Episode 152 – UFC Suffers COVID-19 While Boxing Goes Insane

December 9, 2020 by No Comments

Saturday night, Errol Spence Jr. returned from a car accident 14 months ago to defend his IBF and WBC titles, and late fight replacement Marvin Vettori took advantage of opportunity to catapult into the top 5 with his defeat of Jack Hermansson.  On the heels of the final PPV of the year, the UFC loses 3 fighters to COVID-19.  Dana White tells the press 60 fighters will be cut from the promotion by the end of the year.  Floyd Mayweather returns to fight an exhibition against YouTuber Logan Paul, and Snoop starts a celebrity boxing league.  Get more headlines, and hear our picks for Bellator 254 and UFC 256.


Ryan Smith 0:01
Hey there fight fans. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. This episode of combat sports talk.

Welcome to combat sports talk, a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host, Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory. JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 0:34
Whoo. Hey, everybody, how’s it going? hope everybody’s good. I’m sorry. I wasn’t here last week. I had to bury some bodies, but we’re all good. Okay. Oh, wow.

Ryan Smith 0:44
I don’t know if I should offer my condolences or say way to go.

John Keyes 0:49
Way to go. There’s nobody that I knew or liked anyway. All right.

Ryan Smith 0:57
Oh, wow. You’re not one of those unexpectable Is that what it’s called?

John Keyes 1:04
You know, I like the term top man. You know? So whenever people yeah, whenever somebody is like a man who’s on that awesome top man, sir. I don’t know where God. Okay, that’s good. All right. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:17
So I’m based upon our conversations before the show, I’m hesitant to ask you if you have any trivia that you would like to share with us today.

John Keyes 1:29
Oh, trivia. Miscellaneous facts are your lanius facts.

Ryan Smith 1:33
Do you have any?

John Keyes 1:36
I do have a couple. All right, so we’re gonna talk since boxing has gotten hot again. We’re gonna we’re gonna talk about boxing today. I could talk about aliens. But you know, that’s a whole different scenario. And light especially been going on over the past couple of days. Okay,

Ryan Smith 1:52
yeah. Talking about aliens right now. Let’s talk about

John Keyes 1:57
Oh, they’ll be they’ll be okay. Let’s talk about boxing. They’re going on since pretty much since came versus since came to peace able in the back of his head. All right. You know, it’s been going on forever. All right. Yeah. That’s

Ryan Smith 2:10
a rabbit punches were deemed illegal.

John Keyes 2:14
Yes, yes, exactly. You know. So, let’s talk about how it really began. Okay, so so it goes back like that prehistoric. Okay, as long as two people have been able to put their fist up, that’s been boxing, but there have been rules that came around in the 1800s because you know, you know people across the pond in England. They love the fight they love they love the pugilist Believe it or not. And they loved it. Well, they they had the London prize prize ring rules with an 1882 which was pretty much it was if you’ve watched any, any lethwei fight you it’s pretty much what they’re saying pretty much on some of the main things. That’s where they provide the first squared circle. Okay, it’s a four by 20 feet square form with eight stakes and ropes.

Ryan Smith 3:12
Hold on. Wait, wait, wait,

Unknown Speaker 3:14
hold on. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 3:17
geometrically that does not work.

John Keyes 3:20
Now, when I ate steak, that’s a octagon. That was the first octagon holy crap.

Ryan Smith 3:28
Yeah, I was gonna say even if it was you said a four by 20. That’s a rectangle.

John Keyes 3:38
What do they call it the square between now alright. So let’s see here. Number one the rules each man provided a handkerchief of a color suitable to his home on fancy and that the second proceed to try these handkerchiefs. at the upper end of the same mistakes these handkerchiefs shall be called the colors. The End the winner that the winner of the battle at its conclusion shall be entitled to their position as the trophy of victory. There’ll be those two reps. So

Ryan Smith 4:10
what you’re saying is each person brought a handkerchief and you are fighting another person for the right to have their handkerchief Oh,

John Keyes 4:20
yes, you’re beating the colors off. Oh, yes. The colors I love and

Ryan Smith 4:26
I make sure that my handkerchief is not black because I don’t want you to

John Keyes 4:32
don’t give a I’m just saying I won’t say what I was gonna say see I’m being good. Um, let’s see here. Ah, let’s see here nobody shot shall be permitted to enter the room once the battle started. Fights go on until and this was the was the was a really a point of contention which which draws up. The next set of rules was the fact that we’re A person who kneels when a person goes down on one knee that is considered a down and they have 30 seconds to get back up and that that starts the next round. Now the problem with that is that people was taking advantage of that and they would hit the nail on uneven things we’re going away but no you got it you got 30 seconds to read you know to refresh yourself that’s the best part about these this these fights were bare knuckle. Okay, nothing. So now we go to the next the next elevation which was the Queen’s of Mark Mark bear All right, that’s where the evidence is. I’m sorry What’s up?

Ryan Smith 5:39
Oh, just I’m just gonna say that this is very fascinating. But how long do you plan on talking about this? Because we got to get to soon bytes.

Unknown Speaker 5:48
Okay, give me three minutes.

Ryan Smith 5:50
Okay. Three minutes.

John Keyes 5:53
Okay. I got there cuz I got to Norfolk the queen of marksman rules supersedes the another prizefighting rules. They gave us our conventional rule. They were the evolution the biggest point being that they they while they were while they were still bare knuckle. They still use gloves for sparring. And for exhibitions. Okay, wasn’t until later. And that we started going with gloves because they want to see the abuse. The second part, our favorite game of all time, Mike Tyson punch out. We’ve argued about this before. Do you not know that there is a there’s a boxer in it? There’s two boxes. That’s based off for one person that you do you remember the fighter? sodapop insky? Yes. Do you remember the fighter? Super macho man?

Ryan Smith 6:40

John Keyes 6:41
They are based off the same person. Okay, that same person is superstar Billy Graham. Okay. Start wrestling because people wanted for a long time. If it was the Macho Man Randy Savage. Our Hulk Hogan was the thing that is both men have contributed their their acting style, their ring style to superstar Billy Graham. If you look at superstar Billy Graham, look at super macho man. They look exactly alike. Now people are saying, Well, what about sodapoppin ski? He was bald headed had a mustache. If you go into the WWF days, after, you know when when superstar Billy Graham came back, he came back on this martial arts stick. And he was bald headed and had a black mustache. If you look him up, it looks exactly like for the purpose. All right, there we go. tech talk today. Join me for more.

Unknown Speaker 7:35
All right. All right.

Ryan Smith 7:38
So now that we’ve gotten that taken care of let’s talk about what happened on Saturday night. There were two major events taking place on Saturday night, the first being Errol Spence Jr. versus a Mr. Garcia, Danny Garcia and jack Hermansson versus Marvin vittore. This is the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is where we look at the fights from Saturday night. And even though there was a full cart of boxing taking place in our backyard, which is Arlington, Texas. We’re just going to talk about the main event that’s hometown hero, Errol Spence Jr, who defeated Danny Garcia via unanimous decision to retain his IBF and WBC welterweight titles. Now, this is a fighter who was in a car accident, a very serious car accident 14 months ago, I remember I think we covered that headline on the show. And it was one of those things where it was questionable as to whether or not Errol Spence Jr. would be able to return to the ring. And if he did, whether or not he was going to be the same old dominant fighter that he had become that people follow him around to watch and see, and based upon his performance winning 116 to 112 116 to 112 and 117 to 111. He says that he is the same old guy after a ton of work, that that that he was before the accident, and he’s ready to go ahead and start taking new names and taking new belts.

John Keyes 9:31
Yeah, um, somebody didn’t let oh boy know that he was coming back with a vengeance. Um, and it showed I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m, you know, I’m glad he’s back. be quite honest. I like it. When we get stories like that. I hated that he had it happened to them. But that is a heck of a comeback story.

Unknown Speaker 9:51
Right there.

Unknown Speaker 9:51
It is.

John Keyes 9:53
So I mean, it couldn’t it couldn’t have read it. It couldn’t be written better than then that right there. Absolutely. Hats off. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 10:04
So So, you know, that’s the great thing you know, hometown hero, Errol Spence Jr. will be looking forward to it. There’s there’s some conversations about him fighting. I think his name is Travis Crawford. We don’t really follow boxing as much as we probably should. Yeah, but you know that, that helps us get our combat part of our combat sports. But, uh, but yeah, I mean, there’s some there’s some big fights out there, it’s questionable as to whether or not who’s gonna fight next. So we’ll be keeping our eye on that. But we got a lot of boxing to talk about in this particular episode of combat sports talk. UFC Vegas, 16 jack Hermansson versus Marvin vittori. Saturday, December 5 2020. At the UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were five fights on the card. Jordan Levitt defeated Matt Wyman

Unknown Speaker 10:55

Ryan Smith 10:57
take down knockout.

