Episode 141 – UFC 253: Adesanya vs. Costa (PREVIEW)

September 22, 2020 by No Comments

After years of posturing, Colby Covington and Tyron Woodley finally settled their conflict in the cage at UFC Vegas 11.  Cowboy Cerrone was back in action and some of our DFW hometown heros in Kevin Holland and Ryan Spann fought on one of the deepest fight night cards of the year.  We also talk about a referee controversy, the signing of Michael Chandler and other headlines getting attention in the MMA world.  Then we make our Flash Fight Picks for UFC 253: Adesanya vs. Costa.


Ryan Smith 0:08
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion the MMA community and combat sports in general I’m your host Ryan Smith and joining me this week is the entire combat sports talk team we got john the keys to victory keys what’s up

John Keyes 0:26
you know what tonight is don’t you combat sports talk night Oh that too but more importantly

Ryan Smith 0:33
oh yes I do know what it I know what it is yeah neither September

John Keyes 0:42
indeed that’s my Do you know all right. There you go. And also grapes will catch on fire in the microwave. Oh

Ryan Smith 0:50
see, you know what I liked it The show was starting to get its own little bit of flavor. You know, now the show starts off with with with john Key’s interesting fact of the day he got collection with his multisyllabic words. It’s just getting our awareness moment of cultural awareness moment. We may be in for one of those tonight. And speaking we’ve got Collette she Casey only a Buchi. What’s up

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:17
Guten Tag. All right. Oh, wow. We’re speaking

Ryan Smith 1:22
German here. Yeah. Even though it would have been Wouldn’t it be gluten nuts or whatever? Cuz it’s nighttime.

Unknown Speaker 1:30
Knock. Yeah. It’s been a slender expression is good.

John Keyes 1:34
Okay, and good night, everybody. All right. All right.

George Stallworth 1:39
Portuguese as well.

Ryan Smith 1:41
Yeah, but you can’t get a no.

All right, and we have the double champ, George g money stalwart. What’s up people? All right. Well, we have a wonderful show tonight. I am super excited. We’re not even going to have a headline. We’re going to skip the headliner segment and go straight into the official decision where we’re going to look at UFC Vegas 11 Covington versus Woodley. It was a great it was great card from top to bottom. Let’s go to it. This is the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is where we look at the fights from Saturday night. We had I think it was six fights on the card. Yes, six fights on the card. UFC Vegas 11 Covington vs Woodley Saturday, September 19 2020, from the UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. first fight on the main card, Kevin, the Trailblazer Holland defeated. Darren Stewart via split decision that, you know, we are we are all on the hype train for for Kevin Holland. And so we I can say this, I was super excited to see him get back in there. And once again, I love the fact that there is no audience. There’s none of the yelling. And so you can actually hear Kevin Harlan talking to his opponent. And it’s great. It’s entertainment in itself.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:27
With the Dallas dude. Yeah. Okay.

Ryan Smith 3:32
Yeah. So we interviewed his coach, Coach Derwin coach darren lamb a few weeks ago, and a coach geralyn, you know, has been kind of keeping us abreast of, of, you know, things that are going on. And, you know, we’ve been following Kevin Holland since, since George George told told us all about it, like, Hey, you got to watch out for this guy. And he keeps doing it. He keeps winning. I don’t know what his current win streak is. But you know, he won out with with Darren Stewart on Saturday night, but it was still a great performance. I was rooting for him every step of the way.

George Stallworth 4:11
So he’s on a, I guess, in the UFC now he’s got seven wins two losses. Currently on a three fight win streak. His only losses in the UFC were to Thiago Santos and Brendan Allen. And I don’t even know who Brendan is. I think Brendan choked him out or somebody caught him in a rear naked choke. But also, Kevin actually has a win over Jeff Neil, but it wasn’t in the UFC. Oh,

John Keyes 4:42
yeah. Oh, we need to see that happening. The more you

Ryan Smith 4:47
know what I think is great about what we

George Stallworth 4:50
could get in is a I guess a not a rubber match. What would you call it? Just a

Ryan Smith 4:55
rematch to

George Stallworth 4:56
match rematch? Yeah, you just kneel eventually. And Kevin Holland.

Unknown Speaker 5:01
Well, and

George Stallworth 5:02
and if I’m not mistaken, I think the fact that they had was for a belt back in the day too. It was like a for an exhale belt here in Dallas.

Ryan Smith 5:12
Wow. Well, we once again we send out the well wishes to Jeff Do we know that he was ill The last time we talked about him the one thing that was keeping him out of the octagon was was an illness that, you know, that befell him. And so hopefully that will, that will he will he will heal from that he will come back stronger and we’ll see him in the ring against all sorts of opponents, including the Trailblazer. Hello, Kevin Holland. Next, next on the next on the card was Mackenzie Dern and she defeated Rhonda Marcos via submission at three minutes 44 seconds of round number one, this was basically all Mackenzie Dern she came out wanting to strike fell down. And as Rhonda Marcos decided she was going to try to take advantage of that. She basically fell into the funnel web spiders just but and now the next thing you know you got an armbar getting twisted all kinds of ways is better.

John Keyes 6:14
That was that was nasty.

Unknown Speaker 6:19

George Stallworth 6:21
I have a question. Ryan. Are you calling her Rhonda is a disk? Are you just it’s random Marcos, isn’t it?

Ryan Smith 6:30
I thought it was I thought it was. I thought it’s spelled ra n da but I thought it was pronounced Ronda.

George Stallworth 6:38
All right. Well, I mean, you are the pronounciation guru. Well, you know,

Ryan Smith 6:41
you brought it into question. So now I need I need to go and get an official. Yeah.

George Stallworth 6:49
I pick random to win this fight. And I was so like, caught off guard will have quickly. Mackenzie wrapped up. Did you see some of the guard play McKenzie was doing? Like literally she was hanging on her like a spider monkey?

John Keyes 7:02
Yes. Well, and I was I was really impressed with that. But what really scared me was the armbar technique that she was using. I was like, it could pop off at any moment. She just taken home at this point. I mean, she was twisting it. She was doing everything she do. She could but she that it was the thumb that they said it was the thumb she could not control because the thumb controls the submission. And it was like any point I would have gave up the moment she had I would have to start tapping because I mean, it’s the hip was there. I mean, it was just Oh, no cut. You explain it. I’m sorry.

George Stallworth 7:41
Casey gated this look to the left was like

John Keyes 7:46
I saw pain. That’s all I saw. I saw her face go blank. And I know that blank face, like, out and out that I can’t say that it’s an owl because by Santa now they’re gonna stop the fight. And you know, I got that. So

Ryan Smith 8:02
well. Dominick Cruz did a great job. Okay.

George Stallworth 8:05
Randy was doing some things to definitely try to the to the end of that armbar. But if you go back and look at it, the thing that was really slick was McKenzie, because he was floating between a triangle, an armbar and omoplata. And like, she would just roll one into the other. She, technically, if you really want to break down what she was doing. In striking, we have combinations like your jab, cross hook, and they flow together and things like that. And basically, that’s what she did with her jujitsu, she created a combination, okay, we’re going from the armbar, we’re gonna roll over into this triangle. And if the triangle doesn’t work, I’m flipping into the omoplata, which is going to lead back into my armbar. Again, like you can’t what I’m saying. That’s the kind of flow she she has developed a hedge jitsu game and it’s nice.

Ryan Smith 8:52
Yeah, well, you know, and what I was gonna say is that Dominic Cruz really did a great job of explaining how these different holes and these different you know, locks were going to emerge and what Mackenzie during was actually doing during during the fight. So, you know, if you’re watching, you would see that, you know, you’re getting really detailed instructions on how to look at each way that Mackenzie Dern is trying to lock in that submission. That’s how I learned the sport is getting, you know, the type of commentary that Joe Rogan, you know, Daniel Cormier or Dominick Cruz provides wildly action showing you piece by piece, what the person is doing, what the strategy is, and then what is the what is the response to to prevent the lock from happening. And so that was that was a really great sequence as a fan, to hear and understand what Mackenzie Duran was trying to do in that moment. Um, so one, one of the things I wanted to talk about a little bit is the Kinsey Darren says that she was threatened by her A former coach, so she didn’t have a smooth training camp for this fight. You know, typically you want to you want to get your time with your coach, you want to get eight to 12 weeks worth of training in, getting ready for that fight, cutting your weight and preparing your body to go into the cage. Well, midway through, she ends up having a falling out with her coach one than Gomez. And and basically, they switch camps in the middle of training camp. And it got very contentious to the point where, you know, she felt threatened. And so it was it was interesting to still have that type of distraction, and be able to still compete at the level that she did.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 10:42
I wonder how big of a distraction that stuff is. I’m coming from team sports. And I don’t know this world all that well. But, I mean, who didn’t have that one abusive football coach? Like, I don’t think they make football coaches who know how to not break down their whole spirit. So how big of a like difference is it to have a falling out with your coach? Because, I mean, we all kind of hate our coaches most of the time, don’t?

George Stallworth 11:11
Let me tell you, let me tell you let me take a look really touched upon a subject here, man, I have been to it on more than one occasion. Uh huh. And and Casey, I’ve also played team sports. So I understand that dynamic. And it is vastly, vastly different. Yeah, in combat sports, in MMA in in martial arts in general. The relationship between a coach is, is so different than the relationship in a team sport with the coach. in martial arts, in in combat sports. My coach is my lifeline. My lineage comes from him, there’s a sacred bond, it gets created very often, particularly when it comes to the martial arts, which is so different than say, a basketball coach I’ve had or a football coach I’ve had, the relationship is so different. They’re not only my coach, these people are my counselors is my they’re my go twos. They’re my mentors. They’re everything that goes on in my life, for the most part, because I’m spending four or five days a week with this individual who is intently working on me he’s not working on a team, per se. He’s spending this quality time with he or she is spending this quality time with me. Yeah, and it really becomes a almost a codependent type relationship. Because very often you hear fighters say, you know, you have those fighters out there who who say their coaches can work them almost like a remote control. It’s and you hear coaches talk about how you know, I’ve got this this line of communication with my fighter that when I say whatever, they’re able to throw that immediately. There’s no gap. There’s no lag in between or anything like that. Right? I’ve lost two coaches, man and I can almost I can tell you it was almost like cutting off a limb. It was like losing an actual father figure or a mother figure. And and it it rocked me, man. To this day, I still on a daily basis, have thoughts about my first coach. So I can tell you man, it is a fundamental. It definitely affects you in a fight camp. It definitely it affects me to this day, the loss of a relationship with my first coach, it affects me to this day, the loss of a cynic of a second relationship with a coach. And it hurts like I have cried over the loss of these relationships. So I can imagine what Mackenzie is probably going through. And vice versa. The coach we heard during coach Darwin talked about losing fighters. It hurts man, I recently I just had a fighter I looked up hadn’t seen or talked to him since his last fight with me. And I looked up and he’s in it at another camp somewhere now. I didn’t get any notification No, nothing. No. Hey, this is what I’m doing. Hey, I’m, I’m just out here working on this. You don’t have to worry, you know, no communication whatsoever. That hurts. It stings. So I just want to Sorry, I didn’t mean to go on a rant.

