Episode 145 – Fight Island Frenzy and Khabib vs. Gaethje

The month of fights at Fight Island is coming to an end and this week we are celebrating UFC Fight Island 6: Ortega vs Zombie. Brian Ortega looked like a new fighter against The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung and Jessica Andrade put the Women’s Flyweight division on notice with her first round defeat of Katlyn Chookagian. We discuss Conor vs. Poirier 2, what’s next for Khamzat Chimaev and we preview UFC 254: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje.


Ryan Smith 0:08
Welcome to combat sports talk, a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host, Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is George G. Money, Stallworth. How are you sir?

George Stallworth 0:24
I’m doing great. Much better than last introduction. That

Ryan Smith 0:30
Yeah, we had a little bit of technical difficulty. I forgot to turn on the mic. So I went live, and I’m just, I’m basically muted for the first three minutes of the show. It’s crazy.

George Stallworth 0:40
It looks like an old school Chinese karate flick later, as of now. No words and it’s like it’s coming. At some point. It’s coming at some point, then. Nothing.

Ryan Smith 0:52
Well, you know, I said, what I was saying is that it’s been a long time since it’s best just been mano a mano. Just two people because normally we have the full crew, but caleche he is sick. And we got john who hadn’t slept in three days. You know, and so

George Stallworth 1:07
yes, I thought he was sick, too. But yeah, Lucky walking around with the Coronavirus, man.

Ryan Smith 1:12
I don’t know, listen, I don’t want to put anything out there. You know, but, you know, he said he wasn’t feeling well. He was giving us a heads up and, you know, we wish him well and hope he gets back to the feeling like his self again.

George Stallworth 1:26
I’m gonna call him out. I think he got a date tonight.

Unknown Speaker 1:31
I’m gonna call him out.

Ryan Smith 1:33
Well, you know, he’ll he’ll, he’ll have to dispute that on a later show. But you know if he does appear in because, you know, he if he’s sick, he could have still just showed up in the audience. Yeah,

George Stallworth 1:45
he could have guys talking about me right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Mm hmm.

George Stallworth 1:51
I think he out on a date.

Ryan Smith 1:53
Yeah, we see you Salah Bona we see you.

George Stallworth 1:58
So what happened to john what’s going on with him?

Ryan Smith 2:00
Well, you know, he said that he hadn’t slept in like 48 hours or something like that. He said he hadn’t hadn’t been asleep. So I don’t know if he’s got something going on at work or what’s going on with john keys?

George Stallworth 2:12
That that was even a more reasonable I? That sounds odd. Hey, do I just haven’t slept? I’m tired. I’m not gonna make it night. collectio here, man, I’m sick.

Unknown Speaker 2:23
I’ll be right over.

Ryan Smith 2:28
Yeah, you know, and who knows man with john keys. You don’t know man. He might be he might have found himself down a rabbit hole of new trivia information. We come back next week. And he’s be like, did you know that there really is an end of the internet.

George Stallworth 2:46
We’re gonna have some new q&a facts, Nick next week.

Unknown Speaker 2:48
Oh, man,

Ryan Smith 2:49
I sure hope so. JOHN Key’s is the guy that knows all this stuff. So we’re gonna we got a lot to talk about in this show. We where we are is we’ve had a month worth of fights in on fight Island. I think it was in total five weeks worth of fights, if you include next week or this coming weekend. And so we’ve had to pay per views we’ve had three fight nights, it’s been a lot of fights and a lot of great fights. I I know a few months ago, I said that that the UFC was just really trying to hit that magic number I think it’s like 42 fights or something like that that they got to put on in a year they were like 27 behind and I you know I questioned whether or not they were going to be able to put on really good cards given the fact that they needed to string so many fight cards together. But I think they’ve done an amazing job of putting this putting good fights back to back to back in in what is effectively a bubble like like what we’re seeing in Abu Dhabi

George Stallworth 3:56
do what that tells you is we’ve been in played before the house literally I mean, think about it in terms of if you’ve been able to put on all these amazing fights now in this bubble and and like and jump through all these hoops to make this thing happen just for ESPN. Well I want you to do it from the get go you know back when you own Fox Sports or even in the transition before the contract really just hit stride where were all these amazing fights then why is it we get it now when you’re under pressure to you know you’re under pressure or bust by pressure makes diamonds all that but it what it tells me is we’ve been getting played before.

Ryan Smith 4:36
You know there have been some weak cards you know in years past but maybe you know Coronavirus made them stronger. You got all these fights. You got all these fighters who Oh you

Unknown Speaker 4:47
got fascinated. Yeah, they had to

Ryan Smith 4:50
look they just they refuse to get the catch the you know the itis because what’s going on is you got all these fighters who hadn’t fought you they owed each fight. Three fights a year, and you lost basically three, four months trying to get everything ready for fight Island. And so so you’ve you’ve got a backlog a backlog of great fighters who absolutely need to fight to make money.

George Stallworth 5:18
Regardless it there have been some absolutely phenomenal fights. Yes. I’m happy with the product that we’re seeing. Yeah. And I wish it had been like this all along. Not only a man is really making up making some of the other promotions step up their game like LFA just had some really good fights. This past weekend. I don’t know if you got to watch any of those. Bella tour has been putting up Bella tour opened up in Paris, or was it the weekend before last? Yes. MMA in Paris like legally, like just got legalized?

Ryan Smith 5:49
Yeah, you know, we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about the main event of Bella tour on the show. That would be Bella tour 249 it was headlined by Chris Cyborg. You know, Chris Cyborg recently won their women’s featherweight title. And so this is going to be one that is, you know, she, she’s Chris Cyborg. We’re going to talk a little bit about her, you know, um, so we got, you know, one of our one of our friends out there, his name is lepanto light. 22,009 you have to give me a pronunciation of that homie, I just to make sure I’m pronouncing your name, right. He said, he watched the LFA fights. He said, baby John’s boy. So I didn’t I didn’t catch the fights. I’m like to go back and watch it, you know, for so long, I have only been a subscriber of ESPN plus. And so because I started doing the judging methodology with all the scoring and stuff like that, I went back and signed up for for fight pass. So I could go back and watch some of the fights in in the in the fight library. And so that means I can watch LFA now I can watch some of these other regional promotions, because they’re all on fight pass. So I can go back and watch some of those.

George Stallworth 7:05
I one of my team, he was on that LFA card this past weekend. JOHN Tao. Uh huh. Okay, um, and unfortunately, he didn’t get the victory. But you know, he’s humble in his defeat and talks, he’s already talking about how he plans to come back a better fighter man. He’s one of those guys is. He’s just on the cusp of doing some great, great, great things. He just needs a couple more pieces to put together and I think we’re gonna see him and shine it in under the big, big bright lights at some point.

Ryan Smith 7:35
All right. All right. Well, you know, I’m actually looking forward to a day when LFA comes back to Dallas. Like they were fighting just down the street from our house. And and we didn’t go as well, I think you might have gone but I didn’t go I want to go next time. Um, but they’re a little

George Stallworth 7:52
little known fact, before they became LFA. They were I think LFC or, remember act. Yeah. But they actually also put together a kickboxing promotion. Really, it was lk one or something like that. I know, they had at least one event, but there might have been some others directly after that. And these were all striking events man like prior prior to their merger, they had some good ideas already going. I hope they continue with that in what they’re doing now man, it’s good to see that they’re on bypass a lot of these smaller promotions a great thing is that you have the UFC will promote them by putting them on fight pass. And little known to a lot of other other individuals in the MMA community. The UFC is putting money in these fight promotions pockets to go ahead and help promote their fights. Basically, the the UFC is using them like feeder organizations here we’re gonna give you you know, bypass status, you’ll be on the show your you know, we’ll put you up on TV or whatever the case and we’re gonna put some money into promoted the promotions pockets in order to fund some of these promotions to make the quality better.

Ryan Smith 9:01
And you know, here’s the really cool thing is that it’s working. Remember we raved and raved and I I blew the hype train horn for Brandon royal. Brandon Roy Hill was an LFA champion. And now he’s in the UFC. He’s like to win Oh, and I can’t wait to see what he does next. So the the relationship between LFA and the UFC is definitely one that is profitable for both of them and I can’t wait to see what else comes out of that LFA LFA world?

George Stallworth 9:34
Well, I’m telling it’s not just LFA UFC is put a lot of different promote, you seen it in fight pass. If you go and look in fight pass, there are all kinds of promotions on there. And typically what happens is if you have a UFC is putting them on bypass. They’re also putting some money in their pocket to help make their promotions better and to bring better fighters in.

Ryan Smith 9:54
Well and you know what that also does? Is that locks Bella tour that locks one FC out Right, you know, say, no, it’s got to be but you know, it’s got to be some level of exclusivity, right? The UFC got to have right of first refusal.

George Stallworth 10:11
Well, I think anyone in MMA today if they had a choice between you know, UFC or some other promotion, such as belt or one championship or something like that, yeah, the the, the odds are say I’m gonna go with the UFC, but i don’t i don’t think that the UFC is making it exclusive that hey, if you came out of LFA, or anything like that, I got first dibs on you. Because I mean it you got to think about there’s a lot of fighters in these smaller promotions that we’ll never hear of, but yet they make it to other platforms. So

Ryan Smith 10:45
yeah, we’ll definitely have to see But speaking of fighters making it to the Big Show, UFC Fight Night Ortega versus the Korean zombie, let’s talk about it in the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is where we look at the fights from Saturday night. And so we had, what is that five fights on the card. This was a great card all the way through, but definitely on the main card. The first Fight of the Night was Thomas almeyda, who was making his triumphant return versus Jonathan Martinez, Collette he unfortunately is not on the show. If he if he was he would be everybody would be drinking because this was a factory x show. They had probably three maybe four fighters on the on the entire card.

George Stallworth 11:43
Jonathan saying something like that.

