Episode 148 – A New LHW Contender Emerges and Paul Felder Saves the Day

November 11, 2020 by No Comments

As John celebrated his 100th episode on Combat Sports Talk, he and Ryan discussed the results from UFC Vegas 13 where Glover Teixeira defeated Thiago Santos via submission to stake his claim on the light heavyweight title held by newly crowned champion Jan Blachowicz.  Paul Felder steps in with 5 days notice to fight Rafael Dos Anjos who was left without an opponent as a COVID-19 positive test threatened the main event of UFC Vegas 14.  Get headlines, and our fight picks all on this hilarious episode.

John Keyes’ First Episode

Bonus: Here’s John Keyes’ very first appearance on Combat Sports talk.


Ryan Smith 0:10
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and billeter discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory. JOHN key.

John Keyes 0:26
Yo, good evening. It’s Tuesday night. And you know

Ryan Smith 0:33
what? As you can see, I am not in my typical combat sports talk year. I am in I am in Bob Katz red and black. My my seven year old black football team just won a first playoff game tonight against the number two ranked team ranks. Our team is at the bottom of the rankings. We are last seed we are. We are the bottom two wins. That’s all we got all season. And we had to play the number two seed tonight and we beat them 18 to nothing. So shout out to the bobcat flag football team. I’ve never taken this off. I’m never taking this.

John Keyes 1:23
Oh, man. Okay, all right. So that’s fine. It’s we’re in quarantine right now. So that’s cool. Anyway, that’s a blowout. Yeah. And

Ryan Smith 1:38
my son’s got a son scored a touchdown tonight on a reverse.

Unknown Speaker 1:41

John Keyes 1:44
Yeah, that was Mitch salad. Yeah. What’s up? What it did? what it do now? keep keep it down. All right. Yeah. Anyway, anyway,

Ryan Smith 1:56
you got you got anything cool to tell us tonight?

John Keyes 1:59
A couple things. I know what you got. You know, let’s talk about actors. Because, you know, we got rid of one actor over the weekend. Let’s bring in two more actors. Okay, so Dolph Lundgren. Okay, you know, davon grim you know, God

Unknown Speaker 2:15
guys. He dies. He dies.

John Keyes 2:17
Yes. And gunner from on. Expendables love that and he will also Drago again and creed. Right. Do you not know that? from ages seven to 10 that he studied Judo and goju Ryu karate?

Unknown Speaker 2:34
I did not know that.

John Keyes 2:36
Yeah. And then from the age of 10, he started killed kyokushin karate, but just the same martial art that George St. Pierre studied. I actually received the second degree black belt in that. And he was also team captain of the 1980. Swedish karate team, I believe it was. So he describes Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 2:57

John Keyes 2:59
Let me make sure hold on my bat. Well, yeah,

Ryan Smith 3:02
it’s just that because his his his, you know, his preeminent pre eminent role was the role of Drago, which was a Russian character. So I think most people just assume that he has of Russian descent.

John Keyes 3:17
Yes, if not, he’s Swedish. And, as I say, 90 at my bed is 1978. He was on he studied, he studied kyokushin for five years. And by the end of the fifth year, he had a second degree black belt and killed anybody who actually trains martial arts. That is a feat because it takes years to attain a black belt. And then on top of that, is that’s just impressive. And in five years, okay, it’s sort of like how BJ Penn got his black belt in six months. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Embracing Jiu Jitsu. That’s impressive. Alright, so let’s see here. What What else can I tell you? Oh, yeah, he was captain of the Swedish kyokushin karate. Also, you remember how in The Expendables they talked, they were they were talking about his character, and how he had a chemical engineering degree from MIT.

Ryan Smith 4:19
Never saw it.

Unknown Speaker 4:22
He never you never saw the expense.

Ryan Smith 4:25
I saw the the movie cover. I saw them the trailer for the movie.

John Keyes 4:32
No, no, no, no, no, you need you. You’re making you’re making people cry right now. Ryan, you’ve never seen it. But you’ve never seen none of The Expendables. No, you’re making people cry. Anyway. Okay, so this is gonna fly over your head. But it’s still interesting enough. His character gonna be they were joking about him, saying that. He got he got a chemical engineering degree from MIT. In x, Rocky, he has a master’s degree in chemical energy and chemical engineering from the University of Sydney. So he does have he has a master the the formula they actually put on that on the napkin if you ever get to watch the movie, it is an actual legit formula. Okay, well, they’re,

Ryan Smith 5:22
you know, interesting. It’s interesting, though, that some of you know that some actors actually are like, real professions and like, legit professions, like actors back in like the 50s. And 60s, you know, they, some of them went to school and became something, and then they became actors, but it doesn’t happen so much anymore. It’s kind of a rare thing to find out that, you know, an actor is has a PhD or something like that. So I remember the, the, the girl from like, The Wonder Years, she went back and got like a math degree or something like that. And then like,

Unknown Speaker 5:59
right, like,

Ryan Smith 6:00
you remember blossom like she is like a, like a

John Keyes 6:03
astrophysicist or my dad, or microbiologist when something like that blows my mind.

Ryan Smith 6:10
So it’s interesting when you find out that like, Dolph Lundgren is like a chemical engineer, who just happens to be an actor, or Kim Jong, right. Kim Jong is probably the most well known. He is a physician, who happens to be a comedian. And now he doesn’t have to take care of people.

John Keyes 6:27
Right. And on top of that, Natalie Portman, you know, a political science degree, and she speaks like, like five or five to seven different languages. Yeah, I mean, now she is she and she’s on Mensa level.

Ryan Smith 6:40
So for those of you watching, and you’re like, what does this have to do with with the UFC or MMA? Nothing, it had nothing to do with it. This is how we start. We

John Keyes 6:53
write about watching our swing despite our thinking about another actor. But you know who Tracy Lord says, right? Tracy? Laura, she’s an actress that has starred in movies, like, blade and underworld. And you know, she’s got some some parts in Roseanne. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 7:14
what’s what’s blade?

Unknown Speaker 7:19
Yeah, joking.

Ryan Smith 7:20
I’ve seen. I’ve seen underworld. I’ve seen all the other worlds. There you go. Look, I’ve seen it. I don’t know who Traci Lords is. No. No, I’m serious. I have no idea who she is. I don’t know, actors. You know, they gotta be like, like, have done something amazing. Get to your point. We’re seven minutes in, we got to get to the show. Come on.

John Keyes 7:40
We got things that are amazing, dude, okay. I can’t go on camera and tell you all the amazing things that she does. But she is a degree of a belt away from being a black belt in Ninjutsu. Okay, and then, you know, yeah, look her up. Every and you’ll see why it’s like, oh, wow, she could do she could break you off. In many ways. That one. Anyway, moving on.

Ryan Smith 8:06
Alright. I didn’t like which way that was going. I’m glad you stopped. Wait, that

Unknown Speaker 8:13
was it? I don’t know. I

Ryan Smith 8:18
know Arizona, Wesley Snipes. I know Wesley Snipes, and I’ve seen underworld You should be proud of me. Like I’d be proud.

John Keyes 8:27
I guess I’ll take a whim wherever I can. Okay,

Ryan Smith 8:30
there you go. All right, here we go. All right. Let’s get into it. There were fights on Saturday night and the fights that we’re going to talk about happened at the UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let’s get into it. This is the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is where we talked about the fights that were on Saturday night there were five fights on the card at UFC Vegas. 13 Santos versus to share a Saturday September, Saturday, November 7 2020. Claudia gadelha lost to Yon shall shall neon or is it is it shall neon neon because it’s the last name first. So is your last name?

John Keyes 9:21
I don’t know is our last name. Okay, now on Nana. No, Neon is our first Yon is their first name is Xiao Nan

Ryan Smith 9:29
Zhao. Okay, so shall Nan Yon Be respectful. I’m defeated Claudia because they look via unanimous decision 2928. Now that positions her or a potential fight with Zheng Wei Li, which is exciting.