John Keyes 10:58
Wha It was a z. I’ve seen this happen before and I Stone Cold Stunner. It was not a stone coaster. It’s more like a rock bottom or spine buster, because he had and he put his forearm like he was bracing him and he I guess he told him Hey, guess what? Good night and he dumped on right on his head and he was out. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 11:22
You know, I am very impressed by Jordan level. This is the first fight have ever seen him fight. I think he was on the Dana White’s Tuesday contender series. This was like his UFC actual UFC debut. But what he said was he said that he had practiced that he’d seen other people do it, where he had Matt Wyman, his opponent was kind of like, you know, he was carrying Wyman Wyman had his legs wrapped around him kind of like, like you. I don’t know what position you would call that. And what he did was he put his forearm on Matt Wyman’s neck and then dropped him down and boom, his head hit the ground. He was out instantly. And and he said he’d seen it before. He just, you know, he hit practicing. He said, I knew it was gonna it’s gonna work. And he said that I didn’t think that it was going to hurt him though. And, and so he goes, You know, I feel bad. I’m glad that I won the fight. But I didn’t. Um, it was not my intent to hurt him, especially given the fact that his wife was in the audience. And so that’s never something that you want to do. And so I had a lot of respect for Jordan Leavitt, because not only you know, we talked about fighters who really can’t communicate on the mic after the fights. He was so clear, coherent, easy to listen to. I mean, he was great on the mic. And the fact that he was like, you know, I’m excited. But at the same time, I’m conflicted, because, you know, Matt Wyman’s wife had to watch that happen. And I never want that to happen. I didn’t want to hurt anybody. And so because of that, I gotta say, I know it’s premature, but I gotta say, I’m on the Jordan Leavitt hype train.

Unknown Speaker 13:04
Not yet.

Unknown Speaker 13:05
Not yet. I

John Keyes 13:06
got, I got he’s a good dude. He was very articulate, which I’m saying that like that, like, we’re supposed to be surprised. I’m not. But he was, you know, so directedness in his in a speech, they reminded me a lot of Josh Emmett, and y’all know how I feel about Josh Emmett? He crazy. He really psychotic. Yeah, yeah, we might have Dexter in the ring right now. Okay with that, dude.

Ryan Smith 13:38
I don’t know. But I’m excited to see what he’s gonna do next. You know, I if you if you go back and watch his post fight interview, it was entertaining to watch just because he was his thoughts were so clarity. Yes.

John Keyes 13:54
It’s as if Dexter, you you’ve seen the show Dexter. You’ve seen it? He was very clear. He was very happy.

Ryan Smith 14:01
I never I never was Dexter.

John Keyes 14:03
What? You’ve never watched Dexter? No. Wow, that’s that’s that’s that’s. That’s weird.

Unknown Speaker 14:11
That’s weird. aliens.

Ryan Smith 14:14
In the next Fight of the Night, Roman Dalit say defeated john Allen, via split decision. Now this was a fight that it was a three round fight. It was very close first round. Many people thought this should have gone 3027 there were some 2928. One referee scored at 2928 for john Allen, causing Dana White to say that it’s just a judging debacle that they’re going to mess somebody’s life up because you got a judge who scored it so differently than everybody else. And so, you know, the fact is, is that for me, because I got to watch the hit. I got to read the headline and then why I was time shifted a lot of times for these non pay per view shows, I end up watching it on Sunday night or Monday before the show. And so what ends up happening is, I knew that it was there was some type of controversy with with this, with this with this decision. And so I was really watching it to see if it was justified. And I know this is an unpopular opinion. But I could see it 2928 for john Allen, I probably would not have scored it that way. Because you know, the combat sports talk judging methodology, which is on combat sports, talk.com www.scosche.com m, would have probably scored the fight in favor of Roman, though, let’s say. But the key thing that happened in the first round, where many people gave the first round to Roman Deluxe, a Roman was put, I felt like Roman might have been losing that first round. And what happened was, it looked like there was a collision of heads that caused john Allen to look like he got knocked down. But from the angle that I’m watching, no strike was landed, there wasn’t a strike landed. And he went down, it was scored a knockdown. And so therefore, everyone was saying that Roman deputy knocked john Allen down. And I didn’t see it. It looked like a collision of heads. And so

John Keyes 16:22
it looked like that to me from from what I saw. Go ahead. I’m sorry.

Ryan Smith 16:27
Yeah, but but, but at that, from that point, john Allen was winning that round. And the third round, john Allen, I believe won that round. If not, it was very close. So for a judge to score 2928 in favor of john Allen, it could potentially have been, I don’t know, where the judges are placed. But usually from the COVID protocols, they’re placed on very wide disk, you know, disparate parts of the ring. So from his perspective, he may not he may have actually seen the collision of heads, not scored it as a knockdown. And as a result, a 2928 could have been possible in this fight. And so it’s it’s it’s surprising that you’ve got Dana White coming out the way it’s not surprising. Let me take that back. It’s not surprising that he’s that he’s that he’s coming out like that. But I’m just saying that I don’t necessarily see the outrage of 2928 in favor of john Allen in that fight.

John Keyes 17:31
What two things, okay, that we take from this number one, and the most important rule of UFC, never leave it in the hands of the judges. All right. He Dana White has stated that from the get go, it is if you play the UFC video game, it even it even does that the algorithms on there sometimes are so off that it even tells you you should never leave it in the hands of the judges. The second thing, in light of what you know, based on what he said that he should know that that could ruin somebody’s life. And what’s happened in the last 48 hours. Um, that’s some cryptic stuff to say. And I’m sure we’ll get into it later on in the headlines. Absolutely. Absolutely. In the next fight, Gabriel Benitez defeated Justin James via TKO and round number one.

Ryan Smith 18:26
There’s not much to say about that other than dude handle his business. I don’t know how he gets the nickname maglie but I’m gonna have to make it maybe it’s supposed to be like The Jungle Book.

John Keyes 18:37
I think it is. I think it is. I forgot. I think they told us how the guy got the name mark. I’m

Ryan Smith 18:42
gonna have to look that up.

John Keyes 18:43
Yeah, you know, while we’re here, but yeah, he went in there. He, you know, clocked in this thing clocked out, you know, and went home. Pretty much. No, I can’t be mad at them. Absolutely.

Ryan Smith 18:59
In the CO main event of the evening, Jamal Hill, defeated ovince St. Pru via just TK I mean, it was just like, Dude, what is wrong with ovince St. preux. Now, you know, I am honorbound to pick ovince St. Peru. Uh, you know, due to my fraternal affiliation. However, everybody on the show picked ovince St. Prue. And so therefore, we all got to eat crow. Now you’re here. So this crow ain’t for you? Yeah, my guess is you would have picked over and saying poo as well.

John Keyes 19:39
I don’t think I would have because he’s proving that. Like something that Casey said I’m surprised that he actually went went with OSP is that the time for the slow starter is pretty much over. Right? Okay. You cannot be a slow starter at morning UFC you’re going to get mauled In the end, and he got mold. Me I hated hp. But yeah, dude,

Ryan Smith 20:07
Jamal Hill was touching him up first round. I mean it was. It was. Yeah, I mean, it was not one of those

John Keyes 20:15
bad where it wasn’t.

Ryan Smith 20:16
It really wasn’t. And in the second round once he started, you know, landing more consistently you could see that open St. prude didn’t want to be in there anymore. I, I, you know, I don’t want to say that. We’ll go ahead and let’s get to get to the story before I make this prediction. But I got a prediction about the future of ovince St. preux.

John Keyes 20:36
I do too. But if you really think about it, and I counted it, he went 30 an answer to shots to ovince St. preux. Before they called it off 30 of them. And at that point, I knew after 10 it was pretty much over because you can see that he was starting to turtle off. It was like Jamal, he was just once he trapped them. It was it was gang. It was game Oh cuz he really cut off the ring. And just, he just went in there and just started piecing them up.

Ryan Smith 21:07
Yeah, speaking a piece in somebody up. In the main event of the evening, Marvin vittori defeated jack Hermansson via unanimous decision. You know it too bad. George Stallworth isn’t here because George Stallworth picked Melvin, Marvin vittori. To win. And I mean, dude walked in the ring, handle his business from jump, took like one round took round three off and just finished wrong. I mean,

John Keyes 21:39
what he’s saying here, he when he hit him when he hit her Manson on the chin, and her master said, Oh, look, what I can do hit the ground. And it was it was like, Oh, my God, it’s over. And I, I did not see her Manson losing it either. So I got to take the L as well, because I thought her mass is gonna go on there, and does what he always did. That’s your eyes, people. But my thing was that what threw me off was the moment that he that he hits you, you should have realized, Oh, I need to be a wrestler. Now I need to be a ground fighter, and took him to the ground and dealt him out. Because we know your ground game is strong. So my question is, why did you

Ryan Smith 22:21
I mean, he knows the problem, right? He couldn’t get, he couldn’t get the toy.

John Keyes 22:29
He tried to lay down. I mean, the farmers, the first moment that I got hidden, and then I dropped to my knees. After that, if I would have been shooting in there, like a lot like my last name was Gracie seriously, I would have been shooting in there. I’d have tried every trick in the book to get him on the ground and keep them there. Because he there was no way they’re standing up with with him was a sound plan on any planet.

Ryan Smith 22:55
Right. I mean, and and you know, the thing that’s, that’s crazy, though, is the fact that that he was a late flight replacement. Like he was the third person on the list, right? Because we’re supposed to be supposed to be Darren till then we’re supposed to be Kevin Holland. And then Marvin vittori comes in there. And if you go back five years, five years worth of fights, late fight replacements, almost always lose, especially whenever it’s this close. But the difference between Marvin vittori and other late fights replacements was that Marvin was supposed to be fighting this week. So he was already in camp. He was already almost there to cut, you know, to start his weight cut. So it was what they said was, he was like, hey, that’s one less week, I got to worry about getting beat up. He said, I can just get into my weight cut and get into the ring and get this over with. And it was actually freeing for him to be able to fight early. And clearly it worked out. Clearly. Yeah, he looked clearance.

