Episode 140 – UFC Vegas 11: Covington vs. Woodley (PREVIEW)

Conor McGregor is back in the news, Michelle Waterson narrowly defeated Angela Hill at UFC Vegas 10, and Bellator fighters made headlines for the wrong reasons this weekend. Get MMA discussion, headlines, and listen as we argue our picks for UFC Vegas 11: Covington vs. Woodley.


Ryan Smith 0:08
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory john Key’s

John Keyes 0:25
Did you know that john Claude Van Damme was in breaking?

Ryan Smith 0:29
I did not know that. Yes, I got to go and find it because I would love to see him do his his Bloodsport splits. Does he do it?

John Keyes 0:38
No, actually, he does. Every other. If you watch kickboxer he’s actually doing almost the same exact moves.

Ryan Smith 0:45
Okay. Um, which as I recall are terrible. They’re terrible dancer.

John Keyes 0:51
Okay, not terrible at off clap, but that’s

Ryan Smith 0:57
just a bad dub. We’ve also got Collette G. Casey only a Buchi.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:06
Well, hello, everyone. Did you know that George Washington Carver invented way more than peanut butter?

John Keyes 1:16
I thought we were just doing random facts. We can do that.

Ryan Smith 1:20
Yeah, okay. Well, let’s keep it going. Let’s keep it going. And the coach to the stars George g money stalwart?

George Stallworth 1:28
No random facts.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
I’ll give you one. Tell us something about the

Unknown Speaker 1:37
history of Muay Thai.

George Stallworth 1:40
Tonight on on Facebook. Oh, oh, yeah. 10 likely to have scholarships. random facts? Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:52
There goes 10 times part of our audience.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
I didn’t even say who we were.

George Stallworth 2:01
It could have been martial artists are 10 times more likely.

Ryan Smith 2:05
MMA podcasters. Yeah.

George Stallworth 2:10
Exactly. I got three y’all here. You’ve all had scholarships, we MMA podcast is 10 times more likely to have scholarships. There it is.

Unknown Speaker 2:19
So all right.

Ryan Smith 2:20
So my crazy fact is this. And I saw this. I’ve recently because I have a 14 year old I am recently exploring Tick Tock. And so I came across Neil deGrasse Tyson, who said that 11 plus two is 1312 plus one is 13. If you write those, those words out 11 plus two, it’s 13 letters. If you write 12 plus one, that’s 13 letters, and 11 plus two and 1312 plus one. Use the same 13 letters.

Unknown Speaker 3:00
were more Hello. My

John Keyes 3:05
Wow. Yeah, that’s my

George Stallworth 3:11
that is evidence that we actually live in a simulation. What if

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:15
your spelling words in another language then it doesn’t doesn’t work? Yeah, exactly. Or not? Or does it?

John Keyes 3:25

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:27
Cantonese Of course, can

George Stallworth 3:28
we get the show back on track already? We already know that. Hey, we’re gonna be sideways off the rail here. And you guys just lead into

Ryan Smith 3:38
Yes, right. Yeah, you thank you. Thank you. Thank you coach that that’s that’s exactly I need somebody to be able to keep us in the lane for this show. or otherwise, we’re gonna be three and a half hours and we’re never even get past the first the first story.

John Keyes 3:51
Oh, man, hey, if people are willing to watch like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, they can watch our show. Okay, three and a half.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:58
were as good as j r r Tolkien. I mean, I’m here for it.

John Keyes 4:05
I mean,

Ryan Smith 4:07
at least Peter Jackson.

John Keyes 4:09
I’m just saying what do they know about MMA?

Ryan Smith 4:13
The Hobbit? Probably probably a lot like that story. There’s a ton of fighting in that. I bet that is

George Stallworth 4:19
more likely to get scholarships.

Ryan Smith 4:25
So let’s get into it. The first story we’re gonna do tonight is our headliner. The number one thing I want to talk about, let’s get into it. This is the headlines.

Alright folks, Conor McGregor is back in the news. He was detained for an alleged attempted sexual assault and indecent exposure in Corsica. That’s over in Europe.

Unknown Speaker 4:55
What part of Europe?

Unknown Speaker 4:57
Yeah, see the European part

Ryan Smith 5:00
I’m an American, I’m not responsible for no one where stuff is other than Oh, this is my geography is pretty good. I think it’s in. It’s in France, or it’s a it’s a province of France.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 5:16
Off the eastern seaboard. Yeah, there you go. I am making stuff up. thing with Conor. I hate that he’s constantly in the news, because technically he’s retired, right? As Dana White would say, you can still get in trouble while you’re retired. You’re retired. But there’s just so much about Connor that I just feel he gets away with way too much. Like, this guy should have been in jail A long time ago for all of the assaults he’s had. Like, he’s a problematic dude. And yet, for lawn order people face those same lawn order folks seem to love a guy who breaks the law. So I mean, I I know it’s controversial, but I’m just gonna say it like we can’t be all lawn orders the way to be, and then be like, Oh, my guy’s just a rebel, like, come on, fam. So

Ryan Smith 6:13
coach, Coach and I were talking about this before the before the show. And, you know, the thing is, is that, yes, Conor McGregor seems to be retired from MMA, but still competing with john Jones, or the number of times you can get in trouble and not go to jail. I mean, well, I guess he’s not winning, because Conor McGregor appears to go to jail a lot.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 6:38
Yeah, I do as a room in every country.

John Keyes 6:43
Okay. Corsica is in the Mediterranean Sea. It is politically one of the 18 regions of France. We’re back. Did you know Coca Cola was invented by Corsica?

Unknown Speaker 7:00
No, okay.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 7:02
Well, the more you know,

Ryan Smith 7:04
we got to get up and down. We got to get some drop now because we keep Yeah.

John Keyes 7:09
Hold on. Yeah, this man. Come on, Connor.

Ryan Smith 7:14
You’re so good. I was reading a story.

George Stallworth 7:17
Let me ask you something here. Okay, so I haven’t read any of the details on this. But when I first heard public indecency, and attempted sexual assault. Now, mind you, I’m also a former law enforcement officer who specifically worked with sex offenders for over 12 years, or 10 years. I’m sorry, I go adding years on. When I heard this, my first thought was, this is a money grab. I didn’t know any details or anything about it. But that was my first thought. And then when I spoke with Ryan Ryan informed me a little bit more to details. Apparently, there was a bathroom involved. And he was leaving the bathrooms there, right, Ryan?

Ryan Smith 7:57
That I couldn’t find the story what but I read I read that he was leaving the bathroom, there was a lady who was on her way there. And he he you know, he pulled it out allegedly, allegedly pulled it out and unexposed himself in front of her.

John Keyes 8:13
Alright, I found a story here. And go ahead.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 8:20
Yeah, just before we jump into that, like, let’s we’re in a weird time where, like, there’s some sensitivity on both sides of like, when an accusation is made, yes, we want to believe all women and then there’s also that other side of it, that it’s just like, people are just over just over all of this and they want to move past all this and assume that most of this is just made up. The problem with calling this a money grab is there’s no financial incentive for it. Like there and blackmail is illegal. So an accusation against Connor does nothing but ruin your own reputation. So we don’t we don’t know

George Stallworth 9:03
the details. How do you know it wasn’t? Hey, it was kinda do if you don’t give me money. I’m calling the police. I’m telling you, you pulled your your junk out.

John Keyes 9:13
When you say that that day is the Dave Chappelle skit when he found out that he had $55 million and he was getting a haircut and he was like, Well, how much for the haircut like $300 a day it’s just like, Hey, you got some money. All sudden? I need some.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 9:32
Yeah, but to extort Connor for money. There’s so many easier ways. I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 9:40
No, I don’t mean Yeah. Come on.

George Stallworth 9:42
That that is not easy. Yeah. Connor is a soft target. When you think about it in terms of the amount of arrests he’s had the trouble he’s been in with the law previously. So I mean, there are ill Mangat people out there who take advantage of people who’ve been in trouble before. I mean, we’ll see it all the time. Just with the Police the way they handle people when they pull them over for a broken taillight, and all of a sudden, it’s like who’s in the backseat of your car? which you have no business knowing that? So?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 10:11
No, no, I totally get that. So where I’ll put it is just this notion of like, I am always gonna lean into the notion of sexual assault victims, it is, you know, I’m just gonna go with vulnerability here having been a sexual assault victim, it is really difficult to come forward for a lot of these accusations. And there’s so little to gain from it, that when I hear a sexual assault allegation, my default is like, there’s at least a grain of truth to it. And yes, let’s be real Connor has to have a lot of security around him, because there are people trying to get after him. But he’s also notorious lush, and getting him to pick up your bar tab and drop a couple grand on you is not a problem. So to extend this to, oh, I’m gonna extort you, like you’re putting yourself at risk if you’re trying to extort a celebrity, because their lawyers will crush you. So there’s just so little upside to this versus I can easily get a couple grand out of Connor.

John Keyes 11:12
And it’s funny that you say that because that’s actually the scenario that he was that he wasn’t definitely coming out of the toilet. And he exposed his job to this lady after a heavy session of drinking.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 11:30
Like the dude’s a lush, it’s, it’s notoriously easy to get the notorious to mess up.

Ryan Smith 11:35
Okay, I was gonna say, Are you just dropping the word notorious, just because that’s his, his his fight name, or

John Keyes 11:42
he’s on in that Rep.