John Keyes 9:47
That is very exciting. And not only that’s going to make so much history. I think it would be very interesting, especially seeing how she thought I see how she boxed out. You know, Claudia, I want to actually see this fight. I want to see how it’s gonna go down.

Ryan Smith 10:05
Right now. Now Zheng Wei Li still has to fight rose. No hair nama units like that still needs to happen.

Unknown Speaker 10:12
But yes,

Ryan Smith 10:13
Xiao Xiao Nan Yeah, john on Yan still is in the running like Claudia Bella is a high level high level fighter at 115. So So she’s perhaps made a case to be able to be at least as the backup for for rose nama units and possibly get the next title shot. What she said is, is that she actually knows, say, a Zang Wally, but what, they’re from different gyms. So they’re not friends, but they know each other. And so that makes it even a little more interesting.

John Keyes 10:50
And that means this is gonna and you know, I’m gonna stereotype it. I don’t care up in a kung fu flight fight, and whoever they gonna bring a masters and it’s gonna get real. And somebody’s somebody’s school board is getting bro.

Unknown Speaker 11:05

Unknown Speaker 11:07

Unknown Speaker 11:08
Seafood. Yeah. Don’t you don’t miss seafood?

Ryan Smith 11:14
Yeah, they might have some seafood after they after their seafood.

John Keyes 11:17
Seafood match seafood season. Okay. All right. All right.

Ryan Smith 11:22
I see through your seafood. That’s what I do. Alright, here we go. dziga a, she cards say I like I, I was I was working on it. I went back and watch the watch the pronunciation. And I think I still got it wrong. You know? Right. I wish that, uh, you know that, you know that that I never mind. Uh, he defeated Jamie Simmons via the head kick. Like, did you hear that head kick?

John Keyes 11:52
It sounded like they said it sounded like he took a baseball bat and hit a baseball out the park. Yes. Nasty. Okay, my, my girlfriend and my son were sitting right here. And we were watching it. And this was their first real exposure to MMA. And when they heard that they were like, Oh, my God. And I was like, it doesn’t like that. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 12:17
Be like it is like that sometime.

John Keyes 12:19
These like that some times. But yeah, so yeah, not my son is going to be watching you know, more MMA with me for now.

Ryan Smith 12:30
All right. Well, that’s awesome. So that that means that you know, potentially we can we can replace you.

John Keyes 12:44
He’s he shot a speech about history. You know, today. Marks like the 100th episode for me.

Unknown Speaker 12:49
Yes, it does. Oh,

Ryan Smith 12:50
I wanted to I wanted I wanted to congratulate you. Like,

Unknown Speaker 12:54
oh, this is your

Ryan Smith 12:56
100th episode. This is it. I sent you. Listen, you don’t act like I forgot. Because I sent you. Your debut on episode 48. So you can hear your first episode, and I forgot tonight. But I knew it was your 100th episode. So.

Unknown Speaker 13:14

Ryan Smith 13:16
So hats off to you, sir.

John Keyes 13:19
Thank you, sir.

Ryan Smith 13:20
You know what, you know, you know, a pet peeve of mine is people when they say hats off and they’re wearing a hat but they don’t take their hat off. Like, what is that? It’s just a speech. At that factory. Hats off. I

Unknown Speaker 13:31
don’t wear hats. That’s all right.

Ryan Smith 13:34
So yeah, what we’ll have to, we’ll have to what we’ll do, what I’ll do is I will link Episode 48. To to this episode, so that people can listen to your debut on combat sports stop.

John Keyes 13:49
And, you know, I think I i don’t i think i was just as funny there as I am right now.

Ryan Smith 13:54
I think you you you have gotten funnier over time. I I think what it is, is that I have learned to appreciate your humor over time. I can tell you I can tell you that. The the first couple episodes like 4849 I’m like, man, I think I made a mistake. Like I how do I tell how do I tell john that maybe he ought not to be combat sports talk? Yeah.

John Keyes 14:21
That hurts my feelings. That’s what it shouldn’t.

Ryan Smith 14:24
It shouldn’t because now I’m 100 episodes in I’m committed.

John Keyes 14:28
Yeah. So so crazy people but you know, it’s no,

Ryan Smith 14:32
no, I What, what? I will I will tell you this. This is my favorite memory of you being on combat sports talk. You you decided that you were going to go into the bad walkout music thing. And so it’s like so so for those of you who are new to the show, john has some reoccurring bits and So it will come up every once in a while. And he’ll be like, you know, oh, someone so walked out to this music, that that, you know, you never want to fight a guy who walks out to a ballad, a love ballad or something like that. And so in this particular show, I don’t remember what number it was, but you would not get off it. And I’m sitting there like, okay, okay, let’s go. And you just kept bringing it up and bringing it up. And by the time I got to the end of the show, I’m literally I was mad, I was calling Casey, I’m like, john has pissed me off, and blah, blah, blah. And he’s like, it’s probably not as bad as you think. And I was like, fine, I’m just gonna listen to it on my way to work. And I turned on the podcast on the way to work. And I’m listening to you just keep beating that horse and just beating that horse. And it was the I was crying tears are coming down my face. Because it was so funny. And and, and so I think that was probably when I appreciated your humor. And I realized that that that you are a hilarious person that combat sports talk world needs to see and needs to know, every week, and and I’m so glad that you’re 100 episodes in. Congratulations, sir.

John Keyes 16:14
Well, well, thank you, Ryan. Um, I know for me, I was nervous. In the beginning. I didn’t know if I finished doing a one podcast sometime ago. And I was like, I don’t think I’ll ever do another podcast again, because it’s so stressful at times. But then you you started talking and I started talking to you, and I’m like, you know what, let me give it let me give it my all. Okay, because this is something that I’ve known for God ever since I was a teenager, and it’s been an honor, a privilege, sometimes frustrating. You know, I will not lie. It was it was sometimes it’s frustrating. But I knew that the more we talked, the more we got to know each other, the more we will report then and then I met Casey, and then I met George and it’s like, Man, you know, I? I don’t think that what, what with the two of us, we’re mighty. With three of us on here, we are on fire. But to have all four of us on at one time. We are a blazing Firestorm. And it’s only going to get better and brighter at this point. I thank you for inviting me on here. And I and you know, I thank you for for educating me teaching me more about that MMA have me having you know, that you guys trust me enough to bring my knowledge to the table? And you know, you guys been gracious enough to enlighten me to things I didn’t know.

Ryan Smith 17:58
Well, all I can say. And all I can say is that combat sports talk is better with you on it, than with you out with them without you so so I’m glad we’re able to contribute all that you have to this show and congratulations on episode 100.

John Keyes 18:16
And here’s to the next 100 for the first guy who comes out to know we’re not doing it right, though no

Ryan Smith 18:28
no, we’re not we’re not doing it. We’re not doing it. We’re not doing we’re not going into the rabbit hole. I’m just saying. Like, like to get me this time.

John Keyes 18:38
But Brazil has been doing it that’s on say

Unknown Speaker 18:41
they have

Ryan Smith 18:44
raw od a barcellos defeated Khalid Taha via unanimous decision. 40 plus year old Andre arlovski defeated Tanner Bowser via unanimous decision. This dude should be retired. But he keeps finding a way to win me go back to like early 2000s. He was heavyweight champion. It was the Tim Sylvia and him the you know the trilogy between those guys. Yeah. The maniac if you will.

