Episode 151 – Tyson’s Return and the Rise of Uncle Khabib

On Saturday Night, the long-awaited return of “Iron” Mike Tyson delivered a performance that left people asking what could have been in the 8 round exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr.  The card also featured two entertaining matchups and a brutal knockout performance delivered by YouTube sensation Jake Paul.  On the same night, Anthony “Lionheart” Smith defeated Devin Clark via triangle choke to save a card that lost its main event to COVID-19.  Khabib Nurmagomedov buys Gorilla Fighting Championship to become a fight promoter and questions have arised whether his upcoming meeting with Dana White in Abu Dhabi is about going for 30-0 OR signing an agreement to promote his new promotion.  Get this discussion, more headlines and fight picks for UFC Vegas 16: Hermansson vs. Vettori.


Ryan Smith 0:08
Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is cholesky Casey only a Buchi What up? Howdy am George g money stoer

Unknown Speaker 0:33
what’s going on people?

Ryan Smith 0:35
All right, we do not have john keys tonight. We are sending our shout outs to him. He wasn’t able to make it so we’re going to have to forego our random facts from john keys segment.

George Stallworth 0:50
You don’t have a random fact for us. Bruh

Ryan Smith 0:55
going up yonder by Walter Hawkins was on his love alive album in 1977. There you go.

George Stallworth 1:02
Nice. I like it. I like it. Wait way to pull that one out.

Ryan Smith 1:10
Random trivia facts There you go. So I do have to say that I am I am in my Eagles Eagles hat and I’ve got my Eagles blanket trying to hold myself together because the Eagles late another goose said when I didn’t get goose a bit scored like nine points where they put another stinker in the link tonight and, and on Monday Night Football against the Seahawks. And so I’m holding myself consoling myself with my Eagles regalia showing my showing my allegiance but at the same time booing the hell out of it.

Unknown Speaker 1:47
It’s time to jump ship.

Ryan Smith 1:49
You know Cowboys fan can’t jump ships. Definitely not jumping that sinking ship. But uh, but I do reserve the right to boo my team. Just know, I’m booing my team. Hmm. All right. Let’s go ahead and get into this. This weekend was a fight weekend where there were a ton of fights. The number one fight that everybody wanted to see was what was going to happen when Mike Tyson stepped back into the ring after like 15 years, to face off against Roy Jones, Jr. To see what happens in this first example of the legends league. And at the same time, in the apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, UFC Vegas, 15 Anthony Lionheart Smith versus Devin Clark. There was a lot of action and we’re going to cover all of it in the official decision.

All right, this is the official decision. This is where we talk about the fights that were on Saturday night. We’re going to start off with the boxing match mike tyson versus Roy Jones, Jr. November 20 2020. In the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. There were four fights on the card. The first Fight of the Night was Jermaine Ortiz, who defeated Scylla mon sagawa. via TKO in the seventh round. Probably the best, I would argue is the best Fight of the Night.

George Stallworth 3:30
I think so. Definitely. It was a great fight, man. Those guys got it right out the gate. What’s his name again?

Ryan Smith 3:40
Yeah, Suliman. sagawa.

George Stallworth 3:42
Silliman, Seagal opened up and came out marching and Jemaine put on a clinic by that buddy by the end of the fight, man like he was, it was nice.

Ryan Smith 3:52
There. Yeah, it absolutely was. You know, and, and it was going back and forth. I felt like Jermaine had the better of each round and I was really it was because I don’t watch a whole whole lot of boxing. It was difficult for me to score the rounds at first and then you could see that Jermaine was starting to pull away and then when we got to the seventh round, it really was all germane at that

Kelechi Onyebuchi 4:19
I think I realized that throughout most of the card is like how unfamiliar I am with boxing scored right it’s just as difficult to score rounds

Ryan Smith 4:30
for Yeah, yeah, I found I found it difficult to score rounds to where I’m looking at it and I’m like, I see the action but you know, I I remember talking to someone and maybe that was you, George that was talking to where it was like, there are people who cannot throw. Actually it wasn’t. I was watching a video of a boxer talking about you know how ring generalship, the definition range generalship in boxing means that you could avoid getting hit and score points and win around without getting hit. You don’t have to really throw any punches. If you’re making your opponent missed, then you’re really scoring points. It’s not the same way really in MMA and you know, and I don’t know what your thoughts would be on how boxing scoring compares to Muay Thai scoring George, but I found it really hard to score the boxing.

George Stallworth 5:27
I guess I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other in reference to it. I know that in Muay Thai and MMA, the judges we typically tend to get and the people who wind up judging, those type of fights tend to come from the boxing world. So we see we get very frustrated when we see bad decisions take place, or when we see scoring heavily weighted towards more of a person’s boxing skills instead of their total packages of mixed martial artists are some of the other weapons available to them as a mixed martial artist. As far as scoring boxing, I get what you’re saying, Man it’s it’s really hard to to keep up with a who, who is leading the output in this round. And you tend to go on who appears to be the aggressor at any given point as opposed to who’s actually scoring who’s actually doing damage unless it’s just absolutely visible and wish that that Superman and Tito What’s his name? remain Ortiz fight? Yeah, yeah, it wasn’t really evident At first, the first few rounds were really like, it wasn’t a filling out process because Superman came out so hard, so heavy right out the gate. But it’s like once Jemaine warmed up and got his second when it was a rap after that, and it was very easy to score from that point on, but those first few rounds, I definitely had a hard time determining who I thought was was, you know, winning those rounds.

Ryan Smith 6:45
Absolutely. Now, one fight that I did not have difficulty scoring was the body jack, lik mckernon. Fight. That might, I mean, Blake mckernon was a military vet. I mean, this is the biggest fight of his life. He’s never fought anyone with the experience that bottle jack was bringing into the rink bottle jack, of course, being a two weight division champion coming in, he’d been off I don’t know if he’d been off for injury or if he’d been off just because of the his last couple of fights. But he was he’s really trying to get back into contention and back didn’t climbing that ladder, that this was really kind of like a tune up fight for him. And so seeing this guy who is, you know, this, you know, new to the new to professional boxing, versus kind of a grizzled veteran, it was very clear who was winning that fight. And you know, by the end of the, you know, the eighth round, people were saying they need to stop this fight. McKiernan is taking too much damage. And the dude was staying in the pocket just taken huge blows.

George Stallworth 7:56
I don’t know if a lot of those were landing as cleanly as people. Wait them. And I gotta say, Blake made a fan out of me that night. Next time he fights I want to see it. Like, that guy has heart. And he definitely he was outmatched. But I’d love to see him matched up against somebody more his his skill set more of more of his speed right now and see what kind of work he puts in.

Ryan Smith 8:21
So you set it so I’m gonna give you the opportunity. Are you on the Blake? mckernon Hi, drink.

George Stallworth 8:27
Yeah, I’m on Blake mckernon. Hi, check do

that man took an opportunity and gave everything he had to try to make it happen. And unfortunately, it didn’t go his way. But I wasn’t upset with him at all. He put on a great performance himself. He showed excellent heart a tough chin and I can’t help but think he leveled up after that. Anytime you fight somebody that much better than you and you spend that much time with them and are able to survive. Do you take some lessons away from that and he’s gonna come away a better fighter as a result?

Ryan Smith 9:04
Why are you smiling cuz

Kelechi Onyebuchi 9:07
I’m trying so hard not to remember a certain matchup where someone was outmatched so greatly. And somehow, you lost a belt and a lot of pride in it.

George Stallworth 9:22
And if you are playing

Unknown Speaker 9:25
Nike game ladies, yeah. Drake,

Ryan Smith 9:30
you know, you know, it’s a fitting night, I just have to say, it is a fitting night that you would bring that up while I’m wearing my Eagles gear. Because what I learned is that you can beat somebody pillar to post in Dallas, Texas, and if you are an Eagles fan, you are going to lose that fight based off a crowd decision. That’s what I know your marketing,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 9:54
you should have known better.

Ryan Smith 9:57
So So for those of you who are new To our show, a collection I was it stopped almost 10 years ago. Hmm, something like that five years ago, five years ago. It’s five years ago. I’ve known you for 10 years right. aeons ago, like, right, beginning of the world collection, I thought I’m

Kelechi Onyebuchi 10:17
gonna make this sound like old history now you got those hands recently?

Ryan Smith 10:22
Yeah, five years ago I caught one hand that was it. um the uh, but what happened was at the beginning of the fight the the the local sports, radio show the ticket, they let each day they interviewed both Collette she and me before the fight and collect, she’s talking and then he goes, Oh, by the way, the guy on the other side of the ring is a filled up Eagle fan. Crowd instantly turns against me. So it didn’t matter. Like I had to finish collection. I was gonna win that fight. And unfortunately, I’m a big dude, I don’t pack a lot of power. You know, it’s more finesse for me. I wasn’t finishing cholesky and there was no way I was gonna win that win that fight based upon the crowd’s reaction. Hmm.

George Stallworth 11:10
smartmove caleche

Kelechi Onyebuchi 11:12
I mean, this is why I’m in marketing.

George Stallworth 11:19
If you can’t make them love you make them hate somebody else.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 11:23

Ryan Smith 11:26
Well, so So yeah, that’s that’s what I learned. I didn’t level up. But you leveled up. You know, now, I can’t wait to see you fight.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 11:35
I did. I learned how to fly off ball. Hit him as hard as you can. Yeah, that worked. Once

George Stallworth 11:42
I looked around, I noticed he didn’t follow up. Follow up on your statement. Right.

Ryan Smith 11:47
Yeah, he did. Um, but

George Stallworth 11:51
not taking the bait.

Ryan Smith 11:52
No, no, I wish he would though. I wish you January 16th.