Ryan Smith 14:04
No, this is exactly what what. Yeah, that was wonderful. Thank you. Let’s Let’s go on Johnnie Walker came back and defeated Ryan span via kayo in round one, here we go.

Unknown Speaker 14:22
It’s trash.

John Keyes 14:24
I don’t care. I chose him. Okay, all y’all eat that? Okay.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 14:30
What did you say first? I said I still think he’s trash.

John Keyes 14:36
He was when

George Stallworth 14:39
he started hitting rice man in the back of the head you mean

John Keyes 14:43
by enter by mile or by the back of the head when it’s still a win. All right. I couldn’t believe the referee didn’t say something about those strikes to the back of the head. Like they were evident. Yeah, there was a couple of well, it’s just like it was the old who was doing that and was getting and was racking up wins was a Ben Rothwell.

Ryan Smith 15:00
No, I know it was Travis Brown.

John Keyes 15:04
Yeah, Travis Brown. And he was racking up wins like that. And I was just like, okay. But there was a couple of obvious shots that I was like, ooh, dude.

Unknown Speaker 15:17
He won. All right.

Ryan Smith 15:21
Yeah, you could hear there, you could hear spans coach in the background yelling. I mean, you could. He was he was screaming at the top of his lungs about the shots. But they kept coming. Now, I think the one that finally did him in was probably clean. But there were a lot that were questionable, that led to that, you know, to the, to the final decision. So, Johnnie Walker says they were illegal, though. And I don’t know who wins a fight that said that says otherwise. Except, you know, maybe we should have a rule that it’s the it’s the Anthony Smith rule whenever a fighter actually actually acknowledges the fact that, you know,

John Keyes 16:04
we’re going on the promise to ourselves that Anthony Smith never watches our show. No, no, understand

Ryan Smith 16:11
this. Okay, I’m not making this as a slide. I’m just saying. We talked about the fact that he that he could have taken the out with john Jones. And he did. And so so so what I’m saying the Anthony Smith rule is a virtuous rule of actually being honest, you know, and and saying, you know what, maybe some of my, you know, the Anthony Smith rule for Johnnie Walker would have been Yeah, I did hit him in the back of the head a couple of times. No, right here. I was being extra careful. I did not hit him. Yeah, whatever.

George Stallworth 16:47
I’ll give you a better example of it. Diego Sanchez. Oh, you remember, he got a win. Asking the referee like what happens if I say I can’t go all right. I got it.

John Keyes 17:02
You know, Oh, my God. Anyway, keep going.

Ryan Smith 17:05
Keep Alright, so in the next fight. hums that shemaiah defeated geral Mir shark via knockout in 17 seconds.

John Keyes 17:15
That was a fight. Is that what y’all call that? A fight? No. Doubt technicality to me in an in an octagon, there was a ref. Bruce buffer was there to announce and I heard a ding and I heard uh, Oh, snap. He’s dead. And that was it.

George Stallworth 17:32
Yeah. Did you see like the kinetic chain on that punch. He like double loaded across. I don’t even know how to explain it. But just the way he knuckled out but it bottomed out on his knuckles and the way that that elbow was built there. He might as well be hitting twice with that one punch. That’s how, how strong that punch came across.

John Keyes 17:53
Okay, so there is an anime that actually shows that there is an anime it’s an old anime. When I say old, I mean like 90s Oh, all I need is one punch dad is called Ronnie kitchen.

Unknown Speaker 18:09
Wait, what?

Ryan Smith 18:10
Why do you know this? Cuz he’s, he’s john key

George Stallworth 18:16
historian on the show, you know?

John Keyes 18:19
Okay. That’s my promo. I need him saying just that. How do you hold this? That’s what Dave actually showed away that the dude was punching because he was breaking everything. And they were like, it was a gross exaggeration, but he was literally hitting something one time, but twice. It was kind of kind of crazy. It was kind of like what we saw with One Punch Man, or the killer. Alright, we’ll call him the killer. Kill. Oh, boy.

Ryan Smith 18:58
Yeah, so So yeah, I love the fact that their video their their images of One Punch Man, with with Jeremiah’s head on the top of his body. Like that’s, that’s great. And so, in honor of that I’ve been playing drops from one punch, man.

Unknown Speaker 19:13
All I need is one punch standard.

Ryan Smith 19:16
And so uh and so it’s it’s it’s great like that. That’s what you want to see. I become too strong.

John Keyes 19:28
But it was brutal. Cuz I mean, you can see you can see the look in there cats. Near cats. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 19:40
I’ve lost my title. I lost my title is the pronunciation. You know, I got to work on random Marcus’s name. I got to practice it.

George Stallworth 19:48
pronounced Merseyside or

John Keyes 19:52
near sacristy the look up beer shop. They he knew the punch was coming and he was going to try and block it. Somehow he just couldn’t add refuser he just couldn’t It was so fast like, pow and it was over and

George Stallworth 20:09
then Jurassic Park movie when they had the the goat or the lamb or whatever, just sitting out there what that look like man?

John Keyes 20:19

George Stallworth 20:20
uh, what’s his name? comes up just showed up out of the bushes attack walked up with the goat. Yeah, it was it was do 17 seconds.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 20:33
They say what up we’ll find a way.

Ryan Smith 20:37
Look at that.

George Stallworth 20:39
Merge shot. Merge shot is like a new what would you call him like doorkeeper in that division man. He’s had a couple of He’s like, I forget how many fights but he said well over 30 fights, but he felt Kevin Holland as well. Yes. Tiago Santos a couple other folks up in that upper division man and he’s got losses all to them.

John Keyes 21:03
But see, that’s the thing they were saying that this guy is seasoned Okay, he’s they were like he’s not gonna let you know Kabir come in there and just do what he’s gonna do. He didn’t have a choice in the situation. Um, so yes. Meanwhile, Damien Maya saw that. I guarantee he started drinking real heavy that night.

Ryan Smith 21:27
Well, you know like the interesting thing is that you know, they’ve started the preliminary moneylines for this for that fight with Damien Maya and and shemaiah is coming off as a minus 575 favorite to a plus 445 for Damien Miley. This is huge. Like it’s huge.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 21:50
It’s still the most dangerous man

Ryan Smith 21:52
no cuz it’s Gilbert burns now.

John Keyes 22:00
Right? That loyalty is nickel

Ryan Smith 22:04
well you know Damien Maya got beat by Gilbert burns so I can’t I you know, I have to I had to pass the crown to you know, to build the birds. But if Damien Maya and Chimayo doesn’t happen, there’s somebody who wants to wants to be the replacement fighter for them.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
Kevin Holland

Ryan Smith 22:29
see what happened is Kevin Holland had a run in with Hamza chum. I have in the in the in the hotel, basically, to my have pushed him and called him to help. And, and Kevin Holland was like, No, that is that is not appropriate. So, so that’s why in the post fight, declare, that’s why in the post fight, when they asked Kevin Holland who he wanted to fight, he’s like, I’ll fight whoever Just give me but if the Damien Maya, if Damien Maya falls out of that fight, I’ll fight the rat. And he called Jim if the rat. Yeah. Wow. So, so yeah, I want to see that fight. Yeah, Damian. My is great. But I want to see Kevin Holland. Versus, um, is that true?

John Keyes 23:27
Yeah. That that that needs to happen. That’s seriously. Yeah. Seriously needs to happen.

Ryan Smith 23:33
All right. In the CO main event, Donald cowboy Sironi and Nikko price bought to a majority draw. Donaldson already said it was the worst performance he’s ever had. I disagree with him. I think 45 seconds with Conor McGregor is probably the worst performance you ever had.

John Keyes 23:51

Ryan Smith 23:52
at least you made it three rounds with Nikko price. You threw two punches against Conor McGregor. And you were done. Is it

Kelechi Onyebuchi 23:59
too early to start talking about?

Unknown Speaker 24:03
hang it up?

Ryan Smith 24:05
No, it’s time. And Dana White. And Dana White has said he goes it’s time to have the conversation with with Donald cowboy Sironi. And he says, um, we’re going to talk about stopping and and, you know, he had to have that conversation with with with Chuck Liddell. Yeah.

John Keyes 24:26
And he had that set, it was pretty much the same verbiage that he had with Chuck Liddell talking about it that he had that same verbiage with with Donald, I think is gonna happen. Is that because Nico says he wants to run it back. I think Donald would like to run it back. I think let them run it back one more time, and then call it quits for Donald.

Ryan Smith 24:56
Alright, let’s see. Okay,

George Stallworth 24:57
Donald needs to move to that legends masters. division. Oh yeah. Those fights those would be good fights for Donald guys more his be guys who could slow it down and and i think those will be exciting fights for Donald. You can’t be paired Donald out with somebody new Jack’s coming out now. Nah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:16
I have a proposal. I’m listening. Every one of these legends league fights should start in a bar and octagon open it’s sitting at the edge of a bar. One of them throws a drink and then it’s

John Keyes 25:37
like, hey, do you? Yeah, do you then the doc gun raises up they just walk in.

George Stallworth 25:45
That’s the Bruce buffer is the bartender because overheads both on the shot, they down the shot and just start throwing

John Keyes 25:54
like Institue sauce around and you know

Kelechi Onyebuchi 26:01
we’re onto something here. Let’s make sure we patent this.

