Episode 146 – Khabib Nurmagomedov Retires, Anderson Silva’s Last Fight

October 28, 2020 by No Comments

UFC 254 is in the books and Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Justin Gaethje in the second round to elevate to 29-0 before retiring from the UFC. We highlight Khabib’s fight, his career and engage in a lively debate about where he ranks P4P and among the greatest of all time. We’ll cover headlines, and make our fight picks for UFC Vegas 12: Silva vs. Hall.


Ryan Smith 0:10
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host, Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory. JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 0:26
Hello, everybody. Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on, man?

Ryan Smith 0:31
Things are great.

John Keyes 0:33
Yeah, I’m sorry I missed out last week, but I found the end of the internet and my god is full of stars.

Ryan Smith 0:42
That is awesome.

John Keyes 0:44
Yes, yes. But I do come back with facts.

Ryan Smith 0:48
Okay, what facts do you have? What facts do you have for us this week?

John Keyes 0:51
Well, you know, today is Teddy Roosevelt’s birthday. You do know that right?

Ryan Smith 0:56
I did not know that.

John Keyes 0:59
But what did you know? You probably didn’t know that. He was actually a he was very, he was an avid boxer. And he was the first known American ever to receive a brown belt in judo.

Ryan Smith 1:13
I did not know that. That is awesome. Yes.

John Keyes 1:15
Yes. Also, um, the in. This one is hard to wrap around. But I was like, okay, that’s kind of cool. There is a group of women in you in the Ukraine. Okay. That have formed a modern date. Amazon tribe, known as as Garda,

Ryan Smith 1:35
as Garda, that’s interesting. Yeah.

John Keyes 1:37
That their goal is to have complete autonomy, autonomy from men, and they train in different martial arts and sciences. And they live in the Carpathian Mountains. The thing is, though, we haven’t heard from them since about 2013.

Ryan Smith 1:54
Oh, well, man I design.

John Keyes 1:58
Maybe, I don’t know. It’s kind of scary. You know, not for the fact that there are, you know, Amazon tribe that’s out there, but it’s the fact that they’ve disappeared. And last but not least, okay. Bob Barker. You remember Bob prices, right? I

Unknown Speaker 2:16
do for you here.

John Keyes 2:19
Do you not know he’s a black belt in karate.

Ryan Smith 2:23
I know that.

John Keyes 2:25
Under Chuck Norris and his brother Aaron.

Ryan Smith 2:28
No way. Yes.

John Keyes 2:32
And here’s the kicker part. here’s the kicker, that fight that they had and Happy Gilmore that he had with Adam Sandler. He volunteered for that one.

Unknown Speaker 2:40
He did it. He was the one.

John Keyes 2:43
Yes. So ephi that there isn’t another one I have. But I’m saving that for Casey.

Ryan Smith 2:51
He said, Well, unfortunately, Casey wasn’t feeling very well tonight. Maybe he’ll show up on the in the audience and send us some messages. Or coach Coach on Tuesday nights. Of course, we typically record on Monday night, so coach can attend, because he has late fights late training sessions on on Tuesday night. So it’s really hard for him to make the show on Tuesday night. So coach may show up at the very tail end of the show. And if he does, you know, we’ll have to get his take on all the action that took place on this weekend. And the headlines that happened, you know, yesterday and today that we’ll be talking about during the show, okay with the NC in D. So let’s go ahead and get into it. You know, that here’s the big thing is that, you know, there was a huge pay per view on Saturday afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 3:45
You don’t say?

Ryan Smith 3:46
we don’t we don’t we don’t we didn’t get to talk about it as much because it was a you know, normally we do a live show during the main event. But unfortunately because it was at one o’clock in the afternoon and we all have lives and families we couldn’t just dedicate that time to like doing a live show right in the middle of the fight.

John Keyes 4:06
So Exactly. You know,

Ryan Smith 4:08
I was on a football field coaching flag football. Looking at my phone going what down? Is it a second down? Okay. Let’s winning. What

John Keyes 4:23

Ryan Smith 4:26
I know I shouldn’t spoil this for myself, but I gotta see I got the one. So by the time I got home, the fight was already over. And yeah, and so we’ll talk about it. Let’s go ahead and get into it, shall we? This is yes. Let me find my cursor though. This is the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is where we look at the fights from Saturday night and we are Saturday afternoon and we have a barnburner with UFC 254 hubby vs vs Gacy, Saturday, October 24 2020. At the flash forum on yas island by Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We had six fights on the card. mag Ahmed and Kel have defeated ion Kuta libre via kayo. In the first round, now, they basically say that that was just a barnburner between the two guys, they fought. They I read one report said it seemed like they fought forever. But it didn’t last very long. Just almost one round. Look,

John Keyes 5:49
yeah, well, that was it. He also close yet so far away from that second round.

Ryan Smith 5:53
That’s right. But you know, sometimes people don’t get the pleasure of making it to the second round. Lauren Murphy defeated lillia Chuck Shakira via via submission or Rear Naked Choke at 331. In round two, Lauren Murphy says she’s tired of being looked over for title shots, she is ready for that title shot, she is ready to go. So you know, I hope that they give her her wish. It’s 125 pounds, so that means she would have to fight someone by the name of Valentina Shevchenko. I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 6:30
And, you know,

John Keyes 6:32
apparently she does. And you know, and and, you know, to her detriment, I’d never heard of her as Lauren Murphy. I know she’s right. We need to quit overlooking her. Okay. You know, Darren, Darren in the ring with them in the lion’s den. And let’s see, let’s see what’s what?

Ryan Smith 6:50
Yeah, you know, I she’s as good as any. I don’t think that there’s anybody at 125 that’s going to touch her you know, if maybe you banks should your Shara route Eubanks goes back from 135 to 125. Maybe she would have she Jara Jara things would would be a better shot for, you know, maybe getting Valentina Shevchenko to break a sweat.

John Keyes 7:18
Maybe, maybe, that’s, you

Ryan Smith 7:21
know, like, you know, it’s getting to the point now, where I kind of believe that Valentina Shevchenko is is going to be like Casey at the Bat that she’s going to start doing things just to see if she can make it more challenging for herself. like okay, in round one, I’m only going to throw jabs in round two, only someone crosses round three, you know, leg kicks.

John Keyes 7:47
We’ve seen this before, you know, it’s happened before. You know, we’ve seen that a Muay Thai champion did that Tong po from kickboxer in the first round. He only used the jab. He pointed to the point, like well, this is what I’m using.

Ryan Smith 8:02
What so when you said we’ve seen it before, you weren’t meaning that we’ve seen a fighter do this. You are saying that we saw this choreographed and scripted in a way that a fighter would be able to successfully only throw one punch horn entire round. That’s what you’re saying.

Unknown Speaker 8:20
You’ve never seen kickboxer I mean, I’m not a cloud dancer.

Ryan Smith 8:25
I saw Bloodsport No.

John Keyes 8:27
No no kickboxer was the second movie. Not well, it was the second movie to star Vandana a lead role,

Ryan Smith 8:39
I believe. Okay,

John Keyes 8:41
yeah, kickboxing, pointing anything. And he that’s all he did. He and not only did he only Judo jabs, he only threw the hand that that have that left hand. That’s all used, then the second round of use the elbow. Third round of use the knee is doing that at the ponytail.

Ryan Smith 9:04
All right, well, I I don’t recall that. But for those of you out work, if you remember, the kickboxing, only throwing one in maybe we can challenge Valentina Shevchenko at 125 by doing that, but otherwise, I don’t see anybody. I don’t see anybody. Lauren Murphy can can can can get that smoke, but I don’t think she’s gonna I don’t think she’s gonna make it any difference. So,

John Keyes 9:26
go for it.

Ryan Smith 9:27
I just want to sit down Tina fight.

John Keyes 9:30
Are we at that? Are we at that moment in, in UFC where the champions are, like super dominant? And I mean, when we talk about champion challengers, is literally champion way up here. And challengers, kind of like right here now. I mean, I mean, at that moment,

Ryan Smith 9:50
I think we’ve got a lot of those. So if we were to start to go through it. I think we’ll start with the women Zang Wei Lee at 115. She’s actually Once I saw what she did to Anna Youngjae trick, you know, I’m a huge Czech fan. When I saw that I’m like maybe thug rose can do something but if thug rose gets gets gets beaten up, like like, Yo Anna did, then I’m gonna say it. Yes. Zang Whaley Of course Valentina Shevchenko. She’s way head and shoulders over everybody, of course, Amanda Nunez she’s got 135 and 145 locked down. I don’t think that Megan Anderson is going to do much of anything. You know, coming up, so we’ll start looking at the at, you know, one, you know, 125 on the men’s side with Davison Figaro. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of him to be able to declare that 135 of course, you’ve got Peter Yon. He hasn’t defended his title yet. You’ve got alderman Sterling. Got Corey San Hagen waiting in the wings. But I don’t think you really have a chance to see that. volkanovski Definitely not. He’s not the dominant champion there because I you know, by many accounts, he may have lost that round. Specifically for me, I don’t believe that he lost the second fight to to Max Holloway, a 155. You could have said that have even omega medoff is the dominant champion and head and shoulders over everyone else, given his performance this weekend, which we will talk about, I’m at C 170. I don’t think you can really say say that. Kamara uzman has that division locked down yet? That was a real close fight with Colby Covington. And I think Gilbert burns is going to give them a run for his money. Of course. 185 I don’t think anybody’s touching. Mr. Mr. Yeah, Israel, Sanya, then you’ve got 205 I don’t think that you know, we don’t have a title defense yet from yon blazkowicz and john Jones, who I think had had been that dominant champion for so long, but the dominant race fight which I had Dominic ray is winning that fight. You know, I just I don’t think that john Jones has it locked down. And then Steve a meal chick while he is the greatest heavyweight champion the UFC has ever had. I don’t think that he’s got it locked down. I you know, he still got it face off against Francis and got it one more time. JOHN Jones is coming up there. You’ve got a lot of heavy weights that need a shot.