John Keyes 19:15
Yes. And you know, the funny thing about Andre, he wasn’t even wanting he did. This was not his first career choice he wanted. He wanted to be a cop in Chicago. Well, I know that. Yeah. And he and he just loves the way he was boxing. And he loved boxing. The mixed martial arts craze is going on. And he jumped in and he thought that he was really good at it. And here we are now, you know 200 plus pay per views in and he’s still ticket and he’s, he’s it’s like you can tell that that that he has the wisdom now. Yeah, he doesn’t have to fight with the crazy fighter that he used to be. But actually he has a common wisdom about him like he He’s gonna beat you with experience more than he’ll beat you with his fist. Right?

Ryan Smith 20:05
And talking about someone beating with experienced Glover to share a defeated Tiago. My hater Santos, be a Rear Naked Choke in round number three. Dude. Talk about a guy who can take a lickin and keep on ticking. blubber to share a man like he ate those. He ate those knuckle sandwiches and was like what you got for dessert?

Unknown Speaker 20:34
Looking good.

John Keyes 20:36
Let me be the first one to say. I got it wrong. Okay, let me be the first person to say I’m happy I got it wrong. Oh, give it to me. Do you

Ryan Smith 20:48
use extra pickles? You and me we got to do it. Because we both got it wrong. Georgia Casey, they got it right. But guess what?

John Keyes 20:57
They ain’t they are so here.

Ryan Smith 21:01
We want to hear them say I told you so.

John Keyes 21:03
Yeah, yeah. You didn’t tell me nothing. Exactly. Too bad. Can’t do it. Next episode.

Unknown Speaker 21:09

John Keyes 21:10
So I mean it. Glover texture. Oh my God. He went in there. And I was I was I knew that Matt. That Santos was gonna go in there and just literally beat him and he he gave the stanky leg early. But what did he do? He actually I guess in that, that veteran style. He went to grapple with them and I totally forgot that. I had his grappling skills.

Ryan Smith 21:37
He might be from Brazil, but he don’t have that. BJJ Thai striker that’s what he is.

John Keyes 21:45
He is a he’s a black belt muy Thai green rope and capital ADA. Okay. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 21:51
hold on. Hey, George. What belt Are you in? In Noida? Okay, here

Unknown Speaker 22:03
we are. George. Right over there. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 22:08
don’t think you got one of those.

Ryan Smith 22:10
You don’t have a belt, do you? I mean, he got championship belts. He doesn’t championship

Unknown Speaker 22:14
belt. championship belts. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 22:16
right. He’s our double champ. But he don’t have he don’t have a black belt in Muay Thai does he know he ain’t got ain’t got that black belt. He ain’t got that black belt.

Unknown Speaker 22:28

Ryan Smith 22:33
Look, look he doesn’t he you you’re you can make that make those jokes because you are all the way in Casa del. Wherever? Yeah, Casa de la vez. Me I’m just down the street. He gonna leg kick my door down.

Unknown Speaker 22:56
You’re gonna find you.

John Keyes 23:01
Eventually, eventually, we’re gonna have to see each other. We’re like a telephone book in my shirt.

Ryan Smith 23:08
No, we’re gonna cover this a little bit later. But Stephen Wonderboy Thompson leg kick a bodybuilder we’re gonna cover a little bit later, he gonna lead kick us man. And and yeah, he gonna be gonna be living like ground beef on our legs. He’s like,

Unknown Speaker 23:22
I like that.

John Keyes 23:24
Yeah, he got to tone up that ad. Now that’d be great. Okay. All right, great. So yeah, weathertechs era. He weathered it like a veteran like a veteran has been there, done that. He knows he things because he’s seen some things. And now he is in position. He choked him out. is rare. Did you see Glover? Chuck somebody out. And he did it massively sweetly. And now he is in position. He’s I think he’s in a better position.

Ryan Smith 24:00
Oh, yeah. Yeah, he’s right. We plan to cover it a little bit later. But he is ranked number one in light heavyweight right now.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
Can you believe?

Ryan Smith 24:16
All right, so since we since we keep stealing our own thunder, let’s go ahead and close the book on this one, and put this on the shelf. Because this cart is history. Let’s go into the stories that that make that making the waves in the UFC world with finding the angles.

All right, this is finding the angles. This is where we talk about the things that are making waves in the UFC world. And the number one story of the of the day or for the show is our headliner.

So this This weekend hafjell those audios was was slated to fight in the main event of the evening against a microchip is a market share. But Islam markets have got a viral infection. I don’t think it’s COVID. I think it’s just a viral infection. Maybe it’s staff or something like that. But he was out. So it’s five days notice and so hoppier does Anya needs needs an opponent in order to salvage the card because he is the main event. So guess who steps in? Yeah. Paul Felder, now, Paul Felder, when he’s not in the in the octagon. He sits ringside with a headset and a microphone similar to what we have. And he does color commentary for the show.

John Keyes 25:50
Yes, yes.

Ryan Smith 25:51
I It is my understanding that he was scheduled to provide color for this show, again, with he was going to cover how to do this on iOS and Islam market share. But because mica CEB got got removed from the card. Dude is like taking off the necktie, taking off the sport coat. And stepping in the octagon, the funniest thing I read so far is that Reebok is actually just going to put his name on on the suit, so that he can just walk stand up when it’s time for him to fight. He could just stand up and just walk into the ring with his with his suit with in the UFC fight kit.

John Keyes 26:34
That would be the dopest thing. He could sit there do color commentary all the way up to the fight is I excuse me, guys, and just starts just disrupting right there. It just goes on in the ring. That would be the dumbest thing ever. If y’all can get that nasty his camel shorts, y’all can make this happen. That’s all I’m saying.

Ryan Smith 26:54
That’s right. That’s right. So he is being heralded as a hero, because he’s stepping in with five days notice. He was not in training camp, he was not getting prepared. But we always support those fighters who are willing to fight anyone, anywhere at any time. And that is Paul Felder shout out to him. Because he is going to save this card and in between him and Javier de Santos, he may put on a heck of a show.

John Keyes 27:22
I think he will, I think I’d like to say that pulse, you know, regularly says that he stays in some sort of shape. So you know, I want to say that with him being by the ringside all the time. I don’t know if he’s called the RTA fight before, but he seems he’s seen enough. He, he just needs to get in shape. Get his mindset, right, going and do it. I mean, he might be one of the type that doesn’t need to train all that much. Because you know, fighters are known to overtrain sometimes, and they do a lot more damage to themselves than actually being a fight. This might be one side. I hope it’s a good fight. I think he’ll be a great fight. Honestly, you know, even if he even had a full training camp, I think this would be awesome fight. So you know, good job, Paul. This is not Pete this out pound for pound people to get it done.

Ryan Smith 28:17
That’s right. That’s right. And now now how now hopfield de sanyes was a little bit upset. So he responded to who he wanted to fight. Now he’s down the fight Paul Felder, but he didn’t want to fight Paul Felder. He wanted to fight UFC newcomer coming in from Bella tour. Michael Chandler. And so and so he tweets out. I wish maka Chev, MMA a speedy recovery, looking for a new partner to dance. Looks like Mike Chandler MMA is ready to go your move, because we know he’s ready to go. Why? Yeah, because a few weeks ago, he was in training, cutting weight and made weight to be the backup. Or habeeb in America medoff versus Justin he at 155 hopfield. lasagna was fighting at 155 so we know Michael Chandler can’t be that far off of 155

John Keyes 29:14
It’s been two weeks. It’s only been too long. Good. Yeah. So and you’re supposed to be ready at all time. back to where you at? Where you at? Oh, are you one that only shows up? When not when a lot when the flashes on? Hmm. So

Ryan Smith 29:30
Michael Chandler said that he had other plans. He can’t be fighting happiness on iOS. I feel those on iOS was a little upset about that. He’s like, Look, I have fought people. anytime anywhere just like Paul Felder has, you’re ready to go. You should be taking me. I am a former lightweight champion. Or like featherweight champion. Sorry. He didn’t like featherweight. You

John Keyes 29:54
will see that just got that that may tell the story of Michael

Unknown Speaker 29:58

John Keyes 30:01
He was lightweight. He was

Ryan Smith 30:03
a lightweight. He’s a former champion, because he took the bellmunt from from Anthony Pettis and Anthony Gaddis

John Keyes 30:11
as only thought like it from lightweight. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 30:14
yeah it has to because he took Anthony Pettis took the belt from Benson Henderson. Benson Henderson was the lightweight champion. So and happiness audios took it from a took it from? Anthony Pettis and then I think who was Eddie Alvarez? Who took it from? Happy lasagnas?