Ryan Smith 26:05
Yeah, let’s talk to Mike Tyson. I don’t think Mike Tyson thought of it this way. You know, he’s trying to put that link together we we got a twist for him.

John Keyes 26:14
That’s how the opening should be every time for you. Like you want some. You want some? You know, Bruce buffer lays down so so some edible some edible testosterone.

Ryan Smith 26:31
Yeah, what? what is what is edible testosterone? I’m just trying to figure out what that is.

George Stallworth 26:39
I bet they could make make it from Rice Krispies.

Ryan Smith 26:43
might look like rice krispies.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 26:47
One other proposal on how the fights could start. Yes, in a bleep it’s on in the bleachers and it’s like they’re pretending to be fans of one’s a Cowboys fan. One’s an Eagles fan. Boom. Any sports team, any other sports

Unknown Speaker 27:06

Unknown Speaker 27:08
Eagles looser the Cowboys are ready to cheer. No, they have

Ryan Smith 27:11
not yet. The Eagles lost everyone they played Eagles this year last night. This is a combat sports talk is

Unknown Speaker 27:18
not football.

George Stallworth 27:21
Did y’all think Nico’s Nikko prices performance was noteworthy at all. Now, don’t judge Donald don’t. I was the work that Nico put in in round one where

Ryan Smith 27:33
in round one it was oh my gosh, dude ran across the ring and just threw everything to the kitchen sink at Tableau Sironi. I mean, there were two elbows that he threw that were just like, brutal, brutal in your face kind of fighting. I enjoyed it. I don’t I don’t know what it takes to have a noteworthy fight that would you know that that you would? But I thought it was great.

George Stallworth 28:00
Yeah, I wouldn’t say it was bad at all. And like I say, I take out the fact that it was cowboy because when everybody knows the game plan, run a cowboy in the first round. Try to get him out of here quick. So we’re always gonna see that with a cowboy fight now, unless we put him in the Masters division, I think

Ryan Smith 28:17
against Tyrone,

John Keyes 28:18
okay, so, so you’re so you’re saying basically that Nico’s reaction to the to the draw was warranted?

Ryan Smith 28:32
No. So let’s talk about what his reaction was. What was his reaction?

George Stallworth 28:37
He almost was like happy he was stoked. He was gay. But I think, I don’t know what I I think he was just in the moment of adrenalin rush right there and had no idea what was going on. He was just happy not to lose the fight, because it went to a decision. And we all know how these judges can act.

Ryan Smith 28:55
Well, you know, so So let’s talk a little bit about why why it was a majority draw in the first round. Nikko price comes at Donald Cabos. Roni really beats him up for the first half of the round, and then pokes him in the eye. So he gets he gets the warning. And you know, what is it maybe 30 seconds later, I don’t even know I short time later, he pokes Donald cowboy Sironi the eye again, and went

George Stallworth 29:18
Raymond Dang. Aha.

Ryan Smith 29:24
Got a new one. And so so the referee took the took point from Nikko price. So even though he was winning the round, it was going to be a nine nine round, which puts you on track for having a draw. Well, in that case, he was he was he was given one judge gave him three rounds to zero and and then the other two gave cowboy what I would assume to be the third round, and so ended up getting a majority draw what I think is One thing that Nico price said is that he has always been a Cowboys fan. And so to to fight one of your heroes and effectively win the fight is, you know, that’s something that is, is, you know, something to be proud of, I guess. I mean,

George Stallworth 30:22
the way he went about remarking afterwards, or things like that, I just didn’t get what the emotional outbursts was in that sense. Okay, you’re stoked because you got the bike cowboy. And you beat him, but you didn’t it was called a majority draw. And so, you know, and cowboys did I take it as a loss

Ryan Smith 30:46
majority. Maybe that’s what it is. Yeah, ality, in, in, you know, my first time ever, ever, ever playing a team sport was was 11 year old Ryan playing football. And our first game we tied six to six. And I’m sitting there like, yeah, and everybody’s like, why are you so happy we tied? tying is like kissing your sister. That was how having a tie was introduced to me. And I’m like, Okay, I’m an only child. So I don’t really know what just your sister’s like. Apparently, it’s not great.

John Keyes 31:24
Wow. All right.

Unknown Speaker 31:27

Kelechi Onyebuchi 31:28
I’ll be the first to confess.

Ryan Smith 31:36
All right, and so in the main event of the evening, down and strike out.

Unknown Speaker 31:56

Ryan Smith 31:58
that’s right. Tyron Woodley put out a diss video before his fight with Colby Covington saying Colby Covington ain’t gonna do nothing in the main event of the evening. Colby Covington defeated tarpon

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:17
technically, she was correct. He said Coby ain’t gonna do nothing. Therefore, we’re gonna do something axiomatically correct. There it is.

Ryan Smith 32:30
axiomatically, there it is. Well,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:35
teed up for today on purpose this time, okay.

John Keyes 32:41
So yeah, I lost that one. I was I think I was the only one that faith on that one. So

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:50
I still don’t understand what you thought you he was. Like

Unknown Speaker 32:56
they were

John Keyes 32:59
there are people that that you instinctively just don’t like? And that in your mind, you’re like, I don’t care if I get beat by 12 of his friends. I’m not gonna get beat by him. All right, and that’s what I was thinking that he’s gonna go in there and finish off a Camorra started.

Unknown Speaker 33:26
Third round.

John Keyes 33:28
Hey, man, I was like, okay, you know, we’re gonna see if Covington kids can can handle his gas tank. What’s in the back of my mind? I’m like, john, you know, Kobe’s got a gas tank. Okay. It is like,

Ryan Smith 33:41
world renowned like, it is what defines Colby Covington is his gas tank.

John Keyes 33:47
Like he is the most enduring guy in the UFC period. Okay, so maybe, maybe this time, Tyrell will will start throwing some tyrant info now one combo. Okay. He stayed in the single digits the entire fight. Sounds like okay, he’s gonna run. He’s didn’t wrestle to the ground. If anything, the time that he had him on the ground, he popped the rip.

Ryan Smith 34:21
It was it was it was sad watching this because you know, I think all of us wanted Tyron Woodley to show that he still got it.

John Keyes 34:30
Yes, you know, this was an easy fight. He could have beat this dude and be like I quit at this point. I’m done. A lot of EMI. Thank you. Tyron for your for your for your service and everything like that. No, this was like this was this is rocky for sat this one.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 34:51
This is a guy and get beat like that.

John Keyes 34:54
This is a fun okay. This is Apollo Creed Ivan Drago sad. Okay. There was there, there.

Ryan Smith 35:06
If he dies, he dies.

John Keyes 35:08
Oh, exactly. You know, where was where was tomorrow throwing in the towel form? I mean, Where was that? Okay. You know, he was dead on the floor. He was dead. Um,

Ryan Smith 35:20
what I mean, but that’s the funny thing because he was still there on the floor after the fight was over. He’s still laying on the floor.

John Keyes 35:25
Oh, yeah, that was pretty bad.

George Stallworth 35:28
See the ambulance right where he was talking about I can’t breathe. No, yeah, see that? Yeah, you know that you know, they got that voice bite or what would you call it that that sound bite? You know, especially because he it What was it it during the face off? He was blacklivesmatter t shirt, and some other things. So for him to holler. I can’t breathe at that. Just the Oh, I was gonna say Kobe Covington probably just loved every moment of hearing that. Yeah, you know.

Ryan Smith 35:58
Yeah. Let’s not give him any ideas. Yeah, I’m pretty sure

John Keyes 36:03
yeah. The storefront has a has a soundbite of that good stuff

George Stallworth 36:08
in there. So speaking of sound bites, man, you saw the the interview that included Huisman as well as kept

John Keyes 36:18
best best stuff for the internet right now man.

George Stallworth 36:28
Colby when he got highly upset like when he started talking about I got the drop.

Ryan Smith 36:33
I got the drop your

Unknown Speaker 36:37
mouth. You saw a bicep look at it.

Unknown Speaker 36:44
Would you get it? Who do you get a call? You get a call from frickin your little your little tribe. They give you some smoke signals for you.

Unknown Speaker 36:52
Marty fake news

Unknown Speaker 36:54
that cares about you. No one cares about you worse. You’re pathetic. You care about me? No. Yeah, cuz you got the worst decision in the history of the sport. cross it. You’re already fake. newsman you’re broke. You didn’t write up and protesting right away. That was fake. Next time. Wait till I see you next time on fake news. You’re dead. You’re dead. Finish.

Ryan Smith 37:24
So there you have it. Colby Covington lost lost his composure when when when Camaros one was like I broke your face. Look at me.

John Keyes 37:37
That was not that was not that mean? The sashimi amiata said it best. He who flinches dies. And I don’t know.

George Stallworth 37:46
All I know is I want to toss my entire wallet at the UFC to see this fight now. Yeah.

John Keyes 37:53
That’s going to happen.

Ryan Smith 37:54
Yeah, and make that $150 I’m still in.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:59
I want the UFC to avoid this so much. This is not

Unknown Speaker 38:06
caught me with this fight. It’s like damn, yeah.

John Keyes 38:12
Yeah, let’s be real.

Unknown Speaker 38:14
The other side of this though, is

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:18
it feels like what happened in that moment? was not the real Colby Covington coming out. But like a bit, enveloping him, right? Have you ever just kind of talked yourself into something like that mad and you’re just like, play fighting with somebody, you weren’t that mad. And then all of a sudden you’re like, angry, angry. That’s what it felt like was coming out there because we all know that this is an act, and he’s hyped up on Donald Trump calling him But at a certain point, I think he talked himself to the point where he really believed that he didn’t get his job broken.

George Stallworth 38:54
So I repeat what you’re saying. And I think he separates the two I think yes, he knows the act part is there. But Camacho did a dig at him in such a way that it had nothing to do commodity and go after that. I broke your face. This is me communicating to another human being what I did to you. I’m demoralizing you again by by repeating it to you. That’s what got Kobe hot and heated.

John Keyes 39:20
Yeah. And that factual statement. Right. Right. It’s psychologically because it doesn’t matter what you said.

George Stallworth 39:28
Now, think about this. His His face was broken. You remember he I think he had to wear masks for a while. His nose was jacked up or whatever. He had to heal from that and all while he loved that. You know what his thought is? Tomorrow. Tomorrow. You’re watching it on a film. You’re seeing it. You’re studying this man so that you can face him again eventually. And when he here we are months later, I broke your face and

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:53
forgotten that.

