Episode 153 – UFC 256 Recap: Card of the Year? Absolutely.

December 15, 2020 by No Comments

We recap UFC 256: Figueiredo vs Moreno, arguably the fight of the year.  Hell, the entire card may have been the card of the year.  From surprising knockouts, unbreakable spirits, and a back-and-forth war for the ages, UFC 256 had everything a fight fan could ask for. Hear our UFC 256 discussion, top headlines, and fight picks for the last UFC event of 2020, UFC Vegas 17: Thompson vs Neal.


Ryan Smith 0:01
Hey there fight fans. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. This episode of combat sports talk.

Welcome to combat sports talk a podcast dedicated to UFC unfiltered discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host, Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the man with the keys to victory, john, he’s an coach to the stars, George g money stalwart. What’s up

Unknown Speaker 0:42
guys? Oh, he’s repping these repping the shirt.

Ryan Smith 0:46
Let’s show it show it off dark side Muay Thai lit. Let’s see it.

Unknown Speaker 0:53
Hi, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, that there we go.

Ryan Smith 1:01
There it is. Look at that.

George Stallworth 1:03
Flip it back around. Even on the sleeve. Look, y’all remember? What was it in Friday when ice cubes father was like, hey, hey, hey, check out the inside. Check out the inside. Oh, look

Unknown Speaker 1:14
at that.

George Stallworth 1:21
Why not have got a coordinate.

Ryan Smith 1:28
There. Very nice. Very nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:31
we’re lacking. Yeah,

John Keyes 1:33
we’re lacking in.

Ryan Smith 1:33
That’s right. You’re gonna have to you’re gonna have to get it to us so we can wrap it on the show. That way we can all be in black in black and red of the Dark Side Muay Thai. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. You know maybe we can do also add it to our merchandise link on the website.

George Stallworth 1:51
Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Hey, Speaker you see your boy wouldn’t wear my Darth Vader shirt up book reppin dogs out all around you go

John Keyes 2:00
today I’m repping the many expressions of Vader you know he’s happy he said he’s angry. Yes it all

Ryan Smith 2:09
there it is. Alright, look I took the lower third off so people can see there it is the expression

John Keyes 2:15
Hey Joe. Oh man, the kid now that the same guy that made Chucky cheese you know Chucky cheese you know you go there you get drunk you play you play it the rat again to a fight with your family. You know that took Chucky cheese thank God that that found a Chucky cheese also also found at Atari.

Ryan Smith 2:35
No did know that.

John Keyes 2:37
Yes, no that Nolan Bushnell in 1972. Started Atari gave us Pong. He is the he is the he is the the genesis of all the video gaming that is happening now. We also gave him Chucky cheese. I do not understand. How is it that you went from your gaming God. And you make horrible pizza? Okay, it’s the worst thing on the planet.

Ryan Smith 3:04
Because it wasn’t about the pizza. It was about the fact that everybody came to Chucky cheese to play arcade. Yeah. To play. Man you went to but when I was a kid, it was the only time I got to go to the arcade. And so it makes sense that the guy who invented basically invented video games would have a place where people could go to play video games.

John Keyes 3:30
Yes, well, well, nowadays when they started they didn’t start fighting Really? Until they started serving alcohol. totally different story. Not nothing more for us tonight, man. But did you know Did you know? So I’m trying to play with your brains today. Okay. Have you ever heard of unconscious selective attention? No. Okay, do you know that you can not not see your nose you can always see your nose no matter what. Okay, you can try not to see your nose you can close one eye close the other. You will only see your nose if

George Stallworth 4:14
he’s got me on the show right now looking at my notes in the camera.

John Keyes 4:24
It’s called unconscious selection attention. So this started, okay. You know, in order to you know, to do to do this to do certain things like it needs to block out distractions through a process called unconscious selective attention to nose is one of those distractions. This is a landmark study back in the 60s oric nicer neisser discovered this phenomenon at the US participants to count the number of times. basketball players pass the ball in the video what the market jority failed to see in the video was a girl walking in the middle of the court with the umbrella. And very little, because they were so focused on counting. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 5:15
yeah. I’ve been I’ve seen other studies have that were now that now that you’ve described the study that prove the unconscious, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,

John Keyes 5:28
directive selective attention. Also known as USA, we’ll call it that,

Ryan Smith 5:34
oh, USA. That kind of makes sense in a way. But I’ve seen other I’ve seen other examples of people exploiting that there’s actually a real interesting game on on Nintendo Switch where you play a mini game on Mario Party. I think it’s what it’s called. You play Mario Party, and it’s one of those USA type of tests where you’re watching certain things and then ask you a question about something else that pass through. And and then you’re like, Oh, no, I don’t know the answer to that. So very cool. All right. Well, we are warmed up and ready to go. UFC 256 figurado vs. Moreno that that this car, they could just shut it down. It’s the last pay per view of the Year for the UFC. But they don’t even need to have the fights this weekend. We saw all we needed to see as fight fans. this past Saturday night, we’re going to talk about it. This is called the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is where we look at the fights from Saturday night, UFC 256 bitter figurado vs. Marino, Saturday, December 12 2020 in the UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now there were only like, there were five or six fights on the card. But we’re gonna talk about more than that, because they were just crazy action all throughout this freaking card. I’m just saying, like, I don’t get as hyped. As I normally as I am right now for most of the cards that we see. I get excited about maybe a fight. I get I get excited maybe about a result of a fight. But this one, the entire car top to bottom, great fights. So let’s talk about it. The first one that I was watching I don’t know if you saw one before me before that, but Raphael is F versus Hinako, Moy Cano. A fizzy have defeated my condo via via knockout at 405. In round number one, this fight was back and forth. Marie Kondo was coming in throwing bombs and then all of a sudden, it was almost like like rocky for where you remember when when the Russian coach would slam his hand on the thing and that’s when driver will just start throwing punches.

Unknown Speaker 8:05
Yeah, yeah, that’s what

Ryan Smith 8:07
physio did man physio was just like, you know, he said boxing with him. And then it was like, he turned the switch on. And then he caught my condo with like a two piece. And it was some kind of combo and what kind of goes down? They stopped the fight McConnell’s like, Why did you stop the fight? I was trying to go into a I was trying to go into full guard and they’re like, dude, when we call the fight off and you stood up, you fell over. You were out, man.

John Keyes 8:34
He was dying. He was done. Yeah, it was. It was brutal. I have to say that. That was just one. That was that was the precursor for what the night was supposed to unfold. And yeah, for what I missed what I miss

Ryan Smith 8:54
you missed me taking a drink of coke on air without a straw and enjoy. That’s what

George Stallworth 9:05
that’s like, when you hit somebody. You caught them with their hands down.

Said Nate Diaz. Like point Adam.

Ryan Smith 9:17
I knew as soon as I picked it up and took a sip. I was like, Oh, no, I don’t have a straw.

John Keyes 9:28
Oh, yeah. It was a precursor for from Wilson fall for the rest of night. That it was just he he was done. I mean, the guy tried to get out. And he just stumbled back even further. They were it was over. Yeah, it was over.

Ryan Smith 9:45
But this would not be the first fight of the this would not be the only Fight of the Night that would have a fighter complaining about the outcome. We’re gonna get to it. That’s right. We’re gonna we’re gonna definitely get back to that one. So um, The next Fight of the Night Daniel p pi. Ada versus Panetta sorry, Daniel Panetta versus cub Swanson this was the return of cub Swanson we hadn’t heard of heard from cub Swanson in a very very long time dudes coming back fighting Daniel Panetta and deponia is a big dude coming down from Houston Texas like that’s our backyard and so yeah he came out with a lot a lot of fire for cub Swanson talking a lot of smack. Really saying how he did not respect cub Swanson’s power and and so dude fought the fight with his hands down. But he was fighting with his hands down and cup Swanson started touching him and it’s like, Okay, he’s gonna he realizes now that cups wants to can touch him. cup Swanson still got that doc out power. Nope. guy kept his hands down. You know, I try to remind people 153 episodes in, keep your hands up and your chin tucked, right? No, not this guy. This guy’s stuck his chin out, hands down. And he got clipped. He got knocked out and cub Swanson made a beautiful return UFC 252

John Keyes 11:08
and get out that that’s how you fight. Okay. It was like as if, you know, Dana whispered in his ear fight like a job meaning, okay, and he came out there that he went out there and put all sorts of stank and pain on this dude. I mean, don’t get me wrong. connaitre came that was fighting with them. But yeah, yeah, I mean, it was it was rocking soccer all the way. Yeah. And

Ryan Smith 11:40
what was funny is that once once Panetta got robbed, then he didn’t he he wasn’t thinking clearly about like, how to defend himself, because then he was just walking around and just kept catching him catching catching shots to the face. And it’s like, dude, you need to do something different than what you’re doing right now. And no, no, no, he didn’t have time to recover. cub Swanson finished him off. Now what was a really poignant moment in this fight was the fact that cub Swanson when they were talking to him about his return, like what, you know, what have you been thinking about? And he goes, you know, I’m just thinking about that, you know, to my kids, I’m a superhero. And, and he started getting emotional. And when you see a fighter, just have this huge achievement, potentially saved his saved his job at the UFC. And to see them get emotional. You just, you just, you know, your heart just melts for a fighter like that. You know what I’m saying? So, you know, it was, it was great.

