47
I think in typical in the past, like, I’ve seen him in the gym, and there’s just an air of confidence about him, right? I haven’t been able to see any of his training of late as I’ve stepped away from the gym for a bit, but I don’t know that it brings it in, in any negative way. There’s just that there’s that confidence when you’ve been winning all of these local fights and just knowing I’m the baddest dude when I’m on the ground, just the absolute baddest. And then you mix it in with how effective his striking is. Because I think we all had an EU moment when he finally caught raking, because we saw that Anthony still is when he can plan his feet. He can throw some shots. Yeah. So he’s got to put himself in better situations to just prove that I know it’s got to be demoralizing as he was very recently fighting for a title and now you’re fighting number eight number 10s. And, and kind of moving down the stack. But he’s got to find that right opponent that gives him that signature when again.

Ryan Smith 17:51
Alright, well, let’s go ahead and close the book on this one and put it on the shelf because this card is history. Now let’s look forward to finding the angles we’ll be talking about the headlines that are making waves in the MMA world.

Alright, first on the run sheet, not necessarily first in order of importance is Luke rockhold. Luca Rocco is coming back, he decided that he was retired and then he said, You know, I still got it in me. I still got that file. And so he is saying that he wants to call out Darren till in his hometown of London. Now. If Deron till was a was it was a video game character called Little Mac. Then that would make Luke rockhold glass Joe.

Unknown Speaker 18:50
Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 18:53
I live in California.

Ryan Smith 18:56
He’s far I can say that some smoke I take. Yeah, you just got land one right here on the chin and then you’re good. Him in Brandon’s shop, man. You know, it’s the glass Joe brothers. So my problem with

George Stallworth 19:09
retina is gonna be spending time here in Texas, right? I know. There’s gonna be I don’t want none of that smoke.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 19:16
I mean, I’ll take it.

George Stallworth 19:24
Brendan. Look, I’ll set it up. We have a proper gym and a ring and even a small octagon I have available. Sorry, but you got to have content. You guys show up in Texas. Casey up here.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 19:35
See the way my cardio is set up. We can only have 32nd rounds.

John Keyes 19:45
Luke, you can call out a lot of people but I don’t think you want the gorilla. That that dude. Yeah, you might want to

Kelechi Onyebuchi 19:55
look, especially when we think about fighting styles and who’s gonna come out hungrier I feel like loot gets smashed is a beaver would say.

John Keyes 20:05
Yes. very badly, very badly.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 20:13
Yeah, like that. That makes more sense.

Ryan Smith 20:16
That would be a better fight for Luke Rocco. Like I think both of those guys, you know, that would be a great fight from the Graco. Yeah. Yeah, well, you know, as we were talking about fighters who, who’ve had really great careers, and now the UFC has kind of passed them by, you know, I don’t see a great fight for Luke Rocco outside of the one that you just called. I mean, what do you got to put him up against a Jared cannoneer? Someone like that? No. We don’t like these guys at 185 are just monsters. It’s a scary thing.

John Keyes 20:59
But see, that’s the thing, Ryan, it’s not just that 185. This is literally the time that the UFC has actually stacked their top 10s with nothing but true killers. This is one of those few times. Now we can truly say the UFC does have the elite. And there and you know, there’s very few fighters out there that can stand the top 10 of the UFC in any of their division, even their weakest division, which I think it will I’ll see the flyweights Okay. Who’s going in there? Who’s going in there? Okay,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 21:42
I’m taking everybody today.

Ryan Smith 21:45
Hey, remember that that fight from last week? too? Long one? No? No? Yeah, good.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 21:54
Yeah, I’m just I’m just kind of figuring like, where does it even go from there? Like, what what is the point? So there’s too many fighters who are out here trying to earn their keep and make their name. I think for roster spots. This is for lack of better word. This just reeks of selfishness. Like, yeah, I know, you still want to prove yourself but you had your shot. Like, I’m more interested in seeing some of these hungry young fighters versus guys who have shown us what they need to show like rockhold is he’s no slouch for sure. Like I’m joking about the I take the shot. But he he’s no slouch. But realistically, there’s so much so many more interesting fights out there that this is just a money move, if anything or pride.

John Keyes 22:41
Its pride, his pride and machismo. I don’t see anything. I mean, look, just be a talent development. Alright, that’s all you at this point. I mean, just and I’m not saying because of your of a lack of skill. Now is not that you were a champion. Okay? It’s the fact that these guys have evolved. These are apex predators. Now. You were the apex predator. Okay, on apex predator scale.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 23:13
The views expressed by john Key’s do not necessarily reflect the views of the show or anyone on this. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 23:19
that is john. And john.

George Stallworth 23:22
You want that smoked? OKC?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 23:24
Yeah, I want that smoke. But if when I when I beat rockhold beating the three doesn’t matter, right. Again,

John Keyes 23:38
picking up chairs table with a fork. I’ve been trained to use the environment around me and my man

Kelechi Onyebuchi 23:48
said he’s gonna adapt and overcome.

John Keyes 23:56
I have no I have a fight to fight and I’m not getting paid UFC money. So survival at that point.