Ryan Smith 11:45
Yeah, it was it was a factory ex fighter. And he defeated Thomas almeyda via unanimous decision. Judges had that fight 3027 straight across the board. I had it 2928 in favor of Jonathan Martinez. I thought almeyda made it won the second round and made the third round of very close one. But but it was it was a great fight. I’ll make that has always been kind of a really great, you know, striker, but he could also bring the fight to the ground if he needed to. Whereas Martinez was just very calm and collected the entire time. You know, and and he was able to weather the storm land, big punches all throughout the fight. And that’s really why I gave him the nod 2928 in this fight, but the judges had 3027 all of us were unanimous in that decision.

George Stallworth 12:34
Claudio You make it sound like this fight was a lot closer than than the judges making appeal with it. three rounds.

Ryan Smith 12:40
I felt like it was I felt like Jonathan Martinez won the first round outright. He landed some big shots, I think he knocked down almeyda at the end of the first round. In the second hour made I felt like I made had done enough to be able to win that round. Now. Granted, I was watching the fight as a fan and not using the combat sports talk scoring methodology which is on our website. I’ll have to plug that come let’s force talk judging methodology. It’s on our website, www combat sports talk calm. But it is you know it. Watching the fight as a judge and watching the fight as a fan is completely different. So tonight, usually what I’ll do is I’ll watch all the fights as a fan. And if there’s a fight that is controversial, which there was one in the prelims. There’s this new new Polish fighter who ended up losing his fight and people were upset that that he that he lost, they felt like he had won the fight. So I plan to go back and watch that one and actually score it and judge it. I’ll put it out on the webpage and give you my assessment of that fight. But I felt like this fight was a bit closer than what this the judges scorecard said. They said 3027 I had a 2928 with the third round being really, really close. Okay.

George Stallworth 13:57
Let’s find out was Claudio Silva and James Krauss James

Ryan Smith 14:01
Krauss and so this is one that was also interesting. I also had this 2928 in favor of Krauss. But Krauss defeated Claudio Silva via unanimous decision. Krauss had the first two rounds one he he was really just outclassing Claudio Silva. Silva was throwing these big looping right hands really kind of out of control punches, wanting to get the fight to the ground. But James Kraus was moving very adeptly he was landing his strikes landing big strikes, very cleanly, easy, easy to see. But what happened is he catches a leg kick in the second round and it blows his knee out. So he’s got to go the third round with with a bum knee, and it appears as though Silva knew that this was a bad knee because he’s throwing kicks to it. And and every time he lands a kick to that knee, Kraus goes to the ground. Now, Kraus was able to fight through it and make it competitive. But but because of those big shocks that he took early to the leg, and it was clearly debilitating because he had a bum knee I would have given the third rounder Claudio Silva making it a 2928 judges had that 3027 so we’re still unanimous in the decision. I don’t have any qualms about it, but, but James Krauss is now in a position to really start choosing picking his shots by who he wants to fight in the UFC next.

George Stallworth 15:31
Yeah, he has made his way up that ladder. I still don’t think he’s right, though. Easy.

Ryan Smith 15:35
I don’t have on the run sheet. I don’t have his his rank on the ladder. Um, I don’t know. But if he’s not ranked, yet, Claudio Silva definitely not ranked. So he’s probably not ranked yet, but I would I would assume that the next thing on on Cross’s list is a ranked fighter once he heals up.

George Stallworth 15:56
Modesto letus. Next name to you to pronounce. Yeah, definitely.

Ryan Smith 16:01
Modesto. modestus buka. couscous. Okay, like that. Guess.

George Stallworth 16:06
I you know, that’s not bad when you look at the phonetic the spelling of it phonetically. Yeah. That’s what it looks like. Yeah, couscous.

Ryan Smith 16:15
Yeah. modestus boo couscous. A versus Jimmy croute. Now, Jimmy croute is Australian dude. And man, if you if you were to watch a fight for those people who didn’t have to happen to catch this card, if you don’t watch any other fight, okay, Buck outskirts. Oh, wow. So we thank you for the correct pronunciation. There you go. Buck outskirts. So I put the emphasis on the wrong syllable. Go back and watch this fight for real, like anybody who hasn’t seen this card. Go watch this fight. Jimmy croute. They’re, they’re they’re battling. And then cruet catches him with this combo. As I think becouse Gus is is throwing his throwing a kick. And croute catches him with like a right knocks him off his feet. And as he’s trying to get up, he catches him again with the left which knocks him against the cage. And then it catches him again, when another right just it’s it’s just like, Dude is sitting on on with his back to the cage knocked out the judges waving it off. And crew comes and sits next to him. And like takes like fix a highlight picture before before he gets up.

George Stallworth 17:34
You know how we say we give props to fighters who make adjustments, like in the middle of a fight or during the fight and things like that, right? Well, I had to get props, you made an adjustment in the middle of that conversation and the pronunciation of that name. And like that was fight worthy right there.

Ryan Smith 17:49
Hey, well, you know, I I gotta get I gotta give a shout out to the audience tonight. Because they’re they’re hitting us with, with comments popping on the on the screen and, and giving me the correct pronunciation. That’s great. You know, what one would say that I should do my homework and make sure that I’m pronouncing the word the names correctly, without needing the help. But it is nice to have the support. So shout out to you guys.

George Stallworth 18:16
But you do do your homework for the most part. And like you, you at least worked on the pronounciation Meanwhile, coleccion out over here, just butchering names.

Ryan Smith 18:28
Yeah, yeah. But let’s see now that I look at it. Yeah, I can see how it’s becouse. Gus. Yeah, I could. I could see that. All right. I’m in the CO main advantage of

George Stallworth 18:37
this sheet of bullet cow. Blue

Ryan Smith 18:39
cow. Who’s that? That is that? Oh,

George Stallworth 18:43
I can’t believe you just blast out your mouth like that. Who is that? Wait till we get off air.

Ryan Smith 18:48
You know, the funniest thing that ever happened is I was I was at a soccer game. And I was walking with my oldest, who was probably five or six years old. And and she had just finished playing a soccer game. And I was like, You know what? You were like Michael Jordan on the field. And she was like, Who’s Michael Jordan’s?

No, you cannot ask that question. That was This. This? This was almost 10 years ago. So this is

George Stallworth 19:23
you? Oh, that’s even worse. Yeah. years ago, she didn’t know who Michael Jordan was?

Ryan Smith 19:28
Well, you know, it’s fair to say that the last dance hadn’t come out yet. And Michael Jordan had been retired for good, maybe five or seven or eight years. So

George Stallworth 19:39
even worse, because like, I’m sure she’s probably had a pair of Jordans on her feet. No. All right. At least have seen a witness Jordans out in the community.

Ryan Smith 19:48
Huh? No, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 19:50
I forgot we live in Allen.

Ryan Smith 19:51
Yeah, no,

George Stallworth 19:52
that’s another topic.

Ryan Smith 19:53
That’s another topic. In the Cobain event of the evening, Jessica and Raj defeated Caitlin Kagan be a TKO with five seconds left in the first round. The body shot she landed on Caitlin she Kagan was one where it was like it was instant. It was immediate. And it was intense. Like the moment she landed because she had, they were grappling up against the cage. And as Caitlin Kagan was trying to break off, you know, her rib cage was exposed. And I swear entourage hit her right on the just that that part of the rib cage, you know, where the ribs get a little pointy, they kind of separate a little bit. She caught her right there, and Kagan pushes off, and she’s holding herself and you could just see her face is all contorted like, oh, and that was it. I mean, at that point, you know, that’s blood in the water. You know, and, and Raj chases after her throws a flying knee, catches her again with another body shot, and she Kagan just collapses. They wave off the fight. And little bitty Jessica entourage who is five foot one and a half, biting a five foot nine to Kagan, David and Goliath happen. And David won again. Now, here’s the thing. Caitlin Kagan, is the number one ranked flyweight women’s fighter. This was Jessica undraw. His first fight at this weight. She dropped her in the first round. So now everyone’s talking about maybe she should jump the line. You know, we talk about we complain all the time that fighters come up from fighters come up from other weight classes, they skip in front of everybody, and they get a title shot. They should fight somebody in the weight class. And here you have Jessica and Raj fights the number one number one contender for the title drops are in the first round. Does she deserve a title shot?

George Stallworth 21:59
I love how you make your case for points without making it seem like you’re making the case where you know, like other people are saying that maybe she should cut the line. But really what you’re saying is do I think she’s a bad Mama jamma she needs to be fighting for the title next car, blah, blah, blah. Is that not what you really mean? Hey, listen,

Ryan Smith 22:17
I can either confirm or deny my position answer.

George Stallworth 22:21
Your question should be yes. And it’s anything other than Yes. answer’s no. Or vice versa. Well,

Ryan Smith 22:27
you know, the thing is, is I would be interested in seeing that fight. Yes. I think she should jump the line. Because when I’m thinking about you know, when I’m thinking about who’s who’s who’s really going to challenge Valentina Shevchenko I don’t see anybody there that that could really challenge her the only person that that had had a legitimate claim was Caitlyn, she cagin and guess what? She got dropped with two body shots. So let’s let’s get a former champ, Jessica

George Stallworth 22:58
and drudge is ready for that smoke.

Ryan Smith 23:04

George Stallworth 23:09
So if the answer to your question should be yes, it is anything other than Yes, the answer is no. Okay.

Ryan Smith 23:17
I gotta say like this. The only person who is ready for Chef chinko is Amanda Nunez. That’s the only person that I think really has a shot. Now, wale Zang Wei Lee, you know, she is probably number two. But I want to see her fight I want to see her fight somebody else I want to see her clear out that that 115 pound division so let’s let’s let’s let just gone Josh have a shot at it. I mean, nobody has been a wrestler and a Grappler that that that shift chinko has faced Yeah, no one has the strength and and and and the power that entourage is bringing to the octagon so let’s see what’s a striker

George Stallworth 24:06
and Rogers hype train right now. Nope, nope.

