Episode 150 – Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr., UFC 255 Recap and Anderson Released

November 24, 2020 by No Comments

With so much to discuss, we jump in with a spirited recap of UFC 255: Figueiredo vs. Perez where we discuss the results for key up and coming fighters from the prelims, the implosion of Mike Perry, Valentina’s dominance and Deiveson Figueiredo’s sweep of Alex Perez. ¬†We talk Tyson vs. Jones storylines, headlines and then make our picks for the fights this weekend, including UFC Vegas 15: Blaydes vs Lewis.


Ryan Smith 0:09
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host, Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the entire combat sports talk crew. We have john the keys to victory keys. We also have, Yeah, all right,

Unknown Speaker 0:30
there we go.

Ryan Smith 0:32
Man, I messed it up. Because I wasn’t sure you know. We’ve only done this 150 times.

Unknown Speaker 0:38
Uh, I know. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 0:41
We also got Colucci. Casey only a Buchi

Kelechi Onyebuchi 0:46
Guten Tag.

Unknown Speaker 0:48

Ryan Smith 0:50
And last but not least we have George g money stalwart. What’s that? What’s

Unknown Speaker 0:58
that? What’s up, man? It’s low.

George Stallworth 0:59
waiting. I was waiting on, john. He’s the jumping with facts. Well,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12
for that very reason.

George Stallworth 1:16
What do you think Casey? We gotta listen to Tony, just for that. No, some

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:24
craziness is about to happen.

John Keyes 1:26
Hold on. Right. Now. Got UFOs this time. Okay. This time next week, maybe. So we’ll try. We’ll try to do that this time. Because we had a Antonio ship tanker was fighting this weekend. I went and got some wind attacks. Okay. Let’s talk about the obligation. And I probably butchered that. So whatever. So what? Ana geisha? They were female samurais Believe it or not. All right. They thought a lot because we rarely hear about them. But back in the 16th century, Japan, they were actually they were actually female samurai. They were trained in the Naga nada in a Naga nada, the chi kin, which is a type of knife and in the Tonto which is another type of knife.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 2:19
They have it not gonna well.

Unknown Speaker 2:28
Yeah, yeah.

George Stallworth 2:31
Say I am I learned something by tune in for tonight’s show.

John Keyes 2:37
Yeah. Yes, the owner. Oh ma boo geisha shop B Yu Gi FHA literally translates to female martial arts. Oh, there you go. Yeah. Yes.

George Stallworth 2:54
And the first thing I want to relate to so in in what was it I don’t know if it was Japanese or or Chinese culture but the geisha word itself also was like, used for women wasn’t it?

Unknown Speaker 3:11
Yes, yes. Well, so

George Stallworth 3:14
but by the way, all right.

John Keyes 3:17
No, they weren’t spies they were literally Samurai Okay, they literally fought again Yeah. The geisha bite that somewhere somewhere muses for the for you know the for the tap of for what we know of them from what we know them in modern times. Just before I learned about the una obligation that they were the geisha were like a traveler entertainers. They were like actresses. They were muses. Yes. Yeah. Casey in the back. Yeah.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 3:58
The views expressed on this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of

dipping the toe in the water. And I just wanted to make sure I didn’t fall in.

Unknown Speaker 4:15
Okay, so

George Stallworth 4:17
any information to add on geishas I’m just saying that once I saw the word spelled out and I realized that geisha was in the in the word it like it made sense. But please do share.

John Keyes 4:34
Yeah, okay, so I got you. So let’s talk about a Julie got a big knee or a French opera actress. Now if you go look on let’s say if you look historically, it’ll tell you that she was a she was an opera opera singer, and that she debuted as Pallas Athena and cabinets and You know, she died at a combat at age 33. That’s the clean version of this woman. Yes, woman here. I let her tell you how she was okay. Not only

Ryan Smith 5:14
now collect sheet now was when you make your disclaimer.

John Keyes 5:25
Okay, so not only was she bisexual, but she was known for stealing other dudes women, which prompted me to be in fencing duels. Okay, now, one other than a little known fact about this woman, she was a trained fencer, and she was knocking guys off, she was killing it. She, she’d been in 10 successful duels. She wanted a girl so bad. She was the girl that she actually she, she converted to a nine. And just to get the monastery to get at this girl. Okay. That’s all. Yeah, that’s her. Yeah, real

Kelechi Onyebuchi 6:07
talk. Like, this might have been one of the best moments we’ve had so far. Like,

Ryan Smith 6:18
yeah, but I so so let’s so here’s, here’s where I’m gonna come in, I want to go ahead and so show that women in combat sports is not a new thing. Like when we go back and look back at people like Judah Khurana we, you know, that seems so far back. But it goes so much farther back, when we start thinking about that, you know, show guns and memorize and know that women were fighting alongside men, as Samurai is that we know that even in in the Renaissance area, you know, timelines, we have women doing duels, fighting men and winning. So women have always been very potent, you know, warriors, standing alongside men, it’s just the fact that because of misogyny because of a patriarchy, we have relegated them to the sidelines. And so, you know, I think that it is great that john is is calling to mind some of these women of renown, who have been fighting, you know, and and holding a place in history. It doesn’t have to be just Joan of Arc, we always want to go to Joan of Arc, but there are many, many women out there who have shown their their prowess with the steel.

John Keyes 7:35
Yeah. about that.

George Stallworth 7:40
You know, this is a women’s suffrage steel moment, brought to you by

Kelechi Onyebuchi 7:50
the session on suffrage in the United States. And what that meant, no see on an okay.

Ryan Smith 7:56
On another show, not this show.

Unknown Speaker 7:58
This topic.

George Stallworth 8:03
While you’re playing it, women have been pioneers, they’re not just involved in martial arts. They’ve pioneered it, man. But I’ll give you just in my own background, my one, several of my first coaches, both in muy Thai and Shotokan karate, were women.

John Keyes 8:23
Mm hmm. I believe that they did say that karate is actually one of the one of the most popular martial arts for, you know, voted by women. So I don’t see that being far fetched at all. Actually, Todd was actually one at one as well. And I’ve seen I’ve seen quite a few female we taught not just, those aren’t vicious. Women are more vicious when it comes to it when they want to throw those elbows and knees and they’re gonna throw elbows, knees and forearms. And, you know, I had shoulders

Ryan Smith 8:58
knees and toes. My,

George Stallworth 9:01
my experience as a coach, women tend to be more technical, or better technical fighters than men. Yeah, you raise it all you want to collect

Kelechi Onyebuchi 9:16
the W NBA, technically, they’re more technical than the men. They put up more three pointers that we watch in that,

Ryan Smith 9:22
okay, the the views expressed by Kelechi Onyebuchi are not necessarily those of Ryan Smith, or the combat sports talk team. Listen, listen. We got a lot to talk about. And so I don’t want to spend too much time. But this I just want to quote my godfather who said this may be it. This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or girl. So you know, that’s what my godfather says. I believe in. That’s what it said.

George Stallworth 9:58
That’s what it says in the day, right? About a woman’s touch.

Ryan Smith 10:02
Now, I think that might be a different song. Uh, but But anyway, you know, we’re gonna go listen there. We’re the reason why the reason why I believe that john and I were talking before the show the reason why he wanted to do his facts on female fighters is because, arguably one of the greatest female fighters currently in the UFC today. Valentina Shevchenko thought on the card on Saturday night, and she did not even slow down in her in her defense of her title shot, we’ll get over into it. We’ve got our next segment coming up. That is the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is what we talked about the fights on Saturday night, you know, and I don’t want to disrespect Davidson, Figaro and Alex Perez, they were the headliners. But Valentina Shevchenko was fighting this weekend, and that is always a treat. And so we had we had five fights on the card. We’re gonna cover actually seven fights though, just because there are some storylines that are coming out of this weekend that I want us to be aware of and talk about, the first one being walking Buckley so we remember walking Buckley because only a few weeks ago, he had what is arguably the knockout of the year. And he came back in short order to fight Jordan right. He finished Jordan right by TKO. 18 seconds into round number two. This was one of those finishes where it was a lot like Israel out of Sanya and Robert Whittaker, where he really got the knockout at the end of the first round. But Jordan right made the bell came back and then cocked him hands 18 seconds in and that was it. Here’s the deal. We’ve got a we’ve got quite the rivalry brewing right now between Joaquin Buckley and James Kraus. Now they’ve been arguing back and forth. The you know, since you know, for some time now, and it’s come to the point now where walking Buckley is calling James Krauss out, he says, I want I want James Kraus at UFC 257 I really want to hurt this man I think the UFC needs to put this fight on the card

Kelechi Onyebuchi 12:36
oh I’m all about any real rivalry so yeah make it happen

John Keyes 12:41
yeah, they got beef like that we need to get that cook

Ryan Smith 12:45
there it is. There it is.

George Stallworth 12:47
I don’t know if I agree with it necessarily. I mean walking you know bar his last fight where he had to spin a knockout just before that the last time I saw him in action he was knocked out so you know I don’t know if I’m on his hype train just yet either but just because he’s got a rivalry not it’s not making me jump on the hype train

Ryan Smith 13:06
yeah you know but it’s it’s one of those things that sells post fight blood loss I used to talk about it all the time where you get you get a fighter and even if they did you know that they they did get knocked out in their in their previous fight they come back highlight knockout and then come back again and string another knockout together. People forget about what happened three fights ago because in those last two I didn’t I didn’t say George Stallworth. Forget I said people. Now you you are included in people. Oh, you are included.