John Keyes 30:34
Yeah, hold on, like, Yeah, he was a lightweight champion. And he lost it to any of us. Yes, he did. Boom. He looked at that as how

Ryan Smith 30:42
you know, I follow this sport.

John Keyes 30:44
Yes, I guess what I get and guess what? He taught me that. I didn’t know that. hoppier mafia was a fourth degree black belt in Brazilian jujitsu. But he’s also black belt and muy Thai.

Unknown Speaker 30:57
He’s a black belt, Muay Thai.

Unknown Speaker 30:59

John Keyes 31:00
Well, coach has a black belt. Yeah. I it’s a prize aid project. It’s called lead a project. Somebody, it’s somebody over there in Brazil. Please tell me what it has pronounced. Yeah, please. All right. But uh, yeah, as a coach you got

Ryan Smith 31:22
I think you got like a black a black belt, like he wears with slacks. But

John Keyes 31:26
that black belts and JC Penney’s as Mr. Miyagi, yeah,

Ryan Smith 31:29
yeah, you know, maybe he’s got a black belt in karate.

This is the best part about not having that have a collection and not having a coach on the show. We could teach them as much as they want as we want. Because they defend himself. That’s right. That’s right. Kids. always talk about people behind their back. Don’t let them find out about

John Keyes 32:00
exactly did not everything about man. All right.

Ryan Smith 32:05
So we got Paul Felder vs. hopfield. This audience will make those picks at the end of the show. Right there. We mentioned it before. Let’s go ahead and talk about it. There is a new contender at light heavyweight. His name is Glover to share. He is number one and next in line potentially, for a fight with john blazkowicz. He called him out at the end of the show. And Dana White said,

Unknown Speaker 32:29
I hear you God.

Ryan Smith 32:30
He’s not wrong. Yeah, he’s not wrong. So here we are. Now we’ve got, you know, an agreement in terms no contract sign between yon blazkowicz and the 185 pound champion, the last style builder, Israel out of Sanya. But now that Glover to Sherif has won this fight in convincing fashion and he now sits atop the number one contender of the light heavyweight division it we have to ask the question who should get the title shot?

John Keyes 33:06
Honestly, you know what I’m gonna say the turn Jones isn’t there? No, no, no, no, john, john, get that. He gets it third. Okay, he gets it third. Yeah. Glover should get it. glove. You should get it first. Okay. And then after it’s done, he should have the option on whether or not he wants to fight the sun. And if all the sunya if he doesn’t want to fight all the sudden get well, I can’t keep john Jones will fight all the fun yet till five because john Jones is already sniffing around at the belt now because now he’s like, Oh, I should come back and try and steal Thunder again.

Ryan Smith 33:46
But the thing is, I don’t remember him saying any. Oh, actually I do because he said didn’t john Jones say that leverage to share is the goat.

John Keyes 33:54
Yes, he did. So I’m like, good. Don’t Don’t be Don’t be that dude.

Ryan Smith 34:00
Don’t be I’m not gonna say that john Jones ran from anyone. I don’t believe that john Jones runs from people that the he’s too good of a fighter and he’s done too much in his career. But it is interesting that the two closest fights in his career Thiago Santos, and and Dominic rez, let me say in his recent career, because the fight with Alexander Gustafson was really close to but um, those two fights were super close. And now both of those guys have been finished by their next opponents.

Unknown Speaker 34:34

Unknown Speaker 34:36

Ryan Smith 34:39
So it’s just interesting. So for me, I I agree with you Glover to share he’s he I mean, he fought Anthony Smith and basically knocked his teeth out and then finished my hater. Tiago Santos, why wouldn’t you give the guys who’s been who’s been in the division and who’s number one number one contender, the first crack at the nine New Light Heavyweight Champion like that’s the fight that you have to make Israel out of Sanya is a money fight. People want to see that dude fight whenever he steps into the octagon. That fight will be there. That fight will be there.

John Keyes 35:14
Why not always?

Ryan Smith 35:15
Why not? Why not have to share a vs yon blazkowicz? I don’t know if the share is injured in any way. But if he’s not, then why wouldn’t you go ahead and schedule that early part of 2021 maybe like a March or April and then get Israel out of Sanya in there for fight week or or a little bit a little bit later, you know, maybe August or September and then what you could do is finish the year off with a john Jones versus Israel adesanya you get Israel three fights in one year. Yeah, maybe you have to find him an opponent maybe Robert Whittaker will fight him on the same card with john blazkowicz and and lever to share it that would be a really interesting thing. Because then what you could do is this. All right, hear me out.

Unknown Speaker 36:03

Ryan Smith 36:04
Say you schedule this for April. April timeframe. April May. All right. Glover to share up versus yon blazkowicz headlining co main event, Robert Whittaker versus Israel out of Sanya because you’re out of Sanya if he is able to go to for against Robert Whittaker. And Youngblood COVID. If he’s able to be leveraged to share you have the face off in the ring right then and there. Or a September or October fight?

John Keyes 36:35
How about this? Okay, let’s that would work. But let’s move the timeline back because we want to put it on international fight league. That is the biggest that is the Super Bowl of MMA right there. Right. So what we would do is probably a February March. had that event. Have the two winners based off each other in the ring? It doesn’t even matter. Well, it has to be out of stallion versus whomever. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 37:02
it has to be out of Sanya versus Yonghwa COVID. I personally unless lover to Sherif just murders john COVID I don’t find Israel out of Sanya vs levertijd. Sherif, an exciting fight. I don’t

John Keyes 37:17
find Israel out of Sanya versus the champion. And very interesting fight whomever it may be. If blah is young blazkowicz gets knocked out by Glover to share you don’t right I’m gonna watch that. I’m gonna watch he gets even better. Okay, I want to see the champion versus that champion. Okay, I don’t care. It could be a champion versus champion fight for international fight week. I you know, I’m pretty confident that Israel’s going to be the champion. I’m very interested to see a ticsa versus blazkowicz fight to see how that ends if 10 Sarah wins that fight out to tell you this. Why don’t we be concerned with with young if you’re just got beat by cashier cashier it becomes the most interesting fight there. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 38:14
I hear you but I and I agree if you get it for international fight week, the champ versus the champ that would be great. Even if you could get the get the Whitaker. I also think if you get Whitaker, out of Sanya to share in block COVID on international fight week, that is also an interesting card as well.

John Keyes 38:33
That would be interesting card and that sets up. Let’s see that that sets up. You know, possibly, we could do September. I don’t try to make it closer to the end of the year.

Ryan Smith 38:46
Yeah, but if you do, like if you do something like September, October or August, September, don’t they typically try to get to Madison Square Garden? Couldn’t you get that in Madison Square Garden? You know, and that’s September October timeframe.