John Keyes 24:02
And, you know, and, you know, props to the Tory for dress for stepping up like that. Props to him for going in there and being game all the way and I mean, all the way.

Ryan Smith 24:16
Right. So so let’s go ahead and close the book on this one and put it on the shelf. This card is history. Now let’s get into the headlines that are making waves in the UFC world with finding the angles.

This is finding the angles This is where we talk about the headlines that are making waves in the UFC world. And we are going to start this segment off with the headliner. All right, has has the UFC lost its luster. I mean it was the most aggressive Sport at the beginning of this pandemic, but now it seems like the UFC has caught the bug. And he it has more fighters dropping than the NFL. I mean, that’s, that’s an exaggeration, not mathematically, but at the same time, there are three fighters who were who have a COVID positive tests that are out of this weekend’s activities. And so, you know, there was an interesting headline at that MMA mania that was talking about UFC in Las Vegas COVID bubble has popped, because clearly there people are coming in and they are arriving. And as they’re taking their tests and going through the check in process, they are coming up, you know, they’re coming up Snake Eyes, and, and, and having COVID positive tests, which are really throwing the card into, you know, into question.

John Keyes 26:00
Well, you know, what it’s time to do now. It’s time to go back to fight on, it’s time to start quarantine, doing some serious quarantine, what they were doing at Pine Island, they need to start doing here. And I mean, really hardcore. Nobody and nobody out, you know, get these people isolated for these fights two weeks before, and then two weeks afterwards, because it seems like that, that since we’re here in the US, we’re having problems. We’re having serious problems about it. Right.

Ryan Smith 26:31
And so, uh, so let’s go through the list of fighters who are out the first fighter is Dwight grant. He was supposed to fight Li Zhang Liang. And he is, you know, he is out. Carl Roberson was also supposed to fight on this card, but that card has been rescheduled for a week later, UFC Vegas 17 and then Angela overkill Hill, yeah. came down with COVID-19. And so she is also out. She was supposed to fight Tisha Torres and get that rematch on but apparently, she is going to have to seek life elsewhere. And and I think they’re trying to find teacher tourists another fight I think they may have. I’m not sure. So.

John Keyes 27:22
So that got them wrong. Ah,

Ryan Smith 27:24
so that’s three fighters that have come down with the Rona. And you know, Dana White. They know I was like, they asked him, you know what’s going on? He’s like, Who knows? I have no idea. The COVID thing is more rampant. Now. Another friend that I talked to you today, lives on an island in Alaska, somewhere, they have a population of 4000 people, over 40 people have COVID there now. It’s like a big huge deal. This stuff is definitely spreading. And when we were first going through the stuff, I didn’t know anybody who had it. And then you know, one employee came up and got it. It got through it quick. But personally, somebody that I was friends with hadn’t had it yet. Now everyone’s got it. You know what I mean? He says people show up with it. I think that’s what that’s what’s happening. This time. Somebody had contact with somebody else training partners, yada yada. And so we’ve got more fighters catching it, but the the wheels may be coming off of this, this very aggressive strategy, because you know, at the end of the day, UFC has two fights left in this year. They got this weekend and they’ve got the, the fights on the 19th. And that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 28:25

John Keyes 28:26
Okay. So just FYI, a quick update. Tisha Torres is fighting somebody. She is fighting LFA veteran Sam Hughes. Okay. Hey, found out. Yeah, they found our fight. So there’s that. Yeah, this. Okay, Dana. All right. Comment that the that the COVID is a big thing. Really. I mean, it’s rapid. It is out of control. They have told us we’ve been out of control since God knows how long all right now it’s starting to affect your you’re like, oh, wow, that’s a really big thing. Yes, it is Dana. Okay. But

Ryan Smith 29:06
here’s the big but because there’s a big but

John Keyes 29:10

Ryan Smith 29:12
The process is working. He, he’s catching them as they’re coming in. They’re not. It’s not spreading to other fighters. He’s catching them as they’re coming in. So technically, the process is working.

Unknown Speaker 29:28
Right now, though.

John Keyes 29:29
Yeah, yes, you’re right. You’re right. However, he needs to have a plan B and A plan C. Okay, well,

Ryan Smith 29:38
he’s on D now because he’s missed the first. He’s got three fighters that are out. You know, he’s on.

John Keyes 29:45
Yeah. So how many more fights did he did? Do they get the but the big payout? I mean, how many fights away?

Ryan Smith 29:52
Oh, yeah, we’re gonna have to go back and calculate that. So for those of you who are new to the show, we were tracking this back in like March that the UFC Because they had like February can’t fight canceled March fights cancelled, that put them in jeopardy of not getting their payout from ESPN. And, and you know, and and it’s family and the Disney family of companies, because of the fact that, you know, the majority of the revenue for the UFC doesn’t come in ticket sales doesn’t come in pay per view buys, it comes on television contracts that they fulfill. And if they do, they stand to earn something crazy, like $750 million. But because of COVID, they were not actually getting the fights that they had contracted to do. And so that could put them at risk of not making that full amount, which their parent company because their parent company was in financial constraints, needs the UFC to bring home that bank in order for them to cover those bills. And so therefore, it’s a very interesting story from a financial standpoint. And I that’s why the UFC was putting on shows every single week and sometimes multiple fights in a week in order to try to hit that total that they need in order to get that payout. And I think they may have done it.

John Keyes 31:14
I think they may have done it. Let me let me find out. How many.

Ryan Smith 31:21
So while while you’re looking for that, let me ask this one question. Do you think that people should be concerned about the disruption that COVID-19 positive tests on fighters have had on these last cards of the year?

John Keyes 31:38
Yes, um, you people should be concerned about these about how many fighters are not only just fighter, but this athletes in general, just to know that COVID ain’t no joke is coming everywhere, whatever you think, is safe. Eight safe. Okay. A lot of people thought that, you know, the way that the UFC was doing it was a stapler. And they’re like, yes, the UFC is doing it. No, it’s out of control that when the UFC who was a, a, what’s the flagbearer? And how to bring sports back. When they’re starting to get it. It’s time to really start thinking about, you know, what’s going on, as far as the athletes health, health. God bless you guys. You you’ve done everything you can, you know, get healthy. We’ll see you next year. All right. Well, take see.

Ryan Smith 32:37
Yeah, well, you know, that’s the thing in you know, with with with fighters leaving the card. You know, it’s better to leave the card than leave the company. Oh, yeah. After, after this Saturday, Dana White. You know, we had been tracking the fact that Joelle Romero actually starts back with Anderson Silva Anderson Silva was released from his contract. Then we learned about ul Romero, and then race Rachel our stove, Oscar kovitch. She’s also cut from the UFC and they asked Dana White like what’s going on? And he says, By the end of the year 60 names could be cut from the UFC s rosters, and so that people are on pins and needles to find out, you know, who’s going to be on that list? And so I made a promise to George and Casey last week that I’m fulfilling this week. You might not appreciate this but this goes out to to collect up and to George G. Money Stallworth, because fighters are leaving, we want to know where they’re going to end up.

So there you go. They’re going up yonder. They ain’t gonna be at the UFC anymore. I can tell you that. So it’s not interesting. It’s been interesting because yo Romero, of course everyone thinks that when a fighter leaves the UFC the next place they’re gonna go is Bella tour. We talked about that with Anderson Silva. Bella Torre said now we don’t need you. Now with yo Romero Bella Torre saying, Now we don’t need you. Yeah, I was saying, Man, we don’t need you be at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship says. Okay, I’ll come through. We could see we could see Joelle Romero taking those gloves off and going Bare Knuckle with some folks. Okay,

John Keyes 34:39
that this is very, very important. Okay. Which, you know, with Jojo Romero. The reason why this is this was a very interesting proposition is well for the fact no, the fight league really needs you over Miro because he’s already got money. Okay, he’s got money. We got paid off

Ryan Smith 35:01
because of that, that big settlement with USADA. Right?

John Keyes 35:05
Right. He’s got like $70 million. He’s, he’s rich people don’t let your mouth but he has a boxing lineage. His uncle was a world champion boxer. His father was a world champion was an Olympic boxer. Okay look, Olympic gold medalist. So he’s got boxing in his jeans and if you look at Euro merbau he’s built like a Greek god. Okay, so I don’t see a problem with him going into into the bare knuckle fight Lee, but it will it be will it be up to his liking? I don’t know because one thing that that Ryan has put out there in which you know, I begrudgingly agree is that those five that when you go to the to the BK FC you better be going in at a fight. There’s no technical skills really allowed in there sometimes you’re gonna have to go in there and fight. I don’t know if it’s a place for a counter puncher like you well. Yeah, yeah, I I agree

Ryan Smith 36:08
there. You know, and and what they said to Dana White said that it’s it’s a numbers game. And so the fact is, is that the Dana White’s Tuesday night contender series is actually proving to produce some really great talent. I mean, hometown hero Kevin Holland is out of the Dana White’s Tuesday night contender series. And And the thing is, is that when you think about how much a yo Romero contract costs, versus a fighter, fresh out of the The Contender series, who are you gonna pay for?

John Keyes 36:44
Exactly. Yeah, cuz he’s 44 years old. I mean, it’s not that they don’t want them that these other fine leads couldn’t couldn’t afford to happen. They, I mean, he is an explosive talent. He knocks people out. However, how long are you going to be knocking people out, dude? Okay, you’re 44 most fighters have have retired and prepped for Mike Tyson’s legends league right now. Right, those guys have prepped it. Alright. So don’t feel bad go out. If you go to BK, you’re going there just to just to go on beat people. You’re not going in there for money. We know that.