Ryan Smith 11:44
But but that’s the thing too, is that, you know, when you start thinking about and Dana White, you know, of course, anytime that one of you know, the former stars or the current stars of the UFC, get in trouble. The first person they run to is Dana White for comment. And Dana White, right? Like, you know, the crazy things happening in that type of lifestyle. You try to go and act normal and be normal and it’s hard to do sometimes. He’s I’m not defending Connor in any way or form. I don’t know about the situation to talk about at all. But I do know I’ve gone out with him before. And it’s bat crap. Nuts. Yeah. So it is it’s real that that you know, when you are Conor McGregor trouble, we’ll find a way to find you. So,

George Stallworth 12:29
that’s if you’re Connor, you can find trouble real easy. That’s right.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 12:35
Which he is, on many occasions.

Ryan Smith 12:37
So hey, so coach Carlos is watching. What’s up? COACH Carlos, he wants to know who is exposing yourself? Sexual Assault? He says it seems like a slippery slope. Yes, we go down that path

George Stallworth 12:50
in and of itself, no, because you can also be charged with public indecency, our exposure for taking a leak in public. And there was no intent to go ahead. I’m listening.

Ryan Smith 13:02
Oh, no, just like he’s charged for the boat. He’s charged with sexual assault and sexual assault as simple as sexual assault and public indecency.

George Stallworth 13:10
But we haven’t heard anything on the attempted sexual assault. So an attempted sexual Well, not even an attempted sexual assault, it would include some form of touch or in this case and attempted form of touch against that person’s consent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it had to be sexual in the manner not sexual but to a sexual organ, but touch in a sexual manner I had intent to sexually harass assault or something or that could have been touching her in a in a place other than a genitalia area. The public indecency is what really throws me off on this. I don’t know if I’m making myself clear here because the tour can be so so diverse in what they are no different in what they are. Yes, public, literally can be someone using the bathroom in public and someone saw his penis that is public that is public indecency. That is that is that can be called public exposure or whatever.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 14:09
I mean, like following the American Standard, which is to overcharge just throw anything that can be thrown and then see what see what the DA is willing to plead down to.

Unknown Speaker 14:21

Kelechi Onyebuchi 14:23
But he for sure has to get that public indecency one because I mean, anytime you’ve got an Oregon out, like that’s a problem in public generally speaking.

George Stallworth 14:33
We don’t even know for sure that his his his genitalia was out.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 14:39
Okay, let me get a body cam. Let’s be real Connor is a body cam at all times. Indeed. Indeed. JOHN has

John Keyes 14:47
the report. Okay, so the report reads, according to a witness who spoke with the complaint, complainant that same evening and hopefully we are able to question but Gregor company by his bodyguards allegedly exhibited his private parts to the young woman without her consent. And she made her way into the bar toilets. So it sounds like to me that he was either coming out or she was going in or, and he had his Willy Wonka out there trying to give a golden ticket to the young

Unknown Speaker 15:24
lady. I mean, my God,

Ryan Smith 15:27
we got it. We got analogies here, we’re, we’re doing Willy Wonka here.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 15:34
The problem with this whole thing is like, at this point, no need for speculation. There’s like, either there’s video evidence or there’s not. And typically in a club, there’s gonna be some level of video evidence. And you’ve got witnesses and like, of course, your security guards have to be on your side, in theory, but enough evidence will come out within the next couple of weeks that it feels pretty maturity, even really go down this path other than the statements have been made. And we can we can only wait for the evidence, which I hate that I’m that guy now saying, Let’s wait for the evidence. But in this case, with a guy with so many accusations, it’s, it would be really easy for us to go in on Connor and then find out like maybe it was a misunderstanding. So I’d rather err on the side of caution on this particular one. Because I have been known to go hard against some of these fighters and then run into long.

Ryan Smith 16:32
Although, you know,

Unknown Speaker 16:34
yeah, let’s let’s FA by Connor.

Ryan Smith 16:36
Yeah. What’s what’s that left Kondo

Unknown Speaker 16:38
say about this?

Ryan Smith 16:40
Oh, well, what he’s what he said is, um, well, I mean, he said, the problem is that we’re at a point where we can over at react on everything now. And, you know, I know that it feels like we overreact to everything now. But at the same time, it’s one of those things where there is, there’s a desire to make sure that we don’t allow wrongdoing to linger. Yes, because we’ve seen someone do something wrong, and then they get away with it. And so we we begin to want to make sure that if someone is doing something wrong, that we call it out that we bring attention to it, because for so long, people have doubted that this happened, they’ve they’ve given someone who didn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, the benefit of the doubt, and they walk away scot free, free to do the crime again. So we have to react and we have to go and say something and take treat everything very seriously, which definitely does put at risk people who might be innocent. And we can we already know what happens when that the other side of that happens, where someone makes an accusation that is not in truth. And it’s taken very seriously. And we’ve, we’ve taken someone’s reputation through the mud, and we’ve treated them we might even have convicted them and they’ve served time. And then we find out later that everything was made up or it was a misunderstanding, and you’ve taken decades from someone’s life, we know that it happens on both sides. So we have to try to find that balance within our society to be able to say, on the one hand, this was this was wrong. And we need to take this very seriously. And we need to make sure that justice happens. But at the same time, if innocent until proven guilty is to mean anything. It is to say that we have to make sure that due process happens when these accusations are made. Let’s go on. Um, there were fights this weekend. And yeah, I want to talk about it because the fact is, is that most of the MMA world didn’t think that these fights were going to be any good and Whoa, were they wrong? This is the official decision.

This is the official decision. It’s where we’re going to talk about some of the fights but this past weekend, we are going to cover Bella Torre 245 and finding the angle so for those of you who are like weight, belt or fatness we can talk about the course we’re talking about a tour. We got to talk about the bet. The bet that I tend to remember won the bet that I technically won major market teaser. I had a baby with Coach with Coach. Oh yeah, I technically won that bet. Anyway, here we go.

John Keyes 19:50
Gentlemen, when? Exactly Ladies and gentlemen, this is how Brian tends to argue with technicalities. We saw the fight. He’s Talk about the fight and we’re just gonna say, Well, you know why why am I spoiling it? Go for it, go for it.

Ryan Smith 20:07
No, no, we we have to wait till the next segment to do that we got to cover it up so, because I want to make sure that nobody tries to preempt me by saying when I go into UFC Vegas 10 Waterson versus Hill someone’s like Wait, what about Bella tour? Well, no, no, we don’t get to Bella tour, because this is a UFC podcast. This is a podcast dedicated for UFC and bellator discussion.

George Stallworth 20:30
His girlfriend Angie overkill. He’ll headliner, you know, the official decision. And then he gets to talk about this technical debt that we have, but come on, let’s go.

John Keyes 20:42
Right? I bet this robot is working tonight. Oh, it’s

Ryan Smith 20:45
working. It’s working. Oh, it’s

Unknown Speaker 20:47

Ryan Smith 20:49
It’s on. Yeah, I got like three new CRO sounds you might not even recognize it. No. UFC Vegas 10. Waterson vs Hill Saturday, September 12 2020. At the UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had a six fights on this card, Kyle Nelson. lost to Billy Corgan tillow. Via teak via kayo. He got knocked out. It’s seven seconds in round three. And that was just basically just a straight just Blau. He came walking out of his corner and just caught a fist to the end.

John Keyes 21:22
We got to peace. He caught us a bit. And I was like, wow, okay. But it was this that was a great fight. I mean, from from what, from prelims all the way through that that card UFC Vegas 10 was a great fight. Please continue, sir. I’m sorry. No,

Ryan Smith 21:42
no, no, this this is this is the part where we discuss the fight. You know, there’s a lot of hype following Billy core until right now, so I’m excited to see what he does next. I am not on the hype train yet. But I am looking for a ticket.

Unknown Speaker 21:59

Ryan Smith 22:03
Bobby green defeated Alon Patrick via unanimous decision. It’s 3027 all the way across? Um,

Unknown Speaker 22:12
row? He is

John Keyes 22:13

Ryan Smith 22:15
he is. That’s another one we got to keep our eye on. Like, the great thing about this card is that there’s a lot of these lesser known fighters that are making big waves in the UFC. And they are there one to two wins away from breaking through and becoming legitimate stars in their weight classes.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
Want to break free?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 22:39
No, no. Okay. All right.

Ryan Smith 22:46
Ed Herman defeated Mike Rodriguez via submission in round three Camorra deep, deep Camorra

Unknown Speaker 22:55
really, really? Did. He really defeated? Cuz I remember correctly. He looked like he was out earlier in the fight.

Ryan Smith 23:04
Yeah. So uh, so here, so who wants to talk about what happened?

John Keyes 23:09
What happens? Yeah, so please go here.

Ryan Smith 23:12
So they’re they’re fighting Mike Rodriguez has Ed Herman up against the cage, they’re grappling and in the grappling exchange against the cage. Mike throws a left knee to the to the liver of Ed Herman. And so what we know about liver shots is that when you land that liver shot, it doesn’t immediately hurt. There’s a delay. And so he lands the knee comes down, he’s continuing the fight and then all of a sudden, Ed, Herman’s elbows pinch in, he crouches over and then falls to the ground falls to the mat. And so it’s like, oh, the fights over Mike Rodriguez wins. No, the referee runs over, separates them and calls it a growing strike. Gives Ed Herman five minutes to recover.