John Keyes 39:54
Well, se Busey Kemal reminded him and I guarantee he started flashback To back in that fourth round when he was sitting in a stool, he told his coach, I think my jaws broke. That’s what’s the killer that’s needed? Yeah, that right like jaw drop

Kelechi Onyebuchi 40:13
right there, like called out to the sound team like, hey, I need that. I need that drop. broke.

John Keyes 40:21
Mentally I think that got into him. And I don’t I think it just broke him. And we saw that because he broke character and went real. I’d really believe that was all that was 100% real. I mean, he was,

George Stallworth 40:35
well, he will it will it be for what’s the word? Will he be able to channel it and use it for now? Yeah, I don’t know, man. I see Kobe is that kind of guy.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 40:48
Okay, I think Huisman had a chance of losing that fight. at that job Allah gotten broken. That’s partially why I don’t want this fight to happen because I think Huisman has to do something to change his game because Kobe can win that fight. And Kobe

George Stallworth 41:05
is good at making adjustments as well. He is he just missed on the fly.

John Keyes 41:10
So I mean, let’s put it out there. I mean, I’m gonna say this and I’m probably gonna wash my mouth out later. But Colby Covington is a dangerous fighter. He knows he has high fight IQ. He has an endless gas tank, and he has a coach that knows how to how to really coach him. Okay, that’s three things there that makes him a champion very quickly, but against Kemal lucemon he’s got rage. And there’s a difference. That’s a problem anger. Not anger is a problem because anger can be can be channeled. Anger can be focused. rage. Cannot rageous liberal chaos.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:53
That’s Coby chaos cummington. Oh, no, not seeing a real advantage though, is exactly what you’re saying. Is that what makes chaos so dangerous in in the octagon is those adjustments and he really this fight IQ is one of the best, like his ability to see what’s happening, and really transition his game mid fight. But I really do believe that you can take him out of his game by pushing his ego the whole time if he gets in there with a fighter who knows how to talk to him while he’s fighting. Oh, he’s done. Is there.

George Stallworth 42:34
Like just the whole thing about playing a heel and all these character types that Kobe’s playing is because you know, it’s fake. And the other other individuals know it’s fake. It creates this sense of insecurity in you. And that’s what Kamala was doing. He was pulling that string and he pulled basically he pulled your skirt up Coby.

Unknown Speaker 42:55
Yeah. Wow, you man.

Ryan Smith 42:58
You big man. We gotta get that one.

George Stallworth 43:03
I’m want to be happy.

Ryan Smith 43:08
That, you know, way back before we had the first fight between Kumara Roseman and Colby Covington, you know, the concern that I had was that because Colby Covington could only get his identity by being this character, he would eventually become this character. There is there just is no way that you can do this for this long and still have an identity. Yeah, if it’s off, you know, somewhere where it’s not in the maelstrom of all the things that are going on with the UFC. He is he is absolutely. You know, he could have a conversation. But the end of the day, he, after all these accolades that you guys have put on Kobe Covington.

Unknown Speaker 43:50

Ryan Smith 43:51
Yeah. You guys have just called him. Legendary gas tank, great fight IQ changes in the kitchen. He can adjust mid fight all of these things you just said about him.

George Stallworth 44:07
Those are accolades. Those are His attributes. Those are things he does.

Unknown Speaker 44:11
I wouldn’t say

George Stallworth 44:12
I’m not uplifting him for what he does well, necessarily in that sense. I’m acknowledging that it is a true full thing. This is what he does.

John Keyes 44:20
The only thing I like about the fact that he comes in with a theme song. That’s it. That’s it. Okay. Kurt Angle theme song. I’m like,

Ryan Smith 44:31
yeah, now my own way, man. The point that I’m trying to make here is, is that at the end of the day, Colby Covington still believes that he needs this identity. He needs this character in order to have value in the UFC. Despite that he does all of these things. Well, he’s shown and proven that he can stand toe to toe with the greatest in the welterweight division, and, and and and vie for the title. He still feels like He needs to be this magga hat wearing person. And that’s where you get this blending of is that is he becoming this caricature that he started back in Brazil? And I believe that he is and and and you know what we didn’t get to in in this in this clip is how he starts talking about you know he’s got the dragon the dragon dragon dragon energy that’s it the dragon

George Stallworth 45:26
energy dragon dragon Blood Dragon

John Keyes 45:29
dragon energy and I was really concerned with that statement, okay because

George Stallworth 45:36
that’s the reptilians are coming

John Keyes 45:45
you know, when you put magga and I probably lose a couple of people you’re young come from if you want to I wouldn’t advise it. Versus plus dragon energy. You’re getting very Kika case.

Ryan Smith 46:03
Oh yeah, cuz the leaders of the leader of the KKK is a dragon dragon. Yeah, I did not put that together. This.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 46:12
Whoa, one thing that I was wanting clarification on is when Camaros says like, the only reason you got to go to their rally is because unfortunately, I wasn’t able to, um, what?

Unknown Speaker 46:28
strike me as the

Ryan Smith 46:31
well, if you look at if you look at who went to the you look at who went to they were all belt holders. So you’ve got you got, you know, Jesse

George Stallworth 46:42
holder. He is retired as a champion. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 46:46
And he’s an Olympian.

John Keyes 46:48
And that’s the huto it. I mean, that was very disappointing on pseudos fart, to show up at at that rally for all the other all the reasons,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 46:59
just all I mean, I support anyone having their own political beliefs, but where it shows me off is specifically with Colby in that he embodies the low edge, low education voter that is on board with a movement without understanding the context. And the reason why, because it gives him clout, right? So he is the average guy who’s out there just like oh, I own the libs was like, congratulations, like, all right, you want a cookie? So Colby just like jumping into this personality and like becoming a Trump supporter while wearing a Hillary pantsuit is just kind of a weird, weird thing. Like it’s less about his political views and more about the fact that he’s just jumping into this persona, to play on the lowest common denominator. Like if you’re a Trump supporter, because you believe in his economic policies, his Ford trade policies, whatever, but you’re literally a Trump supporter, because you know, it upsets people that is lacking integrity. So I say sudo be you, but I can’t judge his actions. I can judge Kobe’s because we all know that this was all for a gimmick and not because he actually supports Trump.

Ryan Smith 48:21
All right. There you go. Let’s go ahead and close out our first segment. This card on on Saturday night made a lot of ways in the UFC world in the enemy world. And so let’s talk about it in finding the angles.

This is finding the angles This is where we look at the headlines that people are talking about in the MMA world. We are not done with UFC on Vegas 11 because we have to talk about a prelim fight. Sara Alper versus Jessica Rose Clark Jessica Rose Clarke defeated Alper by TKO using her knees not once, not twice, but 100,000 times before we finally got a stoppage in that in round three. So this is one of those fights that you know, that was a fight that should have been stopped. So as a Sarah Alper and Jessica Rose Clark has pretty much a back and forth battle in the first two rounds. Jessica Rose Clark was getting the better of the exchanges and was on in route to win that fight. And then in the third round, Jessica Rose Clark ends up getting Alper in a position where as output is going down with her back against the cage. So a kind of a squatted position with her but nearly to the ground. Jessica Rose Clark throws a brutal knee right to the face of Sarah Alper breaking her nose and splattering blood all over the place. Well, the referee comes in, because he thinks that this is was an illegal knee. So he goes to the to the replay, and finds that it was not an illegal knee that Sarah alpers but which would have made it an illegal knee was an inch above the ground had not touched the ground yet, if it had it would be an illegal knee as a downed opponent, but it had not touched so the strike landed clean. Alper was clearly out. But the referee chose to continue the fight. And Jessica Rose Clarke had to for another minute and a half to two minutes continue to be on a woman whose face was bloody and nose was broken, who was clearly out of the fight, but not enough out of the fight for the referee to stop it until finally, and it was interesting. What was just a rose Clark said she goes I tried to submit her but Sarah alpa wouldn’t give up the submission. So finally, she had to say I’m gonna have to throw elbows and so she starts throwing these elbows right into this broken nose. And finally, she Alper covers up and the referee stops the fight caused tons of controversy. Dana White was furious. Why? Because this is the same referee who did not give Mike Rodriguez the win over at Herman the previous week. So last week, we talked about the fact that refereeing is a hard job. But we should cut this guy some slack because it’s hard to be in the right position making the right decisions with this stuff happening in real time. But now we are two weeks in a row with a controversial decision, a clear mistake made by the referee. Is it time to hold the referee accountable for the mistakes that he’s made two weeks in a row?

Unknown Speaker 52:01

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:04
Yes, because it is different from any other ref is different from wrestling a basketball game is different from wrestling a football game, this fighters lives are in a whole different level of Jeopardy when you make a bad call. And I think for the notion of protecting the fighters, you have to get rid of a guy who’s shown himself to he may have a good heart, but his impact in his intentions aren’t lining up. And his impact is really impacting fighters. Safety.

Ryan Smith 52:37
George, what do you think?

George Stallworth 52:39
Casey? Casey just summed it all up, man? Yeah. Not only their safety, your paycheck, and their ranking as well.

John Keyes 52:52
Yeah, every bit of their livelihood, you know, and it’s, I mean, and it shouldn’t just, I mean, yeah, you’re right. Especially in this sport, that arrest should be held at the highest level. But in all sports, if you do if you mess up and not just mess up, okay, you mess up first time. Okay. Second time. Wait a minute. Okay, you you we really got it, you got to be on your game. This is supposed to be the highest level of mixed martial arts, therefore, you need to be at the highest level of your of your job in that rank. So yeah, he needs something needs to happen.

Unknown Speaker 53:32
Some, it’s it’s very

George Stallworth 53:36
difficult position that referees have. Man, I tell you, I’ve left and I’ve made some calls that I you know, I had to sleep on and be like, Did I make the right call or, you know, those kinds of things. Especially, there’s this one fight where they were, they were children fighting this one little girl was just, I felt like she was getting overwhelmed and worked over and I stopped the fight. But this little girl wanted to fight on. She had she had a little you know, dog dinner, she wanted it. But I just felt like there was too much punishment being given out or whatever. When I stopped the fight her mother lost or ever loved him. I went off on me. Like, literally, yeah.