Ryan Smith 24:04
Yeah, well, speaking of somebody who has to adapt is is Michael Chandler. Now we talked about him a couple of weeks ago, being a free agent at Bella tour. And you know, Dana White has expressed an interest in having Michael Chandler come and, and and fight in the UFC. Michael Chandler has expressed wanting to fight Joe, Justin Gachi. So you would think that that he would be a shoo in for for coming into the UFC. But what we’re finding out is that one of the big differences between fighting in bellator and fighting in the UFC is something we all know and love, an organization known as the United States anti doping agency, you sada and so there is there’s discussion that says that perhaps Michael Chandler doesn’t want to go to the UFC because he doesn’t want to have to get into the pool.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:00
This feels like a lot of speculation that’s unfounded

John Keyes 25:05
about that

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:06
feels like a lot of hearsay.

Ryan Smith 25:10
You know, I’m only reading the headline guys, I this is one where I don’t I don’t you know, I don’t want to take my chances with Michael Chandler. I don’t want to get him man,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:19
right. It just feels weird to impugn the character of the man who’s done great work in another organization. And like, I know it’s a slow news day and this isn’t us at all. But realistically to Michael Chandler has given no one any reason to believe that he’s got a soda issue. But let’s also be real this is a great way to highlight the contrast between Bella Torre and the UFC when it comes to USADA. You look at the former wrestlers who’ve gone over to and I former pro wrestlers who’ve gone over to Bella tour and it’s very clear that they did not do so unaided so a little different. Oh, yeah, I say that as Yeah, we’ll have to catch that in the off the show because again, this is someone I don’t want smoke with. But I can think of a guy who went to the same college that I did definitely didn’t get to the pro wrestling status 100% clean Wow.

Ryan Smith 26:23
Now I know who you’re talking about. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 26:27
So you mean look at that guy, how he’s built and what he was built like when he was in college that that wasn’t protein shakes.

Unknown Speaker 26:37
creatine baby creatine

Kelechi Onyebuchi 26:43
I believe in discretion because we all know that at some point I’m gonna run for public office and I don’t want this tape to play back in like look at this guy Collins out early on.

Ryan Smith 26:54
Well, somebody that we do know who did make it to the pro wrestling ranks and we know use that stuff. Brock Lesnar. Oh, now you know, we’re talking about Michael Chandler being a free agent. Well, Brock Lesnar is also a free agent, and we know that he is used talk about coming back to the UFC as a bargaining chip to get a better contract with the WWE. Now I think that we are all Once bitten twice shy kind of people where none of us is interested in entertaining the conversation of Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC So what do you guys think? Do you think that you know that that Brock Lesnar has any appeal anymore in the UFC? Or, or what?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 27:46
The heavyweight division is got too many storylines going they don’t need this mess.

John Keyes 27:50
Oh, but he makes the ultimate storyline though. I really think about it. I mean, Brock Lesnar is is that God that’s as Joe Rogan once put it this was medieval times he is that guy that’s, that’s got the the crazy battle armor with a two and a half handed sword going now chopping people with one hand. He’s built for lower. He’s the mountain. Yeah. Yeah, he is the mountain. He is the mountain. And even at his age, he’s still I mean, aided or unaided. We’re not gonna say which one it is. But he still is a monstrous figure. He took the UFC by storm. He was a champion with them for fights. And he left he left because he he was still the fitness the title while fighting off a disease that could have killed him. And he was still breaking people up. Do you not? I mean, here is the ogre if we were watching Grappler baki. Okay,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 29:02
so what I’m hearing you say in Marvel terms is that you want to see Baku fight Thor.

John Keyes 29:08
Wow. Yeah, yes. I want to see that. I want to see Baku.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 29:14
Yeah. Because that I mean, Francis in Ghana is probably the only fight that could happen because you know, he’s got to take the biggest money fight and and, and maybe blades might be another fight

Ryan Smith 29:30
that will pay for by Hiddink in Ghana. That’s the that’s the one. Yeah,

John Keyes 29:34
that’s the one lesson lesson number 11. And just marches way back all the way up

Kelechi Onyebuchi 29:43
to UFC done that Come on now. He wouldn’t be able to do it.

John Keyes 29:46
But that would be that would be the ultimate story line, though, that you have the former killer come back healthy, and he’s not only gonna take it he’s gonna March right through each and every One off, they say, please. Number nine, and I’m knocking these foods off so when I get at the top, nobody can come get it.

Unknown Speaker 30:09
Nobody’s gonna

Ryan Smith 30:11
nobody’s gonna take it as a

Kelechi Onyebuchi 30:13
coach. What do you think on this one? Because this this sounds ludicrous to me.

George Stallworth 30:17
I’m staying at it.

Ryan Smith 30:26
Know, just remember that Alistair overeem once put a knee in Brock Lesnar, his ribs, and Brock was like, Okay, I don’t want to. I don’t want any more of this.

John Keyes 30:40
So if I need you and you got the verta color confronted junk tinnitus, and you know, your guts are about to explode on you and die, then yes, if I get need, right, I might say hold on my friend. I may need to tap on this ground because I’m done. All right. I may have to do that. He was still sick with the vertical to lightest

George Stallworth 31:03

Kelechi Onyebuchi 31:09
I’m glad you said some coast because I had no idea what Well,

Ryan Smith 31:13
you know what, perhaps that is our our si t word of the show. diverticulitis, this is your sh word of

John Keyes 31:24
the fall out.