Oh, we missed that. But anyway, anyway, the coach, it was funny because I was channeling you. I was like, Blake mckernon his level and that like I was on Twitter. I was just like, that’s what Coach would say. And you could see it you could see the fact that this dude is learning and getting better. As the fight progressed, he was learning me he’s still taking a weapon for sure. But he was he was starting to land punches and he was starting to throw big, bigger, bigger shots. And it was just a great fight. I also really appreciate it Blake mckernon. I look forward to watching more fights from him. In the CO main event of the evening, Jake Paul, defeated basketball legend. Definitely not a boxer, Nate Robertson, by second round kayo knockout in the second round.

Unknown Speaker 13:07
He got beat so badly. I don’t think that he’s an NBA legend.

Ryan Smith 13:13
You know, we need to send a moment for Nate Robinson as his body fell to the ground like Apollo Creed. And rocky for like, I mean, he was literally laying on his face, like Apollo Creed with Jake Paul standing over him like Drago.

George Stallworth 13:38
Yeah, it was reminiscent of that, wouldn’t it?

Ryan Smith 13:40
Oh my gosh, it was it was really bad. And the thing is, is that you see Yeah, you know, we’re not fans of the pole brothers Jake Paul or Logan Paul. We’re not fans but both of them have been boxing for a while they’ve been training. You know is Logan Paul is fought twice KSI the the YouTuber twice. And so like these guys have been in the boxing ring, Nate Robinson felt like he could just do a three week training camp and be ready to fight a professional fight.

George Stallworth 14:17
Has Nate ever fought before his amateur? No.

Ryan Smith 14:21
He has not had an amateur career like this was his

George Stallworth 14:25
professional license. How did he I mean,

Ryan Smith 14:29
I’m assuming the California State Athletic Commission.

George Stallworth 14:34
Wow. I you know, I was under the assumption that maybe he had some, some amateur fights under his belt and because all he kept hyping up was this is his professional debut. So you know, when I hear people say that I’m assuming that there’s an amateur career, but wow, to hear that there wasn’t

Ryan Smith 14:55
Yeah, I’m not seeing I’m not seeing that he had like, I’m looking right now. If he’s had an amateur career, hmm. I think Yeah. But I mean, they, they usually he says, you know, the BBC there’s a boxing when it says most amateurs turning pro fight only four rounds. These guys are debuting in a six rounder.

George Stallworth 15:26
Well, they’re talking about the length of the fight.

Ryan Smith 15:28
Yeah, but I’m just saying, like, this is this is this is really, this was a non standard kind of thing. I guess that’s the point I’m making. Is that all around? there? Were there were issues with the, with how they were treating these fighters, like, you shouldn’t have made Nate Robinson, a, a pro by robots or without an amateur career. I’m just looking to see like, I don’t I don’t think he did. This was I think, I think this is one of those where hope, the the plan, would they say hope can’t be your strategy or whatever. Hope is not a strategy. I think he was hoping to get in there. And by virtue of him being a former professional athlete, he’d be able to walk in there and, and do something.

George Stallworth 16:26
But now that, you know, you tell me that there was no amateur career. And I think about what I saw from him in that fight. It definitely was evident. Originally, I just thought that, you know, he has an awkward style or that, you know, but again, I was under the assumption that there was at least some amateur career.

Ryan Smith 16:45
Yeah, so I’m looking at a Forbes article. And it says, while Robinson may not have any fights under his belt, unlike his opponent, he believes his lack of enduring experience can actually serve as an advantage. How did that work out for you? That’s a bold move Cotton Bowl strategy, cotton. Let’s see how it works out for.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 17:05
Yeah, there’s something about like the overconfidence of saying I was an athlete at one point, and just being able to kind of coast by one particular sport, it does not translate over to everything like it’s, he looked beyond amateurish in moments before his knockout and in swinging wildly hands down, chin forward. It was everything that a first year boxer would know not to do.

Ryan Smith 17:36
Absolutely. And and, and what was worse is that I don’t know that his corner had a lot of cornering experience, because they didn’t really give him like dude has already been caught in the like, right behind the ear. He thought he got hit in the back of the head, he didn’t really want to continue, the ref had to almost coax him into continuing. And so it was the rep has to be responsible for part of this, because you could see once he got dropped the very first time, it took an eight count just for him to stand up. Yeah.

George Stallworth 18:10
This is first time ever being dropped.

Ryan Smith 18:12
His first time ever being dropped. He’s holding the back of his head because that’s where he thought he got hit the rest like can you continue? And he’s like, Yeah, he’s like, rest like Show me your gloves. At that point. Dude wasn’t showing his gloves. stop the fight. stop the fight like

Kelechi Onyebuchi 18:32
Kevin Hart has this bit about his dad get beat up first time. Like, did I get hit by an octopus?

Like, oh, buddy did not want to get back in a ring. He was done done. Yeah. But I mean for entertainment value. You gotta keep you gotta let it play out and boy did it.

Ryan Smith 18:59
So it did and Jake Paul caught Nate Robinson in the second round. Clean shot right across the chin. And it was timber dude was out and everybody’s like, who

Unknown Speaker 19:15
didn’t live with him?

Ryan Smith 19:17
You don’t know what to do at that point?

Unknown Speaker 19:20
Well, I guess he’s kind of a boxer.

Ryan Smith 19:23
Yeah, he’s a boxer now. So So Jake Paul, walks away with that knockout. It will go on his highlight reel and but Nate Robinson did send a note out on Instagram said thank you for Thank you, everyone. For all of the well wishes. I’m okay. I appreciate triller for the opportunity, as well as everyone that has backed me during the fight to my coaches, trainers, fans and teammates. I appreciate all the time and support you guys put in me. It wasn’t the outcome we wanted. Like

Kelechi Onyebuchi 19:57
all the time. You Three minutes before the fight started.

Ryan Smith 20:04
I’m thankful for the opportunity to fight on the biggest stage there has ever there has been like, it wasn’t the outcome we want it. Like, do you know how far away getting knocked out by a YouTuber is from the outcome you want it? Like so?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 20:22
Who is Who are these people he’s addressing? Like, there are no supporters. He lost everybody when he said, Man, like, I’m fighting for my family. I’m fighting for the NBA. And they’re like, no, we’re good.

Ryan Smith 20:33
No, we’re good. Yeah. Yeah. It was funny because you I’m just I’m stuck by this is not the outcome. We want it like wearing sunglasses. In a in a dark studio and tripping over a cable is a better outcome than that. Yeah. What was that? Like to a cable?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 21:04
That was Ferguson. Right?

Ryan Smith 21:05
Yeah. Tony Ferguson. Yeah. Even though he wasn’t wearing he wasn’t wearing sunglasses. I think he’s wearing transitions to position glasses. But I don’t think he was wearing his sunglasses. So just for the record before people come at me. I’m just, I’m doing this for comedic purposes.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 21:25
Cancel Ryan. Say

Ryan Smith 21:27
yeah. And in the main event of the evening, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. fought to a draw after eight rounds for the WBC frontline championship. This is where I have to.

George Stallworth 21:43
I wasn’t really a draw.

Ryan Smith 21:45
Yeah, that’s no it wasn’t a draw. But But I do have to do this for George g money Stallworth and Ryan Smith. Because the nostril damas Collette gkc only a Buchi Oh, picked a draw. He picked a draw last week. You said this was gonna draw. Alright, you better wash those hands. We’ve got open st proof fighting this weekend. I saw a twisted a little bit.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 22:24
I see. Ryan is out right now. So I gotta be careful.

Ryan Smith 22:31
Yeah, it’s true. It’s true. Like I got all my stuff. I just pulled it out. Um, so uh, hey, lepanto light is here with us this week. Miss you dude. had to be a draw. He says they weren’t gonna have knockouts. So I

Unknown Speaker 22:51
completely forgot. Now there’s no way.

Ryan Smith 22:53
Here’s the suspect thing. And this is why I agree with lepidolite that it was always going to be a draw. Because after the fight, you see them both holding that WBC frontline championship. They each have their own belt. Like they brought two belts. Come on, bro.

George Stallworth 23:16
So that belt is supposed to just signify the thing itself. It’s not a built in like it’s to be defended or anything like that. That’s not what that

Ryan Smith 23:25
it’s essentially a BMF bill.

George Stallworth 23:28
Not even that because Well yeah, I guess you could call it a BMF built in that way. But I was gonna say because they gave two out at the same time. You can’t even put it in the same court with that. It really is it just a souvenir for the fight. It’s no different than Yeah.

Ryan Smith 23:47
Well, you know, it’s a participation trophy.

George Stallworth 23:52
We call it all that mean they those are two of the greatest boxes ever on the planet. They were just Did you hear? Did you hear what Roy said after the fight though? When they asked him how hard mic hits

Kelechi Onyebuchi 24:06

Ryan Smith 24:07
Oh, yeah, it I don’t remember exactly what he said. But it was funny. Yeah. What do you remember what he said?

George Stallworth 24:14
I don’t remember the specifics. But it absolutely was funny. But it really gave you an insight to how hard that man hit. If I’m not mistaken. I heard a rumor today that Roy has a fractured real Yeah.

Ryan Smith 24:29
I didn’t think you were fractured.

George Stallworth 24:38

Ryan Smith 24:45
I’m not seeing anything. I’m not seeing anything. That’s coming up on the on the news. So maybe it hasn’t hit the hit the hit the hit the headlines yet, but I picked Roy Jones. Winning and I felt like he won that fight.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:03
I sadly agree. Mike Tyson couldn’t get his offense off. He was getting wrapped up all the time. And man, that is so frustrating when you’ve got all the power in the world. And you know, it just takes a couple of shots to get the job done. But your opponent is smart. He’s wise, he’s using the rain constantly. And he wraps you up that whole time. Like there’s, there’s a frustration factor that you could see with Mike the whole time because, man, he showed a couple of flashes, like if you give him some space, he still can move. But you got experience plays out. This is why there is some advantage to this legends league because you’re gonna see a lot more experience versus brute force.

