Episode 143 – Fight Island 4: Holm vs. Aldana (RECAP)

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UFC Fight Island 4 is in the books. Holly Holm dominated Irene Aldana on a fantastic yet underrated card form Abu Dhabi.  Germaine De Randemie submitted Julianna Peña and the Natural Born Killer, Carlos Condit returned in a battle with battle hardened Court McGee.  Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya escalate their beef and Leon Edwards, balks at challenges from Stephen Wonderboy Thompson and Khamzat Chimaev.  Get more headlines and our picks for UFC Fight Island 5: Moraes vs. Sandhagen.


Ryan Smith 0:09
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host, Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory. JOHN keys.

John Keyes 0:24
When it’s no chess,

Ryan Smith 0:27
no famous back note note no odd information that you want to share with us in your intro, sir.

John Keyes 0:35
Well, since she asked, I do have no Did you know when back in the MK Ultra declassification, there was a document there where they were talking about psychics, okay, and to break this hoax on this guy that they thought was like crazy. They told him to project your mind to Mars and go back in time. What happened after that was extremely disturbing. Because he talked about how there were people there, how there was water there, and there was pyramids there. And he was talking about something a great disaster happening. Now mind you, this happened in the 80s before we realized there were spirit pyramids there and that there were actual bodies of waters there.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:32
catchy the statements made on the show do not necessarily podcast Thank you very much.

Ryan Smith 1:40
Yeah, I want to go ahead and second that.

Unknown Speaker 1:43
Listen, if

Ryan Smith 1:45
this is your if this is your first introduction to john Key’s go to combat sports talk.com Click welcome and watch the video.

John Keyes 1:55
I’m just saying people like,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:57
my boss watches this like,

Unknown Speaker 2:00
here we go.

John Keyes 2:03
Hey, you asked, I told Okay, don’t don’t don’t ask questions when you’re not ready for the answer. I was not.

Ryan Smith 2:11
I was not ready for that answer. Because last time last week, it was like, did you know that video games are cool. And that was like did you know that there was a psychic who projected his mind in the 80s to Mars and they were pyramids. They’re like the span of what we could what could what could happen is too broad now for me to ask that question next week.

John Keyes 2:32
Okay, so what you what you’ve exposed here on combat sports talk tonight, is that some people a crackerjack box and went for the toy. And some didn’t. And it shows

Ryan Smith 2:44
Wait, you just you ain’t know when you ate the box and went for the toy. You didn’t eat the the cracker jack inside. You just ate the box.

John Keyes 2:52
No, you go for the toy first. And then you eat the cracker jacks. The wrong way

Unknown Speaker 2:57
to do it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:59
Go for the toy first. All the cracker jack spills out.

John Keyes 3:04
But you didn’t eat off the floor and 80s in the 70s

Ryan Smith 3:06
he wasn’t even born.

And the young buck in the bottom right hand corner is Collette. She Casey only a Buchi. What’s up? Well, hello, audience. It’s a pleasure to be with you today. Maybe tomorrow.

John Keyes 3:26
What? No. Well, is it? Well, if you didn’t know, George if you didn’t know George is not here tonight. He’s doing his only fans where he’s taking pictures of his feet. No, no, no,

Ryan Smith 3:41

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:42
don’t do that. My boss listens to this joke.

Ryan Smith 3:48
George is coming for your neck. I’m coming with a video camera.

John Keyes 3:53
Dude, I find me George. Okay. I was just joking, man. I’m joking. rosov off me.

Ryan Smith 4:00
Oh, my goodness.

Unknown Speaker 4:01
That show today. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 4:04
All right. Well, uh, we have a great show. This is Episode 143143. Right. That’s that is a significant

Kelechi Onyebuchi 4:15
numbers. You beat me 1430

Ryan Smith 4:19
Wow. In in what what? What what I possibly has such bad record against you. Like, I can’t even imagine what that competition would be. Because I beat you at literally everything.

John Keyes 4:34
I literally, literally everything surely.

Unknown Speaker 4:37

Unknown Speaker 4:40
We shall see.

Ryan Smith 4:41

Unknown Speaker 4:43
But one fourth,

Ryan Smith 4:44
but but just but just just for the record. I am so thankful that he brought back. Yeah, sir. Thank you.

John Keyes 4:54
Oh, wow.

Ryan Smith 4:56
All right. Well, you know, we don’t have any we’ve got lots of things. To talk about but we’re not having a headliner this week. So we’re gonna go right into the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is where we talk about the fights that were on Saturday night. And that was UFC fight island for home vs. alldata. Saturday, October 3 2020. From the flash forum on fight Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. There were five fights on the car, but we’re gonna talk about six because we have to talk about the return of the natural born killer colors. Condit p FOSS. Golly, I’m so excited. Just Carlos Condit he fought. He fought coffee.

Unknown Speaker 5:56
Boy, good.

Ryan Smith 6:00
So excited, man. I wanted to talk about it like I was excited. And

Kelechi Onyebuchi 6:07
that’s the curse of factory x. You’re about to talk trash about one of their fighters,

Unknown Speaker 6:11

Ryan Smith 6:13
Everybody drink glass. You

John Keyes 6:15
already plug.

Ryan Smith 6:17
Plug plug factory already. I’m Carlos Condit defeated CT McGee via net unanimous decision 3027 across the board. It was a great fight. And I just want to say CT McGee is he’s a guy that is a great fighter with an amazing story. And he is just a gritty, gritty kind of guy that can just fight through anything. And he did that on Saturday night. Carlos Condit broke his nose, what in the second or third round?

John Keyes 6:49
And he folded second? Yeah. He folded it for him. I mean, it was it was bad. But

Kelechi Onyebuchi 6:57
the way he got up so quick, like he was definitely out of it. But he popped right back up after taking that shot. And I’m like, No, that’s

Unknown Speaker 7:05

Ryan Smith 7:06
Yeah. So CT McGee actually said that he smashed his nose back in place to keep fighting. And so you could see you could see that he was like kept messing with it. But it was either between rounds or at some point in the fight. He he readjusted his nose so he could keep fighting. Like, that is why I can’t be like a professional fighter because the moment like cholesky in the first fight, if you go back and watch the video, the first fight caleche he punched me in the nose. And I was about ready to quit. I went back to the corner and I’m like, is it bleeding? is a bleeding? Because if it’s pointing I’m done. Kurt McGee got his nose broken. He smashed it back into place and then kept fighting for another five minutes.

John Keyes 7:54
That’s what I’m talking Ronnie. Spirit out there. Yeah, I mean, that’s just pure violence. That’s that’s what we need. That’s what that’s the type of fighter that we asked for back he caught McGee. And, and Carlos Condit they came up during those gritty fighters, okay. of Randy Couture of prime Robbie Lawler. Okay. I’m Quinn prime Quinn rampage. Jackson of prime vandelay civil these he was in he was he was coming in to that that pool of just violence. And so yeah, I expected that out of them. And, you know, hats off to Carlos Condit, because he he is an awesome fighter. Okay, I will give that to him. He and his prime before he had the surgeries before he had the injuries. He was a good fighter. He was coming up there. I’m glad to see him that because he probably only got maybe a few fights left. But let’s go out on a bang.

Ryan Smith 8:56
Yeah, you know, he said he was feeling good. He definitely has changed up his game a little bit. I used to I used to laugh when I watched him a great fighter. I agree with you. I used to laugh because he was always one to kick, one to kick. You know, I always end in this combination with that with that kick. And he has really changed up his style. I believe they said that he’s now fighting. If he was an orthodox fighter, he’s now fighting southpaw, which is which is which shows an additional wrinkle in his game. So so i i think that we might see a little bit more of Carlos Condit calling him out was the immortal one Matt Brown. Wanting to wanting to make that fight happen. But Carlos Condit said wrap yourself in bubble wrap if you want that to happen. Because apparently, I guess Matt Brown has been bitten one too many times by the injury. But

John Keyes 9:51
yeah, that’s another you know, hardcore hardcore killer as well as you know, is the immortal one either I’d love to see that. So wrap them both up with some bubble wrap, put them away and you know in a panic room, and let’s just let’s just hold out until it’s time for them to fight. That’s what I say. All right.

Ryan Smith 10:13
So, on the main card desk, go to door Avik defeated dequan townsmen via TKO at 315 in round two. This guy does go door to door, Vic, is you look at him and he doesn’t look like much. But can that dude pack a punch? Or what I mean, Dick one Townsend is a big big guy. And, and dusko took it to him.

John Keyes 10:43
Yes, no quit. It was absolutely no quit to this guy. He was the one that jumped over the fence. wasn’t he? Like, jumped in into the areas like, you know, I want to fight next week. was an odd No,

Ryan Smith 10:55
no, no, this dude is low key. He was very low key.

John Keyes 10:58
Okay. Okay, okay. My fault Fight Fight fans. I’m so sorry. But yeah, yes.

Ryan Smith 11:05
Yeah. I mean, once he once he went in on de Kwan towns, and he started landing big shots. And before you knew it, dequan was fighting for his life. And he was in and he was just swinging at air. Like, the dude wasn’t there. He was only there to land strikes. And then he was in and out in and out. Confusing Townsend until finally it you know, they had to call the fight. It was a great, great showing because I’d never seen him fight before.

John Keyes 11:31
But the one thing I did have a problem with was the ending because the referee was sitting there telling him to move. And they Kuan was moving. For the for. For him in his defense. I don’t know if he wasn’t moving enough or what because it was just like, you know, he was all said, you know, they cause like, what’s going on? Why’d you stop it? I was kind of like, Why did you stop that?