John Keyes 12:42
Oh, Kirby is always emotional, though. I mean, that guy and I’m not taking that away from him. That’s probably his fire. And I’m good with that. Okay, I’m good when a fighter you know, puts his heart on his sleeve and goes out there and gets it done. That’s that shows true heart to me. That just shows that your passion is overflowing cup if that’s what it takes for you to keep knocking foods out. Love to write and getting the W keep doing that man. Don’t stop.

Ryan Smith 13:11
Right. That’s right. In the next Fight of the Night was a heavyweight fight jr sagano de Santos. lost to Cyril Ghani. Ghani defeated a junior dos Santos via TKO. bego elbow to the head at 234 in round number two, really this fight wasn’t even close. In round number one you could see the difference between Donna who was just just massive power guy throwing kicks. You know, Junior dos Santos really didn’t have an answer for him. Things got out of hand once. Once done, I realized that he wasn’t going to what that he wasn’t he wasn’t really in any danger from junior dos Santos mean, Santos was too slow. Santos was in boxing needed to be in boxing range, but he was in kinky kickboxing range, so he couldn’t land any punches. And so once once gone, I got comfortable. Then it was like didn’t take long to start piecing up Junior dos Santos eventually rocked him, Jr. Santos as he was turning away from Ghana. He got he was stolen an elbow landed elbow probably in the back of his head, but you can’t really what are you gonna do when not when the when the when the elbow has been thrown and the guy at the last minute turns his head? Like what do you do?

John Keyes 14:33
There’s nothing you can do about that. I mean, I saw I was looking at him like he did hit him in the back of the head. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. He hit him in the back of the head, but jr was turning so it’s really not I mean, it’s unfortunate it did happen. But he was already full steam and let’s put it out there. Guardian was sternos throwing strikes, like as if there was a booster on his on his on his on his on his on his elbow and as a booster on the back of his cat. I mean, yeah. He was watching. It was like kicks out

Ryan Smith 15:03
it was like trans or z man rocket punch. Boom

John Keyes 15:07
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what do you know about that? Okay trans That’s right.

Ryan Smith 15:20
Watch Tran zorzi I know about rocket punches

John Keyes 15:24
ladies and gentlemen I’m not gonna say aliens but Amy

Ryan Smith 15:39
Either one works for me this time

John Keyes 15:42
anyway so let’s talk about that that fight strategy that that Junior dos Santos didn’t have okay if there was ever a chance if there’s ever the statement that aware wrestler now so the came to fruition it was right there when he should have Jr. Does the advantage that you had against Ghani was that he was he was a master striker at your black belt in jujitsu. You should have went in there and got him on the ground and beat him from there because you were was it? Is it pride? Is it pride that keeps you standing up? That’s what I want to know. No,

Ryan Smith 16:24
it’s i think i think it’s it’s it’s the quintessential I am now a striker and knocking folks out is easier than submitting folks. And that’s, you know, you know, it was Roy Nelson who said it he’s like, yeah, I’m a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. But it’s much easier to knock a guy out in the first round than it is to get myself tired trying to submit them. And and that’s the thing.

Unknown Speaker 16:51
That is the Yeah.

Ryan Smith 16:54
But that is that’s the thing. He said, Oh, he’s huge, but at the same time, if you can get him down on the ground, it’s hard to knock somebody out from your back. Oh, wait. In the next Fight of the Night. Kevin Collins.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Wow. Like

Ryan Smith 17:20
Kevin Trailblazer blaze to the top hometown hero holen knocked out giacca Ray Sousa from his back

John Keyes 17:34
in the first on the matrix side of the game, yes, he did that. Um, yeah.

Ryan Smith 17:41
It was unbelievable. Because at you know, the thing is, hold on, because you know, I have to do this. I have to do this. I have to do this. And so here it is. Because I have to do this. I gotta find it on the I have. There it is. Yeah. I gotta eat the crow. I’m eating crow right now because even though on last week’s show, I said, Hey, Kevin Holland is a hometown hero. Kevin Holland is is the guy that we are all on the hype train for?

Unknown Speaker 18:14
Mm hmm.

Ryan Smith 18:15
I just don’t see him going down to the ground with Dr. Ray Sousa. And jonka Ray got him on the ground within minutes of the first round. And it was and it was like, Oh, here we go. But apparently apparently that black belt from Travis looter. Oh is worse. Something

John Keyes 18:35
is worse. A lot worse. Something

Ryan Smith 18:36
is a lot of something.

John Keyes 18:39
Yeah, he blasted him. And he had and the thing was he had distance to blast him. Yeah. And he blasted him. And he bit giacca Ray backwards. And then he got up and hit him again. I didn’t make sure he was but see people are saying that that the punch that that he got started on was the punch that did a man No, there was a punch before that where he had when he when he started the third block up. That’s when he was really messed up. Absolutely. And then I put that up talking about Nikko price was the was the was the person that did it. There was another person that’s done that before and it was Andre lossky Okay, that it was in a position where he was on the ground and I want to say as Tim Sylvia that he was fighting but they were on the ground and the referee for in some odd move. He stopped them for a second and made them reposition themselves. And you know a Laski was looking at him like are you sure you want to do this?

Unknown Speaker 19:44

John Keyes 19:45
and you know the ref Gato did he told him to start the match and I lost you just just daughters got it Tim Sylvia’s on and put them out and just And just like that, and he had less distance. He had maybe the distance From from your chest to your knee to knock him out and and put him out in one hit so yeah I mean so

Ryan Smith 20:10
I mean that’s that but that’s what Kevin Holland did and so it was it was just unbelievable how he took this fight and and went to the ground was able to scramble and change positions on job on jack array like that’s the thing right like when we were talking about the the royalty on the mat. This is someone like Dr. Ray you we were talking about the striking differences but the ground was gonna be his and, and Kevin Holland took that away from him and knocked him out and then walked off it was like, Where’s comes at your mind?

John Keyes 20:50
Yeah. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 20:51
why Gator Why?

Unknown Speaker 20:58
What happened?

George Stallworth 21:04
That night with a man?

John Keyes 21:07
Yeah, yeah, he got he got Oh, man. Let me see who Oh man. He got his black belt. Well now he did. We don’t know who a guy Brazilian black but we know we got black belt Judo genre. I don’t know we got because he’s royalty. I mean, literally, there’s the gracies and Zachary’s name is right up in there with them. And it’s just like he, he just he is known for putting people on the ground and just twisting them up and made him say I quit. Yeah. And he?

Ryan Smith 21:45
No, no, I don’t I don’t believe so. I don’t remember seeing a number by Jackie Ray’s name. So remember, john kerry wood has been gone for a little while. He was supposed to come back earlier this year. But then remember, he got COVID and things like that. So I don’t remember seeing a number by his name. But still, he’s one of those fighters where his legacy precedes him or you just know that if a fight goes to the ground is jockey race. This is the same thing like a you know, like a course I forget the name. elka veyo. ratio. Yeah, ratio for doom. The fight goes to the ground. It’s going to be for precio the fight goes to the ground with Damien. Maya is going to be Damien Maya. You know, this is what you expect from jackery Silva asuza and Kevin Holland just completely neutralized him. took him out of his game. And

George Stallworth 22:45
I was like, Oh, my beer Ryan.

Ryan Smith 22:49
Alright, so. So I mean, I’m already on the Kevin Holland hype train. But I am going to go ahead and take the golden ticket to say I am never picking against Kevin Holland again. Like, you know, I haven’t and again, I’m a believer.

George Stallworth 23:06
Speaking of Kevin, I saw his former coach darren, Darren lamb last weekend. Yeah, he was doing a seminar on Friday night. I went checked out a seminar, man. Awesome. Yeah, it was great. Great times, man. enjoy talking to coach D. shouts out to coach D. We should have him on the show again here soon.

Ryan Smith 23:25
That will be awesome. We’ll have to work we’ll have to get that together. Um, the in the the next Fight of the Night was McKenzie Dern versus Veer, nut, gender roba. And this was a really a battle of two World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu artists. And so you know, that when you get to World Champion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu artists in the ring at the same time, you’re gonna get a striking opposition. Yeah. I didn’t go around, but like, once, and it was at the very end of the fight. They sat there and just threw bombs at each other. So, so here’s the thing. And Coach, I want to I want to ask you a very important question. As I get off, now, now, now, john, you know what? I’m getting ready to ask him, but we’re gonna we’re gonna set this up. So, so Mackenzie Dern is winning on the strikes. First round, I think it’s pretty clear that begins in earnest is winning. Second round, McKenzie Darren is doing extremely well. But then verin agenda robot comes up, catches her across the bridge, the nose. Boom, I think it was I think it is either a knee or an elbow.

John Keyes 24:41
Knee over me. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 24:42
I think it was a knee. And so until you see McKenzie, Dern do this.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
broke that nose.