Ryan Smith 25:44
Right. And, and, you know, speaking of tying up stronger opponents, you know, that was something that I employed as well.

Unknown Speaker 25:51
I’m drained, ladies and gentlemen.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 25:56
Oh, I was casually alluding to it.

Ryan Smith 25:59
Yeah. But that’s the thing, right? People were upset because they thought that these two guys were gonna stand in the middle of the ring. It’s boxing, it’s boxing. The object is not to get hit. And if one of those people is Mike Tyson throwing the punches, you desperately don’t want to get hit. It was weird. Watching Roy Jones Jr. Throw a jab and then run away. Like it was it looked like he was playing tag for the first couple of rounds. And so it was just it was frustrating to watch.

George Stallworth 26:31
So, you mentioned that you guys felt like Roy Jones Jr. won that fight? Yeah, I don’t. I feel like Mike won.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 26:42
Lord have mercy. Wow.

Ryan Smith 26:44
Well, I mean, we started this conversation with it’s hard to score boxing fights, but yeah, tell me why. Why Why you felt like Mike Tyson won that fight.

George Stallworth 26:53
Mike control the center, the ring, the entire fight. Might was the aggressor. might push forward all throughout all wrapped round. When you look at damage taken damage sustained and things like that. I think Roy took a lot more damage than Mike did. And I don’t feel like Roy really, really got his shots off on Mike. I can’t think of any shot there. Roy really due to damage Mike at all.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 27:22
You’re not wrong. I mean, each one of those points is valid.

Ryan Smith 27:26
Yeah, but for me, I felt like Mike Tyson most of Mike Tyson’s punches were done while being wrapped up and in the clench it he didn’t he wasn’t landing clean shots. I mean it perhaps, you know, there’s a couple of shots that he did land but the cleaner shots were being land by Roy Jones Jr. Even though his jab was kind of this mean

Unknown Speaker 27:51
that jab,

Ryan Smith 27:53
the jab, but But even as we got in round set six, round seven and round eight, he was landing love some really nice combos, like really, you could really see the speed still still existed in his hands where he was landing three, four punches on mike tyson as Mike Tyson was, as they were, as they were separating. After the clinch, he was landing, boo, boo, boom, and then he would back off and he would get out. So this kind of stick and move kind of strategy that he was employing, I felt like was working at least in the 678 rounds. You know, he only you only need five rounds to win. So I felt like

George Stallworth 28:32
I’d like us to go back and, and maybe Jews, this is one of our fight companion episodes where we justify, we should mark this up as one of those.

Ryan Smith 28:41
Yeah, yeah, it would be interesting to watch that fight together. Although I don’t know what the rules are on us being able to actually show what we’re looking at. Otherwise, it’s just us going.

Unknown Speaker 28:52
Whoo. Well,

Ryan Smith 28:54
do you see that?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 28:57
I’ll be Mike Tyson. You Georgia arms.

Ryan Smith 29:00
Now you would need you need someone to look closer to you. Ah. So none of none of none of us could could could could feel that we’re just too senior. Um, what was thing that was funny is a yes. Let it a light says that. You know, Roy Jones said that he doesn’t do draws. He wears them. That was a funny line.

Unknown Speaker 29:24
Now I’m here for

Ryan Smith 29:27
so this wasn’t the only fight. This wasn’t the only card so let’s go ahead and close the book on this one. And go to UFC Vegas 15 you got something glitchy?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 29:36
I just want to say it was the worst $45 I’ve spent this month. Really? Yeah, I did not for entertainment value. Like I feel like most people turned off the music. We’re subpar. Like how do you justify the spend on this? Like what was about? What about that was interesting.

George Stallworth 29:57
What? Okay, here, let me let me hit you with the counter. points on this. Okay, go back and watch UFC one. And think about how much it sucked compared to where it’s at now. This is the you know, Mike’s first first outing with the legends league. I think we got to give him some time to grow. And for the first venture, I don’t think it was that bad. Yeah, the musical artists suck without a crowd there, you know that there’s no way around. And it seemed like they were lip synching. Like I heard different voices coming out at the same time. So I don’t want to be too harsh on on this event. You know what I’m saying? Like we were we’re using our standards of shows that have been put on for years to judge this first show that someone’s done on this scale. You get what I’m saying? And we’re put we’re already judging him based on the UFC. He didn’t even get the belt or shine or the the pfal shine. We already comparing Mike show to the UFC shows every week. And that’s probably just not fair.

Ryan Smith 30:57
Yeah, well, I just disagree with the statement that the fight sucks. Jermaine or teens versus doula months ago. wasn’t good, right? Body jack versus Blake mckernon was a good fight. We got to see a highlight reel knockout, thanks to Nate Robinson’s face. And then we got to see mike tyson and Roy Jones. The only thing that really sucked about that event was the musical acts. Like, why couldn’t they get just some up and coming fighters to fill those those? Those glass? blank spaces? Because, I mean, while I will say that I was singing along when they brought Snoop out at the end, like Snoop was doing his hits. That was great. But French Montana YG. Like, I don’t listen to these guys. I mean, I know who French Montana is. But I got liji like, some of these guys just doing this lips like this. This autotuned stuff. Like, come on, man that everybody I know who watched that card turn either muted the concert or went to watch UFC Vegas 15 while the acts were on,

George Stallworth 32:09
fair, like you could have like says y’all got tricked into watching a sparring match.

Ryan Smith 32:22
So yeah, I mean, I was gonna choose to ignore that, sir. But, but we’ll, we’ll put it up there. We’ll get we’ll put that speaking of UFC Vegas 15 that was going on simultaneously. And so you know, I don’t know if that was intentional by the by Mike Tyson and and triller to try to, you know, put these two events up against each other or what was going on there if they were both just trying to take care of that Thanksgiving weekend. time slot. But Devin Clark versus Anthony Smith, Saturday, November 28 2020, UFC Apex arena. There were I got six fights on the card. I don’t know if the Jonathan Pierce Kai comarca fight was actually the featured event of the of the undercard. But yeah, Jonathan Pierce defeated Kai comm aka via TKO in round number two, it was a great shot that he landed the kind of set the end of the stage for that normal demo. defeated Ashley Evan Smith. I think Ashley Evan Smith came in as the favorite in this.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
She did, but she got up and yeah,

Ryan Smith 33:31
she got the elbow at the end around one I think was a turning point. Because dum dum all after that just took over and by the end of the third round by the third round, she was just not loot Try not to lose the fight. You know, sticking and moving. Bill out. Gio defeated spike Carlisle via unanimous decision. heavyweights. Parker Porter defeated Josh presen. via unanimous decision. Miguel bazer defeated Takashi Sato via arm triangle at 428. In round number two, which was excellent, like Miguel bass is is really getting a lot of pub from Vanna White. He we might get to see him into other things.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
It’s partially because

George Stallworth 34:23
it was his post fight interview.

Ryan Smith 34:26
I did not

George Stallworth 34:28
one of the reporters asked him like, Who are your training partners? And I think he said, Well, you know who it is if you ask him the question, I think, what’s the name Joe? small, small assay. And so he finally comes out where he’s like, yeah, I’m training with Colby covered. Yeah, he said, he said, but you know Kobe’s not the person that we all know him to be. He’s

Ryan Smith 34:53
what that’s that’s what they say. But I you know, I think he made the Tropic Thunder Thunder. Yeah. And and so I can’t differentiate between who his persona is and who is real, or who He says He is. I can’t tell anymore. I don’t know.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 35:12
That’s the problem. It’s like at a certain point it just like COVID keeps getting caught in moments of goodness and truth. But if you’re living your life to the contrary in front of the cameras, then there is no more need to separate because that’s who you are. Like, Colby is Yeah. I’m trying to choose my words carefully there. But Kobe is not a good dude. The only because, like, at a certain point, if you’re playing the bad guy that well, that often then that’s just who you are now.

George Stallworth 35:45
All right, john Jones.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 35:49
Well, but I feel that way about him like, right, like, I’ve always been john Jones defender, but at a certain point, he can’t be like the good guy. Like, I’ll give him the whole duality thing. But the difference between a john Jones and a Colby is that john Jones has always tried. Like, john has always tried to play the good guy. Whereas Colby has never tried to play the good guy. Good guy. Yeah.

George Stallworth 36:18
Right. You know, you know to drop we need going up in yonder.

Ryan Smith 36:23
You You will have it next week. Coach.

George Stallworth 36:26
There would have been very apropos especially with the the Nate Robinson and Jake Paul fight.

Ryan Smith 36:33
Oh, yeah, we’re gonna have to do that. Because Yeah, I don’t have it all. I wanted to play this one. I missed it.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
Um, yes,

Ryan Smith 36:45
get that get that you want to go see a dead body? Um, you know, for me? Yeah, go ahead. Coach.

George Stallworth 36:50
Lupita. Like, commented, again, a couple of comments that we miss a thing. One, he he says Kobe is a good fighter. So bazer should be training with him even if he’s evil or not.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:04
Yes, and there’s so many that you could learn from, like, it’s hurting your brand so much that it’s taking away from you and your big victory already. And they want to talk about your training partner. It doesn’t happen if you’re at Jackson, winkeljohn.

Ryan Smith 37:23
Or TriStar, or, you know, a whole bunch of, you know, there’s a whole bunch of places where he could be fighting. And so here we go,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:33
like to start recruiting him for factory. Yes, they’re out. Take a drink.

George Stallworth 37:37
Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re playing the combat sports drinking game, please pick up your cups and toast. There it is.