John Keyes 54:15
And we’re like, you know, I’m a bully time fighter here, you know, later, you know, I’m saying but,

George Stallworth 54:23
of course, she had no idea but still just the fact that her mother went off on me for doing my job in protecting her daughter. Yeah, you know, and so it’s a very hard position for that we put reps in man, I get it because you’re not perfect. You’re not going to always make the right call. And those guys do sleep with that. It is not something that they don’t, they don’t, you know, think about later on throughout their career of eating. I tell you, I still think about the situation when I stopped this one fight. This was years ago.

John Keyes 54:55
Yeah, I will. I will always respect a ref that airs on the side. Out of caution. Okay, check the fighter. You know, always I will I may not like the decision, but a his jaws hanging on the ground. You know, please pick it back up, you know. And in this fight, I will always I would never have a problem with a judge that calls an early fight. It will it will kill my excitement. Yes. But will that fight or fight another day? Yes. So, it is what it is. All right.

George Stallworth 55:32
Have you noticed that we’re getting more and more these late stoppages to the I guess we call it the COVID area? era?

Unknown Speaker 55:42
Yeah, like,

Ryan Smith 55:43
there are, there are a lot we’ve been talking about it a lot. I mean, if you go back to Bill even before Anthony Smith, right, you know, there was a fight that we were talking about, um, the the what was it Alistair? overeem Curtis blades? Or? No, it wasn’t it was Alex overeem vs. I hate to reference ever I hate to reference him by the tragedy that he experienced. But the yeah, I forgot what Harris Harris. You know, you had the wall Harris Alistair overeem fight that should have been stopped, but it wasn’t. And then while Harris ended up losing, you had Anthony Smith versus lover to share, you know, and then you have these mistakes that that, that that are that are going on as well, as well. I do. I don’t know if it’s just so happens that, you know, this is this is what’s called recency bias or confirmation bias. Where because we we’ve been talking about it, we’ve been looking at it, we see them happening more often. And so it’s not happening any more than what we thought it was. But because now we’re sensitive to it. It you know, it’s something that we’re talking about a lot more now. But there does seem to be a rash of these in the past few months and it just happens to coincide with with with COVID. So you know the old saying correlation does not bring about causation Yeah. One more thing on this topic, the NC in the the Nevada State Athletic Commission says that last week, they could have used instant replay What’s so funny? Let you sit here laughing

Unknown Speaker 57:30
I’m sorry, I fell asleep.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 57:32
And then I realized that was my bad.

Ryan Smith 57:36
Ah, oh.

George Stallworth 57:41
a nap but no.

Ryan Smith 57:43
So I’m looking because I’m because I I tripped up on the by the State Athletic Commission. So I thought you were laughing? He’s smiling. Yeah. And so I’m like, Okay, all right. They could have used instant replay in the ED Herman Mike Rodriguez fight had they done that they would have seen it was a clean shot in microbrews would have won the fight. But there was a misunderstanding in the rules, or I’m going to chalk it up as a misunderstanding. They did not think that he could they could have used used instant replay, but because the Nevada State Athletic Commission rules say instant replay can be used at any time during the fight. They should have gone to instant replay. It was you know, irrefutable video evidence that the strike was clean. And this fight should have ended in a finished for Mike Rodriguez. So um, just in just just a was that a prologue on the fight for

Kelechi Onyebuchi 58:42
retro actively make that a no contest or something like that? They can

John Keyes 58:47
argue that. But I don’t think they will just for some fact that Rodriguez got got his pay him his win money. And it is extremely

George Stallworth 58:57
difficult to get a commission to overturn decisions.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 59:02
Yeah, I’m still trying to overturn a decision from five years ago.

Ryan Smith 59:10
Well, you know, I wish you the best of luck in that. And I hope that, you know,

Unknown Speaker 59:16
whoever, whoever this will be, sir. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 59:20
So Dana White, has left Vegas and has gone to fight Island and there’s video of him talking about his mega suite in Abu Dhabi. And it is quite the abode. It is one befitting a, you know, the millionaire or perhaps billionaire that he is. But it’s coming at a time when quieter pay is still a hot topic. And so, recently, on Thursday, a US District Judge said that he is likely to certify it. The class of fighters seeking damages from the promotion of from the seeking damages from the promotion of anti competitive price practices. So it looks like the UFC may be facing an anti trust lawsuit. And that lawsuit is moving forward which could pave the way for fighters union, or at least some type of equity with fighter pay. So I know collection. I know you’re happy about that. But Dana White’s video of him walking around in this palatial suite is coming at just the wrong time with with with, with judges making their decisions about whether or not the UFC is paid fighters fairly.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:00:40
I’m happy and but more so I’m concerned. You’ve got a guy who can literally call the President of the United States who can literally twist the arm of the Attorney General. This isn’t going anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
All right.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:00:56
I’m sad. Like, you know me, I want to go in on this. But I’m just I, everyone’s known the opulent life that Dana White’s lived forever. Like when Conor McGregor first came on the scene, it was kind of riding Dana’s white Lamborghini around town, like when Dana White shows on his Instagram like his son’s birthday party spending a million dollars on a birthday party when Dana White is struggling having issues with paying Dustin pori a, but at the same time showing his the room where he watches fights at his house. Like there’s nothing new about the fact that there’s payment issues and still on top of these payment issues. Dana White has lived in opulence. Like this isn’t new to me, and this is why I just don’t believe that anything is gonna change.

Ryan Smith 1:01:54
Anyone else? All right. Okay, no, go ahead. Yeah.

John Keyes 1:02:02
I mean, we could I could sit there and say, you know, ball to your fall and you bought the ball real quick. But

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:08
you know, what was that movie? Where was it American Gangster where you got this drug lord who’s getting away with it until his wife gets him a mink coat and they sit outside at a fight. And

John Keyes 1:02:20
that’s what happened. That’s exactly what happened. Yeah, and was American Gangster. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:02:27
And seen it

John Keyes 1:02:31
references Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:02:34
Speaking of speaking of American gangsters Michael Chandler signs with the UFC and he is the backup fighter for an America metal versus he so that is that is a big come up a summon.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:50
Yeah, we’re gonna do like a fun and Ariel Hawaii story but no, yeah. Michael Chandler.

Ryan Smith 1:02:58
Yeah, well, that’s why I threw my hands up because I knew the Segway wasn’t gonna work. I just you guys took a left turn right when I was getting ready to make my segue into an American Gangster. So I’m like, yeah, so it’s a big story because you know, he is he is a great fighter. And now I know that he lost his title in bellator near near the end of his contract, but he’s definitely a fighter that the bellator wanted to hang on to they did not want they did not want or Michael Chandler to anyone Michael Chandler to go to the UFC. Um, so uh

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
he got he got crap

Ryan Smith 1:03:54
what are you eating? What are you eating? I’m watching you

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:08
play in the car.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
I felt woozy

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:16
banana pudding and it is amazing

Ryan Smith 1:04:20
but it’s funny cuz cuz it’s like you’re sitting there talking then next thing you know someone starts talking and you’re like yes, we can see the whole time we’ve been watching you eat it

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
below the screen or something.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:38
Like blacking out the screen. And so apparently it just blocks it out for me.

John Keyes 1:04:43
Oh my god. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
I’m glad you didn’t decide to pick your nose. Oh

John Keyes 1:04:55
no. That must be amazing. Man. I must

Ryan Smith 1:04:58
be cuz he is just shoveling it, like

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:05:07
nothing. Okay. I see.

Ryan Smith 1:05:09
No. We thought you do.

Yes, you were. That’s a good description.

Yeah, you go back and watch this one. For those of you who are listening to the audio This is one you want to go on YouTube and watch just

George Stallworth 1:05:54
like the black Mikey commercial from back in the day.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
Like yeah

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:06:06
I’m so glad I didn’t do half of the other stuff I would normally do.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
Alright, so now I know that doesn’t work.

George Stallworth 1:06:17
Oh, so that’s the reason why he got up and got off screen for a second.

Ryan Smith 1:06:20
Yeah, I saw him get off screen so I had so in the middle. I had to start moving camera angles around defined. My no Casey angle because I hadn’t used him in so long. Um, I had to read bring it back because he walked off camera.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:06:38
I thought I couldn’t see them. I got to figure out technology. Um, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:44
Anyway, back to Chandler.

Ryan Smith 1:06:48
Oh, man. Okay. So Michael Chandler is back to your seat. I mean, it’s it’s quite the promotion, though. Right? Because he goes from not being in the UFC to being the standby fighter for a championship fight. He could end up fighting. I believe in America medoff in you know, he his first fight

John Keyes 1:07:09
that would be a scary thing for him. You

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:07:12
don’t want that?

John Keyes 1:07:14
Nobody wants nobody really wants that. But you know. I like Michael Chandler. Don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think at that level there. I mean, people tend not, you know, we see these champions come from other promotions. They come to the UFC and they’re just not about that life. This is a different game. Yeah, I hate to say it case here. I’ll get the head turn, I’ll say but we have seen champions guys from different promotions that were champions. Come here and they sputter out.

George Stallworth 1:07:50
I don’t know saying that can happen with Michael Chandler. I’m not going to just get dragged out either. No, but I do. Let me tell you what I do. The offset what I’m saying here. Dana White. This is playing into his hands because what he wants to do is embarrass Bella towards Scott Coker. There it is. So he’s hoping that Yeah, Michael Chandler does get a fight here against one of our top notch guys. And let’s just see how this billet or UFC co Main Event thing plays out. That’s what he wants. He wants it to play that way. So he can so hosting. Yeah, so you sit there say well, it’s Bella tour. What do you expect? Well, that’s the thing over here Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:08:37
Yeah, that’s that’s the best thing about poaching the other the fighters from you know the other promotion because it’s it’s a it’s it’s a win win situation regardless. So let’s say for instance, Michael Chandler comes in the UFC and he just lays an egg does have been asked and gets beat up the squeaks out of when and then gets knocked out in five seconds, and then retires, like, you know, then it’s like, oh, well, that’s a better fighter. Look at that. He couldn’t hack it in the UFC. If Michael Chandler comes in here and just starts beating folks up, and just eating eating people’s lunches, then you’re like, yeah, look at that. We took belters best guy.