John Keyes 13:42
Talking about right. Yeah, right. everyday people. everyday.

George Stallworth 13:51
We just did a great segment on women’s suffrage in women in martial arts. And then you turn around again.

Unknown Speaker 14:02

Ryan Smith 14:05
You are exceptional. You are exceptional. So therefore what when I generalize to people, I’m not including those who are exceptional because you are an exception to others.

John Keyes 14:20
So he’s our people. He’s not these people. Those those people forget

Ryan Smith 14:27
what happened.

Unknown Speaker 14:29
Proud boys looking for us and

Unknown Speaker 14:36
on top of you, right, we can do

Ryan Smith 14:38
so. So. So we speaking of someone who two fights ago, we were all celebrating and that is Brandon Roybal we were all super excited about, you know, our factory ex brother. Take a drink. Who was looking? It was looking great. Um, he Based off against Brandon Marino and Brandon Marino is a is tough competition. And he Brandon Marino defeated Brandon rival via TKO at 459 around number one so one second to go at the end of the round. But here’s the deal. Brandon Roybal got his shoulder like separated Yeah, dude was fighting with a separated shoulder That’s impressive. You’re gonna say something Collette you know you’re not gonna say anything because you’re

Unknown Speaker 15:37
right yeah

Unknown Speaker 15:38

George Stallworth 15:39
I thought we were having

Ryan Smith 15:42
there you better there you go Come on No,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 15:46
no just just kudos to the to the man for just the toughness of fighting fighting through that and did y’all see the video of it getting popped back in

Unknown Speaker 15:55
Oh my Yeah, college and I know that pain so like that hug afterwards were like

Kelechi Onyebuchi 16:02
you want to fight the person who put your shoulder back but you know they did it out of love just like that.

Unknown Speaker 16:07

Unknown Speaker 16:12
what you got

George Stallworth 16:15
you know I’ve had a shoulder pop out in a fight and those rolls around Yeah, I mean by the time by the time I had been so used to it popping out I just popped it back in make sure the referee didn’t know and went back out finished it it’s not a wow know what I’m telling you is that I had done it so many times it really popping it out. just felt like spraining my ankle at that point. Yes. And that’s scary.

John Keyes 16:44
We have a number on how many times it just pops out like that right now.

George Stallworth 16:51
No, I can’t do it now. I’ve worked on a rehab good try to I appreciate what you

Unknown Speaker 16:56
try to get

George Stallworth 17:12
previously but one of my What was it? Probably about two years ago I was gonna fight and pop the show right into the first round. After I popped it out, it popped back in almost instantly or whatever but it definitely was out but the bell rang and it was walking back to my corner and one of my corner man came over and he put both his hands on my shoulder and I was like dude Get your hand off my shoulder he’s like well, I put my shoulder popped up and then he reached and starts checking on it I’m like don’t touch it. I don’t want to see you he’ll stop the fight was back in we’re back out finish the fight got the W

Ryan Smith 17:50
i was alerted to the need for medical attention when you said oh

Kelechi Onyebuchi 18:03
well done audio. I’m over here

Ryan Smith 18:06
Do we have it we have

George Stallworth 18:08
he has been on point all night while you play him and john keys as well. I mean, did you did you see the graphics pop up when we started talking about female summarize geishas and then

Unknown Speaker 18:21
oh yeah,

Ryan Smith 18:25
teamwork. makes the dream work.

Unknown Speaker 18:28
Ryan like this. Listen. Wait, we are.

George Stallworth 18:33
Jamie now go start calling you Jamie from Joe Rogan.

Ryan Smith 18:37
No, no, I don’t I don’t know that. That’s a compliment. I don’t know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:42
So So

George Stallworth 18:44
rather quickly.

Ryan Smith 18:47
So so but I did want us to cover these because we have been really celebrating Joaquin Buckley and Brandon Roybal, really Brandon Roybal, you know in our previous shows and so they were on this card, definitely want to continue to watch them and follow them and wish them luck and and and and you know, getting back to health as soon as possible. Now let’s get back to the main card. Paul Craig defeated Mauricio Shogun Hua via submission. Two punches at 336 in round number two. Now, here’s the thing about this fight. There was only one person who chose Paul Craig so and that guy is me working. Everybody else was on that who a train. Speaking about shoguns, huh. Speaking about Samurai

John Keyes 19:39
Yes, I’ve been working tonight what you’re saying? Yeah. Oh,

Ryan Smith 19:42
we are we will be hitting this button. I will be hitting this button tonight. Somebody this guy was perfect in all his pics on Saturday night. Blind dog finds a bone every once in a while.

Unknown Speaker 20:03
It’s you.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
Yeah, like

Ryan Smith 20:05
broken clocks, right twice a day. Right like I’m not gonna be even pretending like I am the nostril Domus or anything. I got lucky as hell. But I’m gonna celebrate I’m gonna celebrate. Here’s the deal though. Shogun who busted up his elbow or something like that and and, and, and so they were showing pictures of his elbow all swollen up after the fight. And that’s the thing is that it’s time for him to start thinking about his career. When we look at people who have been in those big pride wars, almost all of them now are retired or out of the sport. There’s only a few of them left.

John Keyes 20:58
No, I actually don’t think there’s I think show guns the last couple custom Nogueira brothers are out. Daniel is out. Um, let me see here. CRO COP is retired. A hot is out. And rampage.

Ryan Smith 21:14
Ram dodges out. Alistair overeem was he in it?

John Keyes 21:18
Yes, he was. He’s the last he is. He’s gonna be the last guy. If Shogun retires, which shows that should retire. I have to agree with Dana. He was a shadow of his former self. And there’s no shame in that because Shogun has had wars in that rank, like literal wars. He was he was a top notch scrapper. He didn’t he’s he doesn’t want to back down. This was not him. And he can he can he can retire the subset. No. And he did it. He was a light heavyweight champion. He doesn’t need it. He didn’t need anything beyond this. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
Did he be the new smash recently?

Ryan Smith 21:59
No, that was lovely to share.

Unknown Speaker 22:01

George Stallworth 22:04
Casey? Oh, my goodness.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Yeah, I think

Unknown Speaker 22:11
what is a fight like

George Stallworth 22:12
a pay per view or something with Dana? White is, is not trying to retire somebody.

Unknown Speaker 22:18
Like, we’re not.

Ryan Smith 22:21
But I mean, children who are the last fight that he had with, with little nawg I mean, that was a rockem sockem kind of thing. But it was still not an apex kind of fight. Like

George Stallworth 22:34
that’s what what I’m saying is Dana, you can’t put these guys on the show and then come out after they lose or whatever. Like, oh, this guy needs to retire. Well, why don’t you put them on a show in the first place to give

Ryan Smith 22:44
them that last shot? give them that last fight? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:53
Cuz that was that.

Ryan Smith 22:57
All right. I’m gonna direct traffic here. Let’s go Let’s George. Coach right

Kelechi Onyebuchi 23:02
now. Like I’m, I’m fully on board with everything coaches, saying that’s all I got. All right, George.

George Stallworth 23:11
Damon, you’re acting like Bob Arum. Yo, you’re acting like all these promoters you hate on when you turn around. And you you I’m sorry, you deprecate on fighters after they have a bad night out a bad show. Because they’re elderly. You put them on the show. You knew how old they were, you knew what kind of function they had going on. I didn’t have going on or whatever the case may be. So it It breaks my heart to hear a promoter go out and advocate on a fighter after he’s had a loss on top of that. And this man has been a UFC veteran now for, you know, 1015 years or whatever he’s put working there. And now all of a sudden, oh, he he should never be fighting he should have he should be retired. I’m not putting him back on the show anymore. We’re releasing Anderson Silva, all these things. But you know, you got paid off of those last few fights that these guys eat out. And okay, you can’t convince me that the pay per view numbers weren’t higher as a result of putting some of these older fighters on there because of their name power.

Unknown Speaker 24:13

George Stallworth 24:13
you’ll have the best of both worlds. Dana. Alright.

John Keyes 24:19
George, I agree with you. I hate that what Dana does, he does that he it’s almost like he’s using them. He gets the deed says that, you know, he wants to see me expect some good find out. They don’t have a good fight. They suck. Okay, they need to quit. He does that. That is his that’s his Tanner. He’s been doing that since I’m checking down his boys. And if he’s wants to do that to his boy, where’s he gonna do to somebody that just Okay, he’s okay with. Okay, I get it. He we all have a love of pride. Okay, we all have a love of pride fighters. But there comes a point where Dana has to They’re saying, No, you cannot come, fight, fight here again, before he puts them out there as or he makes them say yes, this is going to be my last fight. Okay and just if they fit, they fight at the end once they fight, win or lose. He goes out there on this podium. He says, Look, this was a stud fighter. He thought he thought he gave it. He is one of those fighters that left it all in the rain. And he left it all in the rain tonight. He’s done Newmont.

Ryan Smith 25:31
Okay. I want to use Anderson Silva. We’re gonna go back to Anderson Silva talk about it a little bit more in depth later on in the show. But he did that with Anderson Silva. He made a deal with Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva got knocked out. And then Anderson Silva comes back and says, Yeah, I don’t know, maybe I fight again. I talked to my family. It’s like, No, we had an agreement. So we don’t this is the thing is we don’t know the conversations that are taking place behind the scenes. We don’t know that that Shogun who wasn’t even after Dana White says, okay, after the little dog fight, you’re done. And we’re not gonna have any more fights, and then show them who will comes back and goes one more coach put me in. We don’t know that where it’s like, we don’t know that Dana White’s hasn’t said Listen, if you don’t come out here and look like the stud that you say that you are, then then I’m I’m not gonna put you out there anymore. Because I do believe that Dana White has a love for these fighters as well. And maybe I’m the only one standing here on the Dana White side of the line and saying listen, on the wrong side of history. I may be on the wrong side of history here.