Ryan Smith 37:47
Yeah. So, so yeah, I do think that that’s a valid point. Both of you have a valid point and lepidolite as well, in that you? Yes. If If Colby Covington is one of the greatest fighters in that division, then. And you can train with him and you can pick up some of those skills. Why? Why would you take that, take that opportunity, but it does take the shine away from you. Because birds of a feather kind of flock together, you get that guilt by association. And so this persona that Colby Covington brings to sport, you’re going to be looked at in a different way, you know, and it’s gonna take the shine off of your achievements, because you’ve got Colby in your corner corner.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:35
about ideas. It’s not go head coach. Now you got for me the thing about Kobe, it’s not even his political views. It’s how he states it, because if you look at it, what’s his name, St. Jesus gamebird, five, Jorge,

Ryan Smith 38:49
Jorge, Mo,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:51
me all the degrees of separation to get there. But Jorge has almost identical political beliefs. And yet he’s still embraced by it. In large part, both sides. So like before, this kind of goes down this, oh, y’all just hate him because of his political beliefs. It’s not that like I can still like I’m not a huge game brand fan. But like, you can clearly draw a difference between the way that Jorge supports his political beliefs and the way that Kobe did so like, it really is all about, like, if you’re doing the whole birds of a feather, like go train with Jorge, he’s, he’s gained too. And I just feel like, you can make the case that Kobe is one of the best in the division and probably a really good training partner to have. But he brings so much baggage that for me if I’m coming in there, and I’m looking for basically a mentor in the game, I gotta steer clear of Kobe because he’s just not. He’s at this point. He’s toxic, like, people can’t be associated with him and still rise. And his team basically kicked him off the team because he was bringing stuff So much drama. So I mean, you know it’s there. And the fact that we’re talking about Kobe right now, even though Baez is coming off of a really impressive win, that’s the problem. That’s why you don’t hang out with Colby.

Ryan Smith 40:18
Here it is like I got nothing else to add there. In the main event of the evening. It was a short fight. Anthony Lionheart Smith defeated Devin Clark via submission. In round number one, I mean literally, he kind of just took the dude to the ground. Wrap the leg around him. Triangle joking, you’re done.

George Stallworth 40:37
Like it says, uh, Anthony Smith look bad.

Ryan Smith 40:41
No, no, no, no, she was he was talking about Ashley Evans

Kelechi Onyebuchi 40:46
crap. Yeah. was like, No, like as much trash and I talked about Smith getting his teeth knocked out. I think the moment the fight started, I was like, Oh, no, Anthony’s got this. He’s gonna use his jujitsu. And sure enough, he worked himself into a really good spot and was able to quickly capitalize, there wasn’t much left to be done there. It seemed like trying to stand in bang wasn’t gonna work out. For Anthony. There was a lot of the commentators talking about Anthony Smith, and his kickboxing and really wanting to show he’s got some power and strength there. But what was the guy he thought was his last name,

Ryan Smith 41:24
Devin Clark.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:26
Yeah, Clark. I mean, I commented on it. As he walked out like Clark looked way too good for striking like his legs. I don’t think Anthony Smith wanted to get kicked and striking. It looked like Clark was the more powerful of the two. So this this fight went exactly the way it needed to go for Anthony to get a win. I think if they stood up any longer, it would have been game over.

George Stallworth 41:50
So who was the favorite in this one doing

Ryan Smith 41:53
Clark? Oh, and no Anthony Smith would have been favorite.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 41:57
Yeah. Because again, you’re going six ranked versus unranked. Like this should have been a walk in the park for Anthony. And if it if it had gone any other way, it was time for Anthony to hang it up because he’s officially now just a top 10 gatekeeper. Well, yeah,

Ryan Smith 42:13
I mean, he It was about as easy a walk in the park as you can get, um, which you know, Devin Clark, we, you know, we were talking about Devin Clark had this wonderful night. I don’t know if you’d call it wonderful. But this interesting backstory about he’s got his mother in law is sick. Like on, you know, in on her, I don’t wanna call her deathbed, but very, very sick. And, and so what happened is that she is that that his wife said, that what you need to do is go in there, finish this fight in the first round, and then come home because he was thinking about not taking the fight. But because the Derek Brunson fight fell out. And your grandson, sorry, Derrick Lewis fight, and Curtis blades fight fell out, they needed that main event. So his wife said, Go there, win the fight in the first round, and then get out. And so I was talking to Collette. She was like, well, he got it finished in the first round. Tonight, Roberts is not the result that he wanted. But it did in in the first round, and he was able to get it out. What do you think, coach?

George Stallworth 43:30
I didn’t get to see this one. I don’t really have a lot to say. I’m glad that Anthony Smith got back into w column. Um, and also, I want you to take the recording of Casey, and let’s tweak it and send it to Anthony Smith, where he says that he’s officially a gatekeeper. Don’t Don’t, don’t put any context. Don’t put any context before. Just get that that little slice right there and send it to Anthony and stay with regards. Please deliver.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 43:56
I’ll tell you this is the scariest moment I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve done some life or death stuff. When you’re just like in your own groove and then a championship level fighter walks up on you with that look in his face. Like he didn’t have to touch me and I my body just like shut down.

Ryan Smith 44:17
It’s like the zebra in the jaws of the crocodile is just laying there. It’s still alive, but it’s just laying there going. Why me? I

Kelechi Onyebuchi 44:24
went into fainting goat mode like I’ve never been so scared of my whole life. And I’m like yeah, cuz I’ve seen him hurt people in practice. Not on purpose. But like, the dude is really good at jujitsu. That’s what I commented on when we were live is like I’ve seen his jujitsu practice and and I wish he would rely on it more often because I feel like he takes unnecessary damage. But yeah, so let’s not send it over to to Anthony Smith because he will will up on the splice, splice,

George Stallworth 45:01
simply that part out and just send it. What was he? What was he about to get you for last time Casey

Ryan Smith 45:09
though because I put him I put collection on blast and reference Anthony Smith and said, my boy who trains at at factory x, you know said that he could he could take you

Unknown Speaker 45:26
never been

Kelechi Onyebuchi 45:26
so scared in my life

Ryan Smith 45:29
because Okay, so but let me just explain my logic here. It’s funny to send these messages to all these fighters because they almost never respond. Like they don’t respond that ever see this? So it’s like yeah, caleche he said he could take you and then you get the like from Anthony Lionheart Smith on the thing, like, you know, he saw it at Collette. She’s like, what did you do? What did you do?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 45:55
Real talk. I saw the like, I got worried. But then I get to practice and I don’t see Anthony right away. So I’m like, Oh, I’m good. So I’m just in my own zone. And at the time, I’m getting beat up by a kickboxing champion. So I’m well aware of what it feels to get like hurt by a real fighter. And then to see Anthony Smith roll up is like, not today, Jesus.

George Stallworth 46:18
Like he sits back every time he says his name like you got to create this. God want to be his name might beat my ass.

Ryan Smith 46:27
Well, you know that name is Smith. And there’s one other person on this show that has the name Smith that can beat that ass. But anyway, um, let’s go ahead and close the book on this one. I think

George Stallworth 46:38
we deserve a drink. Now what do

Unknown Speaker 46:41
you have to drink that was a reference.

Ryan Smith 46:44
Let’s go ahead and close the book on this one and put this one on the shelf. Both of these cards are indeed history. Now let’s go to the topics that are making headlines in the MMA world with finding the angles.

This is finding the angles This is where we talk about the the topics that are making waves in the UFC and in the combat sports world. And I have a headliner for you guys. I can’t wait to share this with you. Let’s get into it. This is the headliner. Alright, the headliner for this week is Habib numurkah medoff buys MMA promotion guerrilla Fighting Championship for $1 million. That’s right. We are going to have to start calling Habib numurkah medoff. Uncle Kirby uncle Habib?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 47:42
No. So this is where I wish john was on the show. For for those of you guys who are unaware, john is our conspiracy theorist extraordinaire. And so one of the theories that was being bounced around was that cryptic message between Dana White a bee was that he was going to come back and get that 30th win. And I was like, there’s no way there was no reason for him to come back. He’s done everything that needs to be done in the sport. And Man, I wish we could play the crow sound effect for john. Well,

Ryan Smith 48:17
he’s not here so we cannot play the crow for him. But uh, but it’s reported that gorilla Fighting Championships is a fighting promotion that operates out of Dagestan, Russia, and it is going to be renamed to Eagle Fighting Championships, of course, Eagle being happy omega Madoff’s fight name or nickname. And so we’re going to start seeing him put together up for promotion that’s local and regional to to the fight scene in Dagestan. And so we already know that these are elite fighters coming out of Dagestan. And I think that probably the conversation because we know that Dana White and Habib are going to have a conversation in Abu Dhabi. We all think that it’s about his fighting future, but I think it’s to set up a relationship as a feeder between Eagle Fighting Championships and the UFC.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 49:19
kind of more like an LFA type situation.

Ryan Smith 49:21
Absolutely. So, so yeah, I don’t I you know, the heavy Durga medoff said you could find him till you’re 40. But there should be a goal. I had a goal to reach the summit and I got there further. I have no competitive interest. Next year I will graduate. I like because he’s, you know, he’s in college. And he’s been studying like, finance or things like that, like he is. He’s in college. And so I’d like to build on my thesis, do a Master’s Course dedicate more time to studying, I bought sheep. I tend to my farm. I’d like to develop this field a little. I have bowl cows to feed I have cows Like this dude is not talking about like a guy who’s chasing after 30. You know? So all this, this this talk about Oh, Habib’s coming back for number 30 I think. I think he’s been very clear. I think he’s done 29 Oh, yeah, champion. He’s done it. He’s been named pound for pound number one in the world. This dude is looking to build a legacy with Eagle Fighting Championships and having a relationship with Dana White is not a bad friendship to have.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 50:32
Fair. I think it’s a great thing, honestly. And my big thing around why I don’t think coming back make census 30 is such an arbitrary number. It doesn’t actually build on his legacy any more than it did, especially if he takes a fight and wins it handily. Like, no one’s like, oh, my goodness, yeah. Like, it doesn’t do anything for him at all. The other part of this is like we get on the fighters for man, you should have left on top, because now it just looks bad. Like, how long do we really expect him to stick around like there’s, again, no upside to his legacy by taking additional fights, he’s already one of the greatest to ever do it. So for me, this is more of fans needing to hold themselves accountable for the way that they talk about fighters in their careers and say that if you believe that people should retire on top, then you should give them their flowers when they actually retire on top. Well, yeah,

Ryan Smith 51:30
I don’t think 30 is an arbitrary number. I think 30 is a round number, right? Like that’s a number that has some significance. It’s a, it’s 30. Um, but I like the fact that he left at 29. Because if there is another fighter, I mean, he’s relatively young. So you know, if there is another fighter who comes up in the lightweight division, and is a world beater, then he always has the option to come back a year or two from now and say or for like, like George St. Pierre did. George St. Pierre was gone for years came back against Michael Bisping.