Ryan Smith 24:49
And so she sits there and she comes back at the end of the round sitting down at in her corner. And she says, and this is my question for you, coach. She says to her coach, she goes Coach, is my nose broken? What do you say, George? What do you say to your fighter? You’re in a second round going into the third.

Unknown Speaker 25:28

Unknown Speaker 25:37

George Stallworth 25:39
your seat. Don’t worry about that.

Ryan Smith 25:44
So, you know, because of that big cut, she had to come out and win that fight in the third round. And she did. I think it’s fair to say that Mackenzie Dern did what she needed to do to win that fight. In the third round. Here’s the funny thing. She gets out after the fight. They’re doing the post fight interview. And they asked her about her nose like, do you do you know what, you know? What do you remember about your nose? You know, when it happened? What were you thinking? And she goes, Yeah, you know, I asked my coach, if it was broken. He said it was fine. He goes, she goes, but I knew he was lying. I knew it was broken. So I just had to go in there. She said the way he was like, No, there’s no nothing wrong with your nose. She’s like, I knew he was lying.

John Keyes 26:33
Like Really? Really? You don’t you don’t you don’t

Ryan Smith 26:38
like I grabbed it. I felt it. Is

John Keyes 26:40
it moved? Yeah, yeah. Cuz I thought my TV was glitching for a second I’m like this he really pull it down like that. I mean, she she pulled it down. Pretty a pretty like almost her lip from the looks of it, and put it back and I was like, That’s not right.

Ryan Smith 27:00
No, no things supposed to do that.

John Keyes 27:03
Yeah, that’s not that’s not good. But at the coach said, it ain’t nothing wrong with it, and nothing wrong with it. No back out

Ryan Smith 27:10
there and fought her heart out man. And so shout out to McKenzie Dern for the for fighting through, you know, clear injury. Which brings me to the CO main event. Charles do Bronx, Allah Vera defeated Tony Ferguson via unanimous decision. There was even a 10 eight round and this my friends, you know that I’ve been ride or die for elka kui for almost as long as we’ve been doing this show, um, I do not pick against Tony Ferguson. And so it broke my heart to watch him get manhandled the way he got manhandled in this fight. It was he It was not even close. He did not have a chance. He had very little to no offense. And in the second round, I think it was the second round, maybe even was the first round. I think it was it first. I don’t remember which round it was. But first round. Charles aloevera catches Tony Ferguson in an armbar. And I’ve only seen this happen. I’ve only seen this happen like once or twice. I saw it happen. George St. Pierre with Dan Hardy. That armbar was in deep and he didn’t tap. I saw it again with I think Ronda Rousey had had had miesha Tate in an armbar and she didn’t want to tap it with you know, when your arm goes to 270 almost like it goes past 180 and you’re now going to 270 that’s when tremendous amounts of damage can happen and and the ref can’t stop that even though it’s clear the damage is going on. The Tony Ferguson was not tapping, and it was just going worse and worse and worse. I couldn’t watch it Daniel Cormier was like I can’t I turned away. Personally for me, I was turning away to I can’t watch that. And Charles Oliveira did everything he could to get that fight ended. And Tony Ferguson never tapped.

John Keyes 29:23
Yeah, and while you guys were turning away, I was leaning and like, Is it gonna happen? Is it gonna happen? You only like

George Stallworth 29:30
snap it.

John Keyes 29:36
It was a it was a sick one. I mean, you know, and the whole fight was sick. I mean, I mean, I wouldn’t get off the Tony hype train. Just Yeah,

Ryan Smith 29:46
I can’t get off. I gotta wait till he retires. I can’t get off that train

John Keyes 29:49
for the simple fact that, you know, you gotta understand first of all, this is a short notice fight. Okay, it’s very short notice fight. I think it was like maybe just a couple of weeks in there. For him to change. against this guy. And let’s put up there. Tony has been fighting killers, okay for the past few fights. And this guy is not that Tony was office game. I think Charles Olivera was just that good. And I mean, he was a monster that night, then, you know, Tony wasn’t ready. You know, even though I preach all the time, that once you go in there, you’re 100% Hey, this is just one slice. You just have to take an elven just be good with it. You don’t need it. No, no. No recalculation of the scores. No underhanded victories. I mean, he didn’t put brought the ref on that one. So

Ryan Smith 30:44
no, you know. Yeah, I mean, it went into the hands of the judges. But a judge would have had to have been blind to score this any other way. It really was one of those times where I came to the realization that what makes Tony great is now getting obsolete.

John Keyes 31:04
I won’t say that.

Ryan Smith 31:06
But here’s the thing. Tony has had this unorthodox style. He’s done all these different trading regiment rage training, regimens, and all this kind of stuff. I think it’s time now that he actually goes to a camp where there are coaches who can coach him. Remember, Tony has a camp, but it’s his. He’s the boss. He basically trains himself. He’s got coaches, but he is the boss. I think it’s time for him to at least go and experience someone else’s camp. Let someone else kind of strategize for him. And look at what it is that, you know, many minds can do together instead of just having him do his thing in the ring. Maybe it’s not for everybody. And maybe that’s why he doesn’t do it. But these last two fights the fight with Justin he and the fight now with Charles Oliveira have really shown that what makes Tony great isn’t working anymore. It doesn’t. It’s not phasing these guys. And now these guys are going to that top five. Tony was that what number three in the lightweight division. Now he’s gonna be down to like number five. If he has another one of these. He’s gonna be down at seven or 10. And this is that Tyron Woodley fall, right? Because at first we were like he’s fighting monsters in what do you think? But now it’s like,

John Keyes 32:30
you’re getting beat by monster you get.

Ryan Smith 32:34
You put on a 12

George Stallworth 32:37
aloevera stepped up from 145 How long ago?

Ryan Smith 32:42
Two or three fights ago, he stepped up to 155 and it has just been slaying folks. He had I think almost all of his fights have ended in a finish. Yes, maybe one or two. This is one of the few that went to the decision because most of them go to or get finished. And frankly, Dana White said it best that armbar in the first round 10 out of 10 guys tap on that. Only Tony Ferguson who was the 11th guy out of 10 doesn’t tap man so I can so you know I got to do it. I’m gonna do it because he he was he beat my dude. He beat my dude do Brock’s I’m on the hype train. I’m on the hype train for do Brock’s.

George Stallworth 33:35
Oh my goodness. I’m all just pulling that hype train for everybody.

Ryan Smith 33:39
I’m not done yet. I ain’t even done yet.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
Let’s get

John Keyes 33:45
cars to my card. If there was if there was any card this year that you that that people should have bought? Is this fine. If I could go back it Yeah, it was this one. If I could go back to March and April and be like people do not buy any of these until you buy. You got to buy this card right here. It is this card. That that that is the one that’s the credit that defies 2020 and all

George Stallworth 34:15

John Keyes 34:16
Yes. And it turned out to be anger beat Central. Okay, everybody coffeemaker beaten. Okay. That was clever in that was that was festering. And there was those elbows, knees and forearms everywhere. All right, everybody cops off.

Unknown Speaker 34:32
That’s right.

Ryan Smith 34:34
That’s right. And and so that brings us all of this action brings us to the main event. The main event of the evening, Davidson figurado versus Brandon Marino, like these guys bought three weeks ago. Well, they thought three weeks ago, there was a 21 day turnaround for them to fight again. Davis and Figaro was in in the emergency room at two o’clock in the morning, the day before the fight,

George Stallworth 35:06
the day of the fight basically

Ryan Smith 35:07
basically the day of the fight. Because his weight cut was so hard because it was the second weight cut to 125 in three weeks. This dude was in the hospital thought through it because he didn’t want to ruin the card.

John Keyes 35:23
binder Marino has a 100% finish rate. His fights never went to decision until that night. You know, this

Ryan Smith 35:32
dude, this, this was back and forth. If anyone has ever stood toe to toe with the god of war and walked away, unscathed. Brandon Marino did that. And guess what? I told you I wouldn’t done.

That dude. stood toe to toe and wasn’t scared personally for me. I thought he got it done. I thought Brandon Marino won that fight. I had him winning round two, round three and round for round three. David Figaro who had I poked Moreno twice previously, then kicked him in the groin, like straight to kick to the groin.

John Keyes 36:18
Yeah. Bad. Yeah, it was bad. Like he. I think if Marino I mean, he was coughing underground. I thought. Yeah, I

George Stallworth 36:30
thought Raymond Daniels.

Unknown Speaker 36:32

Ryan Smith 36:35
Why are you bringing up old stuff? Why are you bringing up a game that?

John Keyes 36:42
I mean, if he started throwing up and in the fight, he would have won that fight. He lost that fight FBI, they would have disqualified it. And it just gave Marina? Yeah, I gave Miranda the delta V. It was it was it was launched?