Unknown Speaker 24:09
No, no, no, no, no, that’s a

Ryan Smith 24:10
that’s a that’s a firm No.

George Stallworth 24:13
You’re not on her hype train.

Ryan Smith 24:15
No. against a dress a woman chef.

George Stallworth 24:19
body shots

Ryan Smith 24:20
against Chef chinko

George Stallworth 24:22
against chef or you’re just let’s just take let’s take ship chinko out of the equation. Are you now on the height train? is Jessica and Roger 125

Ryan Smith 24:33
No, no, I

George Stallworth 24:35
you say she needs a title shot raw?

Ryan Smith 24:38
Because because personally I don’t feel like there’s really anybody else who’s risen to the top at 125 that that that should have a title shot. I mean, like, Who else you gonna put in there? ship chinko sitting there cutting pomegranates on boats on Instagram. Like lady needs a fight. Okay. All right, she’s tired of posing with ak 47 Yeah, you know, like let’s get her back in the ring

George Stallworth 25:08
movie or something. Yeah, like

Ryan Smith 25:09
yeah, she’s doing movies and stuff like that’s talent being wasted. Let’s put her in the ring and let’s see because they you know what, you know the adage is true styles make fights Hmm. And so we have been seeing striker and striker and striker versus chinko Let’s put let’s put a pure wrestler per Grappler in there and see what happens.

George Stallworth 25:34
Have you seen Valentina what she does to people on the ground and like her wrestling transitions?

Ryan Smith 25:41
She’s she is a complete fighter. I’m not even I’m not even gonna pretend

George Stallworth 25:45
I just want to make sure we we were on the same page here. She said Jessica draws out to that smoke like that. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 25:52
Hey, all I know is that I’m excited about seeing entourage fight chip chinko because I draw just seen strikers she’s fought roasted no hair nama Eunice. You’ve seen her fight? You’ve seen her fight Jessica ulama Youngjae chick once 15 those are pure strikers. When you Anna yo j h yo yo me and j chick went head to head against Chef chinko um yeah, five rounds

Unknown Speaker 26:22
that was striker versus striker but striker

Ryan Smith 26:25
versus striker.

George Stallworth 26:26
We just talked about styles make, you know, right. Jessica? Who is a 115 or really is going to step in at 125 and try to take down the most decorated striker she’s ever faced.

Ryan Smith 26:42
Listen it the way she took took down Caitlin she Kagan who was towering over her, like literally she picked her up and dumped her back on the ground and took side control at the same time. Like so. It’s possible.

George Stallworth 26:58
I don’t know if you remember there was this fight a couple of weeks ago, Israel out of Sanya versus Paulo Acosta. Yes. Yeah, that’s Jessica drudge and Valentina. Shevchenko.

Ryan Smith 27:10
You know what I enjoyed. I enjoyed Costco versus out of Sanya. I

Unknown Speaker 27:14
bet you like

Ryan Smith 27:16
softcore porn? No, no, that was uncalled for. But I did enjoy, like I said before styles make fights. That was that was one of those types of things where you’ve got basically a tank versus, you know, a tomahawk missile, you know, guided missiles

George Stallworth 27:34
out is Jiu Jitsu black belt, and then tosses a white belt is opposition.

Ryan Smith 27:39
Yeah. And I felt like and I don’t know if I said this on the last show or not, but I felt like that was a missed opportunity for Israel out of Sanya because he had rocked Paul Acosta and he was clearly gonna have his way with him. As we saw, um, that is the time you choke Paul Acosta out, you pull in a Rear Naked Choke, you choke him out, because then there’s nothing he can say. He got he got rocked, basically knocked out and then choked out by a guy. He threw a white belt in jujitsu. Mm hmm. That would have been perfect for me that would have been fitting, but it didn’t happen that way. I look forward to seeing Jessica entourage come up against Valentina Shevchenko. I hope they put that fight together. It’ll be an interesting one. I don’t think anyone’s going to give her a snowball’s chance. But that’s all a fighter needs. It’s one punch. What’s What happened? I

George Stallworth 28:34
think she’s definitely ready for a title fight like that. But honestly, it it that way. I like to see or maybe get one or two more bouts under her belt just to to build a confidence and to give us some prep time for Valentina man because like that, that’s that is a tall milkshake. To drink.

Ryan Smith 28:56
milkshake. Hmm. Bringing all the boys to the yard, right. Is that what Yeah. All right. In the main event of the evening, Brian Ortega versus the Korean zombie better known as chancen dzung. Brian Ortega just worked the Korean zombie for unanimous decision. 5045 I had that fight. There was one round That was close. But still, I saw it for 5045 there was a spinning elbow in the second round. And it was interesting because Korean zombie was like I don’t remember rounds three, four and five. Clearly the Fight Club and stopped at in the second round with the spinning elbow, which of course was reminiscent of the year Rodriguez knockout where he caught Korean zombie with that elbow, backwards elbow and knocked him out that way. So it was a great fight. We haven’t seen a Brian Ortega like this before he got beat by Max Holloway. He was pretty much a one dimensional fighter. We knew that he was trying to get this fight to the ground that he was going to try to wrap his arms around you and choke you out t city style. Um, the fight that he had against Frankie Edgar, which qualified him for the title shot was pretty shocking knockout like I don’t think people were looking for him to knock Frankie Edgar out the way that he did. But we saw the gap in his striking when he faced a pure striker and Max Holloway. And Max Holloway had him walking around that had Brian Ortega walking around. Like he was, you know, like he was drunk. Yeah, I mean, still. Yeah, I mean, it caused us to have a what protracted three week long debate as to whether or not they should have called the fight for Max Holloway earlier. You know, um, this is where john Key’s would would be drinking because john Key’s would have to be telling us that he as a Gracie fighter has to die in the cage. There is no surrender. No retreat. No surrender for Gracie fighter. So um, so yeah, this is a brand new Brian Ortega. He has jettisoned his entire team, except for henner Gracie, everyone else is new. And they brought a new fighter into the ring. And you can tell he is a striker now and if he’s a striker, and he continues continues to retain his skills at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you’re looking at a more complete fighter than we’ve ever seen.

George Stallworth 31:29
I like to know who his striking coach is right now. Because honestly, I want to go back give him kudos. And I’d like to study you know, some of the things that he had him doing there. I didn’t get to see this actual fight. But from the clips I have seen, you could tell his striking has gotten so much better. But that’s also by default. Just rain time does that as well. We’ve talked about that before Why could be why might want to necessarily strike with someone when he should easily be taking people to the ground because he wants that, that bump in his skill level because he gets to work things during an actual fight. So

Ryan Smith 32:07
well. Um, there is one thing that for the ladies who follow MMA and follow the UFC, they would have been disappointed to see that the that the the locks the I don’t want to call them golden locks. But the beautiful flowing hair that Brian Ortega has flaunted in the past was completely gone. All of it shaving off and donated to cancer patients. And, you know, he was really struck, he talked about why he shaved his head. And it was one of those things where he came to this realization as he was cutting weight. And and and you’ve talked in the past about the suffering that you do to your body in order to cut weight. And he was thinking about these cancer patients who were taking medicines like chemotherapy and radiation and things like that. And they are losing weight and they are suffering through these treatments. They are losing their hair, and he’s doing it for his sport. And he said at that point, let’s just shave off my head and my hair. And he did donated it to I guess lots of love or something like that. He says the hair will grow back. So that’s that that was a great gesture on you know, on this weekend. It’s also Hispanic Heritage Month. And so there was a wonderful clip of Brian Ortega. Just speaking about how important it has Hispanic Heritage Month is to him and he’s speaking in Spanish. And they also had Jonathan Martinez speaking about, you know, being a Mexican and and salvadorian heritage and so I thought that was pretty cool that that some of the fighters got to speak up and speak out about about their heritage and and what the recognition that it means to them to have the UFC do that.

George Stallworth 34:00
I’m gonna hold my thoughts for after the bail.

Ryan Smith 34:04
I thought you might

George Stallworth 34:06
I don’t remember UFC hyping up Black History Month really very much. Um,

Ryan Smith 34:12
you know, I, we will have to go back but that was in the middle of COVID. So the UFC didn’t

George Stallworth 34:18
know it wasn’t actually called it wasn’t until like March. We’re talking February.

Ryan Smith 34:23
Okay, we’ll have to go back and we’ll have to go back and look, I know that

George Stallworth 34:28
I love you. I’m gonna call you out now. I love how you stopped defending the UFC Dana White President Trump, you know, but listen,

Ryan Smith 34:36
I just don’t remember. I don’t remember them doing it. I’d like to think that they did. I know that the

Unknown Speaker 34:44
there was a little louder,

George Stallworth 34:46
I think. Yeah, I’m sorry.

Ryan Smith 34:48
The Deontay Wilder, Tyson fury fight was happening at the same time. And I know that they made a big to do about Black History Month at the time. So it would have been odd if the hadn’t, but we can go back. I mean, that’s a verifiable fact we can go back and check that and see

George Stallworth 35:06
that I remember there was like some little small shout outs or whatever but it was it was not. It wasn’t given its proper due. Let’s just leave it at that. All right, the fact that we had you were here and can’t remember what they did that speaks volumes. Because we are MMA junkies, we are fight junkies. Yeah. I mean, but come on. Yeah. I’m just saying the Covington Yeah, let me hear

Ryan Smith 35:31
no, listen.

George Stallworth 35:32
Jorge masvidal. Let me hear. Listen,

Ryan Smith 35:35
I hate to do this.

George Stallworth 35:36
Let me call out some of your homeboys.

Ryan Smith 35:38
I hate to do this to you. I hate to do this to you. Do it. Do it. who fought in February? who fought in February?

George Stallworth 35:45
Yeah, actually, I think. Didn’t easy fight in February as well.

Ryan Smith 35:49
Do you don’t know. You don’t know

George Stallworth 35:52
the top. You know,

Ryan Smith 35:53
this is it? Yeah. You see that? That’s my point. It’s not that it’s not that I’m defending. It’s just that we don’t know. We don’t remember what happened in February because that was so long ago.

