Episode 144 – Fight Island 5: Moraes vs. Sandhagen (Recap)

October 13, 2020 by No Comments

UFC Fight Island 5 is in the books.  In this episode, we recap Joaquin Buckley’s Wakanda-style finish, Edson Barboza’s domination of Makwan Amirkani and Corey Sandhagen’s finish of Marlon Moraes to stake his claim for the Bantamweight Title.  We’ve got headlines and we make our picks for UFC Fight Island 6: Ortega vs. Chan Sung Jung.


Ryan Smith 0:09
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory. JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 0:23
Hello combat sports talk world. How are you tonight?

Unknown Speaker 0:28
No. Oh,

Ryan Smith 0:29
wait. I was waiting for it.

John Keyes 0:31
Okay, so over the weekend, we’ve been talking about the beautiful destruction that is capital data. Alright, it’s the Brazilian martial art. Also a awesome dancer. I implore you, I put I think I posted it up on my Instagram. Check it again if it did. Anyway, did you know that to be a master? Well, I’ll go back further that capital Ada actually started in Angola, Africa. Oh, man was brought over by African slaves and to be considered a master of capital ADA. You must master both Angola and Brazil before you consider a mine stray in capital ADA.

Ryan Smith 1:09
What does it mean to be a Master? Master Angola and master Brazil? What does that mean?

John Keyes 1:16
That means that you are kicking a lot of But first of all, okay, yeah, it’s like it’s like mastering have caught us because there is the the dance or the jungle. If I if I’m if I’m saying a Jenga, if I’m saying the right the game, and you must you must have a mastery of all the instruments. You must have a mastery of the dances. And what’s the third one? Can I remember what it was? I do apologize combat sports world. I what I did, I had I had picked up another Digi nail fact. And I think it kicked that one out. And that is there. In the 70 show. There’s the character fez by Wilmer Valderrama fez was not his real name. fers actually stood for for an exchange student. And that’s your Digi now

Ryan Smith 2:08
and that’s your Did you know, on the other side of the screen is cholesky Casey own Yay, Buchi Oh, how you doing? How you doing?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:21
We also just want to tag on to this fun little capital had a fact just printed correctly. So while a lot of it seems to be associated with the dance, like there’s a an interesting history fact of why it looks like dancing, though it is meant to be a deadly fighting art.

John Keyes 2:44
Oh, please go right ahead and lightened with Mr. Anya Buchi.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:49
There’s a certain point in the history of the West in which we did not allow gatherings of people of color because there could lead to an insurrection. So the dance the dancing component was meant to mask the fact that they were teaching each other martial arts. So this is why there is both the lethal and the non lethal version, where it’s just you really are practicing the body movement. And its rhythmic, right. But every part of that is still supposed to be led into teaching you the art of the actual fighting. And so too often when we see capillaria it’s pretty, it’s pretty art versus like actually showing you like no, this was meant to like sweep your victim off off their feet and take them out like quickly and efficiently.

John Keyes 3:33
And also do not do not be perplexed. If you look at breakdancing and look at Capital ADA and saying, Wow, they look very similar. They do have routes towards each other.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:49
The more you know, I gotta get I gotta get that drop.

Ryan Smith 3:53
Remind me this seems like it’s gonna be a regular thing on the show. So we should enter this little bit with some more, you know,

John Keyes 4:03
oh, if George was here, George would have a fit right now because George has been having a he is why he does respect all martial arts. I he got a little irritated with me talking about capital ADA.

Ryan Smith 4:16
Well, I mean you he is he is a Muay Thai instructor. So you know His love is is very much in Muay Thai and so you really can’t challenge him when you were like ah you know cowboy hat is pretty tough. They came

Unknown Speaker 4:34
back the candidate

Ryan Smith 4:36
but look but he’s like he’s like, you like capital era is pretty tough. He’s like, but can it whip my eyes but

John Keyes 4:45
but never was that I said that it was built up and all that the beautiful destruction, the beautiful destruction. Watch it. It is beautiful. And if you watch it too much and you’re the opponent, you’re going to get knocked out.

Ryan Smith 4:58
Speaking of water, Your opponent too much and getting knocked out. That brings us to our headliner. The number one thing we want to talk about on the show, this is the headliner. This is the headliner. This is where we talk about the top topic of the day. The number one thing we want to talk about on combat sports talk and that is the beautiful destruction that was walking Buckley this past Saturday night at UFC fight Island. Five mo Hayes versus Sam Hagen now walking Buckley was a was that a was a prelim undercard fight and he was fighting Impa Casa kasan Gani ippa Casa Ghana there we go got it and and Casa Casa Ghana is is a he’s from the same country that that that Francis in Ghana was from Cameroon and so uh, so this fight is this fights you know two really big strikers Buckley is controlling the fight from the opening bell, you know, he is, you know, Casa gonna is trying to Counter Strike because Buckley’s coming in. Um, and Buckley pretty much wins wins the first round, right? I’m in the second round castagna is trying to get that round back. You know, usually whenever you lose the first round, you want to come back stronger second, um, and so it’s at this point when Buckley throws a kick, Kasia gunay, catches the kick, and Buckley spins in in midair throws a bat spinning back kick, catching Costigan a in the face. And it’s just one of those timber type moments. You know, we talked about long time ago, we talked about the different types of knockout. And this is just one where, where costs are gonna is just standing there, and then all of a sudden, his body just slowly rocks backwards and falls to the ground in one of the most spectacular knockouts in the history of the UFC.

John Keyes 7:20
I agree. If you if not hard to find this video of the knockout, that’s one that just tells you how spectacular was Secondly, the words fatality instantly came to my mind when I tell it. Yeah, I was like, Oh, he’s dead. And you know, because I mean, it’s very rare that you can see the moment that his that his his conscious separated from his body. And you saw it when he it was up kick. His heel up, kicked him right into the chin, the nose and it was pretty much up. It was it was a done deal.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 8:04
Ryan has found new drops.

Ryan Smith 8:08
I mean, that was like his body fell that slowly. Like it was just like he lands the strike. And then you hear Sarah McLaughlin, just the chorus come up in the Oh, I mean, it was bad. I mean, it was who you got to watch it, you got to watch it. It was it was one of those once in a year, once in a in a decade kind of strikes, perhaps once in a lifetime type of strikes that lands that you never saw coming.

John Keyes 8:38
Yeah, it is considered the the candidate if not the winner of kale the year.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 8:45
It’s an intriguing strike for me just because in practice, it’s tough to actually practice that one with a partner, right? No one’s getting signed up to kick me in the face. So presumably, on the other side of that, that’s not one that you’re used to. Right, I caught this guy’s leg. Like on that best case scenario, he throws a similar kick, but it comes more looping and you’ve got your time to push him away, that that kick came straight down the pipe, which was weird. It’s just the angles at which that like kick started and ended it was just there was no way to see that coming. Right? Like you just you don’t practice it. You don’t drill that. And then the angle it came out. It was just perfect scenario to be like, the ultimate knockout

John Keyes 9:27
of it. It looked as if I mean, was he thinking that it was gonna hit us and hit him in the chest or in the middle? He saw coming at all? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 9:36
yeah. I don’t think that was

Kelechi Onyebuchi 9:37
the nature of it coming right down the way Had it been looping like, like more of a roundhouse kick style. Like, I think he might have been able to react to it. But then again, you’ve got a guy’s leg in your hand. And, and you’re not used to this. What are you supposed to do? I just don’t think he saw it coming at all.

Ryan Smith 9:53
Yeah, I mean, we’ve seen so many so many kicks get caught. And the fighter really focuses on pulling their leg back so they don’t get you know, get swept or otherwise taken to the ground. So you would expect that when you’re catching a kick, you’re in a in a bit of a dominant position. And it just so happened that he didn’t have the leg secure and in not in not having the leg secure because he was just holding his heel.

John Keyes 10:17

Ryan Smith 10:18
And so he didn’t have the legs secured and locks would allow him to be able to spin and in spinning, that’s what gave him the momentum to throw that beautiful kick and landed right in the face. And the timber happened. Um, I have to say this you got to give Costigan a, a props for becoming somebody highlight rim reel to being on every single sports show on the planet. Every every news report on on the web, and means are being made about you as you speak, to be able to be the bigger person on Instagram, and send a note to Joaquin Buckley saying, God bless you. It was an honor to step into the octagon with you and do what I love Safe travels to you and your team. Beautiful shot. Way to fight. That’s good sportsmanship.