John Keyes 12:22
You You really think that that CPA is better than let’s say a cave Alaska, if you think you think

Ryan Smith 12:28
Yeah, I do because when you start thinking about Cain Velasquez then you know it’s it’s one of those things where he did something that we didn’t think he could do, which was he took out Brock Lesnar. He You know, he won the trilogy against a junior dos Santos. But after you get past that you don’t really have that dominant a resume, in my opinion, from Cain Velasquez.

John Keyes 13:00
Because that’s because he really got hurt. But then again, you’re looking at a time when the heavyweight division wasn’t as wasn’t as much of a shark tank as it is now. I mean, that’s, I mean, I hate doing what else but what the what if Cain Velasquez actually had a shark tank like this? Could he still be considered a dominant force?

Ryan Smith 13:28
No. Yeah, no, I don’t think so. So, you know, I he’s an amazing wrestler. And you know, I don’t want to take any I don’t want anyone to think that I’m dissing Cain Velasquez in any way I just I don’t think that he had to face you know he’s fighting Bigfoot Silva and stuff like that.

John Keyes 13:48
You know? Exactly. Exactly whether

Ryan Smith 13:49
it got Francis in Ghana and hurt his blades and Alexander Lewis you know, it’s all of these guys like I

John Keyes 14:00
I don’t know what to say see him against these guys.

Ryan Smith 14:04
Well, if he had his say if he hadn’t buckled against Francis and ganu we might have seen it but his let his knee buckled and Frampton gonna clipped him. And that was in his career.

John Keyes 14:18
Which says a lot about and God knows power power. All right, so I’m gonna go wrestle for a

Ryan Smith 14:26
professional wrestler, right, Phil? Phil Hawes defeated Jacob laocoon 18 seconds. Now, I think he landed more than just one punch. But he didn’t land. He didn’t have time to land much more than one punch. While Harris was defeated by Alexander volkoff you know, I have to have to credit cholesky on this one. Because I was gonna pick what Harris in my flash fight picks. And he goes, wait, where is Alexander Volkow from? I’m like, oh, let me go and look. Oh, he’s from Russia. Rule number one. Rule number one never bet against the Russians take your drink By the way, a and Alexander Volkov defeated Walt Harris. And it was an impressive defeat to because that well, Harris kick starts back. It wasn’t a liver, liver kick, go back and watch it. He catches, he catches him right in the sternum. You know, if you have Oh, belly and you get the knob in that solar Yeah, he did a tip kick right on the button. And if you ever saw her, suck your belly in and show your ribs, you’ll see that there’s a little knob right there where your rib cage comes. Yeah,

John Keyes 15:36
right here. It’s right here. Right there. And people if you ever want to see somebody throw up everything. Hit him right there with everything you got. Okay? guaranteed, they’re guaranteed to go down and they’re guaranteed to probably throw up everything, okay? is a nasty shot.

Ryan Smith 15:55
And that’s and that’s exactly what happened to what Harris it was instantaneous the moment and it was just a straight front teeth kick, boom, right to the spot. He went down immediately. Everyone thought it was a growing shot. But when they went back and watched it, the ref clearly saw it didn’t didn’t call it a growing shot. But the commentators thought it was a growing shot. And the next thing you know, it’s it’s the fights called off. It was a beautiful kick. And so therefore i was i was correct. You might have noticed, you might have noticed on the back of Alexander volkoff, he had this huge, traditional Japanese tattoo on his back. Rumor has it that he had that thing done. It’s massive. He had it done in two weeks. Like

John Keyes 16:36
oh, wow.

Ryan Smith 16:37
Yeah, like a full back tattoo. Japanese traditional Japanese. I forgot the name of the mask. It’s not a kabuki mask, but it’s a it’s the scary mask.

John Keyes 16:48
It’s the army mask.

Ryan Smith 16:49
Yeah, he had that done in two weeks. He said it was very, very painful.

John Keyes 16:54
Yeah, if he did it the traditional way they they have the needle and needle Oh, no,

Ryan Smith 16:58
no, I don’t think it was a traditional application. It was just a traditional style of Japanese mask. I’ve been watching a lot of Ink Master, so I’m more well versed in tattooing. I don’t have any tattoos. But I do enjoy watching the process of people getting tattooed. In clip format, like I couldn’t watch the show, but I love Ink Master I love watching the highlights of these tattoo artists do amazing things with it with with ink and and a needle. In the CO main event. Robert Whittaker defeated Jared cannoneer via unanimous decision. Now, I have to go on record and say last week I said Robert Whittaker is a complete fighter. And everybody was giving me grief, because clay was giving me grief. Coach was giving me grief. I don’t remember you giving me grief. But you were probably thinking about giving me grief on me saying Robert Whittaker was a complete fighter, and that he could do some some damage against Jared cannoneer.

John Keyes 18:09
I will be the first one to say that I thought that he was outclassed. I’ll be the first one to say and even there, and I’ll know if you heard me is like, oh, boy, watch this and went out there. And I mean, he. He did do he did the deed, and did it well, and I’m

Ryan Smith 18:28
like, wow, you may you may not have heard my pick, though, cuz we all pictured cannoneer. All of us are eaten crow on that one. We didn’t have faith in the Reaper, and we had to pay the price. Jared cannoneer said that early in the fight, Robert Whittaker kicked him in the arm and broke his arm. Wow, Jared cannoneer fought the rest of the fight. And not only did he fight the rest of the fight, but he fought the fight to a 2928 two to one score. So he went around with a broken arm. So let’s not count Jared cannoneer out. I mean, the dude got his wing clip. Props to Robert Whittaker to have the power to do that on such a big strong guy, you know, but now it’s like, Dana White was asked does Robert Whittaker get another shot at Israel out of Sanya and Dana White said, yeah, that’s the next next fight.

John Keyes 19:28
That’s interesting that he was saying that though. And now let’s, let’s see how he holds up with the lightweight situation. Because I want to see if he’s willing to give somebody else a shot like that. You know, we’ll talk about him more.

Ryan Smith 19:45
Okay, cuz Yeah, I mean, the fight hasn’t been booked or, you know, there’s nothing It was just Dana White talking after the after the the event, but he said that it made sense that the next fight for Robert Whittaker would be the rematch against Israel out of Sanya. I think it’s fair. I’m not mad at it.

John Keyes 20:03
I’m not mad at it either.

Ryan Smith 20:05
I like both of them. But you know who else you’re gonna put up there? There’s some other people I think that we could we could pick in the main event of the evening, Habib numurkah, medoff defeated. Justin gates you engaging via submission triangle choke at 134. In round number two, this was actually a good fight.

John Keyes 20:28
This was a this was a very good fight. It was a genius fight. It’s not it’s it’s very rare where it’s a unanimous consensus. And not just with the people who aren’t fighters. But the people who are fighters when use when they unanimously agree that he is a superior fighter that can be is a superior fighter in that division, if not, of all time. And I like it. I agree. I think I think Habib, not, you know, besides carrying himself as a champion, when he’s in that ring, it says something. When you know exactly how he fought, you know exactly how he throws his punches, you know, exactly how he does his take down and you still lose, what kind of fighter is that? That he that he that everybody knows what he’s going to do? And he still does it? And does it like he did it on Saturday?

Ryan Smith 21:39
Well, we’re definitely going to get into that. But I, I want to I want to talk a little bit more about the fights before we before we get into the legacy of heavy metal. Um, okay, so So in the first round, I saw a lot of people disputing whether or not Habib won the first round because on the judges scorecard they had it the heavy one the first round, I scored it using my system and I had just engaged edging out Habib in the first round. So judge he landed some very powerful leg kicks and so for those of you go back and read the the the methodology on the website www combat sports.com so you can see what I’m so that you can see the the methodology as I’m talking about it, but here’s the deal. Um, Justin, he throws a lot of leg kicks, there’s a lot of powerful leg kicks it’s an offensive weapon and so there were a lot of leg kicks that Justin he threw but there are some leg kicks that actually turned hobby and an unbalanced him he also landed some big strikes have been mainly landed jobs, a lot of glancing blows and things like that during the fight he was able to take Justin he down in the first round, put an arm you know, I think was more like an American or an omoplata on him like an armbar kind of thing. It was not the traditional armbar um, but I didn’t feel like that it was enough to overcome the three major big shots that just engaging landed in the in the first round. So while a lot of people might have scored the takedown and submission attempt at the end of the round, to give that round to have even recommend off based on my methodology. I scored it in favor of Justin he didn’t matter whether you gave it to him even America Madoff or Justin he because in the second round, it was very quick. I’ve even American Madoff took just in case you down and went from a takedown double leg takedown to mount and from Mount went into a triangle. And it looked like Justin he was trying to submit tracks trying to tap but the ref was not in the right position. And so he ended up going to sleep. And as a result, I’m happy when omega medoff crawled off adjusting he went to the center of the octagon, basically, you know, cowtown himself down, kind of in the fetal position or Child’s Pose if you’re Yogi yogini and, and broke down and cried. And I mean, it was a very emotional, emotional moment for Habib, I think for all of us watching. Because I did get a chance to watch that fight. To see him release all of that built in. That pent up hurt and pain and loss. All that emotion finally had to come out. His work was done.

John Keyes 24:37
Yeah. You got the sense that that was it. When you saw him in the rain, and it’s all that emotion just pouring out. You just you just knew something. You just knew that this was going to be the last fight that’s the that’s the that’s the that’s what I gathered from it. before he even said that if he didn’t if he didn’t retire right then and there that come Monday he was going to retire. Wow.

