Episode 149 – UFC Vegas 14, UFC 255, and a Big Argument

November 17, 2020 by No Comments

Put your debate hats on folks, the Combat Sports Talk team won’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to the renewed beef between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. Hear their points, and make your own decision about who is right.  Besides the debate, we recap the “Khaos” that was UFC Vegas 14, discuss headlines and make our picks for the main card of UFC 255. 


Ryan Smith 0:16
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host, Ryan Smith. And joining me this week, I am proud to say is the entire combat sports talk crew. Everybody is here. Let’s go through the introductions. We’ve got john, the keys to victory key.

John Keyes 0:41
You want to start early down.

Ryan Smith 0:45
Before you get into it, let’s go on to finish the introductions. We got malece Casey, only a Buchi.

Unknown Speaker 0:54
And we’ve got January 16.

Ryan Smith 0:57
We’ll see and we got George g money stoneware

George Stallworth 1:01
changing my my name to George got all the facts, Stallworth. Oh, really? Oh, my boy. JOHN Key’s up top. I want to have some miscellaneous facts tonight.

Ryan Smith 1:12
All right. Well, he’s the king of the facts. So let’s see what you got for us this week. Mr. Key? Well,

John Keyes 1:18
I was only gonna do two but I’ll do third just for you, George. Okay, let’s talk about let’s talk about john q sack. Okay. Yeah, no, john q. So, you know, q sack the actor. Turn dittany 16. Candle, you know, he wasn’t gonna say anything. Do you not know, but he is a trained kickboxer on the Vinny yukatas fighting system. And if you don’t know Benny, you get it and I’m not butchering his name. He is a kickboxing legend. Okay, went 45 and, and that’s the 45 knockouts but if I TK O’s, one loss, and like three, three no contest, one because there was a riot in the inner and what was his nickname? The jet

George Stallworth 2:10
that is a bit Bennett a jet? Yeah.

John Keyes 2:13
Yeah. He has a black belt under his system. You know? What do you say? Wait,

Ryan Smith 2:20
wait, wait. He’s got it. He’s got it. He’s got a sixth degree black belt in his own system.

John Keyes 2:26
No. JOHN cusec has a sixth degree black belt under the okay. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 2:32
because I was getting ready to say well, that’s pretty wack because I’ve got a 12 degree black belt in my own system. It’s about a 44 with I need to get a shape yo.

John Keyes 2:46
Hey, man, no, no, the 44 were like a 42 man. Stop it. Okay. Let’s talk about let’s talk about master stand. Because Are you guys are you guys ever heard the name? Moscow Yama? Okay, no, no, okay. I’ve heard not not not so Mentos. Okay? Mas Oyama. masa tots. Natasha. Yama is the founder of kyokushin karate. Okay? He is actually you know, this guy’s a legend. He’s known as God Hand. The reason why but he was known as God here. Much like how we refer to Habib as a as a future legend because he was wrestling barons as a child Matsuyama to promote kyokushin karate was killing bulls with his bare hands. He was fighting bulls. And he was he was was shot were killed.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:47
Was that videos or it didn’t happen. We need

John Keyes 3:54
our videos on YouTube. Okay. Have your Kelly Kelly that’s

Ryan Smith 4:00
that has to be a dramatization.

John Keyes 4:03
I don’t think every one of our listeners right now googling

George Stallworth 4:10
the hell out of Sales Navigator.

John Keyes 4:12
Yama, mass ohyama. Okay, masa. masa, Yana. All right, last one just for you. Okay, because you said you want to match facts. Okay. So, over the weekend, I had a I had a conversation with a friend’s father. And he told me that on this trip to New York one time, he was on a plane and he was sitting right next to the person that created that was one of the writers for Cheers. All right. And it was it was a female and he and she asked, you know, how, you know, he asked her, how was it that you came up with these ideas for for these characters, especially klavan Okay. And she was like, well, that’s actually based off my dog because My dad is he always says things that are almost the total opposite. So the reference clip, I always say he was a fountain of useless information. But everybody always pays attention because he always said if you say the opposite to people, oh, this is not that important. People are going to pay attention to it. And it turns out to be very important. So always say I’m a claiming because I say useless information. But guess what? A lot of people seem to remember my useless information more than I do. So, you know, is that so? Please? Okay.

Ryan Smith 5:40
First one was good. second one was good third one.

George Stallworth 5:44
I don’t know what they’re

Ryan Smith 5:47
talking about. Like I think I think the cliff claiming honest, you said that this was interesting. And then it was the opposite.

George Stallworth 6:02
He tried to get our mind trick us that way. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 6:04
that’s what it is.

Unknown Speaker 6:06
Yeah, like I don’t know that reference.

Ryan Smith 6:09
The Joe Gosh. Collette she has not seen Star Wars. Yo, Gil Collette. He has not seen Star Wars.

John Keyes 6:18
which shouldn’t really be considered a martial art movie, believe it or not because of the prequels. They are they most people will argue that the prequels makes it a martial art movie. All right, let’s move on some from from the

Ryan Smith 6:34
fountain of useless knowledge into the knowledge that we do have used for and that is the official decision. There were fights on Saturday night and we’re going to talk about them in this segment.

This is the official decision. This is where we talk about the fights on Saturday night, and we were back in Vegas and UFC Vegas 14 Felder vs dos on yose, Saturday, November 14 2020, at the UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, before we even get to the results, before we even start talking about this, we got to talk about how jacked up this card was not jacked up like oh my gosh, the fights were great. No, it’s like there were two fights that were cancelled. Three fighters missed weight, and they had to replace the main event or else the whole card wouldn’t have even happen.

George Stallworth 7:35
They had to replace more than just the main event they replaced the CO main two.

Ryan Smith 7:40
Well, no,

John Keyes 7:41
I call man well,

George Stallworth 7:42
original code.

Ryan Smith 7:43
No, it was the at least as of last week. The CO main was the original co main it was Abdul Razak AlHassan versus chaos Williams. But Abdul Razak AlHassan. Miss wait.

Unknown Speaker 7:56
So you know it’s a lot going on with this car with it like it was?

Ryan Smith 8:01
Yeah. So so it was it was one of those things, Paul Felder. And so we were singing the praises of Paul Felder, because this dude was was sitting on the sideline, ready to do the color commentary for the fight. And five days before the fight starts. He’s like, you know what? I’m actually go in and fight Hatfield. lasagnas. With five days of training. Dude had to cut 20 pounds of weight in five days.

John Keyes 8:29
And went to 28 goals more than that.

George Stallworth 8:32
I think that recently was Mike Perry. Yeah, I

Ryan Smith 8:36
had I had him at 20 pounds. In five days. He got a dark, he had a dark night of the of the soul on Thursday night, he said, in order to make it. But he was the first one on the scale. He hit 156 pounds, and then watched as three fighters missed weight. Two fighters had to go to the hospital because they couldn’t even they they had a bad weight cut. It was it was horrible. And so Paul Felder went off on these fighters, it’s like, Listen, you need to get your poop together. Because clearly, they, uh, they aren’t taking it as seriously as he was.

John Keyes 9:22
And that’s true. I mean, I’m sorry, is your audits on once again, got it right. Once you start hitting them, and these paychecks start knocking off 75 80% of their pay. I guarantee there will never be another weight cutting issue. Again, I promise you.

Ryan Smith 9:43
I mean, if they can do it, but it comes down to the, you know, to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, to in to put that in UFC can’t actually do that. So it’s

George Stallworth 9:57
like I say they’re the ones paying him.

Unknown Speaker 10:00

Unknown Speaker 10:01

John Keyes 10:04
there’s no titers union.

Ryan Smith 10:05
So only thing that I can say is this. Dana White said. Dana White said that that he could not Institute at 80% pay cut for that. He said that’s up to the commission to do. So. We know Dana White. When Dana White speaks, we have to look at it side by side because he’s not always completely honest with us. But I’d like to think that if there was something that he could do to to make fighters make weight, I think he probably would have.

Unknown Speaker 10:42
Make fighters make weight again.

Ryan Smith 10:46
I see you got your red hat on.

George Stallworth 10:48
Look, just got a drink on that one. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 10:55
So so. So that’s what it was. It was it was definitely a train wreck of a show. But the fights weren’t bad.

John Keyes 11:04
fights are awesome. Yeah. So they’re pretty good.

Ryan Smith 11:07
And so let’s go through the results we had. Sean Strickland defeated Brendan Allen by TKO at 132 in round number two, Miranda, Ashley Yoder defeated Miranda Granger via unanimous decision that was actually a really good fight. Um,

Unknown Speaker 11:27
yeah, it

Ryan Smith 11:29
was a lot closer. Yeah, score.

Unknown Speaker 11:31
They’re really off to though I thought.

Ryan Smith 11:34
Yeah, yeah, it was it was a lot. For me it was a lot closer of a fight than than what what the card said but basically both of one judge scored it at 3026 which means there was a 10 eight round while two other ones go to 2927 which still suggest the 2010 eight round so I don’t know. Um, maybe the judges weren’t so awful that one. Of course the Eric Anders and Tonio Oreo bike, I cancelled Julian Marquez and set her back Safir off that was also cancelled. For Weight both of those for weight cutting issues. Actually, Eric Anders supposedly got sick after the Weigh ins. So I don’t know what to say about that. I don’t know if it was related to his weight cut or if he came down with the Rona. Um, in the CO main event, chaos, the ox fighter Williams defeated Abdul Razak AlHassan. Viet kayo with 30 seconds in the first round.

Unknown Speaker 12:42
Took was one punch.

Ryan Smith 12:45
It was one punch. He was one hitter quitter. Blam.

John Keyes 12:46
Yeah, was

George Stallworth 12:50
to make it even worse. Abdul, like walked into the shot too. So I found it the intensity of it. Mm hmm.