John Keyes 11:11
That’s awesome sportsmanship but i think that’s that’s legit. I mean, you can’t get mad if you get caught on an ugly like that. Okay, you got caught ugly that’s fine. It’s when you get submitted is when you got to be like ah man I kind of worry about that you get knocked out you blank you’re out you don’t know what happens you don’t know how you look as you’re hitting the ground only till after wounded when they show you the highlight reel. And so I mean, you know, if you get caught you get caught.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 11:42
It’s weird that we’re at this point in the fight game that simply being a decent human being is kind of seen as like a highlight moment like wow, they’re actually not bad people.

John Keyes 11:53
That tells you how low or how low our standards are right now. That Okay, that’s that’s been set

Unknown Speaker 12:00
by simply didn’t have a terrible reaction. Like, yeah,

Ryan Smith 12:04
well, I’m just saying from embarrassment perspective. I mean, we can get into when we get into the main card, you know, the, the the respect that Edson Barbosa and Amir americani showed each other at the end of that fight was also something and it was great because Dan Hardy, put the mic in the middle so you can hear what they were saying. You know, I mean, that was there was a lot of respect there. But I’m not done with Joaquin Buckley, because Dana White in the post fight press conference, whatever Dana White sees him, goes over and talks to him. And basically this this was such a highlight knockout that people were demanding that Dana White give all the bonuses to Joaquin Buckley, that’s $200,000 in bonuses to walk in Buckley, he said he white Dana White said to walk in Buckley he goes, always talk about when you’re on a card, right? How do you stand out? My phone is blowing up Kevin Isley who’s a who’s a reporter for ESPN. I believe it’s ESPN. Hit him up for a quote because he’s already doing a story on you. Everybody’s saying just give him the $200,000 tonight give him every bonus. Nobody’s ever seen anything like that. Shawn Shelby texted me and said write them a check right now for $50,000 and go give it to him before he gets out. Incredible. So Dana White. This is the kind of thing that Dana White wants to see. I mean, we talked about how critical he can be of his fighters. When they do something great he is he is among the first to celebrate them.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 13:37
Until Buckley doesn’t want to take a fight and then all of a sudden Dana’s like oh, this guy is a bum he’s trash. That dude is the ultimate Pinnacle Fairweather fan as they come, come on.

Ryan Smith 13:52
I mean, but but, but he’s predictable, right? If you fight every fight, and you win in spectacular fashion, he’s your homeboy.

John Keyes 14:01
Even not let not just win in spectacular fashion. But you fight like your son, like you want to win in spectacular fashion. He’ll, he’ll, he’ll love you more than

Ryan Smith 14:12
Right. I mean, that’s that’s Sanchez, right?

John Keyes 14:15

Kelechi Onyebuchi 14:16
do we how much weight do we put on this one thing that even the fighter seems done that he threw, like, Alright, so you have one good kick. Let’s see your whole career play out. Like,

Ryan Smith 14:28
I don’t think that’s I don’t think that’s fair to him. I mean, none of us are like, I’m not blowing the hype train whistle for this guy. I’m not you know, we’re not. But it was a spectacular knockout. I mean, and and it’s something that we’d never seen before. He definitely isn’t. I mean, there it was great. I was on one of these. One of these discussion boards, not not necessarily intelligent. Look at

Unknown Speaker 14:55
our new shirt got new

Ryan Smith 14:57
mirchi Oh, look at that intelligent defense. discussion group. This is a prototype. I’m still working on working on placement of the logo, but it is there. So shout out. But I was on a disk, I was on a discussion group, a different discussion group. And the question was, what was the most spectacular knockout that got you saying Whoo, like, like Ric Flair. So as I was thinking about it, there have been some tremendous knockouts you know, the one that that really always comes to mind when I think of great knockouts and and I know which one clutch is gonna say, but it’s in Barbosa versus Terry Eaton, right like that was that was one of the very first Whoo, kind of knockouts because we didn’t, we didn’t, no one saw that come in. And it was just so devastating for me, because I’m an old head, I had to put Johnny Hendrix versus Martin Kampmann. Like that was just a straight left. Just not just laid him out. Like, like it was. I mean, it was.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 15:55
It was really USADA days, Johnny. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 15:58
Johnny Hendrix whenever he was like, pre put on the come up.

John Keyes 16:02
Hold on, Doc. Johnny Hendrix actually trains out in Arlington. Okay, we don’t want none of that. Okay. I don’t want

Kelechi Onyebuchi 16:07
Oh, yeah. All right, take it, but you don’t have to worry about him now that you thought is involved.

Ryan Smith 16:12
No, no, no. So just so that we’re clear, Johnny Hendrix. His his his decline in the UFC was not anything to do with you sada and drug testing, and everything to do without allowing IVs. So because he cuts so much weight, he said that because they didn’t allow IVs to rehydrate, then he wouldn’t allow him to cut as much weight and because he couldn’t cut as much weight. He couldn’t get down to the places where

Kelechi Onyebuchi 16:43
one second always struggled with weight. Yeah, yeah. On another note, I’m interested in seeing which fight which knockout you think I’m gonna pick cuz you’re probably right.

Ryan Smith 16:54
Yeah, well, I know which fights you’re gonna pick because you are. You are the world’s greatest troll. And I know you’re gonna pick Chekhov go knocking out Pat. Like, you’re not gonna pick that knockout. I forgot about.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

John Keyes 17:30
You actually fought this weekend, too.

Unknown Speaker 17:32
You know that right? Which one?

John Keyes 17:35
Congo? Yeah. Did he win?

Ryan Smith 17:38
Like I’m not? I don’t I don’t even follow check Congo. Like this is an MMA podcast, and I don’t even care. We got to look it up.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
Yeah, I gotta look. Thank goodness

Ryan Smith 17:48
we got thank goodness. We got john keys here else. We wouldn’t even know that. Chet. Congo is still an active fighter.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 17:55
Oh, I knew he fought I just didn’t think it mattered when his whole belt or life.

Ryan Smith 18:01
So I mean, did his career ever even matter? I mean, really,

Unknown Speaker 18:06
it mattered because think about a guy like Czech Congo

Kelechi Onyebuchi 18:11
having the greatest comeback.

Unknown Speaker 18:18
Oh, man, he’s the prototype for Francis in Ghana.

Ryan Smith 18:22
He is Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, no, he’s not

Kelechi Onyebuchi 18:26
fighting in a country that didn’t have MMA. Moving to the US for training my guy he’s the greatest heavyweight of all time.

Ryan Smith 18:40
I just want to say to my listeners to the listeners out there he is trolling you right now. Do not turn off the podcast. Do not unsubscribe, please. We need every

Kelechi Onyebuchi 18:51
one of you to name a greater comeback. I’ll wait.

Ryan Smith 18:55
It was a it was a pretty awesome comeback. It should the fight should have been stopped. I blame the ref Pat Barry and I should go after it’s probably Steven as a Gotti. I’d like to see who’s ref in that fight.

John Keyes 19:06
All that. FYI. He lost by decision and Paris

Ryan Smith 19:10

Kelechi Onyebuchi 19:12
Yeah. That was the first MMA fight in Paris. Right? Because MMA was illegal until this year.

Ryan Smith 19:17
Yeah, that’s correct. So that was a big deal. Um, anyway, finishing up on Joaquin Buckley while while john looks up that fact. I’m Scott Van Pelt, you know, he’s a ESPN anchor. He got in trouble because Scott Van Pelt was like, I get that people love this knockout II like I don’t I don’t love it. He says the guy is out mashes his head on the ground. Yay. And so the UFC and the MMA community came after SVP. They were so angry that he didn’t enjoy seeing this knockout. And he said that it was it wasn’t the fact that the knockout wasn’t spectacular It was his concern for the fighter. Casa Gani, who is who is knocked out and, you know, hits his head on the ground as he’s falling, you know, to the mat. So my last question for you guys. We celebrate the spectacular knockout, but we forget that there is tremendous damage happening to the person who’s on the receiving end of that. Do we shrug our shoulders and say, that’s the fight game? Or should we have some concern or some compassion, some empathy for the person who gets knocked out in a spectacular fashion?