Unknown Speaker 52:07
So, okay, so

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:09
we’re talking about big round numbers being important. How much did we care when Mayweather came back for 50? Did it make a difference? Whether he was 49 or 50? No.

Ryan Smith 52:20
Okay, how much should we care about Mayweather?

Unknown Speaker 52:24
Okay, okay. Just,

Ryan Smith 52:29
you know,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:30
me these numbers are just numbers.

Ryan Smith 52:32
I mean, they are just numbers, but some numbers are more significant socially than others or, you know, as culturally, you know, if you’re six, no, versus five and oh, or 10. And, oh, you know, I’m

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:47
gonna numerology on 29 versus 30.

Ryan Smith 52:53
I think I think that you’ll find that the, the, the roundness of the three and the roundness of the zero will be more, more stable, with the universe then at 29. That’s my prediction. So anyway, I thought it was I thought it was a really interesting, really interesting story. To start our segment with, I want to go back to Mike Tyson, because there’s some things that I want to talk about with him. The first one is that Mike Tyson was high during the fight with Roy Jones Jr. That he admitted that he had smoked a joint right before coming out to fight Roy Jones, Jr.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 53:32
I have no problem with that, just because for several reasons. One is, like, the actual effect of muscle recovery with cannaboids. Or I can’t even talk about it, right? Yeah, there it is. Like, for me, I’m, I’ve always been a fan of using whatever is to your advantage. And I mean, I don’t partake, but why not? Yeah. What’s the downside of this? So maybe his reactions are slower, what like we don’t know. So he’s been a heavy cannabis user for several several years. Like, I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doing. And I say, let him self medicate. He’s 50 years old, he’s about to get hit with a ton of bricks, I would want to be high for that, too.

Ryan Smith 54:25
You know, it’s it’s just one of those things where he can do that because it’s an exhibition. It’s not it’s not a real fight. But you know, if we’re going to hold them to the kind of the standards of that we want to hold them which is these are professional fighters and then it did it enough, then smoking a joint before you come out into the fight is not a professional thing to do. So it’s a you have the advantage. You have the advantage. You have the advantage of it being an exhibition. You can do whatever you want, but it’s it’s I don’t particularly think that you should be smoking a joint in back in the room before the fight. Coach, you seem like you’re skeptical on that.

George Stallworth 55:10
Yeah. Okay, so I can’t help but say it. I’m a user of cannabis. And I advocate for cannabis as medicine. And I’ve I’ve sparred on cannabis, and I can say that it doesn’t have the effect that many people think it thinks that it would have on you. While you’re inaction, in fact, I think it makes you a little bit more tactile. But just my thoughts on it. As far as what you spoke about a second ago, you say something about it not being very professional. That’s because the the stigma that’s attached to it, that link has lingered for so long, we’ve got to change our mindset when it comes to something like this, this is no different than someone taking a energy drink or something like that, prior to engaging in physical activity. So, you know, just my thought,

Ryan Smith 56:08
you know, I, I don’t know, you know,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 56:13
I think energy drink is apropos, mostly because of that whole notion of how much caffeine is should be considered legal when you’re going into a sport because there’s a certain amount of caffeine and that’s basically a low dose of cocaine. Like, so. I’m being very real, as someone who’s experienced a caffeine episode and had to go to the hospital, like, there is a certain load in which it is no longer healthy for you. And I

Ryan Smith 56:42
don’t know, I don’t know if it if it’s stigma that’s clouding my judgment here or not, but I kind of feel like, what we’re doing is we’re creating these false equivalencies here. Just saying, you know, okay, so maybe, maybe having a beer before you go out and fight, you know, a beer or to take a shot of whiskey or whatever, you know, it’s not a big deal. You know, do we do we draw the line? Is there a line because we’re equating marijuana usage with drinking energy drinks? I don’t know that there’s the same.

George Stallworth 57:17
So I if we’re also talking about it in in a relationship to any event that it can actually, I guess, be a benefit in though it’s not like I doubt very seriously, Mike hit the blown up so hard that he was blown off into Mars. He probably took three or four puffs, got his mind right and went out there. He I don’t see him sitting up get blowed before the fight. I could be absolutely wrong. I don’t know how much Mike smokes. But yeah, the petalite as he says, Does it make you more creative? I don’t know. I’m thinking I’m talking in terms of spying. I’ve never felt Hi, I’ve never fought a fight. Hi, I would. Honestly, I would like to, um, I would say it makes, I wouldn’t say it makes you more or less

Ryan Smith 58:09
wants to fight you. Only, let’s go.

George Stallworth 58:14
I wouldn’t say it makes you more creative. But it does allow you a sense of freedom in what you’re doing. And that can’t help but help your creativity. If I’m not being I’m not feeling bound in my movement in my striking in my thought process. It can’t help but be an improvement. So I think my thoughts

Kelechi Onyebuchi 58:37
I think of the physiological component that we miss. So like, when we think of smoking marijuana, a lot of it tends to be on that. The psychoactive element of the THC. But there’s that CBD component that I just kind of wonder like it’s we’ve got the the no response for anti inflammation, we know that it’s going to reduce spasms, we know that it’s going to release a lot of the muscle muscle tension that’s going to allow your hand speed to be faster. Like there’s just so much upside that we see on the CBD. Part of the cannabis that he induced, like yeah, the THC part of it. We can talk about the psychoactive piece of it, but realistically, there’s, there’s a number of different studies, peer reviewed studies out there that show the the physical upside to the use of marijuana and athletic endeavors.

Ryan Smith 59:33
So what you’re saying is, is that if you do marijuana the benefits make you a better fighter right before you go out to fight and so therefore, it you have an advantage over the person who doesn’t use marijuana, that what you’re saying. He can

Kelechi Onyebuchi 59:52
Yeah, in the same way that he does an advantage when you take supplements.

Ryan Smith 59:57
That’s why that’s why you shouldn’t that’s why you should It shouldn’t be allowed. Because then what you’re saying what you’re doing is you’re creating this arms race, right? Like, it’s, it’s one thing, it’s one thing to, to be able to, to go out there and fight on your own thing. But if you’re taking something right before the fight that’s going to make your hand speed faster, and reduce inflammation and relax your muscles, and all that kind of stuff. And your opponent isn’t it isn’t isn’t taking that kind of thing, then then. Perhaps that’s that’s something that you shouldn’t be doing. That’s an artificial substance.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:38
No, no, no,

Ryan Smith 1:00:39
I better.

George Stallworth 1:00:41
It’s no different than a thing. Exactly. Where do we cut it off? So we can’t take supplements at all now? Okay, well, can I go to cryo? Can I go to sauna? Those things do have very similar effects.

Ryan Smith 1:00:54
Are you taking supplements right before the fight?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Are you doing any

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:01:01

George Stallworth 1:01:04
I’ve gone to cryo to cut weight the day before an actual fight. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:01:09
yes. But is is we go back to is cryo a, a performance enhancing substance?

George Stallworth 1:01:19
It allows me to recover a bit better, it improves my metabolism. So yes, I would definitely say it is a performance enhancer.

Ryan Smith 1:01:26
So no, so are you ingesting the cryo? I helped me understand this. Oh, so it’s not a performance enhancing. It’s not a performance enhancing drug you’re not

George Stallworth 1:01:36
taking it is a something. You’re doing something to your body. See, that’s

Ryan Smith 1:01:42
a clear distinction, something that you are ingesting, versus something that you were doing externally. That’s like saying, I just go

George Stallworth 1:01:50
because of supplements

Ryan Smith 1:01:51
that because well but but but let’s go with that. Right? So when you start talking about supplements, now you’re you’re you’re going supplements during your training camp. Yeah. No, I’m

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:02:03
trying not to shake stuff right before a fight. Like, again, going to the cortisol shots to remove like your feeling of pain in a certain area for a lot of NFL players or

Ryan Smith 1:02:15
no. So now you’re introducing a different sport. Come on, guys. Listen,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
I love

George Stallworth 1:02:22
Ryan wants to put this little triangle here and say we have to stay in this box. If you step outside the box,

Ryan Smith 1:02:28
you’re out of bounds. No, no. Okay, so we’re gonna we’re going to use football to compare to boxing. So because you can take take cortisol shots in football, then therefore it’s fair game and but like that is that is absolutely. That’s falling way out of bounds in this discussion. That you know, this is no different than john Key’s going well, you remember that time in Rocky for dog you don’t want when Drago you know was taking the the steroids shots and they let him go out in fight

George Stallworth 1:03:01
should be allowed to use his inhaler before if I

Ryan Smith 1:03:05
know he got disqualified.

George Stallworth 1:03:09
That was during the fight? Should he be allowed to use it before the fight?

Ryan Smith 1:03:18
I don’t know. All right. I don’t know.

George Stallworth 1:03:24
Cuz some people will call it a performance enhancer. And it’s being ingested.

Ryan Smith 1:03:31
Okay. So it goes back to Okay. Why can’t he use it during the fight?

George Stallworth 1:03:42
Because you’re not allowed to take anything during the fight other than water per commission rules.