John Keyes 24:02
Ah, God. Boxer cried a little when he saw that.

Ryan Smith 24:09
And yeah, and so, Coach Carlos said that Ed Herman deserves an Oscar that was not a low blow. replay confirms that it was not a low blow that it was a clean shot to the liver. It sees him up. He even talked about it there after, um, you know, and what, what happened is, he you know, he knew that he did not have a low blow. He said that he didn’t know what it was. He just knew that he felt terrible after that strike. And, you know, the fact is, there was a clean liver shot. Ed Herman, having had a chance to recover, did take Mike Rodriguez to the ground, sunk, a Camorra. And it was deep and ended up Mike Mike had to tap Rodriguez assigns no blame to Ed Herman. He said Ed Herman Didn’t he did nothing wrong. I mean, technically it’s a fight. If If you are hit hard enough to be able to be out in the ref is not calling it out. Why would you say Now technically, I’m out. Just give me the L. Know, just give me the hell. He got me.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:20
That’s a good one. Hey, that’s the spirit of good sportsmanship. Thank you. Thanks. I would never

Ryan Smith 25:29
like I’ll say it after the official decision has been read.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:33
Yeah, let me take this dub real quick. And then I’ll

George Stallworth 25:36
be back minute and I get to come back out and fight again.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:45
wouldn’t take that is Anthony Smith.

Ryan Smith 25:48
Yes, we know that’s true that Anthony Smith would be like no, I got that was a clean strike. ringing the bell he should win.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:58
I wanted to make fun of them, but I also don’t want that smoke. Yeah. Right.

John Keyes 26:09
Yeah, so Wow, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that. That happened.

Ryan Smith 26:16
Dana White Dana White calls the referee mistake a massive body level mistake. That’s pretty bad when now you Steve Mazur God He is such a bad rep. That he’s got it now kind of that mean he is the he when you make a bad refering call it’s a Mazda Gotti.

George Stallworth 26:39
Like used to do the inverted heart or something he put up the look. No, no, that’s, that’s Yamazaki.

Ryan Smith 26:44
Yes. Yeah, Mario Yamazaki

John Keyes 26:48
you know mother Gotti was not as bad as evil to be okay that’s that’s putting out the evil beam was the absolute worst ref that they have. Mozza, Gotti and white just don’t like each other. All right.

Ryan Smith 27:01
Monster guy made a lot of mistakes and lots of God made a lot of mistakes. Like I’m just gonna say, I don’t know I don’t I don’t remember, effin

George Stallworth 27:09
is not easy man. Let me tell you it is not an easy job. And you are, you are hard pressed to make snap level or snap decisions really, really quickly. And they affect fighters pay, they affect fighters careers. They affect the UFC, they affect the state because you’re there on behalf of the State. You’re representing the state when you’re a referee. So know anybody that dumps all referees. You hear guys say it all the time. Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges or and the refs. But at the same time, the referees are there to protect fighters. And most referees do an amazing job. We’re all human. We’re all going to mess up.

Ryan Smith 27:53
Well, there you have it. There will be no debate on that.

George Stallworth 27:57
And yes, referee.

Ryan Smith 28:01
Well, yeah, I mean, that that’s right. Like, you know, there are some great referees out there. You know, when collection I thought that was an outstanding referee. Gave him I gave him a standard account. kept him safe. From these hands. Anyway, you don’t

Unknown Speaker 28:22
say anything? Would you get going?

Unknown Speaker 28:28
short trip for me.

Ryan Smith 28:32
I got locks on my.

George Stallworth 28:34
I was gonna say Yeah, right. You know, he’d been at the gym training with me so to say You better watch out.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 28:38
I have been working on my kicks. Thanks to coach.

Ryan Smith 28:41
Oh, no, I’ll see. Okay, I don’t want any of that. This Oh, man.

George Stallworth 28:46
Thank you for that shout out last week to Casey I appreciate that man.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
Yeah, thank you for almost making my heart explode. That was fun.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
A inhaler because of you. Thank you.

Ryan Smith 29:00
Let’s go on Roxanne Mata fairy the happy warrior defeated Andrea KGB Lee. via unanimous decision. You know, I am on the Roxane Mata ferry. hype train. I’ve been on it for a while. She is not the perfect fighter but that gummit she has a lot of heart and she’s just so nice. How can you not root for Roxanne Mata fairy?

Unknown Speaker 29:28
Oh, okay. I mean, I like

Ryan Smith 29:29
her. I would hang out with her.

George Stallworth 29:32
You had you had two of your favorite female fighters fighting this week

Ryan Smith 29:36
on the same freakin card. Yes.

George Stallworth 29:39
MMA god are you praying to Oh no.

Unknown Speaker 29:43
It starts at Bizarro.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 29:50
Why does it matter fairy ever actually move up? I feel like she strings together wind but like it’s still not in title contention at all.

Ryan Smith 30:00
Because her fan base are people like me that just really liked her and follow her but she’s not. She doesn’t have

Kelechi Onyebuchi 30:07
a household name.

Ryan Smith 30:08
She’s not a household name. She did fight for the for the 125 title. Um, I’m at the the Ultimate Fighter. She fought Subhadra Eubanks And last, but it was a late fight replacement. That’s the only title shot she’s ever gotten. And so she’s trying to work her way up. I know she’d get dusted by Valentina Shevchenko. But still, I’d love to see her give it a shot, who, you know, there’s always the fighters chance. I would love to see her have an opportunity at that.

John Keyes 30:38
Yeah, she definitely had to fight her stance. This this week, she came in as the underdog. And she was not going to give Andrea KGB Lee any type of room. She they really they dummy she anything that Andrea had Roxanne was countering or just deny. And it was it was beautiful. I was I was impressed.

Ryan Smith 31:01
Roxanne has been fighting for 17 years.

John Keyes 31:05
She’s been there, done that

Ryan Smith 31:06
she’s been there, done that she’s I mean, she was one of you know, that first wave of female fighters and she has persisted all these years.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 31:15
She’s got the Demetrius Johnson effect, like a very nice following, but just really good at what she does, and connects really well with gamers and anime folks, but it just has not crossed over to like mainstream popularity because she is like, part her hair down the middle Gamer Girl kind of appeal. And that’s that’s not for everyone. But if we’re looking at just like true MMA fans, we’re doing this for fight style. Like, she just has a lot of veteran moments where she knows how to find a win. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 31:48
And that’s why I like her ottman avatar, defeated, comma worthy via TKO at 133 in round one. This fight was basically like they said, Go one person heard them say go the other person was like, wait, when does winning when does this thing start? As an avatar, when across the cage, beat up worthy, finished him and then walked away. They’ve already got another fight book for this dude. Like it was that quick. So you know, he is he says he’s out to win the heart of the people looking for a fight Island. You know, we’ve got four fights coming up to fight Island pretty soon. So he is he is one to watch. I’m not on his hype train yet. But the way he dusted his opponent on Saturday night. I am interested to see what he can do next. All right, everyone say Say goodbye to coach Coach Carlos. Alright, go says coach Overwatch. And then in the main event of the evening, Michelle Waterson defeated Angela overkill Hill via split decision. And it was a it was a close fight to call like, you know, first to definitely for for Angela Hill. The second to for for Michelle Waterson her sidekick was super effective.

John Keyes 33:20
vicious, very vicious

Ryan Smith 33:22
just kept just kept putting it out there. The last round was back and forth. I could have seen it going either way. Um, the significant strikes was heavily in an Angela hills favor. But unfortunately, the judges scored it in in Waterson favor, although there was one ridiculous judge who scored it four rounds to one which I just simply don’t understand how you could score it that way.

John Keyes 33:51
I don’t know what what fight they were watching. Um, they, they, like you said they said go and they went and I mean, it was it was good fighting. That was good, strong. fighty. And, you know, during that promo they called Angela Hill, the female

Kelechi Onyebuchi 34:09
Donald serani. And

John Keyes 34:11
I’ll take that cuz I mean, I will take that because she she’s there. She’s there, but when she’s off. She’s off. Tonight that night she was there. But I think I had Angela here winning that. I won’t be I won’t lie. And I love Michelle Waterson. I mean, she is She is an awesome fighter. But I thought Angela one day

Ryan Smith 34:37
it was very close. It was very close. Of course. In the previous show, I did pick I did pick Michelle Waterson to win. What I did

George Stallworth 34:47
pick the guest Angie.

Unknown Speaker 34:48

George Stallworth 34:51
Are we taking it tonight?

Unknown Speaker 34:54

Ryan Smith 34:56
Wow, okay. Yeah, no, but I really did. No, what I said was I really like Angela Hill. My heart is in her corner like I really want her to win. But I really did think that unless Angela Hill would get this fight to the ground or do something that was going to stop Michelle Waterson really, really technical kickboxing. It was going to be a problem for Angela Hill. And at first, why are you looking at me in strange color? He

Kelechi Onyebuchi 35:24
said kickboxing instead of cut out.

Ryan Smith 35:27
Okay, karate, she’s boxing and then she kicks butt anyway. Um

Unknown Speaker 35:35
Oh, you’re not making any friends tonight.

Unknown Speaker 35:40
Brian Smith. Ryan.