John Keyes 39:00
Yes, you can. But you also have to look it would probably be more towards October because September is such a busy month that a lot of people aren’t gonna that takes that kind of takes the focus away from leisurely activities as we get the world back to back to school and it’s becoming fall that would happen that would almost have to be like a labor day weekend. Just bloody battle every day battle that’s that’s the only time you can do it in September is for Labor Day. And or and then after that make it like a true Halloween habit. if you will. Oh my gosh. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You thought I did that. Yeah, I see. Yeah. Yeah, so that’s how you do it. And you know like that either scenario for me. Let me wouldn’t wouldn’t that be the crown though? Are you get Gluck Glover in their five block of it. He beats block of itch. He gets the belt. He’s like, you know, I’m thinking about retiring at that. onside comes in rings. I hold up. You know, before you do that, watch, come get a piece of this old man and let it happen like that. Okay, what if what if Texas Tech there beats out of Sanya? What are we going to do that?

Ryan Smith 40:19
Oh, well, then john. JOHN gets the last laugh.

John Keyes 40:24
He comes in, and like I fight Glover and mercilessly.

Ryan Smith 40:30
Well, he’s already beaten Glover to share that’s the thing. This was when john Jones and so, you know, I wasn’t so mad about john Jones going up to heavyweight because there wasn’t very many guys for him left to fight, you know. And so, Robert Glover. I mean, he probably could have fought Dominick Reyes again. That was a really close fight. I think I scored I scored it for dominant Graz.

Unknown Speaker 40:52
Yeah. But a lot of people you

Ryan Smith 40:55
know, but I used the methodology and scored it for Dominic Reyes.

Unknown Speaker 40:59
Without you talking about them,

Ryan Smith 41:01
the combat sports talk judging methodology. You could find it on combat sports talk, www combat sports talk.com. There’s a whole methodology section for you to check out so that you can watch a fight and score it more consistently than just a normal fam. Go there now.

Unknown Speaker 41:20

Unknown Speaker 41:22
I got to try.

Ryan Smith 41:23
You got to try it. Actually,

Unknown Speaker 41:25
not what

Ryan Smith 41:27
so so here’s an aside and then we got to get back on. We got to get back on track. In January we you and me and perhaps caleffi are slated to judge Muay Thai fights. And here’s what I here’s what I’ve learned. Because I started watching muy Thai fights to acclimate myself to my time, the methodology. The methodology that I have built does not work from Muay Thai fights.

John Keyes 41:54
Okay, so we were if you go back to when we did the Dominion fight championships. Yeah, we were told exactly how to do we Thai fights, we need to go back and revisit that video. Because the coach though the one of the coaches there, actually was one of the coaches and one of the fighters and I think it may have been one of the fighters was telling us exactly how you score Muay Thai fights.

Ryan Smith 42:21
So I’ve been reading up on it we’ll have to let’s do it. Let’s do it on another show. Maybe how perhaps with with we can see if we can get coach Carlos here and get get get George here as well. Maybe coach Carlos has a black belt. And you know he’s trained in in Yeah, he’s training right at Thailand. So

John Keyes 42:44
black belts, you know? Or he could maybe give one to George make them feel better.

Ryan Smith 42:53
You know what this is gonna become this is gonna become part of the combat sports stop drinking game is a black belt black belt in Muay Thai black belt Muay Thai, but

Unknown Speaker 43:05
we make it

Unknown Speaker 43:10
so, so,

Unknown Speaker 43:11

Ryan Smith 43:11
it would be good because I’ve been reading up on how to score a Muay Thai fight. And I’ve been watching on fight pass, there’s a Muay Thai promotion that that is on fight pass. And just watching those watching those those fights. They’re they’re taking place in Thailand. And it’s it’s completely different than MMA. Like, you can’t or it the same way. It’s more like scoring pride.

John Keyes 43:33
Hmm, good luck. So I just scored and pride is insane. And I’ve watched enough Muay Thai fight, that it’s chaos is complete and total chaos and it’s fun to watch. It is fun performance.

Ryan Smith 43:48
That’s the thing and we have digressed, even though I said that we should save this for another show. But it is a performance so you’re not looking at it. Like you’re watching an MMA fight where you’re scoring round by round. And you’re you’re you’re saying okay, how did that strike land? How but I was going to take down How do I score, you know, this submission attempt, all that kind of stuff. It really is about who is dominant who is showing their dominance? How are they How are they landing their strikes are those strikes showing some level of reaction or damage on their opponent and that’s what you’re scoring as opposed to you know, just each bit of action in the ring. So I’ve learned a lot and and I would love to be able to get coached Carlos and get get get George on on the show. They really go through watching you know, we just want to do a fight companion. So we can put like one of the Muay Thai fights on YouTube maybe put it as a put us as picture in picture. And we all just kind of talked through how to score the fight. So that’s something that will do. For those of you who are watching, we’ll we’ll do that and then we’ll publish that for you so you guys can start getting into Muay Thai what I could tell you and watching It’s really entertaining. Um, it’s not as it’s different than MMA, but what it what it brings with it is a bit of showmanship. And I like that.

John Keyes 45:11
Yeah, yes, it’s definitely. It’s definitely a show with a lot of cats. It’s brutal, but not as brutal as that way. Okay. a different story for a different day.

Ryan Smith 45:23
Right? Absolutely. Yeah. So you were talking about the old man and and the old man being Glover to share, but there’s an older man, that, that thought about actually going and challenging his own self against Youngblood. COVID and that is one Daniel DC Cormier. He said that he considered coming back into the octagon, to challenge john blazkowicz, or the light heavyweight title. He said that thought lasted about 15 minutes and he’s like, Nope, I’m done.

John Keyes 45:56
Let me tell you why. He’s not really done. Okay, there’s two reasons. Well, hold on,

Unknown Speaker 46:01
hold on. Oh, okay. Go ahead. Go ahead.

John Keyes 46:06
All right. Okay. All right. So number one, he is not out of the out of the testing pool yet. He is not out of it yet people as of as of today, his name is still in the testing pool to

Unknown Speaker 46:26
john Joe.

John Keyes 46:29
JOHN jump to know it took him 15 minutes to think about it. Let me tell you some people. If it takes you more than a minute, to convince yourself not to do it, you’re gonna end up doing it. Okay. Most of our decisions. If it’s a major decision, it takes three days for me to say no, I can’t do it. If I’m gonna if I’m not gonna do it. It took him 15 minutes. He’s coming back to the rink. Eventually. What he is saying is, is that, yes, I would like to come back in that ring, but I’ve got to be motivated to do it. And what is more motivating than a heavyweight champ john Jones. Not the john Jones. Not just gonna bring them back, telling you one more time. JOHN Jones.

Ryan Smith 47:19
If you’re playing the combat sports talk drinking game, Now is your time to drink.

John Keyes 47:24
And you should be an alcoholic buys name references on May two.com. John’s in DC. All right. Hey,

Ryan Smith 47:31
so so Dana White says that reports that the Conor McGregor destined for a fight for January 23 is not official. That what he says is is that it’s supposed to be on Fire Island. Jolla has signed his contract but guess who hasn’t signed?

John Keyes 47:49
sharking? One Oh my God. What are we going to do?

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Free McGregor.

John Keyes 47:58
Hmm, you see what I did there? Yeah, I saw what you did. I was like, Ah, that’s pretty good. Free McGregor. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, man. What, what were y’all thinking? You think he was gonna go against somebody that’s hungry like toy a? Okay, he’s not gonna find somebody hungry. Like, he’s not hungry anymore. He got 100 100 million reasons why he’s not that hungry anymore. Right? He doesn’t want somebody like that. He does not want some. He talks a good game. But I can’t tell you when he woke up in his office. That bed with the silk jammies. I’m talking about the fact that fifth is made out of purple. He jumped out in that purple bed within silk jammies. He’s like, I, I think I don’t want to do this today. And he didn’t. And he was like, I’m not doing it. No more. Okay. That’s what happened. Alright, cuz when his maid came in there, it’s like, how do you want your eggs to McGregor? He was like, make it with with haggis. And he ate that. And like I said, he was like, I don’t want no part of the fight game. No more. I don’t have to have any reasons why.