John Keyes 20:44
Okay, I guess I’ll go first. Um, they’re gladiators. They literally are paid to fight. Okay, long as there isn’t any I mean, you could have some concern if you want to, but they go into fight, they get knocked out, they get submitted. Sometimes bones break, nose breaks are often okay. It happens in the fight game. I you know, while I’m more concerned if he stays on the ground, after extremely long period of time, or God forbid, they have to carry him out. If he gets back up. I’m okay. I’m only really concerned when they stay on the ground, even, you know, for extended period of time. Okay. I’ll go ahead, Glen.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 21:38
I think for the most part, I’m going to echo those sentiments, but I’ll probably choose a slightly more soft way of saying that because yes, there are gladiators. But I think that there’s levels to it. And that when a boxer gets knocked out, I kind of don’t care because like that’s, that’s the desired outcome to me a knockout, but the difference is, their contracts are so much better. He’s gonna get medical help, he’s gonna have insurance, he’s gonna be fine. Or she. But when I see an MMA fighter get knocked out, I’m thinking about the guys on the undercard, we get knocked out where you’re making 3540 K a year. Like your medical insurance is only for the fight like I legitimately no fighters who take a fight because that’s the only time they have insurance, and then get everything else checked out. So when I see those guys get knocked out, I do have worries because unless you make it to the next level, you’re just taking damage for the sake of damage at the same time. I mean, I think my prefrontal cortex doesn’t always kick in and I’m just like you got knocked out like it’s one of those. It’s a visceral thinking about the dude, I’m thinking about like, yo, you just got knocked out.

John Keyes 22:56
So you’re saying in other words that either we need to have a universal health care that protects everybody that covers everybody, whether you have you know, job or not, or we need a fighters union that will actually have a contract that they will be covered if you

Ryan Smith 23:18
are playing themselves. If you were playing the combat sports talk drinking game. You have to drink up fighters union just got just got referenced.

John Keyes 23:31
Just FYI check Congo. It was damn murkily Otto. That was actually the rap for that.

Ryan Smith 23:38
Oh, really? Damn ugly Otto. Yeah. Dameron we did no favors for padbury.

John Keyes 23:45
Bang, bang like warriors. That’s all you did.

Ryan Smith 23:48
All right. So that is the headliner.

Unknown Speaker 23:50

Ryan Smith 23:53
That’s crazy. I’m gonna keep going. This is the official let’s go into the official decision and look at the other fights that were on the card on Saturday night.

This is the official decision. This is where we look at the results from Saturday night. This was UFC fight Island five Mohave vs. San Hagen. Saturday, October 10 2020. In the flash forum on fight Island in Abu Dhabi. There were six fights on the main card. Uh, Eliot toe Perea versus Yousef Zilla? Uh, my guy, that’s your guy, your guy got beat by unanimous decision. Korea was pretty dominant in his performance. You know, I’ve been working on trying to develop a scoring system that was consistent that is that allows fans and perhaps judges to more consistently and more predictably score fights and and won The things I noticed is in this fight, it would have been really hard to score based upon the way that we developed the scoring system. Because of the fact that one takedown resulted in multiple submission attempts and I just don’t know how to score. The way that top area put Zillow in so many. So many submission attempts. I mean, it was just one after the other after the other Zillow found a way to escaping he escaped them. But But he spent so much time with with topiary around his neck, it was it was it was brutal, but clearly top real won the rounds. But it just seemed like it the way that the the scoring system is written right now, I can’t score that because the submission didn’t end in a submission.

John Keyes 25:53
But see, it doesn’t. It’s not the fact of I think the fact that he not the fact that he tempted but the fact that he actually had it on and was really, I guess it’s close to getting to his submissions anybody could have, it’s like being an armbar. And you haven’t locked in the armbar, even though their arm is, you know, the back of their their left hand is touching their right shoulder, okay, you can have it bent back there, that can be considered a score, okay. It the fact that they’re submitting a knot is one thing, but the fact that you had them in a threat and that threatened position, that should be considered a score. I mean, he had the he had him locked up. He just wasn’t tapping.

Ryan Smith 26:41
Yeah, I just, I just want to be mindful of those times where you get a fighter who puts on a good team. And he’s just sitting there, the the opponent is not in any danger. And he’s sitting there cranking on this, getting cranking on it. And you see the opponents like given thumbs up and stuff like that. And it’s like, I don’t want to I don’t want I don’t want to create the rules so that it’s scoring that as a legitimate submit submission attempt. Because it’s, it’s, it looks like it’s tight, but it’s not. And eventually the head pops out.

John Keyes 27:15
Yeah, but it but you have to look at it. Because you know, fighters will throw up the it’s not hurting me type signal, when indeed it’s doing some serious damage. Yeah, you have to really look, that’s Anthony Smith. Hey, you,

Ryan Smith 27:31
you said it. You said it this time. I didn’t say it.

John Keyes 27:37
I’ll just say that if you if you look at it like that. I mean, that means that no submission attempts, either you score them or you don’t. And I don’t think it’s fair to a ground specialist. That, that if he’s going for if he’s going for submission attempts, that you don’t score that

Unknown Speaker 27:55
right click What do you think of submission? I think the submission attempt is the same as a takedown.

John Keyes 28:01
Mm hmm. How much work are you putting in behind?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 28:04
I mean, it doesn’t matter how much work you’re putting in. It’s, it’s the efficacy of your attempt. So if you have a if you have 100 takedown attempts in a fight, but don’t score, single one, does that mean that you were dominant? Not necessarily, if you’re just a jujitsu specialist, and you keep going for the same thing, you keep going for different locks, and you can’t secure it. To me, that’s the same as missing a takedown attempt, like, congratulations, you tried.

John Keyes 28:33
But this is different. I mean, as a difference, if you go for an armbar, and you don’t get the arm, if they keep it, if they keep the lock on, you’re tempting that you’re attempting that, that’s different to they’ve got the arm and standing, and they’re cranking it back.

Ryan Smith 28:47
But but that’s but that’s the thing, right? And so the way that the way that the scoring system is set up, is that if you score the touchdown, tuck the takedown, and then you pass to a more dominant position. That’s where you get the score, the takedown is acknowledged, you get a point for the takedown, but you get more points for passing to a more dominant position. So what happens when you get reversed? The other person needs to make up those points. Because now I reversed the position. So the reason why I struggle with submissions on the way that the scoring system is written right now is because if you’ve got my arm extended, and then I do what I need to do to get out of it, why should you get points for something that I escaped?

Unknown Speaker 29:31

Ryan Smith 29:33
A submission needs if you’re going to pull a submission, a submission has to end in a submission. Otherwise, it doesn’t. It’s it’s wasted action.

John Keyes 29:42
All right. So how about this. If a person gets the person gets the point for submission, but a person gets but the person that’s getting submitted, gets a point for escaping.

Ryan Smith 29:56
So so that

John Keyes 29:56
kind of negates that negates the whole attempt versus the escape, you pretty much put them back at zero.

Ryan Smith 30:06
But that’s the thing, right? Is that it, then the only time it would happen is that if you go to the end of the bail, you’re in this in this armbar, then I don’t actually get to escape. But otherwise,

John Keyes 30:17
don’t be an armbar.

Ryan Smith 30:19
The way that I see it is a submission is designed to succeed or fail. If it succeeds, you win the fight. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed, then the grappling continues and you should be jockeying for a better position. Anyway. So yeah, I’d be interested to hear what the fight what the fans think. For those of you who are watching, let us know what you think, you know, this is something that is a living document. It’s under development. It works pretty well though. And, but this is the one in this top topia, Perea fight versus allow. I was I was really thinking like, wow, the number of times he attached some type of submission attempt. It really he really should be getting some type of benefit for that. And maybe those are passing guard maybe that’s what we should really be scoring is the fact that he’s putting himself in a position to attempt another takedown tip another submission and that should score as moving to a more advantageous position which which which is codified within the the methodology. So I sorry for the digression here, but that’s that’s something that I was thinking about in watching this fight. Tom Aspinall. He’s a Baeza, an English striker. He came in pretty, pretty well highly touted versus allowed bado Aspinall defeated bado via TKO in round one. I think this dude, I mean, I know the French always get a hard time because of them having surrendered to Germany in World War Two, but this dude surrendered, man he just balled up turtled up. I didn’t even really see him get struck that hard, man, maybe they’re heavy weights. Maybe he did get struck very hard, but he turned up real quick. This fight didn’t go quite as long as I thought it probably should have

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:10
the heavyweight fights in the undercard were more impressive to me.

John Keyes 32:14
This is just another reason why that you watch the undercard. Okay, just you always watch the undercard because you will get they set the tone for the rest of the car. That’s what I say.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:29
I will vehemently disagree. I will not

John Keyes 32:31
take care of disagreement. I will not take that. No. We will not have it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:38
We will not have it. We have watched from the undercard.

Unknown Speaker 32:44
No Name fight.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:48
Scene, MMA advances. I say we will not have it.

John Keyes 32:58
back. I’m just saying I liked it watching the I like watching the prelims there, you know, it’s always a grab bag.

Ryan Smith 33:05
It’s a grab bag.

John Keyes 33:06
Yeah, even some nights that you’re not filling it. Sometimes they’re always filling it. Okay, you just you just have to watch. watch the prelims you’d be surprised what you find.