Ryan Smith 12:59
Yeah, you know, it was. So I know that he’s a hometown hero. I know that he fights over in trains over in Fort Worth. But when I was watching, because I remember I’m, I’m, I’m timeshifted from you guys. So y’all were all watching it live. And commenting in the tech in the chat stream. I didn’t get to watch it until Sunday. And so when he got hit, you got to go back and watch it but he gets hit. He does that little bounce. And then he got stiff, and then it fell over. I mean, it was very cartoony and the reaction. And so while my while while my heart was breaking for a hometown hero, it was kind of funny, because you see that kind of knockout in like cartoons and not really in real life.

Unknown Speaker 13:45
Boom, rocked them.

Ryan Smith 13:51
It was it was it was you don’t get that kind of knockout very often like that. It was a straight shot. 30 seconds in and he was stiff as a board.

George Stallworth 14:01
You know, and that’s kaylynn our chaos Williams second knockout in 30 seconds or less. That’s Ryan’s original debut in the UFC was 27 seconds.

Ryan Smith 14:14
You know, I it was my intent to record his post fight press conference because while he is he is proving to be dangerous in the ring. He needs some mic training. He needs somebody to help him

George Stallworth 14:32
about the fact that he’s had two fights in the UFC and both fights combined have been under a minute as well. Like

Unknown Speaker 14:41
you need octagon time

George Stallworth 14:42
to get better especially at that level. And I know you guys are familiar with I had a fighter who fought Caitlin Williams chaos back in December of last year. So I’m rooting for this brother. I kind of know his story. My fighter lost to him. Don’t want to sound like a hater. But you know, I’ve seen him I’ve watched him fight live myself. And I’ve seen his two fights in the UFC. And I, I hope I’m wishing this brother well don’t do not get me wrong, do not. But at the same time, I can’t help us say there are some some deficiencies I would like him to clear up and take care of, because I want him to have a good career. And as a coach, any fighter that ever beaten one of your fighters, you kind of want whoever it was that beat your guy to go on and do better. You get what I’m saying? Like you, you. You you want you want good for them? No, you don’t think so?

Ryan Smith 15:40
I mean, you are. There’s a reason why you are a coach. And we are not coaches, because we will be like, man, he can, you know, it’s a PG 13 show, but you know,

George Stallworth 15:53
no, that’s not what you want. Think about it like this. He beats my guy and then goes out and loses to a more someone he have a lesser skill set, then someone else well, what does that speak about my guy, but if he goes on, and he dominates in different areas, or whatever, and I still think my guy’s a better fighter than him. I want to fight him again, eventually, because I think my guy will take his head off. So I want him to do well in the UFC because it helps me establish the caliber of fighter I’ve got on my hands. I don’t know if that makes sense.

Ryan Smith 16:25
Yeah, no, that does make sense. Because it’s kind of like one of those things where when you know, in in another sport, if you lose to the champion, then you know, you kind of be like, Well, you know, my loss has some perspective on it some context because, you know, I fought an eventual champion, or I played football against the champs. So I collect you and find out later

Kelechi Onyebuchi 16:47
that he is also like a multi sport champion. It’s like, of course I lost that guy.

Ryan Smith 16:54
No, it’s not like it at all because you’re not a multi sport champion and nobody lost my

Unknown Speaker 17:01

Ryan Smith 17:03
Yeah, you got a drink. We just we just went into it. Sorry. He drugged me into it. I responded I was supposed to be beyond that. I was supposed to be

George Stallworth 17:15
I suppose. Like, basically what he did he want to do and then pause and was waiting on your reaction. And then

Unknown Speaker 17:23
he pulled

Ryan Smith 17:26
see now I need him to go on to great things in January. So that I can be like, you know, you know, I went against the guy so, so Slurpee over here caleche Okay, so let for the listeners because not everybody knows what’s going on. So in January, January 16. Right. Coach has coaches gonna have some fighters going into a series of fights that have taken place here in in the DFW area. Collette he has told coach that he wants to fight on this card, and coaches like yes, you need to go ahead and get in camp and start training get ready for this fight. And then calendula comes on the show today with a Slurpee with a 711 Slurpee

George Stallworth 18:21
know that his tongue is blue. Like I’m hot already cuz like I’m halfway in camp with my fighters. I’m training alongside these guys. So now he’s over here drinking a Slurpee and I’m like, I’m steaming. Whoo. tonight. I told you guys earlier my girlfriend made me squash, onions, couscous, and some asparagus. That’s what I have for dinner in my head. I’m having chicken steak. Ground

Unknown Speaker 18:56
beef. Tasty is over here.

George Stallworth 18:59
slurping on a Slurpee

Kelechi Onyebuchi 19:01
chick fil a man I’m living my best life right now.

John Keyes 19:08
In January, you

George Stallworth 19:10
on the sidelines judging I need you to pick up your muy Thai gang go watch as many fights as you can. Wait

Unknown Speaker 19:19
say I don’t know why these fighters can’t make Wait I’m fine.

Ryan Smith 19:24
You’re gonna be fighting heavyweight?

John Keyes 19:26
Yeah. Extra heavyweight.

Ryan Smith 19:30
Alright, so so chaos Williams defeated Abdul Razak AlHassan. The kayo like straight up knockout in a in the first round. It was it was funny though, cuz I’m listening to chaos Williams talk. You got you got Michael Bisping, they’re throwing questions at him and I know that he hates the post fight interviews, but chaos Williams is basically going yeah, you know, a lot of hard work is you know, gotta gotta gotta vote. The team, you know the team and it’s hard work and you know, People sleeping on me. And I’m have to get the doctor to wake him up. But he knows the team and the hard work and the team and it’s like bruh like, say something else.

George Stallworth 20:11
Okay. Honestly, I was not expecting chaos to win that fight.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
Yeah, we didn’t think he was probably

George Stallworth 20:21
he I think he was probably a little shocked to pull it that fight off in such a fashion that his head wasn’t there. He just knocked the guy out that he probably was 30 seconds. Yeah, he Your head is not in the game with that you are like, on cloud nine. You know what I mean?

Ryan Smith 20:37
Right, Brian? I’m just it. Like I said, I was gonna, I was gonna record it just so you could hear it because, like, they’ve done so many parodies of like sports interviews after the game, where a fighter just says the same thing over and over again. And it was that and I’m like listening to going say something else. And so then they’re like, Okay, so here, look at the monitor. See, let’s look at the at the knockout. Tell us what you were thinking. And he’s like, you see that? You see the replay? And then he goes, Yeah, you know, it was hard work harder.

George Stallworth 21:17
My girlfriend was basically reiterating the same thing you guys were saying while we were watching the fight. She’s like, can he say something other than just you know? Guys, I’m gonna see if I can get him on the show, man.

Unknown Speaker 21:29
Oh, dude.

Ryan Smith 21:31
Don’t let him listen to this episode. Because if he

George Stallworth 21:39
you know his boys are cracking up on him.

Like, hey, okay, so now you got that $50,000 bonus, but I want you to watch this interview first. Did he get the bonus man cuz he definitely deserved it. Oh, he

Ryan Smith 21:59
should have gotten the bonus if he didn’t even we can look

John Keyes 22:03
at Dana White jumped up and and gave him that if he didn’t get the bonus I would be severely shot.

George Stallworth 22:10
Well that Paul? Yes. Yes.

Ryan Smith 22:14
He got. Yes, he got the bonus.

George Stallworth 22:17
I’m glad to hear that man. I’m definitely glad to hear that. I I wish that brother well, man. I tell you I met I met him and one of his coaches back in November of last year. And you know he is co share with me a little bit about Caitlin or chaos, his story and his life and things like that man. And so I am so happy that brother has done the things he’s done. He’s really made some major changes in his life. And it’s paying off for him now. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 22:46
Just so that we can just so we can we can clear that out. Here’s the here the payouts so we got Fight of the Night was hopfield de sanyes versus Paul Felder, which we’re going to cover real quick performance of the night chaos Williams and then Sean Strickland with the second round TKO.

Unknown Speaker 23:06

Ryan Smith 23:07
so the main event of the evening featured the Irish dragon pulse Delta versus hopfield. Just on us coming back from the 170 pound. It was 170 he was fighting at 170 back down to 155. This was his first fight back in his normal way. And you know his original opponent which was Islam microchip, was supposed to fight but he came down with a severe staph infection took him out of the fight. Five days before the fight was supposed to happen. Paul Felder stepped up from ringside and decided to join this fight. He had been training for a a triathlon. So his cardio was straight. But you know, one of the things that Michael Bisping was talking about at ringside was the fact that you know, training for him for a triathlon and then training for a fight you you are activating different muscle groups and you’re building different types of you’re building a different type of cardio and different type of musculature. When you’re doing a triathlon, as opposed to when you’re getting ready for a fight. You’re training in a different way, which activates different muscle groups in different ways. So you know, what, what do you think about that? COACH?

George Stallworth 24:19
triathalon you need deep lungs, MMA, you need deep lungs. So in that sense, I don’t agree. Mr. Bisping. I don’t know how many triathlons he’s competed in. I have it. I did try for one or two. Never put in one. But what I can say is I honestly think that that type of training blends well to MMA as far as deepening your cardio, allowing you to go into deep waters.

Ryan Smith 24:46
Do you think that’s perhaps because happiness on use grappling is such a major part of his game, whereas a triathlon isn’t about sprinting, I mean, it’s really about like the Long Term cardiovascular type of exercise as opposed to an anaerobic type of you know, wrestling grant we’re

George Stallworth 25:09
saying here is that Felder should have been able to hold out in deep waters.

Unknown Speaker 25:14
If you put it like that, it can it did. He did. He did

George Stallworth 25:20
do honestly I feel like if we could have negated those takedowns fell to one fight.

John Keyes 25:28
Yeah. Yeah, I could.

George Stallworth 25:32
Raphael has six takedowns you can’t convince me that that did that. And if you go back and look at the numbers on the striking builder handled him handedly I had to go back out

Ryan Smith 25:43
I’d have to go back and score the fight I To be honest, I was watching the fight as a fan and not really not scoring it and but I

George Stallworth 25:52
wasn’t scoring it but I couldn’t help but notice that the striking was all one sided the grappling was all one sided. Yeah. Those Angeles builders face though Oh, yeah. I mean he there was there was ground control for like six minutes the total fight Yes, he got cut up a little bit he got out grounded pounded on. He was not getting there was nothing dos Angeles was doing to him in the stand up nothing

Ryan Smith 26:22
to do a fight companion show.