George Stallworth 36:04
Okay. I’ll tell you. I think what Harris fought in February. I think I remember that. Now. He was March two. He was doing COVID.

Ryan Smith 36:12
Yeah. Okay. He’s decode. Yeah, it was it was in the audience in in March. There you go. No, I’m just kidding. But we should go back let me let’s let’s audit it if we have recency because it is Hispanic Heritage Month. It they did do something. And so I mean, it wasn’t like they did a big to do, they didn’t turn everything. You know, they didn’t go stereotypical with it and make everything mariachi bands and sombreros and everything like that, you know, they did have just kind of two fighters who were on the card speaking about, you know, their heritage, we can definitely go back. We know that the UFC did do something small for the summer, the summer protests with George Floyd, so we know they did that. But anyway, we are way off topic here. Let’s talk about some of the headlines that are making waves in this week in finding the angles

is finding the angles. This is where we talk about the headlines that are making waves in the UFC world. This week, not February.

George Stallworth 37:30
You You already know what I’m over here doing

Ryan Smith 37:32
I know, I know. But see, we’re gonna have to go back to fight pass and actually watch the cars that were in in February and see if they didn’t do a little special or something like that. You know,

George Stallworth 37:44
Jones versus ray is was February.

Ryan Smith 37:46
Oh, see, that was huge, huge fight. We didn’t remember that was long years ago.

George Stallworth 37:54
At a Satya was the next pay per view event. So I wasn’t for up but yeah, yeah. Jones versus Ray. Yes. was February 8.

Ryan Smith 38:01
All right. There we go. So here we go. Um, Dana White, has stated that all the talk about Conor McGregor and Dustin puoi a two is true. All they got to do is sign the contracts.

George Stallworth 38:22
I thought I saw something else on the news today where Dana was like, hey, this fights not happening.

Ryan Smith 38:26
Know what he said was this fight is not happening at at&t Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Yeah, Conor McGregor is like, you know, yes, I’m fighting Dustin boy. Yeah, I’m ready to do it. And we’re gonna do it at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. I know the owner, and he will be glad to have it with fans in and Dana White’s like, Dana White’s like, are you crazy, this is still COVID we’re going to do it either at fight Island, or we’re going to do it at the apex arena. We’re not going to do it in any crazy venue. I’m not risking my company, because you want to be Conor McGregor, but he did say that, because Connor would not be a co main event to a fight. He actually did call UFC and call ESPN and secured a special date for Conor that would be January 23. So we would see the rematch between Conor McGregor and Dustin boy a January 23 2021. I would be excited to see it because I personally believe that in the first fight, Conor, he clipped him in the back of the head and we didn’t actually see what doesn’t pull you could do. This is a whole new Deus employee. And I’d be excited to see what he can do against the Conor McGregor.

George Stallworth 39:49
What weight classes is going on that?

Ryan Smith 39:51
Um, that is an interesting thing. Um, yeah, that I believe that they haven’t decided the weight class yet. One would assume that it would be 155. But you know, or it could be at 170 because neither one of them wants to cut weight.

George Stallworth 40:09
So, yeah, that being said Connors, 4170, multiple times. Dustin hasn’t.

Ryan Smith 40:16
So, so yeah, what I’m seeing what I’m seeing in the audience is that it’s at 170. Um, I didn’t think that it had been declared yet. Connor wants it at 170. Okay. I, I think that it should be at 155. And the reason why should be at 155 is because lo and behold, Habib in America, medoff is like, if they fight at 155, and Connor wants a rematch, I might be willing to give him a rematch, which is a huge, a huge change from when he said that Connor would have to beat 10 people before he would fight Conor McGregor again.

George Stallworth 40:59
I think Connor beats Dustin, fairly easily, especially at 170. Like I said Connors fought at 170 a couple times. Dustin hasn’t. So, you know, just to have familiarity with that weight class already. Given the prior experiences? Well, I think kind of comes out, flashes him early and gets him out of there.

Ryan Smith 41:21
I don’t think that’s a very competitive fight. Well, I would like to see it at 155. Because if there is a chance that we could see Connor versus numurkah medoff. Again, this would be fight 30. If this if he indeed gets past Justin, he adjusts engaging this weekend, then that would be the you know, the coup de gras, if you will, for Conor McGregor. I mean, I’m happy to recommend off given the fact that the only other person that we would want to see probably American metal fight would be GSP. And GSP is like yeah, you know, I kind of I kind of like being retire. And then Tony Ferguson, which we don’t know. We don’t we don’t know what, what what’s going on with Tony Ferguson right now. I’m so incoming. Coming back to

Unknown Speaker 42:17

Ryan Smith 42:20
to do to the audience. What we’re seeing is that remember when Dana White said that Conor fighting cowboy would be at 155 and then they fought at one 170 you know, Connor Connor likes fighting at 170 because I think he doesn’t have to cut much weight. Which means he can kind of Yeah, I mean, he doesn’t have to cut much weight. And and and it’s easy to wait for him to make. He feels very comfortable there. Um, I would hope that they find it 155 because I think that’s the only way he can get back in at having to recommend off.

George Stallworth 42:52
I didn’t like fighting smaller guys at 170 he don’t want the real 170 smoke.

Ryan Smith 42:57
No, because those guys are really one at fivers. Who can make one seven right?

George Stallworth 43:02
Or 257. Right. Anthony rumble Johnson used to fight in 170 right? you imagine that? rumble?

Ryan Smith 43:11
Yeah. You know? Yeah. How did they go? No, I saw that fight. I saw the fight when he fought. Oh, the spit. What’s the Spaniards name now?

Unknown Speaker 43:20

Ryan Smith 43:22
Oh, man. I see. I’ve got to look it up. Now. Charlie Brennaman. That’s his name. He fought Charlie Brennaman and just broke Charlie. Poor Charlie. is kind of like Charlie’s got a gum drop mountain. You don’t know about gum drop mountain. You got to watch Charlie cut into gum drop mountain. But anyway, um, yeah. Anthony rumble Johnson broke Charlie Brennaman at 170. And this dude ended up fighting a fighting ondra loss get heavyweight. So yeah, one fight fighting smaller guys at 170 are getting down to, you know, that opens up a whole can of worms about how weight cutting should change in the sport. I fundamentally believe that we should change weight cutting in the sport. We’ll have to address that at a later date. But if they do have the fights at 155 then it qualifies as a legitimate case for Conor McGregor getting back into the title contention conversation. All right, you know, Dustin boy a thought had been a Mega Man off. That was it. He got smoked.

George Stallworth 44:40
Oh, you about to say what? That was what that was competitive. Well, no, I

Ryan Smith 44:43
what I was gonna say is that was fight win number 28 for how to be an American metal. Fight. 27 was Conor McGregor, those two fighting those guys was the type of their division. Now with him fighting Justin Gachi Tony Ferguson is kind of out Who was there left to fight for the title at 155 it makes sense that the winner of Conor McGregor vs. ploy a would would be alleged in the conversation especially if Connor one you know maybe you don’t want to do it again if it’s boy a because boy I did get smoked yeah

George Stallworth 45:24
and smoke until

Ryan Smith 45:26
he did but the fans want to see that fight again. The the McGregor army is strong.

George Stallworth 45:36
you telling the truth? Yeah.

Ryan Smith 45:38
So So yeah. Um, let’s skip over to boxing a little bit. Um, I don’t know if you heard this. I don’t know if you heard that the that that the world was shaken when teofimo Lopez shocked a silly Loma chinko

George Stallworth 45:55
did you get to see this fight at all?

Ryan Smith 45:57
I didn’t get to see it at all. I just heard everybody’s blowing me up about it though. Everybody was talking to me about it.

George Stallworth 46:04
So I shot UFC on Saturday night in order to watch lawmen Chico, because he is one of my favorite fighters. No. This was a very, very interesting fight the first five rounds of TF having financing 90 of all all him Lomo might snap one round out of out of the first five, lit but literally Lomo did not even throw punches the first five rounds. He’s like cowboy away. He needs those first five, six rounds in order to just warm up and be in the fight. Now don’t get me wrong. He didn’t take any damage those first five, six rounds and like everything was blocked. Everything was nice and tight, but just literally no offense from him whatsoever. Round six, it’s like somebody turned the light switch on and Lomo came in live man he put on a clinic for the last five, six rounds. For real for real, like it was awesome. I think the 12th round was competitive. Some people would give it to Lopez some people might give it to Loma chenko I probably would have given that round to Lopez. All in all, I think this fight probably should have been a draw but the judges did not quite see it that way. One of the judges had a fight score like 119 to I can’t know what it was but he’s like outrageous is like Yeah. But overall, it was a great fight. I just wish Lomo could get started earlier man you can’t play catch up with guys at this level. I literally just had this conversation with some guys from my gym that are in fight camp right now. On Sunday I woke up early Sunday morning when got a workout in texted all the guys say hey, you know we all that was your workout in you know, don’t let Don’t let coach be the first one to beat you working out. And somebody responded like, Oh, I got all day to catch up with you. And I was like, that’s what Lomo down to? I got all day to catch up with you. And it didn’t happen. It didn’t work out well for him. You can’t play catch up with guys at this level, man. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 48:07
you know, what, one of the things that I always say it holds true for for MMA, but the same thing works for for boxing as well. You know, it’s, it’s, you know, give give everything you got in that first round and then fight every other round lucky. Lucky lost the first one yeah, and and, and, and if you do that, it’d be hard for you to lose, because that means you’re giving it all you’re leaving at all in the in the you know, in the ring. And so when you’re fighting, and you’re like, I’m gonna get him, I’m gonna get him. I’m gonna wait. That’s a dangerous strategy. And we talk about it a lot for those fighters who like to fight off their back, right? It’s like, if you can pull that submission. Great. But if you’re not successful with that submission, you were losing points because you’re on the bottom and you’re going to have to play catch up. And if you get to that last round, and you’re down three rounds or four rounds, you’re gonna have to knock the guy out or you’re going to lose the fight. Same thing for boxing, once you get halfway through. If you haven’t won, if you haven’t kept up, then you’re going to have to finish the fight because the numbers are against you. It’s math. It’s simple math at that point. Yeah.