Ryan Smith 11:57
I can tell you why I stopped it. Because even though dequan was moving, he was moving his head into the fists. Like you’re supposed to avoid the fist not beat the fist up with your face.

John Keyes 12:11
Well, I’m just saying, man. I mean, yeah, he was throwing him down on him. But he was still he was still intelligently moving. And he like, it was our

Kelechi Onyebuchi 12:22
trademark word intelligent defense.

Ryan Smith 12:24
Yeah, if he was intelligently moving, he was a that that form of intelligence has not been known to be the mortal man. In a very long time.

John Keyes 12:35
It was born like, this way. Oh, he’s already here. He’s already here. That’s I mean, that’s what it was looking like. He was literally he wasn’t moving fast enough. Sorry. They call man. I hope you get back on the in the W call. Just you know, Saturday night you to set up. At least you’re on Fire Island for the next two weeks. Enjoy the vacation.

Ryan Smith 12:57
All right. Kyler. Phillips defeated Cameron else. via TKO at 44 seconds in round two. Now, I’m gonna tell you this. I watched this fight. I watched the entire card. I don’t remember this fight at all. Like what happened?

John Keyes 13:21
He was angry at him. I mean, I don’t know if they were taught. I didn’t see the weight the face off the final face off. But he act like he has some has some words. I mean, he did the whole Jorge MOSFET all hands behind the back. And I’m gonna talk Vesti while you’re on the ground in the restaurant to put you back together. I mean, he was I mean, he was it was pretty, pretty energized there. And then he did a matrix flip and then kept going. So you know.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Yeah, pretty good.

Ryan Smith 13:48
Yeah. I don’t know why I don’t want my mind is blank on this on this particular fight. I do not remember this fight at all. I’m pretty vicious. Your mind probably blanked it out. It was Yeah, it was so it was such a beat down. That it was traumatic for me. And I’m like, I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to block that one out.

John Keyes 14:11
I mean, what the vandelay fist murder, but you know, it was. It was pretty.

Unknown Speaker 14:18
It was pretty good.

Ryan Smith 14:21
Yeah, I have to go back and watch it again. Because I don’t remember. I don’t remember what happened there. Um, you’re going to Castro I remember what happened here. Uh, last time to Carlos Felipe. via unanimous decision. This was a heavyweight fight where we saw we all watched your gun de Castro. In one of his his previous fights just come forward and just Maul a dude. And in this case, Carlos Felipe was just so quick and just so elusive for a big guy like he’s not he’s not moving much, but you’re going to Castro had nothing for him. Wasn’t landing leg kicks because Carlos Felipe kept checking him and believe he was, by the end of the fight, you’re going to Castro was so gassed out, Carlos Felipe is making jokes to the ref into his corner, while you’re going to Castro keeps pushing them up against the cage trying to grapple. And I really liked this new this new referee that they had, it’s not a guy that we’ve seen that we’ve seen a whole lot. But he would not let them stay on the cage and grapple, very much. Like if they weren’t moving. You know how how we’ve seen fights, especially back five, six years ago, if they got on the cage, they would spend two, three minutes just grappling on the cage, not this guy. This guy would, um 20 seconds if they weren’t, weren’t doing something to progress the fight, then, um, then he was stopping and breaking them up and bringing them back to the to the center of the cage. And, and I loved it. I thought that was great, because it didn’t let you’re into Castro, who was clearly tired. It was clearly exhausted, didn’t let him catch his breath. I

Kelechi Onyebuchi 16:19
mean, that’s part of the game, though, you should be able to use everything to your advantage. And in that case, there should I don’t know. It feels a little lopsided because I mean, cage fighting is part of MMA, like it just 100% is. So why take it and take away someone’s advantage there.

John Keyes 16:39
But did he really have an advantage?

Ryan Smith 16:41
It wasn’t an advantage. He basically was so tired, he would just plow forward into Felipe and then just kind of sit there and just kind of hold him there. And so the referee Kevin Pataki look, keep your eye on that dude, I like this guy. Kevin said talkie kept breaking them up like he’d watch you go, Hey, you need to progress you need to do something, you need to do something. And then he’s like, break it up, bring it back to the center of the ring. So that means that you’re going to cast your head to fight again that Felipe was like ready to try to take his head off. So then you’re gonna just plowed right back into a push up against the cage. And it was a stalling technique to try to get out of the fight because he was so tired and to talk he would not let him do that.

John Keyes 17:26
And that’s probably the reason why the customer talking recognized sales a stalling technique

Kelechi Onyebuchi 17:32
as the guy who’s been so tired I’m just saying some of his fat kids need a little bit of like, give me a break.

Ryan Smith 17:44
Break me off a piece of that kid cat bar.

John Keyes 17:50
blade and then you know, I couldn’t I couldn’t get the the post fight interview that much but he was I think he had a tragedy about his mother passing. Not to make them cry. I struggle with these big man big man cry.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 18:10
Oh no. Y’all know me I’m all about the emotional side of it. I just feel like the UFC keeps playing these really sad tragic stories over and over because they don’t have another way to make these people relatable like I’m so some people like tragedy makes you a better fighter because you just use that pain and you’re able to channel it for some people it takes you out of the game completely and you just have to work through your your traumatic event outside of the sport. But to hear that story over and over and over again. Maybe it’s just me as a fight fan, but I’ve kind of like assume that everyone came from dirt poor or had someone die like it’s not like there’s you don’t get too many what was that kid with the hair karate guy? Right? Right McDonald

Ryan Smith 19:01
no talking about Alex Sarah’s like, personally right?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 19:04
Now it’s he was the pretty boy with the weird shaped muscle arms that narrowed it down dang it is pretty boy blonde. didn’t last in the UFC long he was super Sage northcutt I’m not gonna get too many of these guys who like I came from a pretty well off upper middle class family. Like there’s there’s everyone has a tragic story. Like I don’t want to be callous about it. But I feel like Please Stop hitting me with the same sob story over and over like,

Unknown Speaker 19:39
Oh, I don’t know. This is me. That’s heartless. Oh, yeah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 19:43

John Keyes 19:44
know her. I’ll be Batman come up to you, man. My parents died and united. So like. guy here crawl. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
Yeah, that’s what happens.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 19:59
No, but It’s like, I mean, we’ll get on it a little bit later, as we talk about like some of the personalities in the UFC how it shape. But to me, it just comes back to like, it feels more exploitative. I think that’s what it is for me. It feels more like they’re exploiting the story rather than actually creating a, a touch point that I can relate to. It’s more like, hey, feel bad for this guy. So you root for him versus like, hey, wait, here’s a resource. Hey, if you’re struggling with depression, here’s the national Help Center some I don’t know, but give me another reason to care about it. Don’t just throw it out there as like, hey, there’s tragedy.

John Keyes 20:37
I think if the UFC take like a hammer, dollar, take like a half a million, I’m sorry, take 100 million, put it to their marketing budget and hire out those guys that either do the jacket or box commercials or the Burger King commercials and I guarantee UFC would have a marketing monster that the likes of which no other sport whatever what

Kelechi Onyebuchi 21:02
is the Richards group there in Dallas?

Unknown Speaker 21:04
Is it the Richards group?

Ryan Smith 21:06
No I don’t think the richest group does it maybe they do jack in the box they don’t do I don’t think they do. I don’t think they do Burger King thought

Kelechi Onyebuchi 21:15
like Crispin Porter’s Burger King but that connects with their we can make this happen.

Ryan Smith 21:21
here’s here’s the thing I want to respond to collect you.

Unknown Speaker 21:24
Okay, no Don’t cuz you’re

Ryan Smith 21:30
just I’m just gonna say that you know? Yes, perhaps the UFC could provide some information to people who may be depressed or or have anxiety or suffering some other type of mental distress etc. But it absolutely like you guys pound on the UFC for not like using their marketing budget to try to get people to care about these fighters. If a fighter has experienced some kind of tragedy that’s what gets people to care about that guy otherwise he’s just a dude with with gloves with four ounce gloves going in there to punch somebody. And so it’s it’s those things that we don’t know about these fighters it’s it’s it’s the challenges and the stress that make why they go into the ring valuable. That’s really why I prefer you know, I will watch Delatour I will watch one FC I will watch these other because I love the sport. But the reason why I prefer the UFC is because they do such a better job of telling the why people are fighting as opposed to that they are fighting. And so that’s why that’s what keeps me coming back to the UFC, even though they do some things that you know, makes me sad sometimes. Jemaine de randamie submitted Julianna Pena via guillotine choke and round three.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
choked her level up.

Ryan Smith 23:01
Talk about leveling up. You know, Jermaine de randamie could not grapple with Amanda Nunez really struggled at first with Julianne opinion and then started going for that neck. When she finally put that put that guillotine on her juliann opinion, they had nowhere to go. And she couldn’t tap. She went to sleep.

John Keyes 23:22
Yeah, she she was a floppy fish afterwards. I mean, she was out. Yes, it was just it was bad, man. It was real.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 23:32
Because what’s that? I take it this is like your best case scenario. JOHN, you love the no tap.

John Keyes 23:39
A man. The death. Tap. Snap on that is one of the three and she napped. I mean, she napped for like I think if you really go back? I think she was out for like eight seconds before they realized that I think she was out even before the announcers is like, hey, she’s out. Yeah. her arm kind of just dipped a little bit lower. And that’s it took him a few seconds, right? Like, Hey, I think she’s out. No, she’s been out before you thought she was out and you know, the ref kind of kind of did the arm check action. Do you hear that? Oh, wait a minute. She’s out. She’s out out okay. And yeah, you know, let’s not do it. Let’s not do a herb or herb Dean in there. Let’s not do it. Mario Yamasaki.