Ryan Smith 36:57
It will Yeah. And so in the third round, the referee gave deducted a point from Figaro. So what what ended up happening is, if you have the, if you were scoring the fight, you would have had it 10, nine for figurado. In the first round, you’d had it 1919 after the end of two, then you’d have to have a 10 eight round, at least the way that I scored it, it would have been a 10 eight round. So now you’re at a What is it? 27? Two? No,

Unknown Speaker 37:29
hold on,

Ryan Smith 37:29
what’s my numbers here 29 to 27 There you go. Then I would have it 39 two to 4039 to 36. And then 36 to 38 would have been a 48 is 4648 in favor of Marina would have been what I would have scored it something like that three to two but you also have the the point deduction I would have had that for Marina but instead that the judges gave to the judges gave the fight to gave the third round to figurado which made it a nine nine round. And so then they gave the fourth round to to Marino fifth round, of course went to figure out Oh, because he landed a kick that possibly broke Marino’s arm. And so Marino had to go into the fifth round with with what looked like a broken arm. And he was basically just throwing with his right hand and trying to land kicks against, you know, the god of war. And frankly, he stood he he made he survived. I mean, he he survived. So Dude, this car was good. It

John Keyes 38:47
was good. Yeah, I think we can we can we can hang it up for the rest of the year on that one. Yeah, no. That they said we’re done three shows. We’ve already made our we’ve already made our our money. We’ve made our bonus. We’re just going to shut down for the rest of the year. Know that it would be mad at that stage. Seriously, nobody would be mad after watching this. Yeah, um, wow. That sucks. entire time.

Ryan Smith 39:14
Just a couple of things to wrap up. A Junior dos Santos is on the list of 60.

Unknown Speaker 39:21

Ryan Smith 39:23
They are white. Dana White said after the fight. In the post fight press conference of whether or not he thinks Junior dos Santos should consider retiring. And he said I do. Um, and so it’s it’s one of those things. Where do you go Santos he’s lost four in a row. I don’t think he I don’t think he comes back from this. jockey Ray Sousa.

Unknown Speaker 39:48
Another one.

Ryan Smith 39:49
I think he’s on the list of 16. He’s got to be.

John Keyes 39:53
He’s got he started. Okay, so he’s 37 years old. He’s been there done it. The only thing that he has he hasn’t been I was winning UFC gold. He can let it he’s got accolades, he can make a suit. Out of all the accolades that he has. He doesn’t really need to do anything else.

Ryan Smith 40:11
Yeah, it’s just unfortunate that even though he can make a suit out of all the accolades, that he has Kevin Holland and make Gator skin boots.

John Keyes 40:20
Wow, wow, we’re doing that really? Animals shock Ray, you know? There’s that. There’s that. Put the lotion in the basket. Yeah, gotcha. All right.

Ryan Smith 40:36
Hey, let’s go. Let’s go ahead and close the book on this one, put it on the shelf. This cart is history. Let’s go into where we talk about the headlines that are making waves in the UFC world with writing the angles.

All right, this is finding the angles This is where we look at the headlines that are making waves coming out of Uc 256. This is the number one headline that I want to talk about. I want us to Muse about what’s going to happen coming out of this card with our headliner, asking the question, Who should have fighter of the year, Davidson Figaro, or hometown hero, Kevin Holland. All right, this is our headliner. This is where we talk about the number one topic of the day and that is who should be the fighter of the year. Personally for me, I got to go with Kevin Holland, Kevin Holland took five fights in 210 days, he was perfect. And he finished it off with a highlight reel knockout of jockey Ray Sousa, you don’t you don’t get much better than that five fights in one year.

George Stallworth 41:50
And he had COVID.

Ryan Smith 41:53
And he had COVID.

John Keyes 41:55
And he might not have ever gotten into the UFC if it hadn’t been for a chance call because then a white didn’t really like, like, like Kevin, because he called me much. Yeah. And he said, you know, and there was a fight that that needs to be filled. And nobody wants to take it. And he was like, did not see if he take it. And he went in there and he beat the dude.

Ryan Smith 42:20
No, he didn’t beat him. He didn’t beat it was

John Keyes 42:24
that nobody showing?

Unknown Speaker 42:27
Mm hmm.

John Keyes 42:27
That’s what I’m sorry people. I’ve lost my mind being on.

Ryan Smith 42:33
But this is the thing. The only reason why I know that is because I’m sitting there doing the live show with with George. And George is like, Oh, this guy. You should keep your eye on him. His name’s Kevin Holland. You should keep an eye on him. He’s good. And I’m sitting there watching and it’s like, oh my gosh. This dude is standing with with with Thiago Santos and ain’t going nowhere. And he talking smack while he’s doing

John Keyes 42:59
and he’s a second taking a page out the DS book and I imagine so

Ryan Smith 43:06
so yeah. Now there are people who believe that Davidson Figaro should should should be fighter of the year. Of course he is a champion. He’s fought four times this year. He’s three oh and one no contest of course the the first fight with Megan with Mr. Levy.

Unknown Speaker 43:26

John Keyes 43:31
we’re calling him now Mr. Levy. Oh, wow.

George Stallworth 43:35
One day one wit. No international fight weekend and Megan is there she’s gonna see you and she’s gonna remember this.

John Keyes 43:44
So I’m just gonna be joined right there because everybody thinks I’m probably

Ryan Smith 43:55
I’m just thankful to be out of Joseph Ben Aveda says weight class. I’m just thankful that, you know, God gifted me with a six foot three frame and 300 pounds worth of worth of fat that I will be able to survive. I’ll be able to survive.

George Stallworth 44:15
Ask jack array how they worked out for him. Look him in Holland.

Unknown Speaker 44:19
Oh, yeah. You know,

Ryan Smith 44:22
they were in the same weight class. That’s how I could say

John Keyes 44:27
the same I guarantee they didn’t come into the room with the same weight. Yeah, I get that.

Ryan Smith 44:32
Right. But the first fight with Joseph benavidez was was a no contest, of course. Because Yeah, it was a no contest because Figaro didn’t was it. There’s no contest. He didn’t make it. I don’t know if it was

George Stallworth 44:47
when he couldn’t win the bill

Ryan Smith 44:49
is what it was, but he still he still won the fight. And then they came back and fought again. He so it wasn’t a no contest, but um, he came back and Oh, of course, he won. The first one came back and then submitted but then if he does for the second one, and then he beat Perez for the third one, and then he had the majority draw, that’s where the one comes from. Okay, that’s what I was trying to get to. So, so yeah, he’s had a fantastic year as well. I just don’t think that it’s better than Kevin Hollins.

John Keyes 45:23
I agree. I don’t I mean, don’t I’m not taking nothing away from from Mr. figurado. Even as English is getting gotten better, okay, that if you’re, if you’re a twin, if you got Twitter, you’re doing yourself the follow David figurado. It’s hilarious. Okay, because it

George Stallworth 45:43
was I’m sorry.

John Keyes 45:44
Go ahead. Okay. But yeah, it’s it’s hilarious, because, you know, he wants to learn English I can do as on interviews and everything like that funniest thing ever. However, he is a monster too. All right. But Dana knew us a monster. He liked this monster. And so he knew coming in what he was about. I gave it to Kevin because Kevin was basically it was it wasn’t a needle mover for for Dana White at the time. And, and he made Dana White, make him a needle mover. And now look at where it Kevin, look at where Kevin Holmes is now. He’s, he’s poisoned himself. He is setting himself up for for more fights for better fights for those range fights. Okay, that’s, that’s, that is worth the fight of the year to grow from somebody that the owner that that well, not the president of the company didn’t really want to pay attention to Oh, my God, this guy’s a murder. Yeah, he’s leaving a

George Stallworth 46:55
couple of people out that I think definitely deserve some recognition in this fight of the year.

John Keyes 47:00
Is he for one? Okay. I think why is he you know, nothing against Israel. Okay. But once again, this is somebody that Dana White already knew what’s gonna be what’s gonna be good. All right. He knew his he was going to be good. And his he had four, he’s beaten everybody that he said he wants to be. Okay. Anybody that comes in his way, he’s gonna knock it down. They thought power concert was gonna knock them down. No, they thought Robert Whittaker was gonna have a chance not okay. It’s quite, it’s quite theoretical, that he made the Light Heavyweight Champion, run to the heavyweight division. And for that try to force this hand to to higher ground. No, this is not an op one. And again, will not be taking the high ground this time. Okay. So

Ryan Smith 47:54
I’m gonna say this. It’s just one of those things where I don’t believe that Israel has been as active as as, as Kevin Holland and Davison figurado. We got to see him fight twice this year. He fought yo Romero, and then he fought. Paul Acosta, right. Yo, Romero everyone was mad at Izzy. I thought he did a great job. But everybody was mad at him. And then he knocked out Paul Acosta, and it’s like, Okay, what else have you done? When you look at what these other two guys have done? He’s a great fighter, a great ambassador for the sport. Great on the mic and all that kind of stuff. But even Kevin Holland is calling that dude out.

George Stallworth 48:35
He’s 20. And oh, well, okay. We’ll take Izzy out. comes at comes at what’s his name

Ryan Smith 48:42
comes at your miles.

George Stallworth 48:44
So Dana Weiss, new protege,

Ryan Smith 48:47
right, comes at you my great fighter beat gear sharp in 16 seconds, you know, oh, he became the One Punch Man.

George Stallworth 48:56
Adequate. Adequate turnaround to kind of know

Ryan Smith 49:01
how to quit

Unknown Speaker 49:02
the first one to do it. How

George Stallworth 49:05
to Knit multiple weight classes. Yes,

John Keyes 49:08
he can be the one. But how many fights has he had this year?