Ryan Smith 31:29
Well, so while you’re looking at Brock Lesnar, of course is is a person that has gotten on the radar of another person that is moving to heavy weight, and that is Jon bones Jones. He is back in the gym, he is lifting weights, and he is really trying to jockey for position. To fight steep eight Meo check for the title. I still think that Francis in Ghana was gonna get that shot, even though sea bass like and it’s kind of boring for me.

Unknown Speaker 31:59
And I don’t really already

Ryan Smith 32:00
done it in the first time. Uh, but I really think in Ghana has improved. I think that’s the logical fight for Steve pay. But john Jones is saying that, you know, that he could he could take Steve paimio chick and so he went on Twitter and started making his case. Um, you know, saying that Steve Bay is a is kind of a CP versus Francis is a high risk, low reward that the better fight is john Jones. And then he decided to take a shot at Brock Lesnar and said, Oh, yeah, Brock, I will beat your bleep to.

John Keyes 32:42
Interesting, that’s bold. But I mean, I understand why john Jones did it because I would say the same thing to if I was in that position. I understand why Steve a doesn’t want to fight Francis in Ghana. That’s not the same person. He fought the first time. Now we have another monster that’s at the gates. And he’s like, let me in and he’s like, I don’t think so. I like the belt where it’s at. Because he was first isn’t gonna have the power before. Now he has power and skill. And he’s a breed know that.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 33:23
We assume he has.

Ryan Smith 33:25
Yeah, we still have not seen friends. Gonna wrestle anybody.

John Keyes 33:31
Okay, he can tell when he said okay, I’m gonna say it and see pay. I know where you at?

Ryan Smith 33:42
Yeah, let me hear the sensor button here. What?

John Keyes 33:46
We know I know when a man run scared. Okay, I know when a man run scared. You can see it in his eyes. You can hear in his talk. All right. And I understand.

Unknown Speaker 34:00
I’m gonna counterpoint

Kelechi Onyebuchi 34:01
now. Steve Bay has been disrespected by the UFC time and time again. And he knows that the only way to make any real money fight is to create controversy. To say that you’re overlooking someone is a means of creating controversy. And I don’t believe that he’s truly scared because he’s been tested by the the best of the best. He is the goat in heavyweight, there’s no way that you can create a true argument that steep is scared. But what you can do is say that steep pay is over the games, but at the same time trying his best to make a money fight before he exits because there is nothing left for him to do. So there’s some truth in saying he’s not excited about it. Because you saw his demeanor once he beat Cormier. He’s not excited about anything in the UFC. He’s just ready to move on.

John Keyes 34:47
Well, if he’s ready to move on, okay, then he needs to adopt the attitude that George St. Pierre had, okay. He just they told him who he was gonna fight. And he said, Okay, that’s how You that’s how you get over things. You just say, this guy’s gonna fight. George. I don’t I don’t remember George St. Pierre, ever calling out anybody in particular. They just said they announced the fight. And then he talked, he talked a little respectful smack, Ricky Bobby style. And then he went and beat their butts. That

Kelechi Onyebuchi 35:21
that was back in the time where the UFC rankings mattered, right? Like, right, you were fighting the next up who was the next best up? You weren’t fighting the guy who was talking the most. So there was no need for him to engage in that type of discourse. It was rather perfunctory that he was going to fight the next guy.

John Keyes 35:42
Forget about these inflamed fluid filled diverticula Yeah, forget that. Pro. I mean, this stuff is bad as bad as blue waffles.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 36:04
waffles. No, please.

John Keyes 36:10
Do not go any further with that. What was the word again? The case?

Ryan Smith 36:14
Fun theory.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 36:17
I wish we were doing a screen grab right now because I’m about to throw up.

John Keyes 36:26
carried out with a minimum of effort or reflection. He gave a pro funk a perfunctory Nah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 36:37
Yeah, cuz it was just gonna happen, right? Like this wasn’t like I had to do a lot to become Don’t

Unknown Speaker 36:47
ruin all of us. Again. The views

Kelechi Onyebuchi 36:52
expressed by john key on this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of collections future campaign. Oh my gosh.

Ryan Smith 37:02
JOHN Key’s Where do you get this stuff from? Oh my gosh.

John Keyes 37:07
Do not mess with my humor is dark.

Unknown Speaker 37:10
Oh my god. What I’m more

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:15
upset about is I knew what it was. And I watched Ryan recording or not recording it, pulling it up. And I just couldn’t stop him. Oh, my gosh. The good thing though, is writing wise enough. I’m just glad you didn’t Google image search first, because that’s usually where I start.

Unknown Speaker 37:36

Unknown Speaker 37:40
no, I’m not doing that to ruin this man. I can do

John Keyes 37:44
to see Ryan’s face right now.

Ryan Smith 37:46
Well, because I’m you know, my Strengths Finder. I’m a learner. So once you

Unknown Speaker 37:51
start going learn today, once you open

Ryan Smith 37:52
up the Pandora’s box for something, I got to know about it. And so you know, while you’re talking about it, I’m googling it. And now that I know what it is. And now caleche is like well, you should have Google image search. I’m like, you know what, you’re right. I should have but I’m not gonna do it during the show. Because I may not be able to continue and we got a lot of shows to do.

John Keyes 38:13
Let me get this strike you. This tells me that you do not know many veterans in your in your circle because we all have a sixth sense of humor. Secondly, it also shows that Casey is your height man because he didn’t stop. He’s like,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:28
Look, everyone should know this about me. I will always encourage poor decision. Always.