Ryan Smith 35:45
So But still, I mean, we knew that her kicks were gonna be a problem. Like that’s always what you have to you have to address is Michelle Waterstones kicks. And they eventually became the thing that even Angela Hill said, when I started getting hit with these kicks, I knew that it was looking bad. It wasn’t hurting me. But it looked bad to the judges. And that’s what happened in round three and round four. And a little bit in round five at the end the flurry. You know, Angela Hill just like Don dominant, when she landed two big ol elbows at the very end of the fight, which could have stolen the round which probably should have stolen the round. But when you have a judge scoring it four rounds to one, when Michelle Waterson is nursing a huge freakin hematoma on our frickin head. It’s like, what do you what do you what do you? What do you what do you watch it? That Oh, anyway, shout out to Angela Hill. I’m still on your hype train. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I doubted you. But you know,

John Keyes 36:46
we saw this happen in Lionheart. Okay. JOHN Claude Van Damme trainer to put money against him. Broke broke, john.

Ryan Smith 36:56
Wait, did john Claude Van Damme loose?

John Keyes 37:00
actually made a man and did they were friends?

Ryan Smith 37:02
Okay, as well, you know, I mean, I was proven right. You know, I bought it with my hair. I don’t do very often with it. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:13
Normally, you’re just like, Look, I know this person is gonna lose but I’m picking. I’m waiting anyway.

Ryan Smith 37:17
Yeah, look open say prove right and

George Stallworth 37:22
she has lost.

Ryan Smith 37:23
That’s not true. That’s not true.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:29
Let the record show.

Ryan Smith 37:31
What is this? The Cosby Show?

John Keyes 37:33
I’m just saying Angela Hill’s gonna find us dude. And I’m not gonna be happy what she

George Stallworth 37:37
has. Like she’s, she’s like a responded to a comment from Ryan once or twice? I think.

John Keyes 37:44
Not anymore.

George Stallworth 37:46
All right. Yeah, that works out for you now. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 37:49
probably not well, um, so let’s go ahead and close the book on this one. put this one on the shelf because this cart is history and go into the headlines that are making waves in the UFC world in finding the angles.

angles, and this is where we’re talking about some of the headlines. The number one headline of this segment is Bella Torre. 245 results in video headlight. video highlights. You can get this on video highlights. You can get them on bloody elbow calm. Where billeter 245 had one finish and to no contest due to grow and stretch. We’re gonna go through some of these results. Of course, in the in in one of the feature fights. Raman Daniels versus Peter. Stan. Oh, it stenotic Is that correct? George?

George Stallworth 38:46
Not quite but keep it going.

John Keyes 38:48
And what is it?

Ryan Smith 38:49
stanwick Thank you, Anna. Nick devananda Nick Stanek. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
Oh, God.

George Stallworth 38:57
I can’t wait to the next time I talk to you. I’m going to see if he’ll come on the show.

Unknown Speaker 39:01
Yeah, so we’ll do this.

George Stallworth 39:03
No matter how much you look back in the goat.

Ryan Smith 39:09
So So let’s talk a little bit about why this is why this is a thing. So um, I saw that Remy Daniels is on the card. George, john Key’s and I, um, we raved about Raymond Daniels in one of the knockout his first knockout in Bella tour, it was just this spinning kick that turned into a just a just a spinning punch and it dropped the dude right off the bat. So we’re like, Raymond Daniels is the new MVP. Right? Right. And, and so George comes up and he’s like, Well, you know, your boy Raymond Daniels is getting ready to get hit get a loss because he’s fighting my boy. Peters Stanek and, and so I was like, Oh, well, you know, apparently you don’t know who Raymond Daniels is. And I’m talking all this smack. I’m talking all this smack to you. Just

Unknown Speaker 40:01
cuz some cash Yeah,

Ryan Smith 40:03
I talked to last night so George’s like, well, let’s put let’s go ahead and put a bet on this and I’m normally I don’t bet on MMA because I’m usually wrong but

George Stallworth 40:15
he felt safe taking this bit.

Ryan Smith 40:17
That’s right. I it felt like a short thing so I went on in bet this. So we had a bet that, you know, George had Peter Stanek and I had Raymond Daniels. And you know, we agreed on the terms. And then that was it. Like, fight came. And I’m watching the I’m watching the feed that you know, all the guys are watching it. I’m on my date night. So I can’t watch the fights cuz

Kelechi Onyebuchi 40:43
I’m wondering why you weren’t responding that

Ryan Smith 40:46
night, y’all. I can’t listen. I’m trying to stay out of

Unknown Speaker 40:51
trouble and his wife. Oh.

George Stallworth 40:57
Two weeks. We had him in trouble. We had him out late. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:00
Don’t ever listen to the single guy. I clearly don’t know anything. Just You do you. I’m here

Ryan Smith 41:06
for him. So I couldn’t actually watch the action. all I could see was the was the the conversation going back and forth. And I heard Oh, that was a grown strike. Ooh, that was really bad. Oh, that’s terrible. And I’m like, Well, yeah, there’s grown strikes in the thing. So I just kind of like toss the phone. I’ll see who results who wins the result later, when Georgia is going to be filling up the bet for me. You know, paying off the bet. Then I come back and find out that this thing was scored a no contest because Raymond Daniels landed two illegal strikes to the groin, in succession. And, and Peter Stanek couldn’t couldn’t respond.

George Stallworth 41:44
What? You didn’t watch this fight, did you?

Ryan Smith 41:47
I know. I didn’t I didn’t watch the fight. Okay. But that’s, that’s the salient point. Right.

George Stallworth 41:55
That’s a very

Unknown Speaker 41:56
bad call. That was uncalled for.

John Keyes 41:58
Yeah, that was very personal with you gay. Okay, so, so, so So, so family, if you go on Facebook, there’s this comedian that dresses up like a martial art master. And he always does these, these these videos of how to multiply multiple have the multiple kicks to the grind. Okay. It’s hilarious to find. All right. What What happened was that Raymond Daniels did a jumping reverse spin kick into God’s nards. Okay.

Bad. Bad. Okay, so they give him this full five minutes. Santa stenick thinks he’s still on the planet Earth. He’s okay. So he throws a round kick, a high kick to the head. Why? He went for the same exact technique, a jumpy, reverse spin kick into this guy. Don’t stop there anymore. If it was the cup slid up into his back. And he had he can’t have kids for like the next three years now. Because a raven.

Ryan Smith 43:21
So. So basically,

John Keyes 43:24
what like, like two minutes on the ground.

Ryan Smith 43:27
So So here’s the thing, though, by virtue of the number of strikes, significant strikes landed.

Unknown Speaker 43:34

Ryan Smith 43:35
we’re only we’re only talking about these. Clearly these two strikes were significant. You can’t dispute that. So based on these significant strikes, clearly I won the bet. My guy won the fight.

Unknown Speaker 43:49

Ryan Smith 43:53
It was it was such It was such a beat down that they called it there was there was no contest.

George Stallworth 44:07
It was grounded power. Peter didn’t even go grounded power. He’s a he is a striker. He typically fights muy Thai, he took an MMA fight against one of one of the most recognized fighters on the planet and handed him and him he quit. He handed him a weapon in the first round. So much so that Raymond Daniel said, I need a way out. Hmm, let me kick somebody in the balls.

Unknown Speaker 44:33
Real quick. I have a question about the bat. Yeah. Ryan, what was the bet? Exactly?

Ryan Smith 44:40
No, you’re not gonna get me on the fact that because I said my guy was gonna win. And he said his guy was gonna win. And since my guy didn’t win, I lost No, that’s not gonna wait.

Unknown Speaker 44:48
Yeah, exactly. No, no

John Keyes 44:54
surgery. You don’t have to have surgery to give us athletic cut remove it.

Ryan Smith 44:58
It’s it’s still a Push because George terms was that his guy was gonna win and clearly his got didn’t win

Unknown Speaker 45:07
Ah yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 45:09
Was that your term? Or was it that the other guy wasn’t gonna win? No

Unknown Speaker 45:14
look it was declared Don’t

Ryan Smith 45:16
be at Herman Don’t be at Herman

Unknown Speaker 45:22
I don’t know that reference

Ryan Smith 45:24
we just talked about it

John Keyes 45:28
was like this and now it’s like that

George Stallworth 45:34
you get a chance I really want you to go back and watch that first round and I’d really love to tell me who you thought one let me put it like this. You know, a striker is taking a buck weapon when they turn it to a wrestler. Yeah, right. shot for a takedown show me any other fighter Raman has done that to let nobody know right there that very much what you need to know Peter was walking him down and that was good. That was gonna be a really good fight man.

Ryan Smith 46:01
Yeah, so I can’t say that I did see an article that said that Peter is okay that he that he got checked out that there is no no lasting damage

Unknown Speaker 46:18
is going area

George Stallworth 46:21
he was gonna say he actually hit me up text me later on at night or DM me he said he was okay but dude it that was brutal watching those two shots and then because there’s no crowd all you’re hearing is Peter you know down on the floor wailing and paying wailing like you know, dude it was it was severe.

Unknown Speaker 46:43

Ryan Smith 46:45
All right. They’re there they’re talking about running it back I do not think that I will engage you a coach into

Unknown Speaker 46:55

George Stallworth 46:59
stand because the fight was never finished it was just declared a no contest. Well,

Ryan Smith 47:03
no, that was it the the fight is over.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 47:08
There is no end to that because technically you guys didn’t say for this fight you

Ryan Smith 47:14
know there was a there was an understanding there was an understanding that the fight that we were I don’t know what you

Kelechi Onyebuchi 47:21
that doesn’t hold up in court. Sorry, sir. Black

John Keyes 47:24
in Black Panther.