George Stallworth 1:09:16
Well, yeah, the quiet secret did a lot of people don’t want to acknowledge over the UFC is a lot of these new up and comer guys all had fights at Benetton or whatever first. So all these guys really are coming from village to Kevin Holland had a fight at Bella tour. So you can really say that he’s a better tour guide they stepped into the UFC already. And but you know that’s just that’s like the undercover secret the UFC does it you know put out there all that much. Yeah,

John Keyes 1:09:44
so man, I just don’t want to see this happen. I really don’t want to see Chandler go the way I’ve been asking. Okay. That was that was a force of nature at one and then to come over here and

Ryan Smith 1:09:58
yeah, it was But But speaking of of secrets that people don’t want to talk about, there are rumblings of a UFC return.

George Stallworth 1:10:10
And like I like that segue You did what? What did they call, right?

Ryan Smith 1:10:14
Yes. segways That’s right. It’s it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
a segue. But what’s the segue? You use

Ryan Smith 1:10:19
rumblings of a UFC return. Anthony rumble Johnson has entered the USADA testing pool. There you go. That is a good sign. Right. That’s it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:10:32
Question. Can you still fight if you get pot for marijuana out of contest? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
yes. contest? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:42
Yeah, he’s fine.

Ryan Smith 1:10:44
Yeah, you just yeah, you you may get suspended until you’ve got there’s like a period of so long. You can’t fight until it’s out of your system again, but yeah, go into competition and then you start getting tested, then you won’t be able to fight. But yeah, he’s, he’s back in the testing pool. So that is a great sign. So we may actually get to see our john Jones versus Anthony Johnson fight. I would be excited about that.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:12
I’m not he needs a. He’s out. I’m trying to I’m struggling with this one because I don’t want to just say he’s old. But he’s been out of the game for a minute.

John Keyes 1:11:24
Okay, so I got one question.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:27
Yeah, I just

John Keyes 1:11:29
got one question as a as karma stopped being tested in a blood pool.

Ryan Smith 1:11:37
We did not get any indication that Daniel Cormier has come out of the usado testing pool. We know that Conor McGregor is not out of the USADA test

John Keyes 1:11:46
yeah just want to just want to make sure just that that’s that’s a subtle reminder there

Ryan Smith 1:11:53
so yeah, everybody drink john keys just low key made a john Jones Daniel Cormier connection.

John Keyes 1:12:04
Getting in. I’m gonna ask every week until it happens.

Ryan Smith 1:12:09
You got that on your tombstone? As john Jones and Daniel Cormier a three happened yet.

John Keyes 1:12:18
Daniel Cormier says I till we get word that he has pulled his name out of the blood pool. He’s still in. All right, that’s

Ryan Smith 1:12:27
what we’re gonna talk about dinner for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:30
Okay, Jake. Yep.

Ryan Smith 1:12:38
Before we get to DC and what DC is looking to do in retirement because he is retired. I’m retired. Diego Sanchez is fighting on this card and fight card UFC 253 this weekend. Guess who he’s going to have in his corner? Stephen Bonner?

John Keyes 1:12:57
One crazy to another Ha.

Ryan Smith 1:12:59
There you have it. So So you got Stephen Wagner cornering Diego Sanchez. And and people are really surprised that these two people who almost got into a fight over some asparagus at UFC at the Ultimate Fighter one finally found a way to to mend some fences and the same team

George Stallworth 1:13:22
know how they mended these fences. Huh? Huh?

Ryan Smith 1:13:25
Yes, go ahead. Tell him.

George Stallworth 1:13:27
Apparently, they went on a retreat to search for UFOs out in some desert somewhere and spent several nights in a tent.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:38
Hey, yo, do you will do that to you?

Ryan Smith 1:13:47
Well, you know, yeah, it just has to be real crazy over there. I mean, if they’re sitting out there looking for you, I

George Stallworth 1:13:54
would go out and look for UFOs at night, you know, in the woods, not even in the woods in the desert and spend the night in a tent with your homeboys if I invited you guys out. Hey, guys, this combat sports time. Let’s take a road trip. George

Ryan Smith 1:14:08
Do you can’t even get him? You can’t even get me to Dallas. Okay, Dallas same get me out. No,

George Stallworth 1:14:17
no. no conspiracy theories. We couldn’t go on a UFO hunt one night.

John Keyes 1:14:23
Do you know Okay, so let’s talk about that for about five minutes. All right. We don’t

Ryan Smith 1:14:28
have five minutes. Make it two and a half.

John Keyes 1:14:30
Okay. Real quick. Okay. Every every UFO abduction has been I’ve never heard of a black man being abducted.

George Stallworth 1:14:38
Yes. One of the photos here.

Ryan Smith 1:14:41
Yeah. Angela Hill. You told us Yeah,

John Keyes 1:14:44
that’s right. I sure did. I’ve totally forgot that. He was the last black man I know that got to go that we know. And you saw what happened there. Okay. I am not about to have no prob I’ve seen enough X Files I’ve seen. The fourth was at the fourth encounter. I’ll check that movie out. And you’ll understand why I can say no to this. Also, there’s a zone besides the zone of silence. That’s another movie that came out. There’s also another one that’s coming out right now called sky man. You watch those three movies. George, please tell me you want you want to go out to the desert to look for some UFOs that would be appealing. Boehner says he saw them. Stephen Bonner is nicknamed the American Psycho. And that’s gonna be and we all

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:15:40
have high definition 4k cameras in our pocket. If this was happening at the rate that was supposedly was in the 90s and early 2000s, we would have definitive proof.

John Keyes 1:15:54
Ah, hold on. All right. Okay. You’re talking to us, Davey, the US.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:03
Admiral, what is it called? The

John Keyes 1:16:06
USS Nimitz? Yeah, they release camera and testimony. Yeah, it’s going down. They didn’t know what was out there. Okay. They do. They knew they just they do but you know, it’s like, you know, but you don’t know exactly what it was. You just know that outline your jet and it’s doing things that it can’t that that under normal earth science and physics, it cannot do

George Stallworth 1:16:33
that. Under normal science and physics. Back to you, boy,

John Keyes 1:16:37
he go. Okay. Hold on one more day. And the Canadian project. The Canadian defense Secretary’s back in the day actually admitted that there was alien life and he actually talked to it and they like it they like it. They like strawberry ice cream. So

Unknown Speaker 1:16:56
hey, all right.

George Stallworth 1:16:58
So back to a well, not even Steph and Bonnie anymore. Your boy Diego Sanchez coats. So apparently, there was a big brouhaha between Emil meek and Diego Sanchez and he Mele basically was saying hey, there’s footage of Josh favia chasing us around in a ring with a knife. You know it is a part of training Yeah, I’m bringing it up.

Ryan Smith 1:17:30
Yeah, the only the only person remember

Unknown Speaker 1:17:34
a multisyllabic word earlier. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:17:38
Not to be obsequious here, but coach oh

Ryan Smith 1:17:43
he’s been in the holster. He’s been waiting so

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:17:47
I was so beautiful spot

George Stallworth 1:17:50
your boy a meal posted the footage apparently. Before he posted the footage right correct me if I’m wrong because I’m sure you’re up all your life. I can’t wait to mess this up George. But so just there were there was there was a couple of tweets or something going back and forth where your boy meal mix says hey, you know, this actually occurred this man chases around in the ring are chasing spiders around in the ring with a knife in order as a as a tool of training. And he says not only do I know what happened I have the footage. Yes. Oh, that roll that beautiful being done.

Ryan Smith 1:18:28
Yeah, and I will Yeah, you can watch the footage.

George Stallworth 1:18:32
He mail drops the video, and it is exactly what he said. Yes, man is chasing around fighters in a ring with a knife.

John Keyes 1:18:40
If you could dodge a wrench, not dodgeball.

George Stallworth 1:18:44
Prior to that footage dropping. Diego Sanchez said hey, you drop their footage. I’m gonna show footage of me choking you out

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:53
beautifying? Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:18:55
I mean,

George Stallworth 1:18:56
emails like email, fax 205 or 185 Which one? I forget

Unknown Speaker 1:19:02
don’t give me the line here. Hold on. Let me

Ryan Smith 1:19:04
let me check out he was 170 right.

George Stallworth 1:19:08
Okay, it might be 170 so anyway, back to the point. The ankle drops the footage but it really is just like they’re rolling. It’s not a fight. It is not them sparring. It is it literally is just the two of them rolling and Diego does appear to be getting the better of him but it’s like rolling on top of that. It’s not like email was intent on smashing this man or anything like that. So yeah. I’m really concerned about the the mental fortitude of Diego Sanchez and the people he surrounded himself with. man

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:19:45
should be in his corner for the next fight. Hope Platinum Mike Perry.

Ryan Smith 1:19:52
Is that I mean, but that’s it, right. Like the this begs the question of if Stephen Bonner is in his corner What about Josh Fabian? And the fact is, is that they’re both in his corner. Like I watched an interview with Diego Sanchez and they didn’t ask him directly. But when he finished he was like, you know, he was still plugging Josh Fabian is his his Academy or his Institute. And so David Diego Sanchez is fully bought in on this whole Fabia Josh Fabia system of whole wet hope what does it take train holistic training? And you know what’s funny is that Stephen Varner is sitting next to him. And you could just see like Stephen Bonner is not into like that. Like, it’s crazy, because you’re chasing some dude around with a knife, trying to get him to be more agile or whatever so I don’t know that this can this concern sustain? We’ll see what happens at UFC 253 but there’s too much crazy in too small a box. Something’s gonna something’s gonna break loose.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:21:06
Who is Connors coach who always did the noodle stuff?

George Stallworth 1:21:09
Ito petard?

John Keyes 1:21:11
Yeah. Plan plan plant touch

George Stallworth 1:21:16
with the basis on what’s going on here?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:21:20
Nope, nope. Let me be very clear coach.

George Stallworth 1:21:25
I think if you talk to most coaches, there is a duality in what they do they they’ve got their fight training and things like that. But they may have something extra that they use that that has a are has a segue into fighting or can be used in the same sense or whatever. So it’s not uncommon to see coaches have this this duality in their training.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:21:51
But it’s usually not a deadly weapon.