Ryan Smith 49:13
like three, three,

George Stallworth 49:16
or three find out?

Ryan Smith 49:17
I think he’s had three, three.

John Keyes 49:19
I think it’s just I think he’s sitting at three.

Ryan Smith 49:21
I think he said three. But guess what? He’s supposed to fight on the 19th Kevin Holland call him out said hey, you were supposed to fight on the 19th he didn’t work out. I’m here. I’m untouched. Let’s fight on 13th Kevin Hall every single one of these other guys that you’re calling out. Kevin Holland has called that dude out and that guy has not answered. Now maybe Israel doesn’t need to answer someone as low on the ranks as as Kevin Holland but Kevin Holland is coming up. He is climbing up. That dude is like the Dread Pirate Roberts climbing the rope.

John Keyes 49:57
Israel did recognize me just like now It’s not your time. He’s like, not your time.

Ryan Smith 50:03
And it’s not right now because he’s the champ

Unknown Speaker 50:06
but at

Ryan Smith 50:07
the same time comes at you if it Kevin hallowmas like that do try to treat me like the help. I want. I want a piece that dude, and he’s chasing after that guy you don’t see I’m calling him out. Dude just finished jakari Sousa comes I should be like, yo, let’s I can’t fight you on the 19th but I can fight you in January. I can fight your February. Let’s do it. He I heard nothing from him said have you know it ain’t Ramadan. Dude, you can talk.

John Keyes 50:33
Wow, wow. Wow, he told you can’t use the holiday curtain on this.

Ryan Smith 50:40
No. No excuses comes at you Ryan

George Stallworth 50:43
want to call him like Conor McGregor used to go in on a cubby?

Ryan Smith 50:47
Do I have this card? This UFC 256 has me so fired up. Dude. I am just amped about this whole thing. Who else you want to Who else? Who else do you think Mike might challenge? Kevin Holland for this title? fighter of the year. It’s a robbery. I’m gonna have to I’ll tell you what, if they give that fighter of the year to anybody other than Kevin Holland. I’m a walk up there. Take the mic and be like, Imma let you finish. But Kevin Holland was the best fighter of the year.

John Keyes 51:21
The only other person that has a chance of doing it? Is finger rattle. Yeah, he’s gonna be he’s the only one. He’s Yeah, if the night goes to, then something ain’t right. We need to know what their metrics are

Ryan Smith 51:34
they wagging the dog, man. I’m just saying, huh? All right, let’s let’s go on because guess what? The fact is, is that there is another promotion in the United States that was doing big things. This weekend. We know that Bella tour.

Unknown Speaker 51:53

Ryan Smith 51:54
Bella tour. 254 McFarland versus Velasquez, December 10 2020. Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. We’re just going to talk about the main event. Of course, because there’s just so much MMA so much combat sports, it’s just impossible for us to see it all. And so, I want to talk about this because of the fact that in Lima McFarland she was the flyweight champion of Bella tour. Women’s flyweight champion of Bella tour. She’s like a five fight win streak defending her title. She got smoked by Juliana Velazquez unanimous decision victory. It wasn’t there was zero doubt who won that fight. So there is a new women’s flyweight champion in bellator. Want to send a shout out to Juliana Velasquez for making that happen? Because I personally didn’t think that illuma McFarlane was going to be beaten for a very, very, very long time.

John Keyes 52:51
Yeah, the adulation.

Ryan Smith 52:54
Now they need to run it back. I want to see that again. I want to see the fight. I want to see the rematch. But since we’re talking about Beltre, all right, Yoel Romero, the soldier of God signs with Bella tour, and he’s joining the 205 pounds lineup. He’s gonna become a light heavyweight in Bella tour. Okay,

John Keyes 53:17
so I was I was, I was listening to Uncle Chell earlier today. And he bought it he brought up a good point, because he’s like, he doesn’t believe that Yo, well, Anthony Johnson are on three fighting contracts. He says more it would be it’ll be very pleasant. If they were put on for maybe a one fight contract with Anthony Vienna 205. And you’ll all be in a 205 maybe we might see them in the rain at two or five for just one time. Just one night. How especially DJ faculty

Ryan Smith 54:02
I read. I mean, I think it was being special. I think that a lot of people are excited about the potential of that. But at the same time, I’m going to tell you why it’s a terrible fight. But also um I think it says that yo Romero signed a multi fight deal with bellator so it’s not just a one fight. I don’t know how many fights that Anthony rumble Johnson has. But I know that I think your Romero has a multi fight deal with with bellator. So here’s the thing here’s the reason why the terrible fight. There is something that happens but when you go between middleweight to light heavyweight. And that is the fighters go from being about 510 595 10 to 616 to

George Stallworth 54:49
six, three, even

Ryan Smith 54:51
six, three, he Israel out of Sanya, he’s fighting at middleweight but he’s really a light heavyweight. And so that’s why he’s out he’s not really worried. about cutting weight or anything like that because that’s ease like six one. You start looking at someone like yo Romero, you get into that light heavyweight division. That’s where that milestone happens and the fighters jump up from 510 to over six feet and when they do that when they rehydrate whenever they put that weight back on, they are much bigger guys and that’s why you see that jump from middleweight to light heavyweight. A lot of guys can’t make it. And I think that what’s going to happen is you’ll well Romero if he were to fight someone like Anthony rumble Johnson you’re really fighting the heavyweight at that point. Because Anthony rumble Johnson was fighting. You fought Andrea lossky a heavyweight? So you know he can get that big. He’s been powerlifting he’s got a lot of weight and you don’t have USADA looking over his shoulder.

George Stallworth 55:54
A faithful Girl. Boy, you just dropped

Ryan Smith 55:58
fire tonight, man. I’m just saying this is I don’t know what it is. But tonight, I am on fire. Like, I want to see that fight. But the fact is, is that when I saw the Anthony rumble Johnson signed with Bella tour, I was like that dude, and he’s going to 205 What was he going to hear?

John Keyes 56:15
Now? He’s going to oh five, he’s going to a five, which is a Crusher. Yeah, he’s gonna be a perfect size. And just like with yo Romero, you’re almost six foot tall. Okay, he comes down to 185 when he’s not and missing weight. So I think two or five is actual actually be more of a better a better weight class for him. So I’m thinking that might be this might be, this might be the best. The best weight for both fighters, and we may see some damage, some serious damage going on. And

Ryan Smith 56:52
I could have sworn though I have to go back. Let me go back to last. Did we announce last week rumble Johnson?

John Keyes 56:58
Yes, we did.

Ryan Smith 57:01
So the reason why

John Keyes 57:03
they call the wrong person. That’s the number that I called the wrong person up.

Ryan Smith 57:08
All right, maybe it’s 151. Anyway, the fact is, is that um, when when rumble Johnson I could swap because I remember posting online in a discussion group. I was like, if Anthony rumble Johnson is going to heavyweight at bellator he is going to take that belt from Ryan Bader and he’s going to hold that belt for a very, very, very, very, very long time. Because there is basically no heavyweight division at bellator right? So I don’t even know why he would even go to light heavyweight

John Keyes 57:44
I don’t know maybe for like that, maybe it’s for the for a fighter to you know, just just to clean it out. Because I mean, if there’s anybody that can clean up that would be able to clean out build tours. light heavyweight division. Either one of these men could do it and I think Anthony rumble Johnson does it easily. Yeah, yes. Um, once again, he is a brutal beast in the rink not taking anything away from us. Because if anything people are gonna try and test him because they see that age oh that old man don’t want none of this actually doesn’t fly me and knocks you straight out

Ryan Smith 58:24
yeah, that that’s that’s the way it that’s the way it rolls man. I can’t find I can’t find the I can’t find the story when when we when we covered it. But I do know that. I do know that we did cover it. And I could have sworn that it was that we did it as a headliner. And anyway, I could have sworn he was going to heavyweight but if it’s like heavy weight, that’s fine, too. It’s just that now you’ve got other people and so one of the stories that I saw it was an opinion piece that I believe was on MMA junkie, where they were talking about the fact that that the Bella tour with the addition of yo Romero Bella tours light heavyweight division rivals that of the UFC light heavyweight division, so wanted to get your idea on that. Do you think that Bella tour who now has ul Romero, Anthony rumble Johnson, Corey Anderson, Ryan Bader Hill Davis and Vadim nim cough who is the champion who basically wrecked Ryan Bader stands up competitively against yon blazkowicz Glover to Sherif Thiago Santos Dominic rea is Alexander rake ik and URI pro Shaka prohaska

John Keyes 59:57
acid Duncan run for the money that buildings I have a daughter now has the ability to give them the run for the money. Those, the fighters must have wonderful, I felt that he was a great fighter. I still couldn’t understand. How is it that the UFC let him go? I think it was more of a appeasement played on the part of the last guy he fought in the UFC. And you just need to go back and look and you’ll see who I’m pointing to. I think, because I thought that that, you know, Phil Davis had all the tools. And now he’s over dilatory, he’s doing great over there. You see the fight. Every one of those fighters going over there, a fighter coming from the UFC period will be successful in any other promotion. It’s been proven time and again. So the fact that you took successful fighters from the UFC and Anthony Johnson, you put him in a poll like Delatour just like almost I defend and I’m gonna jinx it, but almost guarantees that he will be a champion and a lot sooner than people think.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
What do you think coach?