Ryan Smith 37:20
Yeah. It’s violent, violent intentions.

John Keyes 37:23
And I am not mad at you for that.

Ryan Smith 37:26
Well, so so we’ll continue to wait to see who is going to be the let go from the UFC. Most of the time. It’s fighters that we don’t hear of and don’t hear from, they don’t fight three times a year. And so we won’t miss a lot of them because we just won’t know them. But I’m interested to see what fighters that that we do know that we have been following that will get the cut. I’m going to say right here right now that I predict that a pink slip is coming over in St. preusse way,

Unknown Speaker 38:00

John Keyes 38:02
Okay, so if you look at what they what they’ve been doing it that seriously trimming the fat on who’s got the who stacked up the losses? I see. Diego. I see Tyron Woodley. I see. Ul, I see OSP I also see who else maybe till maybe?

Ryan Smith 38:27
I don’t know. I don’t know about till I I would be surprised.

John Keyes 38:32
I’d be surprised to but if they look at if you look at the formula of what they’re doing so far, till is right there. Okay, till is right there. I don’t care how much trash he talks. He’s lost a lot in the last few fights. So he could be there. Um, who else?

Ryan Smith 38:55
Maybe Anthony Pettis, maybe they’re starting to clear out some of these older older fighters that have been there for a while. You know, he’s been kind of on the cusp, but he’s not actually been so dominant. He’s not as exciting a fighter as he has been in the past. So I see an Anthony Pettis also be someone who, who could be part of that. 60 these are big name people, though. So it’ll be it’ll be interesting, because if it’s not Anthony, it might be Sergio will have to see. It might be Oh,

Unknown Speaker 39:27

Ryan Smith 39:28
Yeah. So so I’m interested to see what’s going to happen. But you know, I can tell you this is that, you know, if if it is Tyron Woodley, we’ll have to send him off,

Unknown Speaker 39:37
down in strike.

Ryan Smith 39:43

John Keyes 39:48
Stop, stop, stop,

Unknown Speaker 39:50
stop. You know, we got

John Keyes 39:54
Oh, what about Donald serani?

Ryan Smith 39:56
No, Donald’s run. He’s got he’s got he’s got he’s got angel wings. That guy. He’s gonna leave ever ever. He’s he’s really good and ready to leave.

John Keyes 40:04
I don’t know, man.

Ryan Smith 40:06
I don’t white loves Dana White loves cowboy Sironi so i don’t think i don’t think that cowboy is gonna be going.

John Keyes 40:14
I think we’ll see. We’ll see.

Ryan Smith 40:16
I yeah, but but my vote my vote is definitely OSP i think that i think he’s gonna have to seek life elsewhere.

John Keyes 40:24
Yes, he will. Um Yeah. LSP reinvent yourself did if you’re going to go if you’re going to swing over the bill tour, please reinvent yourself over Beltre, given given Javier Cordero over there at Kings MMA. Get your boxing game, right. Go get get your whole fighting game, right. Okay. Even if you don’t have to go down find him remove. You got to reinvent yourself, dude. You’re You’re a great town. You’re a great physical talent. You’re You’re a great fighter. you’re you’re you’re just an all round. Good guy. All right, reinvent yourself. You can get back in the game dude. Yeah, yeah. All right. And with being one punch, man,

Ryan Smith 41:03
we got it. We got a comment from from the audience. Um, you know that that cowboy is likely saying i think i think i think he absolutely is. So. So I agree with Eris. He says the Cowboys thing I agree. And he agrees with us about OSP after that last fight against Jamal hill where Jamal is kind of a newbie to the to the octagon. You don’t get you and you’re a veteran. And you fought for the title. And I’m not here to fight for the title. He thought john Jones. Yeah. He didn’t fight for the title. Um, you’re not supposed to lose to a Jamal Hill. The way you lost to him. You might have it may be a split decision. War. You might lose to him. But you don’t get wrecked in the second round, bro.

Unknown Speaker 41:48
Come on. Wow. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 41:52
speaking of reinventing yourself, I’m recently retired fighter. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him. His name is Habib in America met

John Keyes 42:00
off. And a little bit I may have heard him and I

Ryan Smith 42:05
recently purchased guerrilla Fighting Championships for $1 million. promptly renamed it Eagle Fighting Championships. And I was correct. I gotta say I was right. When I everyone was like, ooh, is Habib in America men off meeting Dana White and Abu Dhabi to talk about going for 30. And oh, I’m like, No, he’s trying to get a distribution deal from the UFC for Eagle Fighting Championships. And then it was released that yes, Habib wants newly acquired EFC promotion to become a launchpad into the UFC. And this was interesting because what he’s saying is he’s like listen, other other regional promotions are trying to stop their fighters from going to the UFC. I want to be a launchpad for fighters going to the UFC. And I think this is genius. This is so smart. This dude is

John Keyes 42:59
exactly me. And you know, I’m proud to be wrong on this one. I do not. I don’t think he should have went to went for 30 you know, but what he’s doing now is so much better because guess what he is doing what his dad did, okay? He is becoming a mentor to these fighters and Dagestani and wherever to launch pack them into into higher. It’s a higher division. Congrats to you. Be so.

Ryan Smith 43:29
So when I when I start talking about remember how everybody gets mad at me when I start talking about greatest of all time, I say that greatest of all time has to have an impact on the sport. You can’t just you can’t just be a winner. You can’t just be a champion. Anybody can win fights, anybody can get belts. You got john Jones going for the heavyweight belt. He’s got the light heavyweight belt. You got potentially people like Henry. So Hutto, Henderson Hutto with a gold medal, and two belts, you know, all of these things, everybody’s going to make their claim of being a winner. But how many people can say that they fundamentally affected the sport in a meaningful way. There are only a few people and those contributions transcend time, which is what the goat is supposed to be. And so what’s interesting to me, for someone like Habib in America medoff is the fact that Habib, in starting this Eagle Fighting Championship accomplishes two things. Number one, he creates a he puts daghestan fighters on the map because it’s taking place in Dagestan. That means all of these fighters daghestan fighters are similar 90% victory rate. But let’s think about that for a moment. 10% of the time they lose 90% of the time they win as a collective group coming out of that, that city, Mom and and show now he He’s got a way to cultivate and put that city on the map, but also because he has the relationship that he has with Dana White, and he is an he’s a, you know, a, now a contributor to the talent pool, people are going to start going to fight for EFC because it’s a clear pathway into the UFC. Think about it, if you’re gonna, you’ve had a chance to fight at a regional promotion, or go fight an EFC maybe have to relocate to Pakistan or go fly to Dagestan to fight people. But if you win in Dagestan, then you know, you are headed into the UFC versus winning at a couple of regional promotions having to go around and around and maybe if you’re seen and you might get to go to the UFC. So now he’s going to have this this funnel through or new talent coming to him because he has created a clear path into the UFC. Two things I think are genius about Habib been recommends choice to deliver EFC to the UFC.

John Keyes 46:10
And you know, more than anything, I mean, this could be the next evolution that he’s now not only has he done that not only has he created a fighting promotion in a region that’s going to get a spotlight in the UFC, but he is now slowly but surely he is putting Sambo on the map. He is going to do with the Brazilians did with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but the Gracie did with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that’s what he’s trying to do with Samba and that’s what’s gonna make him the greatest one of the greatest of all

Ryan Smith 46:45
time, right because what is because my greatest of all time and I am not ashamed to say it is hoist Gracie, why? Because his success whether people want to discount it because his his fights were set up and all this kind of conspiracy that people want to talk about with UFC one. But there are so many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gyms all over the country all over the world as a result of the success that hoist Gracie had. If indeed, Sambo becomes the next Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, then I think that Habib in America medoff is making a very strong case for replacing what I thought was the unreplaceable hoist Gracie as dote

John Keyes 47:33
now. I won’t go into that. I’m sorry to cut you off. I wouldn’t say that. Because there’s plenty of there’s plenty of room for more than one go. Okay, there’s plenty of them. I could I could see that.

Ryan Smith 47:48
grammatically, there’s not but I get what you’re saying.

John Keyes 47:51
Okay, so I was still considered hoist Gracie the greatest of all time because he built the house at MMA. Okay, he built it. It’s and you know, it’s just that Habib now is about to go pay some rent in it. Okay, that’s. Yeah, I see what you’re saying. But he can he can be there. He just can’t be there.

Ryan Smith 48:16
Yeah, you know. And that’s the point that I’m making, though, is that those moves and I like what Eric said he was calling it money moves by Habib. The these moves are the transcendent type of things that you must do to be the greatest. These are the types of things that you must do. So that you can elevate to something that survives your career. Because at the end of the day, someone’s gonna go 29 an hour, someone’s gonna go 30 an hour, so it’s gonna go 31 and oh, someone’s gonna win champions and be as dominant as having been America metal, that is replicatable. But starting a starting a or taking over a fight promotion, and building into a feeder for the UFC. That that attracts all kinds of talent from all over the world. Something that Conor didn’t do. Conor made a mate Connor got proper 12 A Connor ain’t having the impact on the sport that Habib is poised to make and that’s what’s differentiating. We start talking about Habib’s desire to have a legacy. That’s exactly what he’s doing. And so one more from Eric, he said, So what you’re saying is he EFC is basically going to be the Russian legacy Fighting Championships.