George Stallworth 49:17
I hated it for longer man, because I mean, he is like one of the most deserving champs ever. But I also feel like this, this will bring a new, a renewed effort in boxing in some of the weight classes that we’re just not used to seeing it and you know, Lomo was so dominant in his weight class that, you know, people were kind of losing interest. You know, this, this guy had over 300 amateur fights. Last one. I think in his pro career career, he had one loss prior to this. And so it was like when you tune into a Lomo fight you were expecting to see a clinic beat being put on. That’s not what happened on Saturday night until round six rounds. Six he had a clinic started his good fight, man. So I was really surprised. I didn’t really know Lopez all that well, but he put on a great showing.

Ryan Smith 50:10
So here’s here’s the question that I have for you. Do you think that some of these dominant champions need an unfortunate loss to reinvigorate the the hunger to win again? I mean, when we go back to one of the goats of the welterweight division, George St. Pierre, when he lost his fight, he got knocked out by Matt Serra. It started him on a path where he never lost again, even though people say I like to say, Hendrix, but

George Stallworth 50:44
Excuse me, I like to say no. It’s not like I’m looking at low more. He’s lost something. I heard a lot of other commentators making comments about their life, although more has aged, oh, you know, these things are going on with him or whatever. That’s not what I saw that night. I saw a fighter who has always been known to be a slow starter. pick things up in round six and put on a clinic. If If Lomo could figure out a way to start round one, the way he starts round six. Lopez would have been out of there quickly already. Because I mean, he was touching this guy up bad granite low. Lopez had a great 12th round. But he knew he had he had to stand up and if he was going to get that win, because he understood this fight was close. And there was a great fight, man, if you get a chance, go back and watch it. Literally the first five rounds were all Lopez. And maybe maybe one in there could be tossed out to the silly. The last six rounds were all the silly and round 12 was up for grabs.

Ryan Smith 51:49
Wow. Wow. Um, so you’d mentioned Paul Acosta earlier. Um, guess who’s running a file of Paul Acosta? A guy by the name of

George Stallworth 52:01
our good friend in 170. Oh, that turned into a heavyweight

Ryan Smith 52:04
Anthony rumble Johnson. And so rumble young man rumble. Yeah. So apparently, I’m Anthony Johnson is talking about like, Hey, listen, you talk to all this smack about Israel out of Sanya leading up to this fight, you get finished. And yes, he does hump you after the fight, and that’s inappropriate, but you kind of had it come and that’s kind of what what Anthony Johnson was positioned was. And of course, Paul Acosta didn’t appreciate that. And so we talked about people you know, going 10 nine on a Twitter beef and Anthony rumble Johnson. I want to say basically got to finish with his response in on Twitter. You guys haven’t seen it? Um, I don’t know since we’ve run a PG 13.

But the point is, is that because of the the motion that uh. That Israel out of Sanya did on, you know, on Paul Acosta,

Unknown Speaker 53:16
the motion Yeah,

Ryan Smith 53:17
the physical motion the pelvic thrusts that Israel out of Sanya did. Anthony rumble Johnson is now calling Paul Acosta loose booty

George Stallworth 53:30
loose booty.

Ryan Smith 53:32
So I consider that a knockout on the Twitter beef that there’s no there’s no coming back for a propeller cost to there.

George Stallworth 53:41
He says something else to like, I respect you but make sure you know your role players I’m like,

Ryan Smith 53:47
yeah, you know. Yeah, it you know, but it’s it’s tough for fighters like Paul Acosta because English is not his first language.

George Stallworth 53:55
But w w stepping in the kitchen If you ain’t ready for a

Ryan Smith 54:00
well, true but like you you don’t want to become an author of a loss and not not English not being your first language and then getting into a Twitter be like,

George Stallworth 54:11
especially with rumble Johnson, who you easily could wind up matched up against well, because he could

Ryan Smith 54:19
he could make 185 but he they said he’s

George Stallworth 54:21
gonna make 185 Paul Acosta walks around in 205 or 220. Like they can fight it their weight right now.

Ryan Smith 54:29
Yeah, I don’t think you don’t want that smoke like Anthony Johnson at.

George Stallworth 54:35
Daniel Coleman said he has never been hit. It’s hard. It’s Anthony rumble Johnson. He’s like Joe Joe. No. Alexander Gustafsson? No. Name somebody else. He fought? Big knock. Yeah. Anybody else? No, he

Ryan Smith 54:52
paid me. No,

George Stallworth 54:54
he paid me. Nope. Anthony rumble Johnson. Yep. He knocked him off his feet.

Ryan Smith 54:58
Yeah. That’s what we you know collect you it’s one of clutches favorite images is is Anthony rumble Johnson landing what sounded like a baseball bat on on Daniel Cormier a Daniel Cormier a falls over stands up and falls over again

George Stallworth 55:15
get knocked off his feet. Literally his fleet his feet flew from under him.

Ryan Smith 55:21
Yeah, you know, they say that you know when you’re losing the striking it turns you into a wrestler. For me a turn into a rest we know he got wrestling skills, but he was looking to strike with Anthony Johnson and then he got hit and he’s like, I know it. You want some of this? Oh man.

Unknown Speaker 55:37
No, no.

Ryan Smith 55:40
I’m speaking of Israel out of Sanya. He said he was flattered by George St. Pierre is calling calling him the perfect fighter after the the Holocaust the thing says goats recognize goats. I think that that’s that’s a really nice compliment as well. You know definitely Israel out of Sanya someone to you know, that is enjoyable to watch. Because he doesn’t fit the tip. The stereotypical you know, body style of a champion, you know, fighter. He so thin and wirey. But he’s so elusive. So, so quick. And you know, with that precision that he talks about, generates a lot of power. And he’s finishing people left and right. So great compliment from George St. Pierre. And that’s why I know that you’re St. Pierre. He’s not coming back. He just enjoyed watching the fights. He’s like, Ooh, I’m glad I’m not fighting that guy. Whoo. I’m glad I’m not fighting that guy.

George Stallworth 56:34
Would you like to see a DSP and that assign your fight? No.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
Why not?

Ryan Smith 56:39
Because GSP First of all, GSP walks around at 190. Okay,

George Stallworth 56:45
so anything Israel walks around it?

Ryan Smith 56:47
Oh, I don’t know. But his problem

George Stallworth 56:51
making 185 his last way and he weighed in at 183.

Unknown Speaker 56:57
You know,

Ryan Smith 56:59
I don’t know what to say. But George. George St. Pierre is a 170. fighter. He’s clearly a 170 fighter. Israel out of Sanya has the frame for a 205. Right? So he, yeah, he’s tall. He’s like six one. Just say piers like five, nine. He’s like, like your height. And so

George Stallworth 57:20
call him a little bit. Boy.

Ryan Smith 57:21
I know. No, I’m not calling either one of y’all because y’all both. I’m just saying George St. Pierre damn near killed himself trying to make 185 to fight Michael Bisping. So he can’t he can’t make that Wait, once he starts training for fights. He can’t can’t keep that one at 190 the way

George Stallworth 57:44
they put that kind of mask on.

Ryan Smith 57:46
Right. So so I wouldn’t want to see him fight at at 185. Likewise, he doesn’t think that he can make 155 to make a good fight with Habib in America. So

George Stallworth 57:58
he needs a 165 fighter.

Ryan Smith 58:00
He would have to do a 165 catch. Wait, if we wanted to see that fight, but I don’t think anyone wants to see a fight. That’s not for title. But GSP g would you want to watch GSP versus numurkah medoff. Without anything on the lid. There

George Stallworth 58:17
are so many GSP fights I would love to see like even now GSP and Nate GSP and Jorge masvidal GSP. It could be GSP and pick somebody out of that 155 division is on fire or the 170 division. So we talked about 170 GSP. And Connor. There are so many fights out there for GSP man like

Ryan Smith 58:43
Yeah, well, I don’t think he wants to fight anymore. I think he’s done. And you know what they say

Unknown Speaker 58:48
Dana White.

Ryan Smith 58:50
Listen, I’d rather you call me Dana White and Stephen A Smith.

George Stallworth 58:57
Got about that by bambra.

Ryan Smith 59:00
Anyway, uh, Megan Levy, uh, you know that they that UFC just released a kind of a documentary about the, you know, the Davidson Figaro fight, where her husband, Joseph benavidez, got finished. And so people were asking whether or not she was going to watch it. And she’s like, no, like, why would I watch that? That was like, my, that’s me why I lived my husband. Having his dream shattered nightmare. Yeah. Why would I want to watch a documentary about it?

George Stallworth 59:38
She makes a good point where to support your man to?

Ryan Smith 59:41
Yeah, well, you know, I think that that it’s great that you know, she is clearly in his corner and you know, it can’t be easy to watch. You know, I would assume it can’t be easy to watch. You know, your husband or your spouse for that matter your significant other yet get the The way that he did you know, and to know that he has tried to climb that mountain multiple times. I mean, dude got finished by DJ I think he got finished twice by DJ I think he got choked out and got it knocked out. Now he got knocked out again and then I think the rematch I think he got finished again. It’s like you know, sometimes you just don’t get the ring. Sometimes you don’t get the belt, you know, and, and it was not in the cards for you. But you still had a great career. And, you know, I don’t know what what he’s planning on doing, but I don’t think there’s too many times left that he’s going to get an at bat. So we’ll have to see what happens there. Huh. So we talked about Chris Cyborg, she headlined Bella tour 249 fought, Arlene being Co. And Chris Cyborg choked her out in the second round.

George Stallworth 1:00:51
Have you ever heard of Arlene blink code before?