Ryan Smith 33:16
Yeah, you know, but that’s the thing too. If you really want to become a fan of the sport, you do have to watch even the undercard fighters to get an appreciation and to be able to see the patterns as they emerge. You know it’s not just about mining for the the highlight reel knockouts like it was in this undercard but it was also the fact that you start seeing how fighters how the bodies move, how they strike what they try to take advantage of and getting more time watching fights is what makes you a more well rounded fan of mixed martial arts. Speaking of dry cuz a circus duplessis versus Marcus breath I duplessis I just I don’t know if it’s drink is dry cuz I should probably learn that duplessis defeated Marcus Perez be a kayo at 322 in round number one. I gotta say this duplessis what looked really uncomfortable in the ring. I mean, everything he was doing was like he was throwing leg kicks and he was losing his balance. He was stumbling around Marcus Perez look like and they said that he was the veteran in the ring. He was winning that fight till he wasn’t and and and that was one of those things where rez ended up catching him on some kind of inside hook. It was it was a really weird shot that sent Marcus press to the ground but I got to give the credit to

Unknown Speaker 34:47
follow up. Woof

John Keyes 34:49
Yeah. The Malinois Peri is that

Kelechi Onyebuchi 34:55
follow up though.

Ryan Smith 34:56
Yeah, he hit the ground and then and then duplessis comes in. With another left and just puts him to sleep, and I think I think he wakes up when his head hits the ground again. Fight was about over after that.

Unknown Speaker 35:09

Ryan Smith 35:10
pretty much Ben Rothwell versus marks. Now I didn’t realize that this seat is pronounced like a like a chuck sound

Unknown Speaker 35:21
in one language, this is polish.

Ryan Smith 35:26
So it’s marching Tibor.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 35:29
Ah, well shout out to the Krakow tigers.

Ryan Smith 35:33
Yeah, so marching tuber defeated Ben Rothwell by unanimous decision. Rock. Well, I thought one the first round like I was sitting there because, you know, Casey and I were the only two on Roswell. And I thought Roswell won the first round and then two birds just started moving his head moving around land and strikes, bloodied up Rockwell and by the time the fight was over, Roswell was ground and pound to just mush. It was I had not seen Roswell take a beating like that in a long time.

John Keyes 36:03
hamburger meat does that. Alright,

Ryan Smith 36:07
in the CO main event, I’m just gonna let that one hit the ground in the CO main event, Edson Barboza defeated my Kwan armor americani via unanimous decision. I was the only person on americani and so because of that, I in solo have to have have to get one of these. You fall you fell victim to one of the classic blunders. And of course, I need a little bit of this.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 36:38
Did you hit the wrong button? No, no,

Ryan Smith 36:41
no, no, no. I played I played the classic blenders. I played the classic Blender I intentionally

John Keyes 36:49
that was that was a really I thought it was a really good fight. I mean, it Barbosa was just a better fighter. Why did

Ryan Smith 36:57
you enjoy it? cholesky

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:02
Ah, scream it was just to evenly match what?

Ryan Smith 37:07
screen for your explanation of why you didn’t enjoy this.

John Keyes 37:11
Full Screen close up wasn’t

Unknown Speaker 37:13
a great fight or was it a lot of feeling each other out?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:21
I felt like they were evenly matched, of course, but I guess I just expected more out of Edson Barboza To be honest, like, maybe my expectations are just crazy high for him. But he has all the tool sets to be one of the greats and I just feel like for me, he should have dismantled americani.

John Keyes 37:39
Now I thought the same thing. A tough loss one loss record. Because I was like, I was thinking, why is he ranked so low? Okay. And then I looked at his one loss record. And I’m like, okay, it’s starting to make sense. Okay, cuz he had racked up several losses before he won this one. And, yeah, and he’s just he’s just now and that was, it’s just a bad he he’s, you know, when you go ahead.

Ryan Smith 38:12
What I was gonna say is he’s ranked low, because remember, he took a lot of losses at 155. He’s gone down to 145. So this is a new division for him. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:21
that I get

Ryan Smith 38:23
their hair man. I’m slow. Oh, dude. I like the new look. I like the new look of Edson Barboza Jr. But you got to remember that you mentioned slow though,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:33
because I felt like that was the difference. He he’s not. He’s not at what I consider that 2.0 or even 3.0 UFC where it’s like coming out of the gate running with a game plan he I felt like round one was really just picking shots. Round two was picking shots like I don’t know. That’s different from me.

Ryan Smith 38:55
He busted up my car mechanic like Aamir Khan, if you get a chance to watch some of his older fights. You’ll see this guy is a great striker and a wonderful Grappler and so his his really His goal was to try to get Barbosa on the ground because we know in the in the fight set Barbosa has been taken to the ground by Kevin Lee, by having in America met off that at some Barbosa you can you can tire him out by forcing him to grapple on the ground. And so that was really what Aamir Khan was going to do. But he couldn’t get it couldn’t get Barbosa on the ground. And as a result, Barbosa dropped him twice. And I think the third round, or maybe the second round, but either way, I mean, he just caught him straight in the in the nose twice in the same round. It’s like, what can you do at this point, you can’t land these big strikes and keep fighting so or you can’t take these big strikes and keep fighting so American ain’t got got, you know, he got beat he got handed to him. And so I was the only person on americani I had to take my I had to take my weapon there. Um The last fight the main event of the evening. Marlin Maha Ace was defeated by Corey San Hagen via TKO will kick and punches. I have to say that the nostril Domus of MMA got this right the only person to pick Corey San Hagen was Collette. He, Casey only a Buchi. What do you have to say?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 40:23
I will say that it wasn’t even just being like the nostril dominance. It was being the Homer to be honest like seeing that Cory. Hey, San Hagan fights out of Colorado and he just been like a small time guy doing his best and just doing what he has to do to when knowing that he was coming off a loss, I figured he’d had that hunger to really throw it all out there. And like it’s understated. But it was still another ninja style kit. That one this like, the dude’s pulling out tricks and showing that he’s got a very complete game. And what I loved about this fight was that he stood tall, he kept his distance and knew he was going up against a power puncher and really chose the shots well without sitting back like he was active, while while continuing to stay at distance. Like that dude just has what it takes. And he’s got the frame to give a lot of people trouble.

Ryan Smith 41:11
Here’s the question. Mama Hayes went to social media and he said that it wasn’t his day. But the fight will stop early. Do you think that the fight

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:24
will stop early? No. The way he tried to get up come on fam. Like, ah, I know every fighter is supposed to feel that way and how heck I thought the fight was stopped early. When I couldn’t breathe. And you’re like, nah.

Unknown Speaker 41:43
It’s one of those that you’ll see it in retrospect and be like, yeah, now he got me.

Ryan Smith 41:47
So what do you think john Key’s?

John Keyes 41:49
I you know, I have to watch it again. I thought he didn’t get stopped early. I really did. I mean, cuz he was still scrambling. He was still scrambling, but you know what? The ref was right there. He saw he saw some that I did. I must say if I’d like he needed a couple more seconds. If he got a couple more seconds and tried to get up and he stumbled up. right back down. Yeah. Delta files like Well, I don’t know. I don’t know if he was really there or not, you know, so

Kelechi Onyebuchi 42:24
you’re 100% right. He was scrambling, but when the rest stops the fight notice the scramble basically stops and Mohit is trying to figure out what what year he’s in? Yeah, like the guy like so. Yes. I’ll resend this like yes, early stoppage for the sake of protecting the fighter.

John Keyes 42:42
And that’s, that’s fine. I mean, if you could clearly see that dude was do was was done. Like that. He probably saw something in his eyes. His fins like or I don’t know. I don’t know. all I’m gonna say is, is that either way. You know, Cory, did I cuz At first I was like the debt kick. Actually. Yeah, it did hit him. It did Hit him. Hit him in the worst place. Okay, it’s like right up and he didn’t have here. It would be like right up in there. If that’s that’s your brain. Okay. So we’re

Ryan Smith 43:17
hidden right there. That’s your brain right there. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker 43:22
your keys over here. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 43:25
He’s that. Now we’re gonna call him john. The keys to surgery

Kelechi Onyebuchi 43:33
is the amygdala, the lighting of the prefrontal cortex, and this means that his fine motor functions have now been shut down. And

John Keyes 43:43
he got kicked in the back of the head does back in the kitchen. He got kicked at the kitchen close.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 43:53

Ryan Smith 43:56
We got a call and we could call him Dr. Keyes from now on. That’s right.

John Keyes 44:02
Back when I was in the army before I before I went to school, I did go to medical specialist school. So you know,

Ryan Smith 44:10
he knows he knows his anatomy and physiology.