Ryan Smith 25:05
Well, that’s what he did he in the post fight comments, he was taking off his gloves. He dropped him in the center of the ring and and he walked away from from the sport. Um, one of the interesting things that came out of this was a story that that Daniel Cormier told after the fight, and that it was that near as they were getting close to the fight, he learned that just engage he does not tap in a submission. And so, yeah, he what he decided to do was rather than go for the armbar, which, because just engaged these parents had never flown out of the United States that they were there at ringside watching their son fight for the title. There’s so many stories wrapped around that if you haven’t heard all of the Justin Geechee parents coming from small town Arizona to get to the Big Show, this big scene where just him making the show money would be enough to retire his parents. Like it’s all these great stories of this guy making it up the ladder to finally fight for the title against arguably the greatest lightweight in the history of the UFC. Mmm, yeah. He wouldn’t tap. And so what ended up happening is a big no mergo Madoff chose to go with the art with the triangle choke, so that he didn’t hurt, just engage he in front of his parents.

John Keyes 26:30
That’s the real divider. That’s a real man right there. That not only did he, I’m pretty sure he was gonna beat the crap out of them had it at he didn’t know that. But he changed up mid game and put them in a sleeper, but what I mean that’s Samba, okay, that’s just a facet assemble that it’s a mixture of strikes and submissions, mostly heel hooks, with some bows, but they do have a triangle choke in there. So I mean, it’s like, what I mean. What other What else did you expect out of this out of this fight? Other than great storyline, this was probably the best marketed storylines that UFC did that the UFC has ever had, and never used. There was too many storylines. It was literally softballs of storylines after storylines. Oh, yeah, that the UFC could use.

Ryan Smith 27:33
Oh, yeah. And so so that’s that’s where that’s where we’ll leave this segment you know, we’re gonna go on to the next segment. We’ve already kind of we’ve kind of already already stole our thunder. But right after the the fight Habib in America, men off retired. So let’s talk about it in the headliner.

All right, this is the headliner. This is where we talk about the things that we want to talk about the number one story on the show, and that is the retirement of Habib numurkah medoff so he retires at 29 and no undefeated UFC fighter announces emotional retirement after latest victory. I got this story not from bloody elbow, not from MMA mania, MMA fighting. I got it from CNN, what?

John Keyes 28:29
Okay, so not only do we have arguably the best fighter in the world, but he has crossed streams.

Ryan Smith 28:36
He’s he means cnn like, like, that’s what’s crazy to me, right. The reason why I chose this article is is is just number one to test whether or not people would consider this fake news because if he actually

John Keyes 28:51
we’re not deep statements. Okay, we’re not doing that here. Okay. We’re not doing it yet.

Ryan Smith 28:56
It was it was significant enough a retirement that Yeah. news outlets like CNN picked it up. That’s how big it is.

John Keyes 29:07
I think the last time they picked up when George St. Pierre, retired,

Ryan Smith 29:13
I don’t think they did.

John Keyes 29:15
I mean, I think they picked it up when he won. When he won against Matt Serra. I think they did, but they didn’t pick it up winning. That’s how long

Ryan Smith 29:24
ago that is that is that they ago, but

John Keyes 29:29
Yeah, I know.

Ryan Smith 29:29
But so let’s talk about it. The reason why even America Madoff retired, is in part because his father, abdomen that numurkah Madoff passed away earlier this summer, due to complications resulting from COVID-19. And so when you start thinking about what his father represented in his fight life in his fight career, and who his father was as a coach, as a wrestling coach, and what he what he said Serve, not having that person in his corner, made his desire to fight and continue fighting, um, something that wasn’t really worth the squeeze anymore. And so his mother did not want him to take the gate the fight. And so he had already taken that. And he said, Listen, this will be my last fight, that I will not go in there without my father, I will fight this one fight, and then I will no longer fight, he made that promise to his mother. And he said that He gave His Word to his mother. And so he has to follow this. And he left the gloves in the middle of the ring. So you know, the story of Habib in America, Madoff continues to grow. Like we’re getting all of these dimensions of this fighter that is, you know, a dominant fighter, but it’s also cares about his opponent enough not to break an arm because he knows it’s not going to tap to keep his word to his mother and throw away a career where he was the most dominant fighter in his division,

Unknown Speaker 31:03
and in his cry

Ryan Smith 31:05
in his time, because he made a promise to his mother. So that’s the champion, that habibollah mega med office,

John Keyes 31:15
how you gonna be mad? As I can’t be mad at him,

Ryan Smith 31:18
you can’t be mad at him. I mean, you can only respect him for for doing that. So he leaves the UFC with a strikes landed per minute at 4.1 with a striking accuracy of 48%. And he absorbs only 1.75. So that discrepancy, that ratio four to one strikes, that, that that he lands to his opponents really goes to show how he was able to fight so many fights, and never get a scratch on it.

John Keyes 31:49
Right. And, and I mean, just take down Look, look this tape. Yeah, as long as single way by point three. Yeah, then is this take down the fences at 4%? You were not going to get him down more often than not. Yeah, you were not going to do it. That’s right. And then and the rheostat he’s a Virgo. This my Brazil bro.

Ryan Smith 32:18
Oh, wow. Well, there’s finally a good one. Um

Unknown Speaker 32:25

Ryan Smith 32:26
really? Yeah. From the Taurus, the bull baby right there. Yeah.

John Keyes 32:29
Well, at least we know what that is. We know we Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, beyond see Beyonce. So I’m a high EQ.

Ryan Smith 32:42
It scares me. It scares me john that you know all of these people. What are all those Virgos are all those Tauruses?

John Keyes 32:51
All those are Virgos my friend. Oh, Michael Jackson is a Virgo.

Ryan Smith 32:56
No Michael Jackson was a Virgo.

John Keyes 32:59
Ah ready. Virgo too soon. too soon for you. Too soon All right, shame on the well, any rate

Ryan Smith 33:17
so yeah, I just wanted to spend a little time just looking back at at Habib recommend offs career. You know, there was some really big fights. I guess the biggest fight of his career was the fight against Conor McGregor. That’s the one that had so much bad blood leading up to it. We had the incident in Brooklyn where Conor McGregor through the the hand truck or the dolly through the bus window trying to get at Habib American men off because an American man off accosted Artem lo Bob in the hotel with his boy

John Keyes 33:56
won’t get off footway. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait you want to get off formal with it? He was accosted you know did they pull out musket pistols and go

Ryan Smith 34:05
Alright, they

John Keyes 34:09
Okay, this his homies could have been and his homie him them up in a corner and had his hand on like Bane did. Oh boy. And Dark Knight Returns. Do you feel powerful now? Do you feel like you’re in control? How about the back of his head? It was like you mind and Connor and his boys thought they’re like, oh snap. And so they were they were getting gassed up on proper 12 on the way over here. That’s right. You know once again, that’s a 12 to 18 hour trip and nobody sat there said hey man, I don’t know if we should go there and and start some stuff. Nobody said that. They all got there and it all went

Unknown Speaker 34:51

John Keyes 34:53
It’s always supposed to say the

Ryan Smith 34:55
fight got the fight got scheduled. The the press conferences were here. Conor McGregor insulting Habib in America met off in everything from his heritage, his religion, his marriage, everything got insulted. And it finally at UFC 229 they faced off and in round four Habib mergo mina was able to submit Conor McGregor and then that started the infamous brawl. Holla if you will, yes, and betamerica meta, jump the cage Eagle style, and fought inside the crowd. There were Habib’s boys going after Connor. And it was just a wild scene. And it was really the first time that we saw Habib who had always been respectful. We’ve always been calm and control, finally lose it.

John Keyes 35:50
Yeah, and every bit of it was well deserved. I was not mad at Habib at all. And so when he I mean, a lot of people said that that was a bad moment for him. I was like No, because you can only take so much. I’m not gonna put a man in a position like that. Who has who is is is as regimental and structured and is a pure warrior assault him his family his religion his father and expect them to be normal at the at the fight. Not only the only way he could act normal is if they’re having a game of ping pong and I guarantee that’s an angry ping pong game going on there. Okay, now you got to give him You got to put gloves you got to put gloves on me and fight expect me to be all calm the entire fight you know I’m surprised that he didn’t launch offer offer Bruce buffer shoulder into the crowd and start beating on people

Ryan Smith 36:56
Oh well, I’m saying you know what, what’s really cool about Habib Mega Man off is also the fact that you know, he has three title defenses. One title victory of course against out I acquainted. That was the whole um, wow, what happened? There he is.

John Keyes 37:15
It was a last minute.

Ryan Smith 37:16
Yes. Oh. Remember what happened? in Ferguson? Yeah. Tony Ferguson was supposed to was supposed to fight we’re gonna get this was attempt number four. Right? Yes,

John Keyes 37:27
that club.

Ryan Smith 37:28
And the Tony Ferguson tripped. So they had to find a fighter. That’s when Max Holloway came down from one.

Unknown Speaker 37:38
Max Holloway everywhere.

Ryan Smith 37:39
He was wearing 190 tried to make 172 fight. And he wasn’t able to do that. Or sorry, tried to make 155 from 190. And six days to go from 190 to 155. Of course, it was medically impossible to do that. And so the only fighter because of what happened with Conor McGregor at in Brooklyn, the the fighters, the fighters who could have fought didn’t get a chance to fight in that on that card. And that those were the fighters it was Michael kisa was the was a higher rank than ally Quinta. But because he got injured in the in the bus attack from Conor McGregor. He didn’t get a chance to fight on that card. He didn’t get a chance to fight for the title. Ally Quinta got the fight. I’ll be able to murga met off for the title and got outclassed. It was a it was a five round beat down. And even Mark Meadows was crowned champion. Um, the fight against Dustin boy was pretty dominant. there was really nothing Dustin boy could do.

John Keyes 38:50
Once again, he got a fighter who you know how he’s gonna fight that, you know, he how he’s going to fight. He never he never really changed up his game plan that much that he started doing anything surprising. JOHN knew how he’s going to fight and get and still you got in the ring. And you had nothing for him? What kind of fighter is that? What you know, that’s, that’s all I gotta say.