Unknown Speaker 24:27
Her bleen

John Keyes 24:31
herb Dean, Dean is written nicknamed the predator for reason. Okay. He just just let him just saying

Ryan Smith 24:39
herb herb Dean goes out in the back and gets one of those. Those temperature monitors that just you point at it, you know, point at you. Okay, he’s there. That person’s been in in the guillotine. He’s like, not not still 98.6 he got to still keep going a little bored but he’s got to get a little cold. For I’ma stop this fight.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:02
But I wonder what the fighters think about her being in that mentality because so many of them complained like you get an Anthony Smith fight. No, just let me die. Like do the fighters like a herb Dean? Yes, it definitely complained like oh man What? What? What did you come save me?

John Keyes 25:20
I think it’s a yes or no type sir scenario because, like those those that want to fight they’re gonna complain about her being those those who are like, please save me really shouldn’t be in the UFC.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:38
And this is why I’m not in.

Ryan Smith 25:40
Well, no, but I do think that a lot of the fighters who are watching the fights, but let’s just let’s just kind of, you know, make it clear herb Dean is referee royalty. Like he is awesome. No one is going to talk any smack about her Dean. Whether he stopped the fight too early or too late. People might complain but they’re not gonna they’re not gonna disrespect her Dean because he is royalty, however is when a fight goes long. fighters will complain if they’re watching it from home or in the audience. You know, and so yeah, and so we got we got some sort of response tonight. Uh, Leah partite sorry for messing that up. Said herb Dean didn’t ref Anthony Smith in that fight. It was a Jason Herzog that that messed that up but um you know it’s um, but herb Dean has let some fights go long you know and and call it letting a champ or in the championship fight letting letting them try to work it try to get back in the fight for me, I get I get a very soft spot in my heart collection I have gone back and forth with protect the fighter and let them fight just because I would much rather see a fight go short and protect that fighter who was who was on the on the bad end then to let them go 50 strikes without you know without responding you know, it’s those things have happened as well. Not always on her Dean’s his watch. But it has happened.

John Keyes 27:15
It’s happened on all the reps watch. It’s just a herb has has a better eye for it than most than most of the reps. Okay, maybe what’s the British one who is the British one ah

Ryan Smith 27:31
Mark Goddard

John Keyes 27:32
Mark garden. Yeah, he he is his act he is about as sharp as they come okay. He is if you want to live is your is in your best interest to have him in your in as the RAF. However with that being said, if the fighter is going in there, it like I’ve always said it The fight is not the fighters. The fighters job is to go in there and fight. Okay. If they have it in their mentality that they’re going to go out on on their shield that’s on them is that is the rest job to sit there and stop that fight. Okay, both fighters going in there with a different games game plan. We’re not all going to be on the same on the same plane. It is the rest job to remind them, Hey, I’m still the RAF. When I say it’s done, it’s done. Okay, if the ref says keep fighting, better keep swinging.

Ryan Smith 28:27
Well, then that happened. That happened in Oh man, I believe it’s been two weeks we’ve watched watched a lot of fights in the past. Somebody got hit in the eye, and they tried to take a timeout. And the ref was like, No, keep fighting. And it was like, Oh my gosh, I can’t see but I’m still have to fight because the ref said keep fighting. I mean,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 28:53
that had that happen. You did?

Ryan Smith 28:56
Yes. You did. Yes, he did. And he had to keep fighting. Talking about someone who kept fighting Holly home.

Unknown Speaker 29:03
Oh, man.

Ryan Smith 29:04
Everybody want to count her out. Everybody want

John Keyes 29:07
to ask her about retirement. Hold on, hold on. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, don’t put this on everybody. Sir. I sat there and told y’all that she will pull it out. Okay. She She I did. I told y’all. Her veteran her veteran star will outmatched old girl so I want y’all to eat some crow

Ryan Smith 29:28
know why. I think everybody was on holiday home.

John Keyes 29:31
Where they were where we

Ryan Smith 29:34
picked up I don’t think anyone picked all Donna. Yeah, everybody was on

John Keyes 29:38
holiday. I’m sorry. I’m sorry combat sports while they

Kelechi Onyebuchi 29:43
say that she’s fight age old. Like I’m not saying that she’s old, but she’s been through this a long time. Yeah, she’s she’s on the backside of her career. Like I for sure went in on that. But it’s hard to say that she’s gonna lose a fight because of her veteran

John Keyes 29:58
skill set. I made to her I think she was more excited that she was on Fire Island and she was actually fighting because if you went in there, I mean, she looked so calm and poised. I mean, you darn near had to check. Check her pulses make sure that she was still there. Okay.

Ryan Smith 30:14
I but that’s who she is. I mean, like, this is the thing that was annoying me about arena Aldana. It’s not like Holly home doesn’t have like 10 fights in the UFC that you can watch her run around the ring. Holly home is going to get on her bicycle and you are going to have to chase her so if you didn’t train to cut the ring off on Holly home and avoid chasing her, then you are setting yourself up to lose which is what happened. And I Rena l Donna just kept chasing Holly home around the ring. And Holly home would stop though a sidekick to create space, run around a little bit more turn around and throw a three, three piece combo, catch catch iryna alldata coming right in. And it’s like, how do you not see this happening? And how did the How did the your corner not see this happening? Like this was a 5040. Like some some judge gave a 10 eight round to Holly home. And I was actually disappointed for our daughter because she is a much better fighter than that they did not gameplan appropriately, they did not watch enough film. They did not see what Holly home does, to keep all of that offense that she was generating. In the middle of her take the takedowns that she was doing. Like Holly home has been upgrading her game as well. She’s got some new wrinkles and things she’s getting better. But at the end of the day, she’s going to get on her bicycle and run around that ring and beg you to chase her so she can tee off on you as you’re coming in.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 31:53
See importance of those. First of all, having a corner like Holly Holmes, the whole camp like the way they train their folks and like prepare them for fights. It’s crazy. Like they are, I’d say her fight camp is one of the best prepare camps.

Ryan Smith 32:09
You link

John Keyes 32:10
but if you’re coming up with Jeff like or Jackson winkeljohn, who knows everything you’ve eaten for the last 10 years, you’ve got to be able to make him fight adjustments and that’s just it’s hard to do. There are very few fighters who really have corners who can really help change from round one to round two. And Greg Jackson and, and and winkeljohn I mean, those that those two men right there if you say you have if you see Greg Jackson in your corner, you are already the favorite. Okay, but but to have Greg Jackson and Mike winkeljohn in your corner, you are almost guaranteed to win because Greg Jackson knows the point system. He knows exactly what it takes to do the point if you don’t believe that. Go back to Oh, wow. JOHN Jones and Quinten rampage Jackson, if you want to see how well he or no I’m sorry, not john Jones. Ah, well, that you can go you can go see john Jones versus Rashad Evans. You can see how he did that even though he said he wasn’t going to be in anybody’s corner he still ended up in john Jones corner you can look at look at any of john Jones fight and you’ll see it’s while john Jones is the earlier fights mind you pre maybe from which fights in

Ryan Smith 33:33
pre pika grams p pre crashing your car into the dairy

Unknown Speaker 33:38
free bad pregnant woman

Ryan Smith 33:39

John Keyes 33:41
Free bad.

Ryan Smith 33:45
Sorry, john. JOHN.

John Keyes 33:46
Wait, I’m sorry. We’re sick when in there but it’s just the fact that Greg Jackson is such a tactical genius when it comes to it. And you should have known that he was going to be there in Holly Holmes corner because Holly Holmes is a very not only does she have a high fight IQ, but she’s highly coachable. She will adjust on the fly. Okay, she adjusts between rounds on you if need be. But most of the time with Greg Jackson the corner you’re gonna he’s gonna he’s gonna he’s gonna tell her how to impose his game plan on that enemy

Ryan Smith 34:20
no matter what. But let’s let’s not discount Mike winkeljohn though Holly home has been training under Mike winkeljohn for 22 years 22 years under winkeljohn. Like, like she was a teenager when she first walked in there and he has cultivated a multiple time world champ in boxing and a UFC champion who is back on track in order to get that get a shot at the title and she has gotten more shots at the title than almost anyone I think her and you’ll me on j chick you know they are always one fight away from a title shot. I want to I want to we got a comment that came in. That said that Holly home made that takedown stat look like you And that’s in reference to two arena alldata who walked into that fight against Holly home as the number two fighter in the UFC for takedown defense only second to john Jones. And now and now she’s like, Yeah, she got taken down like what four, five maybe six times in the fight like her her take down stat now is like garbage. So I

John Keyes 35:25
don’t make a joke people that there it is is a BBQ that that’s a real thing. All right.

Ryan Smith 35:33
All right, well, there you go. Let’s go ahead and close the book on this one and put this fight on the shelf because this card is history. Now let’s go into the headlines that are making waves in the UFC world with funny angles.

This is finding the angles This is where we look at the headlines and since we’re talking about Albuquerque, and we’re talking about john Jones, then let’s bring it up. Let’s talk about Israel out of Sanya and the john Jones beef. That doesn’t seem to want to quit

John Keyes 36:12
it feels like a side It feels like side check status really but okay. Oh brother

Kelechi Onyebuchi 36:17
He lives in reference to DC again Yes There we go. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 36:25
go ahead. If you are new to combat sports talk we have a drinking game will tell you when to drink so get your drink available whenever john keys references john Jones and Daniel Cormier a that’s a drink when Collette you references the factory x. That’s a drink. Yeah, we’ll keep you abreast of the other drinks that you need to make.