John Keyes 44:13
I just I know how to break it. All right,

Ryan Smith 44:16
that that is the official decision. Now we are going into the finding the angles.

All right, this is fine. The angles we’re talking about the headlines and I’m going to tell you guys up front. I did not organize these so we may double back we may triple back we may be all over the headlines when it comes to finding the angles this week. So just bear with us. We’re gonna go quickly through the world of headlines in the MMA world. First off, Corey San Hagen says that he believes that all Jemaine Sterling deserves Peter Yon next bye If the UFC offers you taking that title shot

Unknown Speaker 45:04
that’s very weird statement.

John Keyes 45:07
Come on, man do better. Yeah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 45:11
he’s not wrong, but you got to self promoting this game.

John Keyes 45:16
Well, I hear you, but I’m just like, dude, you know that’s an injustice going on. And he

Ryan Smith 45:21
knows he said that he would feel really bad if the UFC gave him a title shot overall Jermaine Sterling, especially given that all Jemaine Sterling has a win over Corey, San Hagen, so you would think that or that that that alderman Sterling would get that next title shot. But here we are in October, and Dana White has only acknowledged that it makes sense that alderman Sterling would get the next title shot, but nothing has been booked. Nothing is guaranteed. And with this highlight reel finish of mollema Hayes, who was the number one contender at 135 pounds, it is very possible. But it is very possible that Corey San Hagan could sneak past Ultraman throw it and get that shot.

John Keyes 46:08
And now, you know think that is? You know what, we got to do a deep dive, you know, I’ve been circling around this topic, and I’ve just I’ve often asked the question, why is it that Dana just won’t let out Jemaine Sterling get the shot. It is in the words of Jango you had my curiosity. Now you have my interest. Okay, I’m gonna have to do a deep dive and find out where it went wrong. Okay, where this relationship went went wrong. Okay,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 46:39
so what I hear you say is that alderman Sterling wants the fight and Dana White said but but but but but black?

Ryan Smith 46:51
Why? Why did this happen?

We got militant culture here today. We got to be prepared. I’m gonna have to start. Am I am I gonna have to get my no Colucci camera angle ready?

John Keyes 47:12
So you can just hear it in the background?

Ryan Smith 47:16
That is somebody’s voice of culture going

Unknown Speaker 47:18

Unknown Speaker 47:22
I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 47:25
just fun to throw out there.

John Keyes 47:27
Yeah. But seriously, we need to find out why?

Ryan Smith 47:30
Well, I don’t know. We should we should probably find out why. But that’s That is not to say that Algerian Sterling is not going to get the next title shot. It is only the fact that it is still in in question. And it has been this long since our Jemaine Sterling beat Korea Sega like Algeria Sterling’s last fight was Cory San Hagen like he should have he should have this title shot by now. That even if they’re talking about possibly giving Korea San Hagen this title shot something is afoot that is keeping our Jemaine Sterling and Peter Yon from being declared so I want to see what happens there.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 48:08
Probably a fist not a foot

Ryan Smith 48:10
Yeah. Ah nice. Um so everybody knows the the mike Perry Platinum Mike Perry and Darren till beef that’s going on that basically Mike Perry is taken, you know, taken an L to Darren till in the social media, Twitter, beef wars. However, there until actually went a step farther. So we talked about this, I think two weeks ago, but Mike Perry said that he was willing to give a corner spot to the highest bidder. So anyone out there you may anyone listening could bid on a spot to corner Mike Perry in a fight. Darren Till’s like I’ll be your Huckleberry and he paid $5,000 to corner Mike Perry.

Unknown Speaker 49:06
I said I got five on it. I got

Ryan Smith 49:08
five on it. Oh, very nice.

John Keyes 49:13
This relationship is is rivaling Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman at this point, I’m so glad you didn’t throw up

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:22
on Oh my gosh.

Ryan Smith 49:25
We’ll go ahead and set go hit completed so our listeners can can make the drink.

John Keyes 49:30
No, no, no, no, he did not say the other name. Alright, so it does not. It does.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:34
I could have been talking about john Jones and Izzy.

John Keyes 49:37
Yeah, he could. But now it not because this is humorous, but it’s gonna end up in a fistfight. Okay, that’s the only difference between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman and Darrin till and my favorite is gonna end up dead to my to my Paragon end up in a fistfight at some point.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:54
I wonder if St. Jesus Why did I forget his name or die? Yeah, there it is. So, Jorge posted about all these professional fight, trash talking that turns a physical fighting outside of the octagon or the ring, and I’m wondering if this had something to do with it. There’s been a lot more Twitter beef than usual amongst UFC fighters. And, yeah, I mean, St. Jesus is the king of the two piece in a biscuit. So maybe he’s hoping that some more of this plays out.

Unknown Speaker 50:33
Okay, Okay, go ahead. Go ahead.

Ryan Smith 50:35
Well, I was just gonna say the hard part is that like Mike Perry fights it like 155, doesn’t he? He said, like 155. So I’m 155 or 170. Well, Darren Till’s at 185 like Mike Perry is, is a lamb lead to slaughter if he thinks he’s gonna walk in there against big ol gorilla Darren till and do some damage. like it’d be different if Darren till was just some dude off the street, who didn’t know how to fight. But Derek till is a Muay Thai specialist. And he’s a big old dude with tree trunk legs. I don’t think Mike Perry needs his nose. Oh, so we got it coming in from from one of our listeners here. George Stallworth, that

John Keyes 51:19
that second

Ryan Smith 51:20
Mike Perry is a is a 170. Or either way, there still is a big 185. Yeah.

John Keyes 51:30
And Dan has proven time and again, that he can he’ll come down to 170.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 51:37
Is it your stance? Mr. JOHN, dr. john keys, ah, that size is of

John Keyes 51:44
no consequence in MMA. Absolutely not. Okay. Randy Couture has proven it. And I’ve watched UFC that I can be a I may not be a doctor, but I went to Holiday Inn watch. And I know some dogs. all I’ll say yeah, 15 pounds, but 15 pounds we do. And that’s not to two strikers. 15 pounds isn’t going to be much I doubt there isn’t going to be any Grant hansy crappy stuff. Unless somebody gets hit real hard. And then all of a sudden, somebody

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:23
comes in MMA is a big deal, especially hydration.

John Keyes 52:29
That is true. Because remember, people just because they make weight, don’t mean they stay weight. All right, the only time they stay weight is that they hit the they hit the scales just before they go into the ring. Right. And we ain’t seeing that. So I say let them go for. I said, Give him a catchweight and just let the two the two animals have it?

Ryan Smith 52:51
Yeah, I mean, I’ll see it. And you know, I was having a conversation this week, because we were talking about a 40 pound difference at heavyweight, and whether or not that was fair. And the lighter fighter ended up winning by TKO. So, you know, once you get to a certain weight class, you get diminishing returns on the advantages that weight will give you. Because once you get to a certain frame body size, it’s really comes down to how the weight is distributed, whether or not you’re going for power or speed and endurance. And so, um, you know, but I think that Darren till probably walks around much heavier than 185 I mean, the dude is six feet tall fights at 185. And we saw him in his first fight against against Kelvin Gastelum. And, and Darren till just look like a Hulk next to Kelvin Kelvin gaseum. So, you know, I just don’t like the matchup for Mike Perry. And so, you know, maybe he has his crazy crazy eyes can can make it make it a fight, but Darren Eutelsat. I think they’re here.

John Keyes 53:57
I say that. Have you met Mike Perry? Okay, have you ever seen his antics? He is slowly becoming the odb of MMA. He’s trying to take crazy horses title.

Ryan Smith 54:09
Well, he is that.

John Keyes 54:11
Yeah. And he’s doing a good job at it. I say.

Ryan Smith 54:15
So. So Darren till has, um, has a fight coming up this December against jack Hermansson. And, um, you know, and, and, and it’s gonna be a great fight but but Derek till says once he dispatches of jack Hermansson jack the Joker. Um, he wants to come for homes that shemaiah does nobody wants to fight him. He’s like, I’ll take a listen. I’ll do it. Like, I like this Darren till that’s like that, that’s willing to just kind of at least throw his name in these hats to stay interesting. You know, it’s real hard for for fighters who don’t who aren’t great on the mic. I mean, you know, the Liverpool accent that their until has is sometimes difficult to understand. And so, you know, it’s, it’s if he’s if he’s able to write and stay on social media and stay relevant and keep his name up with some of these people biting hams that shemaiah is probably a great fight for him to take, because he could be that number one on on on Jim Ives rising star.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 55:26
The downside for Darren and all of this is that he’s only in this position because of his inconsistent UFC record. If he’s, if he’s winning more often, he’s not even in a spot where he has to call the shots and have Hamza be something that actually boosts his resume. It’s It’s sad that a fighter of his caliber has picked the wrong shots and hurt his resume to the point that that’s even realistically on his radar.