Ryan Smith 39:21
So, so, um, so that’s that’s Habib’s career. Let’s talk a little bit about some of the things that you were best about Habib. The first one I want to think about is him fighting Edson Barbosa, beating up at some Barbosa and basically apologizing to him telling him to give up because the title shot was his and he needed to get that title shot. It’s a

Unknown Speaker 39:49
couple of pieces.

Ryan Smith 39:50
I think it was at some Barbosa though that he was like, This is my fight. You know, this is my time. Are you sure standing in my way? I think it was Edson Barboza. Yeah.

John Keyes 40:00
No, it was a the minutes It was. It was. Yes. I think that’s what he was pounding into. Okay, tell him to please give please, please stop. You know, my fight that he did that. I sent me location. Send me yeah that was the that was the point where I was like oh man this dude isn’t isn’t what y’all think he is he is real gangster okay he is real gangster on that cuz the look in his eyes if there was there was no there was talk was for lovers at that point. If If Connor had showed up to or set up a location like show up. We wouldn’t be talking about Connor in the present tense. I’ll say. I promise you

Ryan Smith 40:46
like that. Listen, he gave us

John Keyes 40:49
Hey, man, do you want to fight the beehive?

Unknown Speaker 40:53
You want to? You want to say coming out? Oh, no, no, no. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 41:01

Unknown Speaker 41:01
good. v.

Ryan Smith 41:03
Yeah, that one. And then the other one a force, which we can’t say on the show. verbatim. But number one, Bull.

John Keyes 41:12
Oh, that’s my favorite. Now. I had to adopt that one. I’ve had to use that a couple of times a day. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So there you go. Yeah, there you go. There you go.

Ryan Smith 41:27
I’m here about the controversy and UFC 254 in the Weigh ins with heavy metal.

John Keyes 41:34
I have. And it was basically what revolved around him that they’re saying that the that the scale hit the top, and it wasn’t really centered. When it was all said and done. And I remember seeing that I remember hearing Daniel Cormier, a said best Look, you’re gonna see what you’re gonna see, your eyes will deceive you. It is it was the job. It was the job of the guy who announced the weight to determine if it was real or not. Yeah, so I’m gonna leave it at that. That’s, that’s the that’s your best blemish that you can find on this entire and this entire pay per view? Yang got it. You ain’t got much.

Ryan Smith 42:16
Yeah, you know, it’s just it’s it’s highly suspect that the UFC would somehow or try to hide somebody’s missing weight. You miss weight, you miss weight. You know what I’m saying? Yeah. Habib hasn’t missed weight for like, six or seven fights. So it’s a he’s got it down. It’s very clear. They weigh multiple times. You know, it’s

John Keyes 42:44
not mean this dude had this dude had a hard year people. That’s, uh, you know, rise up off of them. Okay. And it’s not like he was ducking underneath the rink or anything like that, you know, God. Leave the man alone. He was I was happy for him that he made it because I know. He looked like I mean, he was looking pretty bad. But I was like, You know what? He just had a lot of trauma this year. And I didn’t I and and I’m not gonna lie. I thought it was I thought about 5050 when he when he went in, you know, he’s down to us. Just to what’s the word, his birthday suit? Yeah. And that’s the only way that he made way I was nervous about that. But then again, at the I remember Cormier does that habitually at that towards the end of his career that he had to be, you know, had to have a towel wrapped around them. And he came out there and still walked it. So yeah, it was what it was.

Ryan Smith 43:43
Yeah. Javier Mendez said it best he goes, they weigh you before you go to the Weigh ins. They weigh you right before you go out. So they make sure that you’re on point number one. Number two, if hubby was having problems with weight, Why the hell would he be the first one knowing they were going away? I’m like, why was he the first one out? That’s true. He wouldn’t want to be the first one out he’d want to be. But he was the first one out because he knew he was on weight. And when you get out there and start eating, like yeah, you know, a lot of times when fighters are missing weight, they’re the last one to show up to make weight. Right? They’re dragging their feet as long as they can now if he had shown up late, and then this whole suspicious thing happened, then yeah, we could probably say but dude was the first one on the scales. Even though he knew he was on wait.

John Keyes 44:32
Yeah, I’m not a once again. Not even not even face.

Ryan Smith 44:36
All right. I’m Javier Mendez also said that he had no idea that Habib Bruno mega Madoff was going to retire.

John Keyes 44:43
That’s That’s perfect. You know, and I’m shocked. I’m shocked because maybe Habib felt that Javier was going to try to talk him out of it. Which I wouldn’t I wouldn’t see Javier Mendez. You know, seeing the type of coach he’s always been especially towards Habib, Ahmed, if Habib makes it its decision that Javier will honor that. And, you know, it was it was really personal. You know, the explanation was really personal. I get why Habib kept it close to his chest. You know, it was it was it was here. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 45:19
The other things that Javier said and this is comes from MMA fighting I’m going to give you guys I always shout everyone out at the end, but you know, what they were saying is that when, when when Habib in America, man, I’ve showed up for camp with Javier Mendez, he had the mumps.

Unknown Speaker 45:37

Ryan Smith 45:39
Yeah, so we had the mumps, which is a bacterial infection that is affecting your lymph nodes.

Unknown Speaker 45:45

Ryan Smith 45:46
and he he had a broken toe.

John Keyes 45:51
Man, was this on the pet? This is like, Passion of the Christ level type stuff here. Okay, cause reference

Ryan Smith 45:57
for for heavy metal, but okay.

John Keyes 46:01
Well, we’ll let it ride. Okay, we’ll let it run. I consider it. It was great up here. Okay. Really good. All right. Cuz I mean, think about the dude that played Jesus and passion to Christ. He had 104 temperature during filming. He got struck by lightning while he was holding that cross. Okay. This all sorts of things were happening to him. Same thing with hubby. He broke his foot. He apparently has mops, that anything fall off of them? that was important. I mean, at this point, I mean, you know, they lose an Oregon.

Ryan Smith 46:38
Yeah, you can’t train when you have the mumps. So they, he probably lost training time as well. So all of these things. I’ll be able to

John Keyes 46:49
I’ll talk sorry to cut you off. But does he ever stop training is the question.

Ryan Smith 46:54
Yes. Now he does. But don’t allow me. Yeah. Now. I think he probably took a couple of breaks and things like that, because he’s got a family. I think he’s got kids and things like that. But you want to spend time with your kids. But I don’t think that he was ever out of the gym for very long. No, you know, but it’s interesting that all of this when we talk about let’s just recap. A guy who was undefeated. 29 Oh, yeah, he’s 13 and oh, in the UFC. Three title defenses for title fight wins, of course, um, who fought in his last fight after his father died, taking care of his opponent not to break his arm, but instead put him to sleep so he didn’t hurt him. After having complications to training with the mumps, and fighting with a broken toe. That’s how people American metal.

John Keyes 47:47
That’s how you go out on top.

Ryan Smith 47:51
All right, let’s go ahead and close the book on this one and put this one on the shelf shelf. This card is history. Let’s go into the rest of our articles on finding the angles.

This is finding the angles This is where we talk about the other headlines making waves in the UFC world. And if you thought that we were through talking about a beam in America met off while you were wrong. Now we’re going to talk about what everyone else is saying about how big American men are. So we’re going to start off with Dana White, the president of the UFC, and he said, Habib in America, Madoff is the baddest mF on the planet. He said this right after the fight in the post fight press conference, and he said he’s the baddest mF er on the planet. Let’s start with there’s like a feeling out process for two minutes and then it’s on these two we’re going the pressure that Habib puts on you is unbelievable. Literally didn’t respect Justin gates. He’s punching power, just walked right into everything did what he wanted. When he started over the armbar. In the first round, I was like, Oh my gosh, he’s gonna try to pull off the armbar. The second round, he keeps the pressure on pressure on for that submission. He locks it up, chokes it out. Unbelievable. He goes on to say that, you know, we were lucky to have seen Habib in America, this one last time. But they know why it was quick to call. Have you been a Mega Man off the greatest of all time?

John Keyes 49:23
Oh, go. So that’s a very touchy subject. So

Ryan Smith 49:30
I got a question. We don’t get into it. Just follow the run sheet. Follow me now.

Unknown Speaker 49:35
I’m with you. The touch

Ryan Smith 49:37
your subject. Is isn’t there a BMF belt?

John Keyes 49:45
There is a BMF belt out there.

Ryan Smith 49:48
So if Habiba mirga medoff is the baddest mF on the planet which is what BMF stands for.

Unknown Speaker 49:56

John Keyes 50:00
I’m sorry, Ryan, are you as Jorge?

Ryan Smith 50:04
Who is? I don’t know. Because I thought Jorge, nice widow was the baddest mF on the planet. But apparently,

John Keyes 50:10
I mean, it’s entertaining. This is entertaining because you have finally recognized the BMF belt for what it is. It’s garbage. It’s what it is. No, it’s not. It’s not garbage. It is a belt. Alright, it is a belt to denote the baddest mF on the planet. I’m pretty sure if Jorge mastodon was there, he probably would have gave that belt to him. Because he earned that belt.

Ryan Smith 50:39
No, no, no.

John Keyes 50:41
No, I think he would. Jorge would not agree with that belt. No, I think he would

Ryan Smith 50:46
text him. send him an email called call up his gym something. find out whether or not Jorge masvidal would be willing to ship the BMF belt to Dagestan.