Unknown Speaker 26:44
You know, I

Ryan Smith 26:45
put myself at risk whenever I side with Dana White but but it is to go back and say

George Stallworth 26:56
my issue I’m sorry to interrupt but I’m going to con you. It isn’t the fact that Dana you know has to do whatever he has to do is the fact that when it comes down to it, he turns around and hates on these fights. If I say You know what? I made a mistake show going to show them who probably should have had that fight. We’re not gonna let him run it back anymore. You know, that’s his last one. But no, he comes out. Oh, Shogun is horrible. There’s no way I’m ever letting this guy fight in the UFC again. We got to kick him out. Send him the paint, the pink slip. You know, it’s the vitriolic comes as a result of this is quite different.

Ryan Smith 27:32
Let me let me just go and say, if Dana White had said that, specifically, it would have been quoted in the media. I’m looking at the media right now. That is not what Dana White said, Dana White did not desiccate on, Shogun Hua, what Dana White said his word. Yeah. Oh, I like that word. For that word,

George Stallworth 27:54
into the press conference afterwards.

Ryan Smith 27:58
He I, I did not listen to the press conference afterwards. So that’s all me. I will go back and listen to it to listen to the whole thing. I’m looking at the key quotes that have been that have been pulled from from what he said. I hope that tonight was his last night I would like to see him retire. Just being honest Shogun didn’t look like Shogun to me tonight. He looked old and look like a shell of his former self tonight. I think he had two fights left on his deal. But I’d like to see him retire. So Dana White is contractually obligated to give him two more fights. And he has to do three fights per year, unless he cuts him. Unless you

Kelechi Onyebuchi 28:33
or they were tired of you that the UFC is required to do okay, Dana, like, I’m making a distinction for a reason. Okay. Dana, white, as a manager of the fighters as a promotional head, has no business deciding like, whose last fight it is versus whose last fight it isn’t like, His goal is to go out there and promote for the business. And what he’s doing as a manager right now is he’s talking poorly about his fighters. That doesn’t help the fighters. It doesn’t help the organization. So I think it’s just a matter of being a decent manager. He’s got to change the timing of when he’s making these comments, and how often it comes up. It really blemishes the character not of the fighters, but of Dana White see the conversation keeps going back to Dana White rather than the fighters. And that’s a problem for the promotion. So that’s why I say there’s a distinction it’s not up to Dana to give Shogun two more fights. That’s the organization Dana should be out there talking about how much of a legend he was the whole time and hyping up that man like that is the job of a promoter. That is what he should be doing and yet time after time, after these press conferences we’re talking about Dana White lying about a fighter Dana White, talking poorly about a fighter like wire. This is the Dana White show and it’s hurting the brand Well,

Ryan Smith 29:51
I don’t I don’t I don’t know if it’s hurting the brand per se but and and i I would dispute the the characterization that Dana White, is the manager that this manager role that you’ve kind of put Dana White in? Yes, absolutely, he would be better served. And I agree with you that he would be better served in lifting up fighters promoting fighters and talking about what how, even though they are 38 or 42, or even in some cases, 4748 years old, that they are still, you know, fighting in the in the top of the, you know, MMA world in the UFC, like there is an opportunity for him to say that, however, we have to, we have to also leave space for us not to know the conversations that are going back and forth. Whenever negotiations are taking place. Whenever conversations are taking place, about a fighters health, or a fighters readiness to fight. We don’t know complete information, but we are talking and making assumptions, as though we do know and that’s the only thing that I’m saying is, is that while Dana White deserves criticism because his short fuse with a lot of his fighters, especially those who have had a history of supporting and giving some great fights for the UFC. We also have to think about the fact that it may not be all Dana White, it may be sometimes the fighter in the case of Anderson Silva. Who doesn’t want to leave when it’s time to go.

Unknown Speaker 31:32
Yeah. All right.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 31:33
I can give you this. Okay.

Ryan Smith 31:36
All right. Let us continue. Caitlyn Chu Kagan defeated Cynthia calvillo via unanimous decision. Um, we were all guests The only person who was on Cynthia calvillo was the nostril Domus. Oh, little little stop that couldn’t smell COVID at the Rona, I’m

Unknown Speaker 32:00
actually have to get a testimonial about that. No, lazy nervous about

Ryan Smith 32:07
is a joke. It’s a joke. I choke I kid I kid I choke. It’s a kid. I choked. I

Unknown Speaker 32:12
was just talking my mom.

Unknown Speaker 32:15

Ryan Smith 32:16
All right, well, it’s in time for Thanksgiving. We have something to be thankful for.

George Stallworth 32:20

Ryan Smith 32:22
in a mike Perry. Versus Tim means Tim means defeated Mike Perry via unanimous decision.

I’m gonna play this again a second time. I’m gonna play this a second time because you know we got a you know, a friend in the audience. Let pidilite I’m done playing this one for you.

John Keyes 32:52
You’re watching the crowd now, right? He’s remembering.

Ryan Smith 32:58
I picked him means and you’re like, well, Ryan, why are you picking Tim means I’m like, I’m looking at the stats. looks like to me it’s gonna strike out strike Mike Perry.

Unknown Speaker 33:06
Why did he do it?

Ryan Smith 33:09
Won’t he do it?

Unknown Speaker 33:11
just doesn’t make sense.

Ryan Smith 33:15
I’m so excited. This is what it feels like to get things right in the MMA world is so great. I got a bad I got a bright light. The light is getting brighter. Look at me. Look at me. Look

John Keyes 33:32
good. It was a good fight. It was a good fight. You know? So let LC at that point. It was wild. Because I mean, he came out there and it was already thrown off that he missed weight. Then he came out to walk out music walk out music was thrown off. He came in and singing it. And I was like, dude, I mean, we already knew that kind of my periods slowly become the odb of MMA. So, I mean, when he came in there singing it. I was like, okay, that that matches, right. It’s about right. You know, coming out to that song and you’re, you know, you’re trying to calm you’re already crazy. calming down. A man calm down a little too much.

Ryan Smith 34:19
No. So can I also like, I want to pound on this on this chrome button because john keys by every virtue of your belief of coming out to a ballad, Mike berry should have just murdered timmies means the ref. His entire corner. anybody watching through the screens? Because he came out to Yes.

John Keyes 34:42
His children’s children. Okay, hold on, hold on. He came out to Beyonce Halo. Yes, he did. Okay, so let’s just let’s talk about this for a second since you want to talk about the children’s children. Y’all say it’s Platinum Mike Perry without his girlfriend. babysit your kids. No Exactly. He’s crazy. We know that. Okay, you know

Ryan Smith 35:07
what I’m saying?

Unknown Speaker 35:09
You talk

Ryan Smith 35:10
about combiners who walk out to Celine Dion fighters who walk out to all these ballads. That should just should be a signal of devastation coming their way.

John Keyes 35:19
This actually test this out and it did not happen. For real. Okay, hold on, cuz I acted like that dirty Burgess went in there and acted a fool all along. That’s it Not exactly. He was a good friend of mine at one point, it started turning to rock him soccer. And they weren’t playing. So I don’t care what y’all said. I still by theory, still he came in there ready to fight. I was not happy with the fact that his girlfriend is pregnant. And still in the corner. I said, Man, come on. I mean, I know you don’t like there until let him come on back, come be a friend in the corner. He’ll just sit there and talk crazy to you. And that’ll get you hyped up and you go on there kill that guy. I mean, that means how to do

Ryan Smith 36:12
Darren Till’s from Liverpool. So it’s not like he’d be able to understand what Darren was saying. Anyway. I mean, it just be like

he didn’t train with him. I didn’t I don’t remember seeing Darren till train.

George Stallworth 36:30
Train. Some of the beef started originally they they were sparring partners to help one of them get ready for a fight coming up. And that that’s where some of the beef hit has sparked from or whatever.

John Keyes 36:45
I love it. I love their love hate relationship. It’s perfect. I can’t be visually they’re gonna have to meet up somewhere and just get it out get off their chest. I’m really wouldn’t want that I’d want that to happen. I just I mean that if just for hilarity sake. Okay, cuz it’s gonna be funny. All right, no matter what. The wing is gonna be funny. The troll the way they’re down. It’s got it just for hilarity sake. I don’t care if they fight or not just put them in the same building. Okay, let it let it happen naturally.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:21
So I don’t think it’s as big of a beat because it’s been long enough to be right if you watch them interact leader Yeah. Fight week like they’re there’s some animosity, but at the end of the day, they’re fighters and they’re willing to help each other get to the next level. So some of these like, I don’t think that this is truly a bad bad blood thing. I think that Darren’s probably above it and realize that you’ve got a crazy long a dude who’s struggling with mental issues by just being open and public with it. So I don’t think that there’s any upside to Darren like, feeding into this beyond what he’s done. He he went from trolling him to actually being a friend to him in one week.

