Life Happens – Suspending Combat Sports Talk

June 10, 2016 by 1 Comment

Dear Fans of Combat Sports Talk:

From time to time, life happens.  You have all these plans, you are going to do something unique, something amazing, and then life happens. Then all those hopes just come to a halt while you address the needs of your family.  Such is my situation right now.

So despite the fact that in December, I had planned to upgrade the podcast and do more to cover a sport that I love.  I simply can’t. Not right now.  That is why until further notice, I will be suspending this website until I can devote the level of time and attention necessary to do this the way I dreamed it would be done.

Thank you to everyone who visited the site, listened to the podcast.

Thank you to our special guests who joined the podcast to chat about MMA.

And finally, thank you to KC Onyebuchi for working with me to produce 19 episodes of Combat Sports Talk.

So until a time in the future, when we can come back:

Keep your hands up, your chin tucked, and throw bombs.


Ryan Smith

One Reply to “Life Happens – Suspending Combat Sports Talk”

  1. David Link says:

    Life does happen, but everyone has to respect your decision and be grateful for your level of passion and integrity you gave in analyzing the sport. Here’s hoping you can return at an even higher level.

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