George Stallworth 1:01:16
I don’t know man. You’ve already said it. You know? bellotto is new tool five division is UFC. Oh 205 division and then the new guys the new contenders over it UFC are what’s the word I’m looking for? are a different breed than those guys and don’t get me wrong. I love Romero I love Anthony Johnson. I love Corey Anderson. Ryan Bader even feel Davis but when you look at their fight style you there is a clear delineation of what I would call the old guard versus the new guard and all those guys are really under the old guard even feel Davis when you look at it like that. These new get other than maybe Glover to shero over at the UFC in that division is all new guard guys, every last one of them. So I don’t know man i i think i think the 205 division and both, there are some some clear lines that are drawn. And I think there are some different things happening. Don’t get me wrong. 205 a belt tour is going to be very interesting. And I’m definitely going to be watching it. Because what’s the champs name, buddy? Yeah, he’s got some work cut out for him to clear out that division. You know, because the only guy over there is a killer. You get what I’m saying. But when I look at the the UFC 205 Division right now, without john Jones in it, even those guys are hungrier. You know what I’m saying? Because all of them know, like, dude, the bill is like, literally just within my grasp. So that’s my thoughts on it, man.

Ryan Smith 1:02:45
Yeah, I agree. I agree. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:48
I really

Ryan Smith 1:02:49
do think that the guy that I and I blew, I blew the hype train for this guy. I think if not, I’ll do it next time he fights Uri prohaska. That guy, remember, he’s the guy that the UFC wanted, like three years ago, and he’s like, no, I need to practice some more, I need to get some more ring time. Let me fight in this regional promotion, get better, and then come and fight in the UFC dude arrived. But um, he fought a owsd Amir and just eliminated O’s dimir I was concerned for him because he was kind of dancing around, hands down. Really just kind of playful in the ring, and osed American knockout artists, but it didn’t take long for pro jasika to just leap and it was over. And it was like, this guy’s the real deal. So I think that I agree with you, George that there’s this, this evolution that we see happening in the UFC. And I think that’s accelerating, which is one of the reasons why you see this exodus of these fighters from the promotion because as these new fighters come up, and they’re kind of this new breed, this old style of fighting becomes obsolete. Which brings me back to kind of how Tony Ferguson maybe he may be part of that old guard that that that’s starting to change. You’ve got these new fighters Charles Oliveira got your shopska you got Dominic rez like these guys aren’t weren’t household names before and then they then re as nearly finishes or nearly beats john Jones not finishes but nearly beats john Jones. He basically based on my cards he actually did beat john Jones but um that’s that’s that evolution happening and so when you have fighters who are still kind of stuck in five years ago, Bella tours picking those guys up it’ll make for interesting fights because we know those names, but I don’t know that they can they can. I don’t know they can stand up to the new breed of UFC light heavyweights. Last last one on this topic, Dana White said that Anthony Johnson actually wanted to fight in the UFC. He wanted to go back to the promotion, but they couldn’t get the business terms. Right. And so because he couldn’t get the business terms the way that Anthony Johnson wanted he took the took the deal at bellator

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18

Ryan Smith 1:05:19

George Stallworth 1:05:20
no is not you know what happened? He picked up their bike comm money.

Ryan Smith 1:05:25
Right? Calm MMA. Ah, well, you know, so like I said before, there were a lot of other fights that were taking place on this weekend wasn’t just about UFC 256 you had Bella Tour, which also had Anthony, Joshua Anthony Joshua fought this weekend, he knocked out kubrat pulev in the ninth round to retain his web a web oh and IBF heavyweight titles. Setting up a blockbuster 2021 fight with the Gypsy King Tyson fury, they’re talking about it. They’re saying that they could get this thing done. Like that’s the worst thing about boxing is the fact that there’s a clear fight that needs to happen, but you can’t get the terms right. So we go three years fighter goes out of his prime and then we see the fight and it’s not what we thought it was gonna be. This is not the case.

George Stallworth 1:06:22
Finally, Deontay Wilder is somewhere right now crying in the car.

Ryan Smith 1:06:26
Oh, he cried. He gonna cry in the car for show because what happened? What happened? like three weeks ago Deontay Wilder was blowing up Tyson fury going. When after we fought. I gave you a you know, I gave you a rematch. You beat me. You’re supposed to give me a rematch and you’re not giving me a rematch. You’re going after Anthony Joshua. That’s bs that’s all this kind of stuff. Hey, the fact is this fight is the biggest fight in boxing heavyweight. I can’t say history. decade No. decade for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
Recurring recent memory. Memory.

Ryan Smith 1:07:07
You have an opportunity. Why? Why would Tyson fury fight Deontay Wilder when he has an opportunity to fight and unify the heavyweight title? Why would that happen?

John Keyes 1:07:20
If there was a ranking system, a true ranking system that would happen, okay? Well, unfortunately there isn’t.

George Stallworth 1:07:28
If you’re Deontay Wilder, you want this fight to happen. You let these two guys match each other. And then you go after the winner. And the winner is going to have all the bills.

John Keyes 1:07:40
But there’s an aspect of glory that says, I want a piece of Anthony Joshua. That’s what the that’s what it sounds like to Dr. day that he wants to go out to Anthony, Joshua Anthony, Joshua is not going to pay any attention, because he has no belts. But at the end of the day, goes up there and smashes the Gypsy King and takes his belt. Well, Anthony, Joshua has got no other choice. But to go through Deontay Wilder to get what he wants. That’s what it sounds like to me.

Ryan Smith 1:08:14
I don’t think it matters at the end of the day. Yeah. But you know, if you hadn’t gotten knocked out, right, Deontay Wilder got knocked out. You got knocked out. So yeah, you got to sit and wait. Now you go find somebody else.

George Stallworth 1:08:31
You this is I love I love that. You repeated it three times.

John Keyes 1:08:38
This day, okay.

Ryan Smith 1:08:42
I just want to say that out of everybody on combat sports talk, only one person picked Gypsy King to win that fight. You know who that was?

John Keyes 1:08:54
Who was it?

Ryan Smith 1:08:55
It was me. And guess what? Guess what? That’s what I that’s what I do.

John Keyes 1:09:06
Where did he get that? Oh my goodness.

Ryan Smith 1:09:10
Do you know who that voice was? It was it. That was the

George Stallworth 1:09:20
SAM Yes, it was Barack Obama.

Ryan Smith 1:09:25
It was Barack Obama. That sound is Barack Obama.

John Keyes 1:09:35
speech. I thought that

Ryan Smith 1:09:37
it wasn’t it wasn’t what I know.

George Stallworth 1:09:39
For a second. It sounded like Denzel Washington. But yeah, then it kicked there

Ryan Smith 1:09:44
is it’s brock obama. It was during the Biden campaign. He’s walking out of a gym. They pass him a basketball shoe to left handed three and and and splashes it in like in like a His khakis like he brock obama is in a jacket and khakis. He’s he hits a three pointer left handed three pointer. He walks out and he yells out, that’s what I do. Like, that’s gonna be a drop. I’ve been waiting, I had this drop for like three weeks, I just haven’t haven’t had the ability to say Finally, I got it. That’s what I do that all right. So something that Dana White said after UFC 256 that I think was very interesting. People are asking him was like, you know, what do you too? What do you attribute this new excitement around? They have some figured out Oh, and the 125 pound division and it goes, Mick Maynard saved the flyweight division. Because basically, Dana White was ready to get rid of it. We all know that they were planning on getting rid of it. Whenever Demetrius Johnson left and and and Henry Hutto started talking about fighting at the bantamweight division. We knew that there was getting ready to be the end of the 125 Maynard still believed in it, Dana White, shouted him out in the post fight press conference, and said that he made some changes to the division to make it more exciting. And now today we are talking about Davidson figurado. We’re talking about Brandon Marino. We’re talking about a lot of these other guys. And it’s like, what was the difference? And you can see Dana White. And I just want to call out because I still ain’t heard my apology that I asked for. But anyway, Dana White, not wanting to call out Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson did say he goes, Well, I’m not gonna go into what changes we made. But you now have fighters who are willing to go out there and fight under any circumstances, you have fighters who are willing to talk on the mic and to say things that are getting people excited. And that is that is a direct reference to teachers, Mighty Mouse Johnson, who, as much as you know, he’s on my wall, he is on my wall. He when he got on the mic, he didn’t want to talk too much. He didn’t. He didn’t, he didn’t call anybody out. He was very intelligent on the mic. He loves to talk about just kind of, you know, he really talks about video games, he didn’t really want to talk about what his strategies were and what he was gonna do. And even though he’s finishing fights, he just wasn’t that kind of gregarious type of guy. That Davidson figurado is a lot easier to market a guy like that. He’s going to go anywhere, anytime do anything, say anything to get that show? And, and, and Demetrius Mighty Mouse Johnson was a lot more quiet. And I think and so it seemed like to me that Dana White was insinuating that that was one of the major changes they made to be able to rebuild the 125 pound division into one that’s got me hyped and yelling into a microphone. I probably my levels are probably all over the place. I may end up having to do so much pre post post processing. It’s gonna be a shame I’m be three o’clock.