John Keyes 26:24
Yeah. Cut was was you know why elbow? elbow and wasn’t really like, you know, does on Joseph was hunting for it. It was just like, he threw it out there. And it happened. No,

Ryan Smith 26:39
no. Remember, is

Unknown Speaker 26:42

John Keyes 26:44
a class? Am I in the back of the class got the hand up? No, I just

Kelechi Onyebuchi 26:52
was, there’s I got thrown off by the video there. But uh, there’s just for me that notion of Oh, he’s training for a triathlon versus a fight. And it’s different muscle groups. Like I just I don’t know that that’s scientifically backed, especially when I’m looking at most of these fighters talk about I’m ready to fight anytime, anywhere. This is exactly how you prove it. It’s not like you were completely out of shape. You’re in shape shows you got. So I don’t really give a lot of credence to like these guys, especially if you’re training already. If you’re coming in, you make wait for your fight, then you’re ready to fight.

Ryan Smith 27:29
You’re not noticed. It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t a question of whether or not he was ready to fight or not. It’s saying that the shape that you’re in, and the only way that I can equate it is going from football to basketball. When I start in the summer, and I start training for football, I am out of shape. By the time I’m at the end of the season, I can play a football game and not be tired. The moment the next day when I walk into the basketball court. I’m not in basketball shape. Yes, I’ve been running and doing all this types of exercises on the football field. But it’s a different type of shape. When you get into the basketball court. I don’t know a single football player that could get off the football field. And then and then and then run lines on a basketball court and just take it like a champ. The thing was with that the thing that went that Michael Bisping was saying though, was that when you’re training for a triathlon, you are your body is slimming, you’re losing muscle mass. And that makes a difference because when you’re training for a fight, you are gaining muscle mass you are gaining those different types of you know, of, you know, attributes to get ready for a fight. triathlon is a wholly different sport. And so your body is going to change to prepare for that, as opposed to taking punches and things like that because Paul Felder was not in the gym training. A lot of these other fighters are in the gym when they’re in offseason just getting you know, just doing their normal workouts and things like that. But when you’re training for a triathlon, you’re not in there grappling boxing for triathlon, you’re not doing Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for triathalon.

Unknown Speaker 29:19
Right? Well, my

George Stallworth 29:21
argument is one that means Paul Felder was the fresher fighter. He didn’t go to a camp, but he was brutalized all to camp in order to the vice versa. That is, some people would say that its timing could be off as a result that didn’t show any striking because he to piece the hell out of Los Angeles

John Keyes 29:42
all night long or the whole fight and talk about the train regimen on a triathlon. I mean, we have there’s there’s been two fighters that regularly that are known for regularly appearing in triathlons and also Diaz

George Stallworth 29:59
Some of the best endurance in MMA ever. Like these guys get touched all night long and get right back up in zombie you. Yeah. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 30:14
Yeah. Okay. This is the thing though, like, yes, the Diaz brothers do train for triathlons. Yes, but they don’t train for that triathlons to get ready for fights, they still actually train for fight. This is the difference between Paul Felder and the Diaz brothers is that he wasn’t training for fight. He was training for triathlon. And that’s it.

George Stallworth 30:36
They took it on five days notice and I think he did a hell of a job. And I mean, and I don’t discount this height from him from his record at all. Those anjos is a game guy. Honestly, I think what account filter hands those Angeles? He’s here?

Ryan Smith 30:54
Yeah, probably.

John Keyes 30:55
I don’t know. I’m sorry. And let’s put it out there. I mean, he came out there to communicate by Stan bush for the Blitz. I was, I was high. I was like, this is gonna be a fight already. Okay, I’m just and his mustache. That mustache got a little shaky.

George Stallworth 31:15
mustaches, they didn’t have a mustache. No calories.

John Keyes 31:19
is Casey. Yeah, well, not to your standard.

Ryan Smith 31:23
Ryan’s right there. I’m gonna take full screen just for a moment. There you go. Look at that. That’s the Movember support Men’s Health. For those of you out there. I’m wearing the moustache. In support of men’s health in November. I donated to the to the cause.

George Stallworth 31:42
Fellas, who’s the guy that played Lando recently in the somebody? Oh, Donald Glover? Yes. What, which Lando is right. Is he Donald Glover? Or is he gonna be William slander? Which

Unknown Speaker 31:57
one is he’s definitely definitely

Ryan Smith 31:59
definitely Billy Dee.

John Keyes 32:02
Brother Jimmy, you know, chicken, you know, that’s that

George Stallworth 32:07
Donald Glover had the the stash to

John Keyes 32:11
Yes, yeah. But what I’m what I’m looking at, right. I see Billy Dee, I see you know, to talk and Billy Dee.

Ryan Smith 32:31
So here’s here’s the thing. Let me let you just said that when he sees me he sees heavy day. But that’s just goes to show how how young Collette she is because he don’t even know what he did. What heavy day looks like, because anybody would know that Heavy D and I don’t even look alike. So there you go. Not at all. Not at all.

Unknown Speaker 32:52
Not at all more

Unknown Speaker 32:52
heavy than he is. That’s right.

Ryan Smith 32:55
So come on. Now.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:56
I’m looking this up as we talk. Yeah, it was a joke. No,

Ryan Smith 33:03
you’re not getting an app like look

George Stallworth 33:06
just like he’s never watched Star Wars. We know he he is not Yeah. 90s

Unknown Speaker 33:10
pop culture. Not at all. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 33:12
he look he was barely even born. He was born in like 92. Right.

Unknown Speaker 33:16
Oh, you

Unknown Speaker 33:22
All right. All right, let’s

Ryan Smith 33:23
let’s look, we we we find we 30 minutes in and we just getting through the card. We didn’t even get to the to the to the headliner yet. So let’s go ahead and close the book on this one. Let’s put this on the shelf. This card is history. Let’s go to the next segment of the of the show. And that is finding the angles.

All right, this is finding the angle. This is where we talk about the headlines that are making waves in the UFC world. And this we’ve got one and I think it’s going to be an argument. If you if your glasses are empty. Go ahead and fill them up because somebody is going to have to take a drink. Here we go with the headliner.

Guess who’s back in the news. It’s Daniel Cormier and john Jones. They are beefing again.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
There you go.

Ryan Smith 34:23
They are beefing again,

George Stallworth 34:25
if you don’t hit that Slurpee, Casey, I’m coming to Colorado to find you.

John Keyes 34:33
Man, have you ever have you ever just got rid of an ex that was just really just on your nerves and coming back. This is all this this is nothing but the ex is trying to tell you need to come up with that child support because you hate you ain’t never gonna be your parent thing. And we’re gonna leave it at that.

Ryan Smith 34:58
So So this goes back to To the retirement of Habib in America, Madoff everybody starts calling Habib, the the the goat. Everyone starts putting him as the pound for pound number one, they move him at number one on the UFC charts. And john Jones got real real salty about it. He was he was mad. He was he was

Unknown Speaker 35:21
a big man. He was you

Unknown Speaker 35:26
may be

Ryan Smith 35:29
so so he. So Daniel Cormier is coming to the aid of his boy, right? He’s like,

George Stallworth 35:37
oh, boy, you got to get that drop one more time. You cute, big

Ryan Smith 35:54
shout out shout out to plies. Yes. We had to channel you on this one. Um, and so Daniel Cormier is like, Look, all that have been has been through all that he has accomplished. Why can’t you just let that man have his moment in the sun? This is and we talked about a little bit because, you know, I was even like, you know, I don’t think it’s right that that Habib is being put, you know, in you know, ahead of john Jones because of what john Jones has accomplished in the same amount of time prior to the Pico grams. Um, but he’s right and y’all were right in saying this is Habib in America, Madoff’s time to shine. This is his opportunity to really I mean, that’s one of the things he’s always wanted to be was just put me at number one pound for pound on the list. Why can’t you let that man have and that’s what Daniel Cormier was saying. But he didn’t just leave it there. Because he came back and said, you know, john Jones can’t be the goat because failed drug test eliminates you from the conversation. So not only not only did he take the high ground, he also took the low ground and, and went after john Jones and called him out.

John Keyes 37:10
Okay, now that’s not the low ground. He took the higher ground and told you, I am p clean from a great height above you. Okay. That’s what I’m doing. And,

George Stallworth 37:22
boy, you

John Keyes 37:26
I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you if you did dirty, you got to be eliminated from the pound for pound talk. Any type of accolade okay. Pete was a beautiful baseball career. But until they found out that he was betting on the games, he got discredited, kicked out, and his name was erased from the pillars. Okay, he was erased, and he still will never be in there again. I’m

George Stallworth 38:03
going to go there with you, john, the resume. Because, um, you know, we’re telling our age here talking about Pete Rose. I think modern millennial probably really has no idea. collision. History. That is not a shout out

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:17
anybody else in Las Vegas, assigning random pieces of memorabilia. So everybody knows, Rose, he’s a staple, those

George Stallworth 38:27
of us who are alive and well and watching baseball. He was playing malece

Unknown Speaker 38:35
those of us who actually collected

George Stallworth 38:36
his cards and bought his cards from a GM store. I mean, from a local convenience store when they purchase GM, and we’re able to do that at that time. You’ll know about that. Yeah. So what I’m saying to you is in your eyes, john, did that really diminish him? Not not. Let’s not talk about Baseball Hall of Fame or anything like that. You know, when Pete Rose, having watched the rose grew up on Pete Rose. Did that diminish him in your eyes?

John Keyes 39:01
Yes. Yes. See, man. It goes, man, you cannot sit there and tell how good you done this. How good you’ve done that. But you did a dishonor. Okay, you cannot do that. You can’t

George Stallworth 39:22
stop until the military guy.