Unknown Speaker 38:35
Don’t take my advice. Someone was talking

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:36
to me the other day at work she was like, Hey, we should we should we should have more conversations. I’d love to hear your perspective on things like about work yes, life. No. Don’t just do the opposite of what I tell you because I’m always seeking the story.

Ryan Smith 38:56
Moving on Daniel Cormier, a. Daniel Cormier, a retired after his his steep a fight, but he didn’t really confirm it until this week, people thought that he was going to take off the gloves and drop them in the middle of the ring as is tradition for great fighters who retire in their last fight. However, what he said was dropping his his gloves in the ring would have stolen the moment from sleep Emil chick, who not only in retaining his title, also asserted himself as the greatest heavyweight of all time in the UFC. And so um, you know, I have to shout out Dana Cormier for being aware and self aware enough to not um, I mean, I still that moment.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:45
It’s good because he wasn’t knocked out the way he was with john Jones. He was able to still be aware.

George Stallworth 39:51
JOHN, john said hold my beer.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:56
Yeah, but yeah. korma is the epitome class like, when it comes to fighter attitude. Even in devastating loss, he he’ll state facts won’t complain, which was something that I think most people didn’t like about him early on was that he was so straightforward. He was so straight laced. And he did have this kind of whining ethic about, man. It’s just refreshing to see a genuinely good dude who’s that thoughtful about not just his legacy, but other people’s legacy? It just that that sort of character just doesn’t show its head in the UFC all that off.

Ryan Smith 40:36
Well, speaking of someone who, oh, you get rid of you getting rid of her, but that

John Keyes 40:41
Yeah, you know, here we go. He is so he, he is what people should model fighters after. Cormier has been class all the way through his fighting career.

Unknown Speaker 40:58
Yep. However,

Ryan Smith 41:00
however, here we go, here’s the button.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:03
Won’t he do

John Keyes 41:04
two things didn’t happen. One, he didn’t put the gloves down in the ring, too. name from the blood pool. So until that happens.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:24
Everyone take a shot. Take a shot, take yourself Take a step. Now.

Ryan Smith 41:34
Now talking about somebody who is self aware and made a good decision. That’s me. JOHN Jones, recently came out and explained why he vacated his light heavyweight title. And what he said was he said I vacated the Light Heavyweight Championship because I knew my heavyweight goals. Were going to take some time. I wasn’t going to play games with the contenders and make people fight interim championship belts. There’s a little rest on the throne. But but basically what he’s saying is is that in order for him to prepare himself or going to heavyweight he he vacated his titles so that he wasn’t holding up the creating a log jam in light heavyweight. That’s, that’s a great thing. And then Lionheart Smith before he met Alexander raking said, you know, I’m not typically the guy that’s got a whole bunch of nice things to say about john Jones, but that’s a noble thing to do. Dominic ray is also you know, he’d been talking a lot of smack about john Jones, but he even turned around and said, Hey, Johnny, Johnny bones. Thank you for the experience. Man, I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I know that things got a little crazy, but I wanted I just wanted to be pushed beyond my perceived limits by the light heavyweight goat again. God bless and God Willing till we get the dance under those lights again.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 43:19
Ever on the run sheet?

John Keyes 43:24
That is what makes us good. Dude, this, let it roll.

Ryan Smith 43:32
I’m telling you, the deep voices, the deep voice guys my favorite part of every song

Kelechi Onyebuchi 43:37
we got to bring that back?

Ryan Smith 43:39
We’ll do at the end of the show.

Unknown Speaker 43:44

Ryan Smith 43:45
yeah, go ahead.

John Keyes 43:48
Okay, I guess I mean, awfully convenient. But okay. I’ve seen john Jones, you know, lifting weights at a heavier weight while he was off. Okay, yeah. I don’t believe it. But okay. He got a good reason, then to me in the in the in the interim. Alright, that makes sense. But as far as john Jones goes, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe him. He has kids convinced me to sit there and say that, you know, anything that he says? We got to really look at his actions. Okay. He’s already stated why he’s going to the heavyweight. He honestly think that he could have gave Dominick Reyes a rematch before he left. He Why? Why? Because, okay, because he needed he watched the fight. Why should he fight Dominick breath because it was a close match. He fought out senator Gustafson again, and on a very close match, where a lot of people said he won that Alex won that just like they said Dominic won that fight. So yeah, again, good to see men, if anything, if you know you can beat this man, he would have ran it back one time, and then they’re like, okay, I’ve been I’ve been everybody here convincingly allow. And yeah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 45:18
he’s just at a different spot in his career. You know, you can’t coach, you know,

George Stallworth 45:24
I’m just listening to what john said. You’re saying after the fact that he fights Dominic again, then he could say, he’s beating everybody here convincingly, that what you’re saying, yes. Okay, I’ll let you slide with our man. JOHN says, Look, I’ve cleared this division. There’s really nothing here for me. Do I want to focus on what my next career goal is? And I applaud that, you know, a lot of people think he’s full of it when he says that, but I don’t think so. I think he’s being being honest and open. Remember, we always talked about this dichotomy of john Jones, there’s to john Jones, there’s the evil hit, you know, hi. envious, or whatever you want to call? JOHN Jones? Yes. The sentence that john Jones and then there’s john Jones, who is likes to go and do public works of of good out in the public under camera and drop water on people, homeless people in stuff? You didn’t? Yeah. And so that’s what I think we’re seeing with john. But every time he does something deplorable now, people are gonna think he has sinister motives.