John Keyes 55:56
Oh, no, I think that I think it’d be a good fight. I mean, Darren till is grooming himself to become the next Donald’s Aronian mopey and that he either hit or miss. And

Kelechi Onyebuchi 56:09
he’s gonna be was that 37 dresses or whatever? It is always the bridesmaid never the bride.

Ryan Smith 56:14
27 dresses?

John Keyes 56:17
Yeah. 727 Oh, is it one of

Ryan Smith 56:22
these numbers? Is 27 dress? I’m almost

Unknown Speaker 56:26
Yes, there’s 27 knows.

Ryan Smith 56:29
course I know that. No shaming.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
Oh, no. I watch chick flicks. Yeah, no, but

Ryan Smith 56:36
I got a wife next. Other side of this wall. I had to watch a lot of chick legs to get that marriage. All right. Just say it. Real though. I

John Keyes 56:46
feel like that’s my point. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Do you notice the 10 things she hates about him?

Unknown Speaker 56:54
Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 56:57
I can’t name but we’re gonna

Ryan Smith 56:58
start seeing it. start naming them out. Is that what you want? You want us to go to the listener?

Unknown Speaker 57:03
I want

Kelechi Onyebuchi 57:04
is that the one where there’s like a puppy involved? Okay, I’ve seen this 110

John Keyes 57:10
things I hate about this is really a child’s movie. Like,

Ryan Smith 57:13
of course, I’m looking it up. Like I’m not supposed to retain the information. Like to be present. It’s still me. I had to be there. I had to sit in the theater. I had the

John Keyes 57:24
popcorn. Oh, oh, wait. You saw that in a theater? Okay, fashion time. I saw Titanic in the theater. I go,

Ryan Smith 57:35
dude. I saw Titanic. Yeah, yeah. Listen, okay. Funny story, and then we’ll get back to the fight game. So we have been there. Okay. Yeah, this is this is combat sports talk, man. I was in combat combat at Titanic. I’m sitting here. I’m sitting here with my girlfriend. Now. My wife watching Titanic. I got to speak. I got to speak soft because I was like,

Unknown Speaker 58:09
No, I’m just kidding

Unknown Speaker 58:09
around. I’d be talking.

Ryan Smith 58:12
We are in there for three freaking hours. That movie is three hours long. As homegirl throws the throws the necklace in the in the ocean. Credit start to roll. I’m like, Well, that was a good movie. Let’s get out of here. And she grabs me and holds me in my seat. and is like, No, I want to watch the credits. So I didn’t leave until the credits on this three hour movie.

John Keyes 58:44
So it was a three and a half hour. Hell yes.

Unknown Speaker 58:49
Watching perception of her.

Ryan Smith 58:52
I’m sitting there like please and I’m trying not to laugh because you know she’s sitting there crying and all that kind of stuff. And I can’t I can’t I can’t laugh so I’m just sitting there waiting looking at like looking at my watch popcorns all gone wondering how much longer these are got to listen to see Celine Dion telling me that her heart will go on.

John Keyes 59:15
And that’s the reason why you have a problem with Celine Dion. I got it now. I hear it. Because I used to make jokes about fighters coming out to Celine Dion and his eyes would do a 360 roll in his head and now I know why

Ryan Smith 59:31
by the way if you are playing the drinking game, that is another one of john keys his drinks you have to drink if john keys references inappropriate songs for walkout music. There you go.

Unknown Speaker 59:44

John Keyes 59:48

Ryan Smith 59:50
date. Here we go. We don’t open the door and we go alright, let’s get back to the to, to the stuff that people actually came to listen for. They want headlines. They don’t want to hear stories about chick flicks. Alright. Um So, speaking of Twitter beefs, Israel out of Sanya is has now taken a five to one lead in the Twitter beef between him and john Jones. Is he is pulling away. I don’t think that john Jones he needs a knockout he needs to finish to win to win this Twitter before Israel out of Sanya at this point. Um, but what was funny is that that Israel out of Sanya was talking about how john Jones was hiding from USADA you know way back in the day, you know, to get you know, to keep from his Pico bring pika grams from being caught, and john Jones was like, let the record show if you guys know your Cosby Show references. Let the record show I hid underneath the cage, because I had just finished smoking marijuana. And I didn’t want to get busted or for marijuana, not for steroid use. And it’s like, wait a minute, john.

John Keyes 1:01:05
Hold up.

Ryan Smith 1:01:07
Just because you didn’t want to get popped for steroids. And but you mean just because you don’t want to get pot for marijuana doesn’t make it any better that you hid from you sada underneath the cage.

John Keyes 1:01:18
Thank you. Let’s get this to everybody gonna bypass that. All right, we’re just gonna totally forget that you actually just admitted that you hid under the cage, and that the story is true after all.

Ryan Smith 1:01:32
All right. See, see. This is why I say stop hitting yourself. JOHN. Like, dude, do not get into Twitter BS. This is not your skill set. This is not your wheelhouse. Hand me your phone. Let me be your Twitter beef. Cyrano de Bergerac your rock Sam. Let me be your your your Huckleberry. Huckleberry. I want to, I want to talk smack for you. You should not do that you talk smack with your hands and your feet. Do that. Let somebody else do your trash talking on social media.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:08
He’s got a downside here because he did score a win and like a fighter start trying to stay in the fight. He just keeps relying on this one punch of calling. Is he a child like it worked in the first round? But is he’s learned to counter and you got to do better? Yeah, like it’s just he staying in there because he thinks he’s got a chance. And someone much like we’re just in a world where a lot of people just don’t deserve Twitter.

John Keyes 1:02:33
Exactly. And yeah, let it go. Dude, you lost? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. At this point, any time is he says I’m just saying okay, and just let it go.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:45
You know, what would help is if there was more of a contract between the fighters and management, and what can and can’t be put out there. I’m just saying and other things

John Keyes 1:02:55
are infringing on the fighters right to speak. That’s his right. That’s his first amendment right. Remember, first amendment protection for the government? It doesn’t protect you from Israel. adesanya Okay.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:03:10
First Amendment’s tricky.

Ryan Smith 1:03:12
Yeah. And and the other thing is, is don’t go after is he right now is he fought in fight Island, and he is on a 14 day quarantine before we can get back in New Zealand. So the dude has nothing else going on. What

John Keyes 1:03:29
I thought that was over this last weekend, that was over Saturday.

Ryan Smith 1:03:34
Two weeks either way, he dude has been on quarantine. So like he doesn’t have anything to do. He’s not doing anything except for looking at twitter. Like wait until his he’s back in training camp before you go in after him because that way he doesn’t have the ability to throw combos bunches of punches on Twitter like don’t do that.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:03:54
Yeah, this is why Ryan is scary. He literally maps out he’s got like a social media and at three o’clock today would be the best time to fire this shot.

Ryan Smith 1:04:06
I’m serious if someone out there in the in in the podcast world knows john Jones. Tell him that I will do his trash talking for him. Like it is that no disrespect to the champ but bro, just like, do this. Just right. Fight me. After every time. Every time he says something, just say fight me and that would do much better than what you’re doing right now.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:04:36
You so bad. hit me hit me.

Ryan Smith 1:04:39
Come in the rain. I will look my boy my boy Habib in America, Madoff said send me location I’m gonna send you like I’m gonna build because i’m john Jones. And because I have money. I’m going to build an octagon at this location and I’m going to stand here on this date. You come find me like Actually, you know what, I’m gonna do it. See if john Jones really want to do it. I’m going to go to New Zealand. I’m going to build an octagon in the middle of a of the New Zealand countryside. And I’m going to stand there on a date and dare you to come and find me Israel just

John Keyes 1:05:14
know about that. Because I’ve seen some of the wildlife down there. That’s a big dangerous I don’t know

Ryan Smith 1:05:21
nothing about Australia, New Zealand, New Zealand has

John Keyes 1:05:25
Okay, I’m just saying that awfully close man.

Ryan Smith 1:05:27
They got sheep

Unknown Speaker 1:05:28
we’ll get you.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:05:31
Real taco like I love that the mention of Habib in America medoff and send location. Having those sound bites and being quick and simple to the point is the key here john is elaborating way too much and trying to be prolific in his denunciation of Izzy and it’s it’s falling on deaf ears at this point, like short and sweet. Make a sound by a message that’s easily repeatable. Yeah, and your bite me is perfection because there’s no retort

John Keyes 1:06:02
and just remember people combat sports stocks not only deals with the physical, it deals with the verbal as well.