John Keyes 51:00
Alright, y’all just FYI. I’m going to slide on to Twitter while Ryan is feeling this. This filthiness

Ryan Smith 51:09
I’m just saying there’s no way Jorge matsudo. I mean, I haven’t seen his comments about about him, even America man off, but I just think it’s crazy. He said that you have a belt called the BMF. Belt. And then the president of the UFC who gave out the BMF belt. The Claire’s someone not holding the BMF. Belt. The BMF There you go. Okay, that

John Keyes 51:35
well, didn’t it? I mean, got Harry, I don’t felt so let me see if

Ryan Smith 51:42
so, so George St. Pierre says that he doesn’t like the goat talk, but ranks have even America met off as one at a time. So once again, it’s one of those crazy things and maybe this just lost in translation because George St. Pierre, and bring aliens but, um, oh, well, he doesn’t like to go

John Keyes 52:00

Ryan Smith 52:01
But ranks have been a Mega medoff as one of the greatest of all time. greatest of all time. That is what the goat acronym stands for. So if you don’t like to talk, but you rank him as the greatest.

John Keyes 52:13
We’ll see that okay. There’s goat and then one of the greatest. Okay, I get it. I got it. You’re right. It’s kind of lost in translation. I will consider you know, when when, when person who is considered one of the goats calls on another to believe he’s one of the goats. Excuse me. I believe you can call him one of the goats easily.

Ryan Smith 52:42
Here’s the thing. It’s not the greatest of all times. Okay, greatest of all time. Like

John Keyes 52:51
he said one of them. The one

Ryan Smith 52:53
there is one we call the greatest.

John Keyes 52:57
Well, the greatest of all time, said that he can be one of the greatest you one of them. Hey, Oh, there you only

Ryan Smith 53:05
it’s like a Highlander. It’s the Highlander.

John Keyes 53:09
Oh, you know how that goes down? Right? You got to chop? I think they need to get in the ring. They need to see what’s what.

Ryan Smith 53:18
I would have liked to have seen it. It would have had to have been at 165. And maybe that’s

John Keyes 53:22
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it will not be a 165 it’ll be a Viva 155 and George St. Pierre 170. That is the only way we figure it out. They’ve got to go in there. And take it take it out. And we find out who is the BMF dead. That’s the only way you find out why would we

Ryan Smith 53:47
be around? Why would we hamstring someone like Habib to murder him? No, no, let’s find it. 165

John Keyes 53:53
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Does Habib look like he’s ever been hamstring? Has he looked like he’s ever had ever needed a crutch?

Ryan Smith 54:01
But why would you why would you not fight at one at 165? Like, go ahead and find it 165

John Keyes 54:06
because we’d better that. Okay, because for the simple fact, he is considered the best at 155 he is considered you know, George St. Pierre is considered the best at 170. Put those two equations there and see who does what I would not want. Demetrius might announce Johnson to fight any heavier weight than where he was considered the best that that’s how you considered the best person on the baddest mofo.

Ryan Smith 54:33
No, you seriously the No, I disagree with you. I guess if you’re the baddest mofo, it you should fight at a weight that is close to you know where you’re on even playing field. Because all those things being equal, you’ve got to make it as equal as possible so that it’s about skill because you and I both know that a 15 pound difference makes a big difference at these lighter weights. Now if it’s a 15 pound difference in heavyweight, that doesn’t make a lot of difference. But pound difference between 155 and 170 makes a lot of difference, especially given the fact that even American men have actually has to cut weight down to 155.

John Keyes 55:15
So let’s do it in one place, Gracie. Always Gracie took on a 600 pound man and I cabano

Ryan Smith 55:23
not everybody can be hoist Gracie, the greatest of all time. Hands down, period. There you go.

John Keyes 55:28
Yeah. But um, I’m serious, though. I mean, cuz if you if you take them out of their weight classes, you muddy the water with them. Okay. But it’s because then they have hand combat. I’ll go ahead. Good, thick, his hand to hand combat. I’m sorry. Camera got a little, you’re all blurry. I’m like this. Oh, I’m back. All right. All right. So you’re talking about, okay, the best of the best there. If you if you put them in a different weight. Not only do they have to deal with the person, that’s that’s challenging them for the BMF. Now they’re having to deal with being either heavier, or being lighter and not adjusting to be at their best. I want the fighter to be at his best weight to challenge somebody else.

Ryan Smith 56:21
I just completely disagree with you. Like, I don’t I don’t want George St. Pierre winning the fight? I’m not I know, it’s not a guarantee. But at the same time, you’re talking about George St. Pierre. It’s not like he’s a slouch. So he’s just gonna get rolled up by someone like Habib omega medoff. That’s a totally different beast. And so George St. Pierre is fighting fighters who also walked into the ring, and you knew what he was going to do. And there was nothing you could do to stop it. And here we

John Keyes 56:53
are, here it is. We have two fighters who we know what they’re going to do to you. And there’s nothing that that most people that that didn’t have anything to answer for it. How do you think that’s gonna end? That’s either gonna be the most exciting jujitsu wrestling dog fight chess match that we’ve ever seen. Or it’s gonna be a boring fight.

Ryan Smith 57:16
Well, listen, what you’re doing is selling the fight, which we’re all we all bought the fight. The fact is, is the argument is about whether or not George St. Pierre should come in weighing 15 pounds more than a big omega medoff. And I’m saying no, you should weigh the same weight. Both fighters. Both fight at 170. Hell fight at 185

John Keyes 57:40
I say it doesn’t matter. I mean, I’m gonna say because of the fighters involved. I don’t think it should matter.

Ryan Smith 57:48
I’ll take all I gotta say is this. The opinions presented by john Key’s on combat, do not represent that of Ryan Smith, or combat sports talk in general. For those of you who are listening, please only fire your hate at john Key’s at Instagram or on Twitter. Let him have it. Don’t let me have it. Okay. I didn’t I didn’t sanction this.

John Keyes 58:18
Okay, so just I’m not gonna defend myself. There’s no defense needed. All right. I come from an old school UFC one generation. Those guys. I mean, wait, wait, parents? What weight class it was open. Wait, you went in there. You win. Or you lose? Okay. People who thought that that was supposed to win because they’re all big and muscular. got beat by Steve genom All right, these guys. I mean, there are guys out there. You know, like, you know Ken Shamrock that one. Okay, on impossible odds, they won. That’s all I’m saying.

Ryan Smith 58:58
I go back to those are some great fights. Those things those fights could not happen in the UFC today. You could not play them like what was it? What was the name Kia Kima Leopoldo? Diaz Wait, what 265

John Keyes 59:12
we got so so rocket to 17

Ryan Smith 59:17
Well, not what about when didn’t didn’t hoist Gracie fight chemo?

John Keyes 59:24
Yes. 185 versus a middleweight versus a heavyweight?

Ryan Smith 59:28
So So what you’re saying is, if Francis in Ghana versus Israel out of Sanya, we should we should. We shouldn’t have concerns about that fight.

John Keyes 59:39
We should not. If our assignment says he can take them if I’m sorry. It says he can take on john Jones. Okay, I’m pretty sure out of Sanya can take on. For instance in Ghana.

Ryan Smith 59:54
I just the skill level of the fighters in the UFC. Today greatly exceed that of the fighters from the early days of the UFC. And so therefore, you cannot have these weight discrepancies you cannot have, you would have my age, you just wouldn’t do it.

John Keyes 1:00:15
You know? Honestly, I wouldn’t say that they’re superior now than they were then I would say they’re more refined. They’re more efficient. And what they

Ryan Smith 1:00:26
split hairs now. romantics now they’re more they’re not superior. I’m sorry, the wooden forks they were eating in the 14th century. And and and now we’re eating with with with with with metal forks that are mass produced. They’re just more refined they’re not superior to the wooden forks so they had to carve out of wood. Yes, there sorry, here.

John Keyes 1:00:50
Oh, hold on. I’m a spurtle I’m getting ready to buy that’s made of wood that’s really awesome. So if you haven’t noticed if you see it

Ryan Smith 1:00:56
What the hell is a spur look it

John Keyes 1:00:57
up? Look, look up a spurtle Okay, when you when we’re done, go look at it. It’s a it’s a multi tool in the kitchen. Okay, good, great things with and it’s made of wood. Like the wood that you could pop your kids in the head when they when they get in too close to the food tight. Right? Right. Okay, I’m just saying so

Ryan Smith 1:01:15
so Dana White says it GSP says it a lot of fighters have been saying it. The media says it the media bumped john Jones from the number one pound for pound position to the to make room for Habib America bent off at number one pound for pound in the latest UFC ranking. So at 25 No. At 25 or 2019 Oh sorry. 29 in Khabib Nurmagomedov is now currently the number one pound for pound fighter in the UFC. JOHN Jones didn’t like it too

Unknown Speaker 1:01:53

John Keyes 1:01:55
that’s an understatement he went full salty dog on it. um you know in the past few major pay per views that they’ve had major fights have john Jones has somehow tried to steal the thunder. Okay, from from that great moments that they had john Jones was in there to steal thunder. This was no different than those previous time except in the fact that it did not work. All right, he tried to sit there and town his record. Look, I’ve had I’ve had so many you know, I’ve had 14 title defenses to his five of five title defenses. How Can y’all sit there and and challenge you know, say that he’s the greatest of all time when I’ve been doing this. And I can say there’s what the there’s an argument on why we know he is not the case, that he’s not the pound profound fighter, john Jones. Now before anybody tries to come from me, I will say john Jones is one of the most phenomenal now. He is the most phenomenal fighter that I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. However, john Jones is also a cautionary tale on what happens when you are when you do not believe in the fighting ability that everybody knows that you have and you rely on p p DS and other drugs and you get pumped for them. That’s what john Jones’s for me.

Ryan Smith 1:03:40
Okay, all I gotta say is this. By the time john Jones was where Habib in America, Madoff was in his career, he’d already had five title defenses. I mean, hold on.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
On. He can have a look, I’ll go ahead.

Ryan Smith 1:03:59
He had five title defenses like, like, this is this is the thing. JOHN Jones is salty. He has every reason to be salty. Like, no beat America men off is a great fighter. We just spent the majority of the show talking about how great hub in America mentality is how loving and respecting, respectful he is. All of these great things that make him a great person and a great fighter. But once we start talking about greatest of all times. This is the reason why we’re saying you know that we’re still saying that Ronda Rousey has done way more in title defenses than then Amanda Nunez we know Amanda Nunez has every makings of the greatest female fighter of all time. She just hadn’t defended the title enough. Ronda Rousey defended the title so many times. You got to give john Johnson credit just because john Jones had popped in and and had the whole p Ed thing just because he had all of those negative issues outside the dude’s resume is to correct JOHN Jones’s resume is to have even immigrant Madoff resumes.