John Keyes 46:32
Because you’ve never heard you’ve never heard of john Jones doing something. Without the camera being there. That’s the thing. But he’s still

Kelechi Onyebuchi 46:40
doing it with the camera. So like, it’s not like a secret. You know,

George Stallworth 46:47
he, he has a platform and we’ve seen how platforms can and should be used. A prime example of that is the NBA this week. And john has this platform and he spoke on it. He put it out there and people are gonna deal with it. They will. Some people are gonna love it. Some people are gonna hate it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 47:04
Look at coast bringing fire. Right. I’m feeling that that’s that’s a word. Last one.

Ryan Smith 47:13
Mike Tyson planning an MMA event with ver Doom frayed or to wander lay Vonda lay bell for two and Ortiz Evans three.

John Keyes 47:26
missing something important. This is this is this is my legends division right here.

Ryan Smith 47:33
And that’s when you take a drink, folks.

John Keyes 47:35
That’s my legend. Take a big one. called the legend.

Ryan Smith 47:39
Yeah, it’s a women’s I think it’s a women’s basketball team.

Unknown Speaker 47:43
I was like,

Ryan Smith 47:44
it’s like an amateur Basketball League.

Unknown Speaker 47:48
Oh, you’re talking about like,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 47:51
my bad.

Unknown Speaker 47:52
That’s on me.

Ryan Smith 47:55
There’s a Frisco team called the legends. The basketball team.

Unknown Speaker 47:59
Yes. Okay.

Ryan Smith 48:03
So I don’t know. Frisco is in north of Dallas. For those of you we’re, you know, we’re all Dallas folks here. And so

John Keyes 48:11
legends and so was I. Yeah, let’s let’s live north of Dallas. in Dallas, North

Ryan Smith 48:19
north of Dallas. Yes. Yes. Um, but yeah, so there it seems as though there there is. Life after the sport. You know, I went on a rant. I guess it was last week about, you know, talking smack about, you know, Bare Knuckle and Paige Van Zandt, who’s on that on that poster where they’re going to going to to bare knuckle. But maybe mike mike tyson gives some of these fighters who were at the end of their career, a second life because they are now fighting. You know, their legacy counterparts, if you will, from years and years ago and pride and in other in these other promotions, they’re getting a second chance to run those back, even though they can’t compete with the new talent that we have today. There’s still a place for fighters who are game and who want to go.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:14
Tito’s last fight was trashed.

John Keyes 49:18
Last fall.

Ryan Smith 49:20
Yeah, Tito’s last two fights were trash. Because he ran it back with with Chuck Liddell, and that was awful. It was gross. And then he fought the the guy that used to be in professional wrestling and that was terrible.

John Keyes 49:34
Yeah. That was that he used

Ryan Smith 49:37
to be a champion, WWE Hispanic guy.

George Stallworth 49:43
I don’t remember. That’s how

Unknown Speaker 49:46
he’s agreed. No, no, not a party stuff. It’s awesome.

Ryan Smith 49:54
Even though that would be awesome to see day parties to fight in, in mixed martial arts, I think you have

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:59
to choose These legacy fights better than this because as we just talked about a Woodley versus Lawler fight, I think we would all be game to watch that. Because even though these guys are not in their prime and peak, they’re not so far outside that it’s going to be extremely competitive. And it’s just going to be a different style. Watch and try. Oh, go ahead.

John Keyes 50:24
No, I’m sorry, Casey, go ahead. I’m sorry.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 50:26
No, no, that was just like watching Tito fight. Just. It would be difficult for me to get excited about his fighting style, his quickness, his fight IQ. Like what is it about Tito that’s gonna make me want to watch this fight.

John Keyes 50:41
Okay, so the person that he fought last was Alberto. El patron also. No, he was he was he went to he went by a different name. And I believe it was Alberto Del Rio. He was a he was a WWE Champion. They fought in combat in America. 51 in McAllen, Texas, so huh?

Unknown Speaker 51:07
There you go. How recent was that?

John Keyes 51:11
December 7. What year

George Stallworth 51:13
didn’t? I was gonna say 19. Last

Unknown Speaker 51:15

George Stallworth 51:18
There was a an another fight he had prior to the chocolate Dale fight. I can’t remember who it was. I thought he was a little bit more competitive. He was in jail.

John Keyes 51:28
Now I went wasn’t jail. And my Well, that was before check. wooddale those chael sonnen. And then that was Liam mcgeary. He want to get jailed, but he lost a guest Liam. Okay. All right.

George Stallworth 51:40
I think I’m confused. And maybe it was a some fight prior to that. But I thought he fought someone else who was also probably a candidate for the Masters division.

John Keyes 51:49
He did. I see it. Stephen Bonner. They actually honor. He actually won that in a split decision. Yes, definitely. Honors. Definitely. He is prime legends material. I can see him in there.

Unknown Speaker 52:07
All right.

George Stallworth 52:08
Do the case. What is legend division has been made, man. I like what Mike is doing with this. I think they really need some, some top notch matchmakers to jump on board and really prime some of these fights. Because what I don’t want to see is a fight like Tito versus a Tyron Woodley or someone who’s a little bit more game than Tito. He is right now.