Ryan Smith 49:06
I don’t think this Irish I think haggis is Scottish. Right?

John Keyes 49:10
That’s what he got nothing. He got 100 million reasons why you don’t care. Okay. I mean, that’s

Unknown Speaker 49:16
it. Well, you don’t care.

Ryan Smith 49:20
So here’s the deal. Do you know and I don’t think this is on the run sheet. It was supposed to be on the run sheet. Do you know who threw his hat into the ring? When it was determined? that contract hasn’t been sent back from Conor McGregor and Dustin polio and now the fight is in jeopardy. Do you know who was gonna throw his hat into the ring?

Unknown Speaker 49:45
automated guy?

Unknown Speaker 49:47

Unknown Speaker 49:48

Ryan Smith 49:49
I’ll give you a hint. He’s ducking hopfield the sanyes.

Unknown Speaker 49:54

Ryan Smith 49:55
Yes. Michael Chen is like, Hey, I’ll fight Conor McGregor. You need to fight McLemore. I’ll buy Conor McGregor play, bro. Okay.

John Keyes 50:02
All right. So now we see the game. Okay, we see Michael Chandler’s game. He not he not ready to fight, he ready to fight everybody. As long as there’s duckets behind it, that’s what he’s saying, you know, is he’s like all fights are very small number, but it’s got to have a lot of zeros behind. That’s that’s what he’s saying. Okay, I got we see your game we see your game, sir. All right, we see okay,

Ryan Smith 50:35
so another person who’s finding a light bite replacement I’m gonna I’m gonna skip a little bit we’ll cut we’ll circle back around. Alright. hometown hero, Kevin the Trailblazer Holland I stepped in to fight jack Hermansson. Remember we were talking last week. Um, that the only person that is your auto Sonia hasn’t beaten at 185 that’s in the top five is jack Hermansson. JACK Hermansson is was supposed to have a fight but that fight fell out. Dairy till jacker man’s supposed to fight Darren till but Darren till got injured. So, so Trailblazer Hollande who is currently not ranked in the top 15 is going to get a a shot at a high level one at Fiverr

John Keyes 51:24
hold up if this is confirmed this is it’s going to happen type

Ryan Smith 51:29
yes it has he has stepped in to fight the number four middleweight contender jack Hermansson in the main event of UFC Vegas 16 on December 5 2020.

John Keyes 51:43
You know what that’s gonna do? Right? Yeah, if Howard Beach Hermansson

Unknown Speaker 51:50
it’s easy. It’s easy versus how easy.

John Keyes 51:52
It can be easy for a song. That’s exactly what he wants. Because they are yelling. Yeah, they were they were barking like dogs at each other. Yeah, so he did that. We got some heat. Okay, yeah, they’re not they’re not get comfortable. All right, because you got a guy that got some heat. And he got some heat for the champ. All right, so.

Ryan Smith 52:13
So this all works out perfectly because Kevin Holland fights frequently anyway. So now you have john john blazkowicz vs. lover to share. The winner of Kevin Holland versus jack Hermansson versus Israel adesanya sometime in the first quarter of 2020.

John Keyes 52:34
Man March Madness is going to have a whole new meaning a whole new meaning that all of you heard it here first.

Ryan Smith 52:41
We’re calling me right now. Like that’s, that’s what’s gonna happen. I think that that’s gonna be the cards that I would make. If I was Shawn Shelby. I was working on the UFC. That’s what I would be. That’s what I would be trying to pull together.

John Keyes 52:54
Yeah, look forward around Spring Break time. Trust me. Oh, yeah.

Ryan Smith 52:58
Somebody’s gonna get broke. Anyway, yeah. Speaking of getting broke, let’s go back to it. Um, there was a fighter. His name is Ram. Ram is Brock Brock. Brock

Unknown Speaker 53:12

Unknown Speaker 53:12

Ryan Smith 53:14
Ram is brown. Okay, this is

Unknown Speaker 53:19

Ryan Smith 53:22
you can have someone getting broken.

John Keyes 53:25
Yeah, about that. Oh, it has happened in the room.

Ryan Smith 53:34
This is his, his,

Unknown Speaker 53:37
his UFC debut.

Ryan Smith 53:39
Okay, dude fight in the UFC for the very first time. He comes in. This is his very first time he’s done all this work to get here. He’s fighting. He gets hit in the groin twice in the fight. And then max Griffin, his opponent landed an elbow strike to his ear and almost rips his ear right off his face. And so this piece of meat is hanging from his face. Bleeding everywhere. And dude is like what? just tape it up. I can keep going.

John Keyes 54:19
The dude has heart but you got to see the clip. Okay, I mean, to get don’t do it. You got to see if you watch if you if you start with blue waffles was what is everything else is downhill. Ryan.

Ryan Smith 54:33
Okay, listen. Listen, I will never forget watching Anderson Silva versus the the American hero, Chris Weidman.

The rematch between the all American sorry, all American White Man vs. Anderson, the spider Silva two at Buffalo Wild Wings with my pay per view crew that would that I used to run with at the time, shout out to Tom Rios. Um, and when Ana de Silva broke his leg on that, on that kick, I was like, stop showing the replay, I couldn’t handle watching the slow motion of watching his leg break and wrap around Chris Weidman. I can do the blood. That’s, you know, kind of the trauma of the cuts and things like that, during the fights. I can’t do see I can’t do severe sports injuries. Like you might have been the person that did this on Facebook. And if you are, it’s totally in character. I just can’t believe it. There’s a picture of a guy, there’s a video of a guy who’s in a backyard backyard wrestling ring, he comes up to the top rope, and then it’s kind of jumps off the top rope and back and his leg snaps under him like a twig. And and the reaction that I had was just visceral, just like

Unknown Speaker 56:07

John Keyes 56:11
the guy the captcha says, This dude broke his MCA. his ACL is a TV, his VCR at his at his at his at the knee. And it just went Whoa. Oh, I can’t.

Ryan Smith 56:35
I can’t do severe sports injury. So broken legs and football. I can’t do any of that stuff. So so I can’t watch this guy’s ear. I can’t watch the video. It’s too mccobb for me, I can’t do it. It’s gross.

John Keyes 56:49
Okay, so these injuries, believe it or not, or I’ll list them as uncommon. They’re just slightly below common. And it’s because they get these cauliflower ears if you’re if you’re in a fighting arts, you know what cauliflower is when you get when you get hit in the ear. So many times it just pumps up. These things need to be drained every now and then most fighters kind of drain them before the fight or or shortly after to fight because if they’re if they’re puffed out, and if they’re fighting, the chance of that being ruptured, or in this case, hanging off is exponential. And this is actually kind of what happened. It was just dangling there.

Ryan Smith 57:32
I’m not doing a Ray Charles impression at all. I’m just grossed out. But I knew that I knew we couldn’t do the show and not talk about this. Like we have to talk about it like that is the most gruesome thing that I have seen in MMA in probably five years.

John Keyes 57:51
I see some you know, I guess I’m just I’m messed up I guess because I’ve seen some some gruesome injuries. Let me get this straight. Ryan. Okay, you can’t handle Bare Knuckle boxing. Oh, no,

Ryan Smith 58:01
I it’s not that I can’t handle it. I disagree with it.

Unknown Speaker 58:06
I can watch.

John Keyes 58:10
We got we got we got these top as far as the bare knuckle war anyway. So um, but I mean, it’s injury. I mean, I’ve seen football injuries. I’ve seen you know, Pro Wrestling injuries. First thing comes to my mind. It finishes coming off the top rope.

Ryan Smith 58:26
And we don’t come on. Do we have to do this? I don’t want to to this. Like I can’t handle this.