John Keyes 38:03
Yeah, there’s such thing as rivalry. And rivalry is healthy. Okay. Because rivalry versus class losses? Yeah. Hey, he should have been there for him. I mean, that’s nothing wrong with a good professional rivalry. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s supposed to you know, iron sharpens iron. Okay. And that’s what should happen there. I do hope that there until it takes him under his wing and, you know, and on top of that, the whole weight loss thing. It happened the week after Paul Felder, you know, when all super saying on the mic talking about you need to hire yourself a nutritionist, and you know, quit quit missing weight. And, you know, Paul Felder was right, you know, you got I mean, you’re a professional fighter. This is a part of your job. You know, guys,

Ryan Smith 38:53
Mike Perry was on video eating like pizza and ice cream. Like he was flaunting the fact that he was eating whatever he wanted. That’s why people were so mad at Mike Perry was not because not because he was he was trying to cut weight and trying to do the right things. It’s because he was up in the camera. Dude, drinking blueberry Slurpee and knowing he had a fight coming up.

George Stallworth 39:34
Okay, see, this is where you say, Oh, do I was injured I’d already planned to pull out of that fight. My ankle was you know, your shoulder you separated your shoulder that’s what happened.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:49
Probably did happen. A lot of fights.

John Keyes 39:54

Ryan Smith 39:56
so So, uh, Dana White. We Like this is where I’m expecting you guys to to get on Dana White. After Mike Perry failed to make weight, he makes a mockery of the Weigh ins. He comes in and has rockem sockem in the in the ring loses the fight. Dana White says, I’m not in a hurry to cut Mike Perry. He’s a fun to watch fun fighter to watch. This dude is, is one step away from being out of control. And Dana White is just like, yeah, we’ll throw him in the ring again. He’s like, he’s, he’s on that list with Diego Sanchez and a couple of those other fighters.

John Keyes 40:37
Okay, so my beef. Yeah, my beef is I do have beef with Dana White. I this is not gonna be it. Um, he does. You know, he does need a mentor. He does need a coach who needs a team. Okay, regardless of what he says, you know, you don’t have to have a corner. But get you get you the stuff in the background. Get you a nutritionist, dude. Okay. Dana White. You know what?

Ryan Smith 41:06
They have a team of nutritionists. Yeah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:09
yeah, I was about to say there is a whole Institute. So you’re asking somebody who’s struggling with mental illness to make the best possible choices for themselves. This reminds me very much of a Dez Bryant situation for you cowboys fans out there where you’ve gotten out of control as well. It’s just that notion that at a certain point, if you’re if you’re going to have him affecting your brand, then you need to be the one who puts in the safety rails for him, because he’s not capable of handling it himself. Is he? Is he a gifted athlete? 100% should he ever be on his own? No, ever.

Ryan Smith 41:44
But are you talking about Mike Perry? Are you talking about john Jones?

Unknown Speaker 41:48
I’m confused. Oh,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:51
that’s why it’s so on brand. Like, okay, when when you say that you believe that Dana White cares about his athletes, I just point you back to the situations where instead of actually taking care of them, He gives them enough rope to hang themselves. Like I’m gonna keep putting you in the lifeline limelight. I’m gonna keep giving you these resources that you don’t know how to manage and control. And on top of that, there’s gonna be no consequences for your poor behavior.

John Keyes 42:18
Good luck. There you go. That doesn’t sound like up to me. Well, it sounds like you’re enabling. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 42:27
Well, talking about love, we got to get to Valentina Shevchenko who defeated Jennifer Maya, the most dangerous woman at 170 pounds.

Unknown Speaker 42:36

John Keyes 42:39
Hold on that. Cuz I said like this. Okay. I will. I will say this. Jennifer Maya gate. She showed us he sold us something she showed us that. So Tico might have a chink in the armor. Nice talking about a game. Yeah, her ground game was a little suspect. I mean, it was like, what you know, we’re looking at Jennifer Maya and let me bring up the her her belt in her accomplishments here. But it was like, interesting, because if they call me when they’re on the theme, it was no problem. But got to the one she grabbed her. It was like, oh, here we are. We’re underground. And it seems like that Shevchenko may have a problem with some ground game. So what do you guys think?

Ryan Smith 43:28
Well, I mean, I think that it stands to reason that if there was going to be a weakness, it would be shifting toes ground game because let’s face it, she’s a muy Thai striker. She’s a an elite kickboxer. And and so you’re not going to see her grapple, you’re not going to see a lot of jujitsu out of her. She’s going to focus on takedown defense so that she can do what she does well, so yeah, I would I mean, the same thing I think holds true for Israel out of Sanya, we have never seen him go down, get down and dirty grapple on the ground, probably for a reason. And if we could find someone who can get in close to get that to make that happen. I would be interested to see whether or not he could hold his own against a true Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Specialist, Casey. I.

Unknown Speaker 44:18
Yeah, I

Kelechi Onyebuchi 44:18
have to wonder about like the degree to which that is true, right. So another dominant fighter who had a hole in the game would be Ronda Rousey, right? I think Ronda Rousey stand up is way worse than Valentino’s groundwork game like there’s a difference like Ronda,

Ryan Smith 44:40
that’s an odd that’s an odd relationship you’re drawing. They’re like, well, but I’m saying like so.

George Stallworth 44:47
But it’s also a very wide divide.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 44:52
There was a hole in Ronda Rousey his game and it was exposed like Rhonda look like me. Trying to fight a pro Ryan. Right?

Ryan Smith 45:03
You have Sorry, I, I thought I knew where the statement was going. I thought I knew where it was going. I’m sorry, continue.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 45:14
But Valentina on the ground like, Is it the most impressive thing ever? No, but it’s highly unlikely that she’s, I mean, she hasn’t been submitted yet. Like, I just don’t think that it’s that same level of holding the armor like, I think, to even get her to the ground is a skill that most people won’t have. And so, to say that she’s got a hole in our armor. Is it really if you never get exposed in that way?

Unknown Speaker 45:41

Ryan Smith 45:45
mean, let me just jump in real quick. I think that the the difference between Valentino ship Valentina Shevchenko on the ground and Ronda Rousey and striking is that Ronda Rousey wanted to strike with people because she believed that she was a striker. Valentina, Shevchenko knows that she’s not a Grappler. And she is trying her damnedest to keep from getting on the ground. So I think I think that that’s, that’s the difference between them. But you know, it’s very difficult to find someone who is elite at every level of the game, someone’s going to be stronger in one area versus the other. And I think that what we’re finding is, is that if there is a human that is called Valentina Shevchenko, it’s probably going to be manifested somewhere in the budget, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the ground grappling and submissions and not standing on the feet where she is superhuman she is. what’s the what’s the on a on a die, geisha?

Unknown Speaker 46:46
I don’t know. I don’t know boo geisha

Ryan Smith 46:48
on it. There you go on a show.

John Keyes 46:53
All I’m saying is even the Deathstar had a weakness. Okay. That’s all I’m saying.

Ryan Smith 47:00
Three of us got three.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 47:09
It didn’t make sense on the side of the ship, like why would you make that vulnerability? That’s because if you watch

Ryan Smith 47:15
Rogue One, you will know why.

John Keyes 47:19
Thank you, Ryan. If you watch Rogue One, it answers that question on why a clause was basically you know, it was the most weak spot of all of all spots of the Yes, planet destroying starfish.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 47:36
It’s a trap.

Ryan Smith 47:42
Listen, we have just gotten to the main event of of the fights like we got a whole show to do. Davidson Figaro defeated Alex Perez with a guillotine choke. Round one. This was a mauling. He basically just walked across the ring and say, give me your neck. Thank you very much. I’m walking out.

John Keyes 48:03
Okay, so this is where I had the beef with Dana White because Dana White sat there said that this guy is the most exciting person flyweight flyweight history. I have big beef with that, okay, because you’d let go of the most exciting guy in flyweight history. RX

Unknown Speaker 48:20

John Keyes 48:21
That’s what I’ve done. And I’m not taking anything away from Davidson, because the dude, the little dude is a killer. Okay, I’m not trying to see him on the street at anytime and owe him money. I mean, that’s I’m not gonna do that. All right. He is a killer. He’s a definitely killer. But do you think he could have killed the he think he could have handled DJ? No, he think he would get DJ a comma day? No. No. Do you think DJ would have gotten location if he show up?

Ryan Smith 48:51
He would. But then he would be he would be left at that location. looking up at the sky.

John Keyes 48:58
Like why?

Ryan Smith 48:59
So yeah, I think I think I agree with you. Of course. I am. I am on the biggest hype train there is for Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson. But, you know, I, I’m trying to understand what Dana White is doing with Davidson Figaro. You know, it’s like he’s trying to build excitement in at 125. Because what they have announced is in 21 days, Davidson Figaro and Brandon Marino are going to fight for the title at UFC 256 21 day turn around. They’re doing this they are trying to do something with one with 125 pounds. All of you in the past have complained about being about 125 being ignored. Now, Dana White and the UFC are trying to do something they’re doing turnaround fights. That’s ixys trying to pump up Davidson. frigorifero What more do you want this man to do? Color he

Unknown Speaker 49:52
will screen for you. Oh, well,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:55
this was something else but we’ll talk about that later.

Ryan Smith 50:00
Oh, go ahead. Go ahead, George.

George Stallworth 50:11
All right. Know what’s happening here. Forgive me, but Dana White is trying to pull him Rizzuto out of retirement.

John Keyes 50:20
That’s really yeah. It’s a really, really, really. I’ll take I’ll take that smoke.

George Stallworth 50:31
I’m gorgeous. They know that they’re pumping Davidson Figaro to tick off him Rizzuto. Watch the cringe start amping up next week. What? I bet you there’s gonna be a video or something posted by him every single day. Oh, hey, no, Davison figurado.