John Keyes 39:24
Yeah, he decided he dishonor everything that he was represent. And you know, last week, me and Brian, we went toe to toe about it. And I will say this because I should have said this last week. Because Ryan was saying all the way up to the Pico gram incident. But see, that’s the thing, right? You were setting that condition. He did not set that condition he saying all Nah, life, okay. He did not sit well, all the way up to here. I was doing great or, you know, compared to my time, you know, and his time and I was still doing great. Don’t He said, my career versus his career. My career is better. It is not. Okay. For the simple fact that you hid under a USC octagon at your own gym. Okay, because you failed drug test. I don’t care about your personal life because your personal life is not the fight life. Okay. But

Ryan Smith 40:24
facts matter. Facts matter. He hid under here. He hid under the the ring, not for PE DS not because he was because he was he was going to be popped for any type of steroids. He was he admitted to hiding under the under the ring because of marijuana that he had smoked. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 40:51
Dana White called him out on down. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 40:57
Doesn’t test for that. That’s that’s not a good test for that.

Ryan Smith 41:00
That does.

Unknown Speaker 41:03

Ryan Smith 41:04
listen. The all I gotta say is that says, Did he know that we are assuming that he knew that when he hit under the rain? He may not have noticed

George Stallworth 41:15
does he have? How many times john

Ryan Smith 41:18
Jones? is john Jones. I mean, dude has got fire in his hands. He’s an awesome fighter. But we’re not gonna put him on the list of the smartest people on the planet.

John Keyes 41:29
Okay, so who wants this? Who wants this? Got this cup? Okay, yeah, yeah,

Ryan Smith 41:36
I’ll give you full screen. Here you go.

John Keyes 41:38
All right. So that’s just like saying that you’ve been You’re the best at your job. But you don’t exactly know what your job is. Possible. Okay. Or you knew what you were doing.

George Stallworth 41:50
Was that was that George? You can’t describe what your job does.

John Keyes 41:55
Exactly. I’ll just do this over here. I just clicked that but it just comes naturally to me. That is full of crap. Okay. You knew what you were doing. And you know, john Jones, you are a phenomenal fighter. But guess what? The only thing you will have an accolade for as a tail of caution. For what for having all that get the skill for having all that physical ability and not believing in yourself.

George Stallworth 42:22
I agree with you on that piece. Yeah, I don’t

John Keyes 42:25
really believe in yourself. You would have a clean fight. You’d be a clean fighter. Okay, he

George Stallworth 42:33
likes Earth man. He likes smoke.

Ryan Smith 42:38
God put this here for me and for you.

George Stallworth 42:44
I wearing all smoky.

John Keyes 42:47
I’m worried about the P DS. I’m not worried about the marijuana. It

George Stallworth 42:55
was a Pico grams, Pico grams, Pico grams.

Ryan Smith 42:59
Alright. Trying to get in here. Let’s let his audio is softer than ours for some reason. So go ahead. What you say?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 43:07
Yeah. So I just, I get stuck on this notion of like, do we put an Aster on his legacy or not? Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t worry. So we’re still having this argument. But we can’t forget like no astrotrain is going to take away from the legacy that he had, like, yeah, we’ll always say like he cheated a little bit. But just like when we talk about 2000s baseball, we still mentioned Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, like, you can put all the Asterix you want on a on a sports legend, but it doesn’t take away from what they’ve done. So this kind of feels like a moot point and saying whether or not he’s pound for pound, because because it’s not like we’ve forgotten his fights. So what do we do?

John Keyes 43:50
You saw that you saw the Astra gornik you know, from this point on, you will poke at the entire time.

Ryan Smith 43:58
So, but this is this is this is why it’s a problem. This is why why I put in the in the thing that this is going to be an argument because we have to remember that the first time that he popped, you SATA came back and this is what this is what john Jones reminded Daniel Cormier is that you sort of came back and was like, Oh, well, this was related to a male you know, Male Performance, Male Performance drugs. You saw you can go back and check that you saw I did come back and go, it’s Male Performance, which is what they what they so then when we come back and we’ve got the Pico grams, we have to remember that it was pot for Pico grams, but Pico grams, goes an order of magnitude of 10 times more specific than what the Olympics actually tests for. So what we actually test for are at the nanogram level, not the Pico gram level. And so assata did come back and say that at the Pico gram level, which is why he was allowed to continue fighting, even though he was posting is that at the Pico gram level the molecules are are too small or the rate of the molecules are too small to provide any type of advantage to his ability.

John Keyes 45:27
I’m glad you pointed that out. But since remember you said facts matter. Do you believe those Sugar Sugar Sugar Shane Ching Chong O’Malley that got busted for 17 pika grams and was and was fed was banned for two years.

Ryan Smith 45:42
You have to also look at timelines when that happened. That wasn’t his most recent banning. That’s not what he got banned for in the most recent

John Keyes 45:51
he was banned or left Pico grams and john john tag and john Jones has got escape.

Ryan Smith 45:58
Okay, all I gotta say is this pull up your facts because I think there’s nuance here that that that we’re dealing with false equivalencies here. So go ahead, john. George.

George Stallworth 46:09
I know I was gonna say with sugar Shane Mosley, not mostly but sugar Sean O’Malley, I thought it was the rostering and it was a pictogram or a very minute amount or whatever. And then the other one, I think he had two suspensions back to back basically, like it came off one and then got another and it was the same thing. It was a tainted supplement.

Ryan Smith 46:34
So so those are things that play into it like two back to back popping for two different things back to back. Those types of things could change. The reason why he got a stiffer penalty than john Jones that’s all I’m saying.

George Stallworth 46:50
Let’s back this up. How many penalties as john gotten for their drug test? And how many it is sugar Shang?

Ryan Smith 46:59
Uh, you’re saying to I haven’t validated, but john Jones’s were multiple years apart.

George Stallworth 47:07
He’s was chigger. Shane was suspended for a year comes back. pulsating. I guess is john we’ll call it but he hit hot again. And they suspended him. He fought that second suspension. And even though he served that time, if I’m not mistaken, the suspension itself has been overruled or overtime.

John Keyes 47:27
Yes, because the reason why is overtime because of the reason why I failed the second time was result from the first of the first. Okay, right, let’s pulse he was pulsing then.

Ryan Smith 47:38
So then that exonerates john Jones done, no exonerate? You

George Stallworth 47:45
don’t see it in the same light as john Jones, you thought that sugar Shane had actually been the worst of the time. Ideally,

Ryan Smith 47:54
I’m dealing I’m dealing with anecdotal information that you guys are giving me so I’m saying there’s probably something

George Stallworth 48:02
different you saw to the UFC and other entities have put out already john Jones see these two as the same situation? And they are and there’s a reason for that john Jones was the light heavyweight champion who the UFC needed in order to do some things sugar Shane O’Malley, he had lined to fight night.

Ryan Smith 48:21
You’re you’re arguing that the rules are not applied consistently. That is the argument that you’re making. This has nothing to do with john Jones. The fact that john Jones got a lesser sentence than Sean O’Malley is a problem with you sada and the UFC. It’s not john Jones’s fault.

John Keyes 48:41
Oh, okay. That’s interesting. That’s an interesting statement, that you’re kind of taking the blame off of john Jones and putting the blame on UFC for dishing out the are you sada UFC, whatever, that he’s not It’s not his fault that he caught a slide and not saying I’m sort of shot on knowledge, right? exhaust system.

George Stallworth 49:10
The same play at both of these. They weren’t taking

Ryan Smith 49:14
wasn’t writing times. It wasn’t it wasn’t adjudicated consistently. That is not john Jones’s fault. That is the system’s fault. That is not his fault. That is the the the vada we have to even think about the fact that was it both Nevada State Athletic Commission or was one California State Athletic Commission. And one was was one Nevada State Athletic Commission. You have to also think about the sanctioning bodies in which these these pop tests are happening under. These are. These are things that are important when you’re trying to compare the two. You can’t just go Oh, Sean O’Malley pop and john Jones pop. So those are the same, because they’re not. You have to look at all these other details.

George Stallworth 50:00
Little research we’re gonna revisit this topic, you know,

Ryan Smith 50:02
since the last time we came down this so we will table it. Oh, and I want to see your research because you said you’re gonna do research the last time we talked about this. And we promised

George Stallworth 50:13
Lando calories in the Millennium Falcon, no Hangout.

Ryan Smith 50:21
Cloud City. Here we go.

John Keyes 50:23
Are you back down from beta? Okay, beta was changing the plan on time. I pray we don’t change this any further.

Ryan Smith 50:31
All right, here we go. But I just want to say that john Jones finally may win his second Twitter beef

Unknown Speaker 50:39
fight or argument. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 50:40
Like john Jones is historically bad at going into Twitter beefs. But I think he got Daniel Cormier because he responds to Daniel Cormier dinakar. Me and says, once you get popped you take yourself out of consideration for pound for pound ago. JOHN Jones goes, um, people will remember that I was proven innocent. And then he goes, but by the way,

Unknown Speaker 51:05

Ryan Smith 51:07
you lost your last fight, and then you quit. So well, people like kind of when people remember you as a quitter, you know, and then he went on, and he said, You know, he goes, because then I said, Well, what do you think about what do you think about Anderson Silva? Because Anderson Silva also is retiring, maybe with with a loss, and he goes, No, because Anderson fought back from a gruesome leg injury, success defeated DC, the man would rather have a Popeye’s chicken and then remaining, he goes, he would rather have Popeye’s chicken remaining at a high level is not for everyone. He goes, getting back up after getting knocked down is a very hard thing to do. It’s easy to quit and talk from the sidelines. DC has absolutely no leverage to talk about. Anyone is going to be good or not. And then he goes, he goes, I’ve lost him many times throughout my life, but a fierce competitor in me won’t let me go out with an L honestly, that’s all I will remember most about DC quitting on his fans, the sport and his legacy with an L

John Keyes 52:07
Okay, so my question is the most important question. He could hit hit my music right now. With it Daniel. Cormier pull himself out of the blue pool.

Ryan Smith 52:24
As far as I know, he’s not out of the out of the testing.

Unknown Speaker 52:29

George Stallworth 52:30
we have all had a 12 pack is

John Keyes 52:36
a man it will never die because like the movie Dracula said never die.

Ryan Smith 52:44
Oh, wait a minute. This just in this just freakin

John Keyes 52:50
here. Are they before now?