John Keyes 1:05:07
Yeah. Including and how many times have if Habib had been pumped for PDS, and other Ed for and that’s all I’m going off of. I don’t care about your antics outside the ring, because we don’t pay you for your antics outside the ring. I don’t care. You know, I don’t care if you’re a plum fool outside the ring. That’s your that’s your personal life is your personal life. I’m only concerned with your professional life. And in your professional life. You told me you chose to cheat because you are not securing yourself to be to be a pure fighter. Hey, that’s on you. I don’t care what you do after this point. You could you could continue you can go back to the light heavyweight division. Heck, you could go and do a division tour and capture all the belts for all I care. The fact that you have been pumped dirty, is what I’m looking at. And that will automatically disqualifies you from gotalk. That’s what disqualifies you from pound for pound talk. Because you chose you chose the dirty path. Nobody gets a participation trophy for cheating.

Ryan Smith 1:06:14
So but Okay, so even if you strike, even if you strike every fight after he got popped, if you strike all of those, he’s still got a better resume than heavy metal.

John Keyes 1:06:26
There you go. What’s this record? What’s his record before the pop?

Ryan Smith 1:06:31
I gotta count because there’s a lot

John Keyes 1:06:34
it’s all gonna say two. He’s still long. Matt Hamill.

Ryan Smith 1:06:39
He did it was a disqualification. to

John Keyes 1:06:44
somebody has a one and somebody has a no that’s all I’m saying. 6789 and 11 Well, 1314 1516 he’s got 1616 fights

Ryan Smith 1:07:01
in the UFC. Of those 16 fights. Let’s see here. 1234567898 of them eight of them we’re uh we’re title defenses.

John Keyes 1:07:22

Ryan Smith 1:07:23
so have a six fights before he got popped. Eight were title defenses. One was a disqualification. It’s a better it’s a better record. And and, and, and let’s not forget, let’s not forget Yeah, Habib’s only fought 13 fights in the UFC. Yeah, he’s 29 and oh, but only 13 were in the UFC. For title defensive on a four three title defenses. One for title fights. JOHN Jones had a had seven or eight title offenses, nine peddle fights.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:02

Ryan Smith 1:08:04
ally Quinta, versus Shogun Hua. Were you gonna who’s the better fighter?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
john john, probably

Ryan Smith 1:08:11
a cheetah Machida versus Dustin boy who’s the better fighter.

John Keyes 1:08:16
Okay, Rashad Evans.

Ryan Smith 1:08:19
veto Vidor backwards up,

John Keyes 1:08:21
okay, if he, if he goes if we go all the way to his to before he went dirty. Okay, I would give you that dog.

Ryan Smith 1:08:31
The first one he thought Daniel Cormier, a outclassing, five to nothing, no pop on that one.

John Keyes 1:08:38
But he got popped on the other one, I’m just saying, but you’re better, he doesn’t

Ryan Smith 1:08:45
even know but he didn’t have Pico grams on all those other other other fights. So you even if you take away all the fights after the pop, and all of those, which all of those are also john Jones defending his title, you, you end up running into this problem that you cannot solve for and that is john Jones has built a better resume against better fighters in his time being the youngest Light Heavyweight Champion in the history of the UFC. And perhaps perhaps the world and and and, and heavy metals record doesn’t show that he didn’t accomplish that.

John Keyes 1:09:25
I say that he had 29 chances to get knocked out and and lose and he never did about that. That’s that’s 29 chances.

Ryan Smith 1:09:36
That’s great. That makes him and this is what I said I was on a discussion group and this is what I said. Is habibollah Mega Man off the greatest lightweight in the world today. Yes. Is he able to recommend off the greatest lightweight in UFC history. Yes. Is he the greatest lightweight MMA fighter in In the history of MMA, yes. Is he the greatest? Is he the greatest MMA fighter in the world? No. Is he the pound for greatest fighter in the world? No. Absolutely not.

John Keyes 1:10:19
If done something, he has done something that no other fighter has done that that does it recorded history, a death retire with a no.

Ryan Smith 1:10:32
That doesn’t make him the greatest pound for pound fighter that makes him the greatest of his generation. That makes him a dominant fighter that makes him all these other

John Keyes 1:10:42
UFC. In the history of the UFC, find me another fighter that kept as though find me why. Okay, I will, and I will, and I will. And I will stop. I will stop right here and say that maybe he doesn’t deserve it. But he has done something that no other fighters done. And that is preserve his zero.

Ryan Smith 1:11:10
The the other part of that is he stopped way early. Now we can accept the fact that he stopped early for the reasons that he stopped early for. But the fact is, is that he still stopped early. So yeah, he retained his Oh, but he’s 13. And oh,

John Keyes 1:11:29
that wasn’t a bad. Hey, I was still at Oh, last time right.

Ryan Smith 1:11:35
Now. Now. Now we’re starting to put the you know, the, the

John Keyes 1:11:40
emphasis on Oh, okay, so Alright, moving that

Ryan Smith 1:11:44
goalposts, what you’re doing now it’s slow. Well, not

John Keyes 1:11:47
No, no, I’m not moving the goalposts. I will still stick it right where it was originally, and still say that it does not matter what john Jones does now until the end of time. Okay, because he is still holding that entire record. He’s not just stopping at eight. He’s going for the entire record against Habib. And I’m like, as long as you keep emitting to the entire record, he never went half. He didn’t go half like you did. He missed the entire record. As long as you keep holding on to that entire record. You cannot be considered the pound for pound greatest. You cannot be considered the goat you can be considered the most dominant fighter out there. I’ll let you do that. But as far as the goat as far as the pound for pound. Nah, brah you cheated?

Ryan Smith 1:12:43
No. It comes down to this. JOHN Jones and this is what I messaged that I said I actually messaged john Jones on Twitter. I responded to him and I said listen, it’s post fight bloodlust. Everybody’s super excited about Habib America man often what he did, that will go away. Just go and fight. When your next fight. You will get one

John Keyes 1:13:09
because you don’t see the other fighters pile on him when he was taught when he is with

Ryan Smith 1:13:14
us. This is what happens right after everybody loses their mind when they watch a pay per view when they’re like oh my gosh, this person needs a title shot. Oh my gosh, is the greatest of all time. They just start throwing around these these these superlatives? These hyperbole. Like it’s like it’s just candy. JOHN Jones fight I you know, it’s all gonna turn around.

John Keyes 1:13:36
I don’t know, man. I don’t know. I mean, I’ve always felt like this that this has you can anybody can go and check my opinions. They they know how I feel about john Jones. I mean, he’s a great fighter, a phenomenal fighter,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:49
greatest fighter,

John Keyes 1:13:50
you know, not not a good champion. You know, he chose not to believe in himself that this is part of the champions mentality.

Ryan Smith 1:14:00
This is where it comes down to whether how you define what a goat is because you you know how I define goat. But I’m going to say that if you look at the body of work of john Jones and you look at the body of work of Habiba, murga Madoff and while Habib in America, Madoff has done an amazing job at light weight. 155 you put those bodies of work together, john Jones has the more impressive body of work, hands down. If he didn’t cheat, even if he did cheat, he, you the times that he did not cheat is still more impressive. Okay, let me let me go about this and then we’ll go on because clearly, clearly, you know, facts

John Keyes 1:14:44
we made. Intelligent defense, okay, we need to finish this argument on intelligent defense. That’s all. That’s right is pimp that shirt, man.

Ryan Smith 1:14:53
We’re gonna we’re gonna finish it on intelligent defense right there. There

John Keyes 1:14:57
you go. There it is.

Ryan Smith 1:14:59
It’s our Facebook group go we’re gonna we’re gonna have this out. I’ve already got the thing written. But here’s the thing. Since since you, since facts don’t matter to you,

John Keyes 1:15:14
facts do matter to me you’re being you’re being facetious. Now,

Ryan Smith 1:15:18
I’m just saying Yeah,

John Keyes 1:15:21
wake up crazy spot.

Ryan Smith 1:15:24
JOHN Jones defeated in his eighth fight, Mauricio Shogun Hua and then went through his next what four or five fights every light heavyweight champion who held the belt he defeated in a row. Let’s let’s not forget what john Jones did in his time holding the belt because I could tell you Shogun who to win the belt. Then he beat rampage Jackson who held the belt, then he beat Shogun leotta Machida and who held the belt and then he beat Rashad Evans who held the belt. Then he beat Vito Belfour and chill son, those two those are kind of that was when the UFC made the turn. And no, anyone could talk their way into a fight. But those four those, those four fights, Hua Jackson, Machina, and Evans when you stack those up against the four fights that Habiba mirga medoff had you cannot compare the two those Okay, so I side you cannot compare the two because it’s all

John Keyes 1:16:42
Uh huh. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:16:46
yeah. Hey, our boy our boys showed up. All right. Um, so what we’re going to I acquaintance McGregor ploy A AND gate you.

John Keyes 1:16:56
Okay, so I don’t say it like this and beat

Ryan Smith 1:16:59
on TRT at the time.

John Keyes 1:17:02
Yes, he was. He was on testosterone replacement therapy. Yes, he was. So was chael sonnen. So

Ryan Smith 1:17:08
both of them were super human when john Jones fought him.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:13

Ryan Smith 1:17:15
Yeah. So side by side comparison. Ally, versus any of the four that that Shogun Hua versus Aya Quinta, who had the tougher fight to get to get the title?

John Keyes 1:17:27
every fight is a tough fight.