John Keyes 36:51
Think it’s posted do we not post the rules up

Ryan Smith 36:54
there? We have not posted the rules but I we got it. We got to do it. We got to post the rules the combat sport start drinking game. All right. So So this all starts with Israel out of Sanya. I want to go ahead and address the the the droopy boob right? So in the fight in the fight. People were commenting that he had a droopy boob. And he did, but they don’t know what it is. He talked to Israel to your son you talked to Ariel helwani and said that they don’t know what it is. He’s currently in quarantine for the next two weeks, on his way back into New Zealand. And so they’re having it checked out there was some soreness there. People thought that he had some type of disease or they thought he was he was taking Beco grams Pico grams he was he was taking steroids. Um, so the coach is coach Eugene Behrman is is basically saying, Hey, listen, dude, you know Israel out of Sanya, his performance stands for himself. It’s outrageous that people are you know suggesting that Israel out of Sanya is a cheat now there there are there was a headline floating around that perhaps something happened so keep your ears open for anything coming out of the post fight testing for UFC 250 what three get the three right.

John Keyes 38:23
Um so mine was glowing and then urine

Ryan Smith 38:27
so so there was there was one alleged headline that may have just been clickbait who knows that suggested that perhaps some someone did glow. So keep your ears keep your ears open for that. We’re not going to make any speculations it’s all legit and hearsay until it till it’s official. Um. But anyway. So Israel out of Sanya is in is in quarantine, nursing, a droopy boob talking to era Hawaii and he said Listen, I don’t have anything but time. But that’s what people don’t understand is I’m stuck here for two weeks. So all I’m going to be doing is is social media and john Jones, john Jones, who is literally oh and five in Twitter beefs. decided to get into it with the people’s champ

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:21
I feel like john won the exchange today.

Ryan Smith 39:24
Wait, you got to give a 10 nine to john Jones.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:27
I’m giving him 10 nine john Jones

Unknown Speaker 39:29

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:31
Oh, hold up Wait a minute. So the reason I give 10 nine john Jones here is out of Sanya kind of messed up along the way and in his kind of going after fans calling them dummies and all of this and and john Jones has that kind of mmm factor in the Eight Mile where he makes fun of themselves first so that you don’t get that opportunity. So he’s like of course you guys keep going back to my my time in jail my Pico grams. But you have to go back on that because you can’t refute the facts and john Jones is just in some ways just laying it out there like you can’t touch me and here’s why. Got a lot of data and then all that is he has to come back with his Yeah, well, if you want to talk about records let’s talk about your criminal record was like Well, I mean, do better like do more?

Ryan Smith 40:29
Yeah, I mean yeah, I mean, I it is it is true that Israel out of Sonia has seen too and you know, I like to talk I could talk trash You know, this. I’m a trash talking condo this and so, so, Israel out of Sanya is just going for like the base stuff, like, it’s easy on the nose kind of things. It doesn’t require a lot of thought. And so, you know, I do think it’s fair that john Jones was like, yeah, you know, you can’t refute the facts if you don’t know what to say tell a cocaine joke. But ya know, it’s it’s it’s true to that fact that now I john Jones came back and said McGregor came and made Ireland look like royalty. You can make African men look soft. I Are you gonna still give him 10 nine even though he did that

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:29
collection. So I so as an African I’m like, I’m still riding with Izzy, like, not even as an African just like, as a fan of the sport. Like I don’t think that it’s fair that we have to bring country nationalism into this but I mean, I get that that’s the nature of it. The reason I still have to score for john Jones in this is because Jones is kind of playing this like I’ve been here done that I’m this older man role and you’re still watching cartoons and eating cereal. He’s like literally using lines like that. It’s like Well, I mean, it’s not wrong. Like if we’re talking about a sport that is defined by classic masculinity here then john Jones is playing the role of like, I’m a grown man step your game up. And it’s it’s it’s hard to refute that it’s Izzy, who’s like dyeing his hair doing all these young antics. He is young, like, but he’s also 30 something like, you’re not really young. So I just give it to Jones, because he switched the argument like he’s always kept Izzy on his back foot. And is he hasn’t had that one line that makes you go like, Oh, well.

Ryan Smith 42:41
Then, you know what I respect I respect the assessment, then. I mean, for me, I wasn’t following the Twitter, the the back and forth. I’m watching time today. I’m watching. I’m watching the transcript. I’m reading the transcript now. And and I see what you’re talking about is john Jones is coming off as the more mature of the two. And so. So I think that’s a good position for him to be. This is what I’ve been this, if we go back all the way back to his very first beef, which was against Rashad Evans. I was, you know, I was like, Listen, be the champ be the guy at the top of the mountain. Because if you occupy that space as the person to talk to the mountain top of the mountain, you get to flick off the flies that come your way. Yeah. And And And finally, it looks like he’s, he’s doing that. And he’s saying listen out of Sanya, you know, just fight me. We don’t have to keep talking back and forth. Sign your contract and fight me. Because he knows they don’t want to do

Kelechi Onyebuchi 43:47
that the misnomer. There is no contract, but it is a good statement sign.

Ryan Smith 43:51
Yeah, but you know what I’m saying?

John Keyes 43:52
Yeah, that’s it. That’s it.

Ryan Smith 43:54
Let’s make it a

John Keyes 43:56
job. Exactly. It’s a trap. Okay, that’s what john Jones wants. Yes, he wants the opportunity to smash that middleweight belt. That’s what he’s gonna

Ryan Smith 44:07
smash the middle way. Bill. There’s no way john Johnson have to cut off one of those skinny legs in order to get to 185.

John Keyes 44:15
What makes you think that he ain’t prepping for that just in case? Come on now. music music, okay, hip hop music because you need like prepping for that while moving. All I’m saying is all I’m saying is he’s sitting there and going okay, let let out of science said okay, I’ll fight you. Namie named Tom in place. No, I guarantee you mysteriously. That weights coming down to 185 and he’s coming for

Ryan Smith 44:48
I got you right here.

John Keyes 44:57
Okay, that’s

Ryan Smith 44:58
a classic blunder right? There’s no way there’s no way john. JOHN Jones is not going 185 but is your son you could go to 205 and, you know, we know that

John Keyes 45:08
Israel is planning that’s, that’s, that’s what it’s supposed to be. But if I can, I guarantee it I should cuz just just

if I want to if the only way that you can really get it out of song at this point, and only way you can get an Emmy champion at this point is if you take their bill, if you take the one thing that that is defining them at the moment, okay, is I may sit there and say that belt doesn’t define him. I would like to highly, highly disagree. Okay, he covered step though. Let him get snatched away from him. And why he will not. It won’t. It won’t hurt him as to a point that it would diminish him. It was still hurt his pride. And that’s what this is all about between john Jones and out of Sanya is pride. Okay, I can say all the crap I want to say to anybody, but until I start hurting their pride, it really doesn’t mean nothing. And that’s what needs to happen. Somebody’s pride needs to get hurt real badly.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 46:17
We have to look at it from the other side too though, like this fight can’t happen. And there’s there’s very few realities in which this can come together. But what I can do is help two guys with ticket sales.

John Keyes 46:30
Just saying What does uncle Dana say?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 46:33
No, he doesn’t win much.

Ryan Smith 46:35
Yeah, Uncle Dana doesn’t want to have anything to say about that. Because but but I think it’s fair and it’s it’s the fact that you’re talking about a 205 or who’s moving up to two to heavyweight versus the 185 or who I don’t think he has to cut very much to get to get in at 185 like that makes a huge difference and and and so I it’s just not a fight that Dana White would even remotely want to book because there’s much more interesting fights for the both of those guys why would you put them in the ring against each other if you can get a super fight if you can get that super fight in 2021 great but I don’t think it’s gonna happen then either. And and

Kelechi Onyebuchi 47:16
this moved away from Super fights

John Keyes 47:19
I’m only gonna say this once that this is the same group of gentlemen that did tell me that that john Jones and Daniel Cormier we’re never going to fight again. They did they did fight I know we I went past and once this is it one time, or is it

Ryan Smith 47:36
every time every time we say it, and and none of us none of us said they weren’t gonna fight again. We knew that they were going to fight again. It’s the third time we said they weren’t gonna fight and they haven’t fought the third time. So you know, I’ve been I’ve been bullying you with the with the soundboard. So I’m not gonna play crow on that.

John Keyes 47:58
It’ll hurt me like so I think we need to go back in time and go back and check and see if I’m right or wrong. I think we need to live, man, we have done

Ryan Smith 48:09
so many shows. I have no idea what glitches I

John Keyes 48:12
don’t know. I have to go back. I do believe there was a point where y’all said that they wouldn’t fight again after after he had after john Jones had failed the pee test. I think there was

Kelechi Onyebuchi 48:27
actually it’s possible I might have said that.

Ryan Smith 48:30
Anyway, anyway, talking about someone fighting there is Israel out of Sanya is not the only person that has a locomotive of a hype train barreling down the tracks. There’s another gentleman by the name of Hamza shemaiah.

John Keyes 48:48
Who big

Ryan Smith 48:50
big Yeah, who does not know when in the top 25 who has been smashing people in his UFC debut and and this is a guy that is I mean, you know, the Gerald Meir shark fight was one of those fights where we thought that there could be a spoiler and it was a you know, it was a one shot one kill power. It wasn’t even a pop out. It was just the power

John Keyes 49:21
out of the ground. It is it.

Ryan Smith 49:24
Me hitting you when you hit in the ground. That’s it.

John Keyes 49:27
Yeah, when you hit a quitter,

Unknown Speaker 49:29
that’s right.

Unknown Speaker 49:30
All I need is one punch standard.