Ryan Smith 52:53
No, no, no, no. What’s the test? He took himself out of the testing pool.

Unknown Speaker 53:00

Ryan Smith 53:02
Daniel Cormier formally withdraws from USADA testing pool sealing retirement. This is dated September 2 2020. So he has been out for over a month almost two months

John Keyes 53:14
good alright, so we can say he’s accessible I don’t consider daily winner

George Stallworth 53:21
up look I’m back y’all up and remind y’all a Brock Lesnar skip the line for me that’s what we got call him.

John Keyes 53:28
Oh, dang. Oh, dang. Well, I’m just saying I don’t I would never consider day a call me a quitter. Okay. He even after his last performance against da not a quitter. No. Bro. He made he took an L but, you know, I don’t I would never consider him a quitter.

Ryan Smith 53:52
I’m I’m not gonna consider him a quitter, but I am. But the one thing that you can’t deny is the fact that Daniel Cormier a lost all the big fights.

Unknown Speaker 54:07
He lost.

Ryan Smith 54:10
He lost due to john Jones

Kelechi Onyebuchi 54:15
to figure out if one of the judges was corrupt, corrupt.

Ryan Smith 54:20
Hold on, I’m doing I’m doing my Daniel Cormier face.

John Keyes 54:24
Oh, man, that’s cold blooded gang.

Ryan Smith 54:27
I got the poster right here. Look, it’s the Daniel Cormier, a john Jones poster too. I got it right here. I like this. This is one of those iconic fights for me. You know, there it is.

John Keyes 54:42
I mean, y’all could call him a corner.

Ryan Smith 54:44
I’m not calling him a quitter. He didn’t quit. He got finished, but I called him a quitter twice.

John Keyes 54:54
a quitter would have had an excuse, okay, but he didn’t have in this case. Just say I took the L that night. Every time he’s lost he’s never said Well, the reason why I lost Well, that was never Day Of course.

George Stallworth 55:09
He just does it in a backhanded way. Yeah, he brings up and, you know, marijuana drug tests and, you know, nevermind, you know,

John Keyes 55:20
I’m saying like this if I’m just saying, hey, if he does it in a backhanded way his days later, and it’s because of john john, let’s just say it like that. All right. All right.

Ryan Smith 55:32
Hey, shout out to lip it a light he’s back with us. And he says the UFC or the cornea is the UFC boy. He is he is very he is very much of the corporate he’s the you know, the company man

Unknown Speaker 55:47
is a next generation

Ryan Smith 55:49
Griffin and Iceman

John Keyes 55:55
Don’t forget Matt he is. Yeah, he is. Alright,

George Stallworth 55:59
I will give an eight the great commentator though. Oh, he’s

John Keyes 56:03
a great commentator fantastic tactician you know, I would not like to win

George Stallworth 56:11
I like to see his breakdowns on ESPN plus his details on those you guys ever watch? It’s very good. Oh yeah. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 56:19
he absolutely is great and he’s got great taste in in fried chicken

got thrown out there Popeye’s, loving that chicken at Popeye’s anyway.

George Stallworth 56:33
But black bass got the sponsorship

John Keyes 56:35
He sure did. Remember that? That gave Korea and all on the sponsorship now.

Ryan Smith 56:44
Yeah, and you know he didn’t fight for it dude is from Louisiana. He didn’t fight for the sponsorship.

John Keyes 56:49
Oh my goodness here we go

Ryan Smith 56:55
yeah some dude from Houston take your Popeye’s spawn ship. What kind of message that Daniel Cormier

Unknown Speaker 57:01
What are you gonna do out out in New York greatness shout out Neela greatness

George Stallworth 57:09
ladies and gentlemen if you got a Popeye’s please use our discount go combat sports talk teen three piece

Ryan Smith 57:20
three piece at a soda

Unknown Speaker 57:21

John Keyes 57:25
don’t do that need to die have a sponsorship. I just like

Unknown Speaker 57:30
cuz I was

George Stallworth 57:33
like, Hey, I know you guys don’t have a sponsorship. But we really get some feedback off.

We give you a discount for real.

Ryan Smith 57:44
Hey, listen, we talked more about we talked more about Popeye’s than Daniel Cormier. I mean, then then there Derrick Lewis has so shoot sure we should get the was last time you heard Derrick Lewis talk about Popeye’s dudes trying to lose weight. He’s trying to get down like 230 he ain’t eating no Popeyes

John Keyes 58:05
and we read that trying to look at all the charts and looking like traveling like 230 and get onto that is Jordan Jordan 992 100 ga no 200 pounds

George Stallworth 58:17
I am I’m sitting here I’m sitting a lot heavier than I probably should be. I checked the scale today and I was to 18 I started this fight camp with my guides at 220 Hey, it’s coming down with I know some of my guys have already lost like 15 pounds.

John Keyes 58:33
Oh we’re here to coach anyway. So you know

George Stallworth 58:40
where you want to be? To make nothing Don’t be like Greg hardy missing weighted heavyweight. So how would you boy Alright,

Ryan Smith 59:02
so other news, other news. Other news, professional fight league. You know, we focus a lot on the UFC. But p FL is out there belters out there one FC is out there but we’re talking about p FL. They just signed who they called the MMA heavyweight goat? That’s right. They just signed they didn’t sign the MMA heavyweight goat but they did sign for brizio for doom.

John Keyes 59:37
I wouldn’t call him the heavyweight calling him the heavyweight goat

it’s cuz he beat fader Okay, that is the only reason why. Okay, Is he good at what he does? Yes, yes. He is phenomenal. However, the goat The greatest of all time No.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:00:04
use fewer hyperbole in scoring because the goat chat is never helpful because it leads no claim.

John Keyes 1:00:14
So I’ll give him I’ll give him he’s the only heavyweight to actually get a hit off a Coby COVID with a boomerang. Okay, I’ll give him that. Okay. back to that. Okay, I’ll give you the GO GO GO status for that.

Ryan Smith 1:00:30
No, what? No, no, we got to we got to give him a you got to give him a different status like

John Keyes 1:00:36
he did what everybody on most of the civilized world wanted to do. Okay, that’s popping in here with a boomerang. Okay, knuckle it didn’t stick, unfortunately. But well,

Ryan Smith 1:00:52
let’s let’s use red cap says that he didn’t want to hit Kobe Covington with a boomerang

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:00:57
let me switch this around. North Face

George Stallworth 1:01:09
mogga hat got changed?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12

Ryan Smith 1:01:14
Okay, so So yeah, I don’t call him the heavyweight go. I know that they’re trying to trying to really bring some attention to the signing. But you know, the fact is, is that for Rishi over Doom, he’s 43 years old and he’s got some really good good you know, good names in his in his history that he’s you know, finished fader, you know, beat Cain Velasquez, you know, he’s got some really good good names. But the fact is, is that if he was if he was able to really make a run at the UFC title, he’d probably still be in the UFC.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:01:47
Yeah, I wonder what the P FL don’t they turn into basically a feeder org for the FC. Like I’m pretty sure a lot of the factory x guys start off and P FL before they make

Ryan Smith 1:01:58
the jump over. Some of them I do. But I don’t think that they are like some of the other regional promotions like LFA or even like Invicta or things like that. I think VFL is a separate league and when you win it, you like you get the the season contract. But it’s not like the same type of type of agreement as you get with some of these other promotions. So once the season is over, I think you’re free and clear. You don’t you don’t come back. Unless they ask you. Yeah. Yeah.

John Keyes 1:02:28
I mean, he’s credentialed. I mean, he’s got he’s won. He’s won several almond Davi combat Club World Championships. He’s done world jujitsu championship Pan American jujitsu championship. You know, he’s a, he’s a second degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Octavia hota. I have a black belt in judo.

Ryan Smith 1:02:51
Does he have a black belt? In Muay Thai though? I know.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:59
That’s awesome. That’s for you, coach.

Ryan Smith 1:03:04
Coaches sup tired of that joke, man.

George Stallworth 1:03:12
Look, is what it is. We might as well just go ahead and start official built for muy Thai. Um, I don’t know what else to tell you guys on it. Like I’m so I’m not even tired of hearing. I think it’s so funny when I hear folks say, Oh, I’m a black belt in Muay Thai. Because, you know, it shows

Ryan Smith 1:03:32
a fundamental misunderstanding of the martial art in and of itself. Like that’s, that’s what’s so funny about it is that

George Stallworth 1:03:40
it does, but you know what it’s becoming? what’s the word I’m looking for? Um, let’s let’s take it to a whole nother level. Let’s think about slavery. And the what would you call it the the put the patois they came out as a result of slavery. You had African slaves, speaking, broken English, and maybe mixed in with with a slight French. And it created this whole different language that became an actual patois, it became an actual language. I kind of think that’s what’s happening when it comes to this black belt stuff in Brazil, is these black belts in Muay Thai at some point, it’s almost gonna look legitimate itself because some of the guys striking is pretty damn good. You get what I’m saying? Yeah,

John Keyes 1:04:32
so maybe what’s probably gonna end up happening is just like with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

George Stallworth 1:04:39
is the same thing.

John Keyes 1:04:41
They’re gonna break it off. Maybe call it Brazilian muy Thai versus tollen. Like, definitely. Yeah, if anybody really watches that, um, we talked by from from Thailand. You’ll see is there isn’t really why they call it beautiful destruction. Okay, it is. It is.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
Brian. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:05:07
I’ve been watching like, I’m literally been watching

George Stallworth 1:05:11
them. What do you think about muy Thai now? As opposed to like stand up in MMA? Like do you see the differences? Oh, yeah.