Ryan Smith 1:03:47
So but per commission rules. You’re not supposed to smoke marijuana before the fight?

George Stallworth 1:03:55
Know the commission didn’t rule on it. That’s a USADA and a whatchamacallit. Those are your doping agencies that are that are mandated? necessarily? It depends whether they’re mandated by the Commission or just to UFC.

Ryan Smith 1:04:11
So so the ruling is out on that. That is something we’d have to do further research on. But but but the point being that the Commission governs what can be taken and what can’t be. Because then if we’re saying, well, performance enhancing, then why not EPO?

George Stallworth 1:04:35
Just your own, but

Ryan Smith 1:04:36
you should be able to take it. Yeah, you know, you should then then nothing is out of limb and nothing is out of bounds.

George Stallworth 1:04:43
So I want to go back and I see the pidilite has posted a few things. Again, he was saying so it does make you a little bit more creative. I thought so. He said I’ve heard that with I’ve heard that with Jiu Jitsu, guys. Marijuana is big. The jujitsu community when it comes to rolling. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that or not Ryan, but a lot of your jujitsu guys talk about how you know, because they feel more tactile during rolls when they when they’ve used cannabis.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:05:17
I’m pretty sure I got a contact high from rolling with somebody. Like those guys come in with that good stuff. Wait,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31

Ryan Smith 1:05:32
So the California State Athletic Commission position is that marijuana is a banned substance pursuant to rule 303 in that any positive drug tests may result in discipline.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:05:44
What’s interesting isn’t Dana White working to reduce like, the stigma? Yep. Like he specifically talked about that. So and I know a lot of athletes will talk about like, I would much rather take CBD or use marijuana in place of like the opioids that are routinely prescribed afterwards. So at a certain point, like are we talking about performance enhancement? Or are we talking pain management? Like? Mike is 50 years old and whole career in boxing? Like, what if we say that instead of Tylenol, which is terrible for his liver, he chose marijuana.

Ryan Smith 1:06:29
But ultimately, the point I was making is it doesn’t matter because there’s an exhibition. Yeah. It’s an exhibition. It’s in California. And California is a marijuana recreational use state. So can he do it? Yes. But the point was, won’t he do is no why don’t you do it? Is it professional based upon the fact that it’s a banned substance by the Commission in the state that they are fighting the No it is not a professional.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
I feel that he did screw up the room.

George Stallworth 1:07:04
No, I’m missing Yeah, you do that?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
No, nevermind No,

George Stallworth 1:07:10
we’re gonna penalize says he thinks Ryan wants to go down the slippery slope route.

Ryan Smith 1:07:16
I’m not I No, no. I’m very much. That’s what the rules say. And and, and so this is, if you want to

George Stallworth 1:07:26
also say you’re supposed to make weight and fighters don’t do that.

Ryan Smith 1:07:29
100% it is, and I don’t consider missing weight. Missing weight is very unprofessional. I mean,

George Stallworth 1:07:38
it’s, it’s creating an advantage and it’s due to something you’ve ingested.

Ryan Smith 1:07:43
And I and it’s wrong.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
You didn’t get there, but I yeah, I’m like,

Ryan Smith 1:07:48
I’m with you. There is. Um, okay, but anyway, so So Mike Tyson was high or the Roy Jones fight. He also said that boxing should create YouTube belts for people like Jake, Jake Paul, and said that boxing was dying and YouTubers like Jake Paul is keeping it alive.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:08:12
vehemently disagree, because I don’t think any new boxing fans were made. I don’t think any new boxing fans were made when KSI vs. J Logan Paul happen like I think they tuned in for an event. I don’t think that they’re watching the rest of boxing happening.

Ryan Smith 1:08:30

George Stallworth 1:08:32
they they tune right audience Yeah, bringing your audience

Ryan Smith 1:08:37
they tuned in to to watch Jake Paul. But they stayed for because they’d already paid their $45 so it’s not like they went paid $45 saw Jake Paul and then turned it off. No they paid $45 they probably enjoyed some of those the the rappers who are performing in concert and then watch the whole fight so you might have indeed even if it’s only a percentage of Jake Paul’s audience are now boxing fans because yeah, yeah, go ahead.

George Stallworth 1:09:11
Does anybody know what the pay per view numbers were on this yet? No, I

Ryan Smith 1:09:14
don’t think it’s been published yet.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:09:16
I wish every number is minus one cuz I that’s the one

George Stallworth 1:09:26
I’m buying the shows from here on now. Just to support Mike man. I like what their brother’s doing. I like the the Joe Rogan talked about this once. There’s nothing better in life than seeing a man get his stuff together and make the bed the last part of his life or the second half of his life. A complete change or a totally different person. And Mike Tyson is done yet, man.

Ryan Smith 1:09:52
Yeah, I think it’s great. I support that.

George Stallworth 1:09:57
I had a conversation with my younger brother last night. And he was talking about he hates to see how we were talking about how the racial disparities when it comes to ownership of promotions and things like that, and how we as people of color don’t necessarily get our, our due portions because we aren’t engaged in ownership. And he, you know, I had to back him up and stop I’m like, well, you need to go support mike tyson right now, if you’re feeling like that, because that’s what that’s what this show was. And he was specifically talking about this show. I was like, Mike Tyson is running this league mike tyson is one of the owners and proprietors of this league. So you know, you get your foot out your mouth and go I support this brother.

Ryan Smith 1:10:40
So just just so that I’m clear,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:10:45

Ryan Smith 1:10:48
I’m gonna go on and do it. This the underwriter of this fight was a social media network call shriller. My question is was it supposed to be thriller and give this mike tyson fan and was just Twitter

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:09
yesterday Mike is associated with this

George Stallworth 1:11:15
I’m gonna need y’all to get back your

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:21
defensive impregnable

George Stallworth 1:11:24
Leah All

Ryan Smith 1:11:28
right, I’m sorry.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:30
But here’s the thing. So yes, Mike Tyson having an ownership stake in all of this is definitely advancing us The question is did Nate set us back? Cuz my guy these means these means Oh my word. Yeah. I want to see a dead body. There it is.

Ryan Smith 1:11:58
body. So Alright, so you guys did not get the get the I thought I was gonna get you guys to say that Mike Tyson was was was high when he was saying that. Jake Paul should have a belt on YouTube. I think I figured I was gonna get y’all to say that. But I didn’t. I’m disappointing you

George Stallworth 1:12:19
you know building up to that. You want to set us up? You want to jab expecting us to jab back and we didn’t jab?

Ryan Smith 1:12:26
You didn’t. So here we go. Mike Tyson vows to continue fighting still interested in a rematch with Dunk Dunk done. evander the real deal Holyfield coach, would you watch that fight?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
Yes. 100% Collette you

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:12:45
initially had you asked me six months ago I would have said no. But after seeing Mike get tied up for eight rounds. I think a vendor has a good chance he looked terrible in his training montage but apparently if you can type Mike up you can survive so there’s that

Ryan Smith 1:13:01
So yeah, I mean, but it’s interesting to see these fighters coming out of retirement to see if they still got it and and you know it’s it’s not a fighter who’s well past his prime to to fight someone who’s who’s young in the sport. You know, and we were talking about that.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:13:19
I have a proposal on walkout music slash music for legends late. I believe it should be nice like this. raindrops would fall

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
I still got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:36
Okay, nobody’s saying like Eddie Kane.

Ryan Smith 1:13:42
Check out the five heartbeats if you want to know what we’re talking about. I’m speaking of speaking of fighters who are reaching the end of their career or at the end of their career or retired Diego Sanchez is eyeing retirement fight. He says he’s checking out of this game because I feel like I always knew fighting was what I wanted to do. But at the end of the fighting lifestyle approaches very soon. Retirement fight needs to be a proper opponent. And I’m checking out of this game. Two things number one, who is a proper opponent for Diego Sanchez.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
Conor McGregor.

Ryan Smith 1:14:18
But I get what you’re getting the joke. I get the joke proper 12 Yeah, that was a good one. I I would type lol if we were texting. That’s a good joke. Um, I was thinking clay Guido.

George Stallworth 1:14:32
No, Clay wraps him up and this definitely has to be a hand picked fight. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:14:41
But, but the reason why I say clay Guido is because they are in the UFC Hall of Fame for their fight. Play. Guido is clearly at the end of his career. Diego Sanchez is on in his career. Let’s do the rematch and let’s see if they can still produce the sparks because I mean Clegg. Lita. I just don’t see him. Um, you know, I don’t see him really anymore. But he thought maybe what, five, six months ago, um, but I don’t remember the outcome of that, like he is on the end of his career. So let’s put Diego Sanchez Clegg. ouida. In the ring one more time to see if we can’t get a fight like like, is sitting in the UFC Hall of Fame one more time. My question is, if Diego Sanchez gets his proper opponent, does he actually retire? This goes back to Anderson Silva. This goes back to people like Shogun Hua, who, like they’re at the end of their career, we’re giving them this one final chance. And then as soon as they end that fight, they’re like, yeah, you know, I still got the fight. I still got the fight is normal. I gotta check my family. And I go home. And then I think about what I fight again.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:15:56
I say we implement a 37 year olds gunk rule. So at the age of 37, if you go on a four strike for fight losing streak, your contract is automatically terminated. And there is no exit strategy. It’s just you’re done, done. Like, congrats, thank you for all your hard work. Because we’re gonna get to many of these, like, it’s fair to say that four fights in a row, we’re probably not going to figure out how to change your game. And I think a lot of these guys are us. See, I

Ryan Smith 1:16:27
II get nervous when you have one of these kind of you no mandatory minimum kind of rules, because you get you get someone like Alistair overeem, or Andre arlovski, who they had some pretty dark days. And, you know, and then they’re still they’re still going. And, and Alistair overeem is like, I can make one more run at this, like Andre arlovski is like, I can make one more run, but they’ve had some dark days. And both of these fighters are in their 40s.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:17:03
So 44 4444 rule, once you hit 40, and you get a four strike for a fight losing streak, then you hit the back 40. And yeah, it gets to see you again.