Ryan Smith 49:33
And so um and and and so he’s looking for his next fight and so this is the thing that that’s very, very interesting, right? Because before the Gerald Mir shark fight they were looking to bring him to to fight islands a fight Damian Maia, he drops smear shark with one punch. And then they’re like, No, we don’t want you fight and Damien, Maya, we got to find a better fighter for you. So, Dan? Yeah, he’s not fighting. Damian.

John Keyes 50:01
I mean, that’s that’s kind of cold blooded. He’s like, hey, I want and they’re like, Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 50:09
well, the way that I read that they were kind of pitching it was the fact they’re like, Okay, well, we’re gonna test him out and see what he does. So we’re gonna test him out with the veteran like, like Jeremy Rashard, if he beats their drill mere shot, which we expect him to do. Then we’ll give him a real good Grappler like, like like Damien Maya formerly the most dangerous man at welterweight and then again that’s my that’s the thing that’s probably one of my drink my

John Keyes 50:35
drink oh yeah

Ryan Smith 50:38
so so perhaps Maya did drop out either way the fights not happening. Um, but the the so the UFC is like okay, who’s gonna be next? Let’s match. Hamza Chermayeff up with Steven Wonderboy Thompson and so Wonderboy is like this comes right at the same time as Wonderboy saying, Hey, I am going to make my very first call out of all of my career Mr. Leon Edward sir Would you please bite me in the in the in the cage that is octagonal and and he’s like that really felt weird. And And so you’ve got this bizarre love triangle. See what I did there? Ah um between between homes that shemaiah Steven Wonderboy Thompson and Leon Edwards chimay have wants to fight Thompson. Thompson wants to fight Edwards. And Edwards is like, I don’t want to fight either one of you. You guys are both too low ranked. I worked my tail off to get up here. It’s it’s top four or nothing.

John Keyes 51:39
Oh, okay. Great. Casey, go ahead.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 51:42
I was just gonna say let me preempt john here and say, let’s do a Russian style three way fight.

Ryan Smith 51:50
Man, you have me holding my breath.

John Keyes 51:54
Well, I do applaud your violence there. No, this is really okay. So this is like a high school scenario. There’s there’s the pretty chicken Liana with it is what it is. And you know the guy.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:09
Can we get please?

Ryan Smith 52:11
Yes. Yes, you can.

John Keyes 52:14
You got guys, over here. Try to ask wonderful out what about like, well, I’m already dating this chick. And the chick is like, No, I don’t wanna date you. Are you you both can have each other. That is what’s happening here.

Ryan Smith 52:26
It’s like a Jerry Springer show is what it is. Yeah. Wait, what? What are you giving me the prayer hands for?

John Keyes 52:37
Right. Go ahead. Do it talks

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:38
about this pre show. Oh.

John Keyes 52:43
Thought it was like this, man.

Ryan Smith 52:51
You got your signs mixed up.

Unknown Speaker 52:54
Alright. Anyway.

Ryan Smith 52:56
Yeah, you’re out. You’re good. Uh, so anyway, it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens because here’s the thing with Leon Edwards. Leon Edwards hasn’t fought in like eight months because he was supposed to fight at the beginning of the year. And then what ended up happening was he COVID-19 happened and so his fights got canceled and all that kind of stuff. And so he’s been struggling to find a matchup but at this point, you just can’t sit there and start picking and choosing fights at this point.

John Keyes 53:31
You’re either I mean, he’s fighters if you do that. Guess what? You’re gonna be sitting up on the shelf to about 2023

Unknown Speaker 53:38

Ryan Smith 53:39

John Keyes 53:40
Yes, by anybody by everybody because guess what? That whole weight Division I haven’t looked at the full list the full roster the top 25 but I guarantee they’re all killers. Okay, they’re all killers at one level another fight somebody? Okay, find a way you let’s put it out there. I get it. Everybody saw what what could big did that too poor Gerald. Okay, we saw it. Okay. I wouldn’t want to fight me all sudden. I’m pulling out too. Oh, I got a heart problem clutching the right side of my heart. Okay. I got all sudden I can’t I can’t breathe. Right. I would come up with all i got i got the Rona. I mean, I would come up with all sorts of reasons why not to fight this guy cuz he’s a one shot one kill type of person. However, if Leon you’ve got to defend your position, okay, you’ve got to defend it as if you’re the champ. If you are if you want that if you keep sitting there and screaming. I can’t they I haven’t had a championship fight on the most deserved guy up there. What you need to do is anybody that keeps sending to him, you take them out in the ring. And you you look at Dana White in his eyes and said Who is next? Where is my title shot? Okay. That’s what you have to do. You have to get gladiatorial on these people. Okay,

Ryan Smith 55:04
yeah, that’s the thing to it Listen, it’s either easy money or it’s not like that’s the thing. Leon Edwards if you’re gonna sit there and say that I want a title shot or I want top four or nothing, then what you’re really saying is is that this isn’t easy money and I’m at risk and I’m concerned about my position as to whether or not I can actually retain my spot if I take this fight that there is more for me to lose like if you’re worried about losing your spot then perhaps you don’t deserve a title shot and I don’t want to I hate to say it that way. But but it is it is the it is the thing is that Leon Edwards should look at as Steven Wonderboy Thompson and be like easy money let’s take that fight you know, he should he should be looking at concept tomorrow and be like you know, eat you know easy money you don’t know what you’re getting into dude

John Keyes 55:57
like who was that’s what he says who Yeah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 56:00
Tony Ferguson in a situation like that recently that didn’t pan out

Ryan Smith 56:06
it’s it’s it’s the fight game right? It is the fight game but at the end of the day, you’re either confident or you’re not Tony Ferguson walked in there fully expecting to win he has not run from anyone. And so so the people say things but if we get a little bit farther in in the in the in the run sheet you’ll see that Dana White is already talking about if have even America met off makes it past. Justin he he’s going to try to book the Tony Ferguson fight or a sixth time. That’s the kind of love that you get when you fight often. And you win. You fight often when you win.

John Keyes 56:49
And you win violently. Okay, because let’s put it out there. Oh Kukui wins violently.

Ryan Smith 56:58
So so it’s just one of those things where Leon Edwards you’re playing the numbers game in a sport that has a ladder that don’t mean anything. The ladder in the UFC are like points on Whose Line is it Anyway it don’t matter

John Keyes 57:12
dang that’s pretty good. That was pretty doesn’t matter. But yeah, Leon Edwards a not taking nothing from you. You are earned and deserved to be in your position. But you’re gonna have a if they keep sending them your way. You’re gonna have to say you know what, bring them and I’ll take them out and keep going.

Ryan Smith 57:32
Because you know, he’s starting to sound like huh you know, he’s starting to sound like

Unknown Speaker 57:37
down in strike.

Ryan Smith 57:48
starting to sound like Tony Woodley. Remember Tyron Woodley would not would not want to fight anybody because he was if you’re giving me fighters that are beneath me, I’m not gonna fight these guys. It’s like Tyron Woodley you have to fight you have to fight because you if you stay on the shelf, you start losing Route Route relevance, and the sport passes you by and that’s exactly what happened. I’m not saying that Leon Edwards is is is is getting ready to get passed by but it’s been eight months and the dude hadn’t had a fight yet.

John Keyes 58:18
Yeah. lightly on fight

Ryan Smith 58:22
you know, it’s uh, and I agree with this comment here. There’s too much star power at 170 and it’s pushing Leon out like you got new you got new people coming up and they they want to get a shot. You don’t you don’t need another Hamza Chermayeff to come up after you know a bit. You know, you don’t need him to another one to come up because he is just going to make you less and less relevant for a person who couldn’t get a 170 fight scheduled anyway, like nobody was trying to fight him. We talked about this a few weeks ago on the show him and hope tomorrow lucemon were both fighters who had to beg for a fight. Now UFC is trying to give you someone with the name of Wonderboy Thompson and you don’t want to take it like it’s either easy money or it’s not. And it sounds to me like Steven Wonderboy Thompson is not easy money to you. Let’s go on. Um, cowbell. Oh, last thing because nobody wants to fight. Hamza Maya, cowboy. Allah Vera is like, Listen, if nobody wants to fight him, I’ll fight him.

John Keyes 59:24
That Hey, I like the fight. That’s a threat. Leave Oliver out. Hey, y’all. Don’t let him slip. He will. He will not come out. Okay, there’s a there’s that is the most beyond cowboy Sironi. That man is game. Okay, he is game.

Ryan Smith 59:44
Yeah, I like that fight. I like that fight. I hope they booked that because that would be a great fight to see if he can if he can take that next level because he’s still currently unranked. So let’s see what he could do against cowboy aloevera and maybe You know, the hype train accelerates, and we get some more we get some, you know, get some more legend going that way. Um, Mark Hunt appeals his call of appeals the basis of dismissal of Brock Lesnar. So what happened we covered this up maybe about a year ago right where Mark Hunt was suing Brock Lesnar in the UFC because Brock Lesnar popped for for performance enhancing drugs after their fight. And Mark claimed that it was conspiracy that that the UFC and Brock Lesnar knew that he was going to pop what they allowed him to go in there and fight when we know that mark Kahn has seen better days. And he had talked about having symptoms of CTE. And so unfortunately, the the the court that was hearing that case, throughout most of the case, and dismissed it, and so Mark Hunt is basically going on his appeal. And so this is just something to keep your eye on. We follow Mark Hunt and his career for a very long time. You know, we want the UFC to do right by him. And hopefully, if if they, you know, we believe that the UFC did not intentionally send the Brock Lesnar into the into the octagon knowing that he had popped up for a or performance enhancing drugs that if they did that, then they would they should do right by the market.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:01:32
Go ahead to let you Oh, I was just clarifying the wheat in that statement. Yeah. Because I kind of believe

John Keyes 1:01:40
I kind of believe that allegedly. Yeah, okay. Allegedly. Yeah. Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:01:47
Um, there’s, there’s you guys familiar with uzman? Right. Which is my uzman numurkah medoff. Ooh, oh, like this, like the the, the combination of the two greatest, like, you now have the Ultimate Warrior? In uzman numurkah medoff, who just signed a multi fight deal with bellator MMA. So I’m the younger cousin of Habib numurkah. Madoff is just joined Bella tour, and the rumor has it that uzman numurkah Madoff is better. Then the eagle.