John Keyes 1:05:19
Oh god yes. Is it any type of striking in MMA is not pure striking. Okay they have to, they have to make those adjustments. Because any because literally the fighter can come from anywhere and in the fight in several different ways. I get it why they can’t be a pure white pure Muay Thai fighter pure point fighter. A pure any fighter cannot make it in the UFC, UFC now. Okay, even the the best point fighter that I’ve ever seen fight in the UFC. The auto Machida best karate point fighter, they’re what they could touch this cat, okay, as you’ve never lost around until much, much later like towards the end. But now he had he could he can’t he can’t be in this UFC. UFC will eat him alive because he’s, he’s too pure. You got to admit, you can’t just learn how to be a striker anymore. You got to be a striker. You got to learn ground game you got to a boat. And for that to happen, you’ve got to sacrifice one side of the other to make a good mix.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:06:33
Wonder Boy, he’s pretty straight forward karate.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
we don’t

George Stallworth 1:06:41
get a lot of his other MMA skills. In that case, I feel like and it’s because just people haven’t tested him. He think about this for a minute. Wonder Boy fault Tyron Woodley. We didn’t see any wrestling in that fight. It was all standing. You know what I mean? And just to take this back to what we originally started going back to the Brazilians, and their bastardization of muy Thai, and the incoming influx of belts out of Brazil in muy Thai, I think what we’re going to see is very much like what happened with Jiu Jitsu, it’s going to get adopted, and if you think about Jiu Jitsu, it got owned by the Brazilians like they took it over. Most people don’t even realize it. Jiu Jitsu is actually Japanese and in its original.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
Right, we’re

George Stallworth 1:07:33
used to just BJJ Brazilian jujitsu.

John Keyes 1:07:36
So and, and that’s, that’s a shame because I’m sorry, go ahead. I’m sorry.

George Stallworth 1:07:43
I could see something similar like that happen. It’s a long ways off, don’t get me wrong, it’s some time off. But I could definitely see some of these these fighters coming out of Brazil with these black belts in Muay Thai and I could see the bastardization of muy Thai and somehow being adopted into Brazil and I’ve teased you guys before, um, because I love the cleanse so much sometimes me and some of my training partners, we call it Tai jitsu, because the stand up clinch is a lot like jujitsu in many ways. And so you know, there’s even in the muy Thai community we realize that a lot of striking or whatever is being loaned out and to other other cultures and cannibalized into other things. When you think about it with MMA. You know, the original gym I started training that was an MMA gym and they, they offered this muy Thai class, but it wasn’t me time. When I look at it in retrospect now, it was striking for MMA, but they called it muy Thai and it wasn’t

John Keyes 1:08:48
so looking at Steven Wonderboy, Thompson I’m sorry, I just be the last digression I have for like five minutes. He has if he has a fifth degree black belt and tuition review kempo he has a first degree black belt in jujitsu and I’m assuming this Japanese Jiu Jitsu he has a black belt in American kickboxing and he has a brown belt and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Carlos Machado which is a cousin to the gracies I have kickboxing record is perfect at 58 I have mixed martial arts record if 15 and four with one draw.

Ryan Smith 1:09:28
I’m losing I’m losing the point what’s the point you’re making?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
I just want to give you these belts

George Stallworth 1:09:33
in in different forms of martial arts

Ryan Smith 1:09:37

George Stallworth 1:09:42
in Jiu Jitsu yeah what in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in one in probably like you said,

John Keyes 1:09:49
Let’s see somebody brought up brought up Steven Wonderboy chops. I just want to bring a little Chris Hogan All right. Okay, there you go.

Ryan Smith 1:09:55
Okay, I lost the point. That’s all because I’m like, Oh, yeah, he’s got all those all the records and things like that. But like what does it have to do with? You know, I see now I get you. Yeah, thank you so much. Okay. tying this off for reach over Doom is not the MMA heavyweight go. But you know who is the uh you know who is a you know someone who might be considered a heavyweight goat. And that is Mike Tyson. Recently a photo appeared of him getting ready for Roy Jones Jr. and the dude is

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
built like a freaking

Ryan Smith 1:10:43
brick house. Um, and so, uh, he is looks like he’s ready to go. He’s got what, two weeks, like two weeks left before the fight.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:10:53
It’s making me anxious because Roy has no shot whatsoever like, and I know they’re not going to go all in but Tyson is just too good for this right? Tyson needs a better opponent.

George Stallworth 1:11:06
I don’t know that. Tyson hasn’t fought in 15 years.

John Keyes 1:11:11
Yeah, Captain that

Ryan Smith 1:11:15
I’m not I’m not so sure that Tyson is as good as we think he is. Like, I I’m reserving some judgment because the fact is, he’s going to be he’s 5354 years old. And he hasn’t fought in 15 years. And you know what, you know what Bruce Lee said? In Enter the Dragon, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43
No one was saying Ryan.

Ryan Smith 1:11:45
Oh, brother, I’m on the spot. Now. Here we go. Brian, brick, no hit back. And so that these, these these guy thinks he’s been punching. He’s not. I mean, it’s not like a live fire exercise when he’s in front of Roy Jones Jr. Like, everybody’s counting Roy Jones Jr. out and maybe Roy Jones gets knocked out in in the first 90 seconds spin style. But you know, it’s gonna break a rib

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:13
in the first 90

Ryan Smith 1:12:14
seconds, but at the same time, Roy Jones Jr. is still a heavyweight fighter who’s fought more recently than Mike Tyson, who is younger than Mike Tyson. Just don’t count him out.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:30
I don’t think Roy counts himself in Didn’t he say like he was expecting. His his hope was that something will go wrong with Mike’s training or something. I don’t think he believes he can

Ryan Smith 1:12:42
win. I think that’s gamesmanship, though. Yeah, let everybody let everybody get on Mike Tyson’s train and then Robert Jones Jr. Comes in there and puts on a masterclass it’s possible.

John Keyes 1:12:53
It’s very possible but

George Stallworth 1:12:54
you see it you call it mike tyson?

Ryan Smith 1:13:01
You know, I recognize that that is exactly what I just did. And so I want to Mr. Mr. Iron Mike Tyson. Sir, I would like to retract that statement. Sir. Please don’t hurt me.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:15
Way too good.

Ryan Smith 1:13:18
I’m just saying don’t don’t don’t

George Stallworth 1:13:20
use Express by Ryan Smith on this. What’s podcast combat sport socks are not shared by the other three hosts Mike Tyson. Please disregard the other green when holding Brian’s mill accountable.

Ryan Smith 1:13:37
Yeah, that’s the next drop. We got to do we got it. We got to do the views expressed have not necessarily represent

George Stallworth 1:13:46
the entire Yeah,

John Keyes 1:13:48
I think I think you know, we could say with this, but sometimes. A Volkswagen Beetle looks like a Volkswagen Beetle. Sometimes I don’t know. Exactly.

George Stallworth 1:14:00
Who do y’all have in this fight? fellas?

John Keyes 1:14:03
If we were to look at it right now. Yeah, why?

George Stallworth 1:14:09
Why not? Why not make the prelim picks now and then choose again next week? Oh, right now, wait, wait, wait. So

Ryan Smith 1:14:17
so I could pick this week and they completely changed my pick next week?

George Stallworth 1:14:21
Yes. Yeah. I mean, when I

Ryan Smith 1:14:23
chose Jr, baby are

George Stallworth 1:14:27
like Mike Tyson is looking for you right now. I gotta say, you get the point. You call him a pad.

Ryan Smith 1:14:39
I’m disappointed that you guys don’t that you don’t run into that. You don’t see what I see. When I come into the room.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:50
Oh my god.

Ryan Smith 1:14:52
I feel early round knockout. That’s what I see. And I’m ecstatic about going in there and showing what I can still do it at 53 years old.

John Keyes 1:15:01
Please, Mr. Tyson.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:15:06
Good Mike. We stopped laughing It’s hilarious.

Ryan Smith 1:15:20
here’s here’s the reason why I feel confident that I can do a mike tyson impression and not get any kind of repercussions. And that’s because Chell son and said that Mike Tyson will be using p EDS against Roy Jones Jr. So he go on looking for child he ain’t looking for me.

John Keyes 1:15:37
I’ll say who’s gonna be bold enough to link mike tyson to this to the segment on Twitter. So I want to know who’s

George Stallworth 1:15:47
new subject for the drink game? PDS every time we mentioned PDS drink.

Ryan Smith 1:15:52
All right, I’m making note. All right. Okay, let’s continue. Um, so do you guys know who Yancey maderos is right? Oh, yes. He’s fighter, Hawaiian fighter. One of the great strikers from Hawaii. He, unlike Daniel Cormier, he is still in the USADA testing pool. And the thing is, is you saw the testing pool is designed to catch a fighter whenever they’re not ready to test to see if they are still clean.

George Stallworth 1:16:25
I don’t know if I should drink on it or not. He just really took a shot at Daniel. And by bringing up the test input. I feel like he also took a shot at john Jones like no.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:36

Ryan Smith 1:16:38
I’m just saying there’s not

Unknown Speaker 1:16:39
a slip a jab at across. All right, so

Ryan Smith 1:16:47
it’s a left hand across glitchy just letting you know. Um,

George Stallworth 1:16:51
so you were talking about Yancey? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean

Ryan Smith 1:16:54
so yes, Yancey Madero. Reese maderos just recently had to take a test. Or you saw it because they came knocking on his door while he was having a little grownup time. Well, girl,

George Stallworth 1:17:11
I was getting some. I was getting some.

Ryan Smith 1:17:16
So he’s he’s having some grown up time and

Unknown Speaker 1:17:21
time today. Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:17:23
USADA comes banging on the door like the police.

He goes, he goes best part him trying to be all professional as I look him in the face, knowing that this fool heard everything going down.

John Keyes 1:17:46
Like what?

Ryan Smith 1:17:52
You know, you know, digital underground said, you know, you got to put a towel under under the door and you got to check the locks. You know, so uh, so just just know that I don’t think you answered maderos did all the things that shocked he suggested he should do and freaks of the industry by digital underground. You don’t know the song check it out. You might learn something.

Top flyweight fighter juicio Formiga got released by the UFC. He’d been on three fight losing streak, but had always been at the top of the at the flyweight division. But they were like Enough is enough. And so he’s, he’s gonna be gone.

John Keyes 1:18:40
So how do we do that? I mean, he was the top pop fighter. I mean, is that a? Does that say something about the vision?

George Stallworth 1:18:52
Weight division was this again?