Ryan Smith 1:17:19
But see, this is why I think it’s so important to have a ladder. I think it’s so important to have a ladder. Because when you have a ladder, then it’s like okay, you get up and you’re close to the summit of your ladder and then you start losing your 30s 38 years old, you lose to the number two guy say, Okay, now you’re fighting number five guy you lose to the number five guy, you fight again, you lose to number eight, then you lose some number 10 There’s your four. You’re out. You went you were at number two. Now you’re you’re you don’t have a number by your name. You get one more fight.

George Stallworth 1:17:56
Alright, Tyron Woodley, but that’s just what he went through. If I wrong Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:18:02
yeah, I mean, true. All right, but he’s like 38 he does. No, he’s not that old.

George Stallworth 1:18:07
Yeah. look better. Like also, Vegas basically echoes the same sentiment. He says what if you fight for killers in a row?

Ryan Smith 1:18:17
Yeah. 38

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:19
then you’re not cut out to be in the top 10

George Stallworth 1:18:23
for the members in a row though, I mean, but but shouldn’t imagine imagine how difficult it has to be in order to fight for top five contenders in a row top 10 contenders in a row it that’s it’s not an easy feat. And I’m not saying you should lose all four fights. But at the same time, I’m four killers in a row is a very difficult year for anybody. My

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:18:46
thing though, is like I look at what it takes to be a UFC fighter and there are a lot of up and comers coming guys who are still really hungry and just need a shot. You’re taking up a roster spot if you’re not moving up. Like if you can lose four fights in a row and stay on the roster. What young guy who’s scrapping to feed his family isn’t getting a shot.

Ryan Smith 1:19:08
I feel that because I mean check Congo right.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:19:13
I’m not even mad at that. Like that’s real. like

Ryan Smith 1:19:15
yeah, I mean, and but but it when I say check Congo, I made that same argument. For who? Angie overkill Hill. Home girl must have lost like four or five fights in a row. As far as I know. Maybe she didn’t lose four or five. I don’t think she did. It felt every it felt like it every time I saw her fight, she lost. But now home girl she if she hadn’t hadn’t gotten robbed in her last fight. She hadn’t gotten robbed and last fight. She’d have fought like four or five times in a row and one like back to back to back to back. So I feel like when we start using these measures to determine whether or not a fighter should have a roster spot or not, I think that you you have this fighter spirit This is fighter who has this Cinderella season teesha tourists lost three in a row. You know, should should she be gone? I think it depends on who you listen.

You know if you lose it also not 40 years old. Yeah. Okay. Well, fair enough. I mean, yeah, I think Angie is still in her 20s but you know it if you if you if you lose to somebody you shouldn’t and you get what? You know, like I don’t know, I guess it just has to be how bad you lose. Because the Anderson Silva fight versus Uriah Hall. Uriah was was was could have pulled out his belt and just spanked Anders and silver. There was nothing he could have done about it. At that point, sir, his time ago. Yeah, when you’re taking

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:21:01
but we have to give people their their opportunity to leave to right like, this kind of goes back to the conversation we were having about Habib, like, when it’s time it’s time we got to give people a chance to end on top. And instead of hyping them up like Oh, you’re number 10 in the rings, but one day you might make it there at the age of 45. like come on fam. Like just take your final win and move on which I don’t see Diego doing actually like yeah, I think if he wins, he gets that fire back and I’m like, Oh, I still got it. Like nah fam Welcome to the legends league.

Ryan Smith 1:21:40
Absolutely. I’m Michael Chandler still doesn’t have a fight. Tony Ferguson decided to fight Charles aloevera so that’s off the table of course. Connor and Deus employee are fighting you know in January you got Habib tendon the farm. Michael Chen has got no dance partner. Hmm. That’s what exists. That’s exactly what Dana White was.

George Stallworth 1:22:09
worth protecting Mike. He didn’t say he said he just cut weight. Beckett cubbies fight. How many of those fighters since then have fought twice?

Ryan Smith 1:22:18
Oh Davis and Figaro 21 day turn around. putting them back in the ring

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:22:23
is fire too.

Ryan Smith 1:22:24
So? So yeah, that’s all BS. That’s exactly what Dana White wants. Because what it is is you got this fighter that hasn’t that he is pristine hasn’t been touched in the UFC. He wants to build a champion out of this guy. He wants

Unknown Speaker 1:22:40
to administer an effect.

Ryan Smith 1:22:43
That’s exactly right. Been aspirin. That aspirin hit the ink was not dry on the contract. And he had already gotten a fight with Robbie Lawler set up and it was a bad matchup for for for for a Corbin aspirin. Dana White. Absolutely wanted to show bid ask him something. So it’s it’s a night and day difference. You can see the comparison bringing a new fighter in and getting them in the ring as quickly as you can versus letting them sit back letting Conor McGregor versus Dustin boy happen give him the winner of that potentially for a title shot you know all of that stuff. That’s what’s going on here. It’s he’s protected Michael Chandler, because you give him to Tony Ferguson and it’s such an unpredictable outcome. You give him the just engaging it’s an unpredictable outcome he may get whooped you can’t afford to spend that kind of money on a guy like that and not give them the catbird seat. Yep. All right. I love that phrase. Speaking of people who are who are crossing over multi division boxing champion claressa shields makes the jump to MMA signing with the P FL they already got for brisco ver Doom aka the the the greatest heavyweight in the history of MMA per them. And now they’ve got arguably one of the greatest boxing champions in the world. Fighting for them in the CFL.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:17
They have to watch.

Ryan Smith 1:24:20
A well Clarissa shield Clarissa shields is strictly a boxing champion curry. Holly home was a boxing and kickboxing.

George Stallworth 1:24:31
I’m hoping it Clarissa has had a couple of a MMA fights on some local circuit somewhere or something just for some experience. To Meantime, our octagon tie.

Ryan Smith 1:24:43
Why is that important?

George Stallworth 1:24:47
Did you watch the mike tyson Roy Jones, if I win, they have a tissue ring at 315 years.

Ryan Smith 1:24:54
Well, but they had experienced what happens if a fighter bites a professional fight with Know

George Stallworth 1:25:02
what we’re talking about a professional boxer stepping into a cage where they have no ring experience that’s quite different. But I do believe that there’s going to be a need for Clarissa to catch up on some things, that she’s just not privy to it. It’s hard to do that. When you’re you’re you’ve been in a boxing career all this time, and you switch over to MMA or Jiu Jitsu games not gonna be there for wrestling game is not going to be there. I’m worried that she won’t even be able to check kicks properly.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:25:34
See, what you don’t know is that once Clarissa gets in the ring, she’s gonna explain it all.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:41
Oh, God.

George Stallworth 1:25:45
The metal like small gloves is totally different. And he’s right. Small gloves is a big difference, man.

Ryan Smith 1:25:54
Yeah, if she can keep it standing she’s got a chance but I liked the fact that you were bringing up the fact that just checking a leg kick. How many times do you need to be kicked in the leg before it don’t make you want to quit? Because those first ones I don’t have experience. But my namesake who trained under the great George Stallworth took a leg kick at at like 80% from coach and was was was still talking about it like a week later. Yes, one time, one kick. And you’re like, this is not my way of this is not my chosen way of life. This is I was not built for this. I’m going back to boxing. You know, um,

George Stallworth 1:26:43
it happened to me today. One of my fighters, he kicked me in the cache. My nerves went dead like I literally right now I’m still limping around and stuff. So I get it. Yeah. No. And if you if you’ve never experienced that, and then you’re stepping in to the octagon with a professional fighter who’s like, Oh, I can’t wait to get a hold. It’s like, imagine if if Floyd Mayweather said you know what, kinda you know what? I’m gonna give you a chance to step in to Doc, do we all know how that’s gonna go? And that’s what I’m worried. I know. Clarissa has been training. I’ve seen her training with Cyborg, but we just haven’t seen her Jiu Jitsu gang. We haven’t seen any of the other components that she’s going to need in mixed martial arts. And I’m hoping she’s got it together.

Ryan Smith 1:27:28
So So while you’re at a coach, what do you think? Is a respectable amount of time for a boxer to make the transition to MMA how much time would you lead time which you need they need to have to for you to feel like they were ready or something like the pfml which is a legit

George Stallworth 1:27:52
I will want her to have obtained a blue belt in jujitsu. I will want her to have competed and maybe some either some wrestling tournaments or Jiu Jitsu tournaments and probably probably even maybe doing some some kickboxing fights.

Ryan Smith 1:28:06
What what color belt in Muay Thai should

Unknown Speaker 1:28:09
she get? Thought you saw me?

Ryan Smith 1:28:14
How will I know?

George Stallworth 1:28:19
prayer? I sent it out of Brazil they let one of the Brazilian Muay Thai master built her up until they actually start referring to it as Brazilian muy Thai.

Ryan Smith 1:28:36
Yeah. Be it would be a BMT EMT. You can’t do that. That’s bacon, mutton and tomato.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:28:49
I feel like mayonnaise would have been right there but mutton okay.

Ryan Smith 1:28:53
So you don’t know your Princess Bride references. How’s that Chimayo has a COVID-19 Yes. Billy Crystal? He says bacon tomato is someone where he doesn’t know I don’t know. Okay,

George Stallworth 1:29:14
I love how he hits you with that and then moves on to the next story. You don’t know your your what movie was it Princess Bride? Oh no, your Princess Bride references and moving on to the next.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:29:26
So much so that I tried to look up some and I typed in Princess Diaries. That’s a whole

Ryan Smith 1:29:31
Yeah, whole different movie. Yeah, bacon mutton and tomato. That’s a Princess Bride MEF reference comes that you might have has COVID 19 to December 19 fight in jeopardy. Is campus saying no. No. He’ll be fine. Like Dude, you got COVID and your your fight card is in like three weeks.