John Keyes 1:02:28
That’s just like saying that Kerry Von Erich was better than David Von Erich, man. Come on. But he was it was sure. Now he wasn’t the yellow rose was actually pretty good until he got poisoned, and die. But you know what, you’re right. Because I’ll take it back. Because carry on there was better, because he actually wrestled with one leg. So yes, he was better.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:50
Let’s just say I don’t have much of a wrestling history or background, but the Von erichs I know, in the heart. Yes.

John Keyes 1:02:55
Yes. Kerry Von Erich actually wrestled with a prosthetic leg so that by default makes him a far superior wrestler he right off the bat.

Ryan Smith 1:03:04
So carry on. As we start looking at the lineup that Bella tour is is starting to bring it now that you’ve got they’ve got their own numurkah medoff. Now that they’ve got the, you know, the fighters that they’re starting to bring in, you know, they’re starting to bring in some more of the UFC fighters who are, you know, kind of on their way out, but they’re starting to elevate their game and their roster starting to get bigger. There’s a tipping point that if they reach it, they could begin to make it to make a run at the UFC. Now, my prediction and I’m going to make it here on the show right now. Is that the moment that Bella Torre starts to get a little bit of swagger to challenge the UFC. UFC is gonna buy them

John Keyes 1:03:51
Wow, you think they would do that? Hundred percent competition competition breeds evolution, you know that right? Hundred percent need? They need. They need Delatour. Just like they need one FC out there. They need those fight organization to make themselves better. You don’t need both.

Ryan Smith 1:04:11
You don’t need one already said. No, they didn’t.

John Keyes 1:04:16
I’m just saying, you know, Playstation needed Xbox and Nintendo.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:22
Alright, we’re on par with each other. And they started. Like throughout the history of the companies they’ve been on par with each other. UFC has never Well, not never there is a very short window in which they they were at parity.

Ryan Smith 1:04:40
I’m just looking at it like this. When the UFC started. You had pride pride was making waves. What do they do? They bought pride. Then it was the UFC versus Strikeforce. Actually before that, after pride it was UFC versus WEC. Then they bought then it was us FC vs Strikeforce and then they bought them so there is no reason not to believe that the UFC once bellator becomes a threat they will buy them because you you you want it to be a two horse race and and and definitely want a two horse race for the other horse to be big on the other side of the world where almost no one in your major markets know of of the alternative.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:05:35
I don’t I don’t even if they were to sell and Delatour becomes an acquisition. I don’t see them holding on to that brand for any reason. Oh no. though. It’s a word peeps.

Ryan Smith 1:05:52
Yeah, they would they would they would dissolve it just like they did Strikeforce and WEC. It would be you would walk in and you’d be like the former Bella tour champion or whatever. But at the end of the day, it becomes just another brand that the UFC has consolidated. And so it’s not like Scott Coker is going to be the one making the decision. It’s going to be Viacom. Yeah, so, so you throw enough money at Viacom, they will sell, um, Anderson Silva. Do you think he’s gonna retire? This is a good question. You know, when he retired UFC Vegas, 12. His coach says, Anderson Silva says a lot of fighting him. I don’t see it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:06:34
I don’t think they know when to quit.

John Keyes 1:06:37
Masters division, gentlemen. Okay, the drink. A drink. That’s what they could do with Delatour. They could tell they could turn billeter in the mat into the Masters division. We’re warriors just won’t die. Okay. They can San Diego Sanchez. freakin Andre arlovski Let’s see who else who else needs to go green. Eddie, who’s that? House overeat? Yeah, yeah, the

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
last guess.

John Keyes 1:07:13
Oh, he’s retired. He’s gone.

Ryan Smith 1:07:15
professional wrestler now.

John Keyes 1:07:17
He making more money for professional wrestling. But Brock can go, bro.

Ryan Smith 1:07:22
Oh, by the one product in there.

John Keyes 1:07:24
Yeah. jr dos Santos Guess what, man? You can go on over there to Gypsy a year West. I mean, that’s what that’s what they can do with it. I know. Anderson Silva. He’s not gonna quit. He’s not gonna

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:07:41
Delatour and fight Machida.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43

John Keyes 1:07:46
that would be nasty. I would I’d actually like you actually.

Ryan Smith 1:07:50
You actually could do that fight that would be a really good fight. I would love to see that. Um, but but that’s the thing too is that if you weren’t if the UFC where to where to where to buy out Bella Torre. Then we finally get those crossover fights that we want to see.

John Keyes 1:08:06
Yeah. I mean, but still, I mean, are they crossover fights or fights that just we just been waiting on?

Ryan Smith 1:08:14
That’s that’s what it is. Yeah. Well, I mean, it effectively becomes a fight that we’ve been waiting on, but would have been a crossover fight had the UFC not hypothetically purchased bellator. I’m speaking of UFC, UFC 255 I don’t know if Collette she saw the headline. But Alex Perez was not able to to maintain his fight against Brandon Marino. So they got this guy from Colorado named rod dog, Brandon Roybal to come in and replace Alex Perez in this fight at UFC 255 so we have been tooting the horn of the hype train here combat sports talk for this guy Brandon Roybal showed out of what was it last week or showed out at UFC 233 you know, against Kyra France. And, you know, we were very impressed by this guy. And so he is getting right back in the saddle. Gonna be fighting in a few weeks, or I guess it’s about a few months from now. He’s gonna be fighting again. I’m excited to see that fight. So I wanted to make sure we shouted him out on the show and says, um, we’ll see it. We’ll see what’s gonna happen there. I’m Kamala Elizabeth versus Gilbert burns. That fight is not going to happen. Um, it’s I read that it said that tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:41
Oh, surprise. Oh,

Ryan Smith 1:09:44
come on. Ozma. needed more time. I don’t know what that means. But

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:09:48
yeah, I saw that too. And I, I get it. He’s been pretty active. Um, well, let’s be real. Gilbert Burns has taken that title. So maybe just gets to hold on to that for a little Little bit

Ryan Smith 1:10:00
longer you know while burns might take that title I’m not gonna I’m not gonna go ahead and make that pig but

George Stallworth 1:10:07
he is bidding against his countrymen.

Ryan Smith 1:10:08
Oh look at that we got the

John Keyes 1:10:12
you heard me say surprise I

Ryan Smith 1:10:14
told us right oh we got the coach the coach

George Stallworth 1:10:18
yeah okay Casey is betting against his own countrymen like

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:10:24

George Stallworth 1:10:26
whatever you have are of Nigerian descent is Komodo is and I just heard you say give it bears is taking his belt.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:10:36
I mean because Gilbert burns is the next level fighter that tomorrow was a level of speed and stamina to the octagon that we have not seen it is literally a level up.

George Stallworth 1:10:51
He does is when a fight brah You were so bad. What do you call goat school? goats to in Nigerian? What? What language? What language do you speak? Ebo Yeah, what are your family? What is your family called goats to?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:09
I’ll just call it pepper soup.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
Been a lot of that.

Ryan Smith 1:11:19
That setup took a long time, man. Coaches like okay, what is that language that you speak? Now what did they call goat soup in that language?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:34
It’s just an English translation.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:37
But pepper soup.

John Keyes 1:11:42
It’s gonna be a highly competitive fight. It’s gonna be highly competitive. But to say that tomorrow is going down. I don’t know about that one.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:52
Let’s see what he did to Woodley.

George Stallworth 1:11:54
I saw the destruction at hand. Okay, but when there was already a damaged and better fighter, that Kumar who already softened them up, Gilbert burns came through and cleaned him up and then Colby went through it ran through them like a hot chick at the bar that nobody wants to take home.

John Keyes 1:12:13
That I can’t get away with saying stuff I said

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18
when I was thinking on that,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:20
along those lines, is you’ve got a Colby Covington what Kobe did to kamaru is what makes me believe that Gilbert can win because Kobe really took the fight to tomorrow. And for all intents and purposes could have won on December 14.

John Keyes 1:12:38
Are you saying that he was winning until he lost?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41

George Stallworth 1:12:44

Unknown Speaker 1:12:48
Your your?

Ryan Smith 1:12:53
Well, all I was gonna say

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:54
you broke was your own spirit.

Ryan Smith 1:13:00
I was gonna say though, that Gilbert burns is the most dangerous man at one 770 and so, you know, it’s a chance that he could make it make a fight. There it is. That’s, that’s, that’s mine. Have a drink, yo, um, is that it’s gonna be a great fight. So whenever they do have it, I’m gonna be on the I’m gonna be there ready to watch that because there’s so many things that could happen. It’s gonna be really competitive. Speaking of really competitive fights, I’ll Jemaine Sterling is confident that a title fight happens in December. He’s the next guy in line. That is one guy out Jemaine Sterling has the most tenuous title shot in the world. It’s like he is. He’s the next guy in line. But Dana White doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Nobody’s booked a fight. I don’t know why Dana White doesn’t want to but you asked Dana White, who’s the next guy in line to fight Peter yawn. He’s like, Yeah,

John Keyes 1:14:02
exactly. I’m like, What did he do? I mean, did he holla at your girl? Did he? You know what? I mean, what? Did he say something bad at you? Yeah. I mean, I’ll just been there for a minute. He has been knocking on the door. It’s like he is the only one left and you’re still looking down the street to see if somebody’s there. He’s like, I’m right here. I got the hair and everything. Why can’t you get me in?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:14:31
Go, Roger.