George Stallworth 47:26
Yes, exactly.

John Keyes 47:27
jockeys, kill monger to promote an edge but but to tell you what to do. So the fight was a never ending. Fight. The challenge was still gone.

Ryan Smith 47:38
The fight ended. The boy

George Stallworth 47:41
was declared no contest. It said no contest. It didn’t say the fight was over. It just had to stop. Yeah,

John Keyes 47:47
Peter. Peter literally just went over the edge. And they had to put his whole body his eyes and go find him some heartshaped herbs and houses boy out. So you know, it needs to be ran back for a part two. When you know, all I know is planning with

Kelechi Onyebuchi 48:05
the nut with the shot to the groin. The Black Panther was that way.

John Keyes 48:23
We laughing with you. But

Unknown Speaker 48:26
I remember.

George Stallworth 48:27
I just want to say that first round Peter was given your boy the business. Yeah, yeah. So if you get a chance, right, go back and watch that fight. It started out kind of calm or whatever. Raymond comes out. He’s doing his spin and stuff. And Peter’s like, yeah, we knew this was gonna happen. He does lick it. He does like it. It does. Check left hook. It does check right hook because I’m a southpaw. And you wouldn’t expect that while I check your your your spinning back kick. At first round. Yeah. And then on top of that, Raymond shot for takedown. I was like, really? Oh, you’re a wrestler now. That’s what I knew. I was like, yeah, this is not gonna be good for him. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:10
I’m a wrestler, baby. All right.

Ryan Smith 49:15
Um, you know, so let’s talk a little bit about cosmic chum. If, you know he is someone who is really got a lot of hype following him. He is. He’s a great fighter. He’s just starting his career in the UFC. And we’ve got I think we got video of him stopping defeat a homeless man in Las Vegas. And so it was just one of those things where it’s just such a really nice refreshing thing to see kind of the UFC fighter walking the streets, you know, and and, and reaching out to, you know, the, you know, homeless person and so I thought that was noteworthy to just say, hey, look, this dude did that.

John Keyes 50:00
And it wasn’t his video was it was somebody No, it was someone. And that’s and that is the true measure right there that he did this without anybody knowing he actually did that. That is manhood that is an adult. Okay? That is that’s adulthood at its finest doing the right thing. When nobody else is looking. That’s what that’s what we should take away from this.

Unknown Speaker 50:31
I always feel like somebody is watching me, brother. Here we go.

Ryan Smith 50:40
Um, one of the things that was very, that that we we heard a lot about. And there were a lot of people tweeting about this and talking about this is I’m Naveed, I’ve khari. unavailable. khari was a wrestling champion, who, who sought to protest, inequality and injustice in Iran. And he was taken into custody, and he was sentenced to death. And over the weekend, he was executed. And so it was something that there were a lot of a lot of fighters who were speaking out. You know, this was something that there was a you know, there was an outpouring of sadness in the inmate community when we learned that Navin of Chari was, was executed. So, we we had this on the show last week. I don’t think that we talked about it, but we were going to talk about the fact that they know why, actually, um, did some press talking about this and talking about the fact that he had gone to the President of the United States to, to see what he could do to prevent this execution from taking place. Clearly, clearly, nothing could be done, because the execution happened. Um, but it was a very sad thing. Dana White says he reached out to the president in an effort to save Naveen Chari. It’s a sad thing that he tried to help.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:26
I am so torn on this one, because in my feelings towards Dana White remain somewhat contentious. But I think in this particular instance, he did the right thing and using his contacts, it just, it boggles my mind first that, like there’s a broader part of the story that like an officer was killed, and that’s it wasn’t necessarily the protesting that he was killed for it was for allegedly murdering an officer. And so like that, that makes a precarious twist to the story because his confession was allegedly coerced. So it’s hard to tell another country how to run their justice system when we struggle with running our own justice system. So we don’t really stand on a leg of authority when we go to another government and say, Hey, don’t kill this person. When How often do we have exonerated posthumously convicts, so it’s tough there. But it also rings to mind that I believe that everyone is allowed to have their causes that they want to champion. But as much as Dana White denigrates his own people within the UFC saying like, if you want to speak up for Black Lives Matter, then don’t just don’t just hashtag do something about it. And you can go back a couple episodes where I’m saying, If Dana White has access to the President, then why isn’t he doing something? Why is he spending his time talking bad about his fighters when he has access to the quote unquote, leader of the free world who can make a difference? So what Dana White proved today, or approved, during his his press, where he explicitly says, I talked to the President, and then we see that the President really did respond. He has access to the highest levels of government, but he won’t use his power unless it directly affects him. I don’t even know like, how is it that this rose to the level of concern outside of the country when his own fighters are saying we don’t feel like we are being humanized within our own nation help us and Dana White falls silent. I give we have an America first agenda then put America First

Unknown Speaker 54:47
I got a little heat

Ryan Smith 54:51
that’s the show

George Stallworth 54:52
the silence was was deafening because it was so well.

Unknown Speaker 54:56

Ryan Smith 54:58
Yeah, what else is there to say? You know, um, you know, and that’s the thing, right is that you would expect that someone whenever the problems that we are experiencing in our country that is so readily visible for Dana White, that he would use his influence to try to affect change. I, you know, I agree with you. Um, and and it’s great that he did it for NaVi Chari, but, you know, I would love to see him do it for someone here. Um,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 55:31
Briana Taylor. I mean, let’s just keep putting that name out there, like, not a not a single word.

Unknown Speaker 55:40
Not one, come on, fam

John Keyes 55:43
is easier to appreciate the fruit for this from young door.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 55:51
It’s hard because it’s like, I am on him for this. But at the same time, he did do a good deed. I’m just struggling with this notion of how do you neglect people in your own organization? Just like, Is it for the press to look good? Like, it just it literally doesn’t make sense how he has been silent, just deafeningly silent about what’s happening here in the US. But he suddenly has a platform and a voice for something that’s outside of our borders.

Ryan Smith 56:27
But well, so here, I am not trying to dispute you. I am 100%. Yeah. in agreement with you. However, there are you have to look at another way to look at this is the fact that Iran is known as a totalitarian regime, they are an enemy of the United States, and have been treated that way for for a very long time. So when there is, you know, human rights and injustice taking place within the nation of our enemy, it is something that we see with a with a you know, with with a very critical eye. Um, the fact is, though, is that you and I, and many of us are, many of our listeners know that there is, you know, what’s it called a splinter or thorn in our own eye. And so it’s very difficult to see that because in seeing that you have to then question the greatness of the nation that you have been touting. And so it’s very difficult for someone like Dana White, who has the level of access to the president who does not respond well, when someone questions, the greatness of our nation when someone asked when someone points out a place where we could be better. That is something that is met with severe retribution. And so one from from just his own perspective, he doesn’t see it, because that would require him to then become critical of something that he you know, that he has has espouse. But also, even if he did see it, there are consequences that I don’t think that he would be willing to to face. If he did step out and was critical and did support a Breanna Taylor or did say something, you know, in support of some of his fighters, because the support that has has bolstered his business since day one would go away. And he can afford Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:30

Kelechi Onyebuchi 58:33
Ah, self preservation. I get that.

Ryan Smith 58:35
So, in order to preserve self, that’s why this past weekend in Nevada, Dana White, Henry sudo, Justin Gachi, and Colby Covington, are at the Trump rally in LA in in Nevada.

Unknown Speaker 58:53
Are you serious?

Ryan Smith 58:54
Yes. That’s on line. 29.

George Stallworth 58:56
He spoke at the rally didn’t,

Ryan Smith 58:59
uh, I don’t know if he spoke at this rally. He did speak at the Republican National Convention. Um, but he did. He did get a shout out from the president. The President also in other comments, expressed his support for Kobe Covington in the fight that we’re going to cover this weekend. And also, you had Henry Hutto, talking about, you know, Trump nation being in the house. And so they definitely did show on behalf of the UFC their support for the sitting president and his his attempted re election.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 59:36
So before I go off the rails

Ryan Smith 59:41
off the rails.

Unknown Speaker 59:45
Yeah, of

Unknown Speaker 59:46
course, he knew I wasn’t gonna look at the run sheet.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 59:53
It’s It’s a weird paradigm for anyone who wants to talk about keep politics out of sports. There’s so many different angles that we can take about other sports playing the national anthem and, and their support for the military and how all of that is not patriotism, patriotism, but paid advertising. But in this particular case, for anyone who is going to dissent with what I agree with, just know that if you’re telling me to keep politics out of sports, you can’t then support politics and sports, like just be aware of that self criticism before you go in on me because like, I’m happy to discuss this in my I am or whatever. But I will come for you. Just putting that out there before any other statement.

Ryan Smith 1:00:39
And that is not a threat. It’s a promise.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:00:42
Oh, that’s it. I don’t make threats. I make appointments.

John Keyes 1:00:49
So to paraphrase what KC just said, he said, try Jesus, please don’t try me.

Ryan Smith 1:00:57
Because he throws her hands.