Ryan Smith 1:00:54

George Stallworth 1:00:56
Hmm. I’d like to go back and maybe get some info on her.

Ryan Smith 1:01:00
The challenge is, is that there just aren’t enough. 145 females?

George Stallworth 1:01:07
I think they are out there. We just aren’t seeing them.

Ryan Smith 1:01:13
There’s not enough.

George Stallworth 1:01:14
We know. All right. UFC is an actively recruiting 145 females. Nope. Cuz Guess what? Cyborg ain’t there. No more. Right. Go look over in Invicta. There’s a whole 145 women’s class, huh? Several other organizations that highlight female fighters, there are 145 is there. 145 is the division for female fighting. We just don’t see it in the UFC. Because we’ve got 115 125 135 and they seem a lot more. What’s the word? Tv savvy? a 145 woman means this is a woman who’s probably cutting down from 165. She’s not the most what’s what’s the word I’m looking for? Yeah. Or is interested in a 165 woman dropping 145 is they might be in a 125 or dropping to 115. Hmm. I’m just being real with you. Cyborg is not the most aesthetic looking woman that people want to see. She’s one of the most decorated strikers on the planet. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a difference though. When you when you think about female fighting, and what the casual wants to watch. Are they interested in seeing someone who looks like Chris Cyborg? Are they interested in seeing someone who looks like Paige Van Sant or Rosanna Jonas or JJ or Valentina? Shevchenko. You get what I’m saying?

Ryan Smith 1:02:41
Oh, yeah, I definitely understand that

George Stallworth 1:02:44
are out there. I’m telling you. I see it all the time. There are women wishing for these fights at 145. They’re just not. They’re not getting them.

Ryan Smith 1:02:53
But my point is, incidentally, the next fight that Amanda Nunez is fighting she’s fighting Megan Anderson. That fight will be at 145. So, Amanda Nunez is defending her 145 belt. But what I

George Stallworth 1:03:08
just want to talk about some here that 145 bill, how many people are in the division in the UFC?

Ryan Smith 1:03:15
Three, two, who’s the third one?

George Stallworth 1:03:18
I thought there was one other 145 in here steel Germaine de randamie was still in there.

Ryan Smith 1:03:23
Jemaine has been fighting at 135. So his Holly home like they can make 145. But they’ve chosen to stay at 135 because that’s where the more of the competition is. There are so few people that fight at 145 at featherweight weight in the UFC that I don’t even think that they have it listed on the website. Octavia Spencer nuts that way. That’s an actress. What’s her name? What’s her first name?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
Oh, we got off camera helped him. It was just me looking to

Ryan Smith 1:03:56
the audience to combat sports. Our audience is dope, man. They they know what we are. They have the information. Mm hmm. Her name is Alicia Spencer.

George Stallworth 1:04:10
Yes. Forgot about Yeah. She’s another game opponent at 145. Absolutely,

Ryan Smith 1:04:14
yes. But that it’s it’s still light. Like when in order to

George Stallworth 1:04:20
see it’s like what I’m saying to you is outside of that. You remember how a moment ago you were talking about how LFA and all these other organizations out there. These women are out there. They just haven’t been brought into the UFC. And you can’t just say, oh, they’re not UFC caliber at this point, because that’s not it’s not UFC caliber at 145.

Ryan Smith 1:04:38
That’s not my argument. My argument isn’t that there aren’t one. There aren’t women who can walk into the octagon and fight weighing 145 pounds. Sure, there there are a lot of women who weigh 145 pounds, who may call themselves MMA fighters.

George Stallworth 1:04:57
That’s not what I say. But thank you for taking

Ryan Smith 1:04:59
no No. The point that I am making is that when you stand them on the other side of the ring from Chris Cyborg or Yang got no competition. There is no competition for Chris Cyborg.

George Stallworth 1:05:17
I’m gonna disagree with you.

Ryan Smith 1:05:19
There are women who can stand across the ring and qualify. But they will get dropped. Like it will not be competitive. Find somebody like I would challenge

George Stallworth 1:05:32
I can take Chris I think she had a fight against I think her name is Amanda Byers. Um, this was a stand up fights. I don’t think it was Invicta. I think it was like a

Ryan Smith 1:05:43
no no. Yeah, well, yeah, Chris Cyborg fought a kickboxing fight. And it was like she took it on. I want to say it wasn’t a full camp. But she went and it was just in like kind of an exhibition. And Chris Cyborg got whooped. But, okay, Chris Cyborg, bring her an octagon and see if this kickboxer can take some jujitsu? Because Chris Cyborg, Chris Cyborg choked out beat Blanco. Blanco in the second round. I mean, she submitted her. So when you got somebody with knockout power, you got somebody who’s a black belt in jujitsu in the form of Chris Cyborg. Like the only fight that I really want to see for Chris Cyborg is the rematch with Amanda Nunez because I think that fight was a fluke. I don’t believe that that was a legitimate finish, or Amanda Nunez. She rocked she, she Her eyes were closed. Go back and watch it when she rocks a man when she rocks when Amanda Nunez rocks, Chris Cyborg. Her eyes are closed. She was just as shocked as Chris said, we

George Stallworth 1:06:52
should go back and watch together and like do a fight companion on that one.

Ryan Smith 1:06:55
Like we will do it. We will do it right. And I’m going to tell I’m going to show you that Amanda Nunez was not throwing technical strikes. She was she was swinging for the fences. Alright scurred

Yeah, this is what I’m passionate about. So I I am. I do I do wish that UFC that. Chris Cyborg had made up with Dana White and stayed in the UFC. So that we could have seen that rematch because there’s really no one else that I think, um, Chris Cyborg and Amanda Nunez at 145 I don’t think there’s anybody else in the UFC that are at their level. And so I would have wanted to see that again. Anytime I see a fight that only goes 30 seconds or something like that when there are two highly decorated athletes like Amanda Nunez and Chris Cyborg are that’s that’s not the natural outcome what Why are you looking at me like that?

George Stallworth 1:07:59
I hadn’t heard you begging Fidel, Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor rematch

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
me Oh,

George Stallworth 1:08:05
I love you dip off to the side.

Ryan Smith 1:08:08
look over my shoulder right?

George Stallworth 1:08:10
Yes, he was up there.

Ryan Smith 1:08:13
I will tell you this and we can go back and listen to what I have to say we can go back to the to the to the tapes. And I was saying that a 13 second fight between Josie Aldo and Conor McGregor doesn’t tell us anything about what those two fighters in the octagon actually can do. I mean, the same thing I said it whenever Jorge masvidal knocked out Ben askren in five seconds. Did we see a fight mean Yeah, fights can end that quickly. But you don’t get to see what happens when Jorge masvidal a pure striker has to fight you know, been asked to put pure wrestler and and and they actually get to bang for two to three rounds. Now we saw what happened with Nate Diaz and Jorge masvidal. The fight ended earlier but it’s like they should have kept going. No, we saw enough of that fight to know what would happen every other time. Nate Diaz and Jorge masvidal come into the ring. We saw enough fight to know what happens we got to see what happens when Daniel Cormier and C paimio. Chick we got enough of those rounds to know that we don’t need to watch that again. And in honor of my friend john Key’s who hopefully asleep and right now we don’t need to see john Jones versus Daniel Cormier a three we know what’s going to happen.

George Stallworth 1:09:30
Would you be interested in seeing Jose versus Connor again?

Ryan Smith 1:09:36
Not anymore.

George Stallworth 1:09:38
Jose’s uh, he’s falling too far off since that fight

Ryan Smith 1:09:41
you know, having a you know, Connor now fighting at 155 and 170. And and and Josie Aldo going down to 135 you know, losing and losing there and I mean, I believe he lost a Marlin Rojas But you know, still him losing their Peter Yon just whooped him. Yes, I think they’re too far off now, if they would have scheduled that fight back, you know, immediately after I think I would have been interested in that fight and I probably have said that before, but not now. It’s too much timespan. Okay. Um, I want to talk about a concept Chermayeff. I mean, he’s kind of the guy that everybody is interested in. He’s the new hype train in the UFC, and everybody wants to fight him. And so he’s basically saying, Give me someone to fight, because he’s been finishing people left and right, but none of them have been ranked. There was a really interesting conversation on one of the Facebook MMA groups about whether or not he’s legit, you know, or if he just needs to get tougher talent. And I think the answer is both. I think he is looking at it. But I think he needs his

George Stallworth 1:10:57
last fight was against Gerald

Ryan Smith 1:10:59
Carroll near shot. Yeah. And, you know, one punch finished him in 17. It was not 17 it wasn’t 17 seconds. I think it’s seven

George Stallworth 1:11:07
or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
Um, you know,

George Stallworth 1:11:12
he’s hanging out with Dana now like he’s best buds with Dana. Yeah, it Twitter and Instagram together like,

Ryan Smith 1:11:18
oh, they’re sitting next to each other at the fight night on Saturday. So when I’m when Jimmy schrute when Jimmy croute finished his fight. He jumped over the jumped over the cage, went talk to Dana and you can see hommes that Jim is sitting right next to Dana. So you know,

George Stallworth 1:11:40
there was some other fight did night where somebody was challenging. comes up.

Ryan Smith 1:11:48
Yes. A guy by the name of Neil magny

George Stallworth 1:11:51
that Neil just fought on my fight.

Ryan Smith 1:11:53
No, no, no, no, he didn’t just fight. But Neil magny threw his name in the ring and hums that Chimayo and said, Yes. Your next fight so they’re looking for a challenge on December 19. Neil magny versus hotshot, Jim if I can’t wait, like you guys have have tried to sell me on Neil Magnus return because you know, I’ve been picking against Neil magny. Since he lost a half a dozen years.

George Stallworth 1:12:22
You’ve been treating him like he used to treat Angela overkill here.

Ryan Smith 1:12:25
Yeah. Have you know and you

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27
claim it to? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:28

Ryan Smith 1:12:30
Like, I will be first like, at some point. I am going to have to say to Angela Hill, like, Listen. I was like your biggest hater. And now I’m on the bandwagon right?