Ryan Smith 1:14:37
Yeah, this is this is an interesting this is an interesting question, though. So it’s coming in as the question is Dana White waiting for TJ dillashaw to come back and is Is he really trying to keep that door open so he can get get the snake back in back in title shot? Warm? I would TJ dillashaw being offered two years because of the Pro. I don’t know that you can put him right Back in a title shot on his first fight back you’re gonna have to give him a tune up you’re gonna have to give him a fight that’s going to justify him getting a title shot think you want to put him in against the guy that’s going to be fighting this weekend? Someone like Corey San Hagen because yeah it comes back in January. I I think you want to put him in in a fight against Corey San Hagen or maybe even Frankie. Frankie Edgar he’s fighting at 135 right?

George Stallworth 1:15:27
Yeah, he decided he want to drop down.

Ryan Smith 1:15:30
Yeah, so so I think you give TJ dillashaw someone like that where it’s it’s an interesting fight but it’s one that that he should win against a name like Frankie Edgar or you know, Sam Hagen I don’t think you want to get someone like Marlon Moe Hayes. I don’t think you want to go without Jermaine Sterling or something like that. Maybe you do. Jr, Josie Aldo versus TJ dillashaw. But you got to give him a fight first, it’s gonna that’s gonna suggest that he has a right to fight Peter Yon or if Algerian Sterling gets that fight against that belt. You got to do that first. So, but I like I like your thinking. I like how you’re thinking.

John Keyes 1:16:08
So my question is, are we I mean, if it if they were to get into the ring, does owl Jemaine walk away with that bell? I guess Peter Yeah. Yes.

Ryan Smith 1:16:20
Oh, like it? I Peter, Yon is

John Keyes 1:16:25
what I’m in and get it done. That’s the question. Why if you if if there if Dana is thinking, and I’m not saying you think for Dana, but if Dana is thinking that PDR can run through them, he would have sent them in there already was sent out Join now. So it’s out there something that that Dana sees possibly that we’re not seeing?

Ryan Smith 1:16:52
You know, I think I think it has to do with the fact that at 135 your ability to draw fans is really hard. I mean, we know we know one name. Yeah. 125. So you know, maybe maybe cuz algae remains does isn’t isn’t that big of a draw? I mean, we like algae, man. We support algae man. But, you know, the casual fan doesn’t know who al Jemaine is. And so, Peter Yon, it doesn’t necessarily have a big draw name. So, you know, to you know, to the point that perhaps you need a TJ dillashaw to give it a level of, of legitimacy, legitimacy, because everybody knows him. Everybody knows Cody garbrandt. Right. And Cody garbrandt is now hurt. So, you know, what he What are you gonna do with that division? Anyway, uh, I’m gonna skip these next couple of notes on the run sheet but we’re gonna skip these because I really want to talk about this beer Okay, um, because I want to get I want to get into the fight card and then I’m going to shamelessly plug something at the very end of the show.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:14
Oh boy. Okay, so show brought to you by Coca Cola

John Keyes 1:18:21
almost said it. Oh,

Ryan Smith 1:18:23
man. I don’t know what I don’t know what’s in that cup. But you have been on the edge of saying a lot of things tonight.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:32

John Keyes 1:18:36
I’m just gonna say GEORGE Yeah don’t don’t watch the first five minutes of the show. Oh

Ryan Smith 1:18:41
yeah. He’s gonna replay that that’s gonna be a drop. And we

John Keyes 1:18:46
don’t find me dog please don’t jump.

Ryan Smith 1:18:52
Here we go. This is the fight card.

This is the fight card. This is where we look at the fights that are happening on this Saturday night. We have another fight at Abu Dhabi I you know the UFC is really making making it work for them with the with fight islands. So we’ve got UFC fight Island five mo Hayes vs. San Hagen. Saturday, October 10 2020. At the flash forum on fight Island in Abu Dhabi, we’ve got five fights on the card, Tom Aspinall versus Allen about oh 265 pounds these are heavyweights don’t know either one of those guys. g. jerkiness Du Plessis versus Marcus Perez. I’ve seen Marcus Perez fight. That’s going to be a good that’s going to be a good fight. A Big Ben Rothwell is back versus Marsan tie bura that’s gonna be a banger right there.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:54

Ryan Smith 1:19:56
The ground is going to rumble in the coma. Event Edson Barboza versus Mach one aka my car a mere commie. There we go lochmere comic. Got it. Third time’s try. Um, that’s going to be a great fight. And then mollema Hayes versus Corey. Stan Hagen. We’re going to flash five picks. Let’s go with the Edson Barboza. Actually let’s go to Ben Rockwell versus Marcy Marcin pty Bora um cholesky who you got

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:20:26
um, first I would like to say that I would wish Canfield was still on the air because them doing a UFC fighters name show.

Ryan Smith 1:20:39
bury my favorite.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:20:43
That said, I’m going I’m feeling British today. Nope. Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:20:53

John Keyes 1:20:59
Big Ben Ross. In other words.

Ryan Smith 1:21:03
Really? Is that who you’re going? No, no, Ben Ross was like from like Wisconsin or something like that.

John Keyes 1:21:10
But his nickname is Ben.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:13

John Keyes 1:21:17
Ah, we are smarter the witty one. All right. Yeah.

George Stallworth 1:21:24
And I want to just the Rothwell Rockefellers. You know anything off in that line of lineage would have ignited the conspiracy theorist in you, but it didn’t Apparently,

John Keyes 1:21:34
it did not tonight. It did. We have played

Ryan Smith 1:21:37
the music so many times tonight, you would have thought

George Stallworth 1:21:39
Ryan would have jumped on and be like, you know, flashback conspiracy theory music. That sounds like you know.

Ryan Smith 1:21:48
Yeah, Ross, like, Roswell, New Mexico. Um,

John Keyes 1:21:51
we’ve we’ve had many conspiracy theory moments here earlier. So I think we’re all tuckered out.

Ryan Smith 1:21:57
Honestly, the when you said you were going British. I thought you were talking about Martin Tiber, because Martin tabora is from Poland. And so therefore, I thought maybe you had gotten the origin of Yeah, I thought you’d gotten it wrong. So that’s why I was like, okay, so yes. Now I get it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:22:16
I’ll be less obfuscated next time. Oh,

Ryan Smith 1:22:20
sure. triple point score. I’m

John Keyes 1:22:24
gonna look that up. Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:22:27
So uh, john key so you got

John Keyes 1:22:30
you know a thanks thanks to KC for the for the interference there and, and, and thank you, thank you. looks at it. Look up some of our boy Marsan. He’s been This is the second time the fight Island and he came with came away with a win last time and he’s currently on a three on a two fight win streak. I’m gonna go with Marsan on this one. I think he’s got a chance. Because I’m looking at his win loss record. His loss record ain’t too bad he’s lost against. So so let’s see a Derrick Lewis being one for breezy over Doom being a gusto. gusto Sekai. He’s lost against some pretty good guy, so I think he’s good at losing. Yeah, I think he loses against the best. Yes, he does.

George Stallworth 1:23:18
What you’re saying is Rockwell isn’t the best.

John Keyes 1:23:21
I would say that. Marsa Ty bureau will win this one.

George Stallworth 1:23:25
I don’t want to eat that crow later. You don’t want to say that rather well. isn’t the best. Just want to say you think Mohsen wins.

John Keyes 1:23:32
I don’t want I don’t want my words to be minced. Or misconstrued, man

George Stallworth 1:23:37
Come on eat somebody votes to next week.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:41
You’re slipping on this.

George Stallworth 1:23:44
I’m not saying it’s bad. I like myself. barbecue. I’m a goat. Goat on multiple occasions never had goats do but I’m just saying. Just said we could change it up from crow to go. We can get ethnic with it. Alright,

Ryan Smith 1:24:01
so So speaking of get an ethnic who you got?

George Stallworth 1:24:04
I’m going with

John Keyes 1:24:09
Ben Rothwell. Isn’t that good?

George Stallworth 1:24:12
No, I’m saying Ben’s a little longer than two and he’s been through quite a few fights and wars. And I think his chin is a little cheeky.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:24:20
I see what you did there.

Ryan Smith 1:24:22
Um, I’m going with Ben Rockwell. Rockwell.

George Stallworth 1:24:26

Ryan Smith 1:24:27
Yeah, this dude is adorable man. And I just I love the way that he just finds a way to land those big shots and surprises, folks. So you know, depending on how fast if Martin tabora is a quick fighter and can move with that weight, then perhaps he may create problems for for Rothwell, but if he’s gonna stand in the middle and just take trade punches. I got the big behemoths, man. I will take Ben Rothwell me just

George Stallworth 1:24:58
to remember these pictures. Next week because I remember timing to when we made some pics and I was like George I remember you making that pic. But tonight you heard john Key’s and George Stallworth. It Marsan

Ryan Smith 1:25:11
Tibor. All right. I am writing it down right now. I’m writing them down. I’m gonna put it in the run sheet. So that next week, we can just refer back to it. Alright, and that way. So, in the CO Main Event you’ve got Edson Barboza versus MK Juan americani. George Giovanni Stallworth, he got

George Stallworth 1:25:35
you look, come to me first. I don’t even know who he’s fighting but I’m going with.