John Keyes 1:21:53
Yeah, like a knife. Not not coming. I mean, all know that mace? No, I am not. I wouldn’t

George Stallworth 1:22:00
want to get hit by it. I’m not backing up. Joshua favio whatsoever. I’m just saying like, the different things like Connor hiring ito portale and I, you know, I think there is some benefit to movement and things like that, or some of these other fibers who are think about football players who’s like, well, I’m gonna go study ballet for a little bit

Unknown Speaker 1:22:20
more often,

George Stallworth 1:22:21
right? I’m the boxer What’s his name? Vasiliy lomachenko went and danced for years. His father told him you can’t fight whatsoever, you’re going to go dance, and it’s going to make you a better fighter. You know, so I think there is some validity to that and and using the mind outside of just that one, you know, area in order to make you a better

John Keyes 1:22:43
fighter. Yeah, I mean,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:22:45
if he was a real coach, he would have used an AR

George Stallworth 1:22:52
for these bullets.

John Keyes 1:22:57
Especially like ballet and everything like that. Because Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse. He was doing this for several years and, you know, if he was Roadhouse, he was breaking people off. I mean, seriously,

Ryan Smith 1:23:09
like, like, you know what? Okay, so I just started watching. I just started watching community. JOHN, you are arbejde. Like, like, yeah, it’s just one of those things where it’s like, we’re sitting there talking about, like, real stuff. And he’s like, just like Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse. Like, wait, no, that was all choreographed. That was not real. Like, why don’t you go out on a mountain? Look at UFOs Did you see these movies? Like, somebody made that stuff up? Like, the blessing of

John Keyes 1:23:44
a shred of truth somewhere? And you know, I don’t even want to even be a part. There’s certain there’s certain movies that have a story that I want no parts of the conjuring being one of those. Okay, now tell me that in that the stuff that happened in the Condrey? The the investigator date, they have real life counterparts. And these the movies for the most part, were based off their recordings. want no part of The Conjuring. Okay, none All right. Every part of my genetic code right now is on fire because I just brought up the name Okay, I want no parts of that.

Ryan Smith 1:24:22
All right. All right. Let’s go through these rapid fire we want to get to the pics we this this is this is a marathon of a show we’re gonna have to we have to start dialing it back in both Um Okay, the magician left. Yeah, it’s the the magician has left the building. JOHN Dotson was released from the UFC. That’s a sad one. Because you know I really enjoyed watching him fight. You know my one of my favorite fights of all time was Demetrius Johnson. JOHN Dotson one. That was a pitched battle where they were he knocked down. Demetrius Johnson twice. And then Johnson came back for the win on that one. I mean, I really enjoy just watching john Dawson fight it sad that he is no longer the UFC so I wish him all the best in whatever it is that he’s going to do next.

John Keyes 1:25:14
Hopefully we’ll see him at one. Hopefully we will. Yep loves him. Okay, I really would I mean, to watch to watch him fight I mean, first of all you have good you have good reflexes to watch him fight because he was so blindingly fast and spread out a man with that much talent he needs I hope he finds when he finds a hope of promotion does not overlook him and actually put pick him up and actually show how good he really is. So Best of luck.

Ryan Smith 1:25:44
Alright, speaking of someone who’s moving on Daniel Cormier, a who is retired is looking at possibly doing a stint in the WWE as a commentator. Oh,

George Stallworth 1:25:59
we know that’s gonna wind up in their ring.

Ryan Smith 1:26:02
Yeah, I’m

John Keyes 1:26:04
gonna start doing that. Yeah, cuz I was gonna say cuz WrestleMania usually happens around about March. around about that time, March, April. So Royal Rumble Duck Duck, bring him in as a as a commentator, then. Oh, brockagh come down and looking and kind of cross eyed and look at each other kind of cross. And it’ll go on. It’ll just build up until we have a WrestleMania moment.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:26:28
That’s tonight that I’m on board with.

John Keyes 1:26:31
Yeah, yeah, it’ll either happen if it doesn’t happen at WrestleMania it’ll definitely happen at SummerSlam. Well, let’s look at the formula for Ronda Rousey.

George Stallworth 1:26:39
Well, Paul did Ryan chose to include in our run sheet the fact that our where he calls WWE as a combat sport. I kind of hurt my feelings right?

Ryan Smith 1:26:51
Where did I do that?

George Stallworth 1:26:53
But the former Olympian turn MMA champion might be making its way to another form of combat sport This

Ryan Smith 1:26:59
is just copied out of the article I mean, it’s copy paste out of the article

John Keyes 1:27:02
on now let’s let’s talk about professional this route. is in combat sports. Professional wrestling, brutes is in combat sports one only needs to go to Josh Barnett understand how far the origins of professional wrestling john catches catches catch can wrestling.

George Stallworth 1:27:22
Yeah. You remember a few minutes ago they were talking about a people bring up a real world example. And then somebody breaks. I joke.

John Keyes 1:27:32
I joke about a lot of things. But one one thing I will not joke about is Josh Barnett, Josh Barnett, is probably the last pure fighter that actually uses catches the the original catches catch can techniques in MMA. So you know less. I’ll be I joke about a lot. That’s excellent. Okay, don’t don’t make me come. Don’t come for it.

George Stallworth 1:27:56
Okay. I’ll just say Are we? I know we got to get on time. I’m sorry. No,

Ryan Smith 1:28:00
no, but I’m just I’m just saying I didn’t write this. Like I do respect the fact that if you think that I wrote everything that’s in this run sheet. I didn’t write this I write the stuff in column A. And that’s it. Everything else is copy and paste.

George Stallworth 1:28:18
I’m upset at whoever the author is that called professional wrestling combat. Let

Ryan Smith 1:28:25
me give you his name. You can call him out. You might be able to send him an email.

John Keyes 1:28:31
Send him a shirt.

Ryan Smith 1:28:32
Right here. Right here. Let me check the name of the person. Adam Gillen Jr. That’s the guy you’re mad at? Would it be weird

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:28:40
if we provided our run sheets to the fans out there? Let us know if you’re interested.

George Stallworth 1:28:48
I could see the the rewrites and everything it would be going

Ryan Smith 1:28:53
oh man, we wouldn’t who knows what if we could get the fans to make the show? That would be crazy. We talked about what the fans was thought about. We’ll try it.

George Stallworth 1:29:01
Well, I keep telling y’all Leah and Kat want to do a female episode or whatever when they come on as as the show’s hosts and take over for a week.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:11
Let them do it would be great

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:29:12
to start with intelligent defense. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:29:17
We could put it on intelligent defense and see but yeah. Anyway, yeah, let’s

John Keyes 1:29:25
let’s walk away from that. Let’s walk

Ryan Smith 1:29:27
away from that one. I’m Paige Van Zandt leaving social media and I’m like yeah, right. Basically, she’s she’s a little bit upset because, you know, once you stop fighting like for real I mean, I know she’s going to the bare knuckle and I’m not calling it that’s not for real fighting is very much it’s almost too real fighting for me. But you know, she she was saying that, you know, she was able to make a better living, as you know, a social media influencer that as a fighter, but it being a social media influencer also comes with the fact that if your assets are your your looks, trolls are going to comment on those looks. And you can’t really run away from it. I mean, I’m not condoning it. But it comes it’s par for the course. You shouldn’t you should expect that this is the kind of craziness you’re going to have to deal with. So yeah. Why are you mad Pat page? Are you mad?

John Keyes 1:30:38
Because it’s the attention that she didn’t want. I mean, when somebody is sitting there saying and you know, I noticed the PG 13.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:46
But no, but don’t do

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:30:49
it. Don’t.

John Keyes 1:30:51
I’m looking at. You put, I’ll just say, Ryan, put these comments on here. Okay. It all runs

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:30:59
thrown under the bus.

Ryan Smith 1:31:01
Oh, my God, the run sheet is getting so much more attention. Like, I did not write these. This is a copy and paste of what was in the article so that you guys didn’t have to read the entire article. Okay, so

John Keyes 1:31:15
we appreciate it. But that third comment is screaming to be read. Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:31:24
No, we’re not gonna read it. No, don’t read it aloud.

John Keyes 1:31:30
When are you planning? dada dada dada.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:31:36
This makes great radio.

Ryan Smith 1:31:39
Yeah, cuz Can’t nobody, no one can see it. Like, you can’t.

George Stallworth 1:31:46
After the bill, we tell you what is like.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:31:52
Alright, so the page thing is interesting, though. Because like, yeah, our money does primarily come from endorsements. And it is. It’s a strange conundrum that these influencers are in because even those negative negative comments help boost their influence rating and writes their engagements. So it’s almost good to have these controversial people who are chiming in saying things that are just repulsive to most normal human beings. Like that’s it. It’s sad, but it helps drive the clicks and it helps drive more engagement across all of our platforms. But at a certain point, like your humanity takes over and you just can’t take it like, that’s her. Like she I’m sure she’s got an Instagram but at the same time, like she’s seeing these these, these comments periodically, and it is dehumanizing. It is demoralizing.

George Stallworth 1:32:45
Joe Rogan said the best. Don’t read the comments.

John Keyes 1:32:49
Yeah, exactly. And on top of that, you throw yourself out there, okay? If you if you put yourself as a celebrity and I hate, I hate it that our society is like this. But as a celebrity if you put yourself out there like this, you get what? Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:33:05
yeah. Well, I guess the point I was making is, Who does she think follows her? Like he does she think that the people that as an MMA fighter in a hugely male and misogynistic culture that is MMA and and and the people who largely follow the sport and she’s she’s getting all these likes, and Who does she think has been following her? This is not like feminists that are following her. These are not like

George Stallworth 1:33:37
our soccer moms have been following her and, and the folks from Dancing with the Stars have been tuning in for her fights and buying her pay per

Ryan Smith 1:33:44
views. She is standing in bikinis and she is flaunting her body on on Instagram, and I’m not shaming her for doing that. Not shaming her. I’m not shaming her for doing that. But when you’re when you’re

George Stallworth 1:34:01
I’m just playing devil’s advocate. Ryan knows I’m, I’m just

Ryan Smith 1:34:04
No, because what I’m the point that I’m trying to make is is that like, Who does she think is following her? It is people who are objectifying her. It is not people who are interested in her in her views on on the environment. Because once she’s not sharing her views on environment,

George Stallworth 1:34:23
she’s she’s not sure about with the UFC kind of tells you who she thought her audience was, and is she does think it’s the soccer mom, she does think that it’s these people other than that, the casual fan. And so when she gets online and start seeing this, it’s a shocker, because that’s not who she believed our audience was.