Ryan Smith 52:28
But you don’t need a don’t want to see that play time. No. I mean, needs

George Stallworth 52:32
a well planned matchup, something that’s competitive and not where you’re going to see guys get outclassed in the Masters division. So I think whoever decides to take advantage of this really do well to find a matchmaker who is on board and has the same ideas as a division like that needs to be I guess, baby until it gets on its feet. Because if you come in out the gate, and you just create these crazy matchups where guys are getting out class at that age, no one’s gonna want to watch that. And you’re going to make your own case why the commission should shut it down. But if you could come in and really do well on the matchmaking and put books and competitive fights for these guys, where guys are in the fight, and not getting just dumped on by somebody, then I think people will be willing to watch man I I’m sorry to say but I would love to continue to see Anderson silver glove up. Yeah, I’d love to just go around it. I want to see that and but I want to see him fight someone that he can be competitive against. I don’t want to see Anderson Silva. And you know what a Who is it?

Ryan Smith 53:39

George Stallworth 53:40
That easy. The other guy the black horse over 185 jacket, Alaska slash Dallas?

Ryan Smith 53:48
Oh, Jeff. Neil. No,

George Stallworth 53:49
no, Jared cannoneer. Yeah. Okay.

John Keyes 53:52
I don’t want to see that smoke. No, nobody wants to. I mean, but if you look at the fights, I’m looking at virgin fate or two. We’re looking at I gotta love that. I love that. That les Belford to, and Ortiz Emmons three. This is basically pride. Yeah, and I’m okay with that. Comes

George Stallworth 54:15
a fight man. I think Belfer if he gets on any of those supplements from outside of the United States by he’s gonna run through vandelay

John Keyes 54:24
I’ll see you guys look real differences you

Unknown Speaker 54:26

John Keyes 54:28
I’m pretty sure that that vandelay underlay shots at the same shops that that Vitara shop said.

George Stallworth 54:36
Vito, get that at&t connection vandelay has that sprint by T Mobile Metro.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 54:45
The views expressed on this. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 54:49
Speaking of because you guys you guys mentioned Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva actually does have a fight book. It’s on Halloween, and he is fighting show. What is it? What is it the Primetime right Ryan? Time Uriah Hall was last fight

John Keyes 55:03
not good.

Ryan Smith 55:06
You don’t know and it’s a it’s a good fight because you never know that you’re right Hall is gonna come in the ring.

George Stallworth 55:14
Right and Uriah is one of those guys who he’s not out of this new class of fighters that are just total MMA guys, Uriah is a striker he comes from a forget the background. It’s not strictly Muay Thai, but he’s more of a striker so it’s a good matchup for Amazon I feel like and because Anderson is the elder statesman. He’s got a little bit more technical know how and he can he can use that to counter your eyes speed over here might you know what I’m saying? So I don’t see that as a necessarily a bad matchup for Anderson just yet.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 55:45
I think it’s a great matchup. So I look I think it’s a great matchup for Anderson. If you look at Anderson’s legacy right now is his biggest tool in his in his belt. Let’s be honest, his he could have destroyed Anderson if he wanted to. But it’s, it’s this respect factor. You just never know what crappy thing the spider is going to bring. And for that being a head game being his number one tool in his belt. He picked the right fighter and Uriah cuz, Uriah and see. I wouldn’t say easy. He’s probably more prone to get locked into overthinking in the fight. And there’s no better fighter and making you second guess your offense than Anderson silver. Yeah, guys just don’t want to throw anything because they don’t know what’s coming.

George Stallworth 56:36
I don’t know if you guys know but Uriah is fighting MMA here in Dallas these days.

John Keyes 56:41
Yeah. I would like to take back

Kelechi Onyebuchi 56:43
every Yeah, like I said, He’s great. I love that you’re an amazing fighter.

Ryan Smith 56:56
Blow the whistle. Get on the hype train.

John Keyes 57:07
Black Belt and kyokushin karate. And he’s a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so I

Kelechi Onyebuchi 57:14
neglected to mention that I just really support what he stands for. I love how you support a sister throughout her hard time he’s overcome a lot in his own life. The New York kid coming to Dallas I’m here for it. I think you got a chance. Yeah, we all for it.

George Stallworth 57:35
Almost a year.

It would have been a year since his last two fights were against guys who probably weren’t the same caliber even is Anderson even now. Got a case of some ring Russ stepping in on your eyes part. Anderson’s been, I would say fairly active since that time. So I think this is a great matchup and I’m really interested in seeing what the odds are gonna look like.

Ryan Smith 58:09
Yeah, me too. So some of the things though it hasn’t been your eyes fault though. Like the last fight was a was was called because either COVID or some other injury or something like that. So you know, Uriah Hall has been out of the out of the cage for a while. But it’s it’s you know, it’s it’s been a lot of freak things that’s going on that keeping him out of what

John Keyes 58:35
he said was supposed to fight yo Romero on the 22nd last, oh,

Unknown Speaker 58:41

John Keyes 58:43
pulled out for undisclosed reasons.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 58:46
Yeah, sometimes God just looks at your circumstance and he pulls you out. won’t he? Do it? won’t do it. God

Unknown Speaker 58:58
No, no.

Ryan Smith 59:02
No, no. He’s like, he’s like, Yo Romero fight. You’re right halls like yeah, and then God steps in. No, no.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 59:11
Sometimes the biggest blessing is the unanswered prayer.