I mean, he only hits you. I’m just saying it only takes one shot one shot. No, I’m just saying takes one shot, you’re out. You only need to hit you with one. That’s all due to strong. Thought I was coming critical and I was supporting you.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:01:17
Now, it’s a weird one. I mean, I say let everyone do their own thing. Like, I would question some of the, the merit behind why Colby is there like we’ve seen that it’s not a policy reason that he supports Trump, but you know, whatever everyone’s trying to get paid. So it seems strange to me, that like people are still like with knowing the facts that we know about Trump and his pet presidency, knowing what we know about Dana, knowing what we know about Kudo like some of this just feels like if you know you’re being played, why are you still on the same team?

John Keyes 1:01:57
Because I don’t get this is called the point of no return. But what Kobe Covington it is the point of no return, where it’s just better to just go all the way to the end, then a child turn around and try and make amends he’s right into pseudo gay he, I was unaware of their situation, that situation. Um, I don’t know how to feel about that. I mean, their

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:25
tax bracket changes a whole lot,

John Keyes 1:02:27
apparently. And you know, I say that, but I also say this, everybody’s entitled to how you feel okay, everybody, we are living on land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a freedom of speech, you have the right to say whatever you want to say. And the government cannot say anything about it. But however your neighbor might have might have a word or two. That being said, if that’s what they want to believe in, that’s what you want to believe in. Just when it’s all said and done. Still, please stand by those guns. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
quite literally.

Ryan Smith 1:03:07
Yeah, you’re gonna need to. Alright, in the last story the night A Tyron Woodley, because he is the other side of the cage, said that Nick Diaz has done enough to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. I wanted to go around the horn and see what everybody thought about that statement. Coach, I’m gonna start with you. Do you think do you agree with Tyron Woodley that Nick dheas has done enough to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame fullscreen I

George Stallworth 1:03:34
don’t know enough of Nick’s history to say yay or nay? On the outskirts? I would probably say yeah, he’s he’s fought in Strikeforce. On a high level in the UFC has his war with George GSP. But I honestly don’t know enough of his history to say yea or nay on that. And what I would critique his Hall of Fame worthy.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
All right. cholesky.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:05
I have exactly the same thoughts. Like I almost lean towards No, just because I don’t know. I feel like UFC hypes enough people up that the fact that I don’t know his resume speaks to the maybe he’s not worth it. No, let me rephrase that. It’s not that he’s not worth it. But you do have to be more selective about who you let into the UFC Hall of Fame. Like having one win over GSP does that get you win? Yes, it does. Anyway, so then in that case, then Nick has earned it.

Ryan Smith 1:04:40
Yeah, you stole my thunder, by the way.

John Keyes 1:04:44
Don’t be bitter about Matt. Okay, don’t be better.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:47
Oh, no, that was solely to poke the bear with Ryan. I don’t. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:04:51
I need I need you to I need you to get through your point. So I can start raising about Matt Sarah. But go ahead. Go ahead. I’m gonna let you finish.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:01
Yeah, john, you’re up.

John Keyes 1:05:02
Hi, uh, I do know a lot about the Diaz. Nick bokkeum brothers. Um, they, if I’ll say it like this, if you could have played quita Where’s nothing to get in it? Yeah, so he’s in. He’s in the hall of fame for a fight for the fight between him and Diego Sanchez, which was an absolute if there was any. If there’s any definition of a dog fight in the cage, you need to go watch that fight. It was literally that good. I would, I would put the ads in there. I look at the ads in the Hall of Fame. I’d sit them right next to Robbie Lawler. I really would. You know, he he has a he has a DSP Diaz brothers have a cult following that a lot of people who are just hardcore MMA followers, okay, these aren’t. These guys came slow shortly after the xuefeng era started, okay. And they started and they just, they just grow this cult following. I mean, if you watch some of Nick Diaz fight, you will understand why he I think he does he has a tendency candidacy for the whole thing. I agree.

George Stallworth 1:06:24
He does have it went over Robbie and he scared the bejesus out of Robin for a fall into the to my case, Yellin Stockton

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:06:37
but here’s the thing with the Diaz brothers, they were ahead of the game when they came into it like there’s incredible their cardio First of all, but the wrestling acumen just higher than most people in the UFC at the time, coupled with the jujitsu like they were complete fighters, when others weren’t. But what we didn’t see was an evolution of their fight game. To this day when you fought a Diaz brother and you figured out a win. You never had to worry about him again. And that to me doesn’t scream Hall of Fame, like yeah, you were a good front runner. But to be Hall of Fame, I would think like you would have to be one of these transcendent fighters who just kept adapting. And I hadn’t seen that with them. And they’re on that decline. So

John Keyes 1:07:22
I’ll put them in the Pioneer wing, then the Pioneer wing of the modern era. That’s what that’s that’s seriously where they belong.

Ryan Smith 1:07:32
Yes, absolutely. If Matt Serra can be in the Hall of Fame, then Nick, Nick Diaz needs to be in the Hall of Fame. Heck, half the UFC roster needs to be in the UFC Hall of Fame. If you could put you could put Matt Serra in the Hall of Fame. You could put Nick Diaz, you can put Nate Diaz. I mean, heck you like that? These guys have brought in so much money and so much attention to the UFC during their time when they were hot. You know, they’ve done more for the UFC than Matt Serra ever did. Oh,

John Keyes 1:08:03
stop stop when they were hot. Well, they were hot. Okay. Nick Diaz just announced it last weekend. How many people lined up fair

Ryan Smith 1:08:11
fair enough. Fair enough. Fair enough. I I retract my when they were because they are hot.

George Stallworth 1:08:18
Let’s go back because you remember there was a point with Dana White said, Nate Diaz is not a needle mover.

John Keyes 1:08:24

Ryan Smith 1:08:25
Conor. Yeah, he fought Conor and then he fought Conor and beat Conor and then it was like oh, did

John Keyes 1:08:35
people describe you know, people kept count the Diaz brothers out and I’m like, that is the last thing you should be doing. You should be like if a DS brother says he wants to fight a fight. Okay, cuz you’re gonna get you’re gonna get I’m not saying you’re gonna get ultimate john Jones, Conor McGregor. Well, you might get Conor McGregor money just depends on how he fights. But you’re gonna get it. Okay. But if you if you put it if you put a Diaz brother in there, and it’s and it’s a good fight, it’s gonna be a powerful draw. Those two men are needle Movers. Whether you like them or not like them hate them can care less about Okay, they are they are moved just just for the antics alone. They already bring it. Speaking of

Ryan Smith 1:09:21
bringing it let’s get into the fight card. We got a big fight coming up this weekend. UFC Vegas. 11 Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley, Saturday, September 19 2020. In the UFC Apex arena. This is the fight card.

All right now according to MMA mania, we got like 1000 fights on this card. So but there are a lot of big names and so I want to go through all of them because we have our fan our show favorites. On this card, and so I want to make sure that we are shouting out and making our picks starting off at the heavyweight division Shamil? I’ll do Rakim off versus Cyril gain. Is is what you like that? I

John Keyes 1:10:16
that’s that’s how much how much reinforcement we got Nick Cage.

Ryan Smith 1:10:21
That’s a bit.

John Keyes 1:10:22
Yeah, that’s gonna be some that’s gonna be a mover.

Ryan Smith 1:10:26
Yeah, that’s that’s some of that. You know great a beef we were we were talking about a few weeks ago. I’m

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:10:33

Ryan Smith 1:10:39
in the next fight. In the next fight. The Trailblazer Kevin Holland is facing off against Darren Stewart. Mackenzie Dern is back versus Rhonda Marcos. I really like Ronda Marcos, but we’ll see what happens there. Johnnie Walker.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:56
Wait, well during make wait.

Ryan Smith 1:10:59
Oh, she’ll make a wait. I just don’t think it’ll be one might make bantamweight. She might make welterweight if she’s lucky. Oh, wow. Johnnie Walker faces off against Ryan span. We were talking about him earlier in the in the show cosmic shemaiah versus Gerald mere shark. You’ve got in the CO main event, Donald cowboys Sironi versus Nico price. And then in the main event of the evening, Coby chaos Covington versus Tyron. Woodley. Woodley

John Keyes 1:11:38
house that is a card that Donald serani is considered not a commendable.

Ryan Smith 1:11:46
Yeah, he just had it. He said another kid. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:50
He didn’t have a kid. His partner did. I feel like that gets too much credit for dudes like, Oh, he’s coming off of just having a kid and he’s fighting like brah let’s be real. Well, what have

John Keyes 1:12:03
you, kid? Why don’t you like punched him while and during labor? Is it cold? Is it cold mean? I’m

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:11
having never had kids, I would assume there’s like some sympathy weight that he gained to so you know, maybe that’s the battle that he’s fighting?

Ryan Smith 1:12:19
Well, it is a little bit because he’s fine. He you know, he’s a 155 or fighting at 170 we have to look and see if that sunlight fight replacement may be just coming in to fill fill a gap. But there is, you know, he recently became a two time father. And so, uh, you know,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:39
for a reason.

Ryan Smith 1:12:41
Oh, you are?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:44
allegedly about that man. I sent allegedly, so we’re good.

Ryan Smith 1:12:48
So so let’s go through and make our picks. We’re gonna go through a lot of these fights because a lot of these fights are fighters that we follow for a long time. Let’s start off with Kevin Holland versus Darren Stewart. Anybody here on the show? Got Darren Stewart? I didn’t think so. No, we’re gonna have Kevin Holland. The dentist out?