George Stallworth 1:29:50
asymptomatic, a symptomatic. A symptomatic emic Emma Holland both.

Ryan Smith 1:29:57
Yep, we’re and we’re gonna talk about that card. And just The minute but Kevin Holland yeah Kevin Holland got they got their vid and got the rota and he’s not fighting this weekend when he was when we were so excited for him because this was the come up right. This was the fight he was gonna go from. What does it not ranked or, you know, he wrote a 15 he’s in the top 15 fighting like a number six. Like this would have been it he would have been in striking distance of Israel out of Sanya. And no, he had to get the rope. He had to get the Rona, um, veteran referee Mark Goddard reacts to shameful 529 pound man versus 139 pound woman fight. I don’t know if you guys have seen this video yet, but it’s a 500 and I will call it 530 pound dude versus 130 140 pound woman. And it’s it’s just ridiculous. Like, so many things are wrong with the prove with it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:30:59
Hmm. Like it wasn’t. I’m not really sure what they were trying to prove with that whole fight. Like you took a guy who was in no shape. Like in his walkout we like I thought he was done his walk out.

Ryan Smith 1:31:15
Well, he was out of breath. By the time he got down the catwalk there. It was a

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:31:19
rolling the whole time.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:22
Well, yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:31:23
he rolled when he got into the ring, he rolled. Instead of doing like a like a, like a somersault or a forward roll. Like some fighters do. He rolled Jelly Roll style.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:31:34
Pun intended. Oh my gosh. And it’s not even fat shaming. It’s like this, this was a disgrace on the sport. Because even if it was another dude fighting him, like, how do you sanction a man like that? Who’s not in any way healthy? Like, you couldn’t make it out of the first round?

Ryan Smith 1:31:53
It’s Russia.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:31:56
I mean, Russia stood with the commentators were saying because they were having a

Ryan Smith 1:32:00
blast. Russia puts on some of the the craziest fights. Like, you know, you were having those five on five fights where they’re all fighting in the ring at the same time. Like, why is like, I can’t understand why that is interesting to some people. Like I don’t get it. Like

George Stallworth 1:32:20
how are you even keeping up with action like that? Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:32:23
And what happens whenever, like, all your guys are beaten up, and there’s it’s four on one and you’re like, Okay, well, I guess I’m just gonna have to go down on my shield. No, I’m like,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:32:35
I if he dies, he dies.

Ryan Smith 1:32:37
Y’all one But wait, how much? Y’all got an extra shirt? I’m on your team. Now.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:32:43
What I love about this matchup was that she was clearly a trained fighter, whereas he was not.

Ryan Smith 1:32:52
Yeah, he was just this Dude, that was just big. And but this is the thing and this is in coach had a coach, I’m stealing your thunder here, but it looks set up. It looks staged. You want to talk about why it looks stagecoach.

George Stallworth 1:33:05
There are several things one, when they first went into a clinch, and he broke her posture. And he bent her over it a little like he’s attempting maybe a guillotine choke or something like that. But he made no movement to either push her up against the cage, these 500 pounds, that’s a simple thing. all they had to do was step forward, or pull her to the ground by stepping back. He did neither he stayed right there almost as if they were just wasting time. Finally, the referee broke that up. But that went on for like, probably a minute. And when it was broken up, you can tell it wasn’t like she was being choked or anything. It really was just being hailed. A he may know for movement or backward movement. And that’s just instinctual. You know, if 500 pounds, you’re not just going to stand there and carry your own weight and someone else’s weight. And if you if you were putting your weight on her, she would have fallen, she would have been pushed back or something you get what I’m saying. So that was the first thing the media really set out did it was stage. But also at the end of the fight. There was a photo op where she was standing with her teammates and he was under her foot. He was laying down flat as if you know he had been knocked out or something and her foot was on top of him. It just really appeared stage to me all together. I was gonna say Was there another point that I made earlier? I think I might have forgotten something.

Ryan Smith 1:34:25
Well, it’s just that if he had taken her down and just laid on her, she’s not gonna be able to get a 500 pound dude off of her. Yeah, impossible.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:34:34
She might. She postures correctly and uses those legs to push them back

George Stallworth 1:34:40
out. I was watching a jujitsu class earlier tonight and there’s a guy in there. He’s probably about 320 pounds and I saw him on top of 160 pound guy. Guess who was struggling. The 160 guy was not moving 300 pounds.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:35:01
Yeah, and we’re talking about anybody who knows how to use their weight. Yeah, even a non strat.

Ryan Smith 1:35:07
Even if you don’t know how to use your weight you lay down. This guy is effectively, let’s call it 300 pounds, 400 pounds heavier than she is. If he lays on her, you can’t get 400 pounds off for you collect you.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:35:27
You’re a liar.

Ryan Smith 1:35:28
No, no Instagram. No, no. Yes, you can get a balanced 400 pounds off of your chest. But if somebody was 400, unwieldly fat just laying on you, you would struggle.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:35:43
I would, I’d have to punch them in the head continually. But I would struggle to get get up from that. I’ll grant you that.

Ryan Smith 1:35:51
Yeah. Now imagine if you weren’t 260 pounds like you are, but actually 140 140 150 pounds. Now see if you could do it.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:36:01
Well, she she lost the fundamental rule of all sports, which is you’re not cheating. You’re not trying. In that particular situation. I believe there’s one strategic strike that tends to move most most mountains of men.

Ryan Smith 1:36:18
Yeah. Well, fortunately, she did not go for the family jewel. So yeah, it was it was a disgrace. But it was something it was making the rounds. I felt like we should we should at least comment on it and say that we think that it was a staged fight and it was ridiculous. There you go. Let’s go into something that’s that. You got something just

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:36:40
yeah, just that last bit of like, while I agree it’s a disgrace. I think it’s probably a bigger issue that it was shared in the first place. Because like if you’re disgusted by it, don’t give it press. Like I wouldn’t have seen that. Like

Ryan Smith 1:36:53
Oh, so you saying I’m wrong and sharing it with you guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:56
Mark Goddard

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:36:59

Ryan Smith 1:37:01
cuz we just gave it press we just gave it like three minutes on the show.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:37:06
We’re perpetuating the problem we are yeah news right.

Ryan Smith 1:37:09
Okay. All right. So then let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s not let’s not delay let’s not Dally let’s go straight to this week’s action, which is the fight card.

All right, this is the fight card UFC Vegas. 16 Hermansson vs vittore Saturday, December 5 2020 UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. This fight has had this is the third main card of this fight. Um, I can’t remember who the original ones one anymore because it’s it’s Herman jacker Manson versus Marvin vittori. Before that was jack Hermansson versus Kevin Holland. And before that, it was Can somebody look that one up for me? Um, so uh, we’ve got five fights on the card. mob SAR f llove versus Nate Landwehr. We’ve got john Allen vs. Roman deletes. Ah, yes, thank you Lipitor. Like, it was supposed to be jack Hermansson versus Darren till Darren till was out. They put in. They put in Kevin Holland. And then yeah, you’re absolutely right. And then they put Kevin Holland and Kevin Holland got the Rona and so now it’s Marvin vittore. Talia Santos is fighting Montana. Dela Rosa, you got Jamal Hill versus ovince St. Bruce.

George Stallworth 1:38:52

Ryan Smith 1:38:53
let’s see. I did.

George Stallworth 1:38:56
Oh, I missed it. I’m sorry.

Ryan Smith 1:38:59
And then in the main event of the evening, he got jack Hermansson versus Marvin vittori. So I think that we should pick the CO main and the main you got Jamal Hill versus ovince sT preux. You guys will know that I am honorbound to pick ovince a proof so I am casting my lot over paper.

George Stallworth 1:39:21
So right I just want to want it if you notice that open st proves initials if you look at it, our OSP which also could stand for in some circles, omega sci fi Bro, I said some circles. I know the national team. They’re like wait,

Ryan Smith 1:39:43
I see what you’re saying. It could work out you

George Stallworth 1:39:45
can work out.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:39:48
Y’all see that man’s gas tank?

Ryan Smith 1:39:54
All right, who you got a coach Jamal Hill vs open sniper

George Stallworth 1:39:59
demolished Don’t me so I’m going with what I know LSP for the when

Ryan Smith 1:40:05
the nostril Domus

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:40:08
I’m going OSP by Vaughn fluke. Okay, yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:40:15
All right. And then in the main event of the evening, you’ve got jack Hermansson versus Marvin vittori collection. You got

Unknown Speaker 1:40:26
jack Hermansson. Okay,

Ryan Smith 1:40:29

George Stallworth 1:40:31
I don’t know man. Mr. inventory is on fire right now. It’s that’s gonna be a good fight man

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:40:37
with the short camp.

George Stallworth 1:40:39
Even with the short camp man he is killed after his last two. Is he? He He’s been a different fighter. He has been a different fighter man. At this point. I’m gonna roll with the upset man. All right. Well, Marvin vittori. Yeah, I think he wants it bad enough. He sees what what is he doing now? He’s like, dude, I could have beat that guy. So I’m coming.

Ryan Smith 1:41:02
All right. Well, I’m gonna go with jack Hermansson. So there you have it, folks. Paul’s on social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk glitchy.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:11
I am at push pull. Pray on Instagram. And Coach.

George Stallworth 1:41:17
I am at dark side underscore muy Thai underscore.

Ryan Smith 1:41:21
All right. You can find us on our website at www combat sports talk.com and we are on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. which also includes YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple podcasts, Periscope and Spotify. For those of you who are listening to the auditory the audio version, um, shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group. All the other sites were providing stories that we use on the show on behalf of George g money Star Wars and collect up Casey only a Buchi. My name is Ryan Smith, reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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