Ryan Smith 59:16
Well, let’s go into it. You know, the UFC is is isn’t a is a promotion on a mission. They have what what is that? What is that song? It’s like a it’s like a 70 or 80 song You know, they got they got 25 miles to go. You know? I’m have to find it. It’s got a long way to go in a short time to get there, which is a different song. But I just can’t give up now.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 59:43
I’ve come too far from where I started from.

Ryan Smith 59:46
Oh my gosh, we sing in gospels here. Um, so there is another fight this weekend UFC Vegas, nine overeem vs Sekai. Let’s get into it with the Fight Club.

All right, there we go. I done ruined the the intros to the segments. Um, that’s the first time

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:00:25
I’ve actually heard the intro.

Ryan Smith 1:00:28
So, UFC Vegas, not overeem vs Sekai, September 5 2020 that is this weekend, UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have five fights on the card. Tiago moyses. Voices J. Jalen Turner. You got the limb. I’m a D. I’m a dive. There we go. I’m a dive versus Michael Herrera. You got Carol Rosa versus samsara. Eubanks and we know her, Alonzo minnifield versus ovince St. Prue and in the no do it, don’t do it. Don’t I see

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
dog playing in the background?

Ryan Smith 1:01:14
watching the show you’re gonna end up getting caught like you do it. In the main event of the evening, Alistair overeem vs. Augusta Sekai so let’s go flash fight picks on Alonzo minnifield. The CO Main Event versus have in St. Peru and Alistair overeem in the main event versus a gusto Sekai. So coach, Alonzo minnifield versus ovince St. preux is open St. Paul gonna get back on his winning ways or is it just gonna be another one of those disappointing bytes to watch?

George Stallworth 1:01:51
I love OSP I think he is a wonderful fighter. Alonzo Muirfield is about to have a great night whoo that’s all I’m saying. To all those those people out there that were were a pair purpling go come out and support support OSP but don’t be upset for what Alonzo does.

Ryan Smith 1:02:18
Alright, Collette you

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:21
are they find that 205 are heavyweight?

Ryan Smith 1:02:23
So they’re fighting a 205

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:25
I’m a predictive vertical right now. Write it down OSP by von fluke

Ryan Smith 1:02:34
could happen

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:36
it could happen the only way he gets back to his winning columns.

Ryan Smith 1:02:40
JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 1:02:43
we talked about the end of the the slow starters then oh SP is one of the slowest starters we got and BRC. I think a lot of those gonna gonna have a good night.

Ryan Smith 1:02:55
Well, I am on a bound to pick open st Brut so uh, you know be out dog that’s all I gotta say.

Oh, no. Come on, bro. We got it. We

John Keyes 1:03:15
got to do that man. Don’t laugh at that, right. Just ignore us.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:19
Right man, man? Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:03:20
y’all lay right. All right. In the main event of the evening, Alistair overeem vs. Augusta Sekai john Key’s got the Demolition Man.

John Keyes 1:03:33
I think this is gonna be the first time that I’m actually gonna say now. I’ve always been a demolition. I’ve always been behind that was me. But guess what? It’s time to call up Mike Tyson. Say you want to fight me? You want to fight for door? He’ll let you do it, man. Okay. A guest is gonna come in there and it’s gonna be I’ll give it by decision.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
All right. cholesky I

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:00
am honorbound to always and forever. Each moment he fights. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:10
I’ll always choose against you.

Ryan Smith 1:04:17
Coach. Man,

John Keyes 1:04:24
I want to so bad but I know. My heart is gonna break. So ain’t gonna break my heart. Okay.

George Stallworth 1:04:33
It was like 15 in one. I mean, he’s no slouch, but I don’t know whose fault you know what I mean? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:39
What I’m what I was hearing.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:43
What I’m hearing you say is my mind’s telling me No.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:48
We’re not going there

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
with you. Nope, nope.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
No, no. Nothing wrong with a little overeem No, no,

Ryan Smith 1:04:58
we’re not we’re not we’re not giving him In any shine,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02

George Stallworth 1:05:11
black boy I think we’ve seen him that’s a pretty decent way of solid. Marsan. lasky and chase Sherman. So all those were wins he had to tks to split decisions in his last four fights. He saw some decent talent so it’s, you know, this is a step up forming over him but again over him his deck deck that masters division class at this point in his career, so we shall see, but I’m still going with the Rain Man. Sometimes the old man can get it done. And for the most part, I like to think that these new classifiers handle their business but you know, every now and then one of these guys, for no masters division will step up and put your lights out.

Ryan Smith 1:05:56
All right, well, I’m gonna go with Augusta Sekai. Um, I I do it seems like every time I pick Alistair overeem he loses every time I pick against him. He wins. So I’m gonna just out there, you better pick over him. I don’t know. Maybe I want him to win. So I’m picking Sekai? Uh, all right. Well follow us on social media on Instagram. I’m at

John Keyes 1:06:23
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. If you got two things, man.

Ryan Smith 1:06:31
Nobody want to talk about platinum. Mike Perry.

John Keyes 1:06:34
Would like to hear about platinum.

George Stallworth 1:06:37
platinum, Mike Perry would like to hear about platinum.

John Keyes 1:06:40
Platinum run up all you do. Crazy. You know, he is becoming the odb of the MMA world. He sees the greatest place. He’s tried.