Ryan Smith 1:17:29
Oh, see this? This is this is when you’re just arguing Oh, no, no, no, no, no. And I acquitted her on the same level. Really?

John Keyes 1:17:37
I will say that each one of them could knock down the other one out.

Ryan Smith 1:17:40
I could fall down the same level.

John Keyes 1:17:43
No, thank you. But 29 times he went in that ringer 29 times he could have been knocked out at 29 times. He walked away. Just the same. That same thing with a just say with john Jones. He went in there What? 26 times and he disqualified himself from what? Okay. You still lost?

Ryan Smith 1:18:14
I went by those

Unknown Speaker 1:18:14
by, huh?

Ryan Smith 1:18:16
He won that fight. It was considered a no contest.

John Keyes 1:18:21
Now you gotta qualify.

Ryan Smith 1:18:22
You talk about the Matt Hamill fight. Are you talking about Matt Hamill? He was murdering my hammer. And by the way, I think Lee left our

John Keyes 1:18:35
chest true. All

Ryan Smith 1:18:37
right, number 11. fighter. He was ranked number 11 in the

Unknown Speaker 1:18:41

Ryan Smith 1:18:42
I think it was

John Keyes 1:18:43
he was still a fighter. He was he was still a fighter. He still had it. He saw the puncher’s chance.

Ryan Smith 1:18:48
Yeah, he got the guy qualified. I will tell you something about the Daniel Cormier fight, but he’s talking about the Matt Hamill.

John Keyes 1:18:54
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Like I said, Every All right. So if you sit there and say, well, we look at Habib and he’s one of the greatest. And you look at john Jones, I say he’s the greatest. You’re taking the fact that Habib did not use PDS and and did it claim, whereas john Jones got popped. And it It’s okay.

Ryan Smith 1:19:22
Listen, all I’m saying is if you’re looking at just the O if the O is everything you’re looking at, then I mean, I’m just I’m, it’s it’s, it’s impressive, and like I said, I’m I’m Michael Habib numurkah medoff is not one of the most dominant, lightweight champions in the history of MMA. I’m not taking that away from him. All I’m saying is crowning him as the goat is unfair to people who have better records or who have better resumes than him, because Thank you, my number one guy, my favorite MMA fighter of all time is Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson with 11 title defenses. Yes. Where’s Habiba Heaney

John Keyes 1:20:02
that see if you now see if you use Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson, I can shut up. Okay? Wonder why? Because it’s not the fact of how of the wins that he has. He has how he has won though. He has losses a major is a better pay, but guess what, guess what? All right. He has a body of work to show that that shows for himself. He cleaned out his division quickly and handily handedly. Okay. And he did it all while not getting pot.

Ryan Smith 1:20:33
Yeah, I’m getting to that, by the way. You know, okay. Look, leopard or light. We got to you got to type in type in the correct pronunciation of your handle. Proper, proper Rep. Respect for

John Keyes 1:20:51
you, Leo dog. Okay. We’re calling you Leo. I tell you do that. Alright. Leo, thank you for joining us on the show. I do appreciate your input on this. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:20:59
yeah. So you are absolutely correct. And that’s what I call post fight bloodlust. That’s what it is gonna be. So lepidolite Okay. All right. We got it. I got to look it up and see what that is. I hope it’s I hope it’s okay. It’s not like the pancakes or whatever, that john was talking about. blue waffles, but blue often? Yeah, boo.

John Keyes 1:21:20
Oh, look it up.

Ryan Smith 1:21:25
Oh, okay. Uh, let’s see here. Have you ever met returns to daghestan explains in retirement? What else was there to do? I think there’s a ton of things to do. You know, it

John Keyes 1:21:36
could be a great I think you’d be a great mentor, a great teacher. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:21:40
I think kind of go to Matt Serra route and become a great coach, well known for his coaching. And he produces, you know, a stable of people from Pakistan, half of which have the last name in America met off? Um, yeah, well, uh, you know, that’s really what I see him doing. Um, that leaves a hole at lightweight and so, Chandler’s saying that he that we need to have a four or five, a four fighter tournament to declare the next 155 Conor McGregor favored Conor McGregor is favored to be the next lightweight champion.

John Keyes 1:22:19
I do not like that. I do not like that. I do not like the fact that Conor McGregor is being kicked up to the front over over established fighters in that division. I do not like that.

Ryan Smith 1:22:34
Yeah, well Michael Chandler is is hasn’t fought a single fight in the UFC and he’s in the conversation.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:41

John Keyes 1:22:43
So like he left. He left the competitor as a champion, did he not? No, No, he

Ryan Smith 1:22:49
didn’t. He got mean. He got beat man. And he was fighting his way back to get the belt but his his clemency UFC snatched him up. So give me a second here. You got GAPI you got Dustin poll. Yay. And you got Michael Chandler. I think that’s that’s good. But you also got people like Charles Oliveira who’s trying to get his way in. He’s like, he should be fighting for the vacant UFC belt that I think that that’s a great one. I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:23:16
not mad rush.

Ryan Smith 1:23:17
He’s fresh talent. We haven’t seen this guy actually be given a real challenge. Like, let this exactly.

John Keyes 1:23:25
I cuz I can see. Okay, so Justin, Jake, does that make Justin gay to the interim now? No, because he’s just

Ryan Smith 1:23:36
awarded a belt after you got choked out in the second round. He got a bite somehow.

John Keyes 1:23:42
He gets the bell. I’ll just say get the interrupt, but if that’s the case, all right. We’ll kick him out. He goes back to the back of the line. He gave

Ryan Smith 1:23:49
him title when he lost.

John Keyes 1:23:52
Yes. Okay. So if we look at it, we have Dustin point A. Tony Ferguson. Conor McGregor. Dan hooker that rounds out the top five. Yeah, okay. I say I said we take Connor out of number four. Slide Olvera in there. And yeah, or if you want to, or if you are if you really want to be dirty about it. Okay. I say we just let the top 15 just go for it. All right, just go for let them Widom themselves down to when there’s only to tell me that would not be excited. Tell me if you look at that top 15 that you that you see a boring fight somewhere in there. If you put number two versus number 50. That’s dust employee versus Donald serani. Okay, we put number three versus number 14. That’s Tony Ferguson, versus drew Dober, which has been a while so he seemed Drew. If we see then, Conor McGregor vs. Gregor Gregor lepsy. Okay, we see Dan hooker versus Islam my, my cat, my cat, Jeff maca, Jeff, Mexico Bless you. And I mean that. I see I mean I could see this going down honestly, in a perfect world on earth to where UFC ranks matter. The smart thing would be is to now that that that that that the champion has vacated title is to do a tournament to crown the next one

Ryan Smith 1:25:28
you do a tournament but you don’t do a 15 fighter 16 fight tournament you don’t do that. What you do is you do an eight or four you know i would i would say a four they did a four man tournament to do to crown the 125 pound flyweight title with Demetrius Johnson. Do the four fights for fighter because you don’t want it to span you know how many months that have that would have to span before you get a title? A new a new champion we already know that you have a model says that you have to have an active title holder. Go ahead and have this for fight this for fight tournament. I like Michael Chandler’s idea. You know, I don’t necessarily think Michael Chandler needs to be be the be in it. Because now he hasn’t bought a single fight. But because he’s got star power. Fine. Put him in, put him does employ a but man Tony Ferguson, you know, he’s my boy. I just engaged you and Conor McGregor. And then then you put you put someone like Charles Oliveira versus Tony Ferguson, they’re going to get the title shot of the Grand new crown title. And that’s how you round that out and you get it. You know, I just

John Keyes 1:26:39
I would say, Okay, let’s Okay, how about this? How about the top five? That’s boy a Ferguson, Ferguson McGregor and hooker. Go for it. And have maybe like Charles Olivera versus Felder and then the who the winner

Ryan Smith 1:26:55
goes in there somewhere so maybe you let Charles aloevera fight Chandler and then you have your towel okay 234 and five they fight for for the belt you’ve already got the you know to you know, we’ve already got dust employee a signed to fight Conor so you get that one right away otherwise very good. You know if you’re Dana White and you really want it to be no coach already feels like they know what that that does employee is going to be easy work for Conor if you’re Dana White you make that the interim title shot in a way you go. Yeah, that works that works. It’s in Barbosa is exploring free agency after his next fight. I don’t know. I think if I was him, I would try to stay in the UFC. But the problem is of course that you know you’re fighting down to 145 now and so it’s like, the lower your weight you go the less the audience wants to see you fight so I’m sure you’ve got a little bit of a you got a little bit of a of a log jam right there because you’ve got volkanovski you got Max Holloway at 145

Unknown Speaker 1:28:04

Ryan Smith 1:28:07
sticks stick with the UFC do

John Keyes 1:28:10
I yeah, I mean, unless unless they offer you? I mean, I don’t know. Thick Yeah, stick UFC.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19
You’re working like this.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:25
Good way.

Ryan Smith 1:28:26
You give Barbosa Max Holloway or Korean zombie. That puts him one shot away from a title shot. Brian Ortega is clearly going to get volkanovski so therefore you’re in the running for a title shot. Stay you stay where you’re at, but we’re both the grass is not greener for you. But speaking of grasping honor, I’m Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

John Keyes 1:28:49
That we’re doing that we’ll do that that the grass is going to Okay, I see. I see what you did. I saw what you did.

Ryan Smith 1:29:03
Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr. You know that now they have a BMF belt that they’re fighting for.

John Keyes 1:29:09

Ryan Smith 1:29:11
It’s called bc front line battle belt.

John Keyes 1:29:16
I’m down. I like it.

Ryan Smith 1:29:20
I like it’s dumb. It’s it’s just as dumb as the BMF belt. Except now I guess they’re battling for frontline workers. Maybe he doesn’t say in the article.

John Keyes 1:29:30
Well, what I mean, would you rather see nurses and and firefighters duking it out? I mean, no, no, but

Ryan Smith 1:29:36
but get older. Firefighters to pick Roy Jones off the ground.