George Stallworth 1:12:45
When we when we do this, can we please have like some slow background music plan? Like some shot as something

Ryan Smith 1:12:52
a bit like, Hey, girl, just wanna let you know. Hey, but now, you’ve won me over a year, not to forget that Kevin Holland also called out homes at shemaiah. Because remember, homes that shemaiah treated Kevin Holland like the help?

George Stallworth 1:13:15
Yeah, I remember that. Hey, speaking of us, I spoke to coach Darrell and today man. Oh, hello. Yeah. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:13:24
Well, cool. Uh, you know, I one of the one of the things that I was gonna put Oh, I did have it on the run sheet that you brought brought up coach, Darrell, when you know, when we interviewed coach darren, and shout out to coach darren of lamb for and the lamb striking systems. And he is the coach of of Kevin Holland. And

George Stallworth 1:13:46
what he told me currently him and Kevin aren’t partnering together. It’s not that there’s not room for it in the future. But right now they’re, they’re not working together.

Ryan Smith 1:13:59
Yeah, that’s unfortunate. Yeah,

George Stallworth 1:14:02
I think everything’s gonna be okay. I think this is just one of those natural progressions that, you know, leadership and mentorship and things like this take, you know, they may be back together here in the near future, you just never know. So I wouldn’t take anything negative from it. He had nothing negative to say about Kevin by any means. And from what I’m saying Kevin has nothing negative to say about him. So I don’t think it’s that kind of party. This is not bad blood or anything like that, but just not working together right now.

Ryan Smith 1:14:29
Yeah, it’s just that what what what I remember from the interview, and if you guys didn’t see the coach Derwin lamb interview, please go back and watch it. You can find it on our website, under the the interview section, or you can find it on our YouTube page. But go back and watch that interview with Coach Darwin because he talked about one of the hardest things about being a coach is having your heart broken about training a fighter and bringing a fighter to this, this new summit of this mountain that they’ve been trying to Climb for all these years and then having that fighter go in and work with someone else, because there’s really it can be a thankless, thankless job, you know, and one of the stories that he talked about was the relationship he had with James Vic, which is another one of our hometown heroes, the executioner, who recently got cut from the UFC. You know, and so, you know, we we talked to coach Darwin about how that affected him almost caused him to stop coaching.

George Stallworth 1:15:32
Yes, we talked about that this morning, man, cuz, I don’t know if I tell you, I just recently went through a very similar bout of that. And so it was really good to have him as a resource to like, Hey, man, this is what I got going on. And I don’t even know how I feel about it to some degree, you know, it’s like, wow, like, you know, it is what it is, though. But he told me keep trudging for a I got I got six fighters in camp right now preparing for fights in in January. So like, you know, I don’t have time to. Well, yeah. Yeah. And so it’s very good talking to him this morning. It really lifted my spirits.

Ryan Smith 1:16:09
All right. Well, you know, when you talk to them again, definitely send him my love. You know, we got to get him and, you know, Coach Carlos, back on the show. And, you know,

George Stallworth 1:16:19
I got some other interviews that I’m itching for us to do, man. I’m glad you and I got a chance to do the show alone tonight. So now I know I got you corner. And we can talk afterwards. I’m like, hey, look, this is what I got. This is what I got. This is what I got. Give me some dates.

Ryan Smith 1:16:32
Let’s keep let’s keep lining up coaches. I like talking to the coaches. I mean, talking to fighters.

George Stallworth 1:16:36
Coaches at this point, talking to fighters tell you to the ronin wants to jump in. Peter standard, Nick. Man,

Ryan Smith 1:16:46
I don’t want to talk to him.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:47
Why you don’t want to talk to him?

Ryan Smith 1:16:50
Why don’t I want to talk to Yes. I don’t want to talk to me. I don’t want to talk to the Roman. Because I pick up

George Stallworth 1:16:57
Oh, you pick against me? Yeah, you definitely.

Ryan Smith 1:17:01
So we had the bat going?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:04
Yes. Oh,

Ryan Smith 1:17:06
you forgot about that.

George Stallworth 1:17:07
Let me get him up tonight and make sure he knows. Do I need you to come on? We need to give Brian

Ryan Smith 1:17:12
all this. Oh, man. Yeah.

George Stallworth 1:17:16
Another interview I got lined up for us man is on. TJ to think Man Man, I think I’ve been sending you some of his video clips. You guys don’t watch enough Muay Thai man like this is one of the most decorated strikers out there, man. If you look at his style, the way he fights and a couple of weekends ago, I actually got to see his son fight his nine year old child fight and his son put on a clinic and a show. Oh, wow. Yeah. So and then what are the interviews I have coming up force Oh, Coach Coach wheel over at fury kickboxing motor for Fury kickboxing, as well as he’s a coach over at Eastside Fight Club and si in Plano. So yeah, man, I got some interviews. We need to get lined up here, bro.

Ryan Smith 1:17:59
Let’s get poppin let’s get them lined up. We can definitely.

George Stallworth 1:18:03
I think I also told you I’d like for us to maybe interview one of my new students. He came to me from TJ, his name is Phil. Philip Washington. Philip Washington Jr. Very interesting, young man and he has a podcast of his own out there called ass Philip. So all right, I’d like you to check it out when you get a chance.

Ryan Smith 1:18:23
Definitely. Well, definitely well. Alright, well, the one thing that we haven’t talked about yet which we need to get into is the fight card.

This is the fight card. This is where we talk about the fights that are coming up on Saturday night and it is the end of fight Island frenzy the five weeks of fighting UFC 254 habibie vs. Gay T. Saturday, October 24 2020 at the flash forum on yas Island in Abu Dhabi, this is a pay per view. And just so that you know if you are watching this right now and you are hearing the words that are coming out of my mouth, that fight starts at 2pm Eastern on Saturday.

George Stallworth 1:19:15
Yeah, what’s up with the time change on these man?

Ryan Smith 1:19:17
I do not know why they change the time because it really sucks because I’m gonna be coaching flag football at the time.

George Stallworth 1:19:25
What time will it be in Russia?

Ryan Smith 1:19:28
I have no idea.

George Stallworth 1:19:30
I bet you that might have a lot to do with this.

Ryan Smith 1:19:36
Yeah, I don’t know. But I mean, I’m sure we’ll be fighting. They said that when he when he arrived in in, in Abu Dhabi. It was like he you know, he was a king. So perhaps that’s that that’s the reason why they decided to hold it at 2pm Eastern but, you know, it’s just going to be really hard for me because I need the fight. to happen at night, so that I can get all the family cleared out, I can get the wife taken care of everything like that, so that I can sit down and watch the fights and peace with my with my wings. But um, it’s unlikely that I’m going to give

Unknown Speaker 1:20:13
these days.

Ryan Smith 1:20:15
I don’t even want to tell you because if I tell you, you’re gonna laugh at me, and I don’t need to be laughed at right now.

George Stallworth 1:20:21
I would not laugh at you, bro.

Ryan Smith 1:20:23
Man. I’m getting from KFC to.

George Stallworth 1:20:27
I’m gonna take that statement back then I just say.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:32
Yeah, really?

Ryan Smith 1:20:34
Yeah, that’s where I’m getting if I I had the last pay per view.

George Stallworth 1:20:37
Maybe they know something. I don’t know. No.

Ryan Smith 1:20:41
I just Yeah, for me. I don’t know why we’re talking about wings right now. Well, we could be talking about these fights coming up. But, uh, I don’t like all the wet sauce. To be honest. So when I’m when I’m getting them takeout, I like them to be dry. So I get it from KFC. Or I get them from pluckers whenever I really really want them pluckers not a sponsor. Neither is KFC. So if they want us right now,

George Stallworth 1:21:07
we were talking about timing rushing, why this fight might be happening at 2pm so it is midnight. almost midnight here in the States right now. We are what central time? Yep, I’m Central. And right now in Russia. It is 7:56am

Ryan Smith 1:21:26
Oh, look at that. So to 2pm 2pm Eastern is 10pm in Russia.

George Stallworth 1:21:33
Hmm. Kind of makes sense.

Ryan Smith 1:21:35
That’s coming that’s coming from from you gotta give me the pronunciation that cuz i lepanto. Like the PDO light. I don’t know. But that’s who’s that’s who’s given me all of this great information. So shout out to you. Shout out to you. He is he is he is hooking us up with information about about what’s going on but it may he says You may be right. That the in order for the Russians to watch this fight. They’re doing it at at at 2pm our time,

George Stallworth 1:22:07
it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Yeah, I think the pay per view numbers probably out of Russia for that fight will probably be bigger than out of the states even.

Ryan Smith 1:22:20
Perhaps. Well, I just started thinking long pregnant pause. Cuz because you know what I’m thinking right? Yeah. All right. I’m gonna say this. If I end up poisoned, bro. No, I didn’t do it myself. All right. Um, he, Vladimir Putin, but Vladimir Putin. You know, every time Habib wins, he goes and sees the president of Russia. So it very well could be putting like, Listen, I want to watch this fight

George Stallworth 1:22:52
this 10 o’clock.

Ryan Smith 1:22:54
Make this in the clock or else I will make sure that you do not have to be coming out of my country. And so like, Okay, all right, fine, whatever. Americans can suck it on this one. Yeah, I mean, it’s inconvenient for me, right? Because I have my Saturday afternoons is not made for, you know, it’s not made for nikolova it’s not made for watching UFC. Um, so let’s get into these fights. We’ve got six fights on the card, mega med and kolev is fighting Eon. Kuta labora.

George Stallworth 1:23:24
It’s a rematch it?

Ryan Smith 1:23:26
Uh, I believe it is because I think that one of them got injured or sick. Or something like that may have gotten positive tests for COVID. And so they finally got back together.

George Stallworth 1:23:38
Maybe I’m I thought they fought before. I doubt this is like their second meeting.