Ryan Smith 1:18:53
125 it’s it’s flight

George Stallworth 1:18:55

  1. Who’s the champion at 125?

Ryan Smith 1:19:01
He’s fighting this weekend. Davidson Figaro.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:04
Yeah. Remember that? Didn’t know. I remembered it because I follow the sport.

George Stallworth 1:19:10
I’m not a cat. And he also Isn’t he also want to find out what 35 Oh, you might

John Keyes 1:19:16
anywhere. I honestly think Toronto is one of those guys that I think he’ll he’ll try to fight at like 155 he could you know, honestly, I don’t think he’s got a crazy I do. I got I got another look. Yes. Crazy. I just

George Stallworth 1:19:33
did a video he put out this weekend. I think where he he’s adopted the nickname danger or something like that. But he couldn’t say danger. Like he kept mispronouncing and asking his his Yeah, it’s not good. Somebody needs to help him with the social media game.

Ryan Smith 1:19:51
Yeah, um, you know, Lipitor light is is calling to mind the big thing. That’s on To see if omegas list is the fact that promega did beat Davidson Figaro. So he’s got a way over though.

John Keyes 1:20:09
Over the champ. So do I mean, hit my music? Oh, yeah. Becca, Dre is that we’re gonna hit that hit. They hit it to get them out of the way so they got no

Ryan Smith 1:20:25
no I don’t think so. No juice.

John Keyes 1:20:29
I was like your five and you get relief? I mean yeah, you had

Ryan Smith 1:20:34
What? You love the rain. You lost three in a row and got finished in two of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:39
And no, that’s wrong like

George Stallworth 1:20:41
what now we know some other fighters to last more than three in a row and steel hanging out in Anderson Silva.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:20:47
Anderson cowboys. aroni

George Stallworth 1:20:49
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
Thank you. Ronnie. He’s

Ryan Smith 1:20:54
coming back. Oh, no. 55 Yeah, he’s kind of like to define

George Stallworth 1:20:58
what happened last time he was out. He got

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:21:03
our cowboy. And so yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:06
I think I’d be a beat. Yeah, in the time for that. What happened to

Ryan Smith 1:21:10
he got finished very early by Conor McGregor.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:13
Yeah, and

Unknown Speaker 1:21:16

Ryan Smith 1:21:17
But before that he won. Last one

Unknown Speaker 1:21:21
Tony didn’t did he

Ryan Smith 1:21:23
know he did now he was on he was on a win streak before he lost the Conor McGregor. Once he lost a Conor McGregor. I think he lost his next fight as well. You know, he, he drew he was a draw. Remember? He fought Nico prime and

John Keyes 1:21:36
he and the hybrid yamna had the losses

George Stallworth 1:21:40
before that didn’t get finished by no no for Nico okay.

Ryan Smith 1:21:46
I don’t I don’t think so. We can look that up though. It’s

George Stallworth 1:21:49
me show time. He loves to show time.

John Keyes 1:21:52
Now he blew his nose and he any like quit?

Ryan Smith 1:21:55
No, the blowing his nose was against Tony Ferguson guys.

John Keyes 1:21:59
Okay, that’s what it was. Okay. Yeah. Your history. Ah, oh, he

Ryan Smith 1:22:09
said. He said that to you, john. He said.

George Stallworth 1:22:13
He said to the resident historian, okay. MMA historian

Ryan Smith 1:22:18
got to know his history. That’s that’s

John Keyes 1:22:22
kind of dirty, but that’s okay.

Ryan Smith 1:22:24
But you You are correct. He but he is correct. They drew Donaldson Ronnie drew with Nikko price before that lost to Anthony Pettis by unanimous decision before that last economy McGregor before that last suggested ganeshji. Before that in last Tony Ferguson. So he was he’s he was on a four fight losing streak.

John Keyes 1:22:47
His last win his last win before to draw the nickel price was against our eye printer.

Ryan Smith 1:22:55
Yeah. And that was unanimous decision.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:57
That was back in May of 2019. Correct.

Ryan Smith 1:23:00
We are on the same page. Joe but we can do that. We can show you guys what we’re looking at. There you go

John Keyes 1:23:06

Ryan Smith 1:23:09
That’s Donald erroneous that’s done us erroneous record right there. A lot of losses.

George Stallworth 1:23:14
Donald fought and won against though. Speaking of was Yancy Medeiros.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:21
Mm, yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:23:23
He walked him out.

John Keyes 1:23:25
Yeah. And and often of all places. So for the first round,

Ryan Smith 1:23:30
all right. All right. Tony Ferguson called out Michael Chandler. So remember Michael channels trying to find his first fight in the UFC. It’s still hasn’t been booked yet. He wanted he was calling everybody out. He’s calling Connor he’s calling out.

John Keyes 1:23:48
Dustin pouria is calling out. Yeah. You’re calling out money fight. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:23:53
The only person he didn’t call out was hopfield. dystonias. He was like, uh, yeah, I you know, I got it. I got some plan.

George Stallworth 1:24:01
You know, I got a date.

Ryan Smith 1:24:02
I got a date. Yeah. What happened was a Tony Ferguson’s like, Okay, fine. If you want to fight me, fine. I’ll fight you. And so we’ll see. Let’s keep your eye out. Whether or not Tony Ferguson and Michael Chandler gets booked. Tony’s like, I’ll fight you in December. I think that’s kind of short notice, but maybe they’ll see something in January. Perhaps on the Connor Dustin boy a card because that’s finally efficient. Yes, it is. It’s official. It’s official one last week.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:36

Ryan Smith 1:24:39
Because we did it on the show said it wasn’t official. And then the next day it was official.

John Keyes 1:24:43
Official. Yeah. Yeah. So I don’t know. I’ve been kind of suss about about Michael Jama. Now I was high for him when he came in as I okay. We’ll see what he does. Air says he came in. He’s like, Oh yeah, I want to fight this. Governor fight this guy. I got actually called him up. I look, I gotta stop right here. And your best response was, Oh, I got plans.

Ryan Smith 1:25:09
And he didn’t want that. Right.

John Keyes 1:25:12
He didn’t want that smoke. That’s what it is. Yeah. And I don’t blame him for being a man who just said, Look, man, I can’t cut the way. You’re watching the rain. I thought I wanted I can’t, you know, and yeah, my

George Stallworth 1:25:26
mic is being smart. I think he realizes his, his UFC career will probably be very short, or he wants it to be very short. He wants to get in and out like a robbery, two big money fights and call it a night.

John Keyes 1:25:40
And that’s cool, but don’t come in and come down. I’m gonna fight everybody. You know, don’t come in there doing that. But you can’t you can’t do it. Because, like, like, who was the rapper said, but remember what you say? And how you say it, because it will come back to you. That was me. And the way I see this? No, I just say you can’t sit there and talk all this all this, you know, this humble snack. And then we’ve somebody like, you know, I’ve got a fight right over here. Why don’t you come on get some of this. And the first thing on your mouth was? Nah, man, I got plans. And everybody’s like, well, what’s this?

George Stallworth 1:26:26
And they’re telling you the plan. His plan is to fight two times in the UFC and retire, he’s gonna find someone or someone for the lightweight belt, and then he’s gonna fight Conor, and then he’s gonna retire.

John Keyes 1:26:38
And that’s cool. But you know, you can’t you can’t call Nobody. Nobody out no more. That’s all I’m saying. You lost that ability. All right, went in there and looked up on audio at Dan. He could really have at pump that smoke. But Nah, bro. keep it quiet.

Ryan Smith 1:26:56
So what you’re saying is that you are not on the hype train from Michael Chandler.

John Keyes 1:27:00
Can’t be man. He’s got to prove himself now. All right, I was there. He lost my attention.

Ryan Smith 1:27:06
So if you’re looking for someone to get on the hype train for this weekend is a pay per view UFC 255. This is the fight card. All right, this is UFC 255 Figaro vs Perez. Saturday, November 21 2020. In the UFC Apex arena. In Las Vegas, Nevada. We have five fights on the main card, Mauricio Shogun who vs. Paul Craig. We’ve got another funding at 205. We’ve got Cynthia calvillo versus Caitlin shoe Kagan. You got Mike platinum, Mike Perry. Versus Tim means. God,

George Stallworth 1:27:56
I’m eating snow cones on Thursday and I’m weighing in on Friday.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:01

Ryan Smith 1:28:03
Well, he learned that by watching culture. So you know. The CO main event of the evening is the UFC women’s flyweight champion Valentina bullet Chef chinko versus Jennifer Maya, the most dangerous female at 125. I’m just kidding.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:25
Um, and

Ryan Smith 1:28:28
her last name is Maya. She’s gonna be dangerous. Yeah,

George Stallworth 1:28:30
I was like his name his little sister.

Ryan Smith 1:28:33
And the main event of the evening UFC flyweight champion Davidson Figaro versus Alex Perez. We’re gonna make a couple of actually I feel like we are qualified to make flash bite picks, up and down this card. These are fighters that we know a lot of so I’ll let you make the picks. If you if you don’t feel wise enough, then just say so.

George Stallworth 1:28:56
You didn’t want to make that Mike Tyson Roy Jones don’t get picked up.

Ryan Smith 1:28:59
Because that’s next thing I

George Stallworth 1:29:04
do to change your decision. You know, in a week,

Ryan Smith 1:29:08
I’m gonna be a contrarian and I pick Roy Jones Jr. All Mike Tyson. I’ll pick Roy Jones there. No, no,

George Stallworth 1:29:14
I didn’t say I thought Mike was gonna win their fight. Oh.

John Keyes 1:29:20
Oh, oh, yeah.

George Stallworth 1:29:25
Back to our picks for a week though.

Ryan Smith 1:29:28
Mauricio Shogun hula versus Paul Craig. coachy. Got,

George Stallworth 1:29:35
um, hadn’t heard of Paul Craig. Honestly. I’m gonna work on this one. Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:43
All right, here we go. coleccion. Who? All right,

Ryan Smith 1:29:48
Mr. Keyes

John Keyes 1:29:50
Are you know I’m a fifth a product fighter. I’m watching. Okay. Yeah. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:55
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:55

Unknown Speaker 1:29:56
let’s see here.