Ryan Smith 1:34:44
And that’s why it’s a shock to me, because that’s clearly her audience was and so when she’s saying all this stuff about well, I can make more money as a model and you stop fighting. Anyone who cared about you as a fighter there gone now they’re going on to the next fighter who’s coming up the McKenzie, Darren’s of the world. All that’s left are the people who are objectifying you. Yeah. So you got to stop reading the comments. You got to move on with your life and you got to ignore it. She’s not like that, that girl from from the the, the at&t commercials. But that was a tragic story, right? Because she’s not she’s not trying, she’s just living her life. And she’s getting this type of objectification. And and these these harassing comments. And these means putting her head on other people’s bodies and things like that, like she’s getting that but she’s not trying to do to be that person.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:35:43
I think we actually have to normalize this stepping away from social media. I don’t see this as a big loss to humanity, that we’re not able to, or not, necessarily but the opportunity to ogl somebody is is taken away. I think this is a good healthy move, realistically that she she does need time to reframe. She’s going through a big life transition. I don’t think that social media is the best way to do that. And as much as we say Don’t, don’t read the comments, like that’s a best practice, but we’re not our best selves in moments of transition. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:24
and now you know,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:36:27
the awareness moment.

Ryan Smith 1:36:28
Okay, last one, because this is this was, this is the shocker of the of the run sheet.

John Keyes 1:36:36
The shocker of all the craziness.

Ryan Smith 1:36:39
Okay, the shocker so so in the CO main event of the fight this weekend, yon blazkowicz is fighting Dominick Reyes, he has a good luck charm. That good luck charm is a piece of rope. That piece of rope was a noose that he found in the forest in Poland. The news was hanging from a tree with a body attached to it. And so it is considered good luck to find a rope that is used to hang someone and carry it with you. And so that has been his good luck charm. And he says it’s been 90% effective for him.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:37:23
memento mori,

Ryan Smith 1:37:25
it’s like so assuming he’s brought this rope or he’s got this rope with him in fight island as his good luck charm. Before the fights this weekend. And you know, it says here he goes. When you find a Hanged Man, you take his rope for luck. That’s what people believed in the old days. I checked the internet and sure enough, that is exactly what people thought and believed in. You don’t believe me? Check for yourself, which john keys did just now. It actually has a 90% success rate.

John Keyes 1:37:54
Yeah, that’s a red thread slip knots. Yeah. And it’s in bold to Oh, wow.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:38:00
That was an excellent way of getting people to clean up the forest bodies and take them down from the trees like oh, it’s good luck. It’s just like, getting Tom Sawyer to paint have his friends paint the fence like now they just needed to take people’s bodies down. That’s not good luck.

Ryan Smith 1:38:17
It could be

John Keyes 1:38:23
real quick he makes a good point though.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:38:26
Like how else were they getting people down? Well,

John Keyes 1:38:30
I mean, I got more questions than what okay he just came up that’s it dead body up in the forest people are that’s that’s the min Hmm. We just got bypassed that whole moment there. I mean, the body investigated. Do we know who did it wasn’t it? I mean, seriously, people you don’t see it. You just got hit with the flashy thing by the alien

Ryan Smith 1:38:57
collection just forgot everything. He’s like he’s at the beginning again.

John Keyes 1:39:03
We watch it we watch a case he couldn’t get an alien abducted

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:39:08
4k camera. See there’s witnesses.

Ryan Smith 1:39:11
Yeah. All right. So there you have it. Those are the headlines that we are covering on tonight’s show. We’ve got one segment left that is the fight card.

This is UFC 253 out of Sanya vs Kosta and Saturday, September 26 2020, flash forum on fight Island in Abu Dhabi. So we’ve got five fights on the card. First Fight of the Night is going to be hockey Dorado vs zawiera to kick off now we knows the viral took off is part of the Dagestani crew. He is the guy who actually punched Conor McGregor in the back of the head during UFC 229 And so he’s finally reinstated in the UFC. And he’s got a great fight against Hakeem dewater. So I am excited about that fight. It’s gonna be a good one. We’re going to see if that if that sparkling record of Pakistani victories is going to hold up. You know what I say? rule number one always, never, never bet against the Russian so yeah, there you go. Always never do it. In the second Fight of the Night, we got Caitlin Vieira vs. Su Jara Eubanks, Jara Eubanks, um, she was one that ran a little bit of fall of you sada and she is finally starting to come back after her suspension. So we’re going to see if she can put some wins together and get back to her winning ways. Maybe she can make a run for that 135 pound title. And the third Friday night we got Chi Cara France versus Brandon Roybal. Oh, there it is drink.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:04

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:41:05
I mean, I had to give that shout out because I was fortunate. I ran into him while we were standing up paddleboarding last month, and I got to hang out with the fighter so I’m super excited. Just his come up story has been wild. And he’s a he’s a game fighter. So I’m looking forward to this

Ryan Smith 1:41:20
is able to share his come up story, or no.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:41:25
It’s a whole long thing. So we’ll do it as another segment after he wins this. Okay. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:41:30
In the CO main event, we’ve got Dominic Reyes versus john blazkowicz for the vacant, light heavyweight title of the world. We’re gonna make a flash fight pick with this fight and the main event. Israel, the last style bender out of Sanya versus Paulo Costa. He is a What is it? eraser? That what is it? Yeah, erase monaci That’s right. So let’s go flash by pics. I know that you got Brandon Roybal. cholesky in the car France fight. Let’s go with with dominant race versus john blazkowicz. Starting with you, Joe. JOHN keys.

John Keyes 1:42:11
Thank you for remembering me. Um, I’m gonna choose Dominick Reyes. I think I saw I like what I saw last time with between him and john Jones. I do believe that he he won that. Let’s see what he can do against john. A guy with a lucky Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:31
Let you

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:42:33
I gotta go race on this one. I just think he’s gonna make a solid champion.

Ryan Smith 1:42:39
Georgie money stolen?

George Stallworth 1:42:41
I’m gonna step outside the box and roll with the Hanged Man.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:45
Oh, I like that as a Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:42:49
Yeah, that’s Dan hookers.

Look, if he does

George Stallworth 1:42:59
walk into the, to the octagon with the news,

Ryan Smith 1:43:02
yeah, that would be kind of awesome. Hanging around his neck. Like, on his shoulders. shoulders. I realized what I was saying when I saw him. When I saw him start shaking his head like

George Stallworth 1:43:18
we can we can pick up the same kind of tastes. Yeah, we can.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:23

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:43:25
2020 We don’t need that energy.

Ryan Smith 1:43:27
Yeah. So for me,

George Stallworth 1:43:30
Chuck supporters would just take that.

Ryan Smith 1:43:33
For me, as much as I want to go with john blazkowicz. I’m gonna go with dominant race. I feel like that’s the safer bet. He’s just so so strong and so fast. I mean, he gave john Jones problems and so I just don’t think that your blazkowicz is going to be able to handle that speed and strength. So we’ll see what happens there in the main event of the evening. Israel out of Sanya versus Paulo Costa. George he got

George Stallworth 1:43:59
going is the man I think Paulo’s too muscular and is going to tire out gas out after that first round especially if it’s he comes in and really works counter fighting and puts a pace out there. If it is he puts for any work product any work any pace or anything like that. Paul is gonna get us out fairly early. I feel like all right, he’s he gets it by decision. glitchy.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:44:26
nyjah No. decarie last. Those of you uninitiated that was a pic for Israel out of Sanya.

Ryan Smith 1:44:36
All right. JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 1:44:40
very similar to coach. I do believe that Paul Acosta with all the heavy muscles and everything like that, he will guess I’ll give them a little bit longer. I’ll give them to the third round and with with with Israel, doing his precision counter game, that he that he has mastered Over his kickboxing, his kickboxing life I expect to see one one or two things happen well I do expect him to either be permanently gassed at the fourth round where Israel will will capitalize and or optionally which will know that the fight is over. We’ll see Paulo Costa turn into a wrestler at some point

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:45:22
yo overestimate his muscles like he looks good on video during the fight and usually before, but like this lead into this way up, when did y’all see his interaction with Israel? Oh, not that big. He’s like a lot of waterways to make those muscles look good, but he’s not that much bigger than Izzy.

Ryan Smith 1:45:50
Well, I mean, it is interesting because when you when you’re up against someone like Joelle Romero, yo Romero’s actually a smaller brain kind of guy. So you know that does make Holocaust look much bigger. Right? But um, and Israel out of Sanya is relatively tall for for for middleweight. So yeah, I that was one of those things that I was that we were talking about in prior weeks. But for my pick for my pick. I’m gonna go with Israel out of Sanya. Just because I like how dynamic he is as a fighter. He’s an exciting person to watch. And the crazy thing is, is that speed really does translate into that power that is, you know, deceptive. And I think that Paul Acosta is going to be surprised about how fast and how strong Israel out of Sanya actually is. Even though he’s got that very slender frame posts on social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk, George.

George Stallworth 1:46:49
I’m a dark side underscore muy Thai underscore,

Unknown Speaker 1:46:54

Unknown Speaker 1:46:56
I am at push pull

Ryan Smith 1:46:57
pray on Instagram and junkies

John Keyes 1:47:01
and I’m at keys to victory and as keys with an E s.

Ryan Smith 1:47:06
All right, you can find us on our website at www combat sports, calm. And on all of these social media platforms YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the apple podcast, Periscope and Spotify. And more. I just added more. There’s an Indian podcast platform that I just added us to so we are on in India now.

George Stallworth 1:47:36
Did you get our fans only page up and running?

Ryan Smith 1:47:38
No, that’s cool. Let us jump.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:47:42
So as expressed on this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of culture.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:50
Fair enough. Fair enough.

Ryan Smith 1:47:54
Yeah, so we’re all in all of your favorite podcasting platforms. Simply type combat sports talk, subscribe, and offer us some comments. We desperately desperately need your support. Um, for a shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group. That’s where we get a lot of our stories and where these conversations have their first life. So on behalf of john keys, George g money Star Wars and Kelechi Onyebuchi. My name is Ryan Smith, reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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