Ryan Smith 1:06:59
So So okay. By the mike Perry shared a make a death wish list. And so basically, he’s talking smack to eight fighters. And he says all eight of these fighters have made the same death wish to die at the hands of platinum, Mike Perry in the cage. And Mike is happy to grant that wish. And so it’s a picture of Nico price. Nicholas Dalby, Daniel Rodriguez, email, meek. I don’t know what he’s doing by calling outcomes at Chimayo. Michael Pereira, my newer law says and Darren till Time of death to be announced. This is Mike Perry’s way of calling out all of these biters. And I mean, it’s, you know, on the trash talk game, I have to give it some respect. But, but I mean, but let’s let’s let’s let’s face it, though, like, like Mike Perry is in this weird part of his career, where I don’t see upward mobility towards the championship fight. So he’s kind of got and he’s also exhibiting behavior. You know, that could suggest that he may be having some issues.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:08:28
I am not a therapist, but I can say that this behavior that he’s presented over the last month is really indicative of bipolar two manic episode. The problem that I’m seeing with this is that the UFC continues to enable this like this is fairly innocuous for a fighter to throw out like, hey, I want to fight you, but let’s be Let’s be extremely clear here. My man is talking about killing people not fighting people and and his mental state. Like he may not be joking.

Ryan Smith 1:09:00
Yeah, that’s the that’s the it’s kind of like that Key and Peele episode where he’s talking smack and then it’s like, no, I really am gonna do this. He’s like, No, you you just figuratively me. No, no, I know.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
The plan.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:09:15
So before I could take this lightly, I’m gonna need him to clarify. Yeah, because this is just dangerous talk.

Ryan Smith 1:09:22
So So yeah, it I thought that for runtime of the show, we could skip over it. But that’s that’s what the story is. Mike Perry dropping some major trash talking on eight fighters. Most of which I don’t have him a with a with a snowball’s chance winning.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:09:42
If they die in the ring. Is it premeditated murder? If he dies, he dies.

Ryan Smith 1:09:53
Okay, one last piece of trivia. Did you know that Sylvester Stallone is talking about Taking out the robot scene when he gives Paulie the big robot in the director’s cut of Rocky for

Unknown Speaker 1:10:07

Ryan Smith 1:10:08
Why? Because it’s a dumb scene but you know, it’s it’s a classic scenes.

John Keyes 1:10:12
It’s a classic.

Ryan Smith 1:10:14
So people are trying to stop it but you know, alright are you are you are you content? Mr. Keyes? Did I do the story justice?

John Keyes 1:10:23
He did. It could have been done better but you know and we you know it is what it is.

Ryan Smith 1:10:35
I apologize. I will endeavor to do better the next time. Oh, social media on

Unknown Speaker 1:10:42

Ryan Smith 1:10:44
Combat sportstalk Oh,

John Keyes 1:10:49
victory. Yes.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:10:53
I am at obfuscated and that is spelled ob Fq SC not sure how elaborate te D. In my defense. I’m terrible. And

George Stallworth 1:11:10
you can find me at a dark dark side underscore muy Thai underscore.

Ryan Smith 1:11:15
You can find us on our website at www combat sports talk.com. Check out our merchandise link. You can get a shirt like one that coaches wearing. It’s a combat sports talk. original logo t shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA maniac buddy elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group where a lot of these conversations begin follows on any one of these platforms that we have up here on the screen. That’s for those listening. That’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple podcasts, Periscope and Spotify on behalf of john Key’s George starward. Oh, yeah, let’s wish Let’s wish john Key’s a happy birthday on the show birthday. No, you know how we got to do it. Happy birthday

Unknown Speaker 1:12:10
to ya. Happy.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:16
Happy Birthday Happy

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18

John Keyes 1:12:22
off but yeah, Chapter 45 came to a close. And now we open up a chapter 46 and the line we all

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:30
glad about 45 coming to a close Can we get a man?

Ryan Smith 1:12:35
I hope he does it mean that won’t he do it? Hope he does it?

George Stallworth 1:12:40
Hey, real quick, then while we are?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
You know, so I

George Stallworth 1:12:47
i guess taking a more serious note. The Jacob Blake incident. I don’t know if you guys have had a chance to digest that or anything like that. Maybe we can do it off show afterwards or whatever. But you know, I know. I was just wondering how you guys felt about that and what you’ve seen so far? Are you reserving judgment for what you’ve seen so far? and those kind of things. But anyway, we can decide that

John Keyes 1:13:12
now later, whatever I’m gonna do after the bell, let’s do after the bell.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:13:16
Yeah, and y’all know me, this is like my, I live in breed this as part of my job. So as much as it pains me to have to stay up to speed on these type of issues. And this goes for anyone on the listening. I’m always happy to not happy. I’m always willing to engage in fruitful conversations around some of these more pertinent social issues that we’re going through. I mean, we’re in a tumultuous time, right, like so. Some of this, all of this has been happening for the longest it absolutely has. But I think we have to be prepared to have meaningful conversations that that aren’t just about digesting what we’ve seen, but moving us forward. And, and I’d say that part of my life’s mission is to be an amplifier for the voices of those who who aren’t able to be heard. So I want to know more stories about how people are dealing with this and be a resource to those who need to find a way to navigate this in a in a healthy way.

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