Ryan Smith 1:23:42
All right, okay. Lauren Murphy versus lillia. shuck. shocky rover.

George Stallworth 1:23:48
Hmm. I know, Murphy hadn’t heard of this other young lady. So my name is do some research on Wi Fi say yay or nay or whatever.

Ryan Smith 1:23:55
But we’re going to flash by pixel in the last three fights of the cart.

So I’m Bill Hawes versus Jacob mckuen. We got Walt Harris versus Alexander Volkov, Robert Whittaker versus Jared cannoneer. And then the main event of the evening, Habib in America metal versus Justin ganeshji. All right. And so this gives us if Habib nurmagomedov wins this fight, it brings us one fight closer to that magic. 30. And, oh, that he that he says he’s going to retire at and so you know, we’ll see what happens hopefully, you know, legacy goes out the window, and it becomes about money so they can stay in and keep fighting.

George Stallworth 1:24:44
I don’t know, man. I think he is gonna give him

Ryan Smith 1:24:48
two problems. All right. Let’s

George Stallworth 1:24:49
think he pulls this out.

Ryan Smith 1:24:51
So you’re making your pick now? Is that what you’re saying?

George Stallworth 1:24:53
Yeah, I’m making that pick. Now. I think he shocks the world and walks away with that belt man.

Ryan Smith 1:25:01
All right, well, we’re gonna do this out of order then. Uh, I am going to, you know, rule number one. And for those of you playing the combat sports talk drinking game, this is your time to drink. Rule number one is never bet against the Russians. And so I am I’m going to stay on the beaten America medoff train. I think he gets it done. I think it’s a close fight. I think it goes all five rounds. And those will be the first time that it actually won’t be the first time because he has lost the fight. But Justin he I think will make it competitive. But I think that having American men off, comes out on top. JOHN Key’s did send us his picks he picked Habib in America met off as well. And we got scott brown in in the audience tonight. And he says a beam exposes gay cheese. Great wrestling with his trip game. So there you go. Uh, let’s go back up to the top what Harris versus Alexander volkoff you know, lol Harris’s last last showing was against I think it was our server room right. And he should it should have he should have beaten Alistair overeem but the ref didn’t didn’t. didn’t call the fight. The fight goes on Harris gasses out and overeem gets the finish. Now he’s up against Alexander volkoff an outstanding heavyweight kickboxer. What do you think? volkoff You think? volkoff? Yep. I’m gonna go with Harris.

George Stallworth 1:26:43
What ethnicity is volkoff?

Ryan Smith 1:26:47
I don’t believe he’s Russian. Maybe he’s Eastern European. Okay. Don’t make me have to change my thing.

George Stallworth 1:26:57
I’m drinking just in case.

Ryan Smith 1:27:01
He’s Russian dad. gummit. Young rule number one never bet against the Russian I’m going with Alexander volkoff. Um, what Harris john Key’s has wat Harris?

George Stallworth 1:27:13
Yeah, yeah. Casey sent his his pixel.

Ryan Smith 1:27:15
You know, Casey doesn’t send his pics in until after the fights are over.

George Stallworth 1:27:20
It’s kind of hard to do that while you’re on a date.

Ryan Smith 1:27:24
Okay, Casey will be like when we come back and we do the results show. He’ll be like, yeah, I picked him. But nobody has any proof that you pick that guy. Robert Whittaker versus Jared cannoneer.

George Stallworth 1:27:36
Do interesting fight on paper. I think Kennedy walks through Whitaker real quick.

Ryan Smith 1:27:44
Um, can you know the thing is Robert Whittaker is a complete fighter like, you know, he he he brings such an interesting game into the octagon that I struggle to see that he is going to be standing there waiting to get punched by Jared cannoneer.

George Stallworth 1:28:05
And Israel out of Sanya is a one trick pony. Some people will say who has nothing but striking. And what did Whitaker do differently with him?

Ryan Smith 1:28:16
It was bad in a complete

George Stallworth 1:28:17
fighter. You just said you you hype them up. He’s a complete fighter Whitaker

Ryan Smith 1:28:20
is a complete fighter like the dude does everything well his

George Stallworth 1:28:24
complete fight skill set do against Is he out of sight. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:28:28
Yeah, I’m sorry. I thought this guy’s name was Jared cannoneer.

George Stallworth 1:28:32
I’m just pointing out flaws in your logic right now. Sir. We were having a debate. debate right? You’re

Ryan Smith 1:28:39
using MMA math, though. You’re saying Oh, because you didn’t Robert Whittaker like to debate Robert Whittaker lost Israel out of Sanya airgo he will lose to Jared cannoneer that that math no doesn’t work.

George Stallworth 1:28:50
My my theory here is that you’re saying that Whitaker is a complete fighter. And that complete fighters tend to wind up on the winning end. Especially against guys who are who tend to be maybe one trick ponies are only have a specific skill set. I

Ryan Smith 1:29:06
never call cannoneer a one trick pony. I never said he had

George Stallworth 1:29:10
that other tricks he has what is he? He?

Ryan Smith 1:29:14
He wants to knock people out. Okay, doesn’t he?

George Stallworth 1:29:18
I don’t know. I’m just asking you know, but you might he’s a complete fighter.

Ryan Smith 1:29:23
We can we listen, we don’t have to dispute the fact that that Robert Whittaker is a complete fighter he is.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:30
I agree.

Ryan Smith 1:29:31
He’s a complete fighter. So that is indisputable. We’re not disputing that. Jared cannoneer I what I said was I don’t see Robert Whittaker standing around and getting lit up by Jared cannoneer.

George Stallworth 1:29:44
I didn’t see him doing it against Izzy and that’s what happened.

Ryan Smith 1:29:48
But but it’s it’s different.

George Stallworth 1:29:50
Please tell

Ryan Smith 1:29:51
me how because Israel out of Sanya is a different fighter. He is a different type of fighter than Jared cannoneer. He’s just Riker they are not the same.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:02
He’s a striker.

Ryan Smith 1:30:04
They are not the same. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:08
They are.

Ryan Smith 1:30:09
I hadn’t even made my pack yet. I hadn’t gonna be Jared cannoneer course. I gotta set it up though you’d like to Batman a corner paint me into a corner here. Jared cannoneer Dude, I like Robert Whittaker. It makes me sad to see him get beaten. Because

George Stallworth 1:30:28
bad matchups. Like,

Ryan Smith 1:30:30
I love Robert Whittaker. I love watching him

George Stallworth 1:30:32
fight the good guy to man like, yeah, you know what I mean? Like, he’s one of those guys. Like, how can you not like him?

Ryan Smith 1:30:39
Right. But, you know, but at the same time, Jared cannoneer. Like, he just puts people away like it like,

George Stallworth 1:30:51
is he even called him to Darkhorse to division? He’s like, this is the guy that’s a problem.

Ryan Smith 1:30:58
So yeah, maybe it’s because I secretly want to see the cannoneer out of Sanya fight. Um, but yeah, I’m going with cannoneer I’m rooting for him. Um,

George Stallworth 1:31:09
Whitaker says the cannoneer and out of Sangha fight is that easy fight. But is he? He says that he thinks cannoneer he wants so there was some some back and forth on social media and or an interview where is he said, Hey, Kennedy, or beats Whitaker. And then I fight cannoneer. And Whittaker came back said, Of course, he wants to buy cannoneer because that’s the easier fight for him.

Ryan Smith 1:31:33
I think that’s a dumb statement by Whittaker because Israel out of Sanya lit him up in the first round like he dude was staggering back to his to his stool at the end of the first round. Whitaker didn’t make it past the second round, like sensing

George Stallworth 1:31:48
is real. And maybe Whitaker just hadn’t watched the fight over. I don’t know if it was compared.

Ryan Smith 1:31:55
I don’t know. I feel like if you don’t if you can’t make it, if you have tape of you getting staggered by Israel out of Sanya, you can’t say that you’re a harder fight then someone else. I just don’t feel like you can say that. And

George Stallworth 1:32:12
who you’re about to fight. Yeah, for sure.

Ryan Smith 1:32:15
Yeah, like, dude, just don’t don’t speak on those things. Like keep silent on that. Um, Scott Brown says that cannoneer has four inches of reach on Whitaker and that cannoneer is sort of old and was killed early by Ray as yes but you can’t count the ray as fight because that fight was not I don’t I don’t believe that fight was at 185 I think that fight was at

Unknown Speaker 1:32:38
and and also fought a heavyweight and,

Ryan Smith 1:32:41
and and you really you really got to go back and watch that race fight again against cannoneer because cannoneer was winning that fight until he got caught. And so yes, I’m not taking anything from dominant rez Dominic rez is a great fighter. If you if you really want to know I felt like he beat john Jones. Um, but uh, but at the same time cannoneer fight

George Stallworth 1:33:09
the drinking game, please drink right now because Ryan inadvertently mentioned john Jones.

Ryan Smith 1:33:14
No, no, no, I didn’t mention john Jones and another fighter who, whose name whose initials also could stand for the District of Columbia. which is which is I didn’t make that so you did that. That’s a false drink. You broke the rules. Hmm. Anyway, follow us on social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk.

George Stallworth 1:33:40
I am on Instagram at dark side dark side underscore muy Thai underscore.

Ryan Smith 1:33:45
You can find us on our website at www combat sports talk calm and you can find us on all your favorite podcasting platforms. You can pick up some of the the older episodes or just want to hear about what we’re talking about in the previous week. We’re on all of these up here. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple podcast, Periscope and Spotify. And so we also have merged you can see the actually this way you can see that the combat sports talk shirt that that George’s wearing we got those so if you want one on one sports, your combat sports talk love you can actually do that it’s on Amazon, you can go to our website for that. I want to send a shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group on Facebook, where a lot of the conversations that we have on the show first began on behalf of George G. Money Stallworth. My name is Ryan Smith, reminding you to keep your hands up. Keep your chin topped and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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