Ryan Smith 50:46
Well, he’s already posted something on Twitter, right? I mean, and so that’s the thing.

Unknown Speaker 50:51
He did

Ryan Smith 50:52
post something on Twitter about being the greatest or something like that, like he interesting. Hutto did respond. So I think there is some juice to to what you’re saying coach in that. You know, there may be some interplay to try to bring Henry Hutto back. I mean, Dana White’s trying to bring Habib mirga medoff back.

John Keyes 51:12
It’s not gonna happen, you have a better chance to bring Henry Suda he knows the number. He knows the number that the ticket Henry suit is not a telephone number. It’s that check. You know, give him give gifts to him though, that number that he wants, and he’ll come back.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 51:29
Glad I don’t understand why we’re so focused on bringing fighters out of retirement rather than and then and then when they do come out of retirement, then we’re like, oh, you should have retired 10 years ago, like

Unknown Speaker 51:43

George Stallworth 51:44
there are several fighters who are retired, a really retired and should not be retired. Okay, is this a biggie O’Connor? And definitely Henry stood up.

Ryan Smith 51:59
But not Daniel Cormier

John Keyes 52:02
was. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:10
What would it

George Stallworth 52:12
take for you to back up? What does he have to fight for? That the colonists no champ. I mean, I mean, champ, the God of Oh, oh,

John Keyes 52:21
oh, the god of war. And that’s Dana White. data was

George Stallworth 52:29
already there already talking about putting him on to powerful power. Greatest fighter lists. It Hill didn’t get the bill didn’t make weight. And they’re already talking about putting them on a British fighter list.

John Keyes 52:45
Yeah. Remember, he didn’t make weight on a fight on a title fight. And he and he still beat the guy that all you had to do was just hate the round. That’s all he had to do. No, that was

George Stallworth 52:58
also part of the big storyline behind this one. There was some fear that he wouldn’t make weight and this wasn’t going to be a title fight for him at least.

Ryan Smith 53:09
Yeah, but his nickname is God of War, though. Let me just be clear. That’s his fight name.

John Keyes 53:16
I’m really America Understand? Well, go ahead like Casey. Nice. Work. Yes. Solid? Yes. Yeah, it’s very solid. Okay, so Julian cashes

George Stallworth 53:29
clay things. His name Muhammad Ali. A lot of people including some his promoters did not want to call him Ahmed Ali. Just because your nickname is God award. Oh mean a promoter gotta go either. Right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:41
Okay. All right.

John Keyes 53:43
I understand why these guys coming back, though. Why the reason why Dana wants wants to bring him recioto Ludo back is because he wants to fire him on his terms. Okay, that is like, let him go. Hey, did you know are they are they really boys when you just sit there and just drop your boy right at that right at an awkward moment like, oh man, I’m not. And you know, I’ll just just leave him there like that. No, he’s gonna come back. But leave on his own. He left on it. He left on his own terms, not Dana’s terms. And that’s the problem. Okay. Dana Johnson back and spirit. Yeah, Dana Watson back there and drew Machida back on this way. That’s all I gotta say. I

Ryan Smith 54:42
don’t I don’t think that at all.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 54:44
a ploy to get back with Anthony. I’m sorry with Mighty Mouse like this is all what it’s been leading up to.

John Keyes 54:53
That’s awesome. can command level stop now? Okay.

George Stallworth 54:59
Then With the finger arrow, Mighty Mouse, Henry,

John Keyes 55:03
we can mouse okay. I did not say Mighty Mouse. I said Dana wants wants Harrison to come back. So Davison, get it, get up on them. And if Davison beats him there, Dana could talk about him and scoot him back out. Like you want it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 55:22
There’s that is verified. So that fight is going to happen. But what they didn’t talk about was that the fight to make with that as the headliner is going to be Cormier versus Jones.

Unknown Speaker 55:38
Which by

Ryan Smith 55:39
oh my gosh, yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:41
Throw that in there.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
Yeah. Yeah, I

Ryan Smith 55:45
think this whole this whole storyline around Dana White trying to lure Henderson Hutto back so he can fire him. His is a bit out there. I do think that there is probably some juice in trying to get Henderson Hutto back by giving him by by putting someone who is a talented fighter and and yeah, in the, in the in the spotlight in the forefront. I think that that’s probably Yeah, I think that’s probably realistic.

Unknown Speaker 56:16
I think. Go ahead.

George Stallworth 56:19
I’m sorry, john.

John Keyes 56:21
I’ve just seen the scenarios before when girlfriend Lee’s boyfriend, and then boyfriend gets super hot woman back and they’re all lovey dovey to try and lure girlfriend back just so you know he can bring her back in and then dump her the next day. I seen that. Okay, this is what that is. Yeah, that’s

Kelechi Onyebuchi 56:42
still somewhat single a

Unknown Speaker 56:47
very unhealthy behavior. And if you’re an agent

Kelechi Onyebuchi 56:51
you should seek professional help. Because

Unknown Speaker 56:53
Have you met the light

George Stallworth 56:58
of the day Dana White. Dana White get confronted in a casino why he was sitting next to his mistress.

Ryan Smith 57:06
Oh, no. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 57:10

Unknown Speaker 57:14

John Keyes 57:17
I just said she did. She did fade into the back into the backlight real quick. Like Okay, see fade and we never saw that video. We are never

Ryan Smith 57:26
gonna get like Dana White UFC agenda.

George Stallworth 57:29
Shaughnessy. Ryan jumped in and say allegedly.

Unknown Speaker 57:32
Did y’all hear

Unknown Speaker 57:33
Collette? You both said allegedly.

Unknown Speaker 57:35
I’m like, Okay.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 57:37
I’m trying to make that UFC money one day.

Ryan Smith 57:39
Yeah. Like, what do y’all doing?

George Stallworth 57:44
Money Money. Money when? Exactly,

John Keyes 57:46
exactly. I’m trying to be on the show, too. I got you back, George. All right. All right.

Ryan Smith 57:52
Well, you can you can clearly see that the line is split, you know, right. Dana White collection. We’re there. Daniel for

George Stallworth 58:05

John Keyes 58:07
Thank you. All right, let’s

Ryan Smith 58:09
go ahead and close the book on this one. And put on the shelf. This card is more than history. This card is now ancient history because we have beaten this card to death. So let’s get into the headliner. The actually what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get into finding the angles and talking about the headlines that are making waves in the UFC world. This is finding the angles.

This is finding the angles is where we talk about the headlines that are making waves coming out of this past weekend. And the headliner, the thing that we absolutely need to talk about is the thing that’s covered up this weekend. And that’s not the UFC event, but it’s actually mike tyson versus Roy Jones Jr. It is finally happened. This is the headliner. All right, well, it is this Saturday in California, Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones, Jr. November 28 2020, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. It is quite the interesting card, though. And that’s the reason why we’re going to talk about it. Now we’ll come back and make our picks at the end of the show. But it’s kind of it’s got it’s got some quirky things as part of this card. So I wanted to talk about this big excitement that we have mike tyson coming out of retirement, Roy Jones Jr. coming out of retirement, Mike Tyson getting all beat and just ready to fight. conversations about him knocking out Roy Jones Jr. How many rounds is going to go and then we start finding out like that the California State Athletic Commission. They’re not going to announce a winner. They’re not scoring it. They’re not you’re not going to declare a winner but the WBC is going to actually create a belt kind of like a BMF Built for it like this seems like it’s gonna be a hot mess for $49.99

John Keyes 1:00:06
and for 4999 you’re gonna see a ringside felony okay it’s gonna be attempted murder some guy making it I don’t care they can make all the rules they want California bad no y’all y’all stupid okay the csec is stupid right now to put two legitimate killers in the ring expecting them to play nice huh you know don’t do that don’t do that man just call to fight

Ryan Smith 1:00:36
so so I got to send a shout out to CBS Sports they did a there’s an article there that I thought was really interesting where it’s talking about some of these other storylines that are that are taking place in you know for this fight so the first one is asked five questions. This was CBS Sports written by Brian Campbell. um you know, the first one was are they actually fighting because remember there was talking about this as an exhibition. This is really a sparring session you know, they’re they’re not fighting with with a typical eight or 10 ounce gloves or fighting with 12 ounce gloves there was questioning whether they’re gonna have a headset or not and so um, they are there the expectation is that they’re actually going to fight though they are actually going to to to go at it, but they’re not doing the customary three minute rounds or doing two minute rounds.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:01:31
Oh, this sounds like my kind of fight. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:01:35
a glitch is fighting one two minute round.

John Keyes 1:01:42
They don’t get as many punches in as they can. And those two minutes I rest assured, I’m pretty confident that this is going to be a fight. This is not going to be pretty. This is this is not going to be pretty for for either, man. I like that ringside felony comes to mind. I yeah, I got that.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:09
But I think if people come in here sober minded understanding what this is, it’s it really is old men coming in here showing that they still got it. You shouldn’t be out. I mean, I, I don’t know that it is the wisest thing to be hoping for like a Bloodsport take your head off situation versus just two people engaging in the thing that has been their life’s work. And they’re passionate about it. Like, does it really matter outside of the Vegas sports books? Like if they score the rounds? Like you’re just you’re getting to see one last shot of two legends going after it. So I think if you come in with the right, the right mindset about it, it’s going to be beautiful, no matter what, like, Mike Tyson’s movement is some of the best even at this age. Like his ability to to work. The ring is second to none. Like there are fighters who are still coming to him for advice. Roy Jones has a legend all his own. Does it matter who wins? Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:03:10
I mean, it’s a Is it a fight? Does it then yes, it matters who when I first? I mean,

John Keyes 1:03:17
let’s break down what exactly

Unknown Speaker 1:03:20
was really happening here.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:22
Come on, coach, Coach,

George Stallworth 1:03:24
the California State Athletic Commission has almost basically guaranteed we’re going to get a knockout, because they said we’re not going to declare a winner. We’re not even going to score this fight. And if you guys knock each other out, we have no power whatsoever to sanction you or whatever. So if I’m Mike, look, I want that w if I’m wrong. I want that w over Mike. So guess what? I’m going to try to finish this in six rounds. And these are the two minutes. Yeah, we’re gonna see some excitement. It’s gonna be all man excitement. Don’t get me wrong, but somebody is going to sleep. And you won’t

John Keyes 1:04:05
be at the church say amen.