Ryan Smith 1:06:10
We some trash talkers here. I challenge anybody. I’m speaking speaking of Habib numurkah met off. He said that he would not coach on the upcoming epic season of tough against Conor McGregor, even if the UFC offered him $5 billion.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:06:36
So why does Dana White lie as we talked earlier, like Dana White saying that oh, I offered Conor to fight to coach tough against hubby. That clearly is not true.

Ryan Smith 1:06:54
So offering it there’s no accountability. I think he offered it I just don’t think I’ve even recommend I’ll even entertain the idea because Habib saying Have you been saying that? That’s good attention. He says I’m not into the practice of giving. Conor McGregor good attention.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:07:11
These are facts and blah

John Keyes 1:07:13
conica get under Habib real quick. Okay, as cool as Habib kept it, it will take an off day for hubby to and that would be the end of Connor. Alright, cuz we remember he’s still the Dagestani gangster. All right. I don’t care what anybody says that man is dangerous. All right. He is dangerous. And I don’t think it would be safe for Connor and hubby to occupy the same building for any length of time. Other than four or five.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:07:44
Others there’s entirely too many security concerns around that happening for not even just the fighters and what they would do. But their teams coming after each other. The fan groups like it’s it is to caustic a situation for the UFC to say that this is in this time, worth their money to do a full tough, like, that’s too much security and too much management of people within the quarantine setting.

Ryan Smith 1:08:15
But see, that’s not what Dana White is concerned about. He’s not thinking about the security aspects. He’s thinking about the fact that it’s going to make for amazing television. I mean, do you think that if you got Habib in America, Madoff and his crew, Conor McGregor and his crew, especially if he was able to get Artem Loeb off to show up?

John Keyes 1:08:36
Oh, hey, you know, a while you’re playing around art, is actually he’s actually signing on to an a, it’s a

Ryan Smith 1:08:47
regional fight promotion. I mean, it’s great that his career is still going. But, you know, I think that, you know, Bare Knuckle FC has done with him and and so he is off to, you know, you know, the the next thing and he’s signing up to a regional fight promotion. I don’t remember where, but, you know, his career continues. The thing is, is that, you know, to get to this point, if you get Conor McGregor and his crew and and have been the Mega Man, in his crew in the same space for six weeks.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:09:22
And untenable, somebody will get in a fight there. There will be a breach of COVID protocol. Yeah, it’s there’s too much liability. Yeah.

John Keyes 1:09:31
It would be bloody Yeah, I thought that tells me it will be blooded and it will be very costly.

Ryan Smith 1:09:38
Now, speaking of Conor McGregor, there is a challenge out there. It’s called how it started, and how it’s going. Have you guys heard the how it started, how it’s going challenge?

John Keyes 1:09:50
I have not so enlightened.

Ryan Smith 1:09:52
So basically the how it started, how it’s going challenge is a store of it. You’re supposed to have a picture of you when you just started on your journey, you know, so maybe it would be a picture of me as a little kid. There’s a picture of me at my church growing up with a microphone doing my my Easter speech. So I would put that picture there and then a picture of us doing combat sports talk today. And so it would be kind of a, you know, before and after kind of picture. Well, Conor McGregor posted his, how it started, how it’s going challenge, and it was probably one of the most inspirational things that he’s done. Because here’s how it started picture was an email from Sean Shelby in 2012. Thanking his coach Kevin Ah, for the offer to have Conor McGregor come and try out for the UFC. But he didn’t need any lightweights at the time. And if he needed a lightweight in the future, he would reach out. So ultimately Conor McGregor got declined by the UFC back in 2012. And now he is, you know, proper 12 double champ all the accolades you want to put on Conor McGregor and the identity that he has made for himself in the UFC, Vicki i think i think it’s going pretty well for him after the the the rejection letter that he got from them in 2012. So wanted to put that out there. Conor McGregor is not all bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:28
Except for he is

Ryan Smith 1:11:33
gotta be positive glitchy. We got we just had a positive story about Conor McGregor.

John Keyes 1:11:41
Conor soccer kick.

Ryan Smith 1:11:45
That’s not pride.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:47
Dustin portray and portray saying that the only reason that Connor wants this fight is because he’s going to fight a south pole and Pacquiao and Connor wants practice against the southpaw leading up to that.

Ryan Smith 1:11:59
Because a southpaw?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:02
Yeah, but how often does he fight South paws?

Ryan Smith 1:12:05
Exactly. I don’t know. How do you fight southpaws?

John Keyes 1:12:15
Is that a drinking moment? I think doesn’t drink I

Ryan Smith 1:12:18
think that is a drink. Like that was that was a harder one to pull out. But yes if if I make a reference to me having fought cholesky in the past that is a drinking moment. So yes, that is if you are playing the drinking game here click combat sports talk. That is that is that is a drink also.

John Keyes 1:12:36
And while drinking

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:37
game with fruit punch, and so my blood sugar is just spiking this whole time.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
That’s why I’m on Conner. Right now my blood sugar spiking

Ryan Smith 1:12:47
Yeah, well, we got we got to get through the show. So that you know you because we’ve been you’ve had a couple of drinks, you know, a couple of swigs of that of that fruit punch. So you can be making having to make a bathroom break Pretty soon, so we’re gonna have to get going. Because I’m a troll, and I want to do this to collect you. Jorge masvidal teams up with Donald Trump Jr. Four fighters against socialism bus tour. Right. I did it. I brought that to you.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:13:14
You go. By the way, de la you hate me. Again.

Ryan Smith 1:13:27
I’m pushing you and pushing you to that line. We got to do an after dark just so you can get it out? Um, the? Yeah, it’s basically, you know, Jorge Maxwell has expressed his support of Donald Trump many times. And so they’ve got him going down the streets of Miami Dade. supporting him and speaking out against Joe Biden.

John Keyes 1:13:52
How’s that work? I have so many problems with this. Okay. Okay. lead with.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:13:58
Yeah, well, you gotta john cuz I might go in.

John Keyes 1:14:01
Okay, we’re gonna save kolaches moment, for after the bell. It’s gonna happen immediately after the show is literally, we’re gonna say goodbye. And we’re just gonna left. And then we’re gonna hype collecti up on the whole Trump Jr. thing. And Jorge Moscow, and then we’re just gonna let him fly.

Ryan Smith 1:14:19
We’re not gonna be able to publish it dude. Like, like, we’re not gonna be able to publish it like fans are gonna gonna be like, Oh, I can’t wait to go and see what he’s gonna say about this. And then it’s gonna be like, No, we can’t publish it is basically one thing though. Insert statement. Y’all

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:14:34
know me. I love history. And so for me this is this is problematic from a historical stance. And the fact that for any, anyone who is will disagree with my statement, I will challenge you to first understand what socialism is. Like, if we’re not arguing from the same terms, then we can just end the conversation there. Right? So if you’re against socialism, first, tell me what you know about socialism. And then I need To look up economic policies and sanctions from the US from 1930 to 1999, and then tell me if you understand socialism again. And then I want you to look at the history of Donald Trump Jr, his life story and how he fits in with socialism. If you don’t have that groundwork, then we can argue if you do have that groundwork, then First of all, why are you doing that studying? Second of all

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
breaks breaks.

Ryan Smith 1:15:34
So, so

Unknown Speaker 1:15:35
you feel is right, yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:15:36
So you’re gonna have to catch it. He didn’t want me to put his twitter twitter handle out there. But, but if you want to catch collection, you want to catch glitchy on Instagram. You know, there. There it is. It’s push, pull, pray. He he is ready. And willing to take all challenges. He is he is ready there. Yes. I’m sorry for spinning you up. But I I saw that headline. And I’m like, Oh, yeah, I got it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:16:03
I’m so glad I wasn’t in the run sheet. Surprise cuz. But real talk. I will say if anyone does come into my DMS, I’m all about respectful conversation. But I will respectfully ask you to, at the very minimum, understand what socialism is.

John Keyes 1:16:19
And don’t come on mine. Okay, because I will talk crazy. I like the unlike the culture gentleman here. Okay. I do talk crazy. Okay. And if I’m surprised that I’m not In Facebook Jail on a permanent basis. I’m surprised Instagram has said Nah, man, we can’t let you do this. I it’s it’s not i’m not pretty. Okay. I’m not pretty with it. I’ll just come with you with the blunt, honest truth about situation. Okay,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:16:49
john, you’re a fun follow, but I can’t like half your posts, because people can see what I like. Like, I feel

Ryan Smith 1:16:56
like, yeah, if you follow john keys on anything, you just have, the thing is, if you follow john keys, then the thing you have to know is that he is actually a genuinely good dude. Like, getting to know him. The things that he is the things that he thinks is funny is going to cause you to question this guy. But he let me just say knowing him personally, having worked with him for almost five years. I know him. He is a good dude. Do not judge him by what he thinks is funny. That’s all I’m saying.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:17:40
And we endorse this method.