Unknown Speaker 49:32

John Keyes 49:34
Absolutely. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Because think of it that way. Because now we have a LFA in Russia. Do you know how many fighters that’s gonna draw? Because you’re not just gonna draw from Russia, you’re gonna draw from China. You’re gonna draw from the UAE, that UAE, the Middle East,

Ryan Smith 49:57
but you’re also gonna draw from

John Keyes 49:58
Africa. Yes, you’re going to draw from Africa. Right? If there’s if anything, this is this is going to be. This has a potential for being so huge that this could submit not only Habib’s legacy, perhaps even Dana’s to a degree because they now have to make it happen.

Ryan Smith 50:21
Well, you know that there is something to be said there. So just like we call him Uncle Dana, we’ll have to start calling him Uncle Habib. Now. We’re gonna move from the awe of what Habib numurkah Madoff is doing to the all of what Floyd Mayweather is doing. Now, let me just say, Floyd Mayweather, as much as everyone touts his, his, his record of being was 50 an hour 51 and no,

Unknown Speaker 50:52
beginner piano.

Ryan Smith 50:54
He was the big thing that Floyd Mayweather did was become his own promoter. Remember, you know, you know, he was the first fighter to say, Listen, I’m not going to have someone make closing deals for me. I’m going to close my own deals. And I’m gonna do it. And because of that, he’s able to get these massive paydays that other people can’t do and in boxing, a massive paydays, you know, for us, it’s like, you know, $20 million for boxing. That’s pretty standard. So Floyd Mayweather get into the hundreds of millions of dollars, because he’s running his own promotion, if you will, has been something that differentiates him from all the other fighters. But now things are getting kind of crazy. And so that’s why you know, on the on the title of this show, is the fact that, you know, the boxing is kind of going crazy here. Floyd Mayweather is coming back out of retirement, not to fight Conor McGregor or someone at Connors caliber. He’s fighting youtuber Logan Paul.

John Keyes 52:02
Good. Good. Because you know why somebody needs to shut him and his brother up. I had no beef with it.

Ryan Smith 52:16
You know, it’s a lose lose for Floyd Mayweather,

John Keyes 52:18
though. Oh, it’s not? I think it’s not because eventually because if you if in the snippets dogs heard from Logan Paul, he has talked much trash, like he is, is much like how we jump on these rappers. These mumble rappers are trying to call yourself a rapper. And that’s what Logan Paul is trying to come so a boxer. He’s no boxer. And eventually, somebody was going to come out and say, You know what, young man? You’re not a boxer and I’m about to show you why. And this is that moment. We have got the very, very best one of the very best. Do you ever do it? Can you know what? I’ll see this exhibition? I won’t make me some money. And you gotta make yourself for now. And you’re gonna take

Ryan Smith 53:14
Yes, but that’s the thing. Is that okay, so Floyd Mayweather. outclasses Logan Paul. He should. He’s considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. And Logan Paul is literally Oh, and one in his record. He is he is based on his record. He is worse than Conor McGregor, who was zero and zero when he bought it. Um, yeah. So so you have that but if Logan Lanza punch you strong dude. He’s a strong guy.

John Keyes 53:45
Yeah, but just like canal was a strong guy, too, is a strong guy. And what did he say? When he when he when he swung it when he swung at me when he just wasn’t there? He just wasn’t there. So I found out I wasn’t there. I

Ryan Smith 54:04
guess so. You know. And I do think that it’s a fair comment to say that Floyd beating Logan Paul is going to show people that you can’t just put on gloves and say you can box. I agree with that. And we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna actually extend that the other way around as well.

Unknown Speaker 54:20
Oh, wait.

Ryan Smith 54:23
Let’s put a pin in there. Let’s put a pin in it. We’ll put a pin in it. Um, all right. So I just it’s ridiculous. But you know, the odds have already come out. And Floyd Mayweather is opening as a minus 5000 favorites.

Unknown Speaker 54:42
Over Logan Paul.

Ryan Smith 54:43
That’s this is how ridiculous this fight is. He’s a minus 5000 favorite.

John Keyes 54:51
So this is so let’s do the math. So that means a minus 5000. That if if that Mayweather wins You have to literally put up

Ryan Smith 55:04
$5,000 if you want 100 you want to win 100.

John Keyes 55:12
So what is what’s the Logan Paul’s odds here?

Ryan Smith 55:17
It doesn’t it doesn’t say on this article that I’m looking at. It just shows with action is astronomical. It’s just crazy. You got to put down $5,000 if you want to walk home with $5,100 Wow. So so that just goes to show how ridiculous it is that Floyd Mayweather would even entertain this. But at the same time, Dana White says that, you know, what’s the state of boxing right now? He’s like, that’s where it’s at. You know,

Unknown Speaker 55:48
it’s like,

Ryan Smith 55:49
Logan. Logan Paul got beat up by KSI.

Unknown Speaker 55:53

John Keyes 55:54
but how much money did he make behind that? Oh,

Ryan Smith 55:57
he made tons of money. And you know, for for the money team. That’s all what it’s about, right. It’s just about money. But for the sport, it’s sad. It’s sad boxing. Because, you know, go ahead.

John Keyes 56:11
You know, the one person that came in the eye and thought that he was an MMA that he could handle with the MMA fighters. And he embarrassed himself.

Ryan Smith 56:22
James Tony,

John Keyes 56:23
James, Tony gamper of darkness. All right. Yeah, he got beat by one of the classiest fighters that that could have ever graced grace to ring with them when Randy Couture. And this is but the difference is, at least James Tony was I’m not service prompt. He was a fight. He was a fighting off fighting artists. He was not at the level of a mixed martial artist. But at least he had some skill in that. Right. Okay, we’re gonna get the goddess a YouTuber.

Ryan Smith 56:57
Yeah. And and who’s lost a fight to another YouTuber.

John Keyes 57:02
Literally, you think that you can handle the one of the great arguably the greatest fighter to ever grace. Right.

Ryan Smith 57:13
So So yeah, this is the state of boxing like, this is what they’re having to get to in order to get the eyeballs that they need to keep the sport going, like, I don’t know.

John Keyes 57:25
Yeah. And yet the crazy thing about that, I’m sorry to cut you off. Because it’s so ludicrous is that they still make a ton of money.

Ryan Smith 57:35
They do. But that’s because of how that’s because of how the the contracts are set up. The UFC is is a is a governor it’s a it’s a glass ceiling for fighters, because it controls the promotion. And it controls the belts. And so that doesn’t happen in boxing. So now you’re having to bid as a promotion to be able to get that fight because the WBC owns the bells. Oh, God. So, so here’s the deal. It doesn’t stop there. The insanity and boxing doesn’t stop there. I’m gonna go I’m gonna I’m gonna kick this back over to Eric. He said that, you know, YouTube personalities, boxing have impacted the sport in a way that internet kids believe their favorite YouTube personalities are scary fighters. Yeah, because people a lot of these kids aren’t watching these sports. They’re, you know, we talk about the casual, right? We’re talking about people who don’t follow the sport who don’t understand the sweetness of the science of boxing. I mean, there’s a lot of MMA people and I would I would argue that I’m probably in there and I don’t have a true appreciation for how how difficult boxing really is. And you know and so to have somebody come in there and like a like a Logan Paul or even a Jake Paul from you know, we could go and fight. People think that these guys are great fighters, but you’re if you’re if you’re fighting folks like like Nate Robinson, yeah, you’re gonna look like a beast, but you fight an actual boxer. No,

John Keyes 59:10
no. We need to know the difference between a southpaw stance and an orthodox stance that can be that can you know Rope A Dope, hook, uppercut straight jab?

Unknown Speaker 59:23

Ryan Smith 59:23
it’s, it’s, it’s it’s laughable. And it’s like I said, it’s sad for the sport, but it gets sadder. Because guess what else is happening?

John Keyes 59:35
Well, how do you get sadder?

Ryan Smith 59:36
So you know, triller was the the platform upon which Mike Tyson’s legacy league was was was shown. But we saw Snoop Dogg, right. Snoop Dogg was there and he was performing on the show.

John Keyes 59:51
But he was also awesome color commentary.

Ryan Smith 59:55
He was funny. He was funny for sure. But he just started a social Celebrity boxing league called the Fight Club. Okay, celebrity boxing. Oh, come on. We tried 90s Jose conseco. Remember Jose conseco fighting Danny Bonaduce.

John Keyes 1:00:16
I don’t remember that.

Ryan Smith 1:00:17
Oh, wait, I know something you don’t know. Do we knock that down?

John Keyes 1:00:23
There are certain things if I don’t know it, it’s not even worth it at a point.

Ryan Smith 1:00:27
Episode 152 Ryan knew something that the Encyclopedia of fight knowledge. No.

John Keyes 1:00:36
I didn’t watch the fight. Okay, I wasn’t going to watch the fight. And I’ll never watch the fight now that I know that is still out there somewhere in the medium that we call YouTube I would sooner get a parlor account with my with my with my username being uncle Charles Butler. All right before I watched that,

Ryan Smith 1:00:57
so so it’s but because Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. was so popular 1.2 million pay per views. Remember, we talked about it? Well, you may have heard it on the show cuz you weren’t there. We talked about we were wondering how many buys it got 1.2 million. Like this is like, you know, Connor Nate Diaz numbers. Right. Right. Errol Spence, this past weekend. 360. k buys. I think that was what they were saying.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:23

Ryan Smith 1:01:24
So so you know, we started looking at the opportunity for some of these more kitschy kind of fights, and Snoop Dogg’s taking advantage of it. But I think that it also waters down the sport again, like it’s becoming the sideshow and not this, this, this elegant, you know, science that that it used to be.