John Keyes 1:13:11
Not Not Not No, no disrespect that Dan. It’s just, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:16
I mean, there’s no sex.

George Stallworth 1:13:19
no slouch.

Ryan Smith 1:13:21
So what you’re saying is you’re gonna take you’re gonna take Darren Stewart, like you’d like you to Peter.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:28

George Stallworth 1:13:32
You try to start a fight between me and Kevin and coach D. But that is not what I understand how you do not Casey, all I say is not a slouch.

Ryan Smith 1:13:46
Well, that’s a fair statement. You know, if he was he wouldn’t be worthy of Kevin Holland. So Kevin Holland only wants the best.

John Keyes 1:13:55
Trust me, simply the best. Darren is coming coming in at a three and a half right now. So I’m definitely good to get a kick devil. Kevin Holland. By the way, I’m using the verdict app. If you guys I was gonna

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:14:10
say Where are you getting these numbers from?

John Keyes 1:14:12
I’m using the verdict app. And you know, they got they said that more likely is either going to be a decision or a knockout. I like Kevin on Kevin Hall. Go for that knockout, bro. Okay, and try to take him out quickly. So first round so you can go get you a pizza. All right. So that’s what I’m gonna do good right now. I know. Right, man. All right.

George Stallworth 1:14:34
I’m looking at your boy Darren and he’s got a last call Robertson. On if y’all remember him, he is more. Stand up. He’s got a win over Charles Burg. Charles is a local fighter here. He’s got lost Edmund shahbazi. And that was the guy that Ronda Rousey coaches. Yeah, yeah. Who else I’m looking at dude can see it. Does anybody else have note? Those are all I see him? Nope. But he’s like 12 and five total. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:15:01
I still got I still got Kevin Holland. Yeah. Listen, for those of you who are new to the show the only reason why we know Kevin Holland is because George told us like you got to look out for this guy this guy is gonna be amazing. And and you’re right like he is he’s done wonders and he is fighting so regularly now like he is he’s taking next up whenever there’s an opportunity to fight. He’s taking it so that’s what that’s that’s

George Stallworth 1:15:33
pretty much it. He said he’s got like seven fights in the UFC already under his belt.

Ryan Smith 1:15:37
Yeah, unbelievable.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:15:39
This is why I don’t know why you would pick against coach at any point. Like, why?

Ryan Smith 1:15:44
Because it’s no fun if you just always do a coach does because you know, even though he’s right, you got to take a chance that he could be wrong. Like you know,

George Stallworth 1:15:52
I honestly believe that Raymond Daniels who’s going to be Peter stefanik

John Keyes 1:15:58
you honestly believe I think I don’t mean Peter to show up just unexpected just like walking your background ones your town coach and just just gear us to death that’s what I think we need No,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:16:10
no, I have to pay him on WhatsApp again.

John Keyes 1:16:14
No cameo. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:16:16
you know what’s gonna happen is that I’m gonna have to make a new three shot where it’s like doesn’t have coach on the screen. Like I did.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:16:27
That’s no longer a problem. Right? It is.

Ryan Smith 1:16:29
It is not and and thank you. I really do want to say thank you for you know, for for the gift.

John Keyes 1:16:38
What? Wait, what you did?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:16:43
You didn’t that was the whole the whole reason I came back to Dallas was to set things right. Ah, there it is.

John Keyes 1:16:53
Oh, wow. Look at that. Look

Ryan Smith 1:16:56
on there it is. So for those of you who are listening to the show, Collette he, whenever he was here in studio, he he brought back the belt that we have contended over for five years like we had our five year anniversary of the fight. Going back and forth about that belt and so thank you. It really meant a lot to me that that you brought it back. Um, let’s pick the Mackenzie Darren Rhonda Marcos, fight. Oh, let’s go. Let’s start with you, Joe. JOHN.

John Keyes 1:17:27
All right. So I’m looking at the verdict app once more. I’m seeing that they got Randa Markos coming in at 700. The underdog. Okay, so I’m gonna pick Mackenzie Dern and they got time to submit. And we’re gonna go second round submission. I’m gonna second round submission there. Cuz, you know, we’re not

Unknown Speaker 1:17:54
sponsored by burdock right now.

Ryan Smith 1:17:55
No, no,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:17:57
I’m trying to get a lot of free press right now.

John Keyes 1:17:59
Yeah, no. Okay. I’m trying to get a check. Okay, good. Like in that case, Nike is

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:11
a free ad spots right now.

John Keyes 1:18:12
I’m just saying, you know, holla at your boy, boy.

Ryan Smith 1:18:17
All right. Who you got?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:20
Right. Ah, I got the scale winning this one.

John Keyes 1:18:26
I’ll tell you saying that Mackenzie’s gonna lay and pray. Is that why she’s gonna miss

Ryan Smith 1:18:31
weight at 115 can come in somewhere around to one 120.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:37
Also, I feel like the way this comes across is like, I’m fat shaming her. And I’m not in the least I’m saying she can’t make weight. she struggles like pseudo she struggles like, what’s his, uh,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:48
Anthony Johnson.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:49

John Keyes 1:18:50
Oh, yeah. Wow.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:54
No, I guess the one problem but that’s the thing. It’s like, that’s been so much of the conversation that I actually forgot how good of a fighter she is. I’m sure she could win. But all I can think about is like, will it be even contested?

Ryan Smith 1:19:07
She She it will be contested, she will be able to fight she’s gonna lose 10% of her purse or whatever. But she’s not.

John Keyes 1:19:15
I hope she proves all y’all wrong. I really do.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:19:18
I like she’s a good fighter. I’m just, she’s got

John Keyes 1:19:22
it. I hope she qualified. And she comes in at 130 I hope she does. For her sake. I hope she doesn’t come.

Ryan Smith 1:19:32
George George who you got?

George Stallworth 1:19:35
Man, I think I’m gonna have to roll with random Marcos on this. You know, she’s she. She’s win one lose one win win lose one. She lost the last one. So she’s due to come out. Make a statement, man.

Ryan Smith 1:19:47
All right. Johnny Walker versus Ryan span coach. I’ll come right back to you.

George Stallworth 1:19:53
It’s a tough one man, but I think I’m gonna roll with Ryan’s man. And Isn’t he a Dallas fighter.

Ryan Smith 1:20:00
He may be

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
I believe you. I think he’s at a point a street fighter.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:04
I think he’s at afford us. Oh, man. Don’t make me do that.

John Keyes 1:20:09
Jeff wants me to make hard choices here.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:13
We got to get a research intern. I

John Keyes 1:20:15
know right?

Ryan Smith 1:20:16
Yeah, he’s finding out affordance you correct?

John Keyes 1:20:21
for this? Come on, man.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:20:24
All right. Get your

John Keyes 1:20:28
you know, I got I got Johnnie Walker first round K. Oh, man, come on.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:20:35
Problem Have

John Keyes 1:20:36
you heard lately? I know man. He’s coming off. He’s not exactly the same Johnnie Walker dude was before. But I would like to think that he’s going to improve himself. Okay.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:20:50
So I was dating a girl, a couple episodes back, who was frustrated with my comments on Darren till when he was talking about. I don’t care about anything anymore. All I cared about is, is this fight. And he didn’t care. I don’t care about my data. I don’t care about my life. I just, I just care about the fight. And there’s like, there’s something about that mentality that I hate, but it’s necessary, right? Like, you do have to get selfish about it. And Johnnie Walker was feeling himself too much. He kind of came into the UFC with a lot of flash and now he’s focused on his girlfriend and being stateside more often. I feel like some of that fire has gone like we’re not seeing the same Johnnie Walker because he’s, he’s, he’s too in love with his image. He’s, he’s been caught looking up at the scoreboard, way too often, like, he’s not in the fight. And that’s what’s needed. Right now. He’s not at a level where he’s just leaps and bounds. above his competition. He has to get it in the game. And I think, I don’t know, I haven’t seen much of his last two months of training, but I can say this year he’s been focused elsewhere. So if he’s gotten his mind right, then hands down Johnnie Walker all day. But I can’t really call it for him not knowing his mental state, so I’m going against them in this fight.

George Stallworth 1:22:04
And Ryan span is on a nine fight win streak.

Ryan Smith 1:22:09
Yeah, you still

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:22:11
stick with Johnnie Walker?

Ryan Smith 1:22:13
Yeah, I’m going Ryan span.

John Keyes 1:22:17
I’ll be I’ll be the long bird in the wilderness. I took I went on the hype train for Johnnie Walker. I will stay on the hype train Ryan. I’m so sorry. I know I’m not that far away from for this. Please don’t get you in your crew to ride up on my house. You know, my homie, Dallas, Texas.

Ryan Smith 1:22:45
It’s an apartment by the way. It’s an

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:22:47
apartment and expect Johnny a bottle of Johnnie Walker headed your way.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:52
All right. All right. I’ll take that out black.

Ryan Smith 1:22:55
All right. Wait, wait, hold on. I just want to make sure is it for this fight? Or any particular fights that might happen in the future where they both are on the same card?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:23:06
You know what this is into? perpetuity? Because

Unknown Speaker 1:23:14
here it is.

John Keyes 1:23:15
I knew it was coming.