John Keyes 58:34
Prescott. You know, this is a 180

Ryan Smith 58:38
I’m taking my headphones off. I can’t hear you anymore. I can’t do it. Talking about it. Can’t do it. Can’t do

John Keyes 58:47
it. Okay, Okay, I’m done like that. I’m gonna stop. I’m gonna stop. Hold

Ryan Smith 58:52
up two fingers. Okay, I see your timeout. Okay, all right. I can handle it. Like I can handle it. Just it’s too gross.

John Keyes 59:02
Hey, we can talk about the product stuff. I mean, cuz like, was that what was it? It’s the door Emelianenko versus Peter Colossus Thompson. And

Ryan Smith 59:14
other people who are out Amanda Nunez is no, no, we’re not gonna do it.

John Keyes 59:20
No, he he targeted it though. He went for it. Have you ever squeezed the lemon?

Ryan Smith 59:29
Okay, dun dun. Okay, Amanda, out of UFC 256 against Anders against Megan Anderson. Basically this is a serious medical issue. So we don’t know what it is. It is non disclosed but Amanda Nunez will not fight again until 2021. She was slated to fight him. Megan Anderson at 145 but something happened to Amanda Nunez so she is out. I’m speaking of fighters who are out Paige vanzant Her husband,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
Paige Van Zandt

Ryan Smith 1:00:05
is is reported to be returning to MMA after Bare Knuckle boxing.

John Keyes 1:00:12
So there’s a resurrection there.

Ryan Smith 1:00:16
You don’t say, I don’t think she’s going to be honest. Her husband, Austin Vander Ford said that while he would love for her to return to MMA and go to Bella tour, personally, if that was an option, why didn’t she take it before? Because I think I think once those ladies in Bare Knuckle boxing get to her, she ain’t going that her face ain’t gonna be a moneymaker anymore.

John Keyes 1:00:45
See, you have this ideology that bare Bare Knuckle fighting is is more gruesome than boxing with gloves is actually quite the other way around. Fighting bare knuckles is actually a lot safer than fighting with gloves are protecting your fist from to endure more than to deliver more punishment to a face. If you’re fighting bare knuckles. You’re only gonna punch so many times a day and you’re like, you know what, the open hand side you’re doing right now? No, no,

Ryan Smith 1:01:20
this this is the thing. This is the thing. While I do acknowledge the fact that more people died after boxing gloves were added to boxing then before because breaking your hand on someone’s cranium was a common thing whenever you punch someone in their head during Bare Knuckle boxing back in the Far and away days, if you know that,

John Keyes 1:01:46
yeah, I do know that movie as a matter of fact.

Ryan Smith 1:01:49
And so a lot of the strikes were body shots and things like that, that they were landing. Whereas when they added the boxing gloves now throwing shots to the head became more prevalent and therefore more people died as a result of blunt force trauma. The concern that I have with with bare knuckle fighting comes back to the fact that the expectation is not for you to box, it is not Bare Knuckle boxing. It is Bare Knuckle fighting. And so you are expected to stand toe to toe against your opponent and throw bombs until one of you is either to lacerated to continue, or somebody goes to sleep and so it’s just like I’m not I don’t like the fact that they that you get penalized or avoiding getting hit. That’s it and like the guy that I don’t remember his name, we covered it on the show. But he had

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
had his purse.

Ryan Smith 1:02:50
He they took half his purse away because he boxed his opponent as opposed to just standing there and just being a pugilist and just taking damage. And I just I don’t agree with with with with a sport that demands that you don’t treat it like a sport.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09

John Keyes 1:03:10
But I do believe there may have been a fine line there between fighting and avoiding. Okay, and I think he got it. He may have gotten snatched away from voiding fighting. Okay, I think that may be I have to go back the

Ryan Smith 1:03:27
highlights the highlights that I watched, he looked like he was boxing, sticking and moving and not get it not allowing his opponents to land and he strikes. So it was basically a boxing clinic. And, you know, people were mad because they didn’t stand in the middle of the ring and turn their faces into puffy little Meat. Meat pies.

John Keyes 1:03:50
Hmm. Speaking of puppet as a segue away,

Ryan Smith 1:03:55
speaking of puffy little MC pies, Steven Wonderboy, Thompson was invited by a bodybuilder to kick him in the leg to see how many times he could get kicked in the leg before he would submit a hit really only took one. But the bodybuilders stood up and took probably three or four more before he was running away. And one boy was still kicking him in the leg. The leg look like like ground beef. Like chili meat.

John Keyes 1:04:27
Why do people like this? Why did they come? Yeah, somebody should have talked to him and it’s candy dog. I don’t think you should do this man. All right, don’t let this little skinny dude fool you. He could kit I know the reason why that he has so many knockouts on his record.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
Well, you know,

John Keyes 1:04:46
like, like, the great lineset and blades blade. There’s always somebody that’s going to ice skate up hill. There’s going to be that dude. What’s what blades at that? Yep. That there’s always somebody that want to escape a pill. That’s a paraphrase because I can’t say that what the what the true phrase was. But there’s always somebody that want to escape jail. All right,

Ryan Smith 1:05:11
we’ll just leave it at that. Okay, got it. All right. Um, so let’s go ahead and get into it. Let’s go ahead and get into it that Robert Whittaker says that he wants to wants to fight Israel out of Sanya. He says he’s hustling for a rematch like a salty kid. I don’t really think that he is. Dude wants to have a baby, his wife or his significant other I think it’s his wife may be his girlfriend. I don’t know. I don’t know the official status of the relationship. But, um, he wants that he she’s pregnant. His child is coming sometime in the Christmas timeframe. He wants to be off being a father. I support that. He said that he hasn’t. Um, he’s, he’s been in training camps when his other kids were born. So this is an opportunity for him to actually be present and be a good father to his to his newborn. All right, I support that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
But I’m like that

Ryan Smith 1:06:08
but but don’t then say that you’re chasing the belt you’re not you got a great reason why you’re not but I don’t believe that you are interested in finding Israel out of Sanya one because he did clown you in two rounds when you did fight and then too. You got a lot of family issues and personal things going on. Go be a dad that will always be there and you’re the you’re a top ranked fighter in middleweight you What do you got to worry about and I liked it. I liked what he said he was like the belts gonna be there. I’m the number one guy I just keep fighting. I will get the title shot. Yes. So let jack Hermansson and and Kevin Holland fight for that title and let’s see what they can do.

John Keyes 1:06:57
Alright, so let’s let’s answer that question there. Because I understand what he was saying. He was that he was playing Mr. congeniality, it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt at all. It hurt all he was embarrassed. He ain’t the champ. So he’s gonna sit there and say, Oh, you know, I’m gonna be a dad narrowed down but I’m talking about now you’re just hunting to bed and you’re using the excuse of your dad. Okay. I’m not gonna knock you I’m not gonna put you down like that. Being a dad is a great day be be a dad. Okay. You said all the truthful words. You just got to believe it now. All right, your dad. I want to be a dad. The belts always gonna be there. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:07:48
just just just to underscore that, when Israel out of Sanya fought Robert Whittaker. Israel out of Sanya walked out Dance Choreography with his boys did an Ariel and then walk to the ring. almost knocked out Robert Whittaker at the end of round number one finished him in round number two and then walked out of the ring. And been Wintel ever since. Like

John Keyes 1:08:15
he didn’t dance. He didn’t do a dance choreography. He did a Naruto dance. You got beat by you got you got beat by god it did an animate dance onto an array to on the way through the ring got disintegrated inside 10 minutes, and then he danced out.

Ryan Smith 1:08:38
So I do think there’s some I think there’s some some there’s some truth to that. But Robert Whittaker did say that if yon blazkowicz fell to Israel out of Sanya, they got that fight done. And he hadn’t fought Israel to signing yet. He would be willing to fight Israel out of Sanya not at 185. But at 2050 Wow. That’s an awfully I think it was I think it would be one of the most bizarre things to watch to 185 versus fighting it 205 or light heavyweight belt that neither one of them actually fought anybody at that light heavyweight to get

John Keyes 1:09:15
like breaking no matter. Right. Doesn’t matter. That’s not happen. That should definitely not happen. Under any circumstances that happens. Officially rankings doesn’t matter. They should just all let it fly. Let there be a a open way championship and who wants it? Who wants what?