John Keyes 1:01:46
And go ahead. And that’s, that’s, you know, that’s going to be to the detriment. Now, I know why I do appreciate Snoop Dogg doing what he’s doing. He really needs to surround himself with some real fighters. Drop the celebrity part. Make it a legend League, because a lot of people saying that, that, that the Tyson Roy Jones, Jr. Fight was a was a was a preamble to the legends League, which I’m excited and I’m good with that. That’s what needs to start doing get with Mike Tyson. Make this legend Lee happened for real. And notice that the boxing, let’s get some let’s get some MMA in there. Let’s get these legends in here and get them the fighting. Do not do celebrity boxing. It’s been 20 plus years. 30 maybe 25 or 30 years. It didn’t work. They’re not gonna work now. Okay, yeah, too many reboots. Too many reboots. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:02:44
But you know, there is something to say. And Mike Tyson said this last week that just because Jake Paul was on the card, perhaps that 1.2 million buys was largely because of the fact that you had a YouTube celebrity there. And so when when you think about it, fighting Logan Paul, there’s gonna be a lot of people who follow his, his his channel, who are gonna want to see what he can do against Lloyd. I’m just going to tell you like this. not watching that fight. I’m just gonna I already already kind of know. Yeah, you know, it’s basically you know, the boxing Rep. The boxing analogy of Mutual of Omaha, Animal Kingdom, wild kingdom. We know what happens when the lion catches the gazelle. I don’t need to watch it. However,

John Keyes 1:03:30
we did watch Rocky. Okay. And Rocky. You know, they said rocky didn’t have a chance because Apollo he might. He might upset. He might he might not win. But it’s the fact that the reporters are gonna sit there and go to him. So you let that guy laugh around. You know, what were you thinking? What were you doing? I didn’t know. I’m gonna be him this time. I’m gonna destroy him the second time. And then, you know, maybe Freddie Roach will come out of the canal the dirt and come and teach. Logan Paul had the really box attains that that brawler style into something memorable and fighting and he might actually get a win off of Floyd Floyd Mayweather I’m not saying it’s real. I’ll just say it could happen. Moving on.

Ryan Smith 1:04:29
So you know we are going to take the pin out of this topic. So you know it you know Eris is here in the in the audience tonight. And what he was saying is that you know, this is going fight Logan Paul fighting. Floyd Mayweather is going to show and prove that you can’t just be some geek off the street if you will, putting on some gloves and going in there and fighting an actual boxer boxing champion, World Champion. And and and and think that you can you can box The same thing is true about being a boxing world champion and thinking you can step into the octagon or step into the cage and make that transition like Clarissa shields is doing.

John Keyes 1:05:12
Okay, now a lot of popular opinion,

Ryan Smith 1:05:14
not a popular opinion. But Clarissa shields, you know, she got signed with the P FL. She’s going to start that tournament. She’s going to try to make her way into into that million dollar prize. But she is a pure boxer. Not a kickboxer because a lot of people come at me and they’re like, Well, what about Holly home, Holly home made that transition? Holly home was a

John Keyes 1:05:36
boxer first, okay. She was a kickboxer first, then became a boxer, then a boxer,

Ryan Smith 1:05:43
and she and that’s what happened. And they’re like, well, she was a champion. You didn’t think she’s gonna be a champion. I did not think she was going to be a champion. And frankly, she should not have been a champion, but she was fighting Ronda Rousey and Ronda Rousey thought she was a boxer and got rudely awakened.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01

Ryan Smith 1:06:03
yeah, remember what happened to Holly home right after that. But after that fight with with with with with Ronda Rousey, she defended that title against how miesha Tate nearly got choked out in the third round finally got choked out in the fourth round or the fifth round because she didn’t have any ground game.

John Keyes 1:06:23
So let’s look at it this way. Okay. pfml is a great starting point for her the fact that she’s gone to she’s joined Jackson link, which is a very smart decision because I don’t think there is another another group if you want to be if you want to learn from the best Jackson make is one of the great starts to it. I mean, I could think of other you really have to fill around to find the find like with any camp, find your find the right person that you can groove with going to Jackson wink. Not Not a bad choice. So I think that learning from from from Greg Jackson, and learning is the tactical mind that he has may actually be a plus for her may actually be a boon for her that she will actually, you know, she may evolve into a pseudo MMA fighter.

Ryan Smith 1:07:21
I today, I said, on on the web I wrote on I was on a in a group and I said that if ever she has been well positioned to have some level of success, she has made the right decisions in going to the place like Jackson winkeljohn. Absolutely. Like I think that that’s a very wise decision. However, I don’t think that I don’t think the upside on Clarissa shields is very high. I think she’s going to emerge as an average fighter she’s going to beat you know, in the in the P FL. I think it’s a round robin, and then they go into a tournament, I think she’ll probably it should probably make it past the round robin. But I think I don’t think she’s going to make it far in the tournament, because you’re not going to be able to pick up all of those variety of skills that you’re going to need in order to be able to be successful at the higher levels, even of the pfml that we’re not even talking about UFC, right, we’re talking about pfml because once it becomes a wrestling, once it becomes kickboxing, once it becomes jujitsu, you’re not going to have the ring time, you may have the skills, you may understand the fundamentals. But you’re not going to have the ring time and the route and the comfort in doing these things and thinking your way out that you’re going to need to be successful long term. So right now, you know people are all excited. I’m like don’t don’t get on that hype train because it Oh, no, no. This is a this is a this is boxing is a great sport. But it is not us. It is not a discipline that translates well into UFC, kickboxing, wrestling, those are the types of things Jiu Jitsu. Those are the types of things that make better basis. Things like the pure kicking sport, like like, like Taekwondo, not as good.

John Keyes 1:09:18
Well, it can be if you know, how about like,

Ryan Smith 1:09:22
one? Well, I mean, but if you know how to mix it, right, like mixed martial arts, like, yes, if you know how to do mixed martial arts, then yes, it will work, but it’s not a base to start from is what I’m saying.

John Keyes 1:09:33
Well, my best advice is don’t quit. You know, it’s nice that she’s doing high kicks and apply me and whatever. You need to have her learned ground game before a day because clearly she knows how to strike. She knows how to strike well. She needs to learn how to defend and she needs to learn how to sprawl, because that’s what they’re gonna that’s what they’re gonna do to her. All right, her spine ami firstlight they’re gonna they’re gonna go and they’re gonna do just Like hoist Gracie did in his first fight against our Jemison. He’s gonna do a little hop, and he’s gonna shoot right in there. And then take them down. And oh, no.

Ryan Smith 1:10:09
And yeah, we’re gonna see what how your jujitsu is, if you just use good. Okay, I’m gonna see how your kickboxing is. Because Yeah, you’re gonna stand there as a boxer. And yeah, they’re going to modify your stance and all that kind of stuff, which is going to take away some of your powers take away some of your speed, because you have to change your stance in order to worry about the takedown. And that’s when I start kicking your leg and once I kick your leg three times, four times in the same spot, we’re going to see how quick you are. You know, those are the things that we’re going to see happen to Clarissa shields now. She does have a lot of support. she tweeted out that she was in wrestling training for 45 minutes and she was sore. AF and Jordan burrows. Like when you talk about gold standard of freestyle wrestling Jordan burrows is like Hey, uh, you know, DM me if you want some help with the wrestling, so she’s got a lot of support let’s not let’s let’s not get it twisted that she is well positioned. I just don’t think that she’s going to be given enough time to marinate you know, I was once told that you know, if you’re drinking a little kiante you got to let it breed. You got to let her get those skills um, and give her some amateur fights like go off on the reservation and get some of these amateur fights under a different name so that you can get that ringtone that coaches always talking about?

John Keyes 1:11:33
Well, when when does the next season A p FL start?

Ryan Smith 1:11:37
I think are in first or second quarter of 2121 Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:11:42
we may fear we may see her doing some amateur fights before then. I don’t know

Ryan Smith 1:11:47
maybe give her a long runway.

John Keyes 1:11:51
Nah, but as far as Jordan burrows go, yeah, you you pick the you pick one of the right ones. Teresa I would love to have seen like maybe a Boogeyman Dean Lister. I would love to seen him in there. Maybe even Josh Barnett I think Josh Barnett but just Barnett style is more power oriented. Even though he’s trained a lot of feet he actually has a stable a female mixed martial artist that he trains and you know and catches catch can so a you might want to grab your Khalid you see what he got for you. Good. Yeah, you know, your ground games gonna get ignored in your striking game.

Ryan Smith 1:12:32
PFS is gonna start in April so she’s got roughly five months before she’s gonna she’s gonna be ready have to be ready to go. I don’t think it’s enough time john Jones said a wrestler can be taught to strike but wrestling wrestling is a lifestyle and boxers just don’t have it. And so if this is granted these are men that were talking about women you know and I was I was really thinking through this the this this point is that you don’t have a lot of great wrestlers. From what from a female perspective that’s at the championship a lot of them are appear strikers but you start thinking about someone like you know, I’m thinking about Amanda Nunez Amanda Nunez is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and a boxer. You know, you think about someone like Chris Cyborg Chris Cyborg boxer, but she’s also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. You know, you got someone like Valentina Shevchenko. What is it? 15 time Muay Thai kickboxing champion.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:32
Yeah, murder

Ryan Smith 1:13:33
is a murderer. You know, even people like Yo, J chick. You know, these are people that you can’t get down like the struggles to get them down. Zang Wei Li like, these are people who are strikers. But at the same time, they have been in mixed martial arts, their entire lives. They’ve been doing these things, doing all these other things. So I just, I just don’t know, I don’t think that Clarissa is going to make that transition in in the five months time that she’s got to be able to do that. Well remember, BJP six months, counting from a white belt to black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Gracie. So yes, it’s nearly impossible. It’s nearly impossible. It can be done, but possible versus probable. This big difference going on Francis in Ghana, you know, we don’t even talk about him anymore. But for instance, I was still there waiting for cp ameo chick to finish and like, This guy has only fought for like two minutes in the last year and a half.