Ryan Smith 1:04:07
Amen. So, so the second thing is that there’s more at stake for Mike Tyson than money. You know, and that’s, I think that’s true as well is that, you know, we start thinking about it. All eyes are on Mike Tyson. They needed he needed a foil. And so Roy Jones Jr. has stepped into the ring. But nobody’s talking about Roy Jones Jr. They’re all talking about Mike Tyson. This is the mike tyson show. And if he doesn’t come out looking like the person that we’re all expecting to see, there’s going to be a lot of disappointment. I mean, I think that the stock the stakes are really high for Mike, because of those promo videos because of those hype videos. Because of the pictures of how he’s transformed his body. The expectation is that he is going to walk in there as the old Mike Tyson, the iron Mike Tyson, that who lit up a bunch of people in his heyday. And the fact is, is that you know, to the Third point in this article is that he is not the fresher fighter. He has been on the shelf much longer and he’s the older fighter. So we to get Casey’s point we should be starting to kind of temper those expectations with, we may not see just the best mike tyson we’ve ever seen.

John Keyes 1:05:22
Okay, consider this then the mike tyson that we’ve gotten to know over the years, since his boxing has become a more tempered, a wiser fire a wiser person. This may translate in the ring, we might go in and see, not only do we see the Tyson women, I see the Tyson of old where we knew that he was not the same person once that bell started because if you ever watched him at the end of the fight, he were the blink a lot like he’s snapping back to reality, we may see a more a more tempered, a more wiser, a more dangerous fighter than we may have seen before Mike Tyson. That’s the scary part for me.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:06:08
I really believe that when you come into like the notion of adrenaline dump and the fact that he talked for a long time, like he didn’t even touch boxing gloves during his workouts because he he knew that he still had an animal in him that needed to be tamed. What scares me more is that he was serious. And he knew himself that well, and he’s still allowed that beast out.

George Stallworth 1:06:30
Well, I think Kate, I’m sorry. I think john Key’s probably needs to be on the promotion team for Mike Tyson. And Roy Jones Jr. For this fight, because you really made the case for it. You know what I mean? And what you’re saying? So,

John Keyes 1:06:45
just my thoughts, you know, yeah, I mean, talking about taming the beast, I mean, Naruto had Karama the nine tails. And we go, you know, into 100 some odd episodes for them to do the fist bump. But eventually they did the fist bump, and they became even more dangerous. So she got that this

George Stallworth 1:07:06
moment. And, and I’m gonna throw john Johnson DC comment in there, just

Ryan Smith 1:07:13
so so the fourth point brought up by this article is the fact that there is still the chance that, you know, these two older gentlemen could still get hurt, like, going, you know, it’s one thing it’s one thing that you’re that you’re sparring in practice, it’s another thing to go full out, you know, in front of all these cameras, there’s a lot of risk for both of these fighters in the fact that we don’t know how well they’re going to hold up to the types of shots that they are going to be taken in potentially taking in this fight. So, you know, I’m a bit nervous, I’m excited to watch this. And I think that I’m, you know, I’m definitely going to be, you know, right on the front row of my chair, I guess in my office watching this fight, but at the end of the day, I’m excited to see it, but I there is a chance that these fighters could turn up lame in the in the first round and, and there’ll be a big disappointment,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
my neck, my back,

Ryan Smith 1:08:14
my back, I want 125,000 we can set 20 bucks.

John Keyes 1:08:23
Don’t, don’t

get don’t be concerned. Um, we got two fighters, that, that, that love what they do it love what they done. They’re gonna love what they do tonight on Saturday night, don’t be afraid, they know, they know the risk, let these old warriors go out there and they’re either gonna come back with their shield or on it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:08:52
I’m a little bummed about this fight though, because this is one of those fights that you will get so much more hype if you were in a group setting. Like I’m going to love this fight. I’m not going to love it the same way I would love it if I was watching the fight with y’all live or if I was able to go to a local sports bar and watch that right because I you kind of feed off the energy of everybody else for a fight of this magnitude. So it’s such a disservice that it’s happening in the second wave of COVID because I was texting my friend this this last week talking about the fight and we’re kind of breaking down what we were thinking was going to happen and I’m now I’m looking at this like man I’m gonna watch this by my lonesome and I’m gonna be height but not the same way as somebody else’s like oh, you know, so we’re in a weird spot for for boxing. This is like I’m so glad and when we talked about like the stakes being high for for Mike Tyson. I think the bigger stakes were just proving that people want to watch like a legacy fight league. And the the pay per view will show that day. But at the end of the day, I think it’s already starting to be a success. Maybe we’re just at the right spot where people are starved for Any kind of entertainment. But I mean, I know people who haven’t been boxing fans in years who are gonna tune into this. So I think it’s all ready for success.

Ryan Smith 1:10:10
That’s awesome. lat the last story from this fight is the rest of the card. Has anyone looked at the rest of the card?

John Keyes 1:10:19
I saw that mess. That’s there’s one fight that just pretty much just ruined it for me. And that was Logan Paul versus somebody who

Ryan Smith 1:10:28
was Jake Paul.

John Keyes 1:10:29
Jake Paul. I’m sorry. Jake. Paul has a brother. Yeah, yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:10:34
Versus basketball player Nate Robinson.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:10:38
I hope he gets hurt. Nate Robinson on record. I

Ryan Smith 1:10:43
hope he gets hurt. Yeah. Nate Robertson. I think he played for the he think he played for the the heat and he played for the Hornets I believe. But he was a basketball player five foot nine. He’s gonna have a fight up against a Jake Paul. You’ve got former UFC Heavyweight Rashad culture, culture. And he’s fighting a YouTuber videl Riley? Um, yeah, it’s it’s a bit of a mess. In the undercard? Um, yeah. I don’t know, man. This is we’re probably going to watch a lot of ugly fights in order to get to this. This this this main event. So just something to be out there. Dana White had comments on this. He was laughing at the regulations because of the fact that, you know, um, they’re not allowed to knock each other out. They’re not allowed to. You can’t bet I guess they know saying you can’t bet on the fight. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:44
Yeah. Because there’s no winner or loser. Oh, yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:11:47
So So it’s, it’s, it’s a lot. It’s a lot of strangeness. And so Dana White was laughing about it and, and saying, you know, the, this is, this is quite the circus.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:04
People are that that you can’t bet on it. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:12:10
So let’s go on to some of the other stories that are making ways this was this was tied for our number one story of the day and that is Anderson Silva being cut from the UFC. You know, this happened last week. We, we might have touched on it a little bit. But now that he’s released from his contract, Anderson Silva had something to say and he said, I didn’t want to talk about the subject. Especially because I’m on vacation. The saying goes a deal’s a deal. I’ll make it clear to all my fans that this is a moment of joy and gratitude. I feel free after an attempt to force my retirement. I love and I’ve always loved what I do. Winning and losing are part of it. It has absolutely nothing to do with age. I made technical mistakes and lost but I didn’t lose what’s most important, the will and desire to continue to doing what I love. I still have the warrior spirit and that burning flame in my heart that motivates me. I have total belief that I can continue to compete in the elite of MMA. I take this moment to reflect about my career and plan my next moves. Stay tuned.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:13:10
So have you watched Demetrius Johnson and his new promotion? Uh,

Ryan Smith 1:13:18
I watched one of his fights he I think he’s fought maybe three times if I’ve watched one of them.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:13:24
Do you think it’d be higher or lower likelihood that you would watch Anderson so in one FC?

Ryan Smith 1:13:31
I would, I would just look at the results probably win. Yeah. Look at watch Anderson Silva. And listen.