Ryan Smith 1:09:40
Well asking that question of who wants what leads us right into the fight card.

This is the fight card. This is where we talk about the fights that are coming up this weekend. And we’ve been got five fights on the card, UFC Vegas Felder vs dos Anjos Saturday November 14 2020, at the UFC Apex arena. In Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ve got Brendan Allen versus Shawn Strickland. Former former Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker Eric Anders comes back against Antonio Arroyo. You’ve gotten Julian Marquez vs. subpar back saffer off. Look at that. First try.

John Keyes 1:10:30
Yeah, I know right? You didn’t better.

Ryan Smith 1:10:34
Abdul Razak AlHassan. Versus chaos Williams.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:38
Wow. is his name really chaos? Yes. And

Ryan Smith 1:10:43
here’s here’s an interesting story. Okay, um, interesting story. So if you go back, I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna go back. If you go back to coach Darwin’s interview, he talked about the heartbreak of losing a fighter to another, another camp or another. So I wish coach was here because coach had a fighter in his camp. Who was one fight away from going to the UFC. This how close coach was to being a UFC coach, his fighter, had to fight one guy to get to the UFC. That guy’s name was chaos Williams.

John Keyes 1:11:27
That was his that’s his student or that was the guy that he had to fight.

Ryan Smith 1:11:31
That’s the guy had to fight. Coaches guy, coaches guy got into the ring, laid an egg and got beat by chaos Williams. Chaos Williams is now in the UFC. That is how close coach was to being a UFC coach. One fight away, man,

John Keyes 1:11:52
man at this. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:55
So so let’s point out the

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
Okay. Well, I’ll

Ryan Smith 1:12:01
just say what’s poignant about what coach darren was saying is is that coaches do experience heartbreak and so you know that that’s one of coach’s dreams is to be a UFC, UFC coach and coach a fighter that’s, that that’s that’s at the highest echelon of of, you know, of the MMA world. And so, he was one fighter when chaos Williams won that fight and now here we are. co maining, UFC Vegas 14 Abdul Razzaq, AlHassan versus the guy who beat coaches, coaches, students. And so therefore, you know, I’m like, shout out, go go abdulrazaq AlHassan I’m gonna do

John Keyes 1:12:47
what? I’m not I’m gonna,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
I’m gonna,

John Keyes 1:12:51
I’m gonna reserve Um, I’ve reserved NIH, NIH opinion yet. We’ll talk about it at he’s more easier for this guy to he’s here in Dallas. You know that right? Who

Ryan Smith 1:13:04
is? Allison? I did not know that. He was in Dallas.

John Keyes 1:13:08
Yes, he’s a Florida guy.

Ryan Smith 1:13:10
So for sure. Then I’m going for the hometown hero. Let’s go out I’m going out Hassan. I

John Keyes 1:13:16
gotta go. Gino thunder. All right, that’s his nickname. That’s one of his Judo thunder. Okay, yes. Okay. Chaos cuz I mean chaos if that’s your name. I mean, that’s just like saying your name is the coldest, you know? The coldest to ever do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:32
Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
I got you.

John Keyes 1:13:33
Yeah, that’s his name. Yeah, I’m like mad now but alright, so yeah, I have five

Ryan Smith 1:13:41
main event of the evening Paul Felder on five days notice versus Hatfield does on us. We’re gonna make this flash fight pick. We’re gonna make this flash fight pick but know that hopfield does on yose is the favorite in this fight. According to Vegas odds.

John Keyes 1:13:55
Who Yeah, mon man, Paul Felder. Dude, I’m so proud of you’d like to say you gain bread you truly gain bread. Okay, you are down for the fight. Pound for pound you get you got this half. Half your dose on yours man. I’m thinking I’ll make a do I’m sorry. You just got he’s been in fight camp. He met a hungry angry man. Okay, he man cuz he ain’t getting the guy you want. And then now he’s not getting the guy he wants. But then he called out another guy and he didn’t get it. So you definitely man and you there so you’re in trouble though. So who you got? I’m choosing RTA. Okay, she’s an RTA. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:14:35
I’m gonna make sure I got that pic documented so I can play. Yes, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:39
The crows sound may be played the crows.

Ryan Smith 1:14:46
Maybe. Okay, and I’m going with Paul Felder.

John Keyes 1:14:50
All right, go with Irish dragon. I mean, I wish the best of luck to the Irish dragon. You don’t if he pulls it out. I’ll gladly eat this. Eat this crow but You know my my logic is and dude RTA is ease ready for this yeah he’s coming back down to he’s oh yeah he mad he big mad too

Ryan Smith 1:15:13
yeah I’m gonna get that I’m gonna I’m gonna get that I’m gonna get that job and make that job you man

Unknown Speaker 1:15:20
you use

Unknown Speaker 1:15:24
them honey

Unknown Speaker 1:15:29
I got down agua you

John Keyes 1:15:35
tell you man that’s that’s one of the best clips I’ve seen all year on on Facebook was that right there applies I dude is a shout out the class

Ryan Smith 1:15:46
I want yeah okay you got already a I got Paul Felder follow us on social media on I’m combat sports talk on Instagram.

John Keyes 1:15:54
I am keys to victory at best keys with an S

Ryan Smith 1:15:57
All right. Coach George Stallworth is that dark side underscore Muay Thai underscore, and Collette she KC only a Buchi is at push pull, pray. You can find this on our website at www combat sports talk calm. Um, and so there you can find the coaching methodology or judging methodology for watching MMA fight so go check that out. But you can also find our emerge. Um, we got some t shirts, the intelligent defense discussion group t shirt is live and the combat sports talk logo T. But you can find this podcast on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. You can see them up here at the top of the screen.

John Keyes 1:16:41
Yeah, right there. Yeah, there it is. Well, actually out there, right there. Yeah, I see that now. Look at

Unknown Speaker 1:16:48
that. Society.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
And with the youtube facebook. face you Okay,

Ryan Smith 1:16:57
let me see it America. Yeah, right. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple podcasts, Periscope, and Spotify.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
Right. All right. Oh,

Ryan Smith 1:17:08
wow. But literally everywhere. If you Google combat sports talk. It’s in Google search engine. It’s on every podcasting platform. Anywhere. It’s like visa. It’s everywhere. You want to be combat sports talk. A shout out to MMA junkie, MMA fighting MMA mania and bloody elbow, but also the intelligent defense discussion group. You can join on facebook and join us in conversations about the MMA world. And that’s a lot where a lot of these stories that we talked about come from, so shout out to all of that hard work that those journalists are doing. Anything else before we go code. Before we go, Joe? JOHN,

John Keyes 1:17:46
I’m one of them. Right? Get

Ryan Smith 1:17:48
my get my name right. That’s what I got.

John Keyes 1:17:52
My name? Yeah, happy Veterans Day to all my brothers, or my or my brothers and the btn. And the camouflage. You know, go out, get your get your veteran benefits. And I can’t say the rest. Because you know, Ryan was kicking up show up. Yeah. I know what’s up? Yeah. Happy, happy, happy

Ryan Smith 1:18:14
veterans say to you, john, and check, check. Check the chat screen because guess who Guess who’s here now? How’s that black

Unknown Speaker 1:18:26
belt training you?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:30
On behalf of john Key’s in the

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33
chat room.

Ryan Smith 1:18:34
George George Stallworth. I’m Ryan Smith, reminding you to keep your hands up your chin tuck and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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