John Keyes 1:14:36
People are scared again. Okay, I’ll be I’ll be I’m forgot about and you see that shadow on your wall that’s in Ghana. He’s always there. He is waiting. He’s waiting for a mistake. See if they know what he doing. I’ve run to CPA. Don’t no shame. No shame. I got fired. I got a fire to put out. Okay. I got top fragonard We are in Ghana.

Ryan Smith 1:15:02
We may see this fight in March but but Francis in Ghana doesn’t know for sure. Yeah. Like see pay is slow rolling. I don’t I don’t know. I I think you got to get back in the ring and fight somebody you know, maybe you talk to Dana White and be like, hey, I need to fight I need to get I need to get back in there. Give me Just give me a tomato cans so I can get back in there. Get back on the mic. demand a fight from sleep a meal check or something? You know, I

Unknown Speaker 1:15:30
do? Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:15:32
Like, give him a tomato can who cares who he fights, just fight because you can’t sit on the side. And just and just wait for the title. And then you have somebody who doesn’t really have a sense of urgency in defending that title. So I get in there, go, go knock somebody out.

John Keyes 1:15:50
Okay, so Eric’s actually threw up something on he says he loves the pay. But the UFC hates him as a champion. Because once you become a champion, they want to make money off off for you. Yeah, they do. That’s what they’re supposed to do. If you’re a champion, they’re gonna, let’s put it out there. Once you become a champion in the in the UFC or any fight organization, they’re gonna pimp you or they’re gonna pimp you well, until you’re not the champion anymore. depay knows that he’s holding back. Say, I’m not gonna say shame on CP because he is a he is a frontline guy. He is a he is essential personnel. Not gonna really knock him because he’s in his mind. He’s thinking, you know, COVID first not matches that. But you can give up the bill. Give up the bill. All right. You know, what’s more important to you? And we respect that. Nobody’s gonna think anything bad about you if you give it to me, no. Yeah, back, let them fight for it. And that’s what I like knowing Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:16:59
Well, I’m agreeing with you. That’s what I like about Robert Whittaker. Rob Whitaker’s like listen, I’m one of the top guys at 185 pounds. The belt is gonna be there the moment I say I want to fight for they’re gonna give me that title shot because I’m the best guy outside of Israel out of Sanya so let whoever wants to fight for the belt I know what’s going to be there Same thing for steep a steep pay is to Dana White, the greatest heavy UFC Heavyweight of all time. Okay, that means they don’t give up the belt so other people could fight they’ll give you the title shot of someone else’s holding it.

John Keyes 1:17:31
That’s right. So go ahead give it up let them fight for it knowing that when the time is right you never know hey, I mean I’m I’m ready to come get my belt back. There’s gonna be a fight Wait, no, you know, nobody’s going to be ashamed of that. If anything that just adds more more tea that’s another notch in your belt knowing that you are willing to put the put the put the five game to the side what you what you love to do, to do what you need to do. And that that’s a much legends right there.

Ryan Smith 1:18:06
Well, you brought it up so we’re going to talk about it, which are talking about legends. The success of the legends only league by Mike Tyson has brought a new legend to the squared circle. And it looks like we might get a fight between mike tyson and evander the real deal Holyfield

John Keyes 1:18:32
huh Oh, well. I’m a you know a vendor. You have a you have a case to make. Okay, you really do have a case to make. However, remember you catch mike tyson too hard that other Microsoft got back to back to to two Mike Tyson’s punch out if you fight Mike Tyson, okay. There are cues in there that that really meant to to his real life. Now if you remember the first 90 seconds one hit knock shot and there’s a reason for that because most of his fights did not go past 90 seconds that’s a playoff the limit suicide, but that’s not the one I’m looking I want you to look at. I want you to remember that before he throws that dynamite Flurry. He blinks. Okay, that’s a real life thing because if you actually watch his fights when he’s about to go crazy on you, he starts blinking he is he is that this check out? because now you’re about to get that rage that gusta model to have tried to charge the team that’s coming up to the front front, and it’s not really happy to be there. So you got to remember that holy few other than that, go for it, man. Oh, we’re dark.

Ryan Smith 1:19:51
I To be honest, I think that Roy Jones Jr. revealed the secret to Mike Tyson beating beating 54 year old Mike Tyson. You just wrap him up, and that’s what we’re gonna do. It’s gonna just read mike tyson and frustrate him and tire him out. And then what ends up happening is it because you know, it’s going to be an exhibition again, it’s not going to be a real fight. And so you tie him up, you keep him from throwing those big punches. You stay inside, and you throw body punches all day. You make the money, you walk away. That’s what he’s trying to do. So I’m not. I like Evander Holyfield. I’ve always followed him when I was a kid. It was Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Those are the only two that I really followed. But yeah, I think Mike Tyson, you wrap him up and you tie him up and you just frustrated that’s, that’s how you that’s how you survive.

John Keyes 1:20:39
But see, that’s the thing you keep frustrating him. He’s gonna start blinking. And when he starts blinking, everybody gonna clear out?

Ryan Smith 1:20:46
Yeah, right. He says, says Roy Jones, Jr. Right. Roy Jones? I mean, it just didn’t manifest mike tyson from the 90s. Maybe this is Mike Tyson. He’s still fun to watch. we all we all support him. I’m not talking smack about him because I don’t want him to show up at my door and come from my neck. Eat my children. Well, maybe he could have but

Unknown Speaker 1:21:12
you know which one right? Which one? Yeah, yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:21:17
I will eat your children. Um, so uh, so yeah, I just I just don’t I think that it we’ve seen how to survive mike tyson and it’s wrapping him up. And I think that’s what Evander Holyfield that’s how he got his head bit his ear But anyway, he was wrapping my Tyson up and Mike Tyson was frustrated because Evander Holyfield was using his head to move mike tyson around. And it was just like, I lost it. I got I got sick of him doing that. So last thing speaking of heads moving, moving around. Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson. Got a MMA bobblehead. I might get it.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:55
Did you see how much that thing is?

Ryan Smith 1:21:59
No, I haven’t seen the cost of it.

John Keyes 1:22:00
Yeah, I want to see the cost first and then you decide if you want to get it cuz I was looking on and I was like, You know what, maybe how to get get word for rock I thought thought about like, I know you’re a big, big DJ fan. I’ll go there and I saw that price. I was like, man, I don’t know about this. I might need to go might be go to the knockoff market and get the D me the Demi Joe. bobblehead for you. But not to Demetrius Johnson. I’m sorry. Okay. I don’t see. crisis. It’s a little pricey.

Ryan Smith 1:22:30
How much was it going for? I haven’t found it yet.

John Keyes 1:22:33
I saw it. I saw that. 149 Okay. Holy moly. So Oh,

Ryan Smith 1:22:41
autograph though.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:43

Ryan Smith 1:22:44
the the non autographed 190 dollars. Still not buying it?

John Keyes 1:22:51
Yeah. Yeah. Not like it’s not worth it. We can go to the Asian Asian market district and find it find me Joe. For like 2999 is maybe maybe a little bit more pronounced. You know,

Ryan Smith 1:23:08
his hands is still

John Keyes 1:23:13
set up, you know, but anyway,

Ryan Smith 1:23:16
yeah, instead of Mighty Mouse. It’s fighty. grouse. Yeah.

John Keyes 1:23:22
Avery Ronan.

Ryan Smith 1:23:27
All right. Well, that is it, though. Go ahead.

John Keyes 1:23:30
Now, that’s all I got to say. Well, a couple of things. Um, over the weekend, can you know give us a in UFC history. Kimbo Slice made his debut?

Ryan Smith 1:23:43
Yes, I saw I saw that. Yes.

John Keyes 1:23:46
Yes, we forgot. We forgot to mention that

Ryan Smith 1:23:49

John Keyes 1:23:50
Indeed, indeed. And thank you for game bread. I’m done down and say well, he that’s his protege. It is why we could you know, it is the it’s like castor oil. We appreciate it. But he uses that it has, but we just don’t want to really taste it, you know, out there.

Ryan Smith 1:24:11
Well, you know, this reminds me and we’ll have to we’ll have to relive this this some other time. But, you know, I Kimball’s last fight was against his other protege data five data 3000

Unknown Speaker 1:24:23
Yeah, 3000 or 5000

Ryan Smith 1:24:27
that 5000 and I remember how excited I was about that fight. I mean, I build it as it was going to be the Miami Dade showdown. And that was the worst fight I’ve ever seen. It was it was I

John Keyes 1:24:39
didn’t have a heart attack in the rain.