John Keyes 1:13:40
Yeah. It’s not a diss against one of seekers. I highly recommend watching UFC It’s really good. But to see him there, man, come on, dude, retire, train somebody, take your Ryan Hall underneath your wing and train him, you know, do something else. That would be scary. legit.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:14:05
The only place I could see him having like a really actual decent career would be as if he focused on Jiu Jitsu and just kind of did the jujitsu circuit for a bit. Just went on a bunch of championships. He’s got some fighters that he’s trained to, like Gabby Garcia, who continues to fight both MMA and train with Jiu Jitsu. It’s a legitimate path where someone in their mid 40s can be at the top of their game. I think for Anderson while he has been a technical striker his whole time. He’s He’s too slow to be competitive at any professional level at this point like is his chin that his chin I hands low. We all know the angle that your punches are coming from now. So to say that you’d be competitive in MMA is not really believable. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is To an amazing ground game practitioner he just doesn’t show it often. It’s It’s a sad spot in his career and honestly, his options are limited. He’s got Bare Knuckle FC one FC. Maybe Bella Torre. Nope. But none of

Ryan Smith 1:15:16
that poker is already ruled that out.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:15:19
The so P FL

Ryan Smith 1:15:20
also ruled it out.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:15:23
There’s nothing for him to do. Right? This is just I wish he wasn’t as big a star as he is now, because there haven’t been enough people in his camp to just show him like brah you got away with eight additional years after your leg was broken. It’s you’re, you’re no longer playing with house money. You spent all of that you’re back into digging into your own pocket your own legacy

Ryan Smith 1:15:47
now, so So why is it then? And I’m gonna dig it back up just for a moment. Why is it then that when Dana White says it is disrespect.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:15:59
It’s disrespect because of the timing of when Dana White says it and how he says it right. So Dana White leading up to it had a great opportunity to lean into the legacy that was Silva. But even leading up to the fight there was there seemed to be animosity in the way that reporters were asking interesting questions about retirement, and all of that. So it’s Dana, Dana White doesn’t know how to take the high road so I think had he said anything remotely positive leading up to it, it’s a different story. But right after a fighter just lost is not the time to say hey, your trash that’s that’s what it

Ryan Smith 1:16:38
comes down. Let me let me let me let me let me just go back to this because it it I’m incensed by it. And that is you guys keep quoting Dana White as saying that a fighter is trash. You guys keep quoting Dana White and saying that and Dana White isn’t saying this. He did not say this he go back and look at the transcripts. I’m gonna go back and watch 255 I’m gonna go back and watch 255 but he did not call Anderson Silva trash. He,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:09
he brought brah okay.

Ryan Smith 1:17:13
I mean, it’s either a verifiable fact or it’s not. I mean, it’s, we can go back and watch the post fight press conference. Not Not till after January 16. Oh, no, I’m just gonna

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:17:25
mail it or send you an Uber Eats.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:29

Ryan Smith 1:17:31
You would have to write Texas

Unknown Speaker 1:17:33

Ryan Smith 1:17:37
Um, but but we keep quoting Vanna White as saying these these horrible things. And while Dana White may be critical, Dana White isn’t saying it to the level that we keep characterizing his language. And so I think it’s important for us not to, to, you know, to lint hyperbole to these to these quotes from Dana White.

John Keyes 1:17:59
Okay, Sandy can’t use alternative facts. Is that what you’re saying?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
We can’t. Okay,

Ryan Smith 1:18:05
we can.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:06
Oh, this is fake news. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:18:12
Keep keep keep keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes open.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:16
UFC Oh, no. Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:19
That’s right. Why?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:22

Ryan Smith 1:18:24
Why? Come on, man. Come on. Okay. Um, so but let’s keep our eye out for where Anderson Silva lands clearly it’s not going to be Bella tour.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:39
Not gonna be pfml backyard fighting Li

Ryan Smith 1:18:42
it may be knuckle FC.

John Keyes 1:18:46
I’m saying real heroes. Okay, I’m telling you. Now you gonna end up there.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:52
Before we move on to throw in just one so that we can circle back when history calls for it. But his other Brazilian fighter who should have retired by now Scarface just yeah, I think it’s time for him as well. And there’s no great way to assure him out. So I think that might be another one of those if he takes a loss anytime soon. He’s done done.

Ryan Smith 1:19:19
All right, well, we’ll have to say Patreon. patreon definitely did some work on Josie Aldo in his last fight. Um, yeah, speaking of Peter Yon visa, his issues have caused him to withdraw from UFC 256 which means that that alderman Sterling is gonna have to wait even longer before he gets that coveted title shot so it looks like they’re gonna try to get it done in 2021. But we’re gonna have to see when that’s going to happen. Peter Yon had some challenges with the flight and the visa and he missed the deadline in order to make that fight.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:19:53
Isn’t the president friends with the president of the UFC?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:58
Yes, make that happen. Yeah, I feel like how do you ever have

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:20:03
visa issues? Well, the President

Ryan Smith 1:20:06
I don’t know that you can use the president. Even if he is your friend. I don’t know that you could just be like, yo, Peter Yon mister mister deadline for visa. So can you call the State Department? Can you just let Peter yawn in for me,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:20

Unknown Speaker 1:20:21
I don’t think you can do that.

John Keyes 1:20:22
Oh, yeah, man. Yeah, we’ll make that happen to be Bigley. It’d be the greatest thing that ever happened.

Ryan Smith 1:20:29
We’re gonna lose all

John Keyes 1:20:32
over again, some people just like that. He’s been there. My you doing? It sucks. Yeah, yeah. A buck ticket is gonna wait, okay, a buck ticket is gonna come. At some point. Is it going to be yanking out Jimmy I’ll just bought or is it gonna be the other way around? We don’t know. But we know it’s going to happen. Let’s be patient. And let’s let it happen.

Ryan Smith 1:20:54
Okay, all right. Um, speaking of someone who’s gotten his butt kicked, kicked a lot of bugs is is Cody garbrandt. And Cody garbrandt has talked about the long term COVID effects that he’s had. So he talked about the fact that August 29, he had COVID-19. And since then, he’s been battling vertigo. He tore a vein in his bicep, which resulted in the finding out that he’s got blood clots, he’s had pneumonia, he’s had mental fog. All these types of things are symptoms that he’s been fighting with, in his attempt to return to, to the to the UFC and fight again. So, you know, it’s interesting that a UFC fighter is talking about some of the long term effects that he’s having with a suffering from COVID-19.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:21:48
I have to apologize to all the fighters up front, because at the start of this, I was like, Man, you guys are still professional fighters, you can get it done training at home. You can, I’m trying it myself. It’s difficult. It’s a man

Ryan Smith 1:22:07
coleccion he admits he was wrong.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:22:12
I wish I did. But I was I was wrong, like these fighters are going through it. And then to have actually had COVID. Like, yeah, I think I love that he’s coming forward talking about it, because a lot of people miss like, Oh, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s just like any cold I’ve had. I know, people who’ve had COVID and said that, but then those After Effects kick in and all of a sudden, like it’s a whole different beast. And and I think sometimes it just takes people shine a light on it that there’s so many levels to this. And this is like, we got to be real about this like this. The second shutdown is hard. But like, could you imagine your whole livelihood requires you to be a fighter. And, like, you don’t have time to train properly, you don’t have access to facilities. And now when you do get this stuff back, all the things that you had before aren’t quite the same, like your lung capacity. all this other stuff. It’s man, we’re in a whole different world.

Ryan Smith 1:23:04
Wait, wait, you said there’s a second shut down. Are you shut down George? Oh, just

Unknown Speaker 1:23:12
Texas we shut down when?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:15
Yeah. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:23:17

Unknown Speaker 1:23:19
know exactly why.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:22

George Stallworth 1:23:27
The lights are out. The gym floor is cold. The the weekend cleaning crew showing up. You’re like Damn, it’s the cleanest we ever seen it.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:42

Ryan Smith 1:23:43
So So, you know a few of what was it last week? last week. George, you talked about the fact that you really wanted to see chaos William’s career continue to grow. And you just see him do well. So he’s been booked for another fight. December 19. Michael Pereira chaos Williams versus Michael Pereira UFC Vega 17 December 19 and the apex Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. This is the this is a dangerous fight. You talked about the fact that while a 27 second fight and a 32nd fight is is definitely something to celebrate. But we’re gonna see if he’s got those holes in his game fixed or not coach

Unknown Speaker 1:24:27
What do you think

George Stallworth 1:24:30
this is a bad fight for him I feel like and I know people are gonna say that Oh, I’m just hating or whatever. No, I don’t think this is a good fight for him. I think he needs to say one or two more almost filler fights and then fight somebody like perretta Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:24:47
it’s this is a scary fight.

George Stallworth 1:24:51
He needs more octagon time. Well,

John Keyes 1:24:58
I mainly your fight, I guess Hey, it’s

George Stallworth 1:25:00
on the job training every time. And he thought No, man managing management should be making better decisions for you. You shouldn’t be leaving a person’s career up to the haphazard. Okay, well, what can we talk about next? No, somebody should be in your corner saying, look, dude, let’s slow walk this a little bit. Let’s Let’s slow this down. Let’s make the most of it. Let’s build your resume. And at the same time also build you up as a fighter. We need to build your confidence. You’re talking to me here against the guy. I don’t know who Mike’s last fights were. But I do know this is a highlight reel guy. And just because chaos has to in under 30 seconds doesn’t mean he’s on par with this guy. Just shit. Yeah, I really wish they would slow it down for him and let this brother work his way through man Don’t Don’t you know, think about what they deal with. with Kevin Trailblazer. Yep. He’s had seven fights in the UFC. Think about Can Can anybody name anybody that has fought. And I don’t mean that as a diss

Unknown Speaker 1:26:07
was the only

Ryan Smith 1:26:08
the only notable the Oh yeah. The only notable person that he’s fought a Thiago Santos and that was a late fight replacement. And that was like His first coming into the UFC, after Dana White’s Tuesday night contender series.

George Stallworth 1:26:23
So but you get what I’m saying? Like, yes. So. And that’s what they should be doing with chaos. And also they need to have him working with a spokesperson or what would you call it? Someone who was PR, I don’t mean a PR person. So someone who can help him with that. Yeah, those are the two things they need. They need to build this guy slowly. Hopefully he goes out here and he does well and and that but that puts them right back in the same boat. They’re going to turn around and want to put them up against somebody better than next time. They’re not going to let this guy walk through and get get his skill set straight and they need to map because they’ve got something on their hands. Well, we can okay. Williams up. Speaking of facts, john Key’s apparently judge. What’s the name jack Queen Buckley.