Ryan Smith 1:23:17
This is the longest show we’ve ever done by the way. Actually, no, this is rivaling the the show that will not be named. But actually this one is actually a fun show.

John Keyes 1:23:30
perpetuity a bond or other security with no fixed maturity date. Also known in law a restriction making an estate in alienable perpetually or for a period of a period beyond certain limits fixed by law. And the third definition is the state of or quality of lasting forever. I think Yeah, III do not believe in the perpetual D of military rule.

Ryan Smith 1:24:01
All right, there we go. cosmetri Maya versus Gerald mir schardt.

John Keyes 1:24:08
And there’s some stank on this fight.

Ryan Smith 1:24:12
This is what’s interesting about it because they’ve already booked kasma chimay. of for for fight Island. And so Gerald, Meir shard is like, Listen, you still have to fight me? I could mess you up. Like it is presumptuous to go. And book another fight. When you haven’t fought me yet. It’s like, I am a person who ruins Cinderella stories and you are you my friend are a Cinderella story. So just on like, all signs point to kassala comes at a gym I have is going to win this fight. But just on spec. I’m picking I’m picking Gerald. Just because of the

John Keyes 1:24:54
girls. Do you think girls gonna do something just just just raw and try to try to Enter him for a second fight if he if he feels like he’s losing.

Ryan Smith 1:25:03
I recommend the geral might consider learning a spinning flying back kick.

If things start going wrong, just keep pushing that a button. Only a button if you’re cheating. You’re not trying to coach who you got

George Stallworth 1:25:27
you know, I don’t want to overlook journal. I don’t but I’m really liking comes out and I look back at journals history. Drill has lost a few fights, but they’ve all been to like some really game opponents. He’s lost the Thiago Santos he’s lost the jack Hermansson. He lost the Trailblazer Eric Anders I think there’s like one or two other losses. He said Yeah. So okay. Like Gerald’s not a joke but he’s he’s faced some top level competition, which leads me to believe he could actually etch this out against comes out you know, I’m saying because he’s been in the thick of it with guys who are in in the top tier of that division man. For comsa I kind of feel like this is a big step up for him and it’s showing prove now you know, yeah, you got this other fight waiting in the wind him but Gerald is not is not a joke. And on top of that, Gerald’s got like 50 fights this this is not some new guy in the octagon that you’re talking about facing here. This is a veteran

Unknown Speaker 1:26:31
right? I’ve got Girl by arm and triangle

John Keyes 1:26:35
you know all right. I got you know, when it comes to God, I mean the guys that you mentioned their coach, those are guys that I can see cosmic you know, fighting and, you know, fighting and and, and women for the most part. So, I mean, on top of that, any guy who’s named can Okay, if you just rearrange the letters can turn it to hazmat. I’m good. Okay, so

George Stallworth 1:27:02
I just want to go back and reiterate what you’re saying. What you’re saying comes out could be Tiago Santos.

John Keyes 1:27:09
I said, like

George Stallworth 1:27:12
you say it comes out could beat jack Hermansson. It’ll be a hell of a fight. Kevin Holland.

Ryan Smith 1:27:19
Yeah, watch yourself.

John Keyes 1:27:22
It’ll be a hell of a fight.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:26
Could be Eric Anders. Yeah, we

Unknown Speaker 1:27:27
all like Yeah,

John Keyes 1:27:28
yes. Okay, yeah, I can see I can see it so yeah. And on top of that, it doesn’t win Lose or Draw. He’s still gonna fight on fine Island. And so I mean, I think you know, dawsey the understand the disrespect Yes. I think it’s a little bit overdrawn. Yes, I think you know, comes out is is focused on Gerald idea so whatever happens here, he’s just gonna he’s just gonna refocus on to to fight Island you know, so I give it a thumbs up I think comes up we’ll pull it out. Thank you fight that’s all it’s gonna be some staying

Ryan Smith 1:28:09
cool man. Hey, Donald cowboy Sironi versus Nico price coach.

George Stallworth 1:28:16
I think cowboy is better fights. And the game playing the beat cowboy is out there already. Everybody knows jump on him early. Don’t let up

Unknown Speaker 1:28:31
let you

Unknown Speaker 1:28:34
against my better judgment and everything within me. Picking cowboy to when

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:28:40
I said that with a tear literally going down. I

Ryan Smith 1:28:44
hate it so much. Dang, somebody littered. And john Key’s,

John Keyes 1:28:54
and I’m going to consult the Oracle here. Heads or tails, I think will give tails to serani. And

Unknown Speaker 1:29:06
good good. Ronnie.

Ryan Smith 1:29:08
All right. All right. I’m gonna go Nikko price. I think I think I agree with Coach that that the Cowboys Sironi is has seen better days that last Conor fight says a lot about about about cowboy Sironi. Main Event of the evening. Colby Covington versus Tyron Woodley. Um, let’s go with let’s go with you. He you were you had a lot of things to say last week.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:29:35
I just hope that the fight gets canceled. Because I I hate Colby so much. But let’s be real. He’s gonna work Tyrion. Tyrion is old. And it’s not that he’s old. It’s that his fighting style is old. And he’s everyone that he talks about, the more he says he’s gonna let loose his hands The more I believe he’s not. So. Yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t even want to watch them. That couldn’t be that bad. Wow. All right,

Ryan Smith 1:30:03

George Stallworth 1:30:05
Yeah, unfortunately I’m thinking I’m rolling with Colby as well man. I hope the tower comes out and and puts on a different show, but based on the past few fights we’ve seen with him, I don’t see how he’s going to do it man. Tyrone is one of those guys. He doesn’t change up his game plan. He does not make adjustments. Well, and yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:30:24
JOHN hurts and say this out loud. Yeah, like

Ryan Smith 1:30:27
everybody seems demoralized.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:29
That is like,

George Stallworth 1:30:31
that is like us conceding that Trump’s gonna win this next election.

John Keyes 1:30:35
You know what? Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:30:37
All right, let’s please can we get through the show? If y’all want to do this? We can do this in the post, the extra rounds or whatever. We we got to finish the show.

John Keyes 1:30:48
Come on. Okay. I was saying like this. I

Unknown Speaker 1:30:51
mentioned it. No.

Ryan Smith 1:30:53
JOHN Key’s was getting ready to go in on it like he mentioned. I’m fine. What you mentioned that coach, I’m just saying junkies like, Okay, here we go. And I was like, No, no, no, gotta just dial it in for just a few more seconds.

John Keyes 1:31:09
I was saying like this, okay. There’s people out there that could get beat all their life. But then there’s that one person that they have their number. And I do believe that time Woodley has Kobe’s number. Okay. I do. I think he’s gonna be that one. Dude, that tyrant is gonna gonna be like, you know what, I could get beat by the entire browser. But I cannot get beat by miss one by one. So I haven’t given Toby

Unknown Speaker 1:31:43
I’ve given it to Tyrion.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:51
You’re trash.

Ryan Smith 1:31:52
Okay. I gotta get this job, man. I gotta get that job

Unknown Speaker 1:31:56
first half.

John Keyes 1:31:58
Well, it’s Tyron Woodley Tom Willie will become Alright, awesome.

Ryan Smith 1:32:04
So I will say this if you are right, sir. I want we’re gonna have we’re gonna have a signal and you can have me play the crow. All throughout the next episode, if you’re right. Wow, cuz I’m going Colby Covington I just feel like Colby Covington is is so he’s so productive. He’s got so much energy. He’s got so much pressure. He’s a great striker. He can take a punch. Um, this is just going to be one of those things where we’re going to see whether or not the chosen one can survive the chaos but I have Colby Covington it this fight may go the distance but it may not end and it just pains me to see Colby Covington put Tyron Woodley with potentially out of the UFC.

John Keyes 1:32:52
That’s what’s gonna happen if Colby wins that Tyra will leave he will retire he will retire he’s not saying one more fight no

Ryan Smith 1:33:04
take one more fight to get the win and go out on a win I think

John Keyes 1:33:07
Yeah, he will leave from from embarrassment. Okay, he will leave from bears

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:33:13
losing to a Kobe even though

Ryan Smith 1:33:16
there’s there’s there’s no yeah, there’s really no embarrassment and losing it’s just the fact that you spent all these years talking smack saying that you will you wrote a rap song about beating somebody’s tail. And and like that’s your persona. And and you said you’re going to do it when you finally got into the ring to prove it. You couldn’t get it done against somebody who now has the ability to clown you for the rest of your days. It’s just that’s the hard part. But Kobe Covington I don’t think any of us would would would would dispute the fact that he’s a great fighter and deserves the accolades that he has it’s just it we just don’t like the way that he’s going about promoting himself. Alright follow social media on Instagram at combat sports talk, john

John Keyes 1:34:01
on the keys to victory and as keys with an S George.

George Stallworth 1:34:06
dockside underscore muy Thai underscore

Ryan Smith 1:34:09
and Collette you

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:34:11
I am an obfuscated, that is spelled ob su s see the number eight te D

Ryan Smith 1:34:18
All right, there you go. You can find us on our website at www combat sports talk COMM And we are on all of your favorite podcast or podcasting platform. Okay. We got them all up here at the top. That’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple podcast, Periscope and Spotify. Shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting in my mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group where a lot of these conversations begin and where the sites that we get our stories for the show. On behalf of George G. Money Stallworth, john Key’s, and collect g Casey only a Buchi. My name is Ryan Smith reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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