John Keyes 1:29:43
I thought it was just gonna be a mop but okay. I mean, we’ll take that too. You know. I mean, have you seen Tyson lately?

Ryan Smith 1:29:50
Yes, I have. Have you seen? Yeah, target.

John Keyes 1:29:57
Yeah. avi. He hasn’t. He hasn’t missed a bucket of chicken yet so I mean, it’s gonna be it’s gonna be pretty brutal.

Ryan Smith 1:30:06
For instance, in Ghana, an anointed himself the uncrowned champ, because Dana White delayed the steep a meal chick fight until March. So we’re not gonna see those guys until March. I’m Francis in Ghana. I think he had a good point. He’s like, I’ve only fought like 30 seconds in the past two years. I need some more fights. So

John Keyes 1:30:27
got a point. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:30:30
Dude needs to fight people. But it’s long enough.

John Keyes 1:30:34
You got to fight count, you know, eight and 12 weeks at a time you’re cutting wait. Yeah, agree. You mad? A get in the ring. And for 30 seconds, you give it all and then that’s it?

Ryan Smith 1:30:47
Yeah, that that is the whole reason why I hated running track, by the way in high school. Because what I was, I was the opposite of Francis in Ghana. But I practiced all week, like we ran and ran and ran and ran all week, I was a quarter mile er, that means I had one lap around the track. I spent hours every week, let’s say, eight hours in a week running around a track or a 62nd race because I was slow, which meant I never won the race. So I would go and, and run 60 seconds was my time in high school, or a 400 meter. I would come in like fourth or fifth. And then on Monday, on Monday, I would be back again, running eight hours worth of running, or a 62nd race. This is what this is what franssen gonna is going through because he’s going through eight weeks of training 15 second fight for a 32nd fight. So

John Keyes 1:31:53
and once again, he’s one of those fighters that you know what he’s gonna do. It’s inevitable. And there’s really nothing that you can do about it.

Ryan Smith 1:32:01
Except for Steve. I took him down, wrestled.

John Keyes 1:32:04
He was the smartest one that’s smart thing you can do take them down and keep them down in a car wreck. Yeah, and we don’t fight Yeah, I thought that hamburger meat

Ryan Smith 1:32:15
Joe Biden glasses that cover up.

John Keyes 1:32:21
But the thing is, though, this is that was a different in Ghana. That was definitely a different in gotten in now. And I know we got a different CPA, but I don’t think it’s gonna be the same.

Ryan Smith 1:32:33
All right, a last story of the of the segment, Frank Mir. Yeah. Roy Nelson. And 30 other fighters are no longer with Bella torey. There’s a whole list. But um, right, Mir is gone. Roy Nelson is gone. Um, it looks like they’re starting to jettison some of these old MMA fighters that they took on to try to get some get some some love and I’m my guess is is that COVID-19 and the canceled flights didn’t do anything for their for their revenue as well. So looks like the Bella tour is downsizing and getting rid of some of this older talent. So

John Keyes 1:33:10
I mean, it could be expected to be detected. Now. I hate to see that happen to Roy Nelson. And I hope the other 28 fighters I hope they they they land us on solid ground soon. Right.

Ryan Smith 1:33:28
So john Fitch retired. Let’s see, I’m looking at the list. Joe Sheila. Let

Unknown Speaker 1:33:33
me see.

Ryan Smith 1:33:36
Any other big names?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:39
Well, no, yeah, we

John Keyes 1:33:39
remember Jeff. Remember john Fitch.

Ryan Smith 1:33:43
I remember Christina Williams cuz she’s the one that fought that. Heather Hardy and let it all out like Heather Hardy was at the Weigh ins looking all beautiful with her glasses. And then she looked like she got ran over by a car by the time Heather Williams or Christina Williams got through with her. We did on that one.

John Keyes 1:34:05
A lot of these guys have retired and john Fitch retired.

Ryan Smith 1:34:09
Yeah, but it’s one of those things where they retired because they were probably getting ready to get cut.

John Keyes 1:34:17
Yeah, I’m looking at a lot of these fighters. Yeah, like say good luck with it. Huh?

Ryan Smith 1:34:23
They were older fighters. Alright, let’s get into the end The end of this thing and this is the fight card. This is what we look forward to this weekend. Halloween, which falls on a weekend. For those of you who are from the Houston area. You know what I’m talking about? This is the fight card.

All right, this is the fight card. This is what we talked about the fights that are coming up on Saturday night we’ve got UFC Vegas, 12 they’re making it back stateside. Silver vs Hall, Saturday, October 31. 2020 or the UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ve got five fights on the card. Bobby green versus Tiago moyses. You got Maurice green, the crochet boss. I sent you the video, go and look up this video. It’s a p3 commercial. But it’s an awesome story about how Maurice Greene became the crochet boss. And how he won his last fight with a from his back with a with a triangle show, which is a really hard thing to do. He’s fighting Greg Hardy, that’s going to be a big fight. Hopefully he can not get hit in the face. The Trailblazer Kevin Holland hometown he wrote for us here in the Dallas Fort Worth area is back in Las Vegas fighting MK mood moradores you got Andre touchy feely in the CO Main Event versus Bryce Mitchell. I saw a headline saying that the Reebok actually made him some custom camouflage, a trunks so I don’t know why he wanted camouflage. But maybe he’s military. And you know, they gave him a special opportunity. But the main event of the evening is Anderson the Spyder Silva in his final, his final match, versus what is this primetime Uriah Hall. So we’re gonna make our flash fight picks. Um, we’re gonna make the flash fight picks. I’m gonna let you go first john, who you got Anderson Silva versus Uriah Hall, and why.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:35

John Keyes 1:36:39
normally, I would say that I would have to wait to see what Uriah Hall is looking like at the day of the of the staredown in a way in. I’m gonna go Anderson Silva. Because they could have Anderson Silva, this being his last fight. It makes me draw, you know, it makes me reminisce on all the great fights, the great things he has done not saying that, that he hasn’t slowed down, he has slowed down. I do believe that he will put it all on the line knowing that this is going to be his last fight. He’s going to leave it all in the ring.

Ryan Smith 1:37:15
All right, Anderson Silva. You know, you never know what you’re going to get with Uriah Hall. It’s just it’s, it’s it’s frustrating because when we start thinking about fighters who had so much potential that never realized that potential, Uriah Hall has to be near the top of that list, you know, Anderson Silva, of course, he’s he’s gotten old. And so I’m really concerned that that the age is going to catch up to him. Now based on what he did with Israel out of Sanya, I think that we’re probably I think, I think I think he might do well. Um, but I’m gonna go with Uriah Hall. Okay, just just just out of youth. And, and we’ll, we’ll see what happens here. I think that youth will prevail. This is a young man sport. Anderson Silva is an old man their strength their size, there’s a lot of things that Uriah Hall has going for him if he’s able to get the mental aspects down then I think he’ll be fine I think he’ll I think he’ll finish Anderson Silva off but if not finished, but when the fight um and we’ll see Anderson Silva not when his final fight but but look good in his finale. All right, fair enough. Also social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports stop

John Keyes 1:38:40
and I’m at keys to victory and that’s keys with an E s.

Ryan Smith 1:38:44
All right. If you’re looking for George g money Stallworth aka coach, he’s that dark side underscore underscore Muay Thai underscore on Instagram, and Collette. She is that push pull? Pray. You can find um, you can find our website at www combat sports. talk.com. We do have merchandise. We’ve got the T shirt that has the combat sports talk logo. I will be putting this the intelligent defense discussion group shirt link on on the website tonight because I promised you that I would. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. We will we will. All right. So, so can you see the comments?

John Keyes 1:39:25
I can’t see the comments,

Ryan Smith 1:39:27
the comments. Okay, so here it is right there. So y’all aren’t gonna predict green and Hardy. We can do that. Yeah, we can do that for you, Mark, Maurice green versus Greg Hardy. Um, I know that Maurice green, like he’s the guy that I want to see when I want to see him when I love his story. I just got introduced to his story and I’m a sucker for storylines. Whereas Greg Hardy, you know, is kind of the villain that’s trying to get you know, he’s like mega mine is the villain that’s trying to get his His life together and be a good guy. Wow. too strong. I think Greg Hardy’s. Yeah. So I’m gonna go with that party, but I’m My heart is with Maurice green.

John Keyes 1:40:16
You know, I’m gonna go with Greg Hardy and my heart is with Greg Hardy. I do believe in such things as the redemption except where you cheat. And you get you get busted for p DS, and you double down on them. I do believe that Greg hardy is growing every time he fights. So I’m willing to see the next next evolution here.

Ryan Smith 1:40:41
Does it change anything that Maurice green is fighting out of Jackson? winkeljohn?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47

Ryan Smith 1:40:49
Okay. All right. Because you know that they’re gonna come up with a game plan. So Oh, they’re

John Keyes 1:40:54
I mean, they, oh, they don’t get wrong. That’s when you say Jackson winkeljohn. It doesn’t matter if it’s, if it’s a grappling, striking tug of war, ping pong, tennis, you know, wiffle ball, t ball, they’re gonna come in with a plan. I mean, that’s just what they do.

Ryan Smith 1:41:15
Alright, well, you can find us on our website at www, combat sports talk.com. We’ve got merchandise, we also have a link to the intelligent defense discussion group as one of our sponsors. And you also can see the fight methodology that I talked about that I used to score the fights. Whenever we have, we have the opportunity to do so. Well send a shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow. And of course, our home is at the intelligent defense discussion group on Facebook. Because that’s where we get our stories. And that’s where a lot of the discussions start when we are on our show. And that’s where john, john keys and I are going to continue our argument discussion debate on whether or not john Jones has the better career over Hobbesian America. medoff. And,

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Ryan Smith 1:42:06
thank you so much for joining me. On behalf of john Key’s. My name is Ryan Smith, and I’m reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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