Ryan Smith 1:27:15
Oh, yeah, Joaquin, Joaquin Buckley,

George Stallworth 1:27:18
Joaquin Buckley and chaos. Have, I guess, worked or trained together at Mercy Lago up in Detroit or something to that effect? Oh, but I luckily can’t stay in again too long. And say he gets tossed around or that he hops around in different fight camps. So I don’t know how you know.

Ryan Smith 1:27:40
Well, you know, not everybody can train, you know, in those big camps, and probably the person who is most notable about not training in a traditional fight camp is Al kakui. Attorney Tony Ferguson.

George Stallworth 1:27:56
You’re segues right? Hey man,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:58
the show go

George Stallworth 1:28:00
we’ve dealt with this topic we move it on to the next week. Speaking of big training camps Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:28:11
I’m so so Tony Ferguson has been chasing after Michael Chandler right. Everybody wants to know once a piece of the new blood coming into the UFC really wants to do that introduction. And of course Chandler’s playing coy really wants to lock down that that Conor McGregor fight on his first time out. So the since Tony Ferguson could not get the Michael Chandler fight, he’s decided to go into the ring with Charles do Bronx Allah Vera and so we’re going to see a really good bite here. They all Is it just me or does Tony Ferguson and Charles Oliveira look like the same person?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:52
I was wrong with that

Ryan Smith 1:28:54
with them side by side. It just looks like it’s Tony Ferguson. And then there’s Tony Ferguson with blonde hair

Unknown Speaker 1:29:03

Ryan Smith 1:29:07
nice nice nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:09
I tried. Yeah, so

Ryan Smith 1:29:12
so it is I mean they look they look a lot alike and and it was it was striking to me in seeing them so their fight styles all you know that they bring a full complement of skills both on the feet and on the ground. So I think it’s going to be a great fight. Tony Ferguson’s opening as a slight betting favorite against Charles Oliveira. So I’m, I’m interested to see that UFC 256 is when it’s gonna happen. I think that’s in December,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:41
December 8 or

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:29:42
something cards coming up.

Ryan Smith 1:29:45
Some really good card really

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:29:46
good. That’s gonna be a good one. I’m excited. Tony’s for me needs a win, just to like bring back a little more of his luster. Like he’s kind of fallen off a bit like I guess,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:56
as he has fallen off

Ryan Smith 1:30:00
You can’t pull off after one fight.

John Keyes 1:30:03
Yeah, no, you can’t go forward. Yeah, go for the one fight.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:30:10
His skill set hasn’t dropped at all. I’m not saying that at all. But I’m saying like, headlines, he’s he’s not making headlines as much. Right. Like, his his social media score is down for some curating right? Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:30:24
Yeah. And that’s fair. But how do you how are you? How can you be relevant when you’ve got Habiba? merker medoff retiring? Dustin puoi a and and Conor McGregor going back and forth. Michael Chandler comes in,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:39
like, Oh, yeah,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:30:42
that’s why I’m saying he needs a win to just splashes name on some headlines again. Yeah. Because I think he is that caliber fighter who will for sure be challenging for the title soon enough again. But that’s a lot of stuff happening in his weight class.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:57
That’s like

John Keyes 1:30:59
a man. Right? Um, rubella breaks.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:04

Ryan Smith 1:31:05
let’s go ahead and get into what’s happening this weekend with the fight card.

All right, we talked about it now it’s time to make our picks. He got mike tyson versus Roy Jones, Jr. November 20 2020. At the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. We’ve got four fights on the card. We’re only going to pick the main event unless you guys are feeling feeling comfortable. So we got Vidal Reilly versus Rashad Coulter. He got badou jack versus Blake

Unknown Speaker 1:31:56

Ryan Smith 1:31:57
You’ve got Jake Paul versus Nate Robinson. And then in the main event of the evening, iron mike tyson versus Roy Jones, Jr. For the WBC frontline

Unknown Speaker 1:32:11

Ryan Smith 1:32:13
So there are Vegas odds you can’t bet on them. But Mike Tyson’s coming in at a minus 220. Roy Jones is currently sitting at a plus 170. The over under four, or seven and a half rounds over is that a plus 150 under is a minus 180. So people are looking for this fight to be very quick. I think we’ve all talked about it. So let’s go ahead and make your picks George g money Star Wars before you fall asleep. Um

Unknown Speaker 1:32:42
who you gotta

George Stallworth 1:32:45
go with Mike man. At least at this junction.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:50
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:53
A glitchy

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:32:57
because there is no way to actually bet and I don’t know how betting works. I’m gonna go ahead and call this a draw. But all right, oh, the distance.

Ryan Smith 1:33:10
Okay. Uh, john Key’s.

John Keyes 1:33:15
I’m gonna call until I see the actual way the final weigh in. I want to call mike tyson by assault and battery. consensual. I’m in the first round. Because you think you want it? I think you actually start getting it. And then you’re like, oh, wait a minute, dawg I was playing and that’s consensual assault and battery. They can see me now.

Ryan Smith 1:33:54
Here we go for my pick. You may recall last week I made a pick but I but I was given by George the ability to change my pick. So last week, I picked Roy Jones Jr. Because I wanted to show some respect to Roy Jones while everyone else was not. And so this week sticking I’m sticking with it, I’m gonna go Roy Jones Jr. There we go. Ryan Smith is doing with Roy Jones Jr. I’m not confident in that pic at all. Um, because I think y’all right? but somebody’s got to take the underdog.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:34

Ryan Smith 1:34:36
Nobody gonna take a spell from Mike. Um, guess what, y’all may not know this because it’s been overshadowed by Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr. But UFC Vegas 15 blades vs. Lewis Saturday, November 28 2020 at the UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have five fights on the card. Devin Clark versus Anthony Lionheart Smith, dude At the bottom of a main card now

Unknown Speaker 1:35:03
my how the mighty have fallen. I saw that at least.

John Keyes 1:35:08
Well, at least we can say that he’s only still on the main car. Okay, one more

Ryan Smith 1:35:13
loss and he won’t be

Unknown Speaker 1:35:16
and he doesn’t deserve to be Let’s

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:35:17
be honest. Like

Unknown Speaker 1:35:25
what happened to us, given the respect of the fighters now is like he

Ryan Smith 1:35:29
don’t deserve to be on no main card.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:32

John Keyes 1:35:34
I mean they know why they hate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:37
White. Okay, yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:35:39
you must be on my site. You you you are on my side of the line. So I’m gonna let it I’m gonna let you have it. You go right ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:45
You say all you want.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:47

Ryan Smith 1:35:48
then Michael basil versus Takashi Sato. Um, you’ve got Gina mo zanni Mulvaney versus Rachel are still Vich. And you know, everybody follows Rachel are still Vich on Instagram. I don’t see why she’s a UFC fighter. I don’t but, you know, go at it. If you can do it, you do it. I’m Josh Parisien versus Parker Porter. In the CO main, I don’t know either one of these fighters. So it’ll be interesting to watch. Like, who am I kidding? I’m gonna be watching Roy Jones, Jr. and then watch that fight. Yeah, Curtis blades versus the black beast Derrick Lewis. I am excited about this fight. I don’t. So we’re gonna only pick that fight. JOHN Key’s who you got Curtis blades or Derrick Lewis?

John Keyes 1:36:41
My head says Curtis blades. My heart says they’re close. I’m going to go with my heart this time. I think Derek was gonna pull it out somehow. Okay.

Ryan Smith 1:36:52
All right. Let’s see Casey.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:36:54
Oh, yay, budget. Oh, but opposite like head says Curtis Hart says blade. Wait, what? So you know what Curtis blades?

Unknown Speaker 1:37:11
Yeah, apparently.

John Keyes 1:37:14
You’re all there, man. You’re all there.

Ryan Smith 1:37:17
All right, Miss George Stallworth.

George Stallworth 1:37:21
But the black beast gets it done. shuts him down in round three.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:28

John Keyes 1:37:31
All right, I’m gonna be

Ryan Smith 1:37:34
okay. And and, uh, you know, I was very complimentary of Curtis blades. In the past, I had said that, you know, Curtis blades was representing the new the new talent coming in the new guard coming into the UFC and taking on, you know, someday being a champion. It didn’t really manifest for me, though. So I think Derrick lewis is gonna get it done. I think it’ll go to decision, but I’m gonna go with Derrick Lewis. Okay, see?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:38:07
I agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:08
Yeah. You you.

Ryan Smith 1:38:10
Everybody’s on Derrick Lewis, except for you. So this is your chance. The Pound that that? That curl button. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:21
All right.

Ryan Smith 1:38:22
Follow us on social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk, john,

John Keyes 1:38:28
on the keys to victory and that’s keys with an S collection.

Ryan Smith 1:38:33
I am at push pull. Pray on Instagram, and George

George Stallworth 1:38:39
Gartside underscore muy Thai underscore on the gram.

Ryan Smith 1:38:43
All right, and you can find us on our website at www combat sports talk.com and we are on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. Be sure to like and subscribe, leave a comment for us we will respond. Um, shout out to MMA junkie MMA mania, MMA fighting and bloody elbow as well as the intelligent defense discussion group. That’s where these conversations happen. And those are played the places where we get a lot of the stories we use for our show. Here’s all the places you can find combat sports talk. So definitely check us out on your favorite platform. And on behalf of George g money Stallworth glitchy Casey only a Buchi and john keys, I’m Ryan Smith reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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