Ryan Smith 1:29:59
I’m going to Polycom

Unknown Speaker 1:30:01
Go see, um,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:02
tell us tell us why.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05
Tell us why. Look,

George Stallworth 1:30:07
did you see how instantly in the run sheet he put them down to like, Oh, you can’t change these pigs.

Ryan Smith 1:30:12
You know, they’re in the right sheet.

George Stallworth 1:30:13
It went in there quick like literally it popped up. And so he said, he said, I’m a hawk. And it was in the run sheet already.

John Keyes 1:30:21
Okay, I know why I chose Paul. quick call, Chris. Because this is a part two is a part two fight. That’s the reason why it’s taken quick. They draw they drew back in November of last year at the mapping as like a year ago yesterday. A Drew. So this is Yeah, there’s gonna be some blood on this one. Yeah, I’m definitely choosing one now.

George Stallworth 1:30:49
Ryan was playing chess on this pick, not checkers.

Ryan Smith 1:30:53
Oh, no, it’s just it’s just it’s just one of those things. We’ll see. Cindy calvillo versus Caitlin shoe Kagan. I’ll start off with you. JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 1:31:03
You know what, I’m gonna go with Kagan she’s she’s up and down. But I think she’s got this one. The force is telling me this. All right, all right.

Ryan Smith 1:31:14
Uh, Casey,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:16
Cynthia. Okay.

George Stallworth 1:31:20
Your house but then the middle sofa. I’m rolling with the historian over there. I’m going with Chuck kicky and,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:28
oh, that’s gonna

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:31:29
not be great to be wrong all the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:33
All right. Ah, you know,

Ryan Smith 1:31:36
the thing is Caitlin,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:37
yeah. She’s all I wanted

Ryan Smith 1:31:43
to go. I wanted to go with calvillo. But I forget Caitlin. She Kagan is like a giant. Yes, yes. And so she got beat by Jessica on draws. I just got Josh whooped her but at the same time, I’m going with you kick in. Kick in is she doesn’t have great grappling. But

George Stallworth 1:32:05
she’s got a main fight gang.

Ryan Smith 1:32:07
She can fight though. All right, platinum, Mike Perry versus Tim means of going back with you, coach.

George Stallworth 1:32:14
Do keep your eyes on this bomb burger coming up. So if y’all hadn’t already go out and check out MMA world’s videos, where Mike Perry is feeding his face all week long and claiming to be 30 pounds overweight at one point 28 pounds overweight another his girlfriend loses her mind because she realizes how I guess she’s been in the fight game long enough to realize that at this point, you shouldn’t be 20 plus pounds overweight and about to weigh in in less than seven days. So also, I think there’s a bit of sportsmanship and gamesmanship going on. I’m going Mike Perry. by knockout. Oh, wow.

John Keyes 1:32:55

Unknown Speaker 1:32:58
Let me uh,

George Stallworth 1:33:01
let him don’t know if he’s gonna make weight though. I,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:33:07
I hate to pick him but I gotta go Mike Perry.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:11

Unknown Speaker 1:33:12
all right to pick him. JOHN key you

George Stallworth 1:33:14
hate? Why do you hate the picking?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:33:17
Because in some ways, I feel like I’m contributing to his mental Medline. Yeah, like, it’s almost like the the right move is for him to take a step back. But if he’s gonna keep fighting, he’s somehow turned off his pain threshold and he just like, he’s a different type of man out in the octagon. It’s hard to bet against him right now.

John Keyes 1:33:39
Yeah. This crazy um, he’s like the ECP slowly becoming the new odb of MMA.

Ryan Smith 1:33:50
Well, you know, he’s, like 1% African dude percent 2% percent African a guy like Jake j. k. junkies, what you got?

John Keyes 1:34:02
Oh, you know, I’m gonna go platinum. My pair just is crazy enough to do it. He acts crazy outside the ring and he is unstable. But when he gets in that ring, he becomes a different person is literally the mike tyson center. Okay, he is actually say what’s real. Last time he went out there when there was no coach. You know, all his girls were and yet

Ryan Smith 1:34:28
it was running, though. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:32
what do you know, right?

George Stallworth 1:34:34
I’m really what are you saying about Mickey Gall in comparison to Tim means Mickey

Ryan Smith 1:34:39
Gall didn’t Mickey Gall lose to Diego Sanchez.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:34:44
Thank you.

George Stallworth 1:34:45
Oh, what happened was

John Keyes 1:34:49
quarter was set up. Yeah.

George Stallworth 1:34:52
So he has got a couple of like free fights. Right like his last couple of fights out where he won. have like some ham is he even asked the referees, like, what happens if I can’t go? Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:35:09
I’m going to means I’m going against you guys on this fight I got Tim means and

George Stallworth 1:35:15
why, please? Why?

Ryan Smith 1:35:17
The reason why is because I’m looking at his UFC stats and what always throws me off is when someone like Mike Perry eats more punches than he throws, and he’s fighting someone who has a high volume of strikes landed and, and and eats less than he throws So Tim means is on the right side of the punches and and and Mike Perry’s on the wrong side of the punches and so I you know, I I’m going with Tim with Tim means on this one just from the stats

John Keyes 1:35:50
on about that.

Ryan Smith 1:35:52
Yeah, this is what I’m looking at right here. I will show you what I’m looking at. This is UFC

John Keyes 1:36:00
I’m looking I’m looking at it I’m looking at his kill record dude and

Ryan Smith 1:36:06
it’s it’s right here it’s this right here when you’re looking at strikes landed per minute, you got 4.9 to 410 means you got 4.36444 Platinum Mike Perry when you took it how many punches you actually eat 3.53 4.41 this number is higher than this number and this number is lower than this number. So this number I’m looking at the stats here Tim means should be lightened up Mike Perry that’s why I did it

John Keyes 1:36:40
and and Murphy’s Law of combat no plan survives initial contact

Ryan Smith 1:36:50
yeah you know it’s it’s it’s it’s just it all depends with the bet this is this is what Herman Edwards said. This is why we play the game right? This is why we play the stats the stats may not mean anything, but the stats could give us some insight into what what could happen on Fight Night. So I’m going with the stats because I’m not picking Mike Perry y’all are now the person that we don’t need to pick that look at the stats for is Valentina Shevchenko versus Jennifer Maya sir, collection collection didn’t want any smoke on this so he is he? He’s like peace I’m out. Um, who? Anybody not on Valentina Shevchenko.

Okay, there we go. All right. Let me look Collette she’s back. So we’ll ask him. Are you are you going to pick Jennifer Maya? No, of course not. Okay. Okay. All right. We are all on Valentina. Shevchenko. Yeah. And in the management of the evening, a we’ve got Davidson Figaro versus Alex Perez, Alex press is an up and comer. He could make a game of this but in my opinion is David superheroes pretty tough.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:38:14
I’m going Prez

John Keyes 1:38:16
All right. Wow. Why? Why press?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:38:20
Because Ryan was so confident with his pick.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:22
me Oh, no.

John Keyes 1:38:30
No, I’m gone. Figure out him. Alright,

George Stallworth 1:38:41
I’m over. You’re still looking at Mike Perry. And Tim means trying to you know, work my way through that figure arrow and who’s even again,

Ryan Smith 1:38:49
Alex press.

George Stallworth 1:38:53
Yeah, I’m going with finger era.

Ryan Smith 1:38:55
All right there you have it.

George Stallworth 1:38:57
Goes gone with danger. danger.

Ryan Smith 1:39:03
Um, there you have it. Those are our picks for UFC 255 here’s a question. Are you guys gonna actually buy this card?

John Keyes 1:39:15
Questions like that man. The car?

Ryan Smith 1:39:20
No, no, no. Yeah,

George Stallworth 1:39:22
not junkies, junkies. Shoot me. Please. No, don’t

Ryan Smith 1:39:27
say that. Don’t say that. I don’t want to get on the radar for UFC. Look, I’ll take Mike Tyson. I’m coming at my neck. I don’t want Dana White coming.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:36
We just we just did we go by we’re gonna buy it. We’re gonna

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:39:42
enough card for me like to be honest. I might stop in at a sports bar like might but it’s not one that makes me want to open up my wallet like there’s nothing on there. That’s gonna be a huge shock like maybe the ship chenko fight might get competitive. Maybe But yeah, it’s this one’s one of those like, it’s hard to justify it being a pay per view.

John Keyes 1:40:06
Yeah. And that’s why I’m asking.

Ryan Smith 1:40:09
It probably should this with the exception of Valentina Shevchenko. This probably should have been a fight night. Like I think she’s, she’s worth a pay per view, but not this pay per view. Yeah. And so that that that’s the only reason why I asked if this was if this was a different card. I wouldn’t even ask I would just assume that we were but I mean, I’m looking at this card and I’m not saying the card sucks because it doesn’t these fights are going to be great fights, but these are not worth me paying. I’m already paying for UFC ESPN plus I’ve got a fight pass I don’t know that I’m going to come off $65 or however much it costs to watch this card in the luxury of my own home yeah, I’m I’m weird way to end the show. But follow us on social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk

John Keyes 1:41:09
I’m at keys to victory and as keys with the ies

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:41:13
all right let you my athletic related page is at push pull pray

Ryan Smith 1:41:21
and and coach

George Stallworth 1:41:24
I just want to talk about the other two Instagram profiles he got out there and that that dating website healing all the time first

Ryan Smith 1:41:35
after the after hours after the bed I

George Stallworth 1:41:37
love it. You can find me a dark side underscore muy Thai underscore also I’ve got some t shirts coming out here soon. So be on the lookout for that. What was the guy from the five heartbeats and again Yeah, we got a new album showing up on me right now. Darkside underscore Morita underscore, be on the lookout. Love you guys. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:42:02
You can find us on our website at www dot combat sports talk calm and we are on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. A shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group because that’s where a lot of these conversations start and where we get the stories we use on the show. On behalf of George g money Stallworth cholesky Casey only a Buchi and john the keys to victory keys. My name is Ryan Smith reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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