Ryan Smith 1:24:41
No, he didn’t have a well data had to be carried out on the stretcher because he was so exhausted. And and I think, Kimbo not I don’t think Kimbo had a heart attack in the ring. I think he got

John Keyes 1:24:53
it when kimbos data that had the heart attack

Ryan Smith 1:24:55
to hear him out the ring. Oh, I thought it was just exhausted. All right. Yeah, I have to go back and find out what what caught what what episode of the show that was but we covered that and I was so disappointed in what that became. Let’s go ahead. We’re talking about fights. Let’s go into our next segment and this is where we look at the fights that are happening this weekend on the fight card. All right, this is the fight card. We’ve got two cards happening this weekend. The first one is Bella torey. You know, we talked about it in the intro that we talked about UFC and Bella tour discussion, but we don’t really discuss Bella tour that much. So I wanted to make sure that we gave it gave them some shine before we left this episode. And so belter 254. McFarland versus Velasquez. It’s December 10 20. At the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. There are four fights on the card, Linton Purcell, or Linton Vassell versus Ronnie Marques, you got Nathan Andrews versus goatee Yamaguchi. You’ve also got and I love this name. mega mega mega mega mega mouth, right is it’s basically mega med twice mega mega mega mega mega mega doff there it is mega mega mega nof versus Matthias meadows. And then in the main event, the Lima McFarland versus Juliana Vasquez for the 125 Lb Bella tour female flyweight championship. We don’t catch a lot of Delatour fights. But I can tell you that if I was making the flash fight pick for this fight, it would have to be a Lima McFarland, she is so dominant as a champion. I would love to see her someday face Valentina Shevchenko and see what she could do against her because she’s been dominant. I think she’s got five title defenses now, as the flyweight champion of bellator. I’d love to see her fight. Valentino. You know,

John Keyes 1:27:03
it is our It is our fault. We really should be looking at some of these built in. Because I’ll say in a year or so, since I started, that belt herself has really morphed into into a welcome beast to challenge UFC. It’s not on the same level as let’s say, one because I’ve become a one fan one championship. If you haven’t watched it, people really go find it on the zone and have watched a card you will not be disappointed. Okay, they are they are game for it. But um, yeah, we really should do more for Bella tour we should put absolutely should make more fire for it. We’re gonna work on that for a year.

Ryan Smith 1:27:44
Well, you know, it was funny because we started off laughing about Scott Coker talking about how he’s got the best, you know, his talent could match up against the against the UFC. These days, I really do think that he’s got a lot of great talent that could match up against the UFC. And they’re not just fighters that are, you know, former UFC vets,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:06
you know,

John Keyes 1:28:06
these are these guys doing what UFC should have been doing, which is cultivate these, this young talent, get their name out there, make them and see what they can really do. And that’s what I look at Bella Torre to do is to is to get those younger nuns up there and let’s see what they really

Ryan Smith 1:28:22
really about. Absolutely, you know, and and i i share your, your your celebration of one FC as well. I love it because they don’t just focus on MMA there. You get a lot of Thai fights as well. It’s just there’s so prolific like every time I go on the on the one FC site, it’s like they’ve got 300 fights for it that I haven’t seen yet. And I’m like, I can’t I can’t climb that mountain. There’s not enough days in in the year for me to watch all these

John Keyes 1:28:50
fights. We are too We’re not young anymore that we could just sit around and watch whites for three days straight. Do that no more man.

Ryan Smith 1:28:59
Absolutely. And we also have UFC 256 Figaro versus Marino. That’s a I don’t have the location of the fight unfortunate but I think it’s going to be at the apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada this Saturday. And so we’ve got spy fights on the card. Junior dos Santos you know, I used to be a big sagano fan so he is now the the first fight on the main card like this dude used to headline fights and now he’s first fight. Like that’s how far JDs has fallen. But he’s fighting spiral gain, or is it got a

John Keyes 1:29:35
000 ganni?

Ryan Smith 1:29:37
Zero Gunny. Okay,

John Keyes 1:29:39
you get that for that I

Ryan Smith 1:29:40
get it. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:42
Yeah, yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:29:43
The next Fight of the Night you’ve got Jocko re Sousa versus Kevin the Trailblazer Hollande, hometown hero will flash fight pick that one. We got hafi l fizzy f vs. Hinako mo econo m We that’s that’s going to be an interesting fight. co main event you got Tony Ferguson versus Charles do Bronx Allah Vera will flashlight pick that one. And then we got the main event of the evening. 21 days removed from his last title defense. Davidson Figaro versus Brandon Marino.

John Keyes 1:30:19
He is trying to make some history there.

Ryan Smith 1:30:22
Absolutely. Absolutely. So let’s go ahead and do some flash fight pics here. Um, I do you want to pick the job of the junior dos Santos syro gunay

John Keyes 1:30:35
we can um, I like I want to see Julian de Santos when I did not want him to be one of the 60 so I think this will be a good fight for him to stay in. So yeah, Junior dos Santos.

Ryan Smith 1:30:48
Okay, um, I’m going to also I’m going to stick with with with with with Junior dos Santos as well. But I will say this dude needs to. I mean, he’s a great boxer. He’s been taking a lot of damage and he’s been taking a lot of damage for the last you fight. So if he doesn’t win this, he will be one of the 16 for sure. I’m Dr. Rice Sousa versus versus Kevin Holland.

John Keyes 1:31:17
Kevin, you know, you’re my boy. You have been impressive all the way through. Ever. I’m a good guest my gut. I think Kevin Hall is gonna do it. I think Kevin Hart’s gonna do it. I love Jocko re But hey, you might be one of the 60 to go as well. Alright, so Kevin Holland going there, dude, do what you do best?

Ryan Smith 1:31:44
Yeah. Um, yeah, I’ve taken xalkori I know that I’m on the hype train for Kevin Holland. I know that he’s a hometown hero.

John Keyes 1:31:54
I’m going against my gut against this so much man because Dr. Ray is a quintessential Grappler He is the man that for for many years. When they say look up, look up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He was sitting there Biggers and all saying, Hey, you know, doing up, you know. So, I mean, for him now. I mean, he’s on a skid he’s on. He’s on a skid right now. So he, he may come in there and wrap him up and put them in like a twister that we’ve never seen before. Alright, so we don’t know. I’m just gonna say, but right now Kevin Holland is hot. He’s hungry. He’s young.

Ryan Smith 1:32:34
Yeah, and that’s what I think is going to be his undoing. Because, you know, at the end of the day, Jerry Sousa is a great striker. He people, people discount his ability to strike. Dude comes forward. But then when he gets you on the ground, you know, that’s why they call him you know, jockey re

John Keyes 1:32:53
Brazilian for Alligator, or

Ryan Smith 1:32:55
they call They call him the alligator for a reason. And so, I think he’s gonna take he’s gonna get Kevin Holland against the cage. I think he’s gonna get called Kevin Hall on the ground. I think he’s gonna submit Kevin Holland. So we’re gonna see what happens. If he doesn’t Hey, listen, I’d be glad to eat some crow next week. I want trailblazers to do great, but remember, this is January that we’re talking about. Alright, let’s go with the CO main event of the evening. Tony. l kui Ferguson versus Charles Oliveira who you got Ronnie All right, let me just say like you know I’m ride or die for Tony Ferguson. So I’m of course I’m picking though kui. However. It’s gonna be I really like Charles Oliveira. I think that he’s a very dynamic striker. The guys look identical. But I’m going with Tony. It just scares me of how bad he got beat by Justin he. He got beat so bad that I start to question whether or not he still got it. So I want to see him when I’m on a Tony Ferguson. I got Tony Ferguson. But I don’t think that Oliver is a slouch. And this could be very telling about Tony Ferguson. If he doesn’t do as well as we believe that he can. Okay. Main Event of the evening. Davidson Figaro versus Brandon Marino who you got,

John Keyes 1:34:22
man, I’m gonna I’m gonna pick the God of War cuz he ain’t right in the head. All right, he’s off his medication. Dude. Am I mad at him? going to end he’s learning English too. So, you know, I’ve been following him on. It was hilarious, but I try to laugh and to do that. He made me 125 pounds. But he’s 125 pounds of pure C for he will explode on you. He’s going to explode on Brandon murena so badly. It’s not going to be funny.

Ryan Smith 1:34:54
That’s who I got. Uh, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:57

Ryan Smith 1:34:59
I don’t see anybody at one at 125 challenging him until either DJ comes back? Maybe? Maybe Henry sudo comes back. Something like that happen. Um, I think this guy’s gonna be champ for a long time. This is this is why they gave him a 21 day turnaround, because I don’t think this fights gonna last very long either. Good shot. Good luck to Brandon Marino, but I’m going, Davidson Figaro. And Matt

John Keyes 1:35:27
and Brandon prove us wrong dog.

Ryan Smith 1:35:30
That’s right. All right, it follow us on social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk.

John Keyes 1:35:38
And I’m at case of victory and eskies with it. Yes.

Ryan Smith 1:35:42
All right. Uh, George Gianni Stallworth is at dark side underscore muy Thai underscore and you can find Collette gkc onya Buchi at push, pull, pray. You can also find our us on our website at www combat sports talk.com. You can find us on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. We’ve got them on display here

John Keyes 1:36:04
are actually there over there.

Ryan Smith 1:36:06
Yeah, so YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple podcasts, Paris, Periscope and on Spotify, but anything that you listen to a podcast on you can find combat sports talk, I want to send a shout out to MMA junkie MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group and all the other sites that are providing the stories that we use on this show. So on behalf of the man with the keys to victory, john keys, my name is Ryan Smith, reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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