John Keyes 1:17:43
A minute, y’all Vegas. Okay, so let’s let’s go. Green. All right, I have veteran tendencies. If you know a veteran, there’s two things you should know about them. One, we are outrageous when it comes to our opinions. And two, we have a very dark sense of humor. You may not always see it, but believe me, it’s there. Okay, it just takes something very twisted to come out you’re like, and we will chuckle with it. It’s It’s It’s how we’re with how we’re programmed. Sorry. All right. But with that said, I am looking I don’t have to say I’m a good dude. You go on my Facebook and you and you follow me. I will promise you two things. You’re going to laugh? You’re going to end up hungry because I post a lot of food that you do and you’ll be ready to argue Okay, you’ll be ready target I’m fight all arguments. Okay, Just promise me come with some intelligence. All right. If you come with me with straight ignorance, I will feed you to the wolves and my wolves are our that they don’t play okay. And I will not play with them. Okay, I will come to you. And I will hit you with what you have. Whatever you hit me. You come with me respectfully, I will come to respectfully. You come at me with some ignorance. I will get ignorant with you. And we can both sit in the mud.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:19:04
I just need you to know you just invited ignorance in that statement. So yeah, look, yeah, you’re getting ready to get it.

Ryan Smith 1:19:12
the interwebs the interwebs are unkind,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:15
less. I’ve been there

Ryan Smith 1:19:17
he last last story. Errol Spence Jr. Remember he’s back from his car accident that left him injured. He’s going to fight Danny Garcia and that has been moved to the at&t Stadium and we’ll have fans in attendance. There you go. So Jenny

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:19:35
Garcia’s current fight though. Like that seems to be a dope one to his lineup is gonna be fire.

Ryan Smith 1:19:42
Yeah. So so but this is they’re moving this to a very big so this is a boxing. So let me just say for those of you who are MMA fans, we do cover other combat sports other than MMA, and this is boxing. Errol Spence. He, you know, he’s a he’s a bit of a hometown hero for us. And so for him having him be able to fight in Arlington at what is effectively Cowboys Stadium. That’s a huge, huge fight.

John Keyes 1:20:08
Jerry world, Jerry? Well, yeah, I’ve been there once to do a tour. And it is huge. Okay. And I, I could say that that’s actually that actually might be safe if that if I’ll say it, they could they could they can make all the allowances that the CDC has asked for in a venue where you can easily do that and still be profitable.

Ryan Smith 1:20:39
Yeah, I think so too. It’s It’s such a big place. I don’t think that they’re going to be at capacity for this and you know, the thing is, is that even as far away as you might be from the little bitty boxing ring, that you know, that it is screen, the screen over the boxing ring that what you can’t even call it a jumbotron because it’s 70 yards wide. It’s your you’re gonna have a wonderful experience watching the fight so, um, I I think it’s gonna be interesting thing. I’m not willing to pay for the tickets, but uh, but yeah, bro. That left

Unknown Speaker 1:21:18
hook of Danny.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:21:22
Like, I think that I might be willing to pay for this one.

Ryan Smith 1:21:28
Everybody’s going up. We’re gonna take a road trip to Denver.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:33
To go watch a show that’s in Arlington? Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:21:37
It’ll probably be cheaper to drive to Denver and it will

John Keyes 1:21:44

Ryan Smith 1:21:44
Alright, let’s finish. Let’s wrap up this show with the fight card and look at the fights that are happening this weekend. Over in Abu Dhabi.

All right, it is UFC Fight Night Ortega vs Korean zombie Saturday, October 17 2020. At flash forum on fight Island in Abu Dhabi. We’ve got six fights on the card. Claudio Silva vs. James Kraus Thomas almeyda vs. Jonathan Martinez. Cyril gain versus Auntie del Jia,

John Keyes 1:22:31

Ryan Smith 1:22:32
Ghana, Cyril Ghana vs. En te onpay del IJA. modestus buco ruscus versus Jimmy croute. And in the CO main event, Jessica and Raj versus Caitlin Kagan, and in the main event of the evening, Brian Ortega versus chancen john better known as the Korean zombie.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:03
So scary. Oh, yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:23:06
All right. So uh, let’s go let’s do a let’s do kumain in Maine for a for our fight flash fight pics. You got Jessica entourage. Versus Caitlyn Chu. cagin Collette, who you got?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:23:23
I’ve got a factory x moment.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:26
That’s a drinker.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:23:28
There are two fighters on this card, find out a factory x. So I’m pretty sure coaches just basically been living in Abu Dhabi at this point. He’s got a fighter on every car. That said who’s the underdog in this fight?

Ryan Smith 1:23:47
I don’t have I don’t have the

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:23:49
odds. As a put everybody on the spot.

John Keyes 1:23:52
Yeah. Good job there, man. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:23:56
Hold on. I’m picking against entourage. Let me just

Ryan Smith 1:23:59
Okay. All right. All right. You got Caitlyn to take him. Joe. JOHN. Say that.

John Keyes 1:24:06
I will. I’ll take on Josh. I have a feeling

Ryan Smith 1:24:12
you know, for me, I my gut tells me to go with Caitlin she Kagan as well. And so I don’t know if if I don’t know if George Stallworth wants to type in his. His his pick. But you’re shooting hooky. Yeah, well, he’s watching the show. He was watching. He could have just come on the show, mate and filled up the Foursquare, but that’s alright. We’ll catch you next time. All right, and in the main event of the evening, Brian Ortega versus chance on junk. Remember, this is a bit of a of a grudge match because Brian Ortega slapped chancen Jungs translator a few months ago Fight. And so because of that, this is this is a, you know, kind of a bad blood kind of fight that’s, that’s been brewing. Also hiner Gracie test positive for covid 19 and will not be in Bryan Ortega’s corner. So that means that he can save face and actually tab if chancen junk gets him into a submission, because integration is not gonna be there to judge him. Doc

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:25:36
How is it that we just got to the NBA Finals? And they played what was 172 games with no COVID

Ryan Smith 1:25:44
they didn’t play 172 games they didn’t. Normally a basketball season is only 82 games. And they didn’t play a full 82 games they only played like

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:25:54
30 or 40 days. Oh,

Ryan Smith 1:26:00
are we talking about one team or the whole league? The whole league didn’t play it was there was a mathematical equation that was done to determine who was going to actually get to go to the bubble in the NBA. And so not every team got to play like the Charlotte Hornets didn’t get to go. Only a handful of teams got to play in a round robin tournament that declared that decided who was going to be in the playoffs. They had the playoffs and then the Lakers won so there were not 82 games played I think that there was somewhere in the 30 or 40 games that were played.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:26:31
Either way, I need the UFC to figure this COVID stuff out. It’s messing up these cards too much. Because we needed we needed Renner there just for john keys to be able to say see he let him die in the ring.

John Keyes 1:26:48
Trust me if Hannah can’t be there, there’ll be another Gracie. Okay, this does put a bit of a smudge in the game plans for Brian Ortega because henner has been so has been there for them for the longest. We’ll see. I still I still have faith in and Brian Ortega. I think I you know I like to say he will weather it out. And hopefully he’ll pull pull out you know pull out a great submission and the third round otherwise it’s gonna go decision.

Ryan Smith 1:27:23
Okay, so who you got?

John Keyes 1:27:25
I got

Ryan Smith 1:27:26
Brian or take. All right, Collette you who you got

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:27:30
going Korean zombie on this.

Ryan Smith 1:27:32
All right. Casey and I are simpatico we are both on Korean zombie. We’ll have to get George john George Stallworth picks some other time. And that’s it. Follow us on social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk. JOHN,

John Keyes 1:27:49
I am at keys to victory

Ryan Smith 1:27:51
and glitchy

Unknown Speaker 1:27:53
I am at push, pull. Pray.

Ryan Smith 1:27:57
Very good. Very good. You can catch us on any one of these social media platforms like and subscribe on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple podcasts, Periscope or Spotify. You can find us on our website at www combat sports talk.com and we are on all of your major podcasting platforms. Want to give you guys one more look at the intelligent defense discussion group. We want to give a shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA maniac bloody elbow. And the folks at this discussion group on Facebook is where a lot of the conversations and discussions begin that we have on our show. So on behalf of collection, Casey only a Buchi and john keys. My name is Ryan Smith reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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