John Keyes 1:13:13
There you go. Matt. Matt, shout out to Mick you save them. You say the mall. Shout out. Shout

Ryan Smith 1:13:19
out. Last flat. Last one.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:22

Ryan Smith 1:13:22
last story. There’s a guy. He’s on YouTube. His last name is Paul first named Jake. He slept Nate Robinson a couple of weeks ago. He’s looking for bigger and better things. He’s looking for a certain left handed Irishman.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:41
You don’t want that? You don’t want that. You don’t want that

Ryan Smith 1:13:43
smoke. But, but he said, he said that he had his people reach out to Conor McGregor’s people and offered $50 million for a fight and showed proof of proof that he had the money.

John Keyes 1:13:59
How does he have $50 million. Okay, man. Now I’m signed up today recommend like that is on YouTube.

Ryan Smith 1:14:14
Between Logan Paul and Jake Paul, and those KSI fights and all the money that YouTube poured into that first fight. I heard that they earn like 20 to $30 million for that stupid KSI fight. Because they It was a pay per view and all of those YouTube followers paid money to see a YouTuber fight another youtuber

George Stallworth 1:14:38
twice. Literally, literally. What was it the weekend at this fight was happening. One of my clients called me up. He owns the lightning crowd. You guys have met him before? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. He’s like, dude, I can’t believe it. He said my daughter who’s I forget how she she’s like a freshman in college or something like that. She didn’t know any fighters whatsoever. But she was walking around town. Then on tables that night, and she looked up and she saw Jake Paul, she said, Hey, Dad, that’s Jake Paul. She didn’t know anybody else. She didn’t know Mike Tyson. But she knew who Jake Paul was. There it is. That gives you any indication of how how much, you know, clout this guy has because of his YouTube.

Ryan Smith 1:15:18
Yeah, and that’s the thing.

John Keyes 1:15:21
But there comes a point in life when you hit the brick wall, and it’s one of those situations that you’re gonna get over it. Are you gonna go through it? And Conor McGregor is that brick wall to Jake Paul right now, you do not want you to not want to go through that. Okay, because I’ll say make the fight. I say I couldn’t make the fight to just for the simple fact that somebody needs to shut him up. Easy, man. He got a big chip on his shoulder and you trying to mess with a kickboxing? Not just any, not just with a regular boxer kickboxer alright. He is going to piece you up all right, and and make you think about life when it’s all said and done. That’s easy money.

Ryan Smith 1:16:09
That’s easy money. That’s easy money for Conor kind of go in there make that 50 million $50 million. Like I

John Keyes 1:16:16
did a good job a case of proper 12 in his corner when it said and done. All right. That’s it. Isn’t the other one calling out. Floyd. Oh, it’s it’s booked.

Ryan Smith 1:16:30
What are you talking about calling out it’s booked? It’s not Logan. Paul is fighting Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather has a 5000 A minus 5000. Favorite.

John Keyes 1:16:44
I mean that I mean, Dave, Paul’s about to get beat up. Okay. They’ve got to get dealt with on a personal basis. There is no trainer in the world that will get you trained up for these to none. Okay. Marilyn canal na Freddie Roach. Ah, you guys do a seance for gusta model not a good enough

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
they need to get

John Keyes 1:17:10
now they’ve had a call Magnum 43rd war and just come through the ranks are shooting. You have a better chance of Captain up the place. You know, light them up for 12 and get out of there. Alright, cuz you ain’t.

Ryan Smith 1:17:24
Jake Paul went in on Conor McGregor calling him an Irish vagina. He also he also accused you know, mocked him for the fight that Connor got in with the with the with the older guy in the in the ring. He said he also called out Connors fiance called her for like he is really trying to get under Conor McGregor skin. I don’t know if he has seen the video. The bus video. You want to happen? Because Connor is crazy. He crazy. Oh, great speaker.

John Keyes 1:18:12
If you fly 18 hours. Hey, ain’t ours aka youth new all the way New York to act the flu.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:26
You know?

John Keyes 1:18:31
He went wild out after an eight hour flight. And you want to tell you what to call back on this. Do you understand that the Irish people have fighting in their blood? Did you not see the seven minute you know dissertation I did on Boxing last week. These Irish people come out punching punching the doctor. I mean, I’m pretty sure they’re doing speed drills on the liver and pancreas while they’re in the womb. All right. These guys are bread fighters. They will come to fight you talking bad about his wife. You gotta get it. Okay, you gotta get it. Good. All right.

Ryan Smith 1:19:06
Connor, Connor may not have to have to have to have to handle his business to someone else’s raising their hand and it’s none other than Nate DS. Nate Diaz is saying listen, before you fight Connor wants you to take a stop off in Stockton. I got you date Jake be Nate Diaz said you need to get your tail beat for free. He’s like, you know, you’re gonna get you’re gonna get your tail whip for talking like that. And so I would love to see Diaz and and Jake Paul, go at it. Let’s do that. And if I was Connor, I’d be like, I’m gonna tell you like this. I will fight you Jake Paul. But you go ahead and you fight Nick Diaz. First. You beat Nate deist I’ll see you in September 21 night if you want

John Keyes 1:19:54
man I’m sorry. So can remember in December.

Ryan Smith 1:19:57
Can’t remember that weapon when he takes it.

John Keyes 1:20:03
I don’t have the CDs to get some. Gonna get some of that. Yeah, I got either Nate or Nick. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.

Ryan Smith 1:20:11
They they could they look two brothers versus two brothers. You could do it Logan Paul versus Nate. Nick Nick Diaz versus Jake. Paul. You switched him? swamper

George Stallworth 1:20:21
make you a matchmaker, Ryan. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:20:24
that’s right mate. Make me a match mate. I could be the matchmaker. Just we’re Sean Shelby.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:31
I got you.

Ryan Smith 1:20:33
Alright, speaking of making matches, we got one more segment and that is the fight card.

This is the fight card this where we talk about the fights that are coming up on Saturday night and it is UFC Vegas. 17 Thompson versus Neil. Saturday, September, Saturday, December 19 2020. The UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have six fights on the cards. Gentlemen, we are making flash fight picks for every single one of these fights. So get your hats on. Here we go. Alex Morano versus Anthony Pettis show Tom Pettis. I think if Showtime doesn’t win this fight, he is going to be on the list of 60 we got Greg hardy versus Marsan Ty bruh we’ve got Marlin Marlin mo Hayes versus Rob font. Michael padana versus chaos Williams, Josie Aldo versus Marlon Vera. You’ve got the main event of the evening Steven Wonderboy Thompson versus hometown hero, Jeff,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:39

Ryan Smith 1:21:40
We got those six fights to call. So let’s go ahead and do this. Here we go. Alex Toronto versus Anthony Pettis. The question just is, is Anthony Pettis gonna win this fight and keep stay in the UFC or do you think he’s gonna end up getting himself cut? COACH

George Stallworth 1:21:56
what you think I give this fight to pet is just because I don’t I don’t know. Alex’s pedigree.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
All right.

Ryan Smith 1:22:03
JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 1:22:06
man. I am going to give this to Kratos I think Pettis is gonna be hungry enough to say now abroad Not today.

Ryan Smith 1:22:15
All right, well, you know, it’s always considered bad luck to bet on the don’t come line when you’re playing craps, but I’m putting my chip down. I’m going moranto

George Stallworth 1:22:26
Wow. All right. Next

Ryan Smith 1:22:29
Fight of the Night. A Greg hardy versus Marsan tie bruh john Key’s who you got.

John Keyes 1:22:37
Greg Hardy. He’s gonna kill him in a first. Miranda first

George Stallworth 1:22:49
I’m going Marsan top bureau by dq or Greg hardy

great great Greg hardy is notoriously made a name for himself losing fights by not actually losing the fight so but no, I think marstons like a seven eight fight that in the UFC now. And his head he’s fought more pedigreed guys, I give it to Martin on this one.

Ryan Smith 1:23:19
I’m going with Greg Hardy, like you know, it’s just one of those things where I haven’t seen a heavyweight that’s strong enough to stop that bull rush. You know, it’s kind of like ball ball. You’re gonna have to time it right catch him in the belly. Something because if you don’t, you’re gonna get knocked out man.

John Keyes 1:23:39
Easily, easily.

Ryan Smith 1:23:43
All right, next Fight of the Night you got Marlin mo Hayes versus Rob font. Coach.

George Stallworth 1:23:50
I’m going Marlin on this one.

Ryan Smith 1:23:52
All right. JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 1:23:56
and I’m going with Marlin as well. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:23:59
I think we’re all in Marlin my case. That’s a good call. This is the one that I’m interested in hearing what you got. Michael put put put it out versus chaos Williams, coach, we’ll start with you.

George Stallworth 1:24:17
It’s a tough one man. You know, when you look at what chaos has done so far in the UFC, I can’t help but be happy for but he hasn’t had the octagon tie. And I think he’s finally fighting a guy that they probably will outclass him and show that. You know it just did he? He hasn’t had the octagon time yet. I think that’s awesome to me here a little too quick against a guy. That’s a UFC vet.

Ryan Smith 1:24:44
All right, john Keith.

John Keyes 1:24:47
I agree with you. A chaos William doesn’t have enough octagon time. However, Miko piano is not going to be the guy that’s going to drag him out to the deep end. I think he was gonna get it done again.

Ryan Smith 1:25:03
Wait, you pay us? Yes, I have you. Okay, trick me.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:09
Yeah. Yeah. rearrange

George Stallworth 1:25:10
that Ryan. Yeah.

John Keyes 1:25:14
And for the first half, I remembered. I look, I was like, Oh, yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:25:20
we all long put it up. For me. I think I think coaches right. I think that what I saw from him when he fought Diego Sanchez, he’s he’s just such a strong, dynamic, agile, quick fighter. Um, chaos hasn’t fought but two minutes in the UFC. It’s, it’s gonna be interesting to see whether or not he’s going to be able to keep that pace that that threat is gonna gonna bring. And I just think that it’s going to get a little out of control as we get into the second and third rounds. We’re gonna see exactly how far chaos Williams has to go. Before he gets to that point where he is now that grizzled vet that kind of is used to the speed of the game. You know, we talked about college, college players going to the pros and NFL, it’s not that they don’t have the skill. It’s the fact that they they just got to catch up to the speed of the game. And and I think chaos Williams he’s fought a couple of guys where he’s been able to throw that touchdown pass, they hit that hit, you know, hit that home run. But now it’s now it’s gonna be time where we got some film on you. We know what you do now. Now we’re gonna see how well you you survive adversity. And I think that he I think he’s gonna have some drawing board work to do. So I’ve got Michael Panetta coming. Go ahead

George Stallworth 1:26:45
that and we’re probably gonna see him get drugged out into the deep end to you know what I’m saying is it’s like that’s that’s going to be the make or break thing for this. How he deals with going later into a fight. Right.

Ryan Smith 1:26:59
All right. I’m Josie Aldo vs Marlin Berra in the CO main event of the evening john Key’s you got?

John Keyes 1:27:07
I’m gonna say Josie autobuy decision. Um, he’s he’s still the king. He’s still the king of Rio. But he ain’t knocking nobody out no more.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:17
All right, Coach

George Stallworth 1:27:20
135 I’m going with Cheeto. Give me my Cheetos

Ryan Smith 1:27:27
I know he’s not that old. But I think he’s been in the in I think he’s been in there a little too long. I’m gonna go with I’m gonna go with Coach. Okay, hey,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:37
Marlon Berra.

John Keyes 1:27:39
I said like this let me be the first to say that Josie don’t win. Oh, he part of the 60 Oh, way. Think he’s hard. Yes.

George Stallworth 1:27:49
I love how we refer to the 60 now kind of like you know, in religious terms like the What is it? That was supposed to be raptured how many people also 144,000

Ryan Smith 1:27:56
I think it is.

George Stallworth 1:28:00
We got 65 is about to get wrapped it out of the UFC. There they are.

John Keyes 1:28:06
Yeah, he’s gonna be one of the 60 if he doesn’t win, yeah, I can see Dana saying it saying that it may be time for him to look for something else. And we might see you know, the king of real over and Bella tour

Ryan Smith 1:28:22
or World War One because that’s the right side.

John Keyes 1:28:25
If he goes to one it will be brutal man. I say right now it will be brutal.

George Stallworth 1:28:31
He goes the one we can see him fight DJ.

John Keyes 1:28:35
Oh god.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:38
Okay, I’m crazy.

Ryan Smith 1:28:40
In the main event of the evening, you got Steven Wonderboy Thompson versus Jeff Neil. Coach, you’re gonna pay against a hometown hero.

George Stallworth 1:28:49
This is a tough fight to pick man Steven Wonderboy is the real deal. But so is Jeff. Like I don’t know man, I’m going with Jeff on this one. But I know Steven Wonderboy Thompson is has has proven himself through the years but I think Jeff has bought a new class of fighter coming up. It’s getting rid of some of these old guard heads.

Ryan Smith 1:29:14
All right. JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 1:29:19
is another hard one. Um, I’ll go with Jeff Neil. But in the back of my mind is going to take that question mark kick that got Steven Wonderboy Thompson. He throws out there you think about the hit, and he hits him right on the chin and knock them out.

George Stallworth 1:29:36
Now, there is a caveat to this too. We got to think about I just remembered it before you put those in Ryan. Yeah, you know, Jeff Neal is coming off of almost congestive heart failure. I think what he referred to it is, oh, I don’t know what kind of shape he’s really going to be in, you know, is that I can’t imagine trying to recover from congestive heart failure and then turn around and fight with him. Three months ago

John Keyes 1:30:01
a man if he says I’m good and they close that door He’s good.

Ryan Smith 1:30:06
We don’t we don’t want him to be the first UFC casualty though right? Like I only you know remember that’s why that’s why Dan hardy stopped fighting is because of the whole wolf heart thing right he was it was that you know he was having that irregular heartbeat or whatever it was that that was causing him those problems. A fight the fighting spirit is is is a tough thing to deny but we want to stay safe regardless. Y’all might be going with the hometown hero but I’m going with Steven Wonderboy. Thompson

John Keyes 1:30:39
I think Wonderboy got it.

Ryan Smith 1:30:41
Yeah, I think Wonderboy gonna win this fight. I think it’s gonna be by decision. I think he’s just gonna outpoint him. You know that that karate stance is is so around. It’s just

John Keyes 1:30:52
he is just such a technical striker he can he’s such an accurate sniper with his punches and kick. He has shades of liotta Machida that he’ll jump in there. hit you with a two or three piece combo before you throw it out. You just miss him by that much. That’s what what Jeff Neal’s gonna have to deal with on Saturday night. I mean, he’s got to deal with a guy that’s, that has cipher like strikes. And he’s got moved but that is smooth and silky.

Ryan Smith 1:31:24
And I’m glad you chose Jeff.

George Stallworth 1:31:26
I’m gonna get to I admonish, you got to go back and watch Jeff Neal’s fights. Okay,

Ryan Smith 1:31:34
okay. I’m gonna watch the one on Saturday night to do that. I’m gonna be I’m gonna be pushing that. That Crow, like, part of me just wants to push that crow button.

John Keyes 1:31:46
Hey, man, there’s nothing worse than a premature throw button push.

Ryan Smith 1:31:53
I’m not gonna push it till it’s over. But if I’m right about this one, you know what I’m gonna be yelling. That’s what? That’s right. I’ll be yelling at social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports.

John Keyes 1:32:09
We can’t do that. We can’t do that yet. Until we wish. Mr. Onyebuchi Happy birthday. Oh, that’s right. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:16
that’s right.

John Keyes 1:32:20
Yeah, that’s right. He chose not to choose to have his birthday with us.

Ryan Smith 1:32:26
I know right?

John Keyes 1:32:27
Yeah, so we got you bro. Don’t worry. I got to come back. That’s right. So

Ryan Smith 1:32:31
so you know let’s Let’s wish Collette she Casey only a Buchi a happy birthday. One. You know, one of the things that I should have put on the on the run sheet that I didn’t is this is the one year anniversary of Colby Covington getting his jaw broken. Um, and so. And so you know, it’s always great that we can celebrate shutting up Colby Covington on kolaches birthday every year from here on out.

John Keyes 1:33:01
So let’s do ama Happy birthday.

Ryan Smith 1:33:03
Happy birthday Colucci. Uh, you know, we look forward to speaking to you sir.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:09
That’s beautiful man. Almost.

Ryan Smith 1:33:14
Oh man. Follow us on social media on Instagram. I’m at combat sports talk.

John Keyes 1:33:19
john and i met Keith Victor Neff keys with the E FF

Ryan Smith 1:33:24
and coach. Show us that shirt one more time.

George Stallworth 1:33:28
Darkside underscore muy Thai underscore Ladies and gentlemen, don’t forget, come out. Pick them up.

Ryan Smith 1:33:38
It is got that guy doing the white crew in the back, huh?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:43
Oh, yes. See, I’m

Ryan Smith 1:33:44
learning. I’m learning. My terminology is getting close.

George Stallworth 1:33:48
We can talk about that, too. fellas. We, for our fans out there. Also be on the lookout. These guys will be judging some fighter soon.

Ryan Smith 1:33:57
All right. All right. You can find us on our website at www combat sports talk calm and we are on all of your favorite podcasting platforms. So look for us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple podcasts, Periscope and Spotify. Anywhere. We’re like VSA. Our podcast is anywhere you want to be. You can find us want to send a shout out to MMA junkie. MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group. And all the other side’s providing the stories that we use on our show, intelligent defense discussion group is on Facebook. That’s where a lot of the discussions we have on the show begin there. So on behalf of john Key’s and George g money Stallworth, my name is Ryan Smith, reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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