Ryan Smith 1:25:39
Okay. JOHN.

George Stallworth 1:25:48
Cho looks like it’s doing somebody.

John Keyes 1:25:51
I’m gonna go with Edson Barboza. I don’t need to look look up the other dude, I know Edson will come in there and he’ll perform and he does what he does which is imposes will kick your head off. That’s what he’s gonna do.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:04
let you change. I’m thinking Ed son,

Ryan Smith 1:26:07
and son. I got that one. I am going to channel My chakra a number one with my Kwan armor, Connie.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:24
Oh my goodness, dude.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:26
We don’t know. Right? Just you will find

George Stallworth 1:26:29
your wisdom with us. Great Ryan.

Ryan Smith 1:26:33
No, this this Aamir Khan is actually a really dynamic fighter. I think. I think it’s gonna be a good fight. But um, yeah, Aamir Khan. He’s got some jujitsu and so we we’re gonna see how this goes because we know that SM Barbosa likes to stand and bang likes to likes to do the spinning attacks and all those kinds of things. I think that he’s gotten a little bit one dimensional in his in his fighting and I think that Aamir Khan is gonna gonna change it up it’s gonna bring some diversity and you’re gonna see

George Stallworth 1:27:08
I think you’re sleeping on his ground game but okay. Yeah, we’ll get to see it though mean it’s not there.

Ryan Smith 1:27:15
It was great against Habib numurkah Madoff I will say

Unknown Speaker 1:27:19

Unknown Speaker 1:27:24
that’s a whole different level.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:27
Greg burns

Ryan Smith 1:27:28
in the main event of the

George Stallworth 1:27:30
show me somebody who had a great ground game against our weight.

John Keyes 1:27:37
Okay, his dad the bear that he fought when he was a kid

Ryan Smith 1:27:44
whose mom or mega Madoff did um the the main event of the evening is Marlon Hayes versus Corey San Hagen Collette she Casey Onyebuchi who you got

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:27:57
I’m going with Colorado’s own even though it’s gonna be a tough fight for him. He will find a way in the second round with an elbow.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:05
Wow. Wow.

Ryan Smith 1:28:08
You got more Hayes?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:11

Ryan Smith 1:28:16
All right, George. JOHN Key’s john Key’s.

John Keyes 1:28:19
Ah, you know what? Let’s see here. 1234 last six, five. He’s the last the last six fights he’s only lost one personnels Henry saluda I’m giving it to Marlin my case by decision All right.

Ryan Smith 1:28:38
Mr. Stoller, sir,

George Stallworth 1:28:41
I go with the hip escaping, you know, Ali’s watching belches out. My name is Milan Maurice. Alright.

Ryan Smith 1:28:51
I’m going with him as well. I II that’s the magic man. Dude, he is going to he’s going to make it happen. So you know, we just got to remember Sam Hagen. Sam Hagen. The only reason why Alger main Sterling is is in the conversation for a title shot is because Sam Hagen was the welcome mat, that Alger main step stepped on to get to get to his position. So I like Malema Hayes. He’s the number one dude at at 135 behind behind the champ so I’m gonna go ahead and take him in that fight. All right, time for a shameless plug. Today, I posted the first edition, the first public edition This is version two of the combat sports talk judging methodology. So what I wanted to do was create a way for us as fans to watch a fight and score it in a way that is uniform. So that we can come to some level of agreement come closer to who want to fight versus versus others. Just looking at a fight and saying it so what I want you to do if you’re listening to this to my voice, the sound of my voice, go to combat sports talk.com bang on that judging methodology link on our menu and go ahead and read the methodology. I’d love to get your feedback. I’d love for you to go and watch the most controversial fight. You can watch us the methodology and tell me if you scored it the way the judges scored it or if you scored it in a different way. So that is the combat sports talk judging methodology. It is on our webpage www combat sports talk.com give it a shot. I have already watched Israel adesanya vs. Ul Romero, which was a controversial decision that when I scored it for Israel out of Sanya, I watched George George john Jones versus Alex Gustafson one, which is a controversial decision.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:30:56
That’s the one I was wondering about.

Ryan Smith 1:30:58
JOHN Jones won that fight. He won that fight rounds, two, four and five. To pull that one out. I also watched the the number one fight for me and that is Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson versus Henry sudo. And the judges lost absolutely got it wrong. Henderson only won one round. I had that four rounds to one, Demetrius Johnson. So use the methodology. It’s on our webpage www combat sports are calm. I will be tweeting out a lot about it in the coming weeks.

George Stallworth 1:31:34
Guys, while we’re on the subject of judging, I don’t know if I told you guys but I was refereeing for several fights this weekend actually 30 plus fights this weekend. What over at fury kickboxing event in Fort Worth, Matt, and I’m really interested in us as a team getting together and maybe going out and helping with the judging out there because there were several fights that were what’s the word let’s say less than spectacular judging. I don’t mean it as as as a diss, but they need knowledgeable people who understand the fight game or have some idea and who are interested in doing a fair job because there were several fighters who lost fights this weekend on a local level that they actually won.

John Keyes 1:32:17
I call this Ghostbusters in our way around calling,

George Stallworth 1:32:21
calling and fellas, I figured we could go in and do a live show. And it’s a time you guys can judge fights.

John Keyes 1:32:27
That would be dope.

Ryan Smith 1:32:28
I’m down for it. I mean, that’s that’s one of my dreams is to is to be able to judge a fight and do it. I mean, that’s why what I’m building the methodology to begin with is so that there is an objective way that I’m going to approach watching a fight and you know, by the way, George, if you haven’t seen Loma, a look, look a beam or whatever her name is in the prelims of last week’s byte. Talk about talk about someone who is a Muay Thai specialist. Your heart you it’s your heart, dude, you’re gonna love this. This lady. Yeah, Aloma.

George Stallworth 1:33:05
I say some of the highlights. I hadn’t watched the whole fight yet, but I’ve heard about it. All in all, while we’re talking about muy Thai specialist, man, there was a young man a nine year old child fighter that fought this weekend. I wish you guys could get a look at him. His father is TJ the thinking man also known as Charlie, Charlie Johnson, great Muay Thai fighter. I actually got a private session with him this weekend man but his son I I got to referee and watch his son fight. He’s nine years old. This kid is a super talent at night. Like literally his striking is on point is muy Thai is beautiful. His form of technique is excellent, man. Keep your eyes out for this child. He’s got He’s coming. Yeah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:33:46
now what can he work? My butt?

George Stallworth 1:33:54
Oh, oh, yes. Nice. Guy is nine.

Ryan Smith 1:33:59
So for our listeners, George. All of these fights were muy Thai kickboxing fights over there other styles of fights that were taking place.

George Stallworth 1:34:07
A Muay Thai kickboxing fights. But several of the fighters weren’t muy Thai fighters. We do have some MMA fighters show up. And so this is where I go back to like, the judging was suspect because people tend to we we as Westerners tend to regard punches is, I guess, better strikes, whereas this was a muy Thai fight, but the judging was suspect as a result. So there were many more Thai fighters who who were have what what very well rounded gain, but because someone else was punch heavy or boxing heavy, the judges scored it more heavily in that that person’s favor when all the weapons weren’t being used. And that was a travesty. Because this was a Muay Thai fight. This was not a boxing match. This is not an MMA match. And so if you come into that with that mentality, you should be appropriately trying to score your points based upon muy Thai matches. But unfortunately, the judges just weren’t well versed in Muay Thai. Alright then.

John Keyes 1:35:03
Yeah, well, I’ll know I think I speak for all of us and say to the combat sports world we’re gonna be judging some fights apparently. Yeah, let’s get it rockin.

Ryan Smith 1:35:14
Yeah and if you want to become a better a better at it check out the the methodology let us know what you think on social media on Instagram I am at combat sports talk George

George Stallworth 1:35:27
dogs got dark side underscore muy Thai underscore

John Keyes 1:35:30
john keys that’s keys to victory and as keys with an E s

Ryan Smith 1:35:37
and Rico Suave a in the bottom right hand corner.

George Stallworth 1:35:40
His Tinder account his

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:35:44
mom’s house no cap. But really it’s push pull, pray. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:35:52
Um, you can find us on our website at www combat sports.com and we are on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. And they we have them listed all up here. Shout out to MMA junkie MMA mania, MMA fighting bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group all the other sites that are providing stories that we talked about on the show, I want to give you guys an update. So I know I told you collection, but I want to tell the rest of you guys the intelligent defense discussion group on on Facebook it the intelligent defense discussion group, I made a custom logo for it. And so I was trying to do is use my merch account to create a intelligent defense t shirt. And so I put it through Amazon and Amazon declined my decline my my request for a T shirt design. And so they said that intelligent defense was a was a trademarked name. And so therefore I could not use it. And so it proceeded to I proceeded to write probably what was a five page appeal letter to nesis

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:37:09
thesis his Juris Doctorate thesis on

Ryan Smith 1:37:15
Yeah, yeah, I mean, it was it was everything from from pulling the actual US Patent Office records for that particular name, a history of the use of intelligent defense in MMA. The US Patent Office rules on on copyright and trademark infringement. I like I had it all laid down saying you guys are war I did, because it’s not fair. This intelligent defense trademark is being used or sunscreen skincare lotion, and like air purifiers. Our MMA discussion group has nothing to do with that there so there is no infringement. And so I got a letter from Amazon saying that they have forwarded it on to to their legal team for review. So we are one step closer to getting our intelligent defense discussion group t shirts made and I will let you guys know we’re going to celebrate won’t do it.

Alright, right well, on behalf of collection KC own yay Buchi john keys and George g money Stallworth. My name is Ryan Smith reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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