Episode 157 – UFC 257: Poirier vs McGregor 2 EVENT RECAP

January 26, 2021 by No Comments

All eyes were on Fight Island, Abu Dhabi Saturday Night for UFC 257: Poirier vs McGregor 2, a rematch of their 2014 meeting where McGregor finished Poirier in the first round.  The question on everyone’s lips were would Poirier get his revenge, or would Conor McGregor stroll into the octagon after another lengthy absence to outclass another opponent like he did Cowboy Cerrone in 2020?  Dustin Poirier delivered Conor McGregor his first KO loss.  We recap the entire the event, the fallout from the action, and share our takes on what should happen next.


Ryan Smith 0:01
Hey there fight fans. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. This episode of combat sports talk.

Welcome to combat sports talk, a podcast dedicated to UFC and bellator discussion, the MMA community and combat sports in general. I’m your host, Ryan Smith. And joining me this week is the entire combat sports talk crew. JOHN keys to victory keys.

John Keyes 0:40
What’s up, everybody?

Ryan Smith 0:42
We got Stevie Wonder, aka collection. Casey Onyebuchi.

Unknown Speaker 0:50
is good.

Ryan Smith 0:53
And we’ve got coach George g money stalwart.

Unknown Speaker 0:57

Ryan Smith 1:00
All right. Well, it is great to have everyone back on the show. You know, it’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve had everybody here. It’s been, you know, one person out or the other. And so now we’re all back, fully strong, the fearsome foursome. And we’ve got a wonderful show to talk about UFC 257 Dustin diamond boy versus the notorious Conor McGregor to the rematch of their 2014 initial fight where Conor McGregor won. So I am excited to talk about that. There’s so much there’s so many angles, so many stories to talk about. But I think we would be remiss if we didn’t take it over to john Key’s for some random trivia. What do you got for us? You’re talking to hot sauce before the show. You won’t talk about sauce.

John Keyes 1:53
We can’t talk hot sauce. Yeah, let’s talk about hot sauce. Apparently, so. If you’re looking for dusty employees hot sauce. It’s not there. They’re sold out till February 8. I’m looking at the reviews. It’s not that it’s not that spicy. It’s um, it’s kind of on the level of siracha. So if you can handle Sai Raja, which everybody can, alright, just don’t cook with it. You’re fine.

Ryan Smith 2:21
All right.

John Keyes 2:22
And 40 to 40.

Unknown Speaker 2:27
I have the meaning of life.

John Keyes 2:30
Yes, thank you. cholesky. 42 is to me in life, and that’s really a legit answer. Okay, so let’s talk about 42 for about 30 seconds. 42. All right. If you ever watched Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, great movie, I read the book. Okay. Or if you read the book, really, if you’re really in a hardcore nerd, like we all are 1978 great book, great book, great read. However, when there was a point where the question life was asked, What is the meaning of life? And the answer was 42. That is a very legit answer. The reason being is because the computer language back then was ASCII ASC II. All right. So now that I know right, we don’t even you use it. You probably see it in Notepad if you if you know what if you use Notepad. Alright, so with that said, All right. 42 is actually a designation because in the ASCII language, there’s two there’s two symbols, there is the asterisk language, which then is a wildcard meaning you can make it anything you want. However, an ASCII language is also designated as 4242, meaning anything you want, literally saying that the meaning of life is whatever you want it to be. For.

Ryan Smith 4:02
Now, I have to say we’ve been doing this random trivia thing for a couple of weeks now. This I have to say it’s probably the best random trivia you have ever done. JOHN Key’s

John Keyes 4:16
Thank you. desperation. The Honorable geisha that we talked about that that

Ryan Smith 4:23
was going to that was going

John Keyes 4:24
out. That was pretty good.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 4:27
pronounce my name. No, not.

John Keyes 4:44
I think next week, I’ll bring up some more hot sauce. I’ll bring up some random pasta. The hottest currently, I think is the scorpion. It’s the scorpion. It’s the highest cuz before us, the Carolina really,

Ryan Smith 4:55
we save it for next week. But save it for next month. We had We got we got us a good 42 is anything you want it to be live? That was great, but let’s not let’s not go too far because we got us a show to talk about Rain

John Keyes 5:13
Man we got to show cuz we saw some we this this week we saw some clubs. We saw some anger beaten. We saw it all. Okay, so let’s talk about what we’re

George Stallworth 5:26
gonna hear tonight is some crow.

Ryan Smith 5:28
Oh man, lots of people gonna be in crowd

John Keyes 5:32
with this just employ a sauce on it

Ryan Smith 5:38
look we definitely lots of people gonna be eating crow so we’re gonna be trading off let’s just make a big platter and let’s get into it. You have oh well actually started like this. Let’s get into the official decision.

This is the official decision. This is where we talk about the fights from Saturday night. UFC 250 7.8 vs. McGregor to Saturday, January 23 2021 at Etihad arena on fight Island in Abu Dhabi. UAE Oh, there you go. Roger. clarity. All right. Yeah. Hi, yah. Hoo. You. Um, we had five fights on the card. Yeah, look, that’s not uncle Roger, though. The hanhart is not uncle right. That’s, that’s your Korean dad. We know our

Unknown Speaker 6:42
dad. Okay.

Ryan Smith 6:45
UFC 257. We had five fights on the card, Amanda Heba versus Marina Rodriguez. Now Amanda he boss came in as the lower ranked fighter but on this massive hype train, like everyone was super excited about seeing Amanda he was coming in to fight a marina Marina Rodriguez. But it wasn’t her night. Marina Rodriguez dispatched Amanda he bus in. In the second round. 54 seconds in elbows and punches. It was clear whose night it was that night.

George Stallworth 7:21
She got finished twice.

John Keyes 7:24
Yes, yes. Yes, she feels kind of as kind of controversial, in a sense, because everybody thought that her Dean had jumped in and tapped and tapped Rodriguez when in fact he did. He didn’t he actually like kind of he was getting ready to go in there to see what was going on. But he got too close to the action. And he kind of moved out the way and she was like, you know you touch me This is always like not in touch you tell her and you know that that’s what she did?

Ryan Smith 7:55
Oh man. Yes. That was what was crazy about it was the fact that he was goes down and she goes into finish her demons trying to look to see if he was still in it. Marina walks away. Did Herbes like finish her

John Keyes 8:11
like finish or and I was like oh my god please not in the ring. And yeah, she she did a brutality on it. So

Ryan Smith 8:18
yeah, you know what they should have done? Is the UFC should have that that music where it goes. Right whenever you successfully get your finishing move done it goes dude. lights go down spotlight on Amanda he buzzes she’s like

George Stallworth 8:42
if you are planning to combat sports talk drinking game right now. It’d be a great time for you to pick up your drink and drink.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 8:49
I’ll say that this is gonna come into play a few times this evening.

George Stallworth 8:56
Dude, did you see what’s the name Amanda the way she was swaying and wobbling.

John Keyes 9:02
She had her she was dying.

Ryan Smith 9:06
But okay, so speaking of the stanky leg, that’s next fight machmood Murdock versus Andrew Sanchez Murdock defeated Andrew Sanchez by TKO in round number three, Murdoch catches Andrew Sanchez. I don’t know what it was a left hook or something like that catches him on the chin. he backs away and his he is like bow legged and his legs aren’t working. It was almost like a you know whenever you knock out Doug flamenco and punch out Where’s like

John Keyes 9:41
some guys been playing punch out over the

Ryan Smith 9:43
Nintendo Switch baby. They got all the games.

John Keyes 9:46
Yeah, yeah, he got the dirty sanchez pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 9:53
Where are you?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 9:53
Are you practicing on your switch for a fight taking the method.

Ryan Smith 10:01
Wait. Oh, you know I could do that but I do not have the UFC game to do. Otherwise I would be doing a Holloway. You know visualizing myself winning a fight by actually fighting the fight in a video game The only fighting game I have the only the only fighting game I have is Mortal Kombat 11 and I don’t think you want me practicing on Mortal Kombat 11

John Keyes 10:34
Oh, man,

Unknown Speaker 10:35
I bet you

Ryan Smith 10:37
don’t you know I used to in in one of the earlier versions I used to love Katana cuz she could do the she could juggle you with the with the fan lift. And then you know, yeah, throw the fan. But I typically stick with with, you know, the tried and true Raiden sub zero and scorpion.

Unknown Speaker 10:55

Ryan Smith 10:59
Yeah, Andrew Sanchez though, like, you know, he was doing great. I mean with the mullet and everything and then, you know, it was kind of funny because he had like that guy who’s like backwoods country and Andrew Sanchez and then machmood Murdoch was like European model fighting each other.

John Keyes 11:19
I was like, it’s the best of both worlds. And you know, cuz his his nickname was throwing me off cuz his nickname is dirt. Okay, yeah, yeah. And come to find out cuz I had to look it up. That it’s actually it’s Texas it goes it’s a reference to Texas Hold’em when you have to when you’re to show cards is a Ace and a and a royal cart. That it is considered Alderney because you don’t win no matter what. Wow.

Ryan Smith 11:51

George Stallworth 11:56
The keys to victory.

John Keyes 11:57
Hey man, I’m wearing I’m wearing my army sweatshirt, man. I gotta I gotta rip. I just

George Stallworth 12:02
recognize that is actually an army sweatshirt you had cuz one minute I was like your life in the night. You’re gonna go rob somebody breaking into a car right?

Unknown Speaker 12:14
Now, if

George Stallworth 12:17
you fit the description, my brother

John Keyes 12:22
ain’t six foot 10

Yeah, I’m feeling it tonight. So yeah, I gotta I gotta come correct with with my with my knowledge tonight. All right.

Ryan Smith 12:36
All right. Well, in the next Fight of the Night. Joanne Calderwood Jojo. Calderwood defeated, Jessica I via unanimous decision. This was a battle. This was a battle of boxing versus Muay Thai kickboxing. Dude, this

John Keyes 12:53
was an anchor beat.

Ryan Smith 12:55
So, Georgia, Georgia in a battle between boxing and kickboxing, Muay Thai kickboxing. What do you think’s gonna come out on top

Kelechi Onyebuchi 13:10
black belt wins in that fight.

George Stallworth 13:12
Oh, you have two weapons and I can use eight of mine. Yeah,

Ryan Smith 13:17
let’s do this. Well, so

John Keyes 13:21
Oh, go ahead. Go ahead. Right.

Ryan Smith 13:23
Well, what I was gonna say is john Key’s Jojo Calderwood to win the fight. George Stallworth and Ryan Smith. Pick Jessica evil eyes so you know what that means.

George Stallworth 13:43
I’m sorry, Joanne. I don’t know why I doubted you.

Unknown Speaker 13:47

John Keyes 13:50
She has sued I swear to God, that’s what it was. Everybody

George Stallworth 13:55
she lit her up like a Christmas tree.

John Keyes 13:58
And see here’s the backstory on that there’s backstory on that because yes, they were they were at the USC APEC center and other apparently evil I was sitting there kind of bullying you know being alpha towards Joe Joe and Joe Joe’s like you know, I got to shut up a little bit or I can’t do the the accent that she does but you know Yeah.

George Stallworth 14:25
But the more I listened to Jessica I The more I think she’s just not a great human being right you know the way she she trash talk folks for missing weight. And then she had her own weight loss issues or, or weight cut issues. And then the way she trash talk Joanne Calderwood in this one, and then goes out and gets lit up like a Christmas tree. I mean, I don’t know man. I’m she I am definitely not on Jessica eyes hype train anymore.

John Keyes 14:55
You could just tell from her. I’m sorry.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 15:03
I mean, I’ve always been I bet against Jessica and every fight because I forget what episode it was but we just kind of went in on the dozens but Jessica, I don’t want to get hit anymore just got home.

John Keyes 15:20
Definitely one of those moments, but we did find out something I learned something. Okay. It’s something that that that me and Ryan have talked about for many weeks and that is how in the world do you get a black belt in we Thai kickboxing and

Kelechi Onyebuchi 15:43
I apologize in advance

John Keyes 15:47
to find out for a minute over this. Okay. So the st st tapa and you know Forgive me coach I forgot the name of it is just it just fell out my head because I I filled it in with this with the black belt knowledge and the name of the of the headband that that you were traditionally wear just the name of just felt. Okay, the what I’m sorry, monk call the monk call. That is what’s colored. Not that.

George Stallworth 16:19
But the color of the monk call does not designate your skill level necessarily. And we tie it isn’t there’s not a correlation between the two.

Ryan Smith 16:27
Right? It’s your lineage, right?

George Stallworth 16:31
Well, that are no it doesn’t necessarily have to be your lineage. I mean, it could be something tried and true to you. Most most fighters have their very own monk Hall, and they take that monk off to the Buddhist temple and have it blessed by monks before they fight. Same thing with the arm band that you see on on most muy Thai fighters arms, that should not again is in real Muay Thai that is not a designation of your skill level. Although here in America the westernized Muay Thai fighters, not not even a Muay Thai fighters, but a lot of your westernized Muay Thai coaches use it to designate a skill level or proficiency in Muay Thai.

John Keyes 17:13
And in Brazil, because if you if you want, everybody, if you have the ability to go back and watch, I implore you to watch Joe’s promo. And you actually see a plaque there that had her her monk calls in different belt rankings, with the top one being a black one. Join called Jojo. Jojo

George Stallworth 17:38
she, so she has a black belt in Muay Thai which is an

Unknown Speaker 17:48

John Keyes 17:54
that’s all I’m gonna say about that. So,

Ryan Smith 17:56
I just want to let you know that when they were promoting the the jo jo fight, I tweeted out for the record, there is no such thing as a black belt in Muay Thai. I was rapping I was rapping

George Stallworth 18:17
I’m gonna start handing out belts in Muay Thai class.

John Keyes 18:20
I’ll just say you are there are people in Brazil right now that they’re telling their friends over at shooter box Academy that hey, that that that American is saying that there’s no such thing but they’re gonna show up on us okay, and I’m not ready for that man. Cuz I take no kick anymore. Okay.

George Stallworth 18:40
Smoke. Let these black belts Come this way. Come on. Oh, all right. All right.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 18:50
He wants all the smoke

Ryan Smith 18:54
so we have established that as as the combat sports talk team, perhaps maybe not john keys, but the rest of us are are on the on the train of there is no such thing as a black belt in in traditional Muay Thai How about that? And we’d be as okay that.

John Keyes 19:12
Hey, man, I’m saying I’m just trying to respect cultures here. Okay, I get it.

George Stallworth 19:18
Done exchange my lineage and I’m gonna become a Brazil. Oh, God now, I’m gonna start handing out belts and all that Brazilian Muay Thai, that’s what I’m I got the name for we’re gonna call it we’re gonna call it Thai jitsu.

John Keyes 19:46
You can’t use that. Cuz there’s actually is a Thai jitsu art out there. Okay?

Ryan Smith 19:56
Really, there’s a Thai jitsu art really,

John Keyes 19:58
really The only one that does this okay I yes. Cuz you know at first I have misspelled it and because you know Thai jitsu in Japan is the Japanese hand to hand combat are they actually spell a TA I jitsu but there is a th AI jitsu don’t know how legit it is. Okay, I did not Delve that deep into it, but it is out there.

Ryan Smith 20:26
So I’m on Wikipedia and so you know, we know how reliable Wikipedia is or some things and not for others. But what it’s saying is Thai jitsu is a blanket term for any combat skill, technique or system of martial art using body movements that are described as empty hand combat. So generally anything is Thai jitsu.

John Keyes 20:50
So how do you feel?

George Stallworth 20:54
THA I did soup? That’s what I’m referring to. But anyway, yeah, we’re gonna start handing out belts. I’m just gonna make up my own well

John Keyes 21:07
visit you dude. I don’t want them to visit you like that. Okay.

Ryan Smith 21:11
Somebody who is who might need to get a belt is is or who thinks he deserves a belt is Michael Chandler who defeated Dan hooker in the first round be a one punch destruction

Unknown Speaker 21:27
all it took was one

Unknown Speaker 21:28

Unknown Speaker 21:30
one punch

Ryan Smith 21:31
standard and and he landed that one punch on Dan hooker chin and it was all over but the but the kicking in the scream and after that grab the dude by the hair. And was just boom piston punching him until until the rep pulled him off.

John Keyes 21:48
That was a clever thing. That was the clever part of UFC. Okay. Yeah, it was brutal. It was Who? Who it was it was a Herzog or was it was it the predator on that

Ryan Smith 22:01
one? No, no was not hurt didn’t hurt. Do you have the main event?

John Keyes 22:04
Cuz herb de that I mean, he let him fly. He led. He led nine, nine punches fly before the rough jumped in. And I was just like, those were some serious non punches. Okay,

George Stallworth 22:16
stopping a fight for nothing.

Ryan Smith 22:18
But it wasn’t. It wasn’t it wasn’t hurt, but, but it was.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
Mark got it on this.

Ryan Smith 22:25
I think it was Goddard.

John Keyes 22:27
Good job got it for being merciless.

Ryan Smith 22:29
So So I mean, the, you know, we all talked about the fact that there was a lot of hype following Michael Chandler’s arrival to the UFC. Everybody wanted a piece of the dude. And so finally, Dan hooker signed up for that. And, you know, as far as I can tell, two people on combat sports talk thought Dan hooker was going to get it done. Only one person said, Michael Chandler. This is this is a good matchup for him. You know Who said it? You know, signs yet?

Go ahead. I’m gonna go ahead and feed off the crow.

John Keyes 23:13
You know what, I’ll save this. I’ll say I was glad that that Michael Chandler went in there and did what he needed to do. He looked good. He didn’t suffer an adrenaline dump. Like I thought he was gonna do and he he Molly walked him. And that was good. And I was I was happy. All right. I was happy for the brutality. So Oh, and just died digress for like five seconds. I defy taijutsu.com and it’s Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna post it up. So

Ryan Smith 23:48
hey, so, so a lot of people and when I say a lot of people, I’m speaking about you, Johnny hearns I’m calling you out on the show was angry about about Michael Chandler’s anger beat of Dan hooker. And so we were going back and forth all day to day about you know, whether or not it was impressive or not, whether or not what should happen cholesky was was was was you know, watching from the from the sidelines as we went back and forth especially when we get to the next the next fight. But here’s the thing one of the things that that was really irritating to to our friend Johnny at the front of the show is was the fact that Michael Chandler in his post fight interview in the ring went all WWE on you know, on the mic and was was quoting Ric Flair and all this kind of stuff very reminiscent of chael sonnen. And how chael sonnen would do, except instead of calling Anderson Silva he’s calling out Habib in America metal. Here’s the interesting thing about Michael Chandler’s choice to quote Ric Flair and why I got a little more respect Back from Mike Chandler after he did that, and this is why, on an episode of Ariel helwani and Daniel Cormier, Daniel Cormier was talking about Michael Chandler, instantly getting into the championship conversation by coming to the UFC, like Ric Flair did when Ric Flair crossed over from WCW to WWE, and he got a title shot right away when he came over. I think Ric Flair ended up winning and then Ric Flair his quote was, this was the biggest moment of my life. So Michael Chandler in the post fight interview, quoted Ric Flair in homage to Daniel Cormier a call out during the show to let him know that he had heard her Daniel Cormier. And so he memorized that in preparation to deliver it. And he did perfectly. Yes, in the octagon. I was like, wow, that took a lot of forethought. That took a lot of a lot of preparation. And for him to have done that I was impressed by his gamesmanship. They’re very impressive Mr. channel.

John Keyes 26:10
And, and said it with the same emotion that Ric Flair actually said it when he did it because at that time, he was being Ric Flair was being very sincere as well.

Ryan Smith 26:22
As sincere as a professional wrestler, could be

Unknown Speaker 26:25
not not that that’s coming into the ring

Ryan Smith 26:28
that he’s gonna win that night.

John Keyes 26:30
But I mean, you know the story behind that. Okay. And I’m the kayfabe this is like legit because if you remember, and once again here we go cuz you don’t push me back in back when Ric Flair jumped over to to WWF at the time. He took you if you remember the old promos, he would always show up with the NWA Heavyweight Championship and they would always blurt out that wasn’t that was done. That was as it was part of the gimmick. That was actually legit because the he took the NWA have World Heavyweight title because they owed him they owed him money. Okay. And he said, I will give you once you give me my money, I will bring you back your belt. Okay. And they didn’t do it for several years. So and they and they kind of stuck Ric Flair. Even though Ric Flair was one of the top Booker’s at the time, including being a wrestler as well. So when he did that speech, I like put that up on the screen. Right? Right.

I’m just tell y’all the backstory to it. Okay, I’m gonna say that when Ric Flair actually did that did that speech? He was he was he was throwing that at the NWA at the head of the NWA for you know, basically doing them dirty and not giving them not giving him his money. So there’s that. Hey,

George Stallworth 28:02
let me ask you something. What do you think about john hookers? Like walk out? And I don’t know he just didn’t look himself that night. What did y’all think?

Ryan Smith 28:12
Dan hooker?

George Stallworth 28:14
Yeah, I’m sorry. I said john, the J reference Yeah,

John Keyes 28:18
family’s gonna be john everything tonight All right.

Ryan Smith 28:24
I think he was very tentative. I think that he I don’t know he looked very tentative in the ring. I think that he wasn’t very sure of himself whenever he was in there and and i based on the way he was he didn’t show a lot of competence let me just say it that way.

George Stallworth 28:44
Don’t feel like he didn’t show up for the fight.

John Keyes 28:47
I would say that it doesn’t matter. Because if you show up at the fight he had all the time in the world to back out of if he wasn’t confident. He came into that ring. they close the door and he gone fight.

George Stallworth 29:01
I’m just saying Do you feel like the prime time not prime time but top notch Dan hooker showed up for that fight? Or do you feel like there was something going on?

Ryan Smith 29:12
No, I don’t Dan hooker has always been a guy that you know we can you look to for him to do to get it done go

George Stallworth 29:20
back and look at his Dustin for a fight.

John Keyes 29:25
Like what what if we said that he was intimidated can we can we legit say that he may have been intimidated by Michael Chairman.

George Stallworth 29:33
I find that hard to believe man. And when you’re at that level, you’re the number six guy in you know in the UFC. Nobody’s intimidating you.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 29:41

Unknown Speaker 29:43
It’s that

George Stallworth 29:45
step for

John Keyes 29:46
practicing gamma is intimidating. Everybody from the top down.

George Stallworth 29:49
Okay, you know, but you get what I’m saying when you’re when you’re you know the the creme de la creme at 155 in a weight class full of killers and you’ve already you know, made your mark. So much to the point they were your number six. I fear is not a bit. You’re not fooling anybody in that division or division above or below. Yeah, that, but I really don’t feel like I feel like something was going on with him that night, man I just didn’t see. You know what I what I would have thought was a normal Dan hooker in that fight?

John Keyes 30:26
Oh, no, I don’t know. I’m

Kelechi Onyebuchi 30:28
not used to seeing pokers to be honest.

Ryan Smith 30:33
What I what I can say is, even when he got into the ring and the fight started, he he he wasn’t super aggressive. He was very standoffish, only kind of really throwing leg leg kicks. Trying to keep that distance stay away from Michael Chandler. And and it didn’t work. I mean, I it took one punch. And that was it. So I think you saw something. I think what you saw was real. I just he hasn’t released any statements, trying to explain what happened. He’s been pretty quiet. So you know, I don’t know what happened. But

John Keyes 31:13
I don’t think he doesn’t have to explain himself. He went in there. He had a game plan. His game plan didn’t go that way. No excuses. What

Ryan Smith 31:22
I mean, Amanda has released a statement. You know, most times the fighters are like, Hey, you know, I didn’t execute my game plan. Something happened, blah, blah, blah. You just haven’t heard anything from from from hooker. And he’s not a person that we’ve seen. That’s like a cowboy Sironi who sometimes doesn’t get off, you know, doesn’t start up quick enough and ends up getting finished early. Because he doesn’t he doesn’t get engaged, you know that he shows up flat sometimes. This was an uncommon, Dan hooker. And so because of that. I would love to know what was going on there. I would love for him to explain, hey, this is what happened. This time I was sick. Or you know what I you know, I, I miss my family. How much does that help us though?

Kelechi Onyebuchi 32:12
Cuz? Doesn’t it kind of taint your legacy a little bit when you go in there with when you come back with an excuse? Like, Joshua, we all know. And it’s it’s kind of a different sport, but it’s just one of the biggest moments have you see a fighter out there who’s not himself? And I feels like no matter what explanation he gives later, it’s just not gonna make up for the fact that that loss is on his record, no matter what.

George Stallworth 32:36
I’m not saying make up for the loss whatsoever. I’m just saying, I don’t feel like Dan hooker walked in there ready to put on a fight. And it showed I think, I think I think on a different night, another day, and you know, we get Dan hooker showing up without whatever it was, it wasn’t going on. I think we see. I’m not saying we see a difference in the decision or, or whatever. But I think we see a different fight. I think we see a lot more interesting fight.

Ryan Smith 33:09
Yeah, and, and I you know, I’ve said it many times that when a fight is as short as this one was, I mean, this one went two and a half, so went half halfway through the first round, so a bit longer than what I typically say it you know, but when a fight happens, and you don’t get to see very much of the two fighters, especially whenever they’re at a certain level, then perhaps we didn’t actually see a true telling of the comparative skill. What happens between the two, But to your point, I like to hear fighters and to understand what they were thinking and what they were going through when they lose a fight or when they lose an uncharacteristic or have an uncharacteristic showing to better understand what a fighter goes through. So I think it is a case by case basis as to whether or not a an explanation hurts your legacy or not. For instance, Anthony Joshua was like hey, I didn’t you know what, I had a bad whatever bad training camp or whatever. Deontay Wilder, I was tired because I wore a 40 pound outfit to the ring. Choice one of those excuses hurt your legacy. The other one is understandable. Speaking of excuses, Dustin the diamond point A defeated Conor McGregor, via knockout in round two. Oh, Yo, I’m not gonna go back. So there you go. That is the main event of the evening. There’s a lot that we’re gonna talk about to talk about the fight. I was gonna go back because I wanted to mention the fact that that Dana White did not like the backflip I was gonna go back I’m glad we’re past it. Let’s go. Want to do Conor McGregor vs

John Keyes 35:04
el tonight?

Ryan Smith 35:13
Oh you know what?

John Keyes 35:15
Okay, Ryan,

Ryan Smith 35:17
you know my, the number of times I can use the crow button and by

John Keyes 35:26
the way your soundboard is set up Really?

Ryan Smith 35:32
No for real for real. I, I was on the Conor McGregor hype train I thought that Conor McGregor was going to come in there and really just use his movement and the fact that he is he is a very much a great kickboxer to land you know, often with with on on Dustin polio in the first round. It looked like Conor McGregor was going to exert His will. Conor McGregor landed a ton of left hands he was landing all kinds of stuff at will. I scored at 10 nine in favor of Conor McGregor in the first round. And then it all went down after that so because of the fact that I was the only one on Conor McGregor This is from me.

George Stallworth 36:21
He did I don’t think he would only one I think I picked Canada when it to

Ryan Smith 36:25
you didn’t. Oh, you didn’t I

Kelechi Onyebuchi 36:29
couldn’t have picked.

Ryan Smith 36:31
Oh, actually you were correct. George I’m sorry. The only person to take Dustin point A was john Key’s clutch. You want

Unknown Speaker 36:45
me to

Kelechi Onyebuchi 36:47
go through the chain? I said dp three I was wrong on the three but I we

George Stallworth 36:54
are we’re not interested in your point O collection

Ryan Smith 37:01
the official record does not show a collection he

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:07
knew what was going

Ryan Smith 37:09
on we do not have a KC listed on the fight pics from last week. So in the future in the future, if you’re not gonna be on the show, still send us your pics so we can log log it as part of the official record.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:23
I just did that because I was writing you were wrong.

George Stallworth 37:30
For me, look at you. You

Kelechi Onyebuchi 37:46
like the setup for it though. Like I felt like what people missed in the matchup for me is like I didn’t feel like Dustin lost their first match. Like I felt like Dustin got knocked out because an illegal punch to the back of the head. But that being said, you look at like Dustin’s path to that fight versus Connors path to that fight. There’s no way that Conor was ready for that. Like there. There’s a reason you take tuneup fights when you haven’t been successful in a minute. This was too big of a fight for

George Stallworth 38:19
me repeat it again, Casey.

John Keyes 38:21
There’s a reason why

George Stallworth 38:23
you haven’t been successful.

Ryan Smith 38:27
But that’s really

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:29
not our Connor has been sitting out for a hot minute. He’s got life coming out of him real fast. Like he’s got legal troubles every other month,

Unknown Speaker 38:37
another baby on the

Kelechi Onyebuchi 38:38
way. Like, it’s too much like for him to say that he’s focused. And to me, I don’t think you have to have this fully dogged focus to win. But realistically, you got to have like a good camp. A real good camp.

George Stallworth 38:53
Honestly, I think he had a great camp. I think we were seeing Conor McGregor McGregor’s, real, the authentic fighter that he is. When he gets hit hard. He bows down he kowtows, he cannot take a punch. He can’t when he gets clipped off, or whatever he backs down. And it’s the same thing. I said the same thing about Dustin. Dustin. For a while he deals well under pressure. But after a while Dustin has a tendency to fold. Like if you keep constant pressure on him. He’ll fold Connor you don’t even need constant pressure. You just getting one or two good times you need one or two good times off the gate and he’ll back down.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:38
Fight style though. Like does he lean too heavily on the fact that he knows he’s faster than his opponent, and that the angles he’s gonna catch are gonna be good. So when he fought Scarface like the punch that took out, took him out.

Ryan Smith 39:53
Josie Aldo, this one right here, this one right there. in that

Kelechi Onyebuchi 39:56
fight, that knockout punch wasn’t hard. It was was just on the button. And then what we saw with poria in this fight is you gotta hit him with something behind it. And poria can take a punch. And I don’t know that ponor is Connor is really as strong as people have made him out to be. He’s accurate as they come. But he’s not strong and, and he got to be it that way.

Ryan Smith 40:21
Well, that’s not that’s not what that’s not what Dustin boy said. So when they talk to Dustin Poirier in the post fight press conference, he said that that he got hit at least once or twice by Conor McGregor, that could have put him out that if Connor would have kept going, he probably would have would have finished Dustin boy, but of course, and and I, I don’t want to steal my thunder because I want to save it for later because I got something for you guys. And a take on this fight that you may not have heard. But I completely am sold on it. But I want to get through some of the other takes that you have. Before we do. So coach, you are getting ready to say something.

George Stallworth 41:03
Like I said, I feel like Dustin for a has been known to quit in fights. He’s been known if you can break him, he’ll quit. He’ll give up. Connor we’re starting to see it. And it doesn’t take as much to make him quit or give up. We saw it with Nate Diaz. When he beat him. He quit. It wasn’t that innate, just, you know, did him dirty or anything like that? We saw with the cubby fight when he’s asking telling cubby Hey, man, I it was nothing personal. It’s all business. He quit. And now we just saw it with Dustin. Dustin landed something nice and clean. And don’t get me wrong, those shots hurt. But it’s also when you’re at that skill level. You’ve got to have that wheel and that commitment to what you’re doing to suck it up sometimes. And I don’t think Conor has that as well as people think he does.

John Keyes 41:52
So yeah, I think he’s got proper 12 reasons why he doesn’t have the motivation to be like that. Because I truly believe that Conor McGregor is a great striker. He is a great director sucks on the ground. But once you get at a certain a certain level motivation has to be the key. And let’s be honest, does he really have motivation to be out there fighting again?

George Stallworth 42:21
What kind of Connor had to two avenues already. So if he wins this fight, he fights gonna be if he loses this fight. He still got Nate. In fact, that’s what he did called out Nate afterwards.

John Keyes 42:37
Yeah. But

Kelechi Onyebuchi 42:43
I gotta wonder if this isn’t reminiscent of the precipitous downfall of Ronda Rousey, right. Like she’s really good at this one skill set and then started to get exposed. And her heart started to change. Like you could see like, she she had some fight in her but once she started getting beat, she just went into sloppy mode and couldn’t handle herself. Like, I kind of feel like Connor gets exposed because like, Yeah, he’s got this one skill set. But people realize like, if you can just hang in there with Connor you can wear him out.

George Stallworth 43:16
Not even wear him out. You could damn near knock him out.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 43:21
Yeah. So he’s lost a lot of that. That that mystic, that magical ness about him because people are starting to figure out like, just hang in there. You’ll be alright.

Ryan Smith 43:31
Alright. JOHN Key’s you got something to say? Because I’m getting I’m getting ready to start talking.

John Keyes 43:38
Okay, junkies. Oh no say is that I think he likes it. I think it’s a motivational thing. Okay, I’m not taking anything away from Conor McGregor. I still think he has it. He just needs to be properly motivated. It’s hard to be it’s hard to motivate the fight hungry fighters that don’t have $70 million in your bank account. chillin. Go for it, Ryan. It’s all you.

Ryan Smith 44:05
Okay, so here we go. I’m gonna I’m gonna take full screen here. All right. First of all, to the to the notion that Conor McGregor has lost a step or something like that. I think that that is ridiculous. And here’s the reason why. Conor McGregor hasn’t fought in a long time. His last fight he dispatched cowboy Sironi in 40 seconds the fight before that was like Habib in America metal. So, yeah, we’ve seen Conor lose more than he wins. But at the end of the day, when we look at what he was doing in the first round, that was classic Conor McGregor. If he could have kept it up, he would have won that fight by decision as I said he would. But the thing is, is that he is talking about the fact that Dustin boy kicked him in a in the leg, a calf kick and that calf kick was extremely detrimental to him. His strategy. Basically what Conor McGregor said is that his leg went dead in the second round, and he couldn’t move anymore. And so his ability to get out of way of punches was very limited because he didn’t have legs anymore. And we know that if it’s boxing, if it’s any kind of combat sport, you don’t have your legs, then you absolutely cannot defend yourself. And that’s what we saw on Saturday night. So I don’t I just, I completely disregard the comments that Conor McGregor has lost a step or Conor McGregor’s edge is gone, or Conor McGregor. His puzzle has been figured out simply because of the fact that you know, when when we when we look at what’s going on. Connor is still the same fighter that he was. He just got he just lost his legs. And so that’s what something that he said was completely dead. He today like an American football on this leg. Dust employee said that it was something that he had practice in camp to do because he had taken so much damage with calf kicks. That’s why I wanted to come back to you coach and say, coach, will you talk us through the you know, the leg kick, the use of the leg kick and specifically a calf kick as as a as an effective tool for limiting someone’s mobility and use?

George Stallworth 46:21
Do we’ve seen it over the last year especially doing what I call the quarantine fights, man, how many times have you seen guys studies calf kits, and all of a sudden the other fighter can’t continue anymore. The parent Neil nerve gets hit and the guy can’t walk, walk right or he has dropped foot or whatever the case. Hell, I just experienced it. What over the last couple of weeks, man, I had one of my guys in training camp. And he threw a calf kick at me and hit me right in the right spot. And for like three weeks, I had dropped foot, man, I couldn’t walk right. Go ahead.

Ryan Smith 46:56
No, no, I’m really supporting what you were saying. Because we saw so many videos of Conor McGregor talking to Deus employee a backstage and you saw his wife and his coach. What were they carrying? They were carrying crutches. Like he could Conor McGregor could not walk because of what happened. So when we start talking about Conor McGregor skill in the ring in general terms, I think it’s unfair to do that when we know how debilitating a well placed calf kick can be on any fighter fighting in the octagon. Okay,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 47:35
good. I didn’t. That’s exactly what I was gonna say be so good. Isn’t checking kicks. One of the basics you learn?

Ryan Smith 47:42
Yes. And so if you listen to the conversation that Conor McGregor and Dustin boy had backstage and what Dustin boy said in the post fight press conference, is he said that Conor McGregor was attempting to block the kicks and he was missing it by inches. He was like he was just an inch or two off if Connor would have turned his knee just a little bit more I would have paid for those kicks is what the dust employee said. He said but I was still able to get in on just the edge and just that edge was enough to make his leg go dead. So Connor was doing the right thing he was attempting to block those kicks. But he wasn’t turning quite enough those in you know, we know that football game. And and so and so is the is is is you know the fight game. It’s a game of inches if he hadn’t turned enough. This the conversation that the two fighters who were in the ring hat so I you know, I am not a Muay Thai kickboxer. I don’t know how to check a kick properly. Coach you do. If Connor wasn’t checking the kicks, then Connor wasn’t checking the kicks but he said he was cut boy said he was I don’t know what to think up to.

George Stallworth 48:59
Now is I was gonna say it’s not what I saw. But what I what I did see what Connor was he tried to put pressure on the leg during the kick, like instead of lifting to check the kick, he would actually double down and put his weight on the leg, which is probably the worst thing to do, even though he’s semi checking it but because his weight is on that leg. And like you said Dustin is just dust as his point was to hit the nerve. So if you didn’t lift the leg and actually drive your shin into the incoming kick, you didn’t check it.

Ryan Smith 49:28
So So Conor McGregor also did blame his inactivity for for his loss, but I think that it was more so a critique of the UFC not booking him as it was him getting what would be ring rest. I think that was more of him saying UFC never booked me for fights in 2020. And so therefore, I didn’t come out and show which I think is one of those excuses, that I do think hurts you or hurts your credibility hurt your career. Yeah, no,

John Keyes 50:01
I don’t appreciate that man. Don’t blame nobody. Don’t blame somebody else for the for your loss. Okay, you took an l take the L BM man about it. Look, I went out there. He could have sat there. So I tried to check those kicks, but the kicks were just too good. And I got dead leg. You know, I’m coming back. I’ll be better. That’s all Yeah.

Ryan Smith 50:23
All right. So, Habib managament off, you know for a fact that he was that he was watching this fight, smiling with glee about Conor McGregor taking his first knockout loss. Dana White said that Conor McGregor I mean that have you been America man offset to him? Be honest with yourself. I’m so many levels above these guys. I’ve beat these guys. Habib’s not coming back. This this is that he’s not coming back.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 50:56
I don’t know why. Dana has been pretending like this was even a possibility. Like Khabib said it but he said he’s shown himself to be a man of his word. There was nothing and Tyson coming into this fight, and realistically even had Connor one. If we saw an old Conor McGregor, who’s still willing to be braggadocious and bombastic about it, I really don’t see could be wanting to help that guy make more money. Like Habib is more about the honor and respect of the sport. And he’s already said it, he doesn’t he doesn’t want to do anything at all that helps. Conor McGregor. So help me understand a situation where you get a beat back for a fight like it just didn’t exist.

John Keyes 51:42
Because Connor can push Habib’s buttons to the point that he’ll fight him again. He could have had he kept he kept winning, he could have had the ability to start pushing Habib’s buttons to a degree that he’d be like, you know what, I’ll be right over. And there’s my

Kelechi Onyebuchi 52:05
way that Connor got beat. So dominantly in their last fight, there was no question as to who’s in whose league like that, it would have been more hurtful to Habib’s legacy to beat Connor again, and have to beat him in the first round now. Like, there was no upside to this fight for a beat, like, but dominated.

John Keyes 52:29
But he but he did. I did say that. If you want to challenge me again, start winning some fights. And that’s what he was waiting on. He was waiting on him to start winning some fights to even entertain it. And I’m not saying that he would have went back. But just even to entertain the thought like, You know what? I beat him once. But he’s starting to fight and he started to talk trash again. Maybe I need to go over there and shut him up one more time. That’s that’s the mentality. I’m understanding. Okay,

Kelechi Onyebuchi 53:04
yeah, he would have had to have some very impressive just kind of like, stylistically, just out match his opponent. Beat the next three, four guys in the first round kind of finishes to even make it an enticing callback for, for for, for the evil. They’re like, it just doesn’t make sense.

John Keyes 53:25
So, in other words, you’re saying if you beat Dustin play, like he like, like, he beat Donald serani if he if he beat the next three or four people, like he beat Donald serani and then he grabs the belt. And he’s like, you know, hey, have I got your belt? What’s gonna do now? You don’t think that have been would have been on the on Twitter been like send me location. I’ll be over. I’ll be over in a minute.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 53:51
So yes, that is the scenario it takes to get hubby back in. Now, even in that best case scenario, like we’re talking a two year based on how often you’ve got to go back for contract renegotiation with Connor. So two years from now, you think that Habib still cares while he’s getting his own Fighting Championship league together? Like there’s literally no scenario in which this could happen? And I don’t know why Dana throughout this fake bait for us,

John Keyes 54:23
you know that that’s a crazy thing. That’s the crazy thing about honor. That honor can also be petty. That you know, we we will, you know, our honor can keep people can keep, you know, beef cooking for many years. Okay, difference between

Kelechi Onyebuchi 54:40
pride and honor, though.

John Keyes 54:42
Yeah, that is that 30 word, that dirty p word. Okay.

Ryan Smith 54:47
We’re gonna leave it there. Thank you. Thank you for defining

dirty P word Dustin. Play There you go. Okay. Interesting thing though, because after after Michael Chandler won his fight against Dan hooker, the light the conversation about Dan hooker fighting for the title against us employee a was raised to just employ an employee it was having none of it. He’s like, Listen, if you guys are gonna try to book me against Michael Chandler for the title, I’m gonna go sell hot sauce. He was like, no guy should come in here win one fight and then get a title shot He’s like, this is just this is this is ridiculous. And so he’s like, I’m not gonna fight if you want to if you want to book Michael Chandler for a championship fight, then don’t don’t come talk to me. I’m gonna go sell hot sauce. I really respected that and and they asked him well then who do you Who do you think deserves a title shot. And he said, Charles Oliveira and so this is what took place. Today, the back and forth between me and and friend of the show Johnny hearns. We went back and forth and back and forth about who should bite next. And so I want to I want to take this to you, each one of you, you get to go, you’re going to say your own thing. I am not going to critique you. I’m not going to judge you or your incorrect answers. But there is a correct answer. Just like Steve hostetter says there’s a correct answer to every I can’t say fmk. Right. And so he there is a correct answer here to what we should do with the rest of these fighters in the lightweight division. And so therefore, I want to hear what you guys think. So I’m gonna go starting with you, Coach because you’ve been a little bit quiet. Who do you think should fight What do you think we should do about the lightweight division? You know, if you I don’t know if you’re looking at the run sheet, but we got Dustin point we got Michael Chandler. We’ve got Conor McGregor. We’ve got Charles aloevera. Dan hooker, Tony Ferguson, what should we do about all these?

George Stallworth 57:03
So I’m going back I’m thinking of tels aloevera. In terms of people he’s beat. And he’s got two top names that we can think of right off the gate. It’s Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson. Does that earn him a title shot? I don’t I don’t feel like he’s earned it yet. So I would like to see him get one more before the title shot. So honestly, I think Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler post up and the winner that gets a title shot

Ryan Smith 57:42
What do you know? And gay thing?

George Stallworth 57:48
No, because he is coming off a loss. So he shouldn’t be fighting for a title shot. Same thing as Tony Ferguson. You know, I think I sent this to you earlier. Like I was trying to figure out a bracket for it or something like that. But you got Tony Tony Ferguson coming off a loss. You got Connor off a loss. And you’ve got Justin he off a loss. Connor engage. He’s interesting. I like Ferguson. I’m sorry. I like aloe vera and Chandler. And I don’t know what I do with Dustin at this point. You know if if Kirby’s not gonna be back, you know, I said we save Dustin for you know, whoever pools the winner card out of the alveron and Chandler fight. Okay.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 58:31
Clutch got pressing of being able to get it. I don’t start after a loss like cubing guy. Didn’t he do that? Like twice a year? Oh, Romero. Yeah. So there’s, there’s precedent for it. It’s, it’s not the best, but at the end of the day, you’re trying to sell tickets, which is why I think that Tony Ferguson makes the next up shot.

Ryan Smith 58:58
I’m trying so hard not to judge you right now. I mean, I’m already judging coach, but I am judging you so hard right now. Like, you know, Tony is my He’s my number two.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 59:09
I made that pick for you just assuming that somehow there’s some mythical math that makes this make sense. But I got to look through this list again. But you know what? I’m stuck at the Olivera myself. So I say that makes sense if if not the money fight with Tony Ferguson.

Ryan Smith 59:31
Alright, co coach john Key’s

John Keyes 59:35
okay. So, which you’re judging by the way Sir,

Ryan Smith 59:41
I’m judging. You’re so hard.

John Keyes 59:47
you’re judging from a great height sir. Okay, I get it. Now. I’m looking at I’m on the UFC website right now. And I’m looking at the rankings and right now the rankings do not make sense for me. Okay. They have Justin he moved moved up to number one. They have Dustin play moved down to number two.

Ryan Smith 1:00:07
This is this hasn’t been updated since from Saturday. So

John Keyes 1:00:14
that’s the reason why there’s only three names that have not that have not moved. Okay? That’s Charles Olivera, at number three, Tony Ferguson and number five, and RDF number seven. We know we’re not gonna put our da up in there. Okay, so at least Tony Ferguson and Charles Oliveira tahsil in there I’m sorry Tony Ferguson lost Okay, so the natural the natural selection is Charles Olivera at number three. There’s no other there’s that there is no cuz otherwise, like he said that, like Dustin said that night, the championship fight has just been fought between Conor McGregor and himself. Because they did fight like they were in a championship match. Let it be said, but since it wasn’t, it needs to be it needs to be Dustin play. And Charles Olivera. That’s That’s it. You know,

Ryan Smith 1:01:14
the first time I finally got to hear correct answer, there is a correct answer to this. There is no other person that should be fighting for the title. It should have been an argument of relinquish it or they choose to have an interim title in lieu of Habib returning, and that should be Dustin the diamond boy, he he is on a two fight win streak. He just beat Conor McGregor by knockout first knockout that he’s ever experienced in his career. And then you got you got Charles Oliveira who is on something like a 12 fight win streak or something like that. Dude, guys like Nick lense

George Stallworth 1:01:50
and, and Jim Miller and

Ryan Smith 1:01:52
come on man, but he beat he beat Tony Ferguson, Justin he got a title shot for beating Tony Ferguson.

George Stallworth 1:02:01
He beat Tony after Tony got brain damaged by Justin he.

John Keyes 1:02:09
He walked every he wants every

Ryan Smith 1:02:12
either the number next to Tony’s name mean something or it doesn’t. And so it

George Stallworth 1:02:18
doesn’t. I’m saying there are nuances and other factors involved and I don’t is as much as people want to say Charles aloevera has has has gotten to a point to deserve his title shot. I don’t see that. I don’t Tony Ferguson one way and overtime if Tony Ferguson shouldn’t catapult you into title contention

Ryan Smith 1:02:41
even though it did

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
it shouldn’t.

Ryan Smith 1:02:44
I mean, it just said he defeated Tony Ferguson got a title shot against humans have even ever met. That was it so it

George Stallworth 1:02:51
was a different fight at that point. Like I said, we just we all know Tony Ferguson. I love Tony Don’t get me wrong. I got pictures of Tony on my on my Instagram. After that, Justin he fight he’s a different person. Yeah.

John Keyes 1:03:06
Alright, so that but the I still?

Ryan Smith 1:03:09
Okay, go ahead.

John Keyes 1:03:11
has to be pulled himself away from the testing pool. No, he’s still okay. Just want to make sure.

Ryan Smith 1:03:20
So, in my world, this is the way it would go. You would go Dustin point versus Charles aloevera. For the title, you would have Michael Chandler versus Justin gay he or the number one eliminator, you would have Conor McGregor versus Tony Ferguson. And you would have Dan hooker. He would kind of be odd man out probably has to face RTA if he hasn’t fought him already. So So there you go. That’s how it would all shake out. I think that at that point, you would have things would be right with the world. And I feel like Charles Oliveira because he’s somehow not as big of a star draw. He is not getting the respect that he deserves. Dude fought his way up from like outside the 15 he’s ranked at number three, number one and number two, have both last to the championship. The next person up at the very least, if the latter meant anything. Charles aloevera should be fighting for the title.

John Keyes 1:04:24
So what if a beep is waiting on Charles is waiting on Charles over there? Cuz he has that’s what he’s doing. If you if you sit there and you tell the seat that the Dana White, that look, you know that none of these guys are worth my time. He’s not talking like, you know, man, if I came in out of rectum, he’s not talking like that. He is talking like, show me a worthy opponent. That’s what he’s talking like. That’s why he hasn’t given up the blood. He hasn’t gotten out of the testing pool because he’s coming back for one more Fight. He just wants a worthy opponent

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:05:03
to ensure that even if Connor. Yeah, there’s a bunch of different scenarios.

John Keyes 1:05:11
It all boils down. He wants that worthy opponent. Yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:05:15
All right. All right, there you go, we’re gonna go ahead and close the book on this one and put this one on the shelf. Because this card is history. Now let’s look at some of the headlines making waves in the wake of UFC 257 in finding the angles.

This is finding the angles and color he just got his guitar. I don’t know why. But

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
you need a

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:05:51
Alright, this is let it go.

Ryan Smith 1:05:53
You already took your break. Do

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:05:58
you know when the graphics come up? That’s when I do all my weird stuff. And you call?

Ryan Smith 1:06:05
What weird stuff were you doing during the graphics? The graphics are like eight seconds long.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:06:12
I overestimated time.

Ryan Smith 1:06:14
All right. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. So let’s go through the number one story of the day the thing that everyone was on everyone’s lips on Saturday night. This is the head.

This is the headliner. Everybody was trying to buy this fight. But it appears it appears as though many people had trouble with the with the purchasing process. So many people were complaining on Twitter. I was even trying to provide a little bit of technical support for people who were unable to get in and buy the fight. And so ESPN apologizes for the technical issues that plagued UFC 257 pay per view. Basically, they were aware of the text of the technical issue that prevented users from accessing the pay per view event. They apologize for it and they tried to fix it as soon as possible. I had no problem purchasing the the the pay per view. But there were a lot of people who did and they were upset and felt like they were being cheated, especially given the fact that the price of the pay per view increased for this for this event.

John Keyes 1:07:35
Hey, man, let me

Ryan Smith 1:07:42
now now all of this surrounded this very big topic around hackers, right? And people who were streaming the fights illegally because the UFC announced that the card was going to cost 6999 which is up from 6499 back in 2020. And so one of the people on Twitter said, Oh, well that doesn’t really matter because I’m going to stream it anyway Dana White said to that person challenging the great Legion that is the hacker community by saying go ahead Do your worst I’m coming out for you I’m gonna I’m gonna find you I got a surprise for you is what actually what he said and and so that became a de facto challenge to the community of internet hackers to defy Dana White and stream this this card which a lot of people said they did. Hopefully no one will cop to that on this show. snitches get sticky.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49
And we

George Stallworth 1:08:50
all know the hacker on our team.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:52

John Keyes 1:08:53
yeah collection.

Ryan Smith 1:09:04
brand. That’s why he don’t wear to combat stuff, combat sports type stuff. He’s got to maintain his cultivated image.

John Keyes 1:09:11
I have no knowledge of the actions that you guys are describing about good.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:09:18
Fit, like I’m in the cybersecurity space. But anyway, it’s

John Keyes 1:09:27
making me sound like make me feel like I fit the description

Ryan Smith 1:09:31
below, you know, six foot eight.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:09:37
I mean, I was skeptical about the story from the from jump because I felt like a lot of people said, Yeah, I’m gonna stream it and let’s be honest, there’s there is a lot of streaming that happens on this. I felt like it’s, I personally have a problem with the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. A lot of people are losing their jobs and yet our entertainment dollars are Going up but fighter pay isn’t so that’s why I was opposed to paying for the fight. I chose to not watch the fight because I was like I’m not gonna stream this either. But that said I felt like Dana White put himself he created an unnecessary antagonist here like instead of reaching out to the fan base and endearing himself to them he became yet again the antagonist in the story here and so when he says that oh these people bow back back down like congratulation dude. Like what do you want from that? Like it wasn’t anything like it didn’t enhance anything like you got one person to not stream it does he think that no one stream the fight?

John Keyes 1:10:45
If anything he does Yeah, they they doubled up on him.

Ryan Smith 1:10:50
Yeah, he’s basically fighting a Hydra and and and that’s that’s the thing is that Yeah, he’s he says that he’s going to every single pay per view, he’s going to go and find one of those. One of those streamers and take down their their illegal streams. For every one that he takes down two or three more are going to pop up. You are fighting, you are fighting effectively, you’re fighting a non anonymous, right. So you can’t stop this. And and so it can’t take this tack.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:11:20
Yeah. Of all the things that he could fight on this, like you’re I love that Hydra analogy, because I think of how easy it is to set up a stream of anything. This doesn’t take more than 10 minutes like, and it doesn’t take a high level of education. So like, this is not the fight, this isn’t the hill, you want to die on. Like, congratulations, you took down one stream it like you said, you I don’t know what you get from that maybe if there’s some jail time that goes along with it, you might get a little more determined. But this is just such a weird fight for him to jump into at this time, given what’s happening in the world.

Ryan Smith 1:12:00
But it also goes to show how little he understands about the audience that that follows his his company, that the fact is, is that they do not bow down to strong arm techniques. Yeah, this one guy said that because they found him. He’s not going to stream it because they found him. But the fact is, is that he he is going to be an expert, providing you never know on the dark web, there’s probably an entire step by step wiki that goes and explains how to set up an illegal stream. And he’s given that all away for free. And so it becomes one of those things where you can’t stop the knowledge. You can’t stop. What’s up here? Yes, you can shut down a stream, but people are going to find it. The search engines are powerful, they are going to find another stream and they’re still going to do it. So why would you try to fight it that way? You can’t use the bully strong arm tactics against the hacker community. We’ve already seen it many many times that it doesn’t work.

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:13:09
And the way that this concluded felt more like a jab than than a haymaker. Like, you got a guy to acquiesce. Versus like, I think if you’re going to go after this, and be the strong arm bully, like you’ve got to get a for real when were you like ruin somebody’s life, like just getting someone to be like, you’re right. I’ll pay $60 What’s That’s nothing.

Ryan Smith 1:13:29
Yeah, yeah. So so when we start thinking about it, and john, I think he had a point I was gonna, I’m gonna hop in before you when Metallica went after Napster. All that peer to peer stuff went down. Yes, there was still limewire and some of these other but when Napster went down, and all the people who had tons and tons of music on their hard drives that they were sharing, and they all ended up getting these bills for 100 and something $1,000 apiece, then it stopped.

John Keyes 1:14:05
Did it though?

Ryan Smith 1:14:06
Yeah, it did.

John Keyes 1:14:09
Or did or did, or did he hit something and it just shattered into a million pieces pieces? Because that’s exactly what he’s done. Yeah. I mean, you can see I mean, what he has to understand, okay,

Ryan Smith 1:14:25
we’re talking about Napster. Napster got shut down and it hurt. nastic

John Keyes 1:14:28
I shut down so that it Yes. I see what you’re saying that they shut down Napster. But think about all the peer to peer sites that showed up. Outside of naps. Yeah.

George Stallworth 1:14:43
of Napster not being up anymore. Pirate Bay and

Unknown Speaker 1:14:49
the Pirate Bay got shut down.

George Stallworth 1:14:52
But didn’t you and I know how many more shut down. I mean, started up after that.

Ryan Smith 1:14:57
Yeah, yeah. The point I think is clear. That you can’t just you it is a hydrate hydrate, it continues to pop up. But when you get one of those big wins like shutting down Napster to collect use point shutting down Napster was a big enough when that when limewire. And all these other peer to peer sites popped up, they weren’t as good. They did not have the the library that Napster had.

John Keyes 1:15:27
Are you sure about that?

Ryan Smith 1:15:29
At least not in the short term. But by that point, Apple Apple Music popped up and you could buy it for free, or you gonna buy it for $1 29. And a lot of people went when, you know, when you started paying for music.

John Keyes 1:15:42
Okay, that’s okay. So go ahead and start queuing up my music now. I hope you’ve been warming up that button. Okay. All right. So, you know, I’m gonna tell you, as someone once said, It is not the hand we show you is the other hand that you should be, you should be worried about for everyone. You know, all warfare is based on deception. Okay, yeah, you saw that one. But you didn’t see those 20 over there. Remember that? Just because y’all see one site go down? What about those others that are sitting over there that nobody talks about? Because you’ve brought out a pretty valid point. You talked about limewire? And do you not know that limewire is still out there today? To this day, it’s still active. Pirate Bay is still active to this day this day. Till this day. They’re not and yes, while they are not as as active as they were before, like I said, All warfare is based on deception. The best thing he could have done what was like, like like was stated was to grab this one dude, he cuz he did a bully move in my opinion. That’s that’s all it was. Was a bully move. You you pumped out one kid. That’s great. feel good about yourself. But what you should have did, you should have went and really if you don’t punk out one person. Beat them down. Okay, and to the dirt today can other people can understand that you’re doing it seriously. This if you’re gonna be a bully, be a full bully. Alright. That’s all I got to say.

Ryan Smith 1:17:27
All right. Let’s go on.

George Stallworth 1:17:31
I’m gonna take you like how you hit him up as jMo for a second.

John Keyes 1:17:42
Okay, y’all smile.

Ryan Smith 1:17:51
So there you go. The other thing that I want to talk about, and we’re getting to the end of the show, so, Jake Paul, among many, many people, was making fun very publicly of Conor McGregor. Jake Paul, of course was trying to get a fight with Conor McGregor tried to offer him 15,000,055 $0 million in guaranteed money to fight Jake Paul. Once, Conor McGregor got knocked out by disappoint. Jake Paul took to the to the interwebs and said that he was only offering now $10,000 for Conor to fight. So there were a lot of people lampooning Conor McGregor, such that mark Goddard reminded folks that hey, listen, it takes a lot to get into the ring. And so I thought this was a good time for us to just reiterate the fact that we on combat sports talk, do laugh and joke about what happened. Talk about fighters who got knocked out the anger beats the Molly waps. All kinds of stuff, the stanky legs that Andrew Sanchez, did. We, as part of the show that we do, we commentate, we follow the sport, but it is our mantra that we respect the man in the ring. And this is this is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt. The man in the arena, I’m sorry, I saw you I saw you shake your head a little bit cuz he, the man in the arena is Theodore Roosevelt quote, where he says it’s not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who was actually in the arena whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood. Who Who? Who, what do you woody? I’m sorry, cuz What are you doing? collect you. Why are you Why are you logging in again? Um,

John Keyes 1:19:56
he’s lost. We’ve lost

Ryan Smith 1:19:59
okay. I don’t I don’t know what happened. Okay. All right. Well, I digress. He,

John Keyes 1:20:11
just by dust and sweat me Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ryan Smith 1:20:13
And so and so there is. There is sorry. Okay. Okay. We’re having some technical difficulties. Sorry about that. We’ll have to do is. Let’s pull up this back again. Okay. There we go.

John Keyes 1:20:48
Would you like to start over again, sir? So

Ryan Smith 1:20:51
yeah. The point is, and and and I’ll just, I’ll just leave it at this is that Theodore Roosevelt talked about the fact that it’s not about what critiques we have for the people who are fighting in the ring, it is about the person who’s actually giving of themselves and putting themselves on the line. And we here at combat sports talk, respect that. So even though we’re going to make jokes and all that kind of stuff, our respect for the people who are actually putting themselves in harm’s way doesn’t wane, we understand how hard it is. To do that. That’s all I was really trying to say.

John Keyes 1:21:30
Okay, now you really need to say this quote, because this quote, does say a lot, okay? Because just as I wear this shirt, that has US Army on it, okay? I hear people critique, and they talk about how they’re patriotic and stuff like that. But please understand, okay, until you’ve actually signed that dotted line, until you’ve actually been in those bt us, and you’re in the dirt, doing what we do being evil people, so y’all can sleep good at night. You know, you really can’t critique about that now. And I feel the same way about the fighters in that ring. I can say I say all sorts of crazy things in a day. But there is no, I don’t think I can quantify how much respect I have for those fighters that actually get in the ring for our entertainment. Okay, and I’ll finish the quote for you, Ryan. Okay. It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how strong house the house, how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit goes to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat, and blood, who strives valiantly, who airs who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming. But who does actually strive to do the deeds, who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls, who neither know victory nor defeat, that needs to be saved as again.

Ryan Smith 1:23:24
There you have it. Okay, well,

John Keyes 1:23:30
I was gonna say, I had a point. Okay, I really had a point. And I totally forgot it. It’ll come back to me.

Ryan Smith 1:23:36
Yeah, but But anyway, I think that that’s, that’s a good way to kind of end the show. I mean, it’s, it’s one of those things where we, we enjoy the sport, we follow the sport, you know, and and, you know, you know, for people like coach, even malece and I, you know, and and john, you’ve served you served, you know, in a capacity protecting this nation, you know, we all understand the challenges that that you face. And so, while we have, you know, take liberties to joke and comment and talk about what people should have done. The respect, expect hold respect hold. Anyone else have anything else they want to say?

John Keyes 1:24:17
Yes, I do. I actually remember what I was going to say. This here is also a lesson between the difference between fear and respect. Okay. People often ask, what is when you know, do you know the difference between fair respect and which is greater, it will always be respect because you want to know the difference. The difference here is that when you the difference between fears spec is how a person falls. Okay? It’s not the fall that we’re looking at is what happens after the fall, who is there to pick him up and who is there to stomp them in the ground. That is the difference.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:58

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:25:00
in spirit, I get I get where we’re going with this and that we want to show respect to all these fighters. I think that with a lot of things in life, there has to be some nuance in this too. And so I will, I will continue to be a V commit. Just antagonist to, to Conor McGregor to Mike Perry to MOSFET all of these people like, congratulations, you’re a fighter. But the moment you step outside of that ring and what you do, and you get on the microphone, like, you don’t get extra respect, just because you thought much like, I just don’t believe in that. Like if you the Connors a great example of that this week, like he had no problem talking about people’s families. He had no problem talking about people’s personal lives. He takes a loss and now he wants to take it personally. Congratulations, you’re a fighter. I respect that. It takes a lot to train. But talking trash, like that’s not part of the sport. You don’t get any extra respect for that.

John Keyes 1:26:01
And that’s

Kelechi Onyebuchi 1:26:03
across the board.

John Keyes 1:26:05
And that is that’s absolutely correct. Okay. You can respect a person’s ability and not like their personality. Okay. I can say I, I respect john Jones for being a fighter of a level that is far above the current breed in there. However, he is a I can’t even say the words because Ryan will be mad at me. Okay, but he is a bad. He’s a he is a bag of deprecation. Okay, there you go.

Ryan Smith 1:26:39
Coach, what do you think?

George Stallworth 1:26:42
It is what it is, many of you guys have hit every nail right on the head. You know, I couldn’t sum it up any better. You know, john Key’s with that quote. You know, he struck me deep so I’ll leave it at that.

Ryan Smith 1:26:58
All right. So they’re typically we would finish up this segment and then go into the fight card but there is no UFC card. There is no Bella tour card so the only thing left for us to talk about is one FC.

Is the fight card. This is one FC unbreakable to surreally vs. vagabond have January 29 2021 8:30pm, Singapore time this fight second place in Singapore. So let’s go ahead and check out some of the like, I only know one fighter on this entire card, but I wanted to give one FC since they’re the only ones that’s got to fight on. I wanted to give them some shout outs. You know, we’ve got our lane. The garlic golani There we go.

John Keyes 1:28:08
Oh, they’re big monster. Yeah, God. Yes. Okay. People if you want to see athleticism, unreal, athleticism. Watch that man. That man is. He’s huge. He can’t he shouldn’t be that big and doing the things he does. He’s a killer.

Ryan Smith 1:28:24
He’s fighting Omar Khan. A. You’ve got Silvana Hari m versus Troy. JOHN young. You’ve got man this is truly an international card. People you got people from Serbia, Russia, Cambodia. You got mahalo. I can’t say these names. I don’t even I can’t even say go check out one FC. I’m not gonna struggle. I’m struggling to say these names. You know what was funny is that before I put this before I put this when I put this on the run sheet, I looked at ln Leilani. And I’m like, Yeah, I got that. Omar Khan. I got that. I didn’t actually go and look at all the other names. I’m like, yeah, I’ll just walk through the card.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:10
You can’t do that.

Ryan Smith 1:29:12
Surprise. Mario’s really name joke at the top. Yeah. Morrow, surreally versus Abdul baseer vagabond that’s the main event of the evening. We’re not gonna make any flash bite pics because we don’t have really any references. But definitely support one FC when you can. All their fights are free. Download the one FC super, super app and check out unbreakable to this Saturday night. You got anything else? Mr. Keys to victory?

John Keyes 1:29:49
Yes, a 14 hour time difference. So please adjust. Okay. Yeah, watch a we okay. We can say a lot of things about fights. You really want to watch one FC fight. They are outrageously good. Okay, I cannot stress it enough. I’m gonna watch it. And I don’t have to pirate it because it’s free. So yeah,

Ryan Smith 1:30:14
so so let’s let’s go let’s prepare one thing that we saw at one FC, or the show next week. One thing that we saw it doesn’t it’ll be I saw a big dude with big muscles get knocked out. That’s great. Just so that we can give one FC a little bit of pub All right. But also social media on Instagram I’m at combat sports talk, john.

John Keyes 1:30:39
I’m a keys to victory and as keys with an S glitchy

Unknown Speaker 1:30:45
I am at push pull pray on a coach. And Coach.

George Stallworth 1:30:52
I’m at Darkside underscore, underscore.

Ryan Smith 1:30:57
All right. All right. So you can see all the places where you can find us which is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple podcasts, Periscope and Spotify. all the places you can find this show this episode and all the others. And you can find us on our website at www combat sports talk.com where you can also find our archives. I want to send a shout out to dub MMA junkie, MMA fighting MMA mania, bloody elbow and the intelligent defense discussion group on Facebook, because those are the places where we get the stories and for our show and where a lot of these debates start. So on behalf of George g money Star Wars collection, Casey onya, Buchi and john the keys to victory keys. My name is Ryan Smith, reminding you to keep your hands up, your chin tucked and throw bombs